Castletown, Round Two! is the 9th chapter of IW Season One. It continues the trend of incredibly long battle sections composed of multiple 1v1 and 1v1v1 fights, all within the same relatively small area. Ah, memories...

Castle Approach

Ikaros|Castle town|Dawn|Day 3

Ikaros looked at the familiar arched gates of castle town. She saw Hyrule castle's spires reaching up into the heavens. Zelda was standing next to her.

Zelda: There are still supporters of Ganondorf hiding here, Ikaros. I want you to track them down and destroy their movement here.

Ikaros: Yes, ma'lady. You will not be disappointed.

Zelda: I suppose you will be off now?

Ikaros: Yes.

Ikaros ran off. Where would she start? She found a nice alley to put her armor on in, and grabbed her sword. She looked around. This castle town was different than the one she was used to... She needed to find Zelda. She ran out of the alley. Her cloak go caught on something, so she ditched it. She did not no why people where running from her. Maybe something bad was happening, maybe Zelda was in trouble! She ran even faster, trying to get to the castle.

Night 2/Hyrule Castle/Senshi

"This is getting us no where" Senshi sighed have made little progress with the Stalfos. He he was beginning to realize just how much work it would take to reconstruct its mind, but for now he had enough. "<Just stay put for now. We'll figure things out in the morning.>" 

He went to go check on Mikhal no that the doctor's had finished patching her up. He sat down in a chair next to her bed and looked over her has she slept. He didn't know why he cared about her, if anything she'd caused him nothing but trouble, still he couldn't help but worry about her.


Late in the night a shadowy figure appeared in Mikhal room and woke her from her slumber. He handed her a tunic so she had something more to cover herself with then just bandages the directed her to follow him. Mikhal looked back at Senshi who had fallen asleep in the chair next to her hospital bed then followed after then man.


Mikhal stood before a desk in a poorly lit room. There were three men sitting at the desk and one old man standing in between them and here. The man was the Keeper of the Lore, an elderly man in charge of all the records of Hyrule's past by the written military record or legends and folklore. He was also the man that raised her. Behind him was his direct superiority the Commander of the Intelligence branch, he was a young Colonel barley half the Lore Keepers age. To his left was the General Blade, Commander of the entire Hylian army who seemed less then pleased to be awake at the current out. The last man she couldn't identify thanks to the shadows obscuring his face. All she could tell was he was of enormous stature and appeared to have some markings on his face she couldn't quite make it. She was almost certain that he was the reason the room was being kept so dark.

She began her report addressing the Keeper of the Lore directly, "Sir, as per you're direction I accompanied the mercenary Shinigami. After listening in to conversations he had with another in Ancient Hylian, witnessing him wield the 'Shadow Scythe' that you instructed my to look for and hearing on individual refer to him by the name 'Senshi,' I can confirm that he is indeed the individual named 'Senshi Ma' listed in record.

"Thank you Misha." The old man said referring to her by her real name. "As you can see sirs," he said turning towards the individuals at the table, "we seem to have gained quite an asset in this war."

"Would some body please explain the me what the hell this man is talking about. Who in God's name is Senshi Ma and why the hell should I care." The General snapped feeling it was far to late at night to put up with the ramblings of old men.

"Sir," the Colonel chimed in, "He's on of the second generation Light Warriors who fought in many of the conflicts that took place in the decades of chaos that followed the Imprisoning War. We also believe he is the son of the first generation Light Warrior Seishi Ma who fought in both the Imprisoning War and the Great War. It is worth nothing though, that we also have records of a 'Shinigami' being a member of one of the last sets of Dark Warrior that appeared in this land. The descriptions of the two match so I'd hardly call him a trust worthy asset."

"Generations, Light, Dark, what the hell are you people talking about!?" The General once again rose his voice not being particularly fond of the jargon. 

"The Light Warrior are a set of heroes who have developed a habit a showing up when ever this land become threatened." The unidentified man began to answer with a calm composure. "Unlike the Hero of Legend, the Princess of Destiny and the Sages, they aren't necessary bound by fate, religion or the Triforce. They are simply powerful individuals who defend this land because no one else can. That these two refer to as the First Generation are the ones that fought in the Imprisoning War while the Hero of Time slept. By context I'm sure you can realize the second generation those who rose up in the age of chaos. As for the Dark Warrior, well every light must cast as shadow, or to put it in better terms for you if we have a powerful weapon, the enemy will make a powerful weapon to counter it."

The General jumped to his feet in a slight rage, "If I'm following this right you people want me to rest this countries fate in a bunch of random loonies."

"Now General that's no way to talk about them, after all," the unknown man continued with his, his calm tone unchanged, "You ancestor who lead the Hylian Army during that war was one of them." The General was rendered speechless, both from the men comment and out of fear of angering him. Misha pick up on this and was rather confused. Other then the King, the only man who had any sway of General Blade was the Kings Chief Military Advise, but he was an old man.

"Sir's if I may, there is much more to this then you realize." The Lore Keeper broke in. "On a hunch I began looking into various records I stumped upon some curious data on the for mentioned Seishi Ma. In researching him I found his record preserved from the Great War, but in addition I found a one other, and only one other person that had that the first name 'Seishi' during that war. Out of curiosity I looked into this second file and to my surprise they were nearly identical. There were only three differences: First there sir names, second the other Seishi was listed as KIA but I noticed his date of death was the same as Seishi Ma's end of enlistment which was curiously after only one year. Third Seishi Ma had no listed relatives while the other Seishi had parents listed pointing out his nobility and lineage as a Hylian Knight. More so the names of his parents were rather coincidentally the same as Seishi Ma's two children, Senshi and Ayala."

"I'm sorry Keeper, but is this going some where? While I find that a Light Warrior form hundreds of years ago took the identity of a dead soldier VERY fascinating, I believe we're wasting the General's time now." The Colonel interrupted.

"No sir, I don't believe he stole his identity, I believe they're the same person."

"Ok, so this Senshi Ma person is a decedent of the Hylian Knight's, is that suppose to mean we should trust him now."

"Not just any Hylian Knight sir. When the interlopers arrived you asked my to research the Legendary Hero because the King feared these interlopers were after the Triforce. It took me some time but I managed to figure out the identity of Hero of Time's family. If I'm correct the Hero of Times parents are the same two individuals listed in the record of this 'other Seishi.' That means that this Senshi Ma is in fact the Hero of Time's nephew. The room went silent for a moment until the clapping of the unknown man broke the silence. "Lord Phoenix?" the Lore Keeper said in confusion. Misha was now more confused then ever, Lord Phoenix was in fact the name of the Chief Adviser, but this man couldn't be him. Then again after hearing who Senshi really was she was ready to believe anything.

"Very good Keeper of the Lore, never in a million years did I except you'd be able to figure that out" The Adviser said continuing to applaud.

"Lord Phoenix, You knew who this kid was!?" The General once again raised his voice. "Why haven't you informed the King?"

"Because it means nothing, despite his blood Senshi has no way of drawing that sword, nor would he. In his eyes that blade is a symbol of misery. In truth I only had the Keeper send his Grand Daughter to confirm his status as a Light Warrior as a ploy to keep an eye on him. You were very successful in that child and I'd like you to continue, though you're disguise a clumsy you man is counter productive. I recommend you continue on with your a assignment as yourself, just don't let him know who you work for."

"Sir in all respect I can not condone that." The Colonel interrupted. "We can not allow anyone outside of here learn of Agent Misha's true identity.

"Well, I suppose Senshi only know part of the story. Fine continue to disguise yourself as a shy young man. Just lead shy to believe you're really a shy teenage girl who fake her age and gender to enlist. Though in the future do not allow yourself to be injured for the sake of hiding you skills in combat." Misha was somewhat embarrassed by that last comment. The truth of the matter was she had full intent of defending her self back then since Senshi and Kokage weren't around to see, she had simply gotten caught with her pants down.

"Forgive me for speaking out of turn sirs, but I have one last thing to report." Misha blurted out as the others were leaving the room. "Currently the front line soldiers whisper rumors of a vengeful wraith in the forest that attacks both sides. I have manged to confirm this wraith existence. He a forest spirit that appears to be closely acquainted with Senshi Ma. I believe his name was Tsukiakari."

"Ah yes Kokage," Phoenix said rolling his eyes, "there's nothing we can do about him until I can convince the king to stop fire bombing the forest. Even then I'd have to ask his younger brother to convince him to stop."


The Keeper of Lore approached Lord Phoenix in the hall way. He once again appeared as an old man but was leaning on the wall grasping his chest in pain. Even after all these year returning to a Hylian form taxed him greatly, but his true appearance was problematic. "Keeper if this is about your Grand Daughter, I'm sorry but she's the only one I can trust to keep an eye on Senshi and keep her mouth shut."

"No, that's fine, Misha may only be 14 but I've trained her since they day I found her for these very situations. I wanted to talk to you because, well my Lord I also found you're record from the Imprisoning War."

"So you know who I was then, what of it?"

"Call upon Seishi Ma, Hyrule could use his aid, not even as a Light Warrior but even a Commander in the Army."

"There are sever reasons why that is not a good idea my good keeper."

"Please my Lord I know you've called for his help before, and a soldier of his experience and not to mention talent could tip the scales in this war."

"...I'll consider it"


Senshi awoke at dawn to the sounds of panic. He looked to his side to see Mikhal still unconscious in her bed. She had return just hours ago completely unnoticed, even by him. "The Stalfos!" He jumped to his feet after realized what the cause of the commotion must be. He ran out looking for the creature only to find it out side making making a B line for the Castle Gate. Senshi ran out side to intercept her before the guards got in over there head. 

"You know Senshi for the life of me I can't figure out why you care about that skeleton."

"Because it's pretty obvious it use to be a soldier form a very long time ago, and the only reason a soldier would need to report to Zelda is if it was Queen Zelda. The last Zelda to be a Queen was Nydesti."

"Which means you think it was alive during the Imprisoning War or early in the Age of Chaos. Helping a lost soul for those times that's surprisingly kind of you."

"Yes well, years off manipulating the dead I figure I should favor and help one."

"Ha, bull****, you only care cause its about that princess that was always nice to you cause she wanted to jump your uncles bone."

Senshi finally caught up to the Stalfos just before the Castle Guards could intercept it. "All of you stand back!" He yelled to guard hoping they'd listen for once. "<Now listen to me, you are undead, you have been that way for a very long time. Think about it that mean the Zelda you're looking for isn't alive anymore. Now if you can reason with me, and tell my why you had to see her, maybe I can help you.>"

Dawn 3/Castle Town (Tavern and Inn)/Harken Ziess

Harken Zeiss awoke to the sounds of women and small children screaming in panic. Outside the window the burly voices of men were shouting for order and issuing commands. Blearily he pulled his arm away from the two women in the bed and rubbed his eyes. The light streaming in alongside the noises were offensive to his sensibilities. Namely, they magnified his hang-over. He peeled one of the nude women from his side and stumbled over to the wall, feeling his way with eyes closed to the window.

Hanging out his head through the portal, he shouted into the streets, "Shut the hell up, people are trying to sleep!"

Peering through squinted eyes he glared down to see what all the commotion was about and was thoroughly surprised, enough to forget about the pain behind his eyes. A skeleton stood in the middle of the road, beside a man in a large cloak. The crowds of people scrambled about, trying to run away from the pair while the guards attempting to maintain order and keep either from advancing any closer toward the Castle, or any of the many innocents in the area.

Zeiss muttered an oath in annoyance. "By the Four Giants sweaty feet..."

He turned back into the room and began to dress himself, double-checking the items on his bandoliers and in his holsters. He threw his pack over his back and snatched up his cane before heading through the door. When the door slammed, one of the women rolled over to embrace the warmth of her fellow, not noticing the departure in her slumber recovering from the previous night.

On the way down the staircase, Zeiss pulled the Stone Mask from his pack and threw it over his face, effectively becoming invisible as everyone's attention slid over and away from him. Whatever that cloaked man had used to summon the skeleton, he knew it had to be some powerful magical artifact, and he wanted it. But first, he had to investigate and find out what it was, and if it wasn't just inherent necromantic powers.

Ikaros|Castle Town|Dawn 3

Ikaros looked around at the chaos... HER chaos. The man's words had calmed her down, and she realized that she had been with the Stallord for many years. The Zelda she knew was dead. There probably was no zelda at the moment. She suddenly started to remember something, but it slipped from her mind. Everything seemed oddly foggy, and her mind clouded over again.

She sensed someone nearby... 

She pushed her way through the crowd, and lifted up an oddly invisible person by the collar... 

Ikaros: <What are you doing here old man? Why are you Hiding?>

/ICDay 3/Hyrule Castle Town/Senshi

"This is going to be a long day." Senshi moaned as the Stalfos calmed down but then quickly stared back up by plowing though the crowed then grabbing nothing and staring to threaten it. "I suppose this is my fault for getting involved with this thing."

"Um... Excuse me." a nervous young guard said as he approached Senshi. Rumors about his exploits form two night ago had spread and blown out of proportion, as a result many of the younger guards were scared to death of him. "Are you going to deal with that thing? If you don't we'll have to."

"Just go keep the people calm." Senshi said coldly as he walked toward the Stalfos. <"OK, just what do you think you're doing now?">


Morning 3/Castle Town/Harken Zeiss

Zeiss quirked his eyebrow beneath the Stone Mask. How this skeletal being could see him despite the Mask's powers bemused him. Nonetheless, something had to be done.

"How rude." he chided the thing. The tip of his cane touched to the beast's breastbone, and with the short incantation he had been taught by the scholars who had once protected the item (which he had 'purchased' from them many years ago) he called upon its inner channeling abilities. Lightning blasted from the cane and worked its way over the conductive metal that layered the skeleton's bones.

The cane really was a marvel. With a different memorize incantation it could call forth different elemental magics, and even perform different functions of each element as the words were changed. It also served as a minimalistic ward. While outside magical effects could, and almost certainly always would, punch through this paltry shield, it did serve as protection against its own harmonics. Or some such rubbish as the old mages had tried to explain to him. Basically, while it couldn't protect him from other people, it could protect him from itself. Thus, the electricity that excited the Stalfos' armor was absorbed back into the cane and channeled once more into the initial effect, creating a loop that bypassed Harken and did him no harm.

Truly a wonderful item.

Ikaros|Castle Town|Dawn 3

Ikaros felt the electricity zap through her bones, but since metal acted as a conductor for electricity, the bolt passed into the ground harmlessly. She was smoking slightly, but unaffected by the man's attack on her. She lifted the man farther off of the ground.

Ikaros: <Don't do that again.>

Morning 3/Castle Town/Harken Zeiss

Harken peered at the Stalfos that still held him despite the jolts from his cane while it muttered more gibberish at him.

"How... interesting. Very well, then."

He reached upward and took the Stone Mask from his face, slipping it over his shoulder and storing it in his pack again. He then spoke to the cloaked necromancer.

"You can call of your little attack dog, my man. I was just curious, you'll have to forgive me of this. How do you control the thing? Innate abilities or magical artifact?"

/ic Dawn 3/Castle Town/Senshi

"It appears you've gotten the wrong idea." Senshi said smugly passing off the cause man's assumptions on his cloaked appearance. "This Stalfos is merely an acquaintance, it helped me so I'm trying to return the favor. It attacked you entirely on it's own. Nevertheless..." Senshi drew his sword. Then entire crowd began to nervously back away not wanting to get caught in the cross fire.

"A part of me is inclined to help it, so what will it be? Are you going to continue with this pointless little game, or would you be kind enough to simply vanish from out sites as quickly as you appeared?"

Morning 3/Castle Town/Harken Zeiss

Zeiss looked down at the cloaked man's weapon.

"Oh, how droll. The little man wants to fight.

"If you will have noticed, perhaps, I was merely investigating a little bit of a disturbance in this fine town, when your... acquaintance assaulted me. I am not at fault here, and was merely attempting to defend myself from what, for all intents and purposes, could very well have been some marauding monster. Now, if it would be so kind as to let me down, perhaps we might be able to work out a peaceful, and mutually beneficial, outcome?"

Dawn 3/Castle Town/Senshi

"Yes I know all to well how this whole situation; however, how this started is not my concern, who it ends is. Still, farther commotion doesn't benefit me." he paused for a moment to speak with the Stalfos' mind "<If you would kindly put him down, gently. We really can't afford more trouble right now.>"

"I'm sure you can forgive it, after all the mind of a Stalfos isn't exactly stable."

Just Popping In

Before This

In all the world, there are dozens of legends and stories passed down, told from generation to generation. Heroes, villains, the tales of their epic clashes and world shattering battles. And yet, for all the well known heroes and fallen villains, there are many more stories that remain untold, and in truth, may never be fully known.

Magic is no surprising thing, and the very thought of an unnatural occurrence is not a thought to consider at all, for in this world, the unnatural is anything but. Thus, the story of one soul, of one creation, may go on for years without being told. Or perhaps, now is the time to release this tale upon the world.

Davus Fulmen is a name known by some, for he is, has been, and will continue to be for years to come. He is timeless, tireless, and now finds himself once more unleashed upon the world. Whatever his true origins are, whatever poor soul began it all has long since been lost to the insanity and chaos of the storm. His mind is a lost cause, his abilities beyond explanation, and his life just another untold story of death and deception.

