Castletown Kick-Off is the 4th chapter of IW Season One. It's exactly what it sounds like.

Fire It Up

Night 1/Hyrule Castle/Senshi
Senshi had grow anxious from sitting around in the barracks all day and decided to wonder around castle town after the sun set. Unfortunately it seemed the night life in the square had improved since his last time there and there was still a fair amount of people out on the streets. Between his natural aversion to large crowds and the constant stares of suspension he was receiving due to his ominous clocked appearance he felt the need to seclude himself and found his way to a roof top. "Openly inviting foreigners and mercenaries into the army," he though to himself as he look out upon the bustling night markets and bars, "requiring everyone to sign up even if they don't have to fight. Then holding back so many people they could deploy immediately, even me, and I should be expandable to them. I wonder if those fools expect the Legendary Hero to reincarnate and save them from this." He couldn't help but laugh at his last thought knowing full well that wouldn't happen. "As his the goddesses would bring him into the world for something this petty." He spoke out loud to himself as if wishing to mock the whole of the kingdom.

"You know, if you wanted, you could bring together those who could fill that gap. After all they always do seem to surface at times like these." Death Angel rather uncharacteristically suggested to his host.

"I never expected you of all people the suggest resurrecting the Light Warriors. Then again when every they show up so does there opposing faction, but I guess that does fit your whole balance motif. Still do you honestly except me to form or lead that bunch, sorry but that not likely to happen."

"It is you're responsibly as a guardian to do so."

"This has nothing to do with demon."

"The sages powers were miss used." "You don't know by what side." "The invaders use strange dark magic unlike those any mortal in should have." "That's Arch Angel's problem." "Arch Angel's host can no longer fight"

"AND HOW THE HELL DO YOU THINK THAT HAPPEN!" Senshi yelled having old emotions stirred up, though his voice muffled by the wind and noise form the streets below. "Oh I remember, because she was a light warrior, because the light warriors let that damned ice mage in there ranks and he raped her when he got his memories back JUST to piss off my father. Oh but know it didn't end there did it Death, you're little friend Arch had to force the transformation when she was still to young for it and her mind and body still hasn't been able to heal as a result. So tell me Death, tell my why I should reform a group of so called 'valiant heros' that were ignorant enough to let the embodiment of Hatred among their ranks and then let him do that to my sister. Tell my why I should care about you're purpose or what the goddess want when it case THAT to happen to my sister." Death fell silent knowing any thing he said would only farther provoke Senshi.

An hour passed, Senshi sat in the roof top calming his nerves in the cool wind and staring at the metal shade he carried that reflected an eerie purple glow in the moon light. His attention was suddenly drawn to an alley below him when he noticed a guard fall down dead in front of a near by bar. His neck was sliced open by a man he appeared to be escorting out of the bar. He didn't know the guard, he didn't know his kill, he didn't really care at all, he just felt like doing something. He rose the his feet and his metal shard grew into a scythe with a blade oozing with shadow magic. With a menacing smirk not unlike the one the demon while him he would commonly wear, he removed the crystal from his neck that bound all his magic to his own body.

"That's it, don't hold back. After all, if you don't vent you're frustrations you might just become a demon."

Senshi sent a shock wave of shadow magic down into the corpse below while remaining hidden on the roof tops. The body of the fallen guard rose up off the ground, blood still spewing form its fresh neck would has its head flopped around thanks to the gaping hole. The undead guard drew his sword and with a mindlessly wide swing attack his murder.

Isaac Telmar - First Night - Hyrule Castle Town

To his shock it was only moments later when a wave of dark energies filled the alley. His immediate reaction was one of surprise and caution. Then he heard the steely ring of a blade being drawn.

He spun and brought up his dagger just in time to deflect the sword that aimed to decapitate him. It was the officer, the knight he'd just killed. The gash on his throat still gushed blood and yet he was on his feet with sword in hand. What sort of necromancy was this? The knight pressed forward with utter disregard for anything other than drawing his blood. Isaac deftly blocked or dodged several clumsy blows and his blade again and again bit into the exposed flesh of his undead attacker. It was all for naught though, physical harm it appeared would not do the trick.

"Fair enough." he muttered as his foe took the hilt of his dagger to the face and dropped to his knees. Even so he still attacked, aiming now for Isaac's calves. Quickly he took advantage of the low attack and stepped on the sword blade, pinning it to the ground.

He held out his empty hand, intense heat swirled around it with growing intensity until at last it burst into a gout of flames. Lightning fast he reached out and grasped the undead knight by the throat. His head and neck were the first things to erupt, then it quickly jumped across the rest of his body. The zombie stumbled back and then fell. He stopped moving after that.

"Cute trick!" he called out to whomever had used magic to reanimate his victim. "What else you got?"

Night 1/Hyrule Castle/Senshi

"So, he's a fire user." Senshi thought to himself has he put his charm back on. He lap down from the roof top swinging down his scythe at the fire mage. Unfortunately the man rather skillfully avoided the blow forcing Senshi quickly jump back before he faced his counter attack.

