Henreth's Journey

Henreth/ Night of day 6:

The sun was setting as Henreth came to a stop at the edge of Faron Woods, and was currently at the border separating the forest from Hyrule Field. He arrived from the eastern ocean, but unfortunately gotten lost in the forest after traveling beyond Lake Floria. Seeing that the sun was setting and that it would very soon be too dark to continue traveling, Henreth decided that this would be a good place to set up a camp for the night. After collecting some fallen branches, he got a decent campfire going to provide light and warmth for however long he decided to stay awake.

Morning of day 7:

Henreth awoke to the sun shining upon his face. After taking the time to fully awaken from the drowsiness of last night's sleep, the first thing he noticed was that, unsurprisingly, the campfire was out. He collected his belongings and started out, in the hopes of finding a nearby town. He needed to stock up on supplies, he had no food, and drank half of the water in his canteen while he was in the Forest.

After a good two or three hours' worth of walking, he encountered a tall wooden fence tipped with spikes made from either iron or steel, with the fence built on a rock wall, so that the rock wall would act as just much as a wall and barrier as the wooden fence. Henreth easily figured that some had obviously built the tall wooden fence, probably meaning a town, or at the very least, an occupied building or two for him to rest at, if not buy things from. He went to the right and followed the wall, hoping that he would find an entrance. after what felt like an hour, he found the entrance he was looking for. He saw a sign above that read "Lon Lon Ranch". "Well, that's going to save me a couple of questions." He thought as he walked to the farm, hoping to find someone kind enough to let him rest there, and hopefully provide directions to a nearby town or village, hopefully one that has a shop or market place.


After a couple hour's rest, Henreth moved out towards the nearby Hyrule Castle Town. The farmers that worked at the ranch recommended the marketplace of the Castle Town over the one or two shops that the also nearby, but slightly farther away Kakariko Village may or may not have had. Henreth traveled for a fairly short time before arriving at and crossing the bridge to the castle town. While entering, he took note that it was mid-afternoon when he made his arrival.

Henreth Tammas - Hyrule Castle Town - Evening of Day 7.

Henreth went from shop to shop, in an effort to find non-perishable foods to buy for future travels. Refilling his canteen was the first thing he did before anything else, and the biggest priority on his shopping list was food. He hasn't had any luck so far in finding such a store that sold what he was looking for, but the current lack of results wasn't much of a deterrent. As he entered another shop, he checked the shelves, but none of the food he saw appeared to be nonperishable. He thought for a moment that maybe the store owner could have what he's looking for, but just didn't put on any of the shelves yet. Henreth went up to the counter to ask. "Hello sir, what could I get ya?" the store owner greeted.

"Hi, I'm looking for some non-perishable food, you wouldn't happen to have any in your backroom stock, would you?"

"Ya know, I don't remember. Let me go check." The owner moved to and went through a nearby door, leading Henreth to the obvious conclusion that the room was the building's storage room.

"You don't look like you're from around here, are ya?" the owner asked from the storage room, trying to make small talk while searching.

"No, I'm not. I just got to town earlier today, about mid-afternoon if I'm right, although I could also be wrong." Henreth responded.

"So I guess you don't know about the executions this morning?"

"Executions?" Henreth asked, wondering what happened, and maybe also why the topic was brought up so suddenly. "I haven't heard of any executions. What happened? Who was killed?"

"Bunch'a thieves, about 4 or 5 if I heard right. They were killed for their crimes. I don't know if they were independant or worked together, not that it matters at this point."

"Do you know what they had stolen? Was any of it returned? Did the authorities even find any of stolen goods in the first place?"

The shop owner exited the storage room with what was revealed to be a couple of sealed containers of fruit, but continued the conversation. "I don't know much of the details, but as far as I can figure out, they must've stolen something very important if the crime warrented death. If you didn't hear about the executions, did you at least hear about the fight near the drawbridge?"

"There was a fight near the drawbridge? Care to explain what happened, please?" Henreth asked, becoming curious about the events that have happened only earlier that very day.

"Yea, a crazy guy knocked down a guard, demanding to be arrested before another man came in and fought him. People are saying the crazy guy's book was magic,'cause it spoke before knocking everyone there out! Or that's what I heard, but you know, people tend to exaggerate, and blow things out of proportion. I'm slightly surprised this is the first you're hearing about either situation. If what I've seen is right, everyone is either talking about the executions or the drawbridge fight."

"Oh, I see. I find it very strange how such events could happen within a single day." Henreth wondered, not sure anymore if coming to Hyrule Castle Town was as good of an idea as it was earlier, when he first arrived. Another thought that crossed his mind was that if such strange events have already transpired, what more, if anything at all, is there to come in the future? And is it a good idea to even risk sticking around to find out? He didn't know, but he somewhat doubted that he wanted to experience any negative consequences of finding out. He decided not to tallk about such things, lest he grow paranoid, so he changed the subject.

"Anyway, I appreciate you telling me all of this. Is this all the non-perishable food you have?" Henreth asked, hoping that the non-perishable food wasn't as uncommon as he's beginning to believe.

"Yea, it's all that I can find. Is this all you're buying?"

Before he answered, he walked over to a nearby basket full of apples, took 3, and brought them back to the counter. "That, and these." he finally responded. "Ok, that'll be 40 rupees please."


Henreth paid the amount and left the store with his items stowed away. He walked the streets as he was eating one of the three apples he bought, he intended the apples to be a meal, or at least the closest to a meal that you can get out of three apples. Seeing that most of the shops were beginning to close at this time, he had a passing thought that maybe he misjudged the time when he arrived to town, because the shops are closing sooner than he anticipated. With shopping for supplies and possibly for some new gear (if he could afford it) being out of the question at the time, and with nothing better to do, he decided that now was as good a time as any to start looking for an inn to sleep. It didn't take him long as he saw an inn on a street corner after a minute or so of searching. He entered the building and was greeted by a lovely young lady who appeared to be around the same age as him.

"Hi there, sir! what can I do for you?" she asked with a smile on her face.

"I'm looking for a room for the night, is there one available?" he said as he looked around. The bottom floor of the inn, the room he was in, appeared to be a tavern of sorts, tables surrounded by chairs scattered around the room, with the bar also serving as the check in/out for the rooms that guests would stay in, with a flight of stairs opposite of the door he entered through. He assumed that the second floor was where the rooms were.

"Let me see..." she said as she looked for a key for one of the rooms. "Ah, here's a room! The room is up the stairs, it's the fourth door on the left. That'll be 10 rupees for a single night, or pay in advance for multiple nights and a get a small discount."

"I don't know how long I'm going to be in this town, so I'll just pay for a single night." He responds after a moment of thinking.

"Ok, enjoy your stay!"

"I will, thanks." Henreth said, ending the conversation to head to his room.


Upon entering his room, he locked the door, to hopefully deter any late-night visitors. With nothing better to do besides think to himself, he started getting ready for bed. 'It's still strange that an attention-drawing fight would happen on the same day that a bunch of thieves would be executed for their crimes. If the fight and the executions were about a few days apart from each other or more, I would have written it off as a coincidence, but within the same day? Hardly...'

At this point, after removing all of his armor, he decided to scan the room for a place to hide his equipment, in the possible event that some thief did manage to sneak into his room looking for a quick score. He put his canteen and his helmet into the only drawer of the bed-side nightstand. He put the rest of his equipment and armor on the floor, on the side of the bed opposite of the door. Wanting to make sure that his stuff is hidden from sight, he walked back to the door, and without exiting the room, stood in front of the door and tried to look for his stuff. Sure enough, he couldn't see couldn't see anything of his from the doorway. Satisfied, he walked to, and entered, the bed. He fell asleep shortly after resting his head on the pillow.

Henreth - Home Town (outside of Hyrule, in another country) - 1192 (Flashback/dream)

Henreth was at home, relaxing after a long day of working around the docks, moving crates that were full as can be of either fish or fishing supplies, to the appropriate locations. His mother, Evonne, was preparing dinner for the family, making chicken, with diced potatoes and rice as side dishes. His father, Terrell, just returned home from a fishing trip not long after Henreth got back. "So, how was work today, son?" Terrell asked, kicking his shoes off underneath the kitchen table after taking a seat.

"Good, dad. How was your fishing trip go? Catch any big fish today?"

"The fishing was good, if slightly slow. The fish weren't any bigger or smaller than average, so I don't got any fishing tales if that's what you were hoping for."

"Oh, I see. Maybe next time."

"Yea, tomorrow for sure."

"Dinner's ready!" Evonne placed Henreth's plate in front of him and then handed Terrell his plate before finally sitting down with her plate.

"So, how was your day, honey?" Terrell asked, not wanting his wife to be left out of the conversation.

"Nothing much to say either. Apparently, two men were in a fight though, because they entered the doctor's office covered with bruises and some cuts."

"Did they explain what happened? Did they fight each other, or was someone else involved?"

"I don't know, they didn't say anything. They just wanted the bruises and cuts checked out. As soon as they were patched up, they left in a hurry. They never said what the rush was."

"That's odd... Were you able to at least get their names? I think I know a couple of guys who like to get into fights, maybe it was them?"

"No, like I said, they were in too much of a hurry to really tell us anything beyond wanting their bruises healed."

"I wonder what the rush was?"

"Again, I don't know why they where in a hurry, but they were almost acting like their lives depended on getting out of town as fast as possible."

"Do you think that's something to worry..." Terrell started, but but suddenly trailed off, leaving the sentence hanging. He turned his head some, like he was listening out for something.

Evonne looked at her husband, wondering why he turned his head without bothering to finish his sentence. "Dear, is something the matt-""Shh!"


"Did either of you hear that? I think something is happening outside." Terrell said, making his way towards the door.

Evonne and Henreth quickly followed as Terrell opened the door and all three looked outside. There was smoke rising from the other side of town.

"What's going on?" was the question that the entire family was wondering to themselves, if not asking out loud.

"I think there's trouble in town." Terrell responded, quickly going back inside. He grabbed a bag and started filling it with a few cans of food and some bottles of water.

"Trouble? what do you mean trouble?" Evonne asked, growing very worried as she watched her husband pack the bag.

"The kind of trouble you don't want to encounter."

He quickly finished packing, and handed the bag to Evonne. "This is enough food for a day or two. I want you and Henreth to go to the edge of town and hide. Don't come back to town unless either things have calmed down, or I come looking for you."

"But Terrell, what are you going to do?"

"I'm going to find out what the problem is, why there's smoke, and presumably a fire, on the other side of town, and do what I can to help out."