There is no Fulmen family, no lost lineage, no brooding father and dying mother. No ancient tragedy, and there is no artifact at the center of it all. There are only whispers of a cult long since gone, and the thunderous booming of its ultimate creation, who re-emerges when he chooses, to wreak havoc, and to enjoy the fruits of his existence, should they even exist.

“I am who I choose to be. Today I choose to be the last thing you will ever see. I will not ask you for last words, and I will not listen to your pleading. But my face shall be the last thing you ever lay eyes upon. And should you return one day in an afterlife, as I certainly shall, then may that battle be everything it should be, for I will accept nothing else.”

Morning 3/Castle Town/Davus Fulmen 

Dressed in commoner’s clothes, draped in a brown cloak, and bearing eyes that would darken the day of the happiest man in the world, Davus Fulmen roamed the streets at a pace befitting of a thousand racing snails. A man moving swiftly at his own pace, he gripped a thick piece of fulgurite, fragile glass that he held together in ways that would boring to some, and confusing to the rest. His memory was as it always was, clear and precise. It had been a solid two hundred years since he had last come to this place, and before that, even longer. The past few days had been his time to adjust, to acclimate, to murder. It was early, but plenty were already out on the streets, and it was time to do what he did best.

“Impressive, no?” Davus held in his outstretched right palm a tiny glowing ball of electricity. A mere child stood before him, eyes wide with curiosity, and the smile on Davus’ face as he spoke was anything but friendly. He clenched his fist tightly around the electricity, and in a flash, the child was screaming, the orb having expanded to the size of his tiny frame, enveloping him. His mother turned, having been briefly distracted by a salesman trying to sell her apples. Having noticed this, Davus began to strike each piece of fruit with lightning, blowing them up one by one. Amusingly, the core of one apple struck the woman in her right eye, destroying it and effectively blinding her on one side. Her child had stopped screaming, and seemed to be in shock. Davus looked around, slammed his staff on the ground, creating a wonderful thunderous sound, and heartily shouted.

Ikaros|Castle Town|Dawn 3

Ikaros listened to the men talk, she did not understand it, but she knew they were talking about her. Minutes wore on, and Ikaros grew bored.

Suddenly, there was a flash of light, and people began to scream. Without a thought about it Ikaros went rushing towards the chaos. A strange man stood, cackling gleefully as smote townsfolk left and right. Ikaros burned in rage. Her insides were like fire. This was her country, these were her friends. Something rose up inside of her, and she spoke in perfect Hylian, exactly like she would have when she was alive.


She yelled and drew her sword, and ran towards the man, the Triforce on her forehead glowing crimson. Deep inside of her, magic the Stallord taught her can free.

Stallord: When you are outnumbered, search for metal in your surroundings, as I did with your armor. Instead of fusing it onto yourself, fuse it onto your essence. When the spell is complete, a replica of yourself will be created. You do not control it, but it thinks and acts as you would. As it is part of you, you can always destroy it and have an intact essence again. Depending on the level of control you have over your essence, you can create more than one copy."

All over the square, nails were coming out of buildings and spearheads and armor were flying off of Hylian guards. As Ikaros charged, two replicas of herself formed on either side of her. They drew their swords and Joined her in her charge. The Okos pulled himself out of the ground behind the man and leapt into the air, jaws ready to be clamped around the man's throat.

Morning 3/Castle Town/Harken Zeiss

There was a loud crack and a bright flash, and suddenly the Stalfos was running off toward a center of new mayhem.

"Not very stable indeed. It's chasing shiny things..."

Harken stepped toward the cloaked man, and courteously extended his hand as well as a false introduction.

"Call me Nicholai, friend. What say we take a look at what's going on over there, hm?"

Before a reply was levied he pulled a mask from his pack and began to follow the path the Stalfos had taken. After the mishap with the Stalfos, he didn't trust the Stone Mask to work properly and passed it over as his decision. Instead he pulled out what was perhaps the most awkward looking mask; at least on his head. He adorned a pair of rabbit ears and awaited a reply from what he hoped might be a new-found ally.

Davus Fulmen --- Castle Town --- Morning 3

Skeletons were on all sides of Davus, and his instincts told him that skeletons belong in coffins. Unfortunately for him, that wasn't a readily available weapon, so he would have to improvise. He held his staff in the air, lighting striking it at, not surprisingly, the pace of lightning. It transformed, taking on the form of a large single glass spike, which Davus planted in the ground deftly while simultaneously running away from his prior location, where the his attackers were now aimed.

"I liked it more when you guys did this in groups." Davus laughed maniacally to himself and watched, waiting to see what would happen.

Dawn 3/Castle Town/Senshi

"Shinigami..." He replied paying no attention to the hand shake, he was to concerned with what the Stalfos was after. "I suppose I'll need to look into that." He watched as Nicholai placed a ridiculous child's toy on his head, though after witnessing his earlier disappearing act he could only assume it had some benefit.

Senshi ran off at full speed to catch up with the Stalfos until he was frozen in terror with the sight before him. The Stalfos copies were of no concern, the injured bystanders were of no concern, it was the man he was fighting that worried him. After his encounter with Kinslayer Senshi had been forced to realize others like him might still be around as well, but this...

A fear washed over him, one he had not felt in a long time. Even knowing he survive a fight against him, even if by a hair, this was different, he couldn't interfere. The Stalfos had made the first strike and worse made copies of himself, if he were to help at well the man may very well destroy the enter market place.

The only thing he could do is stand back and wait, wait for the Stalfos the be defeated so maybe he could fight the man one on one. The mans name finally left Senshi's lips as a slight whisper "Davus Fulmen..."

[b]Morning 3/Castle Town/Harken Zeiss[/b]

Harken moved with this 'Shinigami', and stood beside him to observe the fight between the now three Stalfoses ([i]Or is it Stalfi?[/i]) and whoever was this man with electrical magicks slaughtering the Castle Town cattle.

"Oh, dear, what a mess." he mused to himself. "This will cause trouble, I think. I do so hate chaos, it tends to ruin even the best-laid plans."

He glanced aside at Shinigami, who was merely standing there doing nothing.

"Not going to help, are you? I suppose three Stalfi should be able to handle one man. Although with all this magic, who can tell anymore these days how such conflicts will end."

Dawn 3/Castle Town/Senshi

Nicholai questioned Senshi’s idleness though it was understandable, after all until Hyrule realized there was more to it history then just green-clad pre-teens and giant pig monster they’d never prepare themselves for threats like this.

“I can tell you exactly how this will end, that Stalfos is made of metal, it’s fighting a master of lightning and magnetism. To say it won’t end well would be an understatement. Do not try and help it though, it will only make things worse.

Castle Town/Morning 3/Harken Zeiss

Harken grunted at Shinigami and settled down to enjoy the coming show.

Isaac Telmar - Hyrule Castle Town - Third Morning

He'd decided to go back to the scene of his original crime. At least, original in this era. It was the first time that he'd killed out in the open in more than a century, and it had awoken in him a piece of himself that he'd thought had faded long ago, the bloodlust. Killing the Hylian soldier, then dueling the once and current warrior of light had brought to the surface memories of what he'd felt in days gone by, days when Hyrule had been filled with men, women, and creatures that had possessed power that could threaten his life. The exhilaration, the violent desire, the fury.

When next he'd encountered Eyes and Voice, he'd known why everything had slipped away. It was the magic of the ancient monk, the meddlesome conjurer. When he killed them, he felt free again. He felt powerful again.

There was a rational part of him that was happy that physical descriptions of him had not yet been circulated through the general population. But the primal, feral side that resided within wished they had, wished that those around him would recognize him as a murderer and throw themselves against him. He wanted the fight, wanted the kill, wanted it more than he had in a century or more.


The shout followed explosions and claps of thunder.

It couldn't be.

He rushed around a corner, looking down a long avenue of vender carts and shops. There he watched an all too familiar form slam something of a glass spike into the cobblestone and ducking out of sight. Typical. Filling the street were several seemingly iron skeleton creatures. Less typical.

He pulled a cigarette out of his pocket and lit it with a snap of his finger, drawing the smoke deep into his lungs and expelling it in a cloud.

"This ought to be fun..."

He decided to sit back and watch the always amusing return of Fulmen the Feared.

Morning 1/Castle Town/Senshi

"It appears that Stalfos is in over it's head. Fulmen can not be allowed to escape alive, you must interfere." Senshi ignored the Angels demands, despite the threat Davus posed to very balance of life he knew jumping into the middle of it all would only make things worse. "If you will not act, I will do so for you."

"Hey, now I'm only saying this because I don't want to be killed with you but I think there's something you both miss. There's this guy I can see in the corner of your eye that looks pretty damned familiar. Things might not go so well if he jumps in. Well unless you let me handle things of course. I can end it all really quick."

Senshi focused on the figure the demon mentioned, it was Kinslayer. "Things are getting worse," he turned to Nicholai and pointed out Kinslayer. "If that guy gets involved this whole city might be slaughtered. That skeleton hasn't made any progress, I'll try to get him out of there but I need you to keep an eye on that guy in case he makes a move." He drew his blade. "He uses fire and his dagger grows into a pole arm, so watch out for it."

Senshi throw his blade and the glass staff, shattering it and disrupting the electricity. Senshi stood next to his blade leaving it lodged into the ground and drew his scythe. <"Back off!"> he beamed into the Stalfos' mind <"At this rate you'll be in the way">

"I had hoped you were long dead by now Fulmen, tragically I was wrong. Worse yet it would seem the power the be want me to correct that little issue." He readied him self for Davus to make the first move. He knew he couldn't rush in head first, he had to wait for the right moment or he'd simply end up stuck like the Stalfos was.

Morning 3/Castle Town/Harken Zeiss

Harken chuckled at Shinigami as he tossed his weapon into the mounting storm and shattered the glass staff. "I thought that man was very dangerous and we weren't supposed to interfere? Ah, well."

He took at look at the unnamed man who had potential to make things so much worse. A slaughtered city? Harken would hardly believe it if he didn't know of the power of magic from all the artifacts he had collected over the years. With such energies, it was possible to destroy the world, if concentrated in a single act. That would ruin his fun, though, and he couldn't have that. He plucked the Bunny Hood from atop his crown and redrew the Stone Mask. It would seem stealth was the flavor of the day. At least for the morning.

As the people parted before him, leaving a clear path though they knew not what possessed them to avoid where he stepped, he made his way toward this fire and dagger foe. Or could he be friend? A short conversation would be enough to tell. Stepping up beside the man, Zeiss slid away the Stone Mask and revealed his visage.

"Good morning." he said. "Quite a show this is shaping up to be, isn't it?"

Isaac Telmar - Hyrule Castle Town - Third Morning

"Good morning. Quite a show this is shaping up to be, isn't it?" Isaac didn't jump, he'd sensed the man as soon as he'd removed the mask.

"We'll see." he replied, his tone bordering on boredom. Shinigami had moved to intercede on the skeletons' behalf in the battle with Fulmen, something he'd not expected. Now it was a two on one, five on one if the skeletal clones were to be counted. "If I know Fulmen it's about to become a great deal more interesting."

He took that moment to actually look over at the man standing next to him. He was dressed in clothes that befitted a more advanced civilization than Hyrule, and given the places he'd seen in his travels he came to the conclusion that the man was likely Terminian. He carried a finely crafted cane and wore a monocle in his eye.

Isaac wasn't sure he cared for him. Still...

"You've got stones to get mixed up in all this." he said, offering the man a lop sided smirk as he rolled a small, candle-sized flame across his knuckles the way most would a coin. "To put yourself in harms way like you are."

Davus Fulmen - Castle Town - Third Morning

Davus watched as the Stalfos backed off, heeding the words of this new arrival. His face and voice were familiar, but hardly known. Of course, for Davus, to know someone was to see their corpse, before that they were just another face in the crowd. And yet, it seemed to make an exception and call out the name of his enemy, let him feel the dread of knowledge.

"Senshi Ma." Davus paused for a moment and fully reformed his glass staff and pulled his hood up over his head. He hardly gave attention to the whelp that had shattered it, keeping his gaze firmly on his challenger.

"Shinigami." Lightning struck the ground all around Davus, circling him until it all converged over and through his body, lighting it up in a way that was most certainly impossible. Davus quelled his urge to attack, gazing around from beneath his hood. He spotted yet another familiar face, and one that was most enigmatic and always surprising to him. Friend or foe were terms he would never apply, but in the heat of battle, an ally was always welcome - temporary or not.

"Isaac Telmar." Davus slowly lowered his hood, and revealed his true visage. Sunken in eyes, as if to be the eyes of a corpse, wrinkled skin defying the physical condition of his body, and scars that the oldest war generals would cringe at. He waited for a reply, maintaining his gaze upon his sometimes ally, sometimes enemy, and ignored Shinigami, certain that the fool would ultimately be forced to make the first strike.

Morning 3/Castle Town/Harken Zeiss[/b]

Harken smirked at the man and his little knuckle-flame. "Oh, I find that being where the action is tends to be very profitable. With great risk comes great gain, and all those other adages. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. And etcetera, etcetera."

He rummaged in his pack, idly sifting through his artifacts. What would be most useful in the coming minutes. [i]Fire, is it? Well, best to be prepared, just in case. Never know what direction things will end up turning. Ah, here we are![/I]

He moved a certain special mask to the top of the pack, as well as a simple unassuming jar. Then he stored his cane on one of the pack's loops and began to twirl around the rod that had previously been held in the loop. [i]Now[/i] this [i]should make things interesting[/i]. He was careful in how he moved the rod, not wanting to activate its powers too early.

He then opened his palm to the other man, holding a handful of rupees. "My name is Harken Zeiss, by the by. I wonder if you would be amenable to a little wager on the outcome of this tiny tussle? I'm thinking... both participants injured, but no determinable outcome, leaving a draw... with Fulmen retreating from Castle Town."

Morning 3/Castle/Senshi

Davus as ignoring Senshi for the time being thanks to being distracted by Kinslayer, still he know he couldn't attack. If he made the first move Davus would have the advantage, his best option was to wait in a reactionary stance. Besides the his lightning assault had been stopped, for the moment things were better left unstirred.

"Why are you hesitating, do you intend to left him get away?"

"I will if I have to." He whispered back to the Angel who was pushing him to the point of irritation.

Davus removed his hood reviling his ever warping form. A slight smirk appeared on Senshi's face, this is something he had some expertise in. "Well, slipping into the realm of undeath. That certainly makes things interesting." He said as he tightened his grip on his scythe.

Morning 3/Castle Town/Harken Zeiss

Harken watched as the two men postured with each other, both taking defensive positions and awaiting the other to initiate the brawl. There was a tenseness in the air, as the town held its collective breath, preparing for the coming blow. Harken, always one for theatrics, was amused. And that spark of his being that so loved the dramatic saw a moment for a bit of unexpected release, a surprise blow that would cause a lovely little stir.

And Zeiss, always the one for theatrics, could not allow such a moment to go by ungrasped. Raising his voice as loud as he could will it, thrusting it out into the surrounding streets, he released a single word:


With a few practiced flicks and sweeps he activated the innate abilities of the rod he had been fiddling in his hands. It was quite an interesting item, if it was applied properly. In but a second its magic manifested. The moment Harken finished the last swishing arc through empty air, clouds roiled over the sky and heavy snowflakes began to fall as the leaves of winter onto the streets and rooftops. Visibility was cut to mere feet. Temperatures plummeted like a clumsy Goron. Castle Town was suddenly grasped in the embrace of mid-Winter.

Yes, indeed, the Rod of Seasons was an interesting item if it was applied properly.

[b]Isaac Telmar - Hyrule Castle Town - Third Morning[/b]

A devilish smile came to him as he watched the peculiar man with whom he'd been speaking swing that rod of his around and summon ill weather to the Hylian skies. The temperature dropped quickly, flakes of snow began to fall from the dark storm clouds that had gathered overhead. Slowly they drifted down and became, with a quick hiss, a wisp of steam rolling off of Isaac's super heated physicality. As the snow fell with greater intensity, the wisps of steam turned into a perpetual cloud rolling off of him, giving him the appearance of some kind of demon wrapped in smoke.

Still, he chose to ignore the man that had summoned the sudden winter into being, his attention still on Fulmen, who had addressed him directly but a moment prior.

[color=darkred]"Fancy seeing you here."[/color] he replied, deliberately plucking the dagger from his belt and twirling it idly in his left hand. [color=darkred]"Looks like Fulmen the Feared has seen better days.

"So what's it gonna be this time? Friend or foe? Things seem to change between us every time we meet. Do you want to fight, or do you want to [i]destroy?[/i]"[/color] Without warning Isaac flipped the blade, gripping it in reverse and slashing hard and fast at Harken as he spoke [color=darkred]"I personally prefer the [i]latter![/i]"[/color]

[b]Morning 3/Castle Town/Harken Zeiss[/b]

Harken smirked at his handiwork. Castle Town was blanketed in snow. Embraced by Winter. Sometimes the best plan was simply to ruin the plans of others, and take advantage of what situations would arise. Speed chess. Don't over-think and over-plan, for all plans can be ruined in an instant by a single, unknown variable. One who can react and adapt has a strength over the ridged.

And it was adapting that Zeiss had to do when he saw the effect the snow had on his acquaintance. The man was suddenly wreathed, no, it was more than that, he was [i]enshrouded[/i] with mists. Interesting. The concealment was something he has not anticipated, and it made him wary. He began to walk away as the man talked to Fulmen, and was thus prepared to dodge when a dagger blade struck out at him from the cloud. He bat the deadly edge aside with the Rod of Seasons.