"An other trick? Well I'm sorry that first one wasn't able to sufficiently amuse you. You see its very had to control the freshly dead, a corpse is actually still mostly alive while the body is warm, and the soul hasn't completely left the body yet. It makes the whole thing very sluggish and you really are left with not other option then to let it act on its own." Senshi return his scythe back it is shard form and drew his sword. He knew a flaming weapon wouldn't be very effective against this guy but the ally was far to narrow to use his scythe properly. "I hope you'll find my other tricks more entertaining, of course you'll have to wait to see those. After all it would be pretty foolish to show you all my card up front, especially when I no so little about you.

Senshi charge at his opponent but quickly side stepped at the last second to keep his target from easily countering. He made a quick sweep for the men's neck, he was careful to make sure he was striking from the farthest range his blade allowed using the shorter reach of his opponent weapon to his advantage.

Hyrule Castle Town/ Night 1/ Cid

Cid couldn't believe what he saw.

"A fire user?" He asked himself.

"Aw hell. A twili tries to get a drink, and all hell breaks loose..." 

Cid looked over the edge of the building he was resting on. He noticed the magical man was looking for someone, and an extra-crispy zombie was lying near him.

"Oh great, all he has to do is look up, and my cover is blown..." He sighed as he looked at the night sky.

"I'm too tired to teleport...damn..."

Isaac Telmar - First Night - Hyrule Castle Town

"You wanna know about me? Please, you're gonna make me blush." Isaac laughed as he deftly blocked slash and thrust from the sorcerer's fiery blade. The man was still keeping his distance, trying to use the greater range on his weapon to maintain and advantage in the assault. "You know you look awfully familiar."

He knew that he wasn't going to be able to get inside the man's defenses to close on him, he clearly had too much skill with a blade for all that. Instead Isaac deciced to try a different tack, breaking off the engagement and leaping back, hurling forth a wave of flames into his foe's path.

"What can I say, really?" he asked out loud in a dramatic tone as he hopped up on top of a crate. "I'm a simple guy with simple tastes.

"I see it now." he said, snapping his fingers and grinning his lopsided grin. "You wouldn't by any chance happen to know a mouthy paladin, would you?"

Night 1/Hyrule Castle/Senshi

Senshi quickly yanked of his necklaces and release his anti-magic power. He had hoped the man would use that tactic allowing Senshi to catch him off guard with his unusual power. Unfortunately things didn't go as planned, his power didn't release with enough force only eliminating a portion of the wall of flame causing to him to still be seared slightly. To make matters worse the man said something he never expected. "You wouldn't by any chance happen to know a mouthy paladin, would you?"

He had realized his hood came off during the fight but didn't think the mage would be able to get a good look at him, nor did he think there'd still anyone around who could make that connect. This was a great nuisance to him, even now he still hated being associated with his father and with this mans simple question he knew he'd had to try harder my maintain an anonymous image. On the other hand, this could work to his advantage. After all any one who knew his father, and would would murder a castle Guard in public, would have to be quite power to still be breathing.

"Dumb Ass, WAKE UP!" The demon barked at Senshi, the mans comment had distracted him to the extent that he was just standing there, frozen, with what he already realize much be a skilled foe right in front of him. He quickly unleashed an aura of his dark power shrouding the whole ally in total darkness.

"Unfortunately..." he comment has he glided into the air completely unseen. He put his charm back around his neck resealing his power before and started to spire out of control. The dull glow of street lamps and moon light return to the ally reviling Senshi's position behind his opponent. With out a sound he thrust his blade towards his enemy hoping to sever his spin and pierce his heart in a single blow.

Isaac Telmar - First Night - Hyrule Castle Town

"I knew it." Isaac was willing to admit he was taken aback when the sorcerer blacked out the entire alley. However there were aspects of his abilities that this man hadn't yet experienced. Such as his the extent of his telepathic abilities. He lost the man in the darkness, but he picked up on his location upon his reappearance.

And he ducked, dove forward. He felt his foe's blade pass within inches of killing him, severing his spinal column in a single well placed blow. He didn't avoid all of it though, he felt the tip of the burning blade drag across his shoulder blades. It stung like a bastard. He rolled over his right shoulder and came back to his feet, spinning in time to lock blades with the sorcerer. The irises of his eyes gleamed now with fiery light.

"You do know him, I knew you seemed familiar. A remnant of the misguided light warriors of times past, perhaps?" he laughed. He'd noted, amid his rather stunned surprise, that the anti-element magic that this man seemed to command required the removal of a jewel to utilize. Thus while handy, it was also not something that could be used in an instant.

He disengaged their blades and went on the offensive, taking an aggressive tack as he tried to work inside of the man's defenses. His foe was very good with a blade though, he was going to need greater range if he was going to try and use brawn instead of ability to kill him. The Glaive was too long a weapon to use now, and he wasn't sure now was the right time to bring it forth, not when it had lay dormant for so long. Instead he finally gave up the assault and jumped back, wincing as he rolled over the cut on his shoulder blades, and grasped the hilt of the dead soldier's sword. The weight wasn't exactly what he was used to, but he had enough practice that the weapon would be serviceable enough.