Evonne was very hesitant, not wanting to leave her husband for whatever trouble may be in town.

"O... Okay, I'm trusting you on this."

"Thank you, now go, please stay safe, both of you."

Henreth, not wanting to leave his father alone to deal with any potential problems, let alone actual threats, chose now to speak up, "Dad, I can help. Please!"

"No, you have to go with your mother, for each others sake and safety"

"But dad-"

"No buts! What if something happened to you while we were over there? Or something happened to your mother and no one was around to help her? I would never be able to forgive myself if either of you got hurt. Please, go with your mother."

"....Alright, I'll go."

"Thank you."

With that, they shared one final group hug before heading off in the indicated directions.


The next day, around early noon, the town seemed quiet.. Henreth and Evonne were camping beneath a tree as they waited for something to happen. Evonne was very worried for her husband, but reluctantly waited for him to come to them and give them any news at all. Henreth, on the other hand, was growing more and more impatient as time passed, and as his impatience grew, his willingness to sit around and wait decreased. after another hour, Henreth came to a decision.

"That's it, I'm not waiting anymore. It's quiet enough, I'm going to look for dad."

"Henreth, no." Evonne said as she put her hand on his shoulder to stop him. "Just because it seems quiet, doesn't mean it's safe."

"The town's been quiet for a few hours, if it was still dangerous, something would've happened by now." Henreth countered, hoping to avoid this conversation.

"As I just said, just because nothing has happened yet, that doesn't mean nothing will happen."

"Mom, I just need to know if dad is safe. I know to watch out and be careful."

"Henreth... if you insist on doing this, just please stay safe."

"I will. I'll try to come back as soon as possible." And with that, he took off towards the town.


As he searched the town, making his way towards his home, he passed numerous buildings. He practically got lost, as a majority of the town was wrecked and destroyed. Some buildings were missing a portions of their walls, others were nothing more than ashes and rubble. Some were, to Henreth's minor surprise, still standing, with nothing more than a few broken windows, and maybe a broken down door. After what felt like hours, he finally came across his own house. He cautiously approached a still intact window and peered inside. Finding nothing after a minute's worth of searching, He slowly walked to the door. He noticed the door was on the floor, and the frame was slightly busted, but most noticeably near where the door knob was. It looked as though the door was locked before it was knocked down.

He stepped forward, entering the home, becoming even more cautious for the chance that whatever broke the door may still be lingering around. The room was a wreck, all the furniture was either knocked over like it was tossed, broken like it was smashed on the spot, or broken from apparently being tossed. Taking a quick glance over at the no longer intact dinner table, he saw the table split in half, with a body lying on top, it appeared as though the body somehow caused the table to break. Henreth's thoughts were immediately interrupted when he realized that the body was actually his father. He rushed over to his side and started inspecting him for injuries. He almost immediately found a large wound in his father's torso, leaving the assumed conclusion that he had been stabbed through the stomach by whoever invaded the house.

"Dad, are you okay?!" Henreth asked, shaking Terrell's shoulder, desperately hoping for a response of any kind.

None came.

"Dad! Please, say something!" he begged, still no response.

He starting getting scared, already beginning to assume the worst. He continued shaking Terrell by the shoulder, but no sign of life came. He stopped as tears began forming at the corners of his eyes, which he closed in an attempt to prevent himself from crying, but the tears managed to got past his eyelids and roll down his cheeks anyway.

"Damn it! If only I stayed behind with you. Maybe this would have ended differently..."

********** Location: an inn in Hyrule Castle Town Time/year: middle of the 7th night, 1200.

Henreth's eyes snapped open; he quickly leaned up and studied the immediate area. He calmed down after almost immediately remembering that he was at an inn. 'I'm getting a little tired of that dream.' he thought, as he laid back down to go back to sleep.

I Read It In A Book

Annie/Morning 7/Somewhere in the woods

Rather than make their way back to camp, Ella and Annie had decided to stay where they were. Ella found a spot to sleep while Annie climbed up into a tree, determined to finish out the night on watch. Truth be told, she could do fairly well on little sleep, and with Jaden’s magic covering for some of her lack of sleep she felt aware and refreshed enough after her short sleep.

Annie gazed out over the forest of the early morning hours, high up in a sturdy tree. She watched for any signs of danger. She could see far, and by going up and down in the tree she could look out over the top of the forest, or down below among the branches and see the forest floor; she could see Jaden and Severa well enough to keep a solid watch, as well as various nocturnal forest animals going about their business. While keeping watch, Annie was scouting the forest, searching for signs of the spring she sought, and signs that others might have been there.

Satisfied with her surveillance, she nestled down into a fairly cozy nook created by a branch meeting the tree. She pulled out her harmonica and, satisfied that there was nothing around to be worried about, began to softly play a warm, comforting tune. The melody she created started warm and harmonious, notes blending together into a ear-pleasing poem of tones. As she played, she began to bend notes, switching keys and playing a bluesier, more soulful style. No friends joined in song, and no skull kids or stalfos appeared; the soft, soulful sound of a harmonica, wailing its bittersweet tune, echoed silently through the forest, alone. Her harmonica was usually her only company on her journey. She had met people before, but until now she hadn’t stayed with anyone more than a day. It felt good to get away from everyone and be alone with nothing but her own music. Even the strange spirit couldn’t bother her now. She was carried away in her music, and she kept playing, checking for danger periodically, until the sun began to creep up over the horizon. Annie climbed up to the top of the tree and watched in silenced as light crept over the land, and she bathed herself in its warm radiance.

Decending the tree, Annie realized Jaden and Severa were up; she could hear him cry out as he awoke. She saw no danger, and left him and Tuffy to talk. Instead she went and found Ella and awoke her. “Ella, Jaden and Severa are up. It might be best if we got going. Let’s head back to them.”

As they approached, they heard Jaden exclaim, "Ella and Annie are gone. Not good!"

  “Gone? What do you mean?” Annie said as her and Ella walked back into the camp. “We were simply keeping watch in a different location. Oh, and we found this,” she said, holding out the notebook. “What do you make of it?”  

Lost Woods - Day 7 - Severa

Never before had Severa felt such an impulse. She snatched the notebook away, and immediately flipped it open. She started reading aloud, the impulse screaming in her mind, those mirrors from her dreams shining bright, but she could see no images, only words.

Trapped in a prison, a prism of light Alone in the darkness, darkness of white

I thought I found a way, I thought I found a way to enter. It’s just a reflection.

I want to break free, but will it break me?

She blinked, and the words changed, the impulse dropped, and so did the notebook. She caught a glance of Annie’s eyes, which seemed angry at the impromptu theft, but in that moment, Severa gave enough of her soul to the girl, that she knew not to press. It was not about taking, it was about what she had no choice but to do.

“This should be burned.” She took out an ember seed and hurled it onto the notebook. Nothing. The seed popped and fizzled, with a tiny puff of smoke going up into the air and fading on the breeze. She stared at it for a long while, thinking that somehow an answer would present itself, though her five second history with the object had already given her a million questions she never wanted resolved. 

Ella Huntley/Morning 7/Lost Woods

"Well," Ella said after Severa's outburst, "if we're done with the crazy, we should probably get moving. I mean, I'm rested enough to move. Unless the rest of you want to laze about here while our quarry goes who-knows-where."

She turned her head to the left then the right. "So... which way..?"

Jaden/Lost Woods/Morning 7

He'd seen things that had shocked him more before. Severa throwing an incendiary organic at this arcane notebook wasn't outside that realm. Plus, his morning buzz was starting to kick in at a good level. Half a bottle of Captain Reynolds' was usually all it took. No food yet, but trail rations could do the trick and keep his hangover resistance intact. So could water. 

When Tuffy exclaimed that the others were missing, he was about to start darting his eyes everywhere. But hearing the other two make their way back, he was much more relieved. Picking up Tuffy and resting him across his shoulders, Jaden nodded at Severa with understanding before offering his opinion. 

"Well, South toward Lake Floria wouldn't be a bad idea. Best to get hoofing it before the sun is too high in the sky. We can eat on the road."

Severa, Lost Woods, Day Seven

She stared at the book on the ground. Something wasn’t right. She looked up and saw Jaden absentmindedly nod at her, then she glanced at his cat, who had turned out to be more special than she thought. She couldn't focus on either one. Jaden said something about going south, but she didn’t respond.

She picked up the book and opened it once more, and began reading aloud from its pages.

“I was called Avara, and I am not a real person. All of my memories are real, but they are not my memories. The people I know do not know me, but they recognize me. And I am being hunted.

In many ways, the man who is after me is my father, but I harbor no love for him in my heart, as I suspect he, in turn, cares nothing for me. At least, not in any human way. In that, and nothing else, are we similar. I am a monster, created by a monster.

But though I am not myself, and do not belong to this world, I must leave a reckoning. I hope that in this small notebook, I might in some way express that I am me; an individual of my own right, despite my origins. I was created by someone else, but I lived as myself.

I wish I had been given a name. not the name of my progenitor, of my memories. A real name, belonging only to me. But what is a name? A lineage? Are people not labelled by their parentage? A surname to show fathering; a given name to show individuality, that is chosen at birth by parents? How can such an arbitrary label truly define a person?

If I were to name myself, would it still count? Is that a fair choice to make? You, reading this: what would you name yourself, if given the option? Who would you be, if not named on birth by your parents?

I did not know this truth about myself, not when I first came to be. I had thought myself to be living for years before my actual inception. Sadly, this delusion was shattered by the very man who hunts me now. By the man who means to end my farcical existence.

The same who started it.

His reasoning confuses me, what little he explained before I managed to escape. At first I thought him to have a human soul, hidden deep in the twisted workings of his mind. I thought he could feel love, or regret. Such delusions are as laughable as the life I once claimed my own. He wants my soul; but if I am the constructed life he claims me to be, what soul could I have?

She began to shake with anger, but could not stop reading. This man she was reading about, this man was Sirius Fulmaren, without a doubt. She didn’t look up, but knew her newfound allies had not yet departed south

When he comes next, I will not struggle. I will not run. I hope only that this notebook survives, hidden from his attention. Of course, if you are reading this, then it has. And I thank you for finding it.

Please. Remember me. Know that I once existed, and do not let me fade from this world. I was never born, but I have surely lived and died. Is that not enough to warrant leaving a mark on this world? Or shall I pass, as a ghost, leaving nothing for my existence?

I hear his laughter on the winds. He is coming for me. I will hide this now. Please, do not forget me.

I am Severa Fulmaren, but that is not who I am. Were I to name myself, I would be called Prosopopoeia Severa. A given name to define who I am, and a surname to define where I come from.