"Oh, really, now." he said with a sigh. "Destruction is so utterly boring. Oh, yes, certainly, there is a thrill at first. But soon it's all monotony, and then you just run out of things to destroy. Wouldn't you prefer to [i]create[/i] and [i]control[/i]? Domination is where the real entertainment lies."

As he gave his short little lecture, he pulled another mask from his pack. These magical items were so deliciously useful. When he settled the rather bland facade over his face, its magic coursed over his body. And he grew. He grew until he towered over the buildings of Castle Town.

"But perhaps, just this once, I can humor your lust for destruction."

Then he stepped on Isaac.

[b]Isaac Telmar - Hyrule Castle Town - Third Morning[/b]

As the foot of the giant Harken descended upon him Isaac did naught but watch. It blotted out the cloudy sky, already obscured by the steam that rolled off of him. He spoke of dominion over destruction. He was an agent of order.

That immediately put them at odds.

The foot did not, however, crush Isaac as it appeared to those who observed. The veil of steam that surrounded him left all others but Isaac blind to what then transpired. The man's boot struck, just decimeter from his head, a wall of telekinetic force.

Isaac, though, had not anticipated the structural integrity of the street on which he stood. While he was not crushed into a bloody pile, the downward force did cause the cobbled road to collapse into the sewers that run underneath. Isaac managed to roll away to the side, his choler elevating to dangerous levels.

The Brand seared on his flesh, he flailed and contorted as agony washed over him. His hands clutched at the buttons of his shirt, ripping it open. The serpent on his flesh burned with hellish light, a gleam which his eyes soon shared.

[b]Kinslayer - Hyrule Castle Town - Third Morning[/b]

Some distance down the avenue from where the giant had stomped, an eruption of rock and flame shook the city. The screams, already quite prevalent, only grew louder. Kinslayer raced up into the darkened skies, trailing flame and steam in his wake as he flew up to eye level to look upon Harken through eyes that shone with dreadful fiery light. His right hand gripped the spear shaft of his infernal Glaive, the Brand glowing sinisterly as it wound around the weapon's entire length.

[color=darkred]"I don't recall asking your opinion."[/color] He drifted back out of range of the giant's titanic appendages, fully aware at this point that the man possessed a multitude of rare and powerful magical artifacts. [color=darkred]"Care to make a wager now?"[/color]

When he threw forward his hands the conflagration that was hurled forth upon his enemy was like no other. Not red, or orange, or blue, but an incandescent white that illuminated the shrouded sky with its brilliance as it bore down on the man that, in his arrogance, had brought it upon himself.

Morning 3/Castle Town/Harken Zeiss

As his foot crushed down upon the fool agent of chaos, Zeiss was already pulling the (no gigantic, due to the morphing abilities of the Giant's Mask) jar he had earlier sat atop his pack. The idea of a fight no longer amused him, and he decided to end it forthwith before any further harm was done to the city that would one day be his new capital. He gripped the jar via the two handles on its side and was prepared to activate it when the street a few blocks down erupted in flames from the sewers beneath.

Isaac had returned, this time aglow with mystic energies. "I don't recall asking your opinion. Care to make a wager now?"

The insect's hands flung forward, and a white beam of energy, or perhaps flames, closed the distance between the giant and the fly. Harken smirked, and activated the jar. Gusts of wind vacuumed into the opening of the container, and it sucked in the flames, entirely absorbing the energy of Isaac's attack.

"Yes" said Zeiss, "I still do." He reversed his grip on the handles of the jar, still pointing its maw at the little flying man. "I'll bet you this city you are going to lose."

Again he activated the jar, only that with his reverse grip, this time the gusts of wind escaped from the jar instead of being drawn into it. And with these gusts also escaped the beam of searing fire, careening back to rejoin its originator.

Kinslayer - Hyrule Castle Town - Third Morning

Stricken was he as the manifested conflagration was sucked into a jar that the giant had produced seemingly out of nowhere. Harken spoke with confidence, even arrogance.

The man spoke like he did.

"I'll bet you this city you are going to lose." And mere moments later the jar was unsealed, directed as Kinslayer. The gale winds that poured forth sent him spiraling through the skies, but it was when the dazzling white flame were hurled back at him that he came to an important realization.

The flame struck him in the chest and he closed his eyes, expecting death.

What he didn't expect was for the searing pain to subside. When he opened his eyes the Brand, shining upon his exposed stomach and chest, burned white even as his flame had, and so too did the Brand that entwined the haft of his glaive. He couldn't see them but he somehow knew that his eyes burned white as well. The corners of his mouth curled up. He'd expected the flame to kill him, but the serpent had other plans.

"So be it, but I've not lost yet." he replied, his voice resonating as though amplified by a blow horn. Though he was exponentially smaller than this foe, he could take comfort in one thing. His power was innate, this man's abilities were contrived from man made devices. No matter the range of items he could never match the pure, primal power that Kinslayer had harnessed. He'd tried to 'go big' on his giant sized foe but the direct approach had proven insufficient given the current circumstances. He was going to have to change things up a bit. Instead of moving to attack the giant again, Kinslayer shot straight up, high above even Harken's head and into the tempest.

From the city below naught could be seen of him, even as a sinister glow began to spread through the storm clouds even as snow continued to fall.

Moments later however, the blizzard took a sudden turn. Balls of flame began to fall amid the frozen precipitation as though they were comets from the vast expanses of space. As they struck the ground all over and outside the city, Kinslayer descended, enshrouded in one of them. Before it struck the ground, however, he ejected himself from its core, now behind the giant, and raced at his foe's exposed back wreathed in an incandescent, fiery aura.

Morning 3/Castle Town/Harken Zeiss

As the flames fell around him, Harken did what he could with the Gust Jar to protect himself and as much of the city as he could manage. It was not through some duty to the Crown, nor some sense of honor bidding him protect the innocent. No. This was to be his town, and it wouldn't do to have it destroyed before his plans had barely even started weaving themselves. He had meant what he had said to Isaac. One could not control, could not rule over, what was destroyed.

And so he was distracted when a searing pain burnt into his back and sent him reeling to the ground, crushing beneath his expanded girth a nearby building. He touched his hand to his back, howling at the pain of the burn. When he pulled the hand back he saw blood upon his fingers.

"Ah, well damn it all... That hurts! Is he still alive after that?"

He pulled himself to his knees and cast his gaze through the air. Where was that fire-speck of a man? There, floating just to the left, a wicked cocksure smirk plastered over his lips. How... annoying.

"You little insect!" roared Harken.

He flung out his hand, swinging it through the air, swiping at his foe, full expectation of being burnt, again, at the touch of the man's glowing aura. If it burns, I've hit. And if I've hit, he'll go flying. And if he goes flying, the fight is over and I can mend my hand. Calculated risk. Worth the pain to put an end to his interference. And so he continued through with the attacking appendage and steeled himself against the coming pain.

[b]Kinslayer - Hyrule Castle Town - Third Morning[/b]

So triumphant was he at the blow he'd landed against his titanic adversary that he was nearly struck by a flailing hand. The giant had taken to desperately swatting at him, a fact that he liked very much.

[color=darkred]"What's wrong? Did that sting?"[/color] Isaac asked with a chuckle. The giant swiped at him again, he barrel rolled to the left and loosed several quick fireballs into the back of his hand, just enough to keep his memory fresh on the pain of the blow he'd just struck.

Things were getting dangerous now, the giant was getting desperate. Kinslayer couldn't help but wonder if Harken was prepared to destroy the entire city, because it seemed like he didn't much care. A pity, if that was the case. He rather liked Castle Town.

He realized he'd stayed stationary too long when his foe at last managed to catch him at and below the knees with a backhand. Kinslayer cursed as he was sent spiraling across several streets, into and through the second story wall of an apothecary. He landed on the far side of the room he'd been swatted into, covered in rubble and dust.

[color=darkred]"Son of a bitch..."[/color] he muttered as he rolled over and climbed to his feet. He was surprised at just how much that had hurt.

He wasn't ready to admit defeat though. It was just time to rethink his strategy. Quickly, before the lumbering giant could cross the city and extricate his much smaller self from the building Kinslayer descended the stairs into the first floor. The shop keeper seemed genuinely shocked the find that somebody had been upstairs in her apartment.

He shut her up.

Down into the basement, through the shelves of storage, and through the trap door that led into the sewers. From there he could position himself for another assault away from his enemy's prying eyes.

No, he certainly wasn't ready to admit defeat just yet.

Harken Zeiss/Castle Town/Morning 3

The fire imp had disappeared into a building. Good. For all I care, I hope the fool is dead. The fight seemed to be over, and none to soon. Harken was sore. Very sore. And hurting. A lot. He peered at his blistered and bleeding hand, wincing at the damage. Perhaps blindly swatting at a floating ember was not such a bright idea. No matter; what's passed is passed.

He brushed the dust from his vestments, pieces of rock and mortar from the buildings that had clung to the enlarged threads of fabric, and carelessly ignored the chunks as they fell to the streets. Enough mayhem had been caused, no sense worrying over a little more, as long as it didn't increase too greatly. He then ripped the Gaint's Mask from atop his face, and felt the odd sensation as the magic released its hold on his body and returned him to his true size. He never had enjoyed the feeling.

He then crooked his gaze left and right, peering at the people who fearfully stared out from hiding spots in the alleyways and windows. "What?" he asked with a smirk, "No gratitude for having saved your city from a crazed lunatic who would burn it to the ground? All because of a little collateral damage?"

He flicked the Rod of Seasons through the air, and suddenly the temperature rose and the ice and snow melted. A flash of lightning pealed through the sky, impacting somewhere nearby. And a deluge began to drop from the sky, smothering the random fires that had sprouted across the city after the meteor storm.

[b]Kinslayer - Hyrule Castle Town - Late Third Morning[/b]

Fires still burned across the city, even though his firestorm had been quelled. Pillars of smoke and steam still rose up into the air through the pouring rain. Isaac shook his head a bit from his vantage point, peeking from under a manhole cover. At least the temperature had risen, he'd wasted a lot of energy trying to maintain such astronomical levels of heat in the middle of a blizzard.

Quickly he pushed himself up and out onto the street, then rolled forward and came to his feet. As the rain fell with even greater intensity than the snow had, the waves of steam that came off of him increased in size. 

He hated precipitation.

He began to roam the streets, looking for his foe, who appeared to have finally ditched the mask. One thing was sure, no matter how tough a giant was, at least it was easy to find them.

And then Isaac rounded a corner and there he was, still holding the Rod of Seasons in his greedy fist. It didn't take long for Harken to notice him, the billowing clouds of steam were a dead giveaway.

[color=darkred]"You want the city? By all means take it."[/color] he said, his expression never changing from the lopsided grin he wore. His eyes still glowed but they were losing their luminescence. [color=darkred]"For now."[/color]

Yes, he was willing to concede for the time being. Brash and impulsive though he might be, he could recognize the need for patience when it came down to it. Neither had won or lost today, but had rather taken an assessment of the other. Isaac fully intended to finish their business in time. After all, good things tended to come to those who waited for them.

Davus - Castle Town - Morning 3

Davus had become so wrapped up in his own thoughts that the chaos around him had become muted. Until of course the pleasant weather turned to something harsher, and for a moment, Davus thought he was going to be reunited with an old ally and an old foe. Ultimately, it turned out he was being reunited with phantom memories, nothing more than false hopes and wishes.

"This is nonsense." Davus pointed his staff up towards the ridiculous frozen bats, and fired bolt after bolt of lightning, letting it strike each bat in turn, and then jumping to the next. "I've done my part here." Davus let out one more powerful bolt of lightning, allowing it strike himself. His body became shrouded in cloud cover as the weather rampaged, and when the lightning stopped, there was no sign of him. He had retreated, certainly instilling the idea in his enemies that he was all bark, and no bite. 

Poor Man's Taden

IC: Quell - location unknown - night 2

In a dark lit room two cloaked figures conversed in a strange and ancient tongue. As the torches flickered Quell rose from his knelt position. The other remained motionless, "Now go... use these artifacts in the manner I have commanded."

Quell paused for a moment, "Are you certain you wish to use such power in this manner." The question recieved no reply and Quell could tell that his master didn't wish to explain himself further. Silently Quell nodded and left the room, taking several weapons in tow.

OOC: Item get! Quell just netted the Blade of Silence, Circlet of Insight, Sheild of Resonance, Beast's Urn, Phantoms Shackle, and Gauntlets of Divinity. Details to be described in the Discussion thread shortly (and yes, I've already discussed this with DEG  )

IC: Quell - Hyrule Castle Town - Morning 3

The fierce battle continued to rage across the city. Its citizens were clearly in a panic, many were try to flee through the few gates in the city, trampling over each other as if they were a mindless herd of beasts stampeding away from a storm. 

"Hmph... the sheep are getting restless." Quell mused to himself. He then glanced up at the pouring rain and decided to make his prescence felt. Ascending above teh city he began to lower the temperature near the clouds, the rain quickly began to give way to hail. This irritance would be more than enough to get the attention of the warriors and mages battling below.

One mage in particular caught Quell's eye, a thunder mage. "You should do nicely." Quell thought to himself as he began to set his plan in motion. Drawing out the Beast's Urn he opened its lid releasing a thick purple cloud of smoke, from it several Keese emerged. "Go forth!" Quell commanded as he waved his hand and sent out a wave of ice mana causing the Keese to become engulfed in blue flames. 

Following their masters command the Ice Keese became to dive down towards the thunder mage and his swordsman opponent.

Day 3/Castle Town/Senshi

It quickly became apparent that Nicholai missed the whole point. Senshi was hoping to minimize the chaos in the city but instead he only made things worse. Provoking a fight, growing to giant size and messing with the weather. That last of which was the most discerning since in the past he's only meet two other individuals capable such a feet. One of them was Davus and the other was much worse.

"You know this is your fault." The demon mocked.

"And just how is that?"

"Well you never told him not to trash the place."

Senshi just sighed. He wanted to jump in and try and play damage control but he had more pressing matters. Even though Davus wasn't acting he could afford to take his eye off him. He knew all to well that Fulmen was a living force of chaos, if Senshi made a move there was no telling if he would aid Kinslayer, attack him and Kinslayer, randomly kill people or just leave.

The endless stalemate was finally cut short when third party intervened and set loose a swarm of ice keese on both him and Davus. Much to his luck or perhaps by the graces of the goddesses, Davus decided to leave after making short work of all the keese. Things were back in his favor now, not only did he no longer have to worry about Davus or Death Angel for that matter, he knew the metal Stalfos wouldn't be a liability with his new opponent. He pulled his sword out of the ground the calmly walked over to the Stalfos and his copies. "I'm going to borrow this," he said as he used his scythe to take over one of the Stalfos clones.

"On one hand I should be thanking you." He shouted out to his new found enemy. "Nevertheless..." He used his power to allow the copy Stalfos to levitate in the air then sent in charging at his target at high speed hoping for a quick and decisive blow.

[b]Harken Zeiss/Morning 3/Castle Town[/b]

Having shrunk down to a more concealable size, and caused more chaos than he had ever really wanted, Harken ducked into an alleyway with a destination in mind. Not too much later he was checked into an inn on the other side of town, claiming to be seeking refuge from the sudden and terrible weather patterns (at least according to the charming chit-chat he had with the elderly gentleman who was managing the establishment). He made his way up to his room and sat on the bed, staring at the seeping burns on his hand, and only imagining that the wounds on his back were the same. He would have need to seek out a healer or some sort, be it magical or mundane healing, very shortly. But first, he needed a distraction.

There was not much that drew the ladies quite the same as pity for an injured man. It made for an excellent start to conversation. "Oh, you poor thing, what happened to your hand?" Down at the bar attached to this inn, Harken intended to take full advantage of this property of the female psyche.

IC: Quell - Hyrule Castle Town - Morning 3

The lighting mage unleashed a dazzling arc of lightning making short work of the Keese. Amidst the bright lights it appeared as if several of the warriors fighting in the city had chosen to withdraw. "Hmm... This limits the possibilities..." Quell mused to himself as he glanced at the remaining foes. To his amusement at least one appeared to be quick tempered and ready to fight.

Using some manner of magic the levitate his allies summoned stalfos. The metallic skeleton was now rocketing through the sky straight at him. Quell thought for a moment before deciding which of his toys to try first.

As the stalfos drew near a deafening shriek filled the sky and a ghastly spirit appeared in front of Quell. Lunging forward with a jagged scythe it struck the skeleton along its midsection, slicing it in half in a shower of splintered metal. Unfortunatly the upper half remained on course and rocketed past the phantom. 

"Not enough time..." Quell mumbled as he fumbled with the cumbersome Phantom's Shackle. There wasn't enough time to command the phantom to intercept. Without enough time to reach any of the other equipment Quell tossed the Shackle aside and raised both hands. As the skeleton drew within striking distance Quell unleashed a full powered blast from the Gauntlets pushing the skeleton upward.

Spiraling out of control the skeleton flew several hundred feet before plummetting back to the ground, smashing through the roof of what appeared to be an inn on the far side of town.

Glancing down at the ground below Quell couldn't see the shackle any more, it hadn't been particulary careful when he tossed it aside and wasn't sure where it might have landed in the cluttered rubble below. At least the fact that the phantom had vanished meant that no wandering fools had tried to use it on their own.

