This will be a master list of all major objects in all RPs. In the near future a small infobox will be added to each item for a quick reference on historical owners, current owner, and other relevant quick info.


The signature weapon of the Scourge of Hyrule, Apocrypha has nearly as many horror stories as its wielder. It is constructed of materials not of this plane, and it channels Elizabeth's fell magicks. With a three foot long blade and an eighteen inch hilt, it can be wielded with one or two hands quite easily. It appears to be perfectly balanced even though the cloying ebony matter is amorphous. A deep crimson sigil adorns its cross guard; an inverted mark of Power.

Sealed within is the sword of the Fifth Scion, Kae Bryseis. It is not known how her daughter was able to obtain this divine birthright, but Five Warding Seals are fused together to prevent the Lunar energies from overwhelming its owner. These seals can protect her from holy magic in exchange for exposure to the Starborn Edge's pure energy, causing a lesser yet still dreadful pain.

Its scabbard is made of darksteel, obsidian, and black leather. Some say the blade holds hidden truth only revealed to those it cuts into. Others believe it traps the souls of its victims. But one thing is certain: its owner has a soul blacker than its edge.

Champion SwordEdit

The Champion Sword is a massive two handed sword with the blade approximately 3 3/4' long and 10' wide. The sword is relatively unsharp and has a massive weight the makes it difficult for most people to wield; however, its true strength comes from how it handles magic. When in the hands of someone capable of using magic the blade will gain saw-tooth like blades of magic along its edge. The blades with rotate around the edge at a high speed. This gives with blade immense cutting power and can enable the wielder to slice through stone.

Powers When magic is actively forced into the the sword its abilities begin to vary more heavily. With raw magic power the energy blades grow in size and rotation speed. However with different types of magic the sword will produce unique effects. Known effect are:

Wind: The blade will become in cased in a small wind funnel. Each slash will send forward massive powerful guts.

Light: The blade glows with a intensely bright aura of light magic.

The swords unique way of handling magic makes it more difficult to perform other magic based sword tech such and Sword Spins and Sword beams. This because the wielder must work to by pass the weapons natural way of handling magic. As a result it can make an excellent training tool for such techniques similar to someone wearing weights for physical training.


The Champion Sword has belonged to the Guardian Order for as long as there history is recorded. It's traditionally owned by the orders top fighter for which the sword is named due to it aiding in practicing their sword style and the deadly combination in makes with said style. The last person to own it in this capacity was Veritas du Ciel who took the sword with him to Hyrule when he defected. He passed the sword along to his cousin Rubedo no Ten once he'd mastered the True Blade Strike and Veritas wished to live a quieter life. Rubedo wielded the blade until his death at the hand of Elizabeth Bryce. After which the sword briefly feel into the hands of Soldat du Ciel who gave to Leif in exchange for using it to protect his niece.

Lunar NotebookEdit

The Lunar Notebook was forged using bark from the Lost Woods, by Rhunerys Telaris. It is unknown exactly when or how she did this, nor is it known when she handed the notebook over to Sirius Fulmaren, it's soulbound owner.

The notebook was bound to Sirius, and unable to be touched by another, until an alternate future undead self, Morton Waypost, made physical contact and corrupted the soul-binding. This resulted in the recently deceased Bernard Kotaro's soul to be merged into the text. Bernard lives inside the notebook, in a bubble dimension called Library of Lunar Solace

The notebook was given to the Sirius clone, Avarius, on Day 6, shortly before he traveled to castletown to witness The Public Executions. Avarius died later on Day 7 during the events of An Explosive Meeting and the notebook was dropped. It is unknown what happened to the notebook between Avarius' death and the events of an Alternate Reality Obstacle Course, where it was teleported to Severa Fulmaren.

Severa was still in possession of the notebook when she and her group were teleported into Sirius Fulmaren's Laboratory shortly before she was pulled back to its original time of AD2108. However, the Notebook itself was transported back to the Epoch Era Laboratory before Severa and co. jumped forward in time to AD2108.

The notebooks whereabouts following this, and following Sirius Fulmaren's death, are not known.

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