“...He has to die....Beth will understand, she will help.” She looked up, fury and tears mixing in her eyes. “South is wrong!” She barked, before pulling out a small whistle. The shrill sound of it pierced the air, and in a shockingly brief amount of time, a dark black horse came running up. As the horse slowed to a halt, Severa threw the notebook behind her again, as a bolt of orange silver light briefly flashed between its spine and her own, unnoticable to her, but almost certainly obvious to the others.

Severa walked right up to Ella, getting close to her face. “You don’t know the half of crazy, you have no idea what hornets nest you’re daring to stir up with your half-wit, thoughtless remarks. You slimy, pathetic, bitch.” She slapped Ella hard in the face, spit towards the others, and hopped onto her horse. Beth had spoken of an alliance with the Zora on at least one occasion, that would be the best place to start. It was a mistake to ally herself with these people, so she would leave them behind, and get to Zora’s Domain as quickly as she could.

“Let’s go.” She whispered to her as of yet nameless horse, climbing atop him, and never looking back even once. The only remnant of her that was left behind as she charged off, was the notebook that had sparked her actions, and the small barely visible trail of orange silver particles hovering in the air where she had stood.

I Am Alive!

Rathon Boldstyre / Deep Faron Woods / Dawn 7

Lying deep beneath the earth, Rathon pressed his limbs against the walls of his grave, a method which had allowed him to move slowly upwards during his years trapped in the ground. His mind had become empty of any thoughts but those of vengeance and destruction and his body a hollow and decayed bone structure forced to move by his desire for revenge. For twelve years he had pushed against the pressure of the soil and rocks which sealed him, knowing that someday he would once again walk the surface of the earth.

Forcing his arms upwards, he felt his finger move freely, the soil seemed to have parted to reveal an opening of some sort. He continued to push with all the force he could and eventually broke free of his grave and found himself in a narrow tunnel. His face was now permanently fixed in a smile after twelve years of decay but for the first moment in that time, this smile was genuine. He crawled along this tunnel and eventually emerged in a larger cave filled with shining treasure.

“Ah, Mogmas” Rathon whispered to himself. “Oddly useful for a pest and a rodent.”

Knowing he needed to hide his skeletal figure, or risk finding himself beneath the earth once again, Rathon searched for some form of hooded clothing within the Mogma stash and found an ornate black cloak, the inside of the hood lined with dark crimson silk, shining black crystals used for the buttons. Unable to find any concealable weapons, Rathon decided to remain unarmed and filled his pockets with shining rupees from the many piles lying on the floor and headed back down the tunnel he had crawled through previously.

This tunnel then lead to a small room beneath a tree, with roots protruding from the walls and ceiling. On one wall, high above the floor and angled slightly was a door. Rathon opened the door and crawled out, looking back he saw that the door had been crafted to blend in perfectly with the roots of the tree and respected the intelligence of this design.

Pulling his hood up to hide his face in darkness, Rathon began to walk. He could not see the sun through the canopy of the trees so did not know which direction he was heading in, nor did he recognise the area as twelve years had passed since he had last tread these woodland paths.

Rathon Boldstyre / Ordon Settlement Outskirts / Dawn 7

After hours of stumbling between the thick trees of the forest, Rathon had begun to see the benefit of being a walking corpse as he had yet to become tired and his feet did not ache. Using glimpses of the sun through the trees he was able to ensure that he was heading north, and briskly walked through the undergrowth until he reached a familiar path. He knew the woods well from this point. Leaning against the tall tree which marked the furthest point he and his brother were allowed to travel from the village as children, memories flooded Rathons mind, memories of a happier time, a time before his death, a time before they turned on him. These thoughts should have brought joy, but instead only caused his rage to grow. He still did not understand why he had been condemned to death when he had committed no crimes. 

Knowing that outsiders rarely went unquestioned in such a small settlement, Rathon was careful when approaching the village. Concealing himself behind the thick trunks of the forests trees and walking and quietly he soon found himself on the outskirts of the town, simply observing the changes, taking mental notes in preparation for its upcoming destruction. The people within went about their daily business with the same ignorant joy as they always had. Rathon did not see the children playing where he had in his past, he did not see the women engaged in friendly gossip, he only saw the aged faces of those who had lead him to his death on that night twelve years ago. If he had his way, they would all perish for that act.

Silently, he made his way to where it had all begun. The graveyard. It had grown since his last visit with his brother, and as he walked he glanced at the new headstones. He saw the names of people he had grown up with, the name Yorwind Wreath caused an unexpected sadness in Rathon. The old man was a friend to him, and one of the few villagers who had objected to Rathons fate. As he strode somberly through the graveyard, Rathon heard a familiar voice from behind him.

“You always did like it here.” The voice said. “If we could be sure you would stay, we would have left you here, but that does not seem to matter if our defences have failed us and you have returned nonetheless.”

“How long have you known I was here?” Rathon replied without hesitation.

“Since the moment you set foot in the village. Your stealth could use a little work.” The voice responded with a smug tone. “Now answer me this, now that you have escaped to the surface, what do you plan to do?”

“All I will say is to flee this place. I do not want to kill you Henrick, but when this village is turned to ash I cannot promise your survival.” Rathon said coldly, turning to face the man from his past. 

“So you come for vengeance? I would sooner cut you down myself than watch you destroy all that I have known.” Henrick replied in an angered tone. “I never agreed with the decision made on that day and I do not believe you to be evil, but that is in the past now and if you become a threat to this village, I will stand in your way.”

Rathons final reply came while he began his escape plan. While concentrating on the air of death which surrounded him he slowly raised his arms as he spoke.

“Remember these words little brother, to stand between me and my goal is to accept your fate as a dead man. Do not get in my way.”

As his threat finished, he backed away and a wall of Skeletal figured rose up before him. These figures varied in states of decay, flesh hung from some but others, like Rathon, were simply skeletons. Rathon now ran into the surrounding forest. In his retreat he left his brother fighting corpses, and too busy to pursue. This would not kill Henrick, it was merely a distraction, and demonstration of his growth in power.

Rathon Boldstyre / Edge of Faron Woods / Mid Morning 7

Putting distance between himself and the people of Ordon, Rathon made his way to the edge of Hyrule field. Staring out onto the grassy plain he felt lost. As a child he had never left the forest. He had only come this far out into the world a few times in his life and he had no memory of this place. His observations of the village showed that it had grown. The borders had expanded and the guard seemed more plentiful. Knowing that he could not destroy it alone, he would explore the world before him to find an army. His plan was not set in stone, it simply consisted of either finding a living army willing to assist him in the destruction of the forest town, or raise his own army from those dead in the ground. With no idea where to find such an army Rathon began to walk blindly out to the field, hoping fate would smile upon him and present him with an opportunity.  

Rathon Boldstyre / Mid Hyrule Field / Midday 7

As he strode across the empty grasslands of Hyrule field with the sun high above him, Rathon could sense the lingering aura of death looming ahead. He approached this with caution assuming that where the dead lay there could also be a killer, yet found nothing but mementos of the past. The battle here must have been large for Rathon to sense such a heavy presence of the deceased, and yet no bodies remained so time must have passed to allow the bodies of the dead to be reclaimed by their masters. Rathon cursed, knowing that had he arrived sooner he could have claimed the corpses as his own.

Dismissing his frustration, Rathon was pleased by the sight of the field. White flowers grew in the soft soil, stained by the blood spilled by war, severed body parts were strewn across the grass, missed by the poor souls tasked with clearing the battlefield. He had seen Zora fins, pinned to the ground by Hylian arrows, and human limbs, most likely cut by the blades of the fishmen.

This abandoned battle ground birthed ideas in Rathons mind. The remains of this battle suggested that there was conflict in Hyrule, seemingly between the men of the castle, and the Zora of the river. If the Zora were enemies of the King, it may not take much persuasion for them to attack the village of Ordon. It seemed that Rathon had found his army, and if the Zora wouldn’t cooperate, their deceased kin who fought on this land would have to do. 

However, this would have to wait. With his only knowledge of Hyrule being outdated by 12 years and lacking at that, Rathon decided it would be best to seek information before even approaching the Zora and began to walk east toward Kakariko Village where he hoped to find someone willing to enlighten him of the current state of the land.

Black cloak rising slightly in the light winds of the field, Rathon stooped down as he walked to take an elegant Rapier from the ground. As his bony fingers lifted the blade he shook it to dislodge the detached hand of its previous owner and held it before the empty sockets of his skull which somehow still allowed sight. The blade itself shone brightly in the midday sun, but the hilt was the deepest black. It had been intricately crafted with delicate curves to protect the hand of the wearer, which Rathon hoped would not fail him as it had the Zora who wielded the blade before him. After a few swift practise swings, Rathon was pleased with the rapier. It cut quickly through the air with little resistance and allowed a long reach. Now it just came to concealment for carrying the sword. With no conventional method of storing the thin blade Rathon improvised, pulling his cloak aside and thrusting it between his ribs, lodging it in his ribcage. It was not ideal, but it worked.

 Glancing into the distance Rathon could see the peak of Death Mountain ahead and the village of Kakariko on its slopes. Calculating that he should arrive there in the late afternoon Rathon continued to stride confidently across the grass, contemplating his future in the village of the mountain.  

Rathon Boldstyre / Kakariko Village / Late Afternoon 7

Striding confidently through the long shadows of the falling sun, Rathon entered Kakariko Village to no response from those around him. Expecting hostility but receiving apathy was a surprise to him, he had predicted that his suspicious appearance would at least bring on a few distrustful looks yet nobody looked twice. He had visited the town once before with his father during his childhood and remembered it as a place of honour and prosperity but whether this was merely ignorance in his childish memories, or an actual change had occurred, the town seemed darker than before. Entering the main square Rathon glanced upon a broken town. Crumbled roof tiles and splintered wood littered the dirt ground of the broken plaza. It was a wreck, and the people were no better. A woman lay on the ground starving and hopeless while a man ran frantically around screaming of magical bloodshed. Rathon concluded that this town knew of the war. It had experienced it first hand and the aftermath was evident. From the screams of the drunken man, Rathon assumed that a fight had broken out here, between Hylian and Zora forces much like that on the field. However, the man cried tales of magic, spell of ice and shadow had been cast here, it seemed that both sides possessed powerful warriors.

Deciding that he would gain nothing from rational conversation with these people, Rathon decided to turn to darker strategies. He walked further through the town until the path to the Goron City in the mountain lay before him. His hood covered his face as he crossed the view of the gates guard who did not question his passing. Some way up the rocky pathway, Rathon stopped in the shade and crouched to stare up at the mountain. The stench of death that he had been feeling throughout his travels seemed to end on this path, as if the Goron above had yet to feel the pain of war. And on this day, he planned to make Death Mountain live up to its name.