Glancing at the young warrior Quell got an amusing idea. Quell raised his hands and began unleashing beams of ice magic at the towns gates, rotating around to hit all of them. He then descended down to the ground near the warrior.

"Don't you think it would be awfully rude of our audience to just walk out on our performance?" he called out to Senshi and his stalfos ally. He then summoned a pair of Goriya and sent them flanking out to attack his foes from the sides with their boomerangs.

/ic Day 3/Castle Town/Senshi

"Great an ice mage now, this is really starting to turn into one of those days." Senshi though to himself as his opponent wasted time sealing off the city gates.

"Don't you think it would be awfully rude of our audience to just walk out on our performance?" The man callously joked as he summoned two goriya to aid him. As if on instinct the staflos and his copy quickly attack then two monsters freeing Senshi from any distraction. 

"Audience? Now why would I be considered about who watches me fight. I take no pride in showing off." he shouted back then took control of the other stalfos. He repeated the same attack as before but this time followed in behind his new servant ready to strike once it created an opening. 

IC: Quell - Hyrule Castle Town - late morning 3

The warrior had dispatched another skeleton on a head on charge. The Goriya were occupied with their own problems as well. Quell had lost the Phantom and its tremendous strength, but he still had many other options.

Drawing his sword he unleashed a beam of ice magic at the skeleton with his free hand, freezing it solid, as it skidded towards him he spun around and slashed it with the sword causing it to shatter in numerous pieces. As the pieces flew past he used the gauntlets to pull them back towards him at high speed, jumping over them at the last minute. The shards of frozen bone and metal shot back towards the paladin like a barrage of arrows.

[b]Castle Town/Morning 3/Harken Zeiss[/b]

Zeiss had just settled down at a able with three fine examples of female company when he was very rudely interrupted from inspecting each respective display copious cleavage. First a crash, then a bang, then screams, then more crashes and bangs, and finally more screams. Suddenly one wall and half the ceiling, and about a quarter of another wall, were all no longer standing to protect the inside of the building, but instead strewn about the inside of the remains of a building. Crumbled and shattered, but still recognizable, was the cause of such destruction: a metallic skeleton.

"Oh, bother." Harken said with a weary sigh. The three woman had scattered at the first sign of mayhem. One cowered beneath the table, no longer attractive but instead a quavering mass of fear and tears. The other was a broken and twisted lump of flesh beneath a pile of rubble, having been crushed when she attempted to flee under the collapsing ceiling. And the third was no where to be found. Had he not been so annoyed at the interruption, Harken may have counted himself lucky to have escaped the sudden outbreak of carnage with nary a scratch. His beer had been spilled, however.

"That is it! I've had it with this damn town." He stood up at once, left without leaving a tip (or even paying his tab) and cast an angry glare down each side of the street. "Where is that skeletal fool? Or those elementalist show-boaters? I've a mind to teach them some respect!"

He began to prowl back toward where he had left just so short ago, anger supplanting the pain he felt from his burns. What people were still in the streets, some looting and rioting while others fled in panic, he pushed aside without care, clearing for himself a path.

"Order and law be damned! It's already chaotic... and I'm [i]pissed[/i]!"

Day 3/Castle Town/Senshi

Senshi quickly jumped to the side while trying to slash away any other shard still heading for him. His efforts were only partially effective as two pieces frozen shrapnel embedded themselves into his left arm. While trying to suppress the pain he finally became aware of of the situation around him and realized his mistake.

The moment this man had used ice magic he began treating it as a fight against Hothnight. Ignoring the people around them because he expected his opponents goal to be to mess with his head. Using as little strength as possible while waiting for the sun light to do the work for him. Seeing fire magic as a futility.

This man was a warrior not a mage, his intentionally sealed the city throwing it father into chaos. This was clearly an attack from a Twili mercenary. He heard Nicholai screaming in the distance, considering what had happen earlier his presence would only make things worse. He had the end this fight quickly, even if it meant using that.

He put away his scythe seeing no point in trying to wield it with one good hand and not wanting to use the fresh corpses of the Hylian citizens as puppets. He removed his crystal and drew his flaming sword. He charge forward at his opponent as blood dripped down from his left arm. The fire on his sword blade suddenly blazed up into a rage. Senshi slashed strait down hoping to cleave his enemy in two so the rest of this attack would be mere overkill. An arc of flame remained suspended in mid air along the path of the swords tip. Senshi looked the man in the eyes with a menacing glance, "die..." He stepped forward as he slashed upward back along the same path as the arc. The arc now solid and sharper then any metal sword was send flying forward by an immense trail of flame; the speed and power of which being capable of cleaving even the hardest of stones at point blank range. Even if the man was able to defend against it he would still be sent flying back and hopefully he'd crash through the city wall.

Polaris/ Castle Town/ Day 3

Albeit an out of place occurence for the time of year, and it was no doubt a side effect of some powerful magic, the chill breeze that caused the falling snow to swirl about pleased him. He was in his element and it invigorated and excited him. That combined with finally arriving in the city had Polaris in a rather good mood.

Throughout his many travels along the years Polaris had witnessed a vast amount of destruction, the current state of Castle Town rivaled some of the worst instances. In the part of town they were currenly in, nothing remained intact, nothing aside of a small, lone ice cream stand. Making note of the oddity, Polaris decided that if time permitted he would visit the establishment.

But, there were other, more pressing matters at the moment that needed to be tended to. So, assuming Kae, with her divining powers, knew the exact location of the source of the disturbance, trusting that she did, he continued to follow her lead.

[b]Castle Town/Morning 3/Harken Zeiss[/b]

Zeiss had just settled down at a able with three fine examples of female company when he was very rudely interrupted from inspecting each respective display copious cleavage. First a crash, then a bang, then screams, then more crashes and bangs, and finally more screams. Suddenly one wall and half the ceiling, and about a quarter of another wall, were all no longer standing to protect the inside of the building, but instead strewn about the inside of the remains of a building. Crumbled and shattered, but still recognizable, was the cause of such destruction: a metallic skeleton.

"Oh, bother." Harken said with a weary sigh. The three woman had scattered at the first sign of mayhem. One cowered beneath the table, no longer attractive but instead a quavering mass of fear and tears. The other was a broken and twisted lump of flesh beneath a pile of rubble, having been crushed when she attempted to flee under the collapsing ceiling. And the third was no where to be found. Had he not been so annoyed at the interruption, Harken may have counted himself lucky to have escaped the sudden outbreak of carnage with nary a scratch. His beer had been spilled, however.

"That is it! I've had it with this damn town." He stood up at once, left without leaving a tip (or even paying his tab) and cast an angry glare down each side of the street. "Where is that skeletal fool? Or those elementalist show-boaters? I've a mind to teach them some respect!"

He began to prowl back toward where he had left just so short ago, anger supplanting the pain he felt from his burns. What people were still in the streets, some looting and rioting while others fled in panic, he pushed aside without care, clearing for himself a path.

"Order and law be damned! It's already chaotic... and I'm [i]pissed[/i]!"

Day 3/Castle Town/Senshi

Senshi quickly jumped to the side while trying to slash away any other shard still heading for him. His efforts were only partially effective as two pieces frozen shrapnel embedded themselves into his left arm. While trying to suppress the pain he finally became aware of of the situation around him and realized his mistake.

The moment this man had used ice magic he began treating it as a fight against Hothnight. Ignoring the people around them because he expected his opponents goal to be to mess with his head. Using as little strength as possible while waiting for the sun light to do the work for him. Seeing fire magic as a futility.

This man was a warrior not a mage, his intentionally sealed the city throwing it father into chaos. This was clearly an attack from a Twili mercenary. He heard Nicholai screaming in the distance, considering what had happen earlier his presence would only make things worse. He had the end this fight quickly, even if it meant using that.

He put away his scythe seeing no point in trying to wield it with one good hand and not wanting to use the fresh corpses of the Hylian citizens as puppets. He removed his crystal and drew his flaming sword. He charge forward at his opponent as blood dripped down from his left arm. The fire on his sword blade suddenly blazed up into a rage. Senshi slashed strait down hoping to cleave his enemy in two so the rest of this attack would be mere overkill. An arc of flame remained suspended in mid air along the path of the swords tip. Senshi looked the man in the eyes with a menacing glance, "die..." He stepped forward as he slashed upward back along the same path as the arc. The arc now solid and sharper then any metal sword was send flying forward by an immense trail of flame; the speed and power of which being capable of cleaving even the hardest of stones at point blank range. Even if the man was able to defend against it he would still be sent flying back and hopefully he'd crash through the city wall.

Polaris/ Castle Town/ Day 3

Albeit an out of place occurence for the time of year, and it was no doubt a side effect of some powerful magic, the chill breeze that caused the falling snow to swirl about pleased him. He was in his element and it invigorated and excited him. That combined with finally arriving in the city had Polaris in a rather good mood.

Throughout his many travels along the years Polaris had witnessed a vast amount of destruction, the current state of Castle Town rivaled some of the worst instances. In the part of town they were currenly in, nothing remained intact, nothing aside of a small, lone ice cream stand. Making note of the oddity, Polaris decided that if time permitted he would visit the establishment.

But, there were other, more pressing matters at the moment that needed to be tended to. So, assuming Kae, with her divining powers, knew the exact location of the source of the disturbance, trusting that she did, he continued to follow her lead.

We're Here!

Kae Bryseis/Day 3/Castle Town Outskirts/Noon

"Let's pick up the pace then. The bottom of this will be gotten to!"

Kae quickened her steps and broke out into a full run when she saw the gates of Castle Town. The guards had shut them in response to the "invasion." When they saw her and the others coming up the path, there wasn't much to ask.

"I'm here to help, same with my friends."

One of the guards opened a side passage to allow for entry into Castle Town with a rather reluctant look on his face.

"Sure hope you know what you're doing, Sheikah. We sealed all the gates to keep any more invaders out. Not sure if it's Twili or crazed lunatics...or both. High Command is out dealing with the situation, but it sure is good to see more friendly and able faces."

She also noticed some of the guards were leering at her, and she felt a bit embarrassed. Kae worked quickly to extract herself from the situation and press on into the town. The starblade was conjured, senses were heightened, and she prepared herself for any battles that may have awaited her within the gates. 

"Kae, I'm in the castle talking with His Majesty. Do what you need to do in order to get these chaotic fiends out of the town, and then come see me."

Guards were doing their best to put fires out and keep order, but some of the citizens thought rioting was a better call. Kae quickly addressed one of the crowds in her rapid scanning of the area.

"It's not His Majesty's fault. Now is when the Crown needs us more than ever. This enemy is not insurmountable! Instead of rioting, take up arms against those making your home unsafe! Work with the military and clean up your streets!"

One of them mocked her.

"Why should you care? You should have been here hours ago!"

Kae's eyes flickered and began to glow brighter. She looked deep into her critic's gaze and laid into him.

"I am not omnipresent. The Hylia Bridge was also in danger, and more allies were to be gathered. One individual has the power to shift these tides. Many extraordinary individuals have the power to do the impossible. We are these people. Now...where are the disturbances originating?"

The guards explained that there were many skirmishes that had broken out, and that the snow was of unknown origin. Locations of combat were spread throughout the town.

Her indignation made the cold irrelevant as far as comfort was concerned. It was now time to figure out the largest threat...and so she drew away from the rioters to think for a moment.

Chaos bled all over, but this was not the work of Twili magicks. A frozen core engaged against a palpable vortex of unstable energy...dry electricity waning...flame trailing from the city...steam and gadgetry...

Where would she go first? There were so many things wrong that priorities became garbled. And so much despair here that it cloyed to any visions she could perceive.

Hyrule Field (South of Castle Town)/Mid-Morning 3/Lynn Annei

For long minutes the trio walked in silence. Lynn refused to speak to the little Zora brat, and it seemed that having said his peace, the child was content to focus on the golem, starting at every small stumble and misstep, always careful should a legs begin to crumble again. Lynn flexed her fists, and peered at Kae's star-shard. How powerful a sending was it? Could it sense her thoughts, as Kae sometimes seemed able? Her intentions?

It wouldn't do to worry. And Castle Town was growing larger. The climactic distortions more clear. Snow? At this time of year? She didn't care for the golem's well-being any longer. She broke into a run and beckoned the pair to follow her, assuming they would but trusting the star-shard to keep them in line should they not. It was a long run to the gates, but nothing she couldn't handle after years of training; she arrived short of breath, but knowing she could still fight when the need would arise. And I feel the need will come soon.

The guards had shut the gate, and they looked on Lynn in bemusement. "Another Sheikah? We just let one through a while ago."

"Yes. That is my partner. We were forced to split up to deal with some of the issues assailing Hyrule. Let me through, I must return to the group."

"Yeah. Whatever, Sheikah. Side entrance, you know the drill."

"Ah, and there will be a Zora child and a clay golem coming shortly behind me. They are guarded by an arcane star-shard. See them escorted directly to the Castle, under guard."

"Sheikah business... just get out of my hair, eh?"

Lynn sneered at the lazy man, and ducked through the smaller side entrance used only by troops in times of emergency. Things were bad if they'd sealed off the town. Really bad. In the Commons area on the other side, she saw debris and rubble scattered in places, though it seemed this part of the town had avoided most of the destruction. And there was Kae, along with Darrel and Polaris, rushing off to... somewhere.

Lynn ran up to them, and without preamble asked, "Where are we heading now, Kae?"

Her swords were already unsheathed.

Kae Bryseis/Day 3/Castle Town/Noontime

Two occurrences stopped Kae in her steps as well as mid-sentence.

"A very unstable surge of power is collapsing in on itself...but it burst in that direction, over near the core of cold. Dry lightning is receding...intense flame!"

Kae was motioning as she spoke before the interruption.

There wasn't much time for her to give commands to the shard out near Raki. She saw everything...and it got damaged during its basic defensive actions. Not sure of what to do, she transferred some power to it in hopes it would hold together long enough to do its job. But she was quite outgunned there, and it was hard to channel over such a distance. 

"They found Raki. Golem, a couple of mages, and my sentry is damaged. Either I'm going to need to co-locate consciousness briefly or hope the thing can do something on its own. Too much is going on; I've only got a few moments. Advice?"

Hyrule Field (South of Castle Town)/Mid-Morning 3/Lynn Annei

For long minutes the trio walked in silence. Lynn refused to speak to the little Zora brat, and it seemed that having said his peace, the child was content to focus on the golem, starting at every small stumble and misstep, always careful should a legs begin to crumble again. Lynn flexed her fists, and peered at Kae's star-shard. How powerful a sending was it? Could it sense her thoughts, as Kae sometimes seemed able? Her intentions?

It wouldn't do to worry. And Castle Town was growing larger. The climactic distortions more clear. Snow? At this time of year? She didn't care for the golem's well-being any longer. She broke into a run and beckoned the pair to follow her, assuming they would but trusting the star-shard to keep them in line should they not. It was a long run to the gates, but nothing she couldn't handle after years of training; she arrived short of breath, but knowing she could still fight when the need would arise. And I feel the need will come soon.

The guards had shut the gate, and they looked on Lynn in bemusement. "Another Sheikah? We just let one through a while ago."

"Yes. That is my partner. We were forced to split up to deal with some of the issues assailing Hyrule. Let me through, I must return to the group."

"Yeah. Whatever, Sheikah. Side entrance, you know the drill."

"Ah, and there will be a Zora child and a clay golem coming shortly behind me. They are guarded by an arcane star-shard. See them escorted directly to the Castle, under guard."

"Sheikah business... just get out of my hair, eh?"

Lynn sneered at the lazy man, and ducked through the smaller side entrance used only by troops in times of emergency. Things were bad if they'd sealed off the town. Really bad. In the Commons area on the other side, she saw debris and rubble scattered in places, though it seemed this part of the town had avoided most of the destruction. And there was Kae, along with Darrel and Polaris, rushing off to... somewhere.

Lynn ran up to them, and without preamble asked, "Where are we heading now, Kae?"

Her swords were already unsheathed.

Kae Bryseis/Day 3/Castle Town/Noontime

Two occurrences stopped Kae in her steps as well as mid-sentence.

"A very unstable surge of power is collapsing in on itself...but it burst in that direction, over near the core of cold. Dry lightning is receding...intense flame!"

Kae was motioning as she spoke before the interruption.

There wasn't much time for her to give commands to the shard out near Raki. She saw everything...and it got damaged during its basic defensive actions. Not sure of what to do, she transferred some power to it in hopes it would hold together long enough to do its job. But she was quite outgunned there, and it was hard to channel over such a distance. 

"They found Raki. Golem, a couple of mages, and my sentry is damaged. Either I'm going to need to co-locate consciousness briefly or hope the thing can do something on its own. Too much is going on; I've only got a few moments. Advice?"

Alone Again

Hyrule Field/Noon-ish/Habiki and Raki

For a while they traveled uneventfully, Raki and Lynn not speaking…which was good, because the woman’s mere presence was beginning to irritate him.

Suddenly she broke out into a run, leaving the two of them behind, clearly unnerved by what she saw of the city ahead.

“Lynn, wait, come back!” yelled Raki, but she was already gone. God damn it, Lynn! he thought to himself. That woman was good for nothing. He was practically breaking his back trying to keep the clay man from falling over, and she just ditches them when they clearly needed help.

He looked over at Habiki, who seemed to be doing very poorly.