"So how exactly do you know the paladin? I have to know, he and I shared a few moments over the long years, I'm just dying to catch up."

Night 1/Hyrule Castle/Senshi

Senshi finally drew blood but it was to insignificant of a blow to matter. The man quickly recovered and locked his blades, it was a battle of strength as the both struggled in close quarters. The man clearly had the advantage when it came to raw power, but the advantage off mass Senshi's sword had over the dagger helped to even things out. 

"You do know him, I knew you seemed familiar. A remnant of the misguided light warriors of times past, perhaps?"

"Misguided, yes that's a good word to describe it all." Senshi smirk as he struggled against his opponents power. "I've been a misguided Light Warrior, I've been a misguided Dark Warrior, I've even been a misguided interloper. Really it all depends on what era we're talking about."

The man jump back, probably tired of the stalemate, then picked up the sword the dead guard had wielded. Senshi's advantage was gone, the man now had equal range and greater strength, in addition he could use his own powers at will where Senshi had to take on a risk to do the same. The only thing keeping there fight from being a complete stand off was Senshi had the better sword as well as a chain mail shirt and plate shin guards. It seemed like this fight could become drawn out, which could be a problem if it leaves this alley.

"So how exactly do you know the paladin? I have to know, he and I shared a few moments over the long years, I'm just dying to catch up." The man question instead of rushing in to attack. It seemed he wasn't as worried about ending the fight quickly.

"Sorry but that much I'll have to keep a secret. Relieving to much in that regard couldn't be problematic for me considering this countries current situation." He was left with no choice then to resort to the more basic sword fighting techniques his father taught him as a child. He held his sword with two hands, at his side pointed up. "Now I'm curious though, you seem to have an issue with a light warriors meaning you're either a dark warrior or one of those interlopers. That means you know that idiot cause you fought him, so just how many time did it kick your ass." Senshi mocked attempting to get a rise out of the man. The flames on his blade suddenly burst with intestacy. Senshi leaped into the air ready to unleash what his father called 'Secret Sword Skill of The Hero #6: Jump Strike.' Senshi swung his blade down at his opponent with all his strength, it was a rather strait forward attack by Senshi's standard that left him open for a second after it land; however it unleashed a powerful cleaving force and shock wave. It connected the fight would be over, if he was parried he might shatter his enemies sword and at the very least if he missed the wall of debris and flame might left him deliver a second blow.

Isaac Telmar - First Night - Hyrule Castle Town

The aerial downward slash descended upon him with obvious power, this man knew the sword better than he thought. He only had an instant to think, he acted with all of his mental strength and conviction and hurled up a sorry telekinetic barrier. The sword wielding sorcerer crashed through it as he fell, but it gave Isaac the moments he needed to roll aside, the shock-wave threw him just a bit further. He crashed into a wooden crate and shattered most of it into splinters. When he managed to get to his feet again he wiped away a small bit of blood from the corner of his mouth.

"Oh he kicked my ass, I kicked his ass, we both kicked some big monsters ass. The stories, you know the deal, they play over and over again and each time they're just a little bit different from the last." he stated, never losing his sarcastic smirk despite the situation. Casually his right hand went to the buttons of his shirt as he shifted the sword to his left. Once unbuttoned he shrugged out of both coat and shirt and set them aside, leaving just his white under tunic. "Funny though, I remember the paladin and a whole lot of others. But I don't remember you."

And he attacked, this time with as much controlled fury as he could muster. It had been some time since he'd engaged in a flat out sword fight, it was almost invigorating, it brought back old times. 

He was physically the superior combatant, it seemed, but the man's armor offset that a bit, not to mention the magically enhanced sword against an ordinary model. Isaac leapt into the air, slashing at the sorcerer's head as he flipped over him. The blow didn't strike flesh but as he landed behind his foe he threw his right hand out behind him and unleashed a concentrated blast of super heated fire and telekinetic force.

"Guess you just weren't memorable enough."

Night 1/Hyrule Castle/Senshi

"S*** he's a psychic, that's not good." he thought to himself as he recovered his stance.

"Oh he kicked my ass, I kicked his ass, we both kicked some big monsters ass. The stories, you know the deal, they play over and over again and each time they're just a little bit different from the last." The man retorted as he disrobed, Senshi couldn't help but chuckle.

"Funny though, I remember the paladin and a whole lot of others. But I don't remember you." The men said before running in to attack. They clashed blades for a but until the man was able to perform a move similar to the Helm Splitter. Senshi was able to read through it and avoid getting hit but it was a feint. Not having time to react Senshi was hit full force from behind by a blast of flame enhanced by telekinetic power. He was pushed away several feet before crashing into the ground and every breakable object the two hadn't already smashed.

"Guess you just weren't memorable enough." the man mocked his fallen assailant.

"He's stronger then you"

"Shut up..." Senshi said until his breath. He grabbed the guard shield that he had landed next to the struggled to his feet coughing up a little blood in the process. "Give me a break, I can't stand the guy, so I usually avoided fighting along side him."