Sometime later Rathon crouched in the shade of the mountain path, everything was now in place. In the stone path he had carved a series of patterns forming a circle with the sharp blade of his rapier. Care had been taken in the scribing of these intricate markings as if drawn incorrectly they could cause disastrous effects. Rathon did not learn this magic. He had simply known it, among other things, from the moment life returned to his body. He now lay in wait for somebody to blindly wander across the symbols he had placed.

Mere moments after the completion of this intricate trap, the ground began to rumble with the force of a rolling Goron bounding down the mountain path. Rathon smirked at the sight of it, the strength of a rock giant was about to fall to its doom at his hand. From the moment the tumbling ball of stone entered the circle the ground beneath cracked to release dark flames onto Rathons target. The Goron stopped still, his spirit hanging in the air above the broken ground. His body however continued to plunge down the mountain, and would presumably cause a stir as it crashed into the village below. Rathon was pleased with his result. Not only had be captured a soul as planned, but the death would not appear to be murder; instead it would simply seem like an accidental fall. As Rathon stood staring down at the mayhem caused by the hurtling boulder, he heard a booming voice from behind him.

“Who dares disrupt the roll of a might Goron elder?” It shouted. “If you are a threat to my people, I shall see you destroyed!”

“You are in no state to fight me.” Rathon coldly replied, turning to face the Goron spirit with his rapier at hand. “You are now mine to command, it may take time but you will eventually embrace this change.”

“I don’t know what you’ve done to me, but you cannot break my faith to my people, I will never be yours to command.”

“Your soul has been removed from your body and bound to mine.” Rathon said, scraping his rapier across the symbols to erase them. “You have no choice but to follow me.”

Rathon now pulled back his hood to reveal his featureless skull. Using the sharp edge of a small blade he carved a faint symbol onto the side of his head. This released the spirit from its bindings to the rocky path, and locked it to never leave his side. 

“Monster!” The Goron screamed, charging headfirst into Rathon who remained still as the ghostly body passed through him. “How do you resist my might?”

“Fool. You are but a remnant of a being. Your attempts to harm me are futile.” Rathon said, striding back down the path towards Kakariko. “Now, I have been gone for some time. Tell me of the state this world is in.”

“No. I refuse to aid you.” The Goron said, crossing his arms and attempting to resist the force that dragged him to the side of the Stalfos. “You might have my soul, but you do not have my cooperation.”

“Save me from the stubbornness of this Goron” Rathon muttered quietly. “Your pride will be your downfall.”

The undead pair now approached the entrance to Kakariko village. Rathon knew he would look a fool if he continued to converse with a ghost that only he could see so began to ignore the proud protests of the Goron as he wandered through the shadows of the town, witnessing the chaos caused by the falling Goron corpse. As they emerged onto the field the Goron spoke once more, now in a more defeated tone.

“All of those people. I know them all but they did not respond to my shouts. What have you done to me?”

“I told you before, you are merely a shadow of a living being now, left to linger on this mortal plain. Will you help me, or will I have to make you suffer for the sake of a world you’ve left behind?”

 “I suppose I have no choice. I will tell you what you need. Just promise no harm will come to my people because of this.” 

Rathon Boldstyre / Eastern Hyrule Field / Afternoon 7

 As the sun travelled east across the sky, Rathon went south across the rolling grasslands of Hyrule. To any onlooker, he would have seemed to walk alone, mysteriously hidden beneath a black cloak but beside him was the spirit of the Goron he now knew as Gor Dargo. As the unlikely pair moved down Zora’s river they discussed the war, or at least all that the Goron Elder knew of it. Rathon leaned of the trust, and it’s theft from the three leaders of the land. He learned of the following battles, which the Gorons had previously stayed out of. He learned of Gor Dargo’s fear that his death would drag his people into the conflict and as he listened to the petty worries of the Goron, his own concerns began to shift. 

This vault, its keys, and the timestones within had brought nothing but conflict and death to the people of Hyrule in the past and of this Rathon approved. With war brewing he would be in no shortage of corpses and the energy of the dead would give him the strength he needed to command them. He cared not for the motives of the leaders; he simply needed the bodies of their soldiers to use as his own. With this army behind him he may be capable of taking the vault for himself. This possible future interested him but his dreams of vengeance did not vanish, he would still destroy the village of Ordon in time, but first he wanted to rejoice in the chaos of war. 

“There is one thing I do not understand” Gor Dargo said, to end his explanation of Hylian affairs. “Why come to the mountain? Why take my soul and not one of a Man or Zora?”

“Do not fool yourself. You are not special.” Rathon replied coldly. “The mountain pass was simply quiet enough to enact the ritual without spilling the blood of potential allies. It was luck that brought you to me, your knowledge of these matters will be of much use in the coming days.” 

“You see the other races as allies, but do you not expect to be cut down on sight as you would in the land of my people?” Gor Dargo said, quickly changing the subject. “You are a monster after all.”

“I am not so easy to strike down.” Rathon answered. “They may try, but they may struggle to kill that which is already dead. Besides, I will not walk alone.” 

“And what allies would stand at your side?” The Goron quickly interrupted. “There is no living man who would support your destructive cause.”

“There is one thing you forget, old stone.” Rathon replied with confidence. “If the living will not fight for me, I have no problem with turning to the dead.”

Rathon Boldstyre / Zora’s River / Early Evening 7

As the sun began to fall behind the cliffs of eastern Hyrule, Rathon walked silently up the river to the entrance of Zoras domain. As he approached, he clambered to the peak of a tall tree and observed the entrance. Two armoured Zora stood guard before the waterfall, and curiously, a third stood by the cliff face nearby. Behind this third Zora there seemed to be a hole in the wall. As if on cue Gor Dargo began to speak, as if he knew what Rathon was thinking.

“By the looks of it, that’s where the Hylian thieves entered the Domain. They must have had a Mogma with them. Useful little creatures they are.”

“Indeed.” Rathon replied with a whisper, confused by the Gorons timing. “I’m beginning to enjoy the work of the Mogma.”

Rathon now crouched, still perched in the high branches of the tree. He focused his energy on the old bones that lay beneath the wet soil of the riverside. The energies of death flowing through him he persuaded these corpses of men and zora to pull themselves from the ground as he had. As they emerged, he heard the calls of the Zora guards. The number was low, but these Stalfos would last long enough to draw attention away from the cloaked figure entering the aquatic kingdom. 

A Day at the Races

Corgoro- Afternoon 7- Goron City

Dirt flew up into the air, creating a great cloud behind the curled up gorons rolling at breakneck speeds around a huge racetrack arena. Along the sides, friends cheered and laughed as they sped around, bumping and richocheting into each other, walls, and anything else in the half-track, half-arena filled with jumps and mounds of dirt. It was more like bumper cars combined with BMX than a race, but it was all great fun for both the gorons watching and the ones racing around. Joyous, bouncy drums played as the gorons zoomed over the track. It was a great day to be a goron. Despite the war between the hylians and the zora, the feeling in Goron City was very calm and the entire brotherhood seemed at ease. There had been some unsettling events, like a freezing over of the entrance to Dodongo’s cavern, but after the cavern entrance was cleared, these things mattered little to the average goron. After all, who would dare mess with the mighty goron tribe? Many of the gorons didn’t even know much about what was going on outside their city, other than the fact that there had been much fewer people coming and going than usual.

Among those rolling around in the great arena, there was one who towered over the rest, even curled up into the characteristic racing ball. He was not quite a biggoron or a medigoron, but he was certainly much larger than the average goron and even a good deal larger than the goron patriarch Darmoto. This was the unmistakable Corgoro, a brother from a prestigious and beloved Goron family lineage. His family had a long and proud history of goron warriors and guardians of their tribe. Corgoro was true to his lineage, a proud and unbelieveably powerful warrior. Despite his status, however, Corgoro was a true rough-and-tumble goron, and he showed it on the track. Flying over mounds of dirt and laying flat everything in his path, he flew through the course. However, he had started poorly and was a good distance behind the pack in this particular race, and despite his strength his rolling speed wasn’t the best. He couldn’t turn nearly as well as his smaller, nimbler brothers. However, he was determined to get back into the race. He had a little trick up his sleeve, one that other gorons couldn’t hope to pull off.

Fuelled in his heart by the cheers of his fellow goron brothers, and in his body by a powerful mix of coal, flint and water, steam began to build up in his body. Using hydraulic power created by the steam, he began to push himself faster, his limbs tucked inside and firing like little steam pistons, creating momentum and lurching his mass forward. As the gorons neared the finish of the final lap, Corgoro began to pull closer to the lead. As the finish approached, Corgoro reached speeds not seen in any other goron racer. Edging towards the top 3 of the pack, Corgoro pushed himself to his limits. He entered the pack into the top three, trying to pull ahead at the last second, but the 3rd place racer, seeing him approach, veered and bumped him aside, knocking Corgoro away into the wall where he bounced off, veered onto a ramp, flew into the air, and landed just behind the leading pack, ending up with a 4th place finish. The gorons all cheered as the race ended, and as Corgoro uncurled and saw the racer who had knocked him to the side, the both let out a big hearty goron laugh. The races were all in good fun, a way to keep spirits up in dark times, and they worked wonders. It also helped that the racer happened to be a good personal friend of Corgoro, the goron elder Gor Dargo. Despite the age difference, Corgoro and Gor Dargo had become quite close. Gor Dargo was in fact the one who had mentored Corgoro in his unique skills of manipulating fire and steam through his body, and they had a sort of father-son relationship. Despite his age, Gor Dargo was also no pushover and could hold his own in any race or wrestling match. He was in great shape for such an elderly goron and was beloved by the entire tribe, possibly moreso than any other elder. He was also one of the few allowed out of the city at the time, as he was the delegate to Kakariko.

“That was a great race, Elder!” Corgoro said to his friend and mentor. “Yes, brother, but next time, keep your distance or I might knock you all the way into death mountain crater!” Gor Dargo cackled. The two goron brothers shared a hearty laugh as they walked off the track, but their merriment was interrupted by another goron summoning them over to him.