“Good riddance to bad rubbish, am I right?” he attempted to laugh, but there was little levity in it. How could she ditch us when Habiki was the entire reason for this trip to the castle? Is she that impulsive? How could she not even think to stop and help when I’m clearly over-tasked here? 

Habiki’s eyes seemed to be losing focus, and he could barely stand. He took another step, and finally the leg collapsed as it had been threatening to do, and as Habiki reached out his arm to catch his fall, his arm too was crushed, crumbling into pieces. The leg had been recently lubricated, so rather than crumbling it merely collapsed, but the arm had been dry and brittle, so there was almost nothing left of chance of repair whatsoever.

Habiki’s eyes no longer looked like eyes at all. They were blank spheres of tan marble, without even a distinguishable pupil. Habiki was unnaturally still, barely even heaving his chest to breath. He looked more like a mere statue than ever.

“Oh god, this is bad, this is bad!”

I don’t understand it, thought Raki. Shouldn’t he be stronger than he was two days ago? Darrel infused him with a fairly robust amount of light last night, and I gave him time to charge in the sun-rise this morning. Despite the energy he expended in the fight with Lynn last night, shouldn’t he be more capable of handling the journey, not less?

What was more, he had observed the orb after all those events, the relative amount of light it had given off before Darrel had healed him, after the fight with Lynn, and after he went out into the sun. And it simply. Did. Not. Add. Up. After this morning it seemed to be far stronger than it had when Raki first saw it, more steady, flickering less, yet mere hours later Habiki was closer to death than ever.

What was he missing? What was he not seeing? There had to be something he’d overlooked!

He was cursing at Lynn in his mind. God damn it Lynn, the others can handle the disturbance, you’re needed here! I can’t carry a 200 pound man all the way to Castle Town!

He looked up, and saw three hooded figures in the distance, all wearing black robes…invaders. He couldn’t take his eyes off of them as the gap slowly closed, these men looming ever closer, until they were mere yards away. Suddenly they stopped, looking across the distance at Raki and his fallen comrade. The ground beneath their feet seemed to be stirring, pulsing.

He could barely see their faces, obscured by their hoods, but one of them appeared to be smiling. The man spoke.

You’re pretty far from home boy…what’s that you’re kneeling next to?” he inquired sardonically.

Don’t call me boy! thought Raki, but he kept his mouth shut. He was starting to shake.

I’m talking to you, boy! It’s a simple question!” the mage spat.

He was paralyzed with fear. He wanted to run, but couldn’t.

The pulsing of the ground began to grow more pronounced, as if some beast were trying to pound its way out.

He started pleading to his fallen comrade. “Habiki, wake up! HABIKI!!!” His screams grew shrill, echoing his fear.

Too late, boy!

Raki’s eyes widened in horror as the ground beneath him cracked.

“NNAAAAAA!“ his screams were drowned out by a deafening thunder as three enormous gray golems emerged from the earth, each quickly taking a stance to match that of their respective master, the ground beneath them collapsing in on itself, covering the spot they had emerged from. 

The two on either side were around 8 feet tall, but the middle one, the one controlled by the apparent leader, was much taller, probably around 13 feet, if not more.

Kae’s shard instantly took action, darting towards the mages with deadly force. It was quickly batted away by the lead golem. The shard was intact, but a small crack ran down its length. The golem had little more than a scorch mark on its arm.

I’m afraid you picked the wrong day to play out in the field, boy!

Lynn is so dead if I get out of this, thought Raki.

Hyrule Field/Noon-ish/Raki

The largest of the 3 golems lunged towards Raki, and Raki turned tail and tried to run….but it was too large to outrun so quickly. It thrust out its arm and grabbed him with one hand, crushing him in its grip, following precisely the motion of the puppeteer.

The lead mage lowered his hand, but his Golem did not, merely standing there holding Raki.

The mage signaled to his cronies, and the 3 men walked over to where Habiki was laying, next to Raki’s pack.

That looks like one of our golems!” said the mage “Only more…pathetic. Look at that runt!

He laughed, and his subordinates followed suit.

ENOUGH!” he yelled, and his subordinates immediately desisted, clearly intimidated. Even their golems seemed somewhat agitated, if that was possible. 

The lead mage seemed to be their superior officer…or maybe just a peer who simply had enough extra power to boss them around. 

The mage grabbed Raki’s pack, and dumped the contents. Suddenly the floor was flooded with biology textbooks, bottles of water and dirt, and the small bottle of Lanayru’s Light. The mage quickly jumped to conclusions.

He turned and walked back towards his golem, Raki struggling to free himself from its grip. He addressed the young Zora.

“So, it that your science project, boy? Your creation?” the mage brought his hand up and clenched it into a fist, his golem clenching in turn, rending the air from Raki’s lungs.

“Doesn’t seem very successful, it’s just laying there, cracked and useless.” he casually waved his hand, and his golem did the same, throwing Raki like a rag doll.

The mage walked right up to Raki, leaving his golem behind.

Raki quickly stood up and drew his swords, and dashed full-speed towards the mage, but he was intercepted by one of the smaller two golems. It was not big enough to grab him the way the other golem had, so its master merely made it backhand Raki across the chest, sending him airborne, his swords flying out of his hands and out of his reach.

“Shouldn’t have done that, boy!” said the lead mage, summoning his golem to his side.

“Because now I’ll have to kill you.” 

Suddenly one of his troops objected.

“Uh, boss? What do you say we just go about our business, he’s just a kid, he can’t give us no trouble-“

You hold your tongue! the mage spat, and his lackey did as he was told. The two men were clearly frightened out of their wits about their “boss.”

The mage signaled then, thrusting his finger toward Raki, the golem stepping to take the young boy out.


Habiki couldn’t move, couldn’t breath, couldn’t [i]think[/i]. He seemed to be drifting away. And quickly, he found himself embracing the darkness, almost comforted by it. He would fade away, and his pain would end. He heard noises around him, heard his name being called by a young boy’s voice, but it meant nothing. All his worries were slipping away as his final thoughts and feelings dissipated, as even the memory and face of his papa left him. From dust to dust, a more poetic mind might have said.

…but the darkness was harshly interrupted as a man stepped into view, seemingly in Habiki’s own head.

[i][color=white]What in Din’s name do you think you’re doing, laying there like that?[/color][/i] he said angrily.

The man was adorned all in white, from his tunic to his boots. Underneath his tunic he wore a long white shirt that covered his arms, which led to a pair of fingerless white gloves, showing the fair pink of his fingers. He wore a shallow, cape-less mantle that only traveled a small way down his back and only partially covered his chin. A cowl that covered the top half of his face, his glowing white eyes peering out of the mask like twin suns, completed this ensemble.

Most remarkably of all, the man was emitting a blinding glow, as if he were borne of Light itself.

[color=white]”Sleeping on the job, are we? I seem to remember the Light Spirits ordering you to protect those on both sides of this conflict…and I must say, you’re not doing a very good job, just sitting there while that boy, your caretaker, is being pummeled by a trio of Twili mages and their golems. Get up now!”[/color]

Whereas before Habiki had felt himself drifting, being addressed directly by this figure seemed to force him to focus. He was intrigued, all his attention on this one figure.

[color=darkred]”Can’t! Not strong enough!”[/color]

The man shook his head. 

[color=white]”Such feeble excuses. And here I thought you had the potential to be great. To think I might have been succeeded by a mindless rock like you.”[/color] He rolled his eyes, a rather jarring effect seeing as they were glowing intensely.

Why was this man being so mean to him? The man seemed to know exactly what Habiki was thinking, because he responded at once.

[color=white]”You think I’m being harsh, do you? Well that’s simply because I don’t like being disappointed, Habiki. Disappointed when my potential successor turns out to be so pathetically weak.“[/color]

Suddenly Habiki flared up in anger.

“[color=sienna]I AM NOT WEAK![/color]”

[color=white]”Then [i]prove me wrong[/i] …prove to me you can beat this!”[/color] 

Habiki struggled to sit up, but his whole body seized up in pain, and he failed to even produce any perceptible movement.

[color=darkred]”Not…move!”[/color] cried Habiki.

The man nodded towards the spoils from Raki’s pack, to the bottle of Lanayru’s Light. He paused for a moment, then said something Habiki had not expected at all.

[color=white]“…use it.”[/color]

Habiki tried to object.

[color=darkred]“Lanairoo say…”[/color]

[color=white]“[i]Forget[/i] what Lanayru said. You are about to [i]die[/i], Raki is about to get killed, then those three men will waltz into Castle Town, kill a few more, then get themselves killed in the process. Then everything Lanayru asked of you will be for nothing, everything the Light Spirits and I have worked for will be for [i]nothing[/i]! Does that sound like fun?[/color]

Habiki said nothing.

[color=white]“I thought not. If you want to be able to do a damn thing to help, you need to use that light…it’s your only shot…you can worry about the consequences later.”[/color]

He stepped aside, and suddenly Habiki saw everything around him again. He saw Raki, being surrounded by the golems…he could not survive if they landed a decent blow. He forced his eyes to turn over, and saw the castle, with its ominous clouds. The truth of the man’s words hit him all at once…this was his only option.

He forced himself to move, quickly vomiting up the glowing orb into his hand. It’s light was almost extinguished, and it was flickering in and out of luminance, but as Habiki steeled himself against failure, it seemed to pulse more powerfully, refusing to give out on him.

Habiki tried to reach the bottle of light, but it was too far. He could barely move, and he was struggling to even turn over. He was panting heavily, finally swatting at the bottle with the Light Heart…but not nearly with enough force to break the glass. He stopped then, lying there, cursing himself for not being able to do it. He closed his eyes and winced.

[color=white]“Perhaps I was wrong. Perhaps there is nothing exceptional about you.”[/color] mocked the stranger.

Habiki felt the sting of his words, then feeling his resolve come back to him, he decided he would not give this man the satisfaction.

[color=sienna]“Not likely!”[/color] he said, forcing himself to smirk, then, using all of his might, forced himself to slam his fist down on the bottle of Light with his Light Heart.

The result was instantaneous, his whole body engulfed in white. [hr]


The golems closed in on Raki again, the tallest bending over him. It raised its arm, clearly about to deal the lethal blow, and Raki screamed, closing his eyes so as not to see the strike that would kill him. Underneath his eyelids he saw a blinding flash of light, thinking for a moment that it was the light of the next world. But when no strike came, he opened his eyes tentatively, and saw a very different scene than he had pictured.

A man was standing between Raki and the golem, apparently nude, but covered in such a dazzlingly bright light as to obscure any immodest details. This light encircled him in what appeared to be some sort of shield, the fist of the attacking golem stopping just on its surface. Raki looked at the man’s shoulder and saw that he had only one arm.

The man looked back and smiled at Raki, then turned to face his attackers and offered the mages a challenge.

“[color=sienna]If you scumbags want to hurt Rocky, you’ll have to go through [i]me[/i]![/color]”

[i][b]Rocky?[/b] How does he know my name?[/i] thought Raki. Then it hit him. [i]That isn’t my name, just what Habiki’s been calling me.[/i] his eyes darted back to where Habiki had been laying, and saw that he wasn’t there. He looked again at where the man’s arm should be, and thought of Habiki’s unfortunate fall before the men had shown up.

[color=blue]“No…freaking…way.”[/color] he said aloud.

Hyrule Field/Mid-day/Habiki Sol

The lead mage looked over at Raki.

“Ha-ha, the boy’s golem is functioning! And it talks? Perhaps I was wrong, boy, you did a far better job constructing it than I had anticipated. What fine craftsmanship! Are you manipulating it directly, with your thoughts, to mimic speech the way ours do? Or is it acting independently? If so, you must be brilliant, imbuing it with such a level of autonomy, the illusion of intelligence. For a moment I had almost believed it was alive…what say you, boys, should we take the juvenile and his creation back to our camp and see how Maydni rewards us?”

“Hey you, don't talk about me, talk TO me, I’m right here. I may have no clue what you’re talking about, but I AM alive.”

This wiped the smile off the mage’s face. His eyes widened.

Habiki stood there for a moment, the fist of the golem resting harmlessly upon his shield. The tension seemed to be mounting, and in the silence, Kae’s shard took the opportunity to charge at the golems again, this time firing a powerful beam, blasting a deep crater in the big one’s chest. The golem swatted at it at the behest of the mage, but this time the shard was quick enough to evade it and move backwards away from the group, ready to strike the invaders at any moment. It, however, did not, apparently understanding the threat it posed to the two it was protecting should it explode.

The other two mages and their golems were unnaturally still, clearly unable to cope with these new developments.

Habiki was still standing there, apparently just as stunned at the situation. He looked down at his new body, marveling at how much it had changed. Then finally…

“There was a fog in me, before…that’s what it felt like. I didn’t even know it until just now, but before…it was a fog.”

Habiki appeared to be struggling to express himself. Whatever he was feeling, it was intense. “It was like, like…like everything was getting in, but nothing was getting out. I heard everything people were saying to me, SAW everything, but understoodnothing. And yet now, I look back on it, and I understand it, I remember it, and it’s as if I was there the whole time, without even knowing it…

Like I was trapped.”

The mage’s eyes looked like dinner plates. “It, it’s not possible! I don’t understand. How could a boy make something…or…someone like you!”

“Raki Cestus didn’t make me. My father made me, 5 years ago. No, Raki’s just my new friend. And you hurt him. That wasn’t very smart, because now you have to deal with me!”

The lead mage seemed ready to wet himself at this point, but he quickly regained his composure. He spat on the ground, and then looked with malice at Habiki.

“You are nothing. You are dust! If you are truly alive, then you shall not be much longer! A shame, our people might have liked to study you.”

Habiki didn’t seem to hear him, continuing his speech. 

“I know now that I’ve always been watching.” He raised his only arm, clutching the orb in his fist.

“I know now that I’ve always been listening.” The orb began to grow brighter, blazing with ever ascending radiance. 

“I know now that I’ve always been hiding.” The shield surrounding Habiki began to dissipate, to contract, the light all flowing inward into the orb held in his hand, until Habiki was completely obscured by it.

The mage, realizing what was about to happen, commanded his golem to cross its arms and steel itself for the coming blast.

“And now the fog has lifted…and the hiding ends here!”

Hyrule Field/Mid-day/Habiki Sol

The mage waited for Habiki’s blast…it never came.

The light dissipated, and soon Habiki was just a man standing naked in an open field with a ball in his hand, a conflicted expression on his face. He simply stood there silent, his shields down.

“What’s he doing?” thought Raki.

The mage seized this opportunity at once. Commanding his golem, he slammed its fists down on Habiki’s body, crushing him into the ground. Raki gasped as where Habiki had been standing instantly became a smoking crater. The golem lifted its fist from the ground, revealing Habiki lying there, relatively unscathed, but with the wind knocked out of him.

Habiki stood up slowly, painfully. The twili golem didn’t give him the chance to enjoy being on his feet for long, because he quickly sent him flying with a forceful punch.

Habiki landed crushingly on his back, the air ripped from his lungs a second time.

The strange man in white appeared by Habiki’s side suddenly, as if from a dream, bathed in the same light that had engulfed Habiki. “Wait, so after that whole speech, you’re just going to sit there? Attack that abomination, destroy the golem!”

Habiki hesitated, looking at the vision in front of him. Despite himself, he spoke aloud. “I…can’t hurt it. It’s like me, isn’t it?”

The light being shook his head. “Those things are nothing like you. You’re not quite as mindless as they are. They are just puppets.”

“Puppets?” Habiki repeated back to him.

“They have no will of their own. They merely take the shape of men because that is what is most convenient for battle. They are little more than tools, swords of a different shape, that are controlled directly by the thoughts of those mages. Do you understand?”

Habiki hesitated for a moment. “Yes, I think I do.”

“Then get on with it.

Habiki stood up and smiled weakly, still somewhat hampered with worry for the opposing golems.

Still, he hesitated no more. His gaze grew intense as he threw it back to the mage that had attacked him. “Sorry to keep you waiting…it won’t happen again.” Before he’d even finished the sentence, he’d fired off a quick shot at the golem and began running towards it.

The golem blocked it, but chunks of debris flew from its arms as it was damaged by the blast. 

The lead mage was furious. “Don’t just stand there you idiots, assist me!” he yelled to his subordinates, finally shaking them out of their stupor.

Before the mage had finished speaking Habiki had already caught up to his golem. He leaped many feet into the air and slammed his fist down on top of its head, creating an enormous shockwave of light, then leapt back to survey his progress. 

He was shocked when the beast appeared to reel in pain, so shocked that he didn’t notice as one of the weaker golems rushed him from the side.

The situation flashed before him in an instant. He didn’t have time to react. He didn’t have time to attack. No time to even think about dodging. Its fist would be upon him within the second.

Suddenly Kae’s shard darted towards them. At that speed it would hit the golem just before its fist reached Habiki…but it could explode, harming Habiki in the process.

He reacted, reaching out his arm and catching it just before it hit the golem. It instantly transmuted from a solid indigo shard into pure white luminescent energy, forming a sword of blazing illumination, and just before the golem could hit…Habiki had cut its head off.

All of this happened within a tenth of a second.

It tumbled, headless, to the ground, as the remaining two constructs rushed him from either side. He clashed instantly with the weaker one, its enormous fists resting against the flat of his blade. He spun the blade and ran it down the middle of the creature's torso, splitting it in two, then sent the blade backward into the chest of the larger one. This was not a killing blow, but before it could react, Habiki turned his upper body to face it, and focused all his energy into the orb in his hand.