"He's more experienced then you"

"Besides it's not like I remember you either." He pulled out the shadow shard and smashed it into his sword, the blade erupted with a swirl of fire and shadow. It was a was a back up method both the sacred weapons had in case the current owner wasn't proficient with its standard form. It was weaker this way and not something Senshi though he'd ever need since he preferred a scythe anyway but despite times. "Well there was this one fire mage I vaguely remember from when I was a child, but I don't think that was you." He charge has his opponent readying his shield to deflect onslaughts like that last. "Because that guy was an idiot!" He yelled has he swung at the mans center mass.

Isaac Telmar - First Night - Hyrule Castle Town

Sword in his right hand, dagger held reverse grip in his left, Isaac met his foe's charge with equal tenacity. His foe's blade now gleamed with two magicks, fire and shadow together in an unholy destructive cocktail. They came together in a furious, all out sword battle, Isaac's dagger offset by his foe's shield.

Until one powerful, sweeping slash from the sorcerer smashed clean through the sword he'd commandeered. Isaac was forced to block another strong blow with the dagger but was unable to hold on to the hilt. The weapon was forced from his hand and skittered across the cobblestone.

"A fire mage I can assure you I'm not. My powers aren't magical, they're cerebral." he replied, cautiously circling his armed foe. "You know I think I remember that guy too. You ask me he was never anything more than a cheap imitation.

"I'll show you the real thing." The glow that had begun in his eyes now swept across his midsection. The infernal gleam erupted through his shirt and he was forced to rip it off let it melt into his flesh. Thus was the Brand of the Serpent unveiled to the eyes of his enemy, the serpentine dragon winding its way around his torso glowed like fire. It was agony the likes of which Isaac could experience no other way.

The dagger shot back into his hand a moment later, the black handle smoldering and smoking until at least it exploded out from the base, extending into a long spear shaft of polished black, with the same glowing serpentine brand that even then marked he himself.

"Look you now upon the fires of chaos. Know me now and forever as Kinslayer." now when he spoke it was with an echo of power that reverberated with each syllable. The Glaive of Inferno now in hand, a weapon to match even the mightiest of armaments, he gave in to his nature and hurled himself up and out of the alley, onto the edge of an overlooking roof. "What say we give ourselves some elbow room?"


Kinslayer!?" Senshi's eye's widened in shock after learning the man's identity, it was no one his father had ever though to mention; however Phoenix had along with a warning to 'not f*** with him."

"HAHAHA you're screwed now kid, it's that assassin that Oni warned you about. You know if you're scared why don't you just let me take over. Just take off that damned charm and get a little mad. Come on kid it'll be easy for me, I can actually control your powers.

"I told you to shut up." he said out loud no longer in a position to care if he sounded crazy or not. His opponent had moved to the roof top and converted his dagger to a poll arm, he did so while seeming unleashing some hidden power which while a problem at least gave Senshi a moment to catch his breath. He ejected the shard from his sword and reformed his scythe. He jabbed the end of it into the charmed remains of the guard forming its bones and burnt flesh into a human form. He return the former man's shield and used his scythe power to levitate then both up the roof. "Yes, elbow room sounds nice" he smirked as he and his new pet remained floating several feet above the roof top. 

"I must apologies, it turns out I've at least heard of you. Kinslayer, a pyrokinetic who's either an assassin and trophy killer, the one who told me about you was never sure. I was foolish to mistake you for some random street punk where here you are someone capable of wielding a weapon of similar standing to my own. As reparations I'll at least let you know that I've gone by the name Shinigami most of the times I've been to Hyrule. Whether that means anything to you or not doesn't really matter." Senshi began spinning his scythe around causing a ring of shadow energy to form. "I'm curious though, just what is another relic of those times like you self..." He sent his pet rushing shield first at Kinslayer, "Doing back in Hyrule!" he yelled and his swung down with is scythe sending the ring of energy flying at his enemy. His charm had force him to use a weaker improvised attack but with the demon barking to take over he was reluctant to remove it.

Kinslayer - First Night - Hyrule Castle Town

He laughed. The sorcerer sent his undead assailant rushing into the fray first. The zombie encountered the blade of his glaive and gouts of furious flames spilled from each cut. Dry and brittle already, the flames spread quickly. A single burst of psionic force sent the body back down to the alley floor.

He didn't react in time to the ring of dark energy that his foe had sent into him. It struck him full across the chest and hurled him from the roof upon which he'd perched into and through the top floor wall of the next. Screams from the house's inhabitants pierced the otherwise quiet night air.

They went dead soon after.

He was lucky, the attack appeared to have had more bark than bite, so to speak. Brushing the debris off of his naked torso he ran for the opening in the wall and thrust himself back out into the night, stopping just inches short of the roof. 

"What am I doing back?" he asked as he held the glaive in his left hand and held his right hand forth, palm out. "I never left!"

The verdant jet of flame that discharged from his palm was like no other, so hot that its very wake could sap away any moisture it encountered. And he was soon to follow, hurling himself across the night sky at his enemy in an integument of flame, like a comet's tail to any stray eyes who witnessed his vicious blitz.