Addressing Corgoro, he said, “Brother, our patriarch wishes to see you immediately!” Turning to Gor Dargo, he said, “And do not forget your duties, Elder. You are expected in Kakariko this evening!” Turning to each other, the two gorons gave a crushing goron hug. “Elder, I would like to speak with you soon, and to study under your wisdom some more, so please hurry back!” The Elder grinned, and said, “I’m getting a bit old you know, brother! You shouldn’t rush me so! I’ll get back soon enough, you can be sure. I hope you have the favor of Darmoto.” And with that, each of them departed for their respective destinations.

Patriarch Darmoto/ Goron City/ Afternoon of the 7th 

Darmoto sat in silence, uncomfortably tense in his stone seat with his warhammer laid across his knees, he drummed his meaty fingers across the much used and oft abused head of the legendary weapon. Events had escalated with such rapidity over the last several days that, had he not witnessed them firsthand, he'd never have believed it possible. 

For quite possibly the first time since he became Big Brother to his people, Darmoto regretted it. What had happened and, worse more, what was going to happen, would weigh heavily on him for the long remainder of his days. The realm was broken. There wasn't an ounce of trust between the other monarchs of the realm combined. Perhaps they couldn't be blamed though, with their ever shifting moods and short lifespans, the softer skinned races didn't have to worry about spending 200 years with someone they'd wronged over one petty squabble or another. The Gorons were at their cores, stone. Unchanging. Unwavering. True to form for generations. This just wasn't so with humans and Zora. 

The bargain struck had been equal parts fragilityand volatilitye at once, much akin to a wagon chock full of powder kegs circling the rim of Death Mountains volcano with a rickety wheel, the explosion surprised no one. Least of all Darmoto. 

The tell tale sound of Goron fist to stone door echoed across the room, Darmoto in his foul mood, did not rise, which spoke multitudes to just how concerned he was over this next conversation. Besides, Corgoro of all Gorons, would not take offense. 


The stone panel slid back to reveal a massive wall of Goron, Corgoro strode through the entryway and the door slid into place behind him. Halting a respectable distance away, Corgoro dipped his head, "You requested my presence Big Brother?"

Halting the drumming of his fingers, Darmoto leaned forward, resting his massive forearms across the handle of his hammer. 

"I did little brother. You are aware no doubt, that the entryway to Dodongo's Cavern has finally been thawed out?"

After an appropriate pause which allowed Corgoro to nod in agreement that he did know what the patriarch was speaking of, Darmoto continued, "The reconnaissance team I sent in to investigate the rumblings and explosions, just brought me troubling news. The MegaDodongo has been killed and the Trust stolen."

A look of complete shock and disbelief spread across the face of the much younger, and much larger, Gorons face. 

"It cannot be!"

Darmoto shook his head and with an exasperated sigh, carried on, 

"It can be little brother. And unfortunately, it is. I have my suspicions as to whom the thieves were employed by. Four nights past, I was visited by a certain red scaled Zora, only to be warned by a fellow brother of the mountain, Jotun of the Yeti that this same Zora was a sneak and a spy and an agent of Tiburon.

If you are willing brother, I wish for you to seek out clues regarding the theft of the Trust, reporting whatever you find back to me."

Corgoro- Darmoto’s Chamber, Goron City- Early Evening 7

“But big brother, I do not see how this can be! Only the bravest and strongest of goron brothers would venture near the megadodongo! What mere zoras could even survive the heat of the cavern, let alone defeat its mighty guardian?!”

Before Corgoro could say anything else, a goron came running into the room. Corgoro recognized him as one of the travelling merchant gorons who sold explosives and rare minerals to the hylians of the village. “Big brother! I come with terrible news! The elder Gor Dargo is dead!”

“WHAT!?” Corgoro roared. Darmoto’s mouth hung open in shock and he rose from his seat. Corgoro questioned him. “HOW CAN THIS BE!? First the megadodongo, and now one of our own elders! What could bring down a mighty goron such as he?”

“It appears he fell down the path on his way to Kakariko,” he said. Corgoro, furious and in disbelief, challenged him. “This cannot be! Gor Dargo is no fool or weakling! No fall from the mountain could kill him!”

“Well, brother, there was reports of a stalfos in Kakariko earlier today…. He may have had something to do with it. But be reasonable. Gor Dargo was not the unshakeable rock he used to be. It will be hard to let go, but it may be best to accept that this was just an accident, and take the opportunity to repair some of the death mountain trails.”

“I suppose…. You may be right. Thank you,” Corgoro said, holding back his fury and sadness. In his heart, he did not believe that Gor Dargo could be dead. “Thank you for bringing me this news, brother. You may go back to your business” Darmoto returned to his seat, and once again it was only the two of them in the room.

Darmoto knew of the connection between Gor Dargo and Corgoro; how Gor Dargo had been a very close friend and mentor to Corgoro and how he had trained Corgoro in the very rare and ancient Goron art of manipulating fire and steam. No other goron had enough knowledge of it to teach it; it had not been seen in the gorons for generations. Gor Dargo was the only one to still have knowledge of it, and he had no obligation to teach it to anyone. And yet he had stepped forward as soon as Corgoro’s gift had become known to him. Corgoro was very grateful for both the instruction and the mentorship Gor Dargo gave to him.

“Corgoro, I know of your connection with Gor Dargo. I understand you may be upset. If you would like some time to grieve, I understand and grant you such time as you need.”

“Thank you, big brother, but I will gladly leave right away. I am sworn to serve you, and I will not falter in that service. Besides, I suspect foul play in Gor Dargo’s death. I know you may think it foolish of me, but I do not believe any goron could die so easily, let alone the mighty Gor Dargo, no matter his age. Did you not see him race today? His age may show, but it does not make him weak or hold him back. I knew him better than any other. I believe the elder was killed, somehow. And I wish to investigate this along with the trust key. If that would be acceptable, big brother.”

Darmoto considered Corgoro’s words, and then gave his answer. “You may be right. Gor Dargo was not weak, and I would not expect a mere fall to kill a goron. You may investigate Gor Dargo’s death as you look for the trust key. Just be sure not to put too much stock into your beliefs about his death. And do not let the trust key investigation fall by the wayside while you investigate Gor Dargo’s death. I’ll send a guard with you, to let you pass from the city.”

“Thank you, Patriarch. I will not let you down!” With that, Corgoro balled up and went rolling at top speed for the exit to the city. He was determined, and would stop at nothing to find out what had happened to his beloved mentor and also to the trust key.

Where War Is Born

Zora Infiltrator; Coru/ Atop a cliff overlooking Kakariko/ Afternoon of the 7th

After watching the scene with the aged Goron and hooded Stalfos unfold below, Coru waited until the Stalfos disappeared into Kakariko before driving the pegs for his climbing gear into stone as quickly and quietly as possible.

His actions smooth and measured Coru gave his rigging a a cursory once over as he pored over the prior nights conversation with King Tiburon. 

Midnight of the 6th/ Zora's Domain

Standing at attention with arms locked behind his back, Coru waited patiently in the deserted chamber. To be summoned by King Tiburon was one thing, to be summoned in the middle of the night was something else entirely. 

Choosing not to speculate on the Kings intentions, Coru chose to wait. 

He didn't do so for long. A non-descript door, the only entrance to the mostly barren chamber opened and the King silently hurried in. 

Sizing him up, the King wasted little time getting down to business. "I have summoned you here to bestow upon you a task that is befitting of your particular skill set.

If you succeed, no one can ever know of your success. Failure likely means your death."

Coru nodded his understanding and the King continued. 

"Good. Well, the fact of the matter is this. Darmoto has refused my offer of an alliance. That means either that the Goron patriarch is hesitant to go to war, or he's already in Dromands pocket.

The latter is unacceptable. 

I ask you to go to him once more, in secrecy, and make a final offer. Ally with the Zora, if he refuses, kill him. The Gorons will be so disoriented by the loss of their beloved Big Brother that they'll be of no use to Dromand any time soon."

Nodding once more, Coru took his leave of the King. 

Afternoon of the 7th

His stakes in place, Coru began his descent. Rappelling down the shear cliff face and into Goron territory Infiltrator Coru was comforted by the reassuring presence of the dual Hisshou secured to the underside of his forearms. And couldn't help but wonder if it would be friendship or death that he dealt to the Goron patriarch. 

Corgoro- Early Evening 7- Outside Goron City

Corgoro stopped his roll outside the city. He still had some steam pent up in him, and heat still retained from his earlier race. Normally he would roll down the mountain the whole way, but after the incident with the beloved elder, he wanted to both be careful, and also to investigate. Although not usually fatal, gorons did fall from time to time due to the treacherous death mountain passages. Corgoro, now on foot, began to hustle down the mountain when something caught his eye.

It was certainly an unusual sight, even to a seasoned Goron like Corgoro. A Zora, on death mountain? The dry mountain climate was generally untollerable to them. Unbelievably, a Zora had actually managed to get far enough up onto the mountain that he repelled back down to the path, close to the entrance to the city. Corgoro saw he was armed with knives, and was filled with mistrust. Could this Zora have something to do with the elder’s death?

His voice boomed out to the Zora. “YOU! Fish-man! What business do you have on Death Mountain? The Zora folk do not belong here, and at this time other tribes are not welcome in Goron city. I can only assume you wish to do ill, considering the theft of the Goron trust by your people. Tell me what you know of the Goron Trust Key!”

The Zora turned, frozen in place; he clearly had not intended to be spotted. “You are acting suspicious, Zora! One of our elders died here earlier today, and the way you act makes me think you might know something about it. If your intentions are good, lay down your weapons and state your business! If you know anything about what happened to our elder, speak now! Otherwise, I will be forced to subdue you! This I COMMAND, as a warrior and guardian of the Patriarch and the Goron tribe!”

Coru/ Path to Goron City/ Dusk of the 7th

Coru had not intended to be spotted, but it was too late to concern himself with that. Best make due with what he had. 

Quirking an eyebrow, Coru smiled at the rock monster. "My deepest apologies sir Goron, but yes, I know the trust was stolen, that much was to be expected when a third of it was given into the hands of you buffoons on the mountain."

Circling away from the wall, Coru put his back to Kakariko. "The old man? Yes. He's dead, some nasty stuff done to him I'd say. Witnessed it myself."

The Goron was growing visibly more angry with each word Coru spoke.

"Oh, and one more thing... I'm afraid I'm going to have to ignore that COMMAND, we fish-faces have the darnedest time taking orders from illiterate rock monsters."

Coru drew his blades and waited die the inevitable charge.

Corgoro- Early Evening 7- Outside Goron City

“ILLITERATE rock monster…. ILLITERATE….. ILLITERATE…. ILLITERATE…..” The word echoed in Corgoro’s head. As one of the most well-read gorons in the tribe,due to the studying required to master his unique combat arts, this stereotype made his blood boil. “You will wish you had not called me illiterate, Zora scum,” Corgoro spat at Coru. Corgoro wished he could just incinerate the dangerous little pest, but alas he was running on a low, residual heat and some steam from his earlier race. He would have to preserve what he had and fight like a normal goron- hand-to-hand.

