"My name is Annie Zephyris. Just in case any of you were wondering. We’re just a couple of travelers."
— Annie Zephyris

Annie Zephyris is a 19 year old female Hylian who is  a playable character in both Epoch of Disharmony, and season 3 of The Interloper War. Created by legendofmidna she is an adventurer.


Her parents abandoned her at a young age, leaving her in a crowded city to fend for herself. One day, when she was around 12, as she scurried away with a meager bit of food given to her by a compassionate shop owner, she was attacked by a thief armed with a sword. Annie, having only a small rusty dagger, defended herself admirably considering the lopsided conditions, parrying and dodging the thiefs blows, but still was knocked down. Before the coldhearted thief could strike a killing blow, another sword appeared as if from nowhere, blocking the strike. A master swordsman, witnessing the skirmish, had watched Annie's talent before intervening and sending the thief scurying away.

The master swordsman, seeing her abilities, took Annie in and trained her in swordplay. During these years, she became a fearsome swordfighter and came to see the master swordsman as her father. Eventually, she set out on her own and left the city, wandering deep into the woods, where she found an ages old temple, untouched by anyone in centuries. It was here that she found the mysterious magical sword, Illumois.


Talented and well-trained in swordplay, and has some experience with archery, and she is flexible and agile. Mentally, she is clever, and has a fair knowledge of a variety of subjects, and she is courageous.


Her courageousness is also a weakness, as she can be quick to jump into situations that are beyond her abilities to handle. She is also somewhat weak, and lightweight. Her emotions and attachments can often cloud her judgement; and she can be gullible.


A large white sword with mysterious magical properties known as Illumois. There are more questions than answers about this weapon. While the sword clearly has immense magical powers, Annie has yet to be able to consistantly unleash and control all of these powers, and the nature, extent, and full power of the sword's magic are still a mystery. Notably, the sword seems to have an attachment to its master; anyone else who attempts to wield the sword is blown back by an explosion of electricity. The origins of the sword are also unknown.

Non-Combat Companion

Annie is accompanied by Arthur, a mysterious person who lives with Annie's sword. His appearance is that of a young male human. He was fairly tall and he had long sloppy hair, with a sort of boyish face. His personality was usually fun loving and sarcastic, with a cocksure air about him. Arthur exists within the magical sword known as Illumois, inside a small meta physical realm that contained a warm wooded spring. How he came to live within the sword is still unknown.

Arthur maintains the ability to temporally slow down time. He can also switch places with whoever is welding Illumois at the current time. Arthur was discovered when Annie Zephyris found the sword within a hidden temple within the Lost Woods. Since then he has been accompanying her, teasing her, talking to her in secret, and occasionally helping her out in combat.


A young hylian girl, with medium-length dirty blond hair and light blue eyes. She is fairly short, around 5'3" (or whatever the hylian equivalent would be), and of a somewhat thin but also strong build. She keeps her hair in a ponytail and dresses plainly and practically; shorts or khaki pants and a plain shirt. (Ilia from TP is a good approximation of her clothing and a so-so approximation of her appearance)


Strong-willed and unique, but also very compassionate. She loathes being told what to do, and constantly defies stereotypes. She likes to do things for herself, and loathes the thought of needing protection or rescue. She is individual to the point of introversion, preferring little companionship; only that of those whom she trusts greatly. Despite this, she is quick to trust others and also quick to help, willing to do whatever she can if she sees someone who she thinks deserves help. She has a little bit of a "Robin hood" complex because of her upbringing, having a particular soft spot for the poor and the abandoned. She strives to be brave and heroic. She is also extraordinarily curious, especially when it comes to the mysteries of her sword.

Timeline of Events

Epoch of Disharmony Season 2

Day 1-5 Summary

Annie was in the forest away from other characters.

Day 6 SummaryTemplate:ChaptersAnnie discovers the magical sword llumois in the Lost Woods. While there she also meets two travelers named Jaden and Ella, who she agrees to join up with. Together, the three work their way through an ancient hidden temple in search of the cult member Elizabeth Bryce. Inside the three defeat the necromancer Vykos Osteon and the rest of his undead cult members. Annie also begins to hear voices of a young man within her sword. Outside they encounter Severa Fulmaren, who is also searching for Beth. Though initially tense, circumstances force the group to work together in the search for Bryce.

Day 7 Summary

On their way out of the woods Severa, Jaden, Ella, and Annie are all attacked by Davus Fulmen. The four escape to Zora's Domain where they find Beth with the other Zora. Davus intends to destroy the Domain with his stolen bioweapon. A large battle breaks out as everyone attempts to stop him. While in battle Annie manages to save Stella Delphinus, but is badly injured. The boy in her sword, named Arthur, then trades places with her and briefly fights Davus.

During the brawl Beth is severally injured, and Ella kills her in order to protect her father. Enraged that she would kill his niece, and seeing all of his plans collapse in front of him, Jaden attacks Ella. Arthur lets Annie back into the fight as she tries to protect Ella to no avail. However before Davus can win the battle Severa reverses time with her timestone crusher. Beth is brought back to life and Jaden, Ella, and Annie loose all memory of her death. Polaris kills Davus and Jaden promises not to hurt Beth.

Interloper War Season 3

Template:ChaptersDay 1 Summary