Night 1/Hyrule Castle/Senshi

"Never left? But how..?" Senshi didn't have time to finish his statement before he was faced with what seemed like the full force of Kinslayers furry, at least he hoped that was his full force. Senshi had no way of dodging and forced to resort to his powers again. He quickly pulled off his necklace and let out his anti-magic power completely uninhibited. The fire ball came into contact with the strange aura raging from Senshi's body. The blast completely vanished leaving only tiny frozen ice partials that formed from loss if heat. Kinslayer himself came following right after, the flames around his body slowly vanished for the same reason the closer he got. Senshi swung his scythe deflecting Kinslayers glaive at the last second. The two were lock in a close range fight, one striking the other parry, Senshi's power still raging on the whole time. Most the the Shadow Scythe's power had by drained away by the Anti-Shadow, however it was a weapon of immense power and some embers of shadow still clinged to the looking as if a candle in the wind. Though to his amazement, Kinslayer's weapons was in the same state. It was unthinkable, as far as he knew only the Holy Light Sword and the Shadow Scythe were powerful enough to resist the anti-magic to any degree. To think that there was a third...

Exhaustion from his raging power took its toll and Kinslayer was able to able to force an opening with a powerful strike, he quickly unleashed a power counter attack forcing Senshi back several feet into a wall. He took the moment to reseal his power before they killed him, but he was already far to drained as it was. "How? How could you stay and even have a moment of peace? The only way any of the Light Warriors could have any facet of a normal life was by leaving he country, and even the Dark Warrior had to go into hiding for years when every they lost just to keep the army and remnant light warriors from hunting them one by one. Hell to this day I have to hide my face and use a fake name JUST because of a war that ended when I was eight years old. So how the hell can you still be free to do what ever the hell you want!"

Kinslayer - First Night - Hyrule Castle Town

"Just because you never worked it out doesn't mean it's my responsibility to tell you!" Kinslayer shouted as he regained his equilibrium. It was hard to maintain this aspect of his persona for a long time, particularly when anti-element magic stripped his attacks of their usual luster and left him to fight in the cold. Still, it appeared as though he held the upper hand at the moment.

"I'm not the only one, you know." he said as he twirled the glaive menacingly. "Not the only one that managed to stick around. There was one other, one other who worked out a way to be able to stay, even if we had to keep our heads down and stay out of current affairs."

Finally he let himself set down on the roof, feeling solid ground beneath his feet once more.

"So did you come to reform the legions of light warriors and lead some grand crusade against the Interlopers? Haven't you learned better by now? Where the lights gather, the darks will soon lay siege. How many times does Hyrule have to be devastated before you begin to understand?"

Night 1/Hyrule Castle/Senshi

"Reform them, that's a laugh, even when I was with them I kept my distance. And no I came to learn of that pattern long ago, hell I'd even go as far as to say the Light Warriors caused the Dark Warriors. If they hadn't appeared during the Imprisoning War Ganondorf would have taken Hyrule much sooner and with left devastation, yet still met defeat when the Hero showed up. Instead the fight went on for seven years, each time a new champion joined the Light someone appeared on the other side to balance it out. It wasn't the just the imprisoning war either, every conflict after that. Hell even when I once joined the Dark Warriors for my own selfish reasons when it really comes down to it, I was just a force balancing out my father and sister joining the light." Senshi let slip in his fatigue. "No I'm quite happy with the status quo, everything will balance out and a war like this has nothing to do with go or evil. I'm just here because the invaders have a power that interest me. I'm helping the Hylians for now because it's convenient for me. I have no intent of choosing side, I'll only fight those who get in my way and for those that will help me get what I want. Even now this whole fight wasn't because I was avenging that guard, it was because I figured I could pass you off as 'insurgent' and win some trust. It would help if I end up needing to play both sides, and because I was in a bad mood." He smirked. "It doesn't really matter though, it seems we've destroyed that body and I'll never be able to prove a guard was killed. To top off I'm up against a former Dark Warrior, one who I'm assuming is a first generation from the Imprisoning Wars, not part of the later conflicts like myself. I suppose this is was I get for assuming I'm the only relic left from those time. Still this brings up a question that I'm dieing to know, just what are you planning? I find it hard to believe any dark remnant would pass up a war like this, destroying Hyrule is a past time for you guys isn't it. So what will it be, keep you head of the thing, pick a side, or will you just be a another force of chaos as we repeat history and bring back the turbulence that sweep this land for decades after that war?"

Summery: buying time with long conversations ftw 


As the fight between Senshi and Isaac intensified, Cid looked on in the darkness of the nearby rooftops. Had he known that one of his "belongings" was about to get too excited, he would've fled the scene before the fight began.

Alerting almost everything in a thirty foot radius, a voice shouted "Woohoo! Go fire guy!!!" Cid pulled out his bag to see that the dagger he had stolen a week ago was the owner of this voice.

*A talking weapon?!? Here? Oh, f*** my life...* Cid thought to himself in self-loathing.

Kinslayer - First Night - Hyrule Castle Town

"How can you expect me to tip my hand when you won't do the same? You haven't earned the privilege of being privy to my machinations, not yet. You're going to have to do your due diligence like everyone else." he said, he thought he heard something from a nearby rooftop but chose not to pursue it at the moment. "You seem like a smart kid, and trust me that's something I don't think I've ever said to a light warrior, be they past or present. You tell me, do you see what I see? Whether you're there to corral them or not, a new generation of light warriors is coming."