Corgoro laughed at the zora’s blades. “You draw knives as though you think you can pierce my skin; have you ever tried to stab a goron, fool!?” Coru taunted Corgoro. “Who’s to say I haven’t? There’s a perfect test subject for it at the bottom of this mountain.”

“RRRRAAAGGGGGHHHHH!!!! YOU DARE THREATEN TO DEFACE THE BODY OF OUR PROUD ELDER!?” “Yes, and then when I’m done with you I’ll do the same to your worthless patriarch.” Coru continued to taunt Corgoro. “I WILL MAKE YOU REGRET YOUR WORDS!!!” Corgoro rolled at Coru, but Coru dodged out of the way. As Corgoro popped up from his roll, Coru lept at him, slashing his goron adversary’s stomach, but Corgoro’s huge arm blocked them and knocked Coru back. Coru jumped to the side, jabbing again, and Corgoro struggled to keep up. The Zora wasn’t strong, but he was quick, and circled Corgoro as he blocked. At each opening, the scrappy zora would lunge and stab at the enraged goron, and he soon began finding and connecting with softer areas of the large goron, drawing blood. The zora dodged and faked around the large, slow goron, and Corgoro struggled to keep up, swinging his arms at the Zora in a desperate attempt to both retaliate and to block the flurry of stabs. “What’s the matter, need to lose some weight?”

“Enough of this foolishness!” Corgoro yelled, and he built up most of his remaining steam into his stomach, under intense pressure. As Coru jumped in front of him, he blasted steam out of his mouth. Under intense pressure and high heat, steam flew out of his mouth in a blindingly hot stream. Coru, quick as a flash, dodged below the stream, falling to the ground and sliding to the goron’s side. Most of the steam had completely missed, but he had connected with one of the zora’s shoulders as he fell, leaving scathing, but not crippling, burns.

“Ha! If your patriarch is as slow and stupid as you, killing him will be easy! Tiburon could have sent any Zora to pull it off.” The Zora taunted as he rose, but in the blink of an eye his face met Corgoro’s rock hard fist. With the last of his retained steam, Corgoro had used compression in his arm to launch a blindingly fast, devastatingly powerful punch; Corgoro liked to call it his “Piston Punch”. The Zora could not have hoped to see it coming, let alone dodge it. As the huge, meaty fist connected, Coru’s head practically exploded from the impact, guts flying everywhere, and his body went flying through the air, slamming into the rock face he had just descended from and bursting like a water balloon. The rock face was splattered with a coating of zora blood and entrails, with a sorry heap of a shattered body laying at the bottom. Corgoro had not meant for such an explosive impact. In fact, he had not meant to kill the Zora at all, but he had been enraged to the point that he lost control.

“That’s what you get for messing with the mighty Corgoro, Zora scum. You fish-heads don’t want to listen to our orders on our territory, then I’ll break you open on my fist. And never, EVER threaten our Patriarch.” Corgoro, realizing the implications of what the Zora had said, ignored his wounds and ran back into the city to alert Darmoto.

Arriving at Darmoto’s quarters and being allowed in by the guards, he spoke gravely to Darmoto. “Big Brother! I have just killed a Zora, on the mountain trail. He claimed to be sent by Tiburon, to make an attempt on your life.”

“ILLITERATE rock monster…. ILLITERATE….. ILLITERATE…. ILLITERATE…..” The word echoed in Corgoro’s head. As one of the most well-read gorons in the tribe,due to the studying required to master his unique combat arts, this stereotype made his blood boil. “You will wish you had not called me illiterate, Zora scum,” Corgoro spat at Coru. Corgoro wished he could just incinerate the dangerous little pest, but alas he was running on a low, residual heat and some steam from his earlier race. He would have to preserve what he had and fight like a normal goron- hand-to-hand.

Corgoro laughed at the zora’s blades. “You draw knives as though you think you can pierce my skin; have you ever tried to stab a goron, fool!?” Coru taunted Corgoro. “Who’s to say I haven’t? There’s a perfect test subject for it at the bottom of this mountain.”

“RRRRAAAGGGGGHHHHH!!!! YOU DARE THREATEN TO DEFACE THE BODY OF OUR PROUD ELDER!?” “Yes, and then when I’m done with you I’ll do the same to your worthless patriarch.” Coru continued to taunt Corgoro. “I WILL MAKE YOU REGRET YOUR WORDS!!!” Corgoro rolled at Coru, but Coru dodged out of the way. As Corgoro popped up from his roll, Coru lept at him, slashing his goron adversary’s stomach, but Corgoro’s huge arm blocked them and knocked Coru back. Coru jumped to the side, jabbing again, and Corgoro struggled to keep up. The Zora wasn’t strong, but he was quick, and circled Corgoro as he blocked. At each opening, the scrappy zora would lunge and stab at the enraged goron, and he soon began finding and connecting with softer areas of the large goron, drawing blood. The zora dodged and faked around the large, slow goron, and Corgoro struggled to keep up, swinging his arms at the Zora in a desperate attempt to both retaliate and to block the flurry of stabs. “What’s the matter, need to lose some weight?”

“Enough of this foolishness!” Corgoro yelled, and he built up most of his remaining steam into his stomach, under intense pressure. As Coru jumped in front of him, he blasted steam out of his mouth. Under intense pressure and high heat, steam flew out of his mouth in a blindingly hot stream. Coru, quick as a flash, dodged below the stream, falling to the ground and sliding to the goron’s side. Most of the steam had completely missed, but he had connected with one of the zora’s shoulders as he fell, leaving scathing, but not crippling, burns.

“Ha! If your patriarch is as slow and stupid as you, killing him will be easy! Tiburon could have sent any Zora to pull it off.” The Zora taunted as he rose, but in the blink of an eye his face met Corgoro’s rock hard fist. With the last of his retained steam, Corgoro had used compression in his arm to launch a blindingly fast, devastatingly powerful punch; Corgoro liked to call it his “Piston Punch”. The Zora could not have hoped to see it coming, let alone dodge it. As the huge, meaty fist connected, Coru’s head practically exploded from the impact, guts flying everywhere, and his body went flying through the air, slamming into the rock face he had just descended from and bursting like a water balloon. The rock face was splattered with a coating of zora blood and entrails, with a sorry heap of a shattered body laying at the bottom. Corgoro had not meant for such an explosive impact. In fact, he had not meant to kill the Zora at all, but he had been enraged to the point that he lost control.

“That’s what you get for messing with the mighty Corgoro, Zora scum. You fish-heads don’t want to listen to our orders on our territory, then I’ll break you open on my fist. And never, EVER threaten our Patriarch.” Corgoro, realizing the implications of what the Zora had said, ignored his wounds and ran back into the city to alert Darmoto.

Arriving at Darmoto’s quarters and being allowed in by the guards, he spoke gravely to Darmoto. “Big Brother! I have just killed a Zora, on the mountain trail. He claimed to be sent by Tiburon, to make an attempt on your life.”

Patriarch Darmoto/ Goron City/ Early Evening of the 7th

"Big Brother! I have just killed a Zora, on the mountain trail. He claimed to be sent by Tiburon, to make an attempt on your life.”

Darmoto had thought to reprimand Corgoro for bursting in unannounced, but all thoughts of berating the young warrior were swept away with his breathless recital of what had transpired in the brief time since he'd departed. 

Darmoto's hands clenched tight around the haft of his ancient war hammer, roused to anger for the first time in ages the Goron patriarch stood and descended from the dais, meeting Corgoro on the rug before the stone chair, a barely contained rage burning in his eyes. 

"I harbored no doubt about whether or not Tiburon would be angry at my refusal to enter their war, that was a given. However, this is a surprise, most of all, this, is unforgivable. 

I bear no uncertainty now that it was Tiburons minion, the Crimson scaled Zora, who at the Zora kings behest stole our Trust."

Turning away from Corgoro the patriarch stalked across the chamber, halting before the stone chair that signified his place as Big Brother. He had wanted desperately to avoid becoming involved in the conflict, to spare his people the hardships that came with war. 

Word of Tiburons assassin, although foiled, would spread across the Goron lands like a wildfire and before long, his people would march on Zora's Domain with, or without him. As Patriarch he was expected to be in the lead, it was part of the responsibility that came with bearing the ancestral hammer. 

After several long moments, Darmoto strode past Corgoro and threw wide the door to his chambers, grabbing hold of the sentry at the door. 

"Rouse the biggorons. Sound the drums. We are at war."

The heart of Goron City

Below the lowest level of the ever evolving tiered bowl that was Goron City lay a vast chamber untouched for many years. 

Long before the Gorons started their excavations after settling on the mountain, this chamber existed. A deep cavernous pit dominated the room, a circular path wended its way around the abyss. A natural stone wall, waist high to a Goron, ran all around the pit. 

It was to that wall that thousands upon thousands of sewn Dodongo hides were secured after being stretched across the pit. The giant mountain drum was the pride of the earliest Goron patriarchs, it had settled into a place of reverence in Goron society. The drum was only struck to signify the death of a patriarch or a declaration of war. 

Dust danced in the sparse mites of light the shone through open doorway as 4 biggorons, the largest of their race lumbered through the ceiling high door, each wielding his own immensely large percussion mallet. Distancing themselves equally about the chamber each of the massive mountain beasts hefted his mallet high above his head. 

The mallets came down. Striking the drum with all the force which the mightiest of the mighty Goron race could muster. Once. Twice. Three times the drum was struck. 

From high atop the highest peak and down to the very roots planted in hard packed earth by Dins own hand, the mountain shook. There were minor rockslides as chunks of debris broke free and rumbled down the mount in all directions wreaking minimal damage to the town and other areas below. 

Patriarch Darmoto

Turning to face Corgoro as the drums sounded, Darmoto was the definition of calm resolve. His decision made, Darmoto held out his hammer head first in Corgoro's direction. The young warrior bowed to the older, kissing the weapon. 

"By Darmoto's hammer."

Stepping away, the two stood and listened in reverence. The heavens shook as the boom of the Great Goron Drum continued to reverberate across the land. Letting all in the realm know, that the mighty Gorons and their patriarch with the fabled hammer would soon march for war.  