Then he did something he’d never done before: He focused on forcing all of his energy outward, forming a continuous wave of light energy, a single beam of concentrated power, right into the gut of the beast. The golem completely disintegrated into dust, which quickly settled to the floor, but Habiki’s beam simply continued past it. Then it was done, he lowered his hand, and the beam desisted.

He turned to face the puppeteers.

“Run,” he said, and they complied, dashing away in the opposite direction as fast as they could.

Hyrule Field/Mid-day/Habiki Sol

Raki continued to marvel at his newly ascended comrade. He no longer had the rough-hewn, jagged appearance of a misshapen clay monster…nor did he even look like he was made of clay at all, but like a flesh and blood man.

Habiki raised his arm and placed the Light Heart in front of his chest. Raki’s eyes grew wide as Habiki’s chest seemed to mold around the orb, taking it in to itself, its proper place as his beating heart. Then his chest closed over it, concealing it, leaving no evidence of what lay inside of him, for all appearances human.

His hair was long and rust-red, traveling a ways down the small of his back in waves, which complemented his earth-brown eyes. He was handsome, but by no means a pretty-boy. His sculptors had done a terrific job of giving his appearance many little flaws, little imperfections and asymmetries that gave his look character.

He was slightly rough, the look of a carpenter or other man of work, and it showed in his body, well-tanned and well-muscled, chiseled even…though again, flawed, for his makers must have realized if he was too symmetrical he would have appeared fake, like a porcelain doll. They had done well to avoid this, to avoid the fate of the Uncanny Valley.

Yet his somewhat dark skin, hair and eyes were in an awkward, stark-contrast to the light that had enveloped him during the fight…he didn’t look the part of a light mage.

He was now exactly as his creators had made him, as they had envisioned him…with the exception of his missing arm. This too, was soon rectified as he walked over to the spot where he had fallen, and knelt by the small pile of dirt that had been his own limb. It instantly reformed the rough shape of an arm, attaching itself and then refining itself, compacting, growing denser and more finely shaped until it was a perfectly sculpted right arm. Then it seemed to slowly imbue with the life that the rest of his body had taken on, as if the skin of his shoulder was slowly spreading over the rest of his arm, transforming it from stone to flesh.

Suddenly, Habiki’s whole body shivered in pain, and as his face tensed in agony, for a brief instant his form seemed to reveal its original nature, his whole body turning back into dried earth. It passed as quickly as it came, the life returning to him. Habiki seemed confused by the event.

Suddenly he heard Lanayru’s voice in his head. “It is as I told you, Habiki. If you use the light before reaching Faron, it shall for the moment give you great power, as well as clarity of mind…but it shall do nothing to prolong your life. On the contrary, it shall serve to shorten it, as your newfound power dissipates and takes your remaining strength with it. Now that you have done exactly that, I shall not seek to reprimand you, for you could have done no differently. Instead I will merely instruct you. You must focus more fervently now on the immediate task…it is more important than ever now that you reach the Deku Tree’s clearing as soon as possible…there’s no way of telling how much longer you have.”

Habiki’s face suddenly became clouded with worry at that last sentence. How much longer I have? He quickly steeled his expression, realizing Raki was looking.

“In Faron lies a Light Spirit of caliber rivaling my own. Before you meet the Deku Tree, you must first contact Light Spirit Faron. He shall provide you with the light you need to fulfill your mission and ensure your survival. Only this time, Habiki, be sure to deliver it to the Deku Tree.”

Habiki nodded despite himself.

“One more thing, Habiki. The man who came to you…he shall be very important to you in the near future. Learn from him, he has much to teach you…but remember that he does not know everything.”

Habiki nodded again, though there was no one but Raki to see it.

He turned back toward his Zora friend, only to find the man dressed in white standing in front of him.

Hyrule Field/Mid-day Day 3/Habiki

“You let them GO!?!” said the man in white.

Habiki was incredulous. “What else was I supposed to do? I was told that I have to protect people regardless of which side of the war they're on, and I thought that meant not killing them.”

The light-being was furious. “Just because you were told to let them live doesn’t mean you had to let them go! They might have had valuable information about the Twilis’ tactics!” he paused. “Besides, their arrival in this part of Hyrule is a bad sign. They must have snuck past enemy lines by hiding their golems underground and disguising themselves as bystanders…if you hadn’t been here, they might have made it all the way to Castle Town undetected, and the place is in havoc as it is…so it seems you’re not completely useless.”

Habiki glared at the man. “Forget all that…whoever you are, you lied to me. You told me those things were just puppets, that they weren’t like me…but when I attacked them, they reacted, like they were in pain.” 

“You are accusing me of deceit? No. No, I am just as stunned as you at this development. I would never order you to kill, my creed is pacifism whenever possible. These creatures, these golems, never responded like that in my day. They seem to be developing some kind of rudimentary awareness…regardless, I do not believe they are sentient. So from now on, whether you destroy them or not is to be at your own discretion…if you even HAVE such a thing.”

This seemed to calm Habiki somewhat. He smiled. “I'll do that then. So, were you impressed?”

“Impressed? What, by that little ‘battle’ of yours just now? That’s not impressive…that’s not even a leisurely Saturday morning before I’ve had my coffee. Certainly nothing to convince me that you’re worthy of my legacy.”

This caught Habiki’s attention. “What do you mean? You keep saying that I-”

“Don’t fret about that now, if I have anything to say about it, with any luck, they will reassess your merit and my position will go to someone less…simple.” He turned to leave.

“Wait, don’t walk away, I have questions, I-"

The man looked back at him. “You need to get to Castle Town. You have allies there who may be interested in your assistance.” He looked over at the ground, at the shard that had once been Kae’s, glowing a brilliant white.

“And I have just the mode of transportation to get you there.” He said, putting his fingers to his lips, an impressively loud whistle escaping his lungs.

Hyrule Field/Mid-day Day 3/Raki

Raki stood there, intrigued, as Habiki walked around the field, naked, talking to himself, as if there was someone there. He was afraid, for a moment, that his friend had lost it. Then he remembered that Habiki was a man made of dirt, and was acting on orders from a glowing invisible sea-serpent to visit a talking tree…none of it sounded very plausible, so who was he to assume that Habiki wasn’t simply talking to someone that Raki could not see? It was best to leave Habiki to his own devices with these things, Raki was quickly learning…at least now he can explain afterwards.

He looked over at the shard that Habiki had earlier forged a blade from, somehow transmuting the energies of Kae’s weapon into his own paradigm…but how? What strange alchemical processes could have so effortlessly metamorphosed her star shard into Light magic with no apparent loss of potency, no waste of magical efficacy?

As he stared at it, suddenly the shard seemed to quiver. Raki looked up suddenly, and saw that Habiki was also looking intently at the magical fragment. It quivered again, then lifted off the ground, and began to grow more intense in its radiance, until suddenly it burst.

Out of the shard erupted an ethereal, almost insubstantial horse of dazzling white. Its mane appeared to be made of fire, only of the most pristine alabaster color. Even its surroundings appeared albescent.

Raki again looked over at his friend, Habiki. He was now cloaked in a modest white tunic, with brown leather boots. Had he not already known who this was, he would never have made the connection.

He turned to face what not so long ago had begun as Kae's conjured shard. What was this horse, this strange solar equestrian, this aspect? He felt a strange familiarity. Where did he know this creature from?

Suddenly it hit him. He’d come across it in his books, in his reading of lore, of the stars and constellations. This was a constellation.

“Equus Major.” He whispered.


IC: Quell - Hyrule Castle Town - late morning 3

The sword weilding warrior unleashed a massive attack at close range. Quell did his best to brace the attack using the shield, and as it started to absorb the flames he could suddenly feel the second strike of the attack with full force.

"Gaah!" he grunted as he began to be driven back by the overwhelming force. To make matters worse much of the attacks energy was in an upward motion causing him to be lifted from his feet. Finally as the pressure built something had to give.

A large explosion rocked the ground as Quell shot back from the smoke. He had used the shield to brace himself as best he could but it wasn't able to absorb the full power of the attack and was launched from his hands. Using his levitation Quell softened his landing, a moment later the shield crashed to the ground several meters behind him with a hard thud. It was still steaming hot from the strike but was otherwise undamaged.

As Quell glanced back a new irritance caught his eye. Sheikah reinforcements had arrived. "Hmph... The sheikah are certainly keeping their reputation of arriving after the fire has already burnt down the house. I suppose nothing more can be expected from such outlived relics." Quell spoke as he stood back up.

In the distance he could hear the shouting of another of the warriors who had been fighting earlier. The fight was beginging to grow into a full brawl again. Tapping his foot the ground began to glaze over with a thin layer of ice and frost. Quell then began to levitate a few meters off the ground. This would help level the playing field against all his gravity bound foes. 

Glancing at the Sheikah, Quell quickly realized from the bewildered look that one of them was far less experienced than the other. "Heh, lets see just how skilled you are." Quell spoke as he raised his hand and used the gauntlets to begin to pull the Sheikah Kae towards him. At the same time the swords blade swung out from its resting postion ready to strike once in range.

Kae Bryseis/Day 3/Castle Town/Noon

No time to react. Kae was stuck in a spiraling death grip, but she wasn't out of this yet.

Moths to a torch.

It was powered by an artifact, or so she thought. There was barely enough reaction time for her to fly below the blade and off to the right. While she was airborne, Kae made a deflecting attack to try to knock it away from his body. She also used this time to suffuse her pattern with focused celestial energies.

If it weren't for that Imbuing, she'd be a Kae-kabob. Instead, her attacker would have to settle for a grazing of her left side. She could feel the steel's sting...the blood trickling...and the rage began to build.

Skidding to a landing on one knee, her hands became shrouded in thick violet-white light. She aimed them both at her attacker; her visage indignant. Ink and eyes aglow; her aura became much more palpable.

"Vengeance thirsts! El Kio Nayru!"

Words of Power eerily echoed. Runes and sigils quickly encircled the balls of energy in her hands as they discharged violently in a dazzling array. The ground cracked and cratered under where she knelt; when her hands were free, she took up an offensive stance with her blade in hand. It appeared as though Raki would be on his own thanks to her being dragged into combat. A short prayer was whispered as she awaited the next attack if it was to come.

But she didn't feel drained at all...that technique would have cost her dearly before last night.

IC: Quell - Hyrule Castle Town - Noon 3
The sheikah managed to evade a direct hit, but Quell could feel his blade make light contact. However the sense of satisfaction was short lived as a barrage of blasts hit him in the back. Quell lurched forward as several small explosions erupted finally giving way to a single larger explosion.

As the debris and smoke blew outward from the blast Quell shot up from smoke cloud. His cape was in tatters but his armor protecting him from any fatal injuries. Riasing his altitude he began rotated around and firing off random blasts ice magic towards the ground.

The fight was starting to take its toll and Quell knew that with this many foes he wouldn't be able to maintain the advantage for much longer. He needed to consider an end game for this fight.

Day 3/Castle/Senshi

"S***!" Senshi cursed himself as he panted heavily. His attack had meet its mark but didn't do nearly as much damaged has he had hoped and now he was exhausted. Using a trump card that early in a fight was a tactical mistake, he should have brawled with is opponent longer and forced an opening. It was a mistake he wouldn't had made had he not forgotten how much that technique drains from someone without alternate power source.

Luck would have it that the frost knight seemed to distract himself with a new opponent who seemed to be holding her own. He took the moment to recover and remove the shrapnel from he arm struggling to muffle any screams of pain.

"Lunar magic... Well, that's rare" he said as he continued to watch from a distance. This women was the third person he'd ever seen capable of using it and the other two were forces to be recoded with. He considered aiding her in hopes of learning the origin of her powers but realized that would be foolish in his current condition. Instead he put his charm back on and continued to watch from a distance. At the very least he knew he could jump in at a moments notice and take care of any ice magic with his powers.

Darrel Mytura - Hyrule Castle Town - Third Noon

Darrel hung back as Kae rushed forward to intercede and combat the armored ice mage. A shallow cut seemed to be all she required to bring out the big guns, summoning beams of lunar magic to assault their foe. Darrel drew Morning's Edge and waited on the edge of the conflict until the enemy shot up into the air and started whirling about haphazardly firing blasts of arctic energies.

"My turn." he said aloud, closing his eyes for a moment and envisioning in his mind's eye the fields of spirit energy all around him, drawing it into himself. He channeled it through his body, amassing it in preparation. His blade gleamed once more with the deadly, crackling surges of power.

He leaped. The spirit energies fueling his body carried him well beyond the scope of an average man's jump. His feet and hands caught the edge of a single story roof and he propelled himself up with even greater strength and speed. This time he caught the top of a high stone archway. When he landed square atop the highest building in the vicinity he was crouching as he landed, the ceiling beginning to give way as he made one more strong leap, straight up.

He couldn't fly but that didn't mean he wasn't a threat to those who could. As he ascended he funneled all of the power he could into the blade of his sword, holding it aloft as he drew close to his foe.

He reached the apex of his leap a short distance below the ice mage, but took aim and loosed a massive beam of sizzling energy even as he began to fall back toward the city below, the force of which thrust him into a diagonal descent, making it impossible to see what became of it.

[b]Harken Zeiss/Mid-Morning 3/Castle Town[/b]

Running toward the continuing calamity coming to a crest of chaos in Castle Town, Harken once more donned the Giant's Mask, hopefully for the last time in a week. The transformation was no more comfortable than it was the last time. But it did afford him some certain advantages over his opponents. Though he'd have preferred not to fight at all. A shame he had lost the Mask of Truth during the coup... [i]Alas, such reminiscing is best left for a time of relaxation rather than this... this riot.[/i]

And as Harken came charging down the street into the commons area which contained the majority of the conflict, his size increased with each stride. Just as his sudden growth spurted reached its zenith, he charged into the open space and drove his undamaged hand down, scratching up the cobblestone and the dirt, scooping up a handful of the people still remaining at the epicenter of the catastrophe. He began to squeeze the muscles of his hand to crush these poor sods unlucky enough to be within arm's reach when his temper flared.

Kae Bryseis/Day 3/Castle Town/Noon

First a death-gripping metal-clad frost mage and now a giant? Things were just getting worse.

She couldn't use an energy surge because it'd hurt Lynn and Polaris. Beams could also do the same thing...if misfired. It was time for a synergy rote.

"I can grant you all extraordinary valor for a may be the only way we live through this."

Speaking a prayer in ancient Sheikah, Kae prayed for Triune Valor for her allies and herself. It struck her instantly, suffusing her pattern with more strength, speed, and resilience than she'd ever felt. With that, she charged her starblade with a decent amount of energy and drove it into the interposing hand in an attempt to get it to release her comrades. 

If you don't let us go, I swear to you this is only the beginning of your torment. If you want Hyrule to exist, you will release us. The one you should be trying to get rid of is the armor-clad ice caster. Let us go, and I will cease hostilities toward you.

Polaris/ Castle Town/ Day 3

Finding himself unable to leap away from the giant strangers massive hand and also unable to extricate himself from its grip, Polaris withdrew his dagger from it's hiding place inside of his boot and plunged it as deep as he could into the flesh of the mans palm.

To his left, Kae was muttering something in a language he wasn't sure he knew even though it sounded somewhat familiar, it was at the same time, completely incoherent to him. Ignoring that, Polaris began to funnel massive amounts of arctic energies into his dagger just as he would if he were forming his sword, only this time the blade was taking shape right smack dab in the middle of the carpal bones of the gargantuan hand that was gradually crushing him and his companions. Even when there was more than enough ice to form the blade Polaris kept summoning more and more of his frigid essence into the dagger in an attempt to force the enormous man to loosen his grip due to the pain of having his hand frozen from the inside out. 

"She may be more forgiving than I or our friend here, but I can assure you, that if you release us at once, no one need be harmed severely...I cannot however, extend that grattitdue if we aren't set free immediately."

IC: Quell - Hyrule Castle Town - noon 3

Quell's barrage of ice blasts had only been intended as a stall tactic, but it had unfortunatly been exploited by one of the more able of his foes. A warrior had used magic to leap into the air and unleashed a powerful blast directly under Quell.

The blast erupted into a blinding light as it connected. Quell was blasted back, flipping a few times before he finally regained control of his levitation. His armor was still crackling with risidual energy, making it difficult to move.

Catching his breath for a moment Quell analyzed the situation. One of the previous fighters had returned to the battle and seemingly appeared to be trying to destroy Hyrule's defenders. "Hmm.. I don't think I should assume he is necessarily an ally..." Quell thought as began preparing for the end of the fight.

Quell began building a pair of long icicles in each hand, each a couple meters in length and covered in small jagged barbs. "This should be sufficient for now..." Quell threw one of the ice spear down towards the warrior who had just attacked him, after it had falled halfway to the ground, Quell threw the second spear, using the guantlets to boost its speed. The second spear shot down like a rock and smash into the first, causing both to shatter into millions of jagged shards of ice shooting down over several city blocks.

Without waiting to see the results Quell began amassing larges amounts of magical energy in front of him, preparing for what would likely be his last move.

Day 3/Castle Town/Senshi

"Well this a bit unexpected, and just irritating." Senshi though out loud after recognizing the man with person who attacked the Ice Knight. For his distance he couldn't make out his face but that sword was a dead give away, Darrel Mytura.