He reached down into his pants pocket and pulled out one stray cigarette, bringing it to his lips and breathing in as it lit seemingly of it's own volition.

"The pieces are already on the board. The King calls the virtuous one way, the Interlopers call the corrupt and greedy the other. It's going to destroy this land all over again."

Night 1/Hyrule Castle/Senshi

Senshi couldn't help but notice someone shooting about there fight near by. Normally the thought of a near by witness would bother him but really he just couldn't help but wonder why Kinslayer had a cheerleadering squad.

"No, I don't think they will, I don't think there are enough morally righteous around willing to act for no other reason then the greater good. Besides I don't think the King is looking for the virtuous, just the powerful and expandable. I'm sure he's just as willing to scorch the land to keep ruling just as much the Twili will scorch so they can claim it. After all one side has already used the sage powers as a weapon, and I have a hard time believe the Twili has access to those powers. No the Hylians only think they have have the moral high ground because they're the ones being invaded, and because their religion tells them they'll be saved by a Hero. They fail the realize there isn't one this generation, and even if there was he's only ever activated when someone starts messing with the Triforce. Hell even the light warriors only show up when there's some lunatic copying Ganon." He paused for a moment suddenly coming to a conclusion. "Then again maybe you're right, maybe there will be another generation of Light Warriors, but they wont be defending this country. The true Light Warriors will be any force that fights both sides. No one will call them that, hell I'd imagine they'd be though of as villian, but anyone willing wipe out both armies are real hero's in my book. Even I'd be inclined to join a set of Light Warrior with that mind set."

Smell Ya Later

Kinslayer - First Night - Hyrule Castle Town

"It's no secret, people act on their beliefs. The common Interloper is convinced that their invasion of Hyrule is justified, perhaps even a religious or moral imperative. The question then becomes, do the rulers of their society believe as they do or is it all an elaborate deception? Is their invasion one of creed? Or is it one of greed?"

He liked this arrogant young sorcerer, after a fashion at least. He lacked the same air of moral superiority that most Light warriors, past and present, had always possessed. That, as much as anything else, had been a driving force behind Kinslayer's hatred for them. This one was different, he seemed more an agent of Order than Good.

"It's been real, Shinigami, but I have places to be. I expect you and I will be seeing one another again very soon." And with that his fists clenched and the Brand flared back to life with even greater intensity. He levitated up off of the roof, the heat that radiated off of him caused the air around him to distort and waver. "I don't want to keep you from all the fun."

And with that he roared off into the cool night sky, heading north in an aura of flame that lit up the twilit hours.

Cid - Hyrule Castle Town - First Night

Cid held his breath as Kinslayer flew off. He finally exhaled as the fire user flew off out of view.

"Thank God..." He whispered to himself.

The talking dagger couldn't contain itself, and yelled in disappointment "AWWW!!! IT WAS GETTING GOOD TOO!"

"Shut up!" Cid growled. "You trying to get me killed? You saw how strong they are!" He yelled as he threw the dagger into the sky.

Morning 2/Castle Town Barracks/Senshi

Senshi awoke in the bunk he had been assigned back in the barracks. He had over exerted himself in the previous nights fight and passed out in the streets, needless to say he was curious as to how he arrived back here, and why his injuries had been tended to.

"Oh you're awake" a scrawny young man who was sitting next to Senshi's bed spoke out having noticed him come too. He wore the uniform of a low ranking soldier but had an arm band sloppily embroidered with a red Triforce with what he assumed was superpose the be an icon of a fairy on either side. "We were getting kind of worried, you're physically injuries were minor but we still couldn't wake you up. It was becoming quite disturbing." The boy said with a relaxing smile.

"Who are you?" Senshi said with the same standard emotionless tone he he always used when speaking with the military.

"Oh, excuse my poor manners, my name is Mikhal. I'm a combat medic see." He pointed to his arm band.

"Right..." He rose from his bed and threw his cloak back on. He walked over the wall and ripped off a map of southern Hyrule he notice.

"Oh no wait you can't go yet" Mikhal jumped out of his seat but forget he had wrapped he leg around the leg of the chair and fell flat on his face. "...ouch..."

"Yes I can," he started walking towards the door, "and if you say 'but you're hurt' I'll kill you. Nothing personal, I just hate bad cliches."

"No, because I want to have a word with you." A large framed guard officer appeared in the door way blocking Senshi's path. The rank symbols had changed slightly since the last time he was in Hyrule but he appear to be a 1st Lieutenant. He looked to be in his late twenties, well past the time he should still hold such a low rank meaning he was probably of lower nobility or had a history. At the very least it meant that he was trying to back is attempt trying to intimated Senshi was with his muscular physique and not the social status. A pointless gesture either way, but at least this man had substance to back his arrogance.

"Then talk..." he said coldly willing to give the man the benefit of the doubt that he might be more competent then most of the guards he's delt with in his life, just not much of a benefit.