Kamen/Outside Goron Village/Afternoon 7

  The pair had made it to the Goron's Mountain home in short time due to Kamen's powers in no small part. Normally the wind mage was more reserved with his abilities when others could take notice but he paid little mind to Richter believing that also being a way to describe him. Besides he wasn't in the mood to wait an entire day traveling.

"Richter!?" a voice called out as they came into view of the city gates. "Richter, that is you!"

Richter turned his body into stone as the goron who called out to them began to charge. Richter ran as fast as he his rock form would allow strait into the oncoming mountain dweller. The two crashed into each other, either one attempted to gain a decent hold on the other. The goron's strength was starting to take effect and force Richter back, but that's exactly what he wanted. The rock man forced his weight down suddenly halting the goron's advance and knocking it off balance. Uses this to his advantage he grabbed the goron's by his waist and tossed him over his head.

The goron land hard on his back send out a load thud the shook loose and number small rocks from the over head arch. "Ah, I thought I had you this time." The goron cried has he righted himself.

"Ha, almost kid," Richter said as he returned to his normal form. "You've grown so much that I almost couldn't lift you. Another year and I'll have to fight you the right way."

"Well if you hadn't disappeared I would be able to practice more. How come you don't come around anymore," The young goron asked.

"Heh, sorry kid," Richter replayed scratching his head in embarrassment, "things kind went sour and the Old Man wouldn't let come back. Oh right, we're kind here to see Patriarch Darmoto. You think he'll see us.

The young goron seemed nervous about the request, "I don't know, Big Brother Darmoto has had a lot to worry about recently."

"That's what we want to talk to him about," Kamen said coldly as he walked right past the two and into the Village; Though paused briefly just before entering as he caught a brief glimpse of bright object soaring across the sky towards Zora's Domain. The glare was too great to make anything of it though so he simply put it out of mind and continued on to meet with Darmoto.  

Patriarch Darmoto/ Goron City/ Early Evening of the 7th

Patriarch and warrior stood in an almost reverential silence after the booming of the drum. Both knew what this declaration meant, the elder of the two, Darmoto moreso than the youngster Corgoro, but still, war was imminent and neither wished to break the quiet calm that pervaded the chamber. 

The serene setting was shattered as the chamber door boomed under the force of Goron knuckles knocking. Sighing, Darmoto lumbered over to stand before the stone seat before answering. 


The door opened to reveal the hesitant face of a Goron sentry. 

Visibly relieved, Darmoto waived him in. "Come Gorodan. What news do you bring which pulls you from your post?"

The sentry lumbered forward, "I am truly sorry Big Brother, but I have with me our friend Ricther and his companion. They seek an audience."

The envoy Richter hadn't around much of late, but he was as close to Goron as an outsider could be. 

Darmoto nodded, "Very well Gorodan. Send them in."

As the duo entered, the more slight of the two took the lead. This one had an agenda, it was plain to see. 

Leaning his hammer against the stone chair Darmoto looked down upon the newcomers. 

"Forgive my forthrightness, in less troubled times the return of a friend would be cause for celebration. 

Times however, are not what we would like them to be. The drum has been struck. Even now my people are rushing to formation and awaiting orders. But for a friend, I can wait.

An explanation of your visit and a name would be a good place to start."

 The last line was directed solely at the unknown man who accompanied Ricther.  

Kamen/Goron Village/Evening 7

Richter spoke up first to offer a friendly apology for his sudden absence, “Yeah, sorry I haven’t been around much Big Brother. When things started to go bad between the Hylians and Zora the Old Man made us stay in castle town. He was worried the Zora might think I was with the Hylians and it would look bad for you. I wish I could say I was here despite that but,” he hesitated briefly not wanting to admit the reason for his visit was anything but cordial one. “Sadly we’re here because of the war.”

“If I may elaborate,” Kamen finally cut in, “oh, sorry, I forgot. I’m Kamen Viento, normally I’m the Guardian Order’s ambassador to the Zora but it seems circumstances have expended my roll a bit. It seems the order’s leaders have become convinced this war is the result of some form of demonic manipulation; probably in hopes claiming the time stones when all the dust settles. Some recent encounters we’ve had with their servants would seem to prove this.”

“He means Bloody Beth,” Richter injected, unable to keep himself from spitting her name.

Kamen continued with unbroken calm, “Yes it was mainly Elizabeth Bryce’s we encountered. Of course she’s been a long stand nuisance but it seems her power has grown. Even Richter was injured in a battle with her when she summoned a Moldrom into the center of Castle Town. 

“Yeah it did look like that I guess,” Richter again cut in, a both annoyed by mentioned of his injuries and skeptical of Kamen’s version of the events.

 “The Guardian’s response to this is a desire to guard the time stones, with the aid of the three Kingdoms of course. The leaderships desire is therefor to form an alliance with all three nations, with the hope the this war can be halted and a mulch-racial guard force could be created to protect the time stones and all of Hyrule for any infernal enemies. Unfortunately the Hylians wouldn’t give an answer and the Zora refused me an audience. It seems there kings are both far too consumed with their racial agenda’s to act rationally. Of course the Gorons are much more level headed, after all they were one of Hylia’s five allied races fought so hard against Demise’s forces all those centuries ago. You and your people know just as well as the Guardian’s the true threat to this land. It is because of this, Lord Patriarch, I have come to offer and alliance. I hope we can come to terms that are mutually benefited,” Kamen bowed slighted having finished his declaration and waited the Goron leader’s response.  

Patriarch Darmoto/ Goron City/ Evening of the 7th

The patriarch listened intently as the Guardian spoke and laid out the intentions of his order. Darmoto couldn’t deny the soundness of what the man said, however, Time Stones were not why the Gorons would be entering this war. Tiburons ill fated attempt on his life was unforgivable and could only be answered in arms.​

”I cannot deny the merit of what you say Guardian, however, an alliance is like a chain. It is not made stronger by adding weak links. The drums have been struck. The Gorons will roll to war in response to the foolhardy attempt on my life devised by King Tiburon of the Zora. With him leading that race, they ARE the weak link to be tossed aside and it is because of this, that I must refuse to ally my people with one such as him. The Gorons gain no advantage in such an alliance where a knife could be stuck in our backs at any turn.”​

Darmoto sighed when he saw the look of disappointment on the faces of both men, ”Although, as I said, I cannot deny the merit of your concerns. And it is because of this, that I will give one caveat to my refusal. Consider your alliance accepted the moment that slimy eel Tiburon is deposed as king.”​  

Kamen/Goron City/Evening 7

Kamen struggled not to smile after hearing Patriarch Darmoto's condition. Tiburon's "removal" would certainly an interesting effect on the current state things. It just wasn't something he could execute himself. "Ah, well that's unfortunate. Though you'll have to forgive me, I think I may have miss represented our intention. It’s true we'd sought a multi-national alliance but King Tiburon refused to even hear our proposal. Of course this means we won't be allying with him. Fortunately we have allies among the ocean Zora tribes who could take their place. I don't any of them tried to kill you. As for your conditions, that wouldn't be something we can participate in."

"They hell it’s not!" Richter shouted without giving a moment’s thought. "Anyone who messes with Big Brother messes with me!"

"Is the stance we'd like to take," Kamen added once Richter has ceased his ranting, "but I'm sure you can understand that as ambassadors we can't officially involve ourselves in any matter of regime change. I don't suppose there's some other way we could be of use to you to show our fidelity to your cause?"  

Patriarch Darmoto/ Goron City/ Evening of the 7

Darmoto smiled at the outburst from Richter. He'd always liked the man. There was more stone in him than most humans and that was definitely something Darmoto could appreciate. This other Guardian though, Darmoto was wary of, he held an air of chaos about him that made the Goron patriarch hesitant to award him his trust freely and without some measure of security. One did not wear the mantle of leadership long if he didn't learn to make the best of the hand he was dealt, and Darmoto could stack the deck in his favor with regards to his misgivings with the trustworthiness of the wind mage. 

Darmoto looked towards Corgoro briefly before bowing his large head ever so slightly to indicate his understanding.

"Please forgive me my misunderstanding Guardian. My words were hastily spoken and ill placed. If you do not count Tiburon among your ranks, then I would be glad to forge an alliance with your Order.

Hefting his large warhammer, Darmoto held it vertically aloft between himself and the Guardian envoys long enough to allow Kamen and Richter the opportunity to get a long hard look at the ancient weapon and perhaps plant the seed that he wasn't opposed to using it in the mind of Kamen.

"Let it be known though, that the Gorons still March to war against the Zora. Do not worry yourself where Tiburon is concerned, I'd not ask you to interfere there, for it is by my hammer and mine alone, that he shall fall."

Bowing his head respectfully once more, Darmoto reverently laid the hammer across his stone chair, placing it just so, ensuring that he could easily grab and swing the weapon in one fluid motion. After he situating the weapon to his liking, the patriarch again brought his attention back to the conversation at hand. 

He would be revealing a secret of the Trust in giving it, but Darmoto did indeed have a task for the Guardians and perhaps, the warrior Corgoro as well. Hopefully the task would be enough to get his mind off of the passing of Cor Dargo.

"When that hammer and all that it signifies was passed to me, the responsibility of protecting the Trust came with it. And with that, one other bit of information. I had my key, Dromand his and Tiburon his. One thing none of us have ever had, though is, the exact location of the timestone vault. What good are keys without anything to unlock? No good at all. Those who originally forged the Trust were wise beyond measure in that they foresaw a threat to the peace of the realm and put this last fail safe in place. 

The whereabouts of the vault are a mystery to all now living, save the Goddesses. Each of the great dragons hold a clue. If you wish to assist, I ask that you two, Kamen, Richter, along with a Goron hero of my choosing,"

At that, Darmoto extended a hand towards Corgoro, motioning the warrior forward,

"Corgoro. I ask that gird yourselves for the hardships to come and travel to the volcano of the great fire dragon Eldin to see what you might learn from the majestic beast.

What say you?"  

Kamen/Goron City/Evening 7

 Kamen's smirk grew to his attempt at a warm smile, "Wonderful, we would like nothing more to fight alongside your chosen champion on this quest to protect Hyrule. We'll set off immediatly, um... well once we make you choice and provide us with directions. You'll have to forgive me but I'm not sure where the Fire Dragon is."    

Corgoro/Evening 7/Goron City

Corgoro did not like the idea of having to travel through Death Mountain with these people. They were pitifully weak compared to his massive strength and bulk. However, he knew better than to question his patriarch, and as a sacred Goron guardian he would rather be around to keep an eye on things if foreigners were going to enter the mountain.