"You shouldn't be surprised, you did say this would happen sooner or later"

"True, but I didn't except Mytura would be the one to form the Light Warriors. It's usually some type-A kid. Oh well I suppose I can't simply play the spectator now, can I be certain you wont interfere?"

"If that fool with the mask was working with the ice man I'd be concerned; however, this situation is balanced."

"That's good, and I suppose I've burnt up to much stamina for that demon to bother me." he said removing his necklace, grabbing that shard of his scythe with his bad arm and drawing his sword. "<I may need you to deal with Nicholai if I can't calm him down, but DON'T act unless I tell you do.>" he spoke to the Stalfos' mind only hoping it understood.

Senshi took to the air releasing just enough dark power to make him difficult to see. He snuck up neck to the ice mage and held his sword to the mans neck. Using his dark power had caused is other powers to leak out at an increasing rate meaning Senshi had to make sure then ended fast, but at the same time it wasn't something he wanted to rush. Besides even though his sword was weakened and his natural spirit energy was being drained away the Ice mages ice attack and power faced the same problem thanks to there close proximity.

"Nicholai just what are you doing!?" He shouted hoping the giant would hear him. "Do you like to make an enemy of everyone you meet, or can you just not tell one side from the other. <Besides, if they are your enemy than there's no point in letting THEM know that. They've won this fight already. It would suit you to learn to think strategically.>" He said speaking the last part telepathically, some conversations were best kept secret after all.

"You know," he turned his attention back to the man, "when I really looked at the situation it became apparent that you must be working to the invaders, to which I must say such a bold attack does impress me. So I have to ask," he lowered his voice to a whisper, "just what are they giving you? Money just doesn't seem to cut it for this kind of risk and those toys of yours are just interesting."

<Mytura, I know you're old now and slowing down but could you please finish him off BEFORE my powers go completely out of control> he said telepathically to the ancient light warrior.


The stupor of being thrust into combat faded from Urukyl. It had been awhile since he had been in a real fight. The appearance of the giant had jarred him out of his daze. He drew his sword and muttered a few quick, unintelligible words nonchalantly. A brilliant red glow scorched across his blade, illuminating the immediate area. 

Seeing the mage amassing energy, Urukyl dashed forwards quickly, lifting his blade above his head and unleashing a roar of vigor. He brought the sword down, loosing a destructive blow of fire and steel onto the mage.

Darrel Mytura - Hyrule Castle Town - Third Noon

The momentum gained by the blast he'd unleashed carried him downward in a long arc, finally smashing through part of a window and much of the surrounding wall, landing with bone jarring force on a rough wooden floor. As he picked himself up and shook off the dust he could see from the large hole he'd left as the ice mage summoned his magic and loosed a rain of ice shards. No time to think, he acted.

Back out through the window he leaped, spiraling in the air. Morning's Edge emitted a wave of crackling energy as he spun, cutting a swath through the plummeting ice. Darrel hit the street one story down from where he'd crashed, but couldn't repeat the maneuver because of a sudden voice ringing in his head.

"Mytura, I know you're old now and slowing down but could you please finish him off BEFORE my powers go completely out of control."

It surprised him, threw him off his timing. It left him a sitting duck for the pair of ice shards that grazed his left cheek and punctured his right shoulder respectively. He let out a howl of pain and dropped to his knees.

But he couldn't stay there. The voice sounded familiar but he couldn't place it. It didn't matter anyway, this arctic fiend was going to have to be dealt with and with the reappearance of the giant it was going to have to be him.

"Have it your way..." he said through gritted teeth, reaching up and pulling the dagger of ice out of his shoulder. Blood flowed freely and heavily from the wound as he pushed himself to his feet. He'd been here before, he was just going to have to give it what he had left, he could get healed when it was done.

Spirit energy flowed through him, he summoned and channeled every ounce of power that he could muster in his condition. His jaw muscles clenched as drops of blood trickled down his cheek. He didn't channel the power into energy, but rather let it flow in its entirety through his body. He hated flight, but he'd learned to deal with it as best he could.

When he moved, it was with a greater speed and intensity than had yet been called upon. He raced down the street, picking up momentum until at last he hurled himself against the interior of the city's outer defensive wall. Stone and mortar crumbled with the impact as he coiled and drove himself back up into the air. This time however, when he neared his foe, he didn't loose a blast of energy but drew back his fist. The white knuckles were enveloped in coruscating bolts of power from the energy he channeled, and when he reached the ice mage he threw that fist forward with all of the unstoppable force of the rising sun.

Harken Zeiss/Mid-Morning 3/Castle Town

Almost immediately as Harken lifted up the detritus, both stone and living, he had occasion to regret the action. Pain seared through what was his good hand, as shards of the debris dug into his flesh. One seemed to have pierced through to the bone, the pain was so intense. And it was... cold.

Like any warm-blooded creature, Harken reacted by attempting to distance himself from what caused him pain. His arm swung to the side, and his fingers opened, flinging the handful at high speed toward the walls of Castle Town. He let out a pained shout in conjunction with the action. And then, just like any man, he sucked on the injury, drawing out chunks of ice and frozen blood.

"Nicholai just what are you doing!?" At first Harken wondered who was calling for his father, until he remembered he had given the pseudonym to the scythe-wielding man from before. "Do you like to make an enemy of everyone you meet, or can you just not tell one side from the other?"

And then, before he could formulate a response, he thought, "<Besides, if they are your enemy than there's no point in letting THEM know that. They've won this fight already. It would suit you to learn to think strategically.>" No, he didn't think that. He heard it with his mind. Oh, interesting. I wonder if that is an artifact or an innate ability...?

Nonetheless, the words were truthful. He had instantly assumed any combatants were rioters and chaos-makers. It hadn't occurred to him that they might be defenders of the city, attempting to minimize the damage and bring and end to the entire affair.

"Ah... So these ones are not part of the problem, but trying to find a solution? Very well. My apologies. With all the fighting going on here, of course friendly fire is to be expected."

Brink of Death

[b]Lynn Annei/Mid-Morning 3/Castle Town[/b]

Almost as soon as they entered the battle they were attacked. Lynn was buffeted by... something and then knocked about in a sudden and huge pile of debris. It was stunning. She didn't even have time to react as the stones banged all against her body, leaving numerous bruises all over, and the dust billowed and caked her mouth and nostrils, making it near impossible to breath.

She heard Kae and Polaris shouting words, but couldn't focus enough to make sense of it all. She could only manage to hack and cough and attempt to draw in a clean breath. Just as she managed a gasp of air fit to fill her lungs, she found herself in the most interesting state of free-fall, moving at great speed over the rooftops of Castle Town, bits of debris hanging in the air around her. [i]Oh, no, we are all flying together...

And there is the Castle Town wall. I really do not think I am high enough to clear it. Hmm... is this what dying is like, then? It is strangely peaceful, despite all the fighting and destruction. Everything is moving in such slow motion. I guess I will never get to see Kae become a great hero, will I? I will never get to see these damn Interlopers killed and beaten for daring challenge Hyrule. I suppose it is not all bad. I get to give my life for Hyrule. That is all I ever wanted, in the end.[/i]

She felt Kae near-by. It was an odd sensation, but she knew her friend was just over [i]there[/i], and if she could only turn she'd see her. She wanted to say good-bye before they slammed into the wall and everything went black.

[color=indigo][i]No, Lynn! You can't die. Not now! Hyrule still needs you.[/i] I [i]still need you.[/i][/color] Was that Kae's voice? [color=indigo][i]Just accept my help. Please![/color][/i]

And then Lynn felt it. An outside energy, suffusing her. It filled her with strength. It was amazing. For a single second, she felt unstoppable. She could take the entire Twili army by herself. She could hunt down this 'Kinslayer' they were chasing and end him before he even knew there was a Sheikah on his trail. But it was only a single second.

Lynn hit the Castle Town wall.

Kae Bryseis/Day 3/Noon/Castle Town

The Valor had filled her to the brim and started to enhance nearly every action she took. There just wasn't much time to take the actions. She saw Polaris conjuring, Lynn struggling, and then she went flying. All three of them did, apparently. The throw's force was rather potent. Had Kae not infused herself with that rote, death would be imminent.

She barely had enough time to ask Lynn to accept the Valor. However, said casting had a varied enhancement based on the person receiving it as well as the caster. Thus, she hoped that Lynn and Polaris would have enough resilience to survive hitting the wall. 

She hit so hard that her body was embedded in it for a few moments, and then fell toward the cobblestone walk below. There wasn't enough time to cast a descent spell. Surging pain wracked her as she landed on her back and barely avoided head contact and whiplash.

What she saw in the air frightened her somewhat, with power surging everywhere. Darrel was full-bore going after the tin-canned ice caster, and whoever the man with the amulet was, well, there was going to be a rather chaotic channeling of energies soon enough, and it was going to hurt a lot more than the wall did.

It was then that she realized Lynn was not conscious. Kae had a few potions in her was as good a time as any. She struggled to move and got behind a pillar to break out the vial of blue medicine. Lynn looked horrible. Worse than Kae did, surprisingly. She set up a sentry shard and went to work, crawling over to Lynn.

Not breathing. No pulse. Blue would not do. Purple might, but Lynn would not be happy. She could still feel the Valor pulsating persisted through system shock? Prying open Lynn's mouth with her left hand, she angled the head on her knee and emptied the purple vial into her fallen comrade's mouth. If this worked, she'd be back, but it wouldn't relieve any of the pain that system shock caused. Even Nora didn't have the resources to do something the Great Fairy couldn't. This was an elixir of Fae Spring Water and refined Starmetal dust combined with various bitter dried roots. And the success rate on it was not very high. Some side effects included temporary uncontrollable telepathy as well as hallucination in more severe cases.

"Goddesses, don't take her from me!"

[b]Kae/Day 3/Castle Town/Noon[/b]

Her sword and sentry were doing their most to keep the hail of ice away from Lynn and their master. The blade rose above the two and entered a whirlwind state while the sentry shot at the shrapnel.

The crest of the Sheikah appeared on Kae's forehead...Triune Valor reacted different for her as the battlefield began to slow in her field of vision. But her job now was to look after Lynn. Her body was pulsing with so much energy that she wasn't exactly sure what to do with it. But it was safe; it wasn't going anywhere unless she wanted to use it. 

[i]Kae, Jaden is in danger. He is aiding the Hylians in the South...but it is looking more and more like a rout. He is engaged with a high-ranking officer; pray for his success.[/i]

War truly was hell. Jaden was fighting, Raki and Habiki were in danger (as she hadn't been monitoring the sentry there over the past few minutes), and with the others before her doing everything they could to silence the ice-caster, she feared she'd hit her friends with any attacks that'd be released. Starfire and Moonfire were off-limits; such rotes would desecrate the holy ground of Castle Town.

But at least Jaden was no longer missing...

Polaris/ Castle Town/ Day 3

After a few moments, the mountain of a man let out a yelp of pain and Polaris found himself, Kae, Lynn and quite a large amount of debris hurtling at a very high rate of speed toward one of the city walls.

Having little time to react or properly brace himself for the impact, Polaris drew upon any water he could sense in the atmosphere around him, he summoned as much as he could, from falling snow, snow that had already fallen, the perspiration of his and his partners bodies...from every place imaginable, he withdrew liquid. Until he was completely surrounded by a massive ball of liquid. Preparing for the coming pain, he froze himself and the sphere solid just seconds before slamming full force into the wall.

Polaris bore deep into the wall, his frozen armor breaking away as he went. At least it had served its purpose, although the impact was bone jarring, it did not disable him. It only pissed him off.

One thing the other ice mage could do that Polaris could not, was fly. He could however expel his magicks from pretty much any part of his body, and there were many ways to propel ones self through the air.

Twisitng around to face the direction from which he came, Polaris let loose a torrent of his frigid ice magic from the soles of his feet and propelled himself out of the crater he had created in the wall and onto a nearby rooftop. He landed in a dead sprint and as he leaped from building to building, he re-formed his blade. He ran until he was within shouting distance of the giant.

"You claim friendly fire, and if that's the case I suppose it's understandable, so one more time, the last time as a matter of fact, I offer truce, if you deny it now, so be it. You've sealed your fate...what say you?"

Dropping into a low crouch, his frozen weapon in his right hand, waved to and fro like a viper, prepared to strike at the slightest hint of hostility from his would be foe.

He hoped to avoid further altercation as he desperately wanted to check on Lynn and Kae, and he was much more weakened from the impact than he'd expected to be. All of those worries were on hold until the giant made his decision.

IC: Quell - Hyrule Castle Town - noon 3

As Quell massed huge amounts of magic he suddenly felt the flow waver. One of the foes he had written off earlier had snuck in while he was occupied and now held a scythe to his neck. Quell could feel some force distrupting his magic, he was no longer able to increase the stocked up mass of magic he was building, but he could still maintain what he already had.

As the young warrior engaged in pointless banter with an ally who was apparently named Nicholai. Quell was suddenly struck by a realization. He was in contact with his foe and could sense his thoughts through the circlet. It would seem that this warrior was far less than noble and had quite the dark side. The warrior, Senshi, seemed completely unaware of it.

Senshi then began inquiring into Quell's motives. "Wealth? Power? Sheer amusement?" Quell spoke as he began laughing uncontrollably. The warrior remained composed despite the unsettling laughter.

As Quell laughed another of the warriors unleashed a stream of flames to attack from the ground. As it neared the attack simply seemed to fizzle out. This was enough to elicit a glimmer of shock from Senshi's thoughts. The young warrior had just realized it. The air surrounding them both was becoming significantly colder, to the point that a weak flame attack like that couldn't maintain itself.

"No... I yearn for no such trifling concerns Senshi Ma! Loss! Loss is what I yearn for!" Quell began screaming at the warrior as his scythe began digging into Quell's throat.

Even as Quell continued to laugh the other warrior from earlier shot up and smashed Quell's helmet with a powerful magic enhanced punch. The force was enough to shatter through part of Quell's helmet. The force of the strike was enough to knock Senshi loose.

As the young warrior stared into the small gap in Quell's face he could only make out a shadowy mess of blood and one of Quell's bloodshot eyes. "All of you will come to know loss! The loss of ones home! The loss of ones friends! The loss of your possessions and wealth!" Quell began to rant as he unleashed a small shockwave from the gauntlets to push to the two warriors away.

He then raised his hands towards the sky looking up at the storm cloud that still hung over the city. "You will know the pain that comes from losing everything!!" The massive amount of magic he gathered finally cut loose, guiding outward toward the cloud with increased force from the guantlets it rapidly began freeze all of the moisture accumulated into the cloud and then began gaining even more mass as the magical energy solidified.

Quell rose up to the height of this monsterous glacier that now hung in the air over the city. Lowering his hands and slumping forward as if to catch his breath, with blood still trickling down from the wounds on his neck and face, Quell spoke in a more restrained tone. "Then when you have lost everything else, you will lose your lives..."

Quell watched as the magic finished solidifying, the massive glacier hung over almost 80% of the city, had he been able to finish gathering energy it would be enough to even crush the castle, but alas that proved to be to greedy for the situation. Gravity now did its work and the massive mountain of ice began to fall towards earth.

"...but understand even then, my loss is greater still." Quell growled as he was enveloped in a fog like mist that dissappeared as quickly as it came.

Day 3/Castle Town/Senshi

The situation was quickly becoming unfavorable. It seemed Mytura was distracted by his telepathic message and was injured. Something that Senshi was some what suprised by considering the number of psychics that usually find there way into the light warriors.

Making things worse, he wasn't able to get a strait answer. Instead the man just rambled on how evil thinks he is, just like all the other mages he's fought. Though that fact that he called him by name was a bit disconcerting. Just knowing his identity wasn't a problem for his unless the royal family started connecting the dot, but for an ice mage to know him.

"No, it couldn't be, if it were fire attacks wouldn't work." he though to himself trying not the go off on wild assumptions.

Mytura's attack landed but it failed to kill the man. Instead it forced his to flee, but not before throwing a giant glacier down at the city.

Senshi, as if on instict, flew up under the glacier and tried to push it back despite the futility. He didn't have enough strength left for another true blade and he'd burned off to much power to rely on his anti-water power. Of course even if he was at full power it probably wouldn't have made a difference. It was times like these that remind him why he always struggled to control his powers and unlock the power of absorption.

"Well isn't this a predicament." The demon mocked, "You know if you would have just let me take control when you had the chance instead of wasting all over you strength none of this would have happened. Oh well, sucks to be anyone down there, now lets get out of here."

"Sorry, but for some reason that foolish desire to be heroic has surfaced again. It really is an annoying trait. I'm almost certain its genetic otherwise I would have overcome it by now."

"Hey I don't care if you want to kill yourself but I don't want to die with you. So why don't you be a pal and smack your head into something until your mind powers turn on. That'll work, and wont kill us"

"I suppose I'll have to step it. Destruction on this scale would amount to genocide after all."

"I guess I don't have a choice" Senshi said as he removed his clock so it wouldn't get in the way.

Senshi's wounds began to disappear. His battle worn armor suddenly looked brand new. His brown hair turned jet black and his silver highlights vanished. "That which threatens the cycle of life and death is this world must be stopped." Death Angel spoke out loud for the first time in countless years. The Scythe of Shadow regained its form as a pair of large black feather wings grew from his back. Senshi's mind drifted into a slumber. The demon and the anti-power were suppressed. Death Angel had once again been given form in this world.

