"Bloody Beth is the reason the cities in a stir right now. She's a mass murdering psychopath that has continue to elude capture, but we figure you can change that."
— Kamen Viento to Soldat du Ciel

The Castle Town Massacre was a small scale skirmish that occurred on Epoch Day 2. The full text of the original posts composing the battle can be found here. The massacre started when Elizabeth Bryce snuck into Hyrule Castle Town disguised as a Gerudo traveler and began attacking the civilians of the city in order to draw out Constable Felick. The previous day Elizabeth had been hired by General Namira to assassinate Constable Felick in exchange for the protection of Beth's cult. After killing 70 unarmed bystanders her plan worked and Felick lead the Hylian Guard into battle against Bryce.

Felick and several of his men were killed in single combat against the feared outlaw. Before Elizabeth could make a clean getaway, she was confronted by Soldat du Ciel, Kamen Viento, Richter, and Xiaber, all of whom were in town at the time. Beth was badly wounded by an arrow launched by Xiaber while she suffered defeat at the hands of Soldat. Before he could finish her off however Beth was saved due to an out of control Moldorm that had ironically been released to kill her. Running for her life Elizabeth was once again confronted by Xiaber.

Before another fight could begin, Alauth, Ella Huntley, and Chamdar Taliesin emerged in the present from a previous time travel event. Alauth lead them all to safety hiding in the Fine Goods Emporium. Xiaber joined them after awakening with a seemingly new persona that was fearful of being captured by the castle guards. Inside Alauth took Beth's sword and stabed herself, transforming into a demon like creature. Believing him to be her master, Sourbeneton, Beth was presented with a timeshift stone. She then used this stone to lead her group out of Castle Town and into the safety of The Crimson Sanctuary. Template:EODENav