 “I accept this task, Big Brother.” He turned to Richter and Kamen. “I can lead you to the Fire Dragon. However, I suggest you prepare before we go. The journey is perilous, even for a goron. You’ll want to bring any weapons you have, as well as some lamp oil, rope, bombs, and especially a goron tunic. You can buy all of these things in the city, as long as you have enough rupees. When you’re ready to go, I’ll be here.”   

 Patriarch Darmoto/ Goron City/ Evening of the 7th

Hearing Corgoro's words and watching the warriors reactions told Darmoto two different stories. It was obvious to the patriarch that Corgoro wasn't interested in leading the Guardians to the Fire Dragons lair, but it was also obvious that he wouldn't question Darmoto's decision. The aged Goron was thankful for that. 

Nodding to himself moreso than the others, Darmoto cleared his throat, "It's settled then, Corgoro will be your guide so I need not give directions. He knows the way. The journey will undoubtedly be perilous, but great risk is the price to gain the knowledge we seek."

The alliance was more than just one of convenience, if what the Guardians said proved true the land was deeper in peril than Darmoto had at first presumed. Neither of the other monarchs were to be trusted, but if a great evil was indeed rising the races would need to band together. The war be damned. Perhaps an outside entity such as the Guardians could provide as a serviceable mediator. 

There would be no mediation or appellate court for Tiburon, treachery was a sickness no different than any other infection. Staunching the wound opened by the assassination attempt wasn't an option, sometimes an infected limb just needed to be lopped off. Tiburon was one such diseased limb. 

   "If there's nothing else, I suggest you all make your preparations to depart. This quest may prove to be of greater importance even than the war. However, until I am presented with greater cause for concern, I've a lesson to teach that lecherous river urchin who calls himself King.☁      

Impa/ Castle Town Drawbridge/ Night of the 7th

She was of the shadows, and usually it was to them that she kept, but not this night. Impa strode proudly through the gates and greeted the huge Goron standing before her. 

"You bear news from your Patriarch?"

Impa was tense, she was more than ready to send this messengers head back to Darmoto in a burlap sack. But acting hastily was not her nature, so she awaited the huge Gorons response. In reply the creature dipped it's head low, holding the posture briefly before bring his eyes to hers. 

"I am Gorodan, Big Brother charged me with delivering this message; despite our best efforts, the Gorons cannot remain static during this war. It is because of this that Big Brother Darmoto wishes to overlook the theft of the Trust keys and forge an alliance with King Dromand and Hyrule."

Impa cocked an eyebrow, alliance? That was wholly unexpected, they had planned for the rock monsters to declare war alongside Tiburon. Smiling she clasped hands with the messenger, 

"On behalf of Dromand, King of Hyrule, I as his mouthpiece accept."

Gorodan dipped his head again. 

"Thank you my lady. I shall bear this news back to Big Brother, I am to tell you that soon the Gorons will be prepared to march on the a Zoras Domain."

Impa smiled and returned the Gorons nodding gesture. As the beast lumbered away she couldn't help, but think how fortuitous it was that she didn't kill the messenger right away. Perhaps the dumb rock monsters weren't as illiterate as some would have you believe. 

Impa turned to her escort and nodded, motioning towards the gates as those surviving from the dungeons approached. Wings flapping in the distance signified the approach of the insufferable Skyloft Knight who was to bring the girl. 

As Taden, Tarah and the others drew close, the Loftwing touched down in a flurry of feathers. 

"Hiya ma'am! Here's Miss Shinsou safe and sound."

Impa rolled her eyes at the annoying puppy of a man. "Spectacular. Now allow her to rejoin her friends and get on with your mission."

The fool saluted her. 

"No worries ma'am! A trained knight such as myself can always be depended upon! I'll get what you want from old Levias!"

Shinsou made her way over to her friends as the fool knight burst into the heavens. Impa sighed. The Skyloft Knights were a necessary annoyance. 

Turning now to the assembled convicts, "Those of you who choose to receive the Mark tonight will be given a quest. The three great dragons of this land, Fire, Water and Thunder hold our first clues regarding the whereabouts of the vault. You will acquire these clues. Your first order of business will be to travel to the desert and seek out the Thunder Dragon Lanayru. Now then, those willing, step forward. This may sting a bit."

One by one the willing proceeded and received the Sheikah Mark. 

"Now then. You have your orders."

With the deed done Impa disappeared into the shadows.        

Patriarch Darmoto, Late Night Seven​    

With Kamen and Corgoro departed, Darmoto’s chambers were free for Drogra the Messenger to arrive. He was a hideously deformed Goron incapable of battle, and short on wits, but ever willing to put himself in danger in the service of his Goron brothers. 

“Big Brother! The assault force has left, and is on the way to Zora’s Domain. Shall I accompany them?” Darmoto felt himself laugh on the inside. The poor fool would be destroyed, his rock skin hadn’t hardened properly so he could barely handle normal Goron life, let alone a battle against the Zora.

“No. Travel to Kakariko. Inform the residents that we will be taking control of the village and setting up a defense perimeter.”

“Yes Big Brother.”    

A Mad Man's Machinations

Snowpeak Mountains, The Seventh Day

The 12 Clones

“System is stabilized.” The mad scientist wordlessly exited the stabilization chamber, his lab at last in control. During his time in the lab, he had seen everything, watched as his inadvertent Battle of Disharmony creations left to wreak havoc upon Snowpeak, only to then depart for the legendary dragons.

They would gather information, intel, report back to him. And he would be one step closer to finding those time stones. By now his doppelganger was dead, ideally having taken out a hero or two with him. But these were crafty creatures he now lived amongst in the era of disharmony, it was very possibly that they worked out a way around his admittedly hastily thought up plans.

To the lair of the water dragon he had sent the first six, clones composed of some organic flesh, and some materials reminiscent of the time stone robots. He had numbered them, but left the the names of the inspiring beings in place. He took out a magical scroll and reviewed the information upon it.

The Water Dragon R1-Kaimu R2-Polaris R3-Dragon Majin R4-Beth R5-Yeti Taden R6-Mako

Extracted from The Battle of Disharmony, they would fight mercilessly against anything in their path. Unlike AvaKai and Avarius, these clones held no free will, no desire to learn, no desire to be an individual. They were creatures of war, designed for a singular purpose. He knew that if they did not return in the next 24 hours, they were gone, either disintegrated or defeated. He reviewed the second group of six on his scroll.

The Fire Dragon R7-Tarah R8-Warrior Koda R9-Kourtz R10-Alauth R11-Gli R12-Human Taden

Another version of Taden, and somewhat broken versions of the Mogma and the shapeshifter. He wasn’t entirely certain what those ones could do, for his knowledge of both creatures was limited and fragmented. Similarly, he was not fully certain of the origins of the warrior zora. All were powered up, but had no testing, so there was no way to know their true capabilities and weaknesses.

His link to Bernard was weak. The notebook was not in his possession. He could not leave the lab again without it, it was too risky. He sat down in his main control center, watching the various magical machines spin to life and the lab begin work on its next project.

“Return to me soon, minions.”

Mecha Clone Units R1 Through R6

Southern Woods (Unknown Location), Night Seven

A dark haze consumed the air they moved through, masking form and face. In the front marched the first doppelganger, the robotic half clone of Majin Kotage’s dragon form. He was the ultimate insult to Kaimu Kotaro, himself cloned into a dragon monster, destroyed by Taden and forced into a mask, later worn by Majin.

Behind the dragon marched the zora robotic clone trio, Kaimu, Polaris, and Mako. They marched in perfect synchronization with one another, Zora soldiers in their ultimate form, robot clone soldiers locked into servitude to Sirius Fulmaren. They were the core force of this unit, the leading strike team.

It was the single soldier of blood marching behind them who was the information extraction unit. Her skills were haphazardly pulled from data gathered in The Battle of Disharmony. She was incomplete, infused with a variety of elemental powers from other lost spirits that had been holed up in Fulmaren’s lab. In truth, all of the robot clones were half replica’s, half brand new powers, but mecha-Bryce was the most hodgepodge of them all, sporting seemingly every power under the sun - and the moon.

And lastly, bringing up the rear guard, mecha-Yeti Taden. The most complete clone, it was a nearly perfectly accurate replica of the original, thanks to its extensive interaction with Sirius’ previous work, AvaKai. But still, like the others it sported new, unknown powers, unknown even to Sirius, who hadn’t been given time to test any of his creations. In fact, their creation was wholly an accident, and their purpose imbued as an afterthought, a way for him to gather intel on the ancient dragons of the land.

The group stopped marching and held formation. They were still some ways from the water dragon.

“Engage cloak.” Mecha-Bryce ordered. And with barely a sound, the six faded from sight, perfectly camouflaged against the trees around them. A group of skull kids ran past, hardly a threat. But they were not yet supposed to engage battle, not against such pitiful foes. They were ordered only to engage any that resembled their originals, and to hide themselves from all others.

“Remain in cloak for one hour to ensure safety.” She whispered. “Then resume.”

Mecha Clone Units R7 through R12

Deep Beneath Death Mountain, Night Seven

“Heat shield active.” Mecha-Koda, otherwise known as unit R9, led his group of six. He was the least likely mecha clone, an accident, even more so than the others. His stay in the battle of disharmony, was limited, and hardly worth remembering. And yet, he had been one of many recorded in Sirius’ notebook.

Beside him stood unit R9, Mecha-Kourtz, a peculiar one. The name was drawn from some point in the battle of disharmony. He was a mogma, but drew almost no true inspiration from the source material besides the species. He was an enigma.

Unit R7 and R11, Mecha-Tarah and Mecha-Gli were too, incomplete, and largely physical constructs only. Tarah the bowman from Kakariko and the Battle of Disharmony, and Gli the insane deku creature. Though Mecha-Tarah held her bow, it’s powers were far from the same as the original Tarah. And Gli. Gli was totally unknown.

Mecha-Human Taden, the one individual cloned twice in the process, stood in a circle with the rest. Like Koda, he was an odd one to see deep beneath the earth, next to the magma flows of death mountain, but thanks to being a mecha-clone, his powers made the heat an easy thing to shrug off.

The least understood clone of all, Mecha-Alauth, was a volatile, and horrifying thing. It twisted and shifted its organic and robotic parts around rapidly, unable to truly duplicate the source material, unable to dissipate into a formless cloud and imitate any matter. Instead it was a half-tribute, changing shape, forming its limbs into weapons, its face contorting, it’s body a horrific amalgamation of everything else Sirius had ever seen and infused into the mecha clone.

“We must remain stationary for several hours until the heat shield is sufficient to protect us from the mountain.” Ordered Koda. “At that time we will resume the hunt for the dragon.”