With a single flap of his wings the glacier came to a near stop in mid air, but it wouldn't be enough. Death struck the glacier with Senshi's flaming sword with all his divine might. The fire exploded with a force greater then the true blade spreading the flames across the underside of the glacier. 

A crater began to from at the point of impact causing Death to drill farther and farther into the center of the ice mass. "This is unfortunate, I may very well end up borrowing though the center." he paused for a mounted and he realized the glacier was starting to crack down the middle. "Of course there are worse out comes." he said realizing that he wouldn't be able to stop both pieces if it split in half.

<"It be to the mutual benefit to everyone one in this city if all those of sufficient capability would provide aid deterring this mass of ice. Farther more everyone else should fly the city, NOW!"> Death Angel broadcasted to the entire city having enhanced Senshi's natural telepathy.

Back from the Brink

Lynn Annei/Mid-Morning 3/Castle Town

Lynn felt cold. It was wonderful. All she wanted to do was sleep in the embrace of the chill. But there was a core of heat at the center of her being; just a bit of warmth. She peered at it, almost angry at the intrusion. It grew in intensity, raising in temperature until it was nigh unbearable. Then it began to spread. Her skin itched, she felt like she was burning alive.

She opened her eyes with a shout of pain, and began to roll on the slush-covered ground, attempting to squelch the flames. Only there was no fire, and she was in Castle Town. And Kae was kneeling beside her. And from the sky was falling a sleet, mixture of hail and snow and rain. And her skin no longer felt like it was burning; it felt like she was covered in ants, crawling everywhere and biting her all over. Very uncomfortable.

She peered up at Kae. "Ow..."

b]Harken Zeiss/Mid-Morning 3/Castle Town[/b]

Harken peered up at the huge glacier hanging over the town. "Oh, bugger. This is not good."

He peered into the pack on his back. [i]What can be used to stop this..?[/i] While he did have a fine collection of low to high level magical power, he didn't have anything with the range of power needed for a task of this magnitude; not enough to save the city. But there was enough to save himself. He unhooked his cane from the side of the bag while tearing the Giant Mask from his face and storing that once more.

Then he turned his eyes upward, toward impending doom. He concentrated on the cane, murmuring the words that activated its abilities, and fingering the proper groves to give it command. The crystal atop the device began to glow a deep turquoise. He held off on the command to release the power, instead repeating the charging command over and over, his fingers poised over the item's shaft. The glow intensified.

He recalled when he first had the cane crafted, by the greatest magicians of Termina. It was their crowning achievement, and yet paled before items from antiquity. They were geniuses, but the state of the world had weakened magic: no matter how great they were, it was metaphysically impossible for them to grow as great as their predecessors. And likely it would be just as impossible for the magic-users to follow them to surpass their powers. Termina had been in decline.

It had also been the warning of these men that Harken Ziess only use the cane with at most the power of four Words of Power, and even that was ill-advised. The item was optimized to channel the strength of three Words. Now, Harken was feeding it ten... fifteen... twenty and more Words. The thing was likely to explode, but then, if he was going to die, it would be on his terms, through his actions. Not crushed beneath some fool's giant ice-cube.

He finally uttered the last command, and twitched his fingers into the firing position on the runes. The glow ceased. The crystal shattered. And a wave of magical force exploded outward from the cane.

The arcan torrent swirled through the air, barreling up on the glacier. It was invisible to the eye save for the effect it had on the precipitation, which flurried in odd yet meaningful patterns in the path of the blast. I

t struck the glacier. At first there was no effect. Then the chunk of ice began to quake. And then, a quarter of the thing broke apart, into smaller large pieces of ice that fell faster upon the city, disconnected from the rest that was being held aloft by the efforts of Death Angel. These pieces still hammered down into buildings and people and the very ground, but they were spaced out, and didn't flatten the entirety of Castle Town.

Harken had done his job, in his mind's eye. And he had saved his own skin, in the lest; none of the chunks had landed on him. But the focusing crystal was complete broken now, and its pieces had exploded outward, lodging themselves into the ground, and the nearby walls, and Harken's chest and face.

Kae/Castle Town/Day 3/Noon

A spark; a cascading essence of a all worked...but there was no time to celebrate.

Kae briefly looked down at Lynn, hugging her very quickly. Telepathy was faster than speech...

"Goddesses bless live...relax...the temporary pain signifies it worked...solution of starmetal...later...look at the sky...pray..."

Her sentry shard began to siphon power from its host. While she didn't have this rote in mind considering it was in the "high danger" chapter of the Mastery Tome, her conjured items often had a fairly good idea what their master would require of them. Nora even knew. There wasn't much time to think with imminent doom falling from the sky. Others were doing their best to stave it off. The giant that tried to kill them even redeemed himself somewhat in her eyes. 

Do not desecrate the sanctuary! This rote will kill you!

No it won't. And there won't be one left if I don't take this risk. Lend me your strength or get out of my head!

A rare rebellious streak from Kae! She'd never have talked back to her master even if death was absolute. Her defiance fueled the shard's potency. It wasn't supposed to do what Kae sent it airborne to attempt. To harness the very essence of an all-consuming vortex...unthinkable...risky...very un-Kae.

It traveled effortlessly and adjusted its angle of incident well enough to not harm the reaper already sacrificing much of himself to get the job done. She figured she could lighten the load with a Forbidden rote. 

After flickering in a violet-white explosion, the color inverted to a deep black-green as some of the descending glacier started to get sucked in. Clouds followed, as did some of the fist-shattered wasn't a colossal amount, but Kae was doing her part. She felt very drained, but not as taxed as she would have been had Nora not provided some aid. The rote very well would have taken her life. Instead, she settled for bloody sweat and seeping ink. Nora probably got the bad end of it. After all, she wasn't talking. But she was probably all right.

The reaper had asked for some help as well...

"The aid of the Three is yours, sir Reaper! Valor fuel you!"

She knelt back down and kept channeling her benediction. With a free hand, she stroked Lynn's hair and let a smirk through amidst the concentration. Castle Town would be saved if she had anything to do about it.

This is why we chose you...there is wisdom in calculated risks that too many ignore...We apologize for your discomfort, Scion.

Was this an inkling of how Kae would react to adversity in the future? Nora most certainly hoped not. That Rote knocked her unconscious.

Darrel Mytura - Castle Town Streets - Third Noon

He was too tired to help, too battered to raise a finger and save the city when it needed him most. He'd dealt a hell of a blow to the monster that had beset the city, but at what cost? He'd not stopped the monstrous ice mage from summoning into being a glacier capable of crushing the city, all he'd done was expend all of his energy. The wounds, wounds the effects of which had been masked by the power he'd contained, now flooded him with agony. There was a hole in his right shoulder that went all the way through, and broken bones from his fall. Blood ran through the cracks and cranies in the cobbled avenue in which he lay.

Reckless. Foolish. Use any adjective you'd like to describe your actions, it doesn't change the outcome. You're lying on your back in a pool of your own blood, leaving the heavy lifting up to everybody else. Ever the immovable object, after all these years you still haven't learned to identify an acceptable loss.

That voice... It was so familiar to him, but it sounded as though it was coming to him over a great distance.

Things were getting darker now, the edges of his vision blurred. He blinked back the tears that had inevitably come to his eyes, but it didn't help. The problem wasn't his eyes. He was weak, and growing ever weaker.

Yes, you're dying. It's been too long since you've faced ones such as these. All your practice, all your training, you let it slip away in your grief. You let depression make you soft, and now you're paying the price.

"What can I do...?"

A passerby stopped, looked down at him as the fallen warrior spoke to no one.

"He's delirious." he heard them say to another. He could sense that there were others around him now, inspecting his injuries. Unless they had magic with which to heal him, however, they were too late.

I cannot heal you over this distance, but I will give you the strength to hold fast until someone else can. However, I'll only do this if you promise to redouble your efforts. You and he are more important than you know, Darrel Mytura, do not disappoint us.

"I wa- I want... to live..."

Day 3/Castle Town/Senshi
The size changing man and the young women with lunar powers had both aiding in lighting the weight of the huge mass of ice. It women had also attempted to increase Death's strength, unfortunately the nature of her powers made this imposable. It was as if she was trying to add water to a glass that was already overfilled.

Death took full advantage of the lightened loud and attempted to lift the glacier higher into the air and guild it towards to lake. However, despite everyone's efforts, or perhaps because of them, the glacier split in two along the very crack Death Angel was concerned about. The Angel dove down hoping to at least catch the larger chunk. Before he could reach he was force to pull back to avoid a barrage of dark energy blasts and some other form of magic that resembled the young Shiekah woman's.

Death glanced over towards the castle where the assault had originated form. There appeared to be two men, that he didn't recognize but from his power Death could make a decent guess as to his lineage. The other was twice the size of any Hylian was strange marking on his face. "The Oni..."  Death Angel quickly returned to the task at hand, the glacier had be shattered to there were still far to many piece remaining. "True Flame Burst," he spoke calmly has his lifted Senshi's blade above his head. An omni-directional wave of flame shot out from the flaming sword, followed by another, then another, then three more. The flames collided with the airborne shards, exploding on contact thanks to the Angel's divine power being added to the attack.

Most of the chucks had be reduced to bomb sized hail, nevertheless this would still create a greater amount of casualties then Death could allow. He swung his scythe sending a massive wave of shadow magic towards to earth. As the wave dissolved into thin are waves or spirits, ghost, and poes fill the sky. The swarm grabbed what ever chunks they could and carried them out to Lake Hylia.

The city was saved but not spared. Despite it many building were destroyed by the massive hail and many people killed. Still the death count was with in what Angel could allow during war. After all war was one tools to rebalanced populations. 

Death Angel slowly descending back to the ground. Senshi's hair and armor returned to normal. The wounded on his arm remained partiality healed; only massive bruising remained. The Angels did prefer to leave there host bodies in better shape then who they found them, though there were the occasional unfortunate circumstances. Senshi's consciousness slowing awakened as his feet gently landing on the ground. The jet black feather wings broke apart as if there were destroyed by a ungodly gust.

Senshi looked around at the aftermath as he stowed his weapons, "Well, I suppose this was the best that could be expected."

He walked over towards Mytura's and his companions, the ones he blamed for this mess. He knew the damage caused by Davus' appearance, or by fighting Kinslayer was unavoidably but he couldn't help but think things only got worse after they appeared. Nicholi wouldn't have been confused and attacked. The ice mage might not have resorted to such tactics if the fight had remained one on one.

"Amazing isn't it," he said as he approached the battle worn heroes, "how a minor problem can suddenly become cataclysm the second a bunch of 'heroes' come and save the day." he spat despite knowing his words fell mostly on deaf ears. One of the Shiekah was unconscious and the other, as well as Darrel, barely looked alive. Nicolai was also in bad shape but it looked as the worse he'd walk away with is a few bad scars. Only the Zora and the Stalfos remained in good health, in the relative sense of the term.

"And to think Shiekah were involved in this mess," he said looking down at the two women. "It's a shame really, I actually respect your kind, but this seems just down right out of character. You on the other hand," he said turning to Mytura. He didn't know if he could hear him, nor did he care, he just wanted to vent. "When I realized how many relics were still alive I was worried that some idiot might pull this stunt, but to think it would be you. Honestly what were you thinking, reforming the light warrior!"

"Now now, your tounge is far to sharp Shinigami," a voice came from behind them. It was the same large man that had aided Death Angel earlier only know he was wearing Senshi's cloak that he had picked up on his way. "and you make far to many assumptions. Honestly acting on rash emotions like that. Well I suppose its like they say, like father like-"

"It would be best if you didn't finish that sentence." Senshi quickly cut him off. "Now, just what are you doing here?"

"I live here, honestly where do you think I go when I'm not living with your family. It's not like I've been back to Termina in the past few centuries." Phoenix said trying to avoid answering Senshi's real question. 

"That's not what I meant." Senshi asked with a sour tone, not willing to be brushed off.

Phoenix let out a deep sigh, "Just because the presence of a familiar face annoys does NOT bar me for protecting this country. This world does not bend to your needs alone, nor do I," he said scolding him for his selfish ideas. "Besides, when the war started I came out of retirement again. Though my Hylian form has aged a bit and it become much harder to maintain it so I hope you don't mind my borrowing your cloak to hide face."

"Oh yes, that will make the difference." Senshi said sarcastically, noting Phoenix's large size in his true form and how the cloak was made for someone less then half his size. "You look ridiculous you know."

"Yes, but I'm not really concerned with pride right now," he said looking around at the devastation. "Besides I rather not have the survivors worrying about what ever they might think I am walking around the city right now." he paused for a moment and looked town at the injured warriors. "Right, I suppose we should carry them to the hospital. That was spared after all."

Kae/Day 3/Castle Town/Noon

She may have looked like a candidate for the afterlife, but Kae wasn't feeling it. Backlashes from Lunacy's Vortex created a deceptive appearance. As for Lynn, there was still much time needed for recovery. 

What Kae saw in the air boggled her mind. Even the apocryphal tomes didn't have descriptions of beings such as a death angel or a phoenix existing on this plane. Nor did techniques such as the ones used have any entries. This was apocrypha of apocrypha. He had a reason to be arrogant by saving as much of Castle Town as he did. Still, this didn't prevent Kae from speaking up.

"I think I understand how one of you feels. However, doing nothing was not on our list of options...regardless of opinion, things would be much worse had all of us not done what we did. There is wisdom in calculated risk. In this case, it was justified. But enough friend is on death's door, as is Sir Darrel..."

Kae bent down to offer assistance to Lynn, whispering in her ear.

"Please, just hang in there. Help's on the way. I've enough of the blessing left to tote you to the hospital, if you wish."

As she knelt, she looked up at them, expecting to be chewed out once more. These folks didn't look like people that suffered backtalk lightly.

"We weren't properly introduced. I'm Kae Bryseis, Scion of Nayru. Lynn...well, she's critical. I should be able to carry her, though."

Knowing full well that her friend would be hallucinating or in some sort of excruciating pain, or both, Kae was as gentle as possible in the lifting. Steady head and neck, steady torso, and bent knees in cradling position. Kae's chin supported the top of Lynn's head.

"If you don't want the hospital I'll find us an alternative. If you want to walk, tell me and I'll put you down. You are hallucinating...I will not let anything happen to you."

When you are finished at the infirmary please report to the Castle. I need another set of eyes to confirm this oracle. And I'm fine. Thanks for asking. Don't cast that spell EVER again!

The echoes of death and sorrow filled her mind as she took in the sights...she couldn't keep the tears in, but at least the audible weeping was kept in check. Prayers flooded the mindscape, creating colossal amounts of thought-noise. Kae hoped she could make it to the hospital before her blessings wore off. She was in for the mother of all headaches.

Lynn Annei/Mid-Morning 3/Castle Town

Sparks of light streaked across her vision, intermingling with blemishes of darkness. She thought she saw an ice cube hanging in the sky. She thought she saw an angel sweep it away. It didn't make any sense; nothing seemed real. She could only focus on two things: thoughts of inadequacy, and searing pain. Her bones felt like they were on fire, her entire skeleton wracked with the random signal-flare of pain receptors. It was the feeling of her bones knitting themselves back together under the power of Kae's blessing, using the starmetal potion as a bonding agent.

But her mind was a worse pain to her. She was a disappointment. A failure. What had she been able to do to save Hyrule? What had she accomplished, trying to protect the kingdom, and its inhabitants?


She'd been able to act as a momentary distraction. All of a minute in Castle Town, only but a handful of sparse seconds in battle, and she'd been incapacitated. Killed. It was more torture to face that bare fact than to bear the pain of her body. She had no doubt she was in hell, that the pain in her body was punishment from the Goddesses for being such a failure. Such a bald disappointment.  She'd have been crying if her eyes would have been in synchronization with her mind. Such was beyond her ravaged physique, however.

She felt herself lifting from the ground, floating. It was an unexpected change. Surely she couldn't be going up? She did not deserve to climb to the realm of the Goddesses, in her afterlife. It was just another barb, designed to break her. To grind the glass shards of truth into the fresh wound of inequity. Well, she wouldn't give such satisfaction whatever daemonic force was influencing her mind would gain from breaking her.

But she was already broken. Not by these images, or these thoughts. Not by the false promise of heaven. She was broken because she was not good enough. She couldn't use magic. She was no Kae "Scion of Nayru" Briseis", chosen by the Trinity to house their powers in aid of Hyrule against the Interlopers. No Polaris "Ice General of the Zora" who had defied death itself to serve his people with magical prowess. No Darrel "Sword of the Damn Sunrise" from wars fought and forgotten by history. She was just Lynn Annei, a Sheikah who may as well be counted among the civilian casualties of Castle Town on that day, for all the good she did in the war effort.

Another streak of darkness threw itself across her vision. She latched onto it, squeezing it tight to keep it from escaping, and threw herself into its depths. She wanted nothing more than to live in that darkness, away from everything, hiding from herself. Sleeping.

In Castle Town, Lynn's body reacted to her thoughts. She squeezed her arms around Kae, uttering a small whimper, burying her face against her friend to block out the light of day, only then returning as the glacier had been destroyed and the magical energies that affected the weather had waned allowing the clouds to dissipate. And she fell into a fitful darkness; sleeping without dreams as the pain of mending continued to assault her.