"You and Mr. Hanabi caused quite a scene last night. Smashing up houses, starting a few fires, and it took all night to identify the body but some how one of my men was killed." The officers tone became understandable enraged with the last sentence, nevertheless Senshi was more concerned with trying not to smirk after hearing Kinslayer referred to as Mr. Fireworks in Ancient Hylian. "Normally I would have already ripped your head off since it was your bar fight that cost my mans life, but then I found out Hanabi killed him before you got there. That is assuming you're the 'creepy cloaked bastard' the witnesses were referring to."

"Does this have a point? I'm not in a rush but I do hate it when people waist my time."

"I want him dead, I want him dead and I want to kill him myself. You see I'm very protective of my men and I'm sure that's something even an arrogant punk like you can understand. You see I there's this problem though, see I don't know why but Army Intelligence stepped in and took over the whole issue. Now this baffles me because I can't understand why Army Intelligence would take over something that's clearly a criminal issue with in the Castle, you know what we Guards handle."

"If you want me to tell you about this guy so you can kill him, then my only advise to you is to drop it. You'll only be kill. If you want me to tell you why Intel stopped you, it's cause they know the same thing I just told you."

"Oh no, you misunderstand me. You see I knew that shit already and I knew it cause I heard they're outsourcing the whole issue to some Shiekah. I also know because they replace my well trained troop with some flat footed washout from the regular army's medic corp. So this is what's gonna happen, you, the mercenary volunteer, go and say you want to be assigned to my platoon. Then you, me, the rest of my men and Corporal Trips-a-lot over there are going to hunt this bastard down and take his head.


"No? No you don't get to say no."

"Listen to me, I don't care that your man died. I don't care that you want to get yourself kill out of piety vengeance. I don't even care they you actually think I have to listen to you. However, I have more important things to do. So now this is what's reallygoing to happen. I'm going to take this map, head to the forest, and do what I signed up for. Mean while, if you're smart you'll stay here and guard the castle like a good boy should." Senshi walked past the officer and head on his way. The enraged man grabbed Senshi by the shoulder and spun him around hoping to punch him out; however, before he could move his arm he found the tip of Senshi's blade tickling his neck. The officer was forced to quickly back away to avoid the searing heat of the swords flame. "I'm guessing those intel guys know a thing or two about this counties past that most people don't." He said as he started to walk away. "Thing about hero's that don't always were green and villains that never rolled a desert. So when they tell you to leave something alone, I'd take there advice.

/IC Morning 2/South Hyrule Field/Senshi

"Wait up!" Mikhal yelled has he struggled to catch up the Senshi. He raced down the castle stairs desperately trying not to trip do the weight of his gear. Senshi payed no attention to the boy and continued on his way toward the woods. "Oh come on, please wait." By the time the young man finally caught up Senshi was already down the pass and into Hyrule field. "You know..." he panted trying to catch his breath," you walk... way, way... to fast."

"You run to slow and carry to much gear." Senshi muttered continuing on his way.

"Well, I'm not very good in a fight you see, so I figured I could at least be the pack mule for you." The boy smiled.

"If I needed any of that stuff I would have brought it, more importantly why are you following me? Shouldn't that dumbass be leading you to your death right now?"

"Oh the Lt, no I'm not really under his command. I was assigned to you. Which um... can we please walk a little slower."

"No, and why were you assigned to me?"

"Oh um... I don't know exactly. Something about my commander being worried you were a loose cannon and wanted me to keep eye on you. That or he thinks you're a strong as a cannon and wants me to bandage your wounds, I wasn't really paying attention.

"Look... Corporal..?"

"Oh call me Mikhal sir, and I'm not a Corporal just a Spec, oh and I don't have flat feet either. I think the LT was confused."

"No I think he was making fun of you. Regardless, I don't need you with me, I don't want you with me. If you were told to follow me, fine but don't expect me to wait for you when you fall behind and to make things perfectly clear I really don't care if yourself ki-" he was interrupted by sound the the boy crashing head first into dirt. "This is going to be a long day."

"Well look on the bright side. He makes for good entertainment, plus he doubles as a decoy or even a human shield"

"Ouchie..." the boy moaned has be got back to his feet and dusted himself off. He realized he had fallen behind again and quickly sprinted to catch back up. "Sorry I do that a lot."

"Oh man, this kids great, I'm not sure if I want to kill him and eat his soul or make him a jester."

"Since when can you eat souls?" Senshi mumbled under his breath.

"What was that?" Makhal responded having partially made out what he said.

"Nothing just thinking out loud kid."

"Little buggers got sharp ears too, guess you'll have be careful, heh."

Burning Desire

Isaac Telmar - Kakariko Village - Second Night

After reacquiring his spare clothes and departing from the spirit mage's sequestered little home Isaac went south. He crossed the Eldin Bridge inconspicuously by selling his services as a pack mule to a merchant with a couple of carts. In exchange for carrying some of the man's bags he received a paltry couple of rupees, but the point was that the Hylian soldiers posted at the bridge said nothing to him. In fact they barely looked in his direction.

