"The Zora have infiltrated Kakariko. We must find the Pariah and hunt down this bloody thief before they turn the Gorons and take the village from the Crown. Tarah and Leif alone can't hold them much longer. Look for a man named Haldar hiding in the Inn. An informant wouldn't risk running away in the heat of battle. When you find him, don't leave until you know who stole the Trust."
— Taden Horwendil to Kourtz

Template:Battle infobox The Battle of Kakariko Village was a small scale skirmish fought on Epoch Night 2. The full text of the original posts composing the battle can be found here. The battle was fought between King Dromand's Secret Agents and King Tiburon's Recruits respectively. The skirmish broke out when the Hylian agents attempted to meet an informant named Haldar, who according to Impa knew information about the one who stole the Hyrulean Trust. At the same time however Haldar was being visited by Majin Kotage and his Zora allies for advice on how to scale nearby Death Mountain. With the Tiburon's Recruits inadvertently blocking their target, a distraction had to be made by the Secret Agents if they wanted to meet this criminal informant.

To provide a diversion Taden Horwendil attacked Polaris Eridanus while Tarah Vass attempted to sneak in back to talk to Haldar. As the Yeti outcast took on the time-traveling Zora, agents from the two groups were gradually drawn in to the brawl as it quickly grew in size. As the battles participants pushed their abilities to the limit the battle caught the attention of nearly everyone in town at the time. Learning of the battle a contingent of Hylian Guards arrived in the village to break up the fight, forcing everyone to escape in different directions.

The battle ended in victory for King Dromand's Secret Agents, but only just. They learned from Haldar that Majin was indeed responsible for the theft of the trust key, but that they had arrived too late to retrieve it from him. Tarah also learned shortly after from Majin himself that he had given the key to a mysterious cloaked women on the border of Zora's Domain. Informed of this encounter Impa told her agents she was now convinced that King Tiburon was responsible for the trusts theft. Impa would use this battle and the evidence obtained from it as justification for ordering her men to steal the second trust key, the one guarded by the Zora Trib,


Two days prior to the battle, the first key of the Hyrulean Trust was stolen from Hyrule Castle by a Tokay mercenary named Majin "Shadowcloak" Tokage. Majin had been hired to steal the trust by an unknown employer cloaked in black, who subsequently fled into the shadows after obtaining the key. This theft sparked the Hyrulean Trust Crisis, a period of intense political unrest that brought the nations of Hyrulean Continent to the brink of war.

Learning news of the Hylian's failure to keep the trust secure King Tiburon of the Zora Tribe was outraged. Already seeking to restore Zora sovereignty over the lakes and waterways of Hyrule, Tiburon used the crisis as justification to withdraw from the Hyrulean Accords and declare his nations compleat independence. He then mobilized his forces to the border incase of conflict. The only task that remained was to ensure that the Goron Tribe broke their links with the Hylian's and aligned with the Zora.

To complete this objective King Tiburon would go on to recruit three newcomers into his army. These agents consisted of Polaris, a Zora general from the future, Kaimu, a monstrous looking Zora, and Majin, who had come to Zora's Domain seeking allies for protection. Unaware of their true origins Triburon sent them on a mission to Goron City to prove their loyalty. After brief introductions the trio departed for Death Mountain Pass.

Meanwhile King Dromond of Hyrule had been informed by his subjects of the trust keys disappearance. Seeking action the king mobilized his forces to counter the Zora's moves along the boarder. In secret however he needed agents who could retrieve the trust keys. Agents who would not be adverse to operating outside official Hyrulean law.

Dromand tasked Impa to find potential recruits among the thieves, criminals, and outcasts of Hylian society. On the morning of Day 2 she had found three that suited their needs. This group consisted of Leif, Taden Horwendil, and Tarah Vass. All had been caught up in a conspiracy to kill a castle guard the previous night when the trio was arrested by Impa. Also joining this group was Kourtz the Mogma who had been sent to the dungeons for illegal possession of a timeshift stone.

With the four assembled before the king, Dromand gave them their mission; find the one who stole the Hyrulean Trust and take back the key before it's power could be misused. He promised the group considerable benefits if they were to volunteer for this task. Taden however realized there was no choice in the mater. He discovered that Dromand had already told his people that they were responsible for the trusts theft, and that he was planing to execute anyone who refused his offer. With this threat the group was forced to become Impa's new agents. Template:EODENav