Once he made it across and out of their line of sight he ditched the merchant and went on ahead without him. The field was a broad and empty one, but the trip to Kakariko was relatively short and on foot he could keep from drawing attention. Now wasn't the time to have unwanted eyes on him.

Once in the village he'd proceeded to ascend the buildings all the way to the hot spring atop the ridge.

"Thou hast seen the Sword of the Sunrise. Thou has spoken with him." Isaac let out a sharp sigh, without looking behind him he knew it to be the plenipotentiary standing where he'd just come from. The pariah would be with him as well.

"That I have." he replied. Slowly his hand drifted to his belt and grasped the hilt of his blade, once again a dagger of seemingly little note.

"Shall he then rise and aid this land in its time of need?"

"Don't know, don't care." Isaac muttered in reply. If the plenipotentiary was asking then the pariah had been unable to see that end. He drew the blade forth quietly. "It's been a long time that you two have endeavored to turn me from my path of destruction, smothering me with your foresight and your mystifying tongue. This is the first time I've ever heard you ask a question, Voice, to which you didn't already know the answer."

He was as a striking serpent when he spun, his right hand flashing out to drive the blade home into the plenipotentiary's chest with deadly accuracy. Still, he didn't finish the killing stroke so swiftly.

"What's become of you, Voice? How is it that Eyes hasn't seen this?" Even as he asked the question he exulted. Ever had these two held him in check, beings that communed not only with he, but with the spirit mage as well, and seen the paths of each. He had been provided an unexpected opportunity here, an opportunity to return to the glory days.

"The power of the Sages has been misused. Our power is vulnerable to such shifts in the elemental tides."

"Well..." he whispered quietly into his victim's ear, "What a twist."

He wrenched the blade around, finishing the plenipotentiary off once and for all. Blood stained the dirt and diluted the pool as he pulled the blade out and looked into the eyes that had once seen all ends. Now they were full of fear.

"You, the eyes, and he, the voice..." Isaac closed the space between them in an instant and pressed the blood stained blade against the mute's throat. "I'll be free of you both."

There was no cry as he slashed the pariah's throat and casually set him down next to his eternal companion. They had not started out as men, but they'd died just as unceremoniously.

A devilish grin took his face as he looked down at the quiet village. Most would be tucked calmly in their beds. Soldiers patrolled of course, it was war time after all, but they wouldn't find the corpses in time to do anything about them. Isaac would be long gone, he just had a couple of matters to attend to first.

Isaac Telmar - South of Kakariko - Third Dawn

The dying thoughts of the plenipotentiary had put him in the right direction. Everything was coming together before him as he trekked through the wilderness to the south of Kakariko Village. Voice would never have surrendered the information he sought, only in death was he weak enough for his mind to be scoured. The things the plenipotentiary knew, it was incredible. Isaac had taken a great deal more than he'd expected.

"These Hylian dogs won't survive us much longer." he heard a voice assert from through the trees ahead. Tipped off to the presence of others Isaac was a shadow, making little sound as he crept into a position to see and hear more.

It was two Interlopers. They spoke quietly amongst themselves as Isaac watched quietly. They were moving north, outside of the perimeters set up by the Hylian army, to scout Kakariko Village. He could understand their desire to know more about the population centers in Hyrule. Still, their presence caused problems that he couldn't afford to deal with. Not yet.

With agonizing slowness he reached down into the pouch at his belt and pulled out a single black seed. Heat pulsated through it at his touch, as though it responded to the presence of the powerful heat within he himself. An inimical grin contorted his features as he moved in a wide circle around the two lumbering Interlopers. Quickly he dug out a hole and placed the ember seed in the ground ahead of them, then moved back to lean casually against a tree as they stepped through the brush and into view.

"Hylian!" one of them shouted, reaching for its weapon. The other raised a hand as though in preparation to cast his magic. He didn't get the change.

His companion, in the act of rushing to cut Isaac down, stepped on the patch of earth beneath which the ember seed had been planted. The swirling conflagration that erupted forth from the dirt was so powerful that the trees all around them caught fire. The two interlopers were killed within moments, and Isaac set about using his power to smother the flames. He wanted the wood intact, for the time being anyway, he had business here that he would prefer not to call attention to.

"A lot of good your vaunted magic did you." Isaac muttered, spitting on the charred corpse of one of his victims. Had the Hylians known of this they would have applauded him. 

If they knew why he was in the forest in the first place, they would tremble.

Isaac Telmar - South of Kakariko - Third Dawn

The sun was beginning to rise over the distant horizon. The Twili that he'd killed were nothing more than ash now, and he hadn't encountered any more yet. Still, he'd followed the tracks of his victims back in the direction of what he'd thought was their encampment. However, they led off to the east instead, away from Faron and Ordona.

He could only wonder what they had been doing so far from the rest of their forces, scouts wouldn't have taken such a radical loop through dangerous forest country just to investigate Kakariko Village, an important but not vital point of interest within Hyrule. No, this had to be something else entirely. That thought piqued his curiosity even more.

When he came upon the rest of them he was given pause. There were only three others, but one seemed to be barking orders to a monstrous puppet creature, a Golem of black clay. Isaac was unsure of how to proceed against such a foe, he'd never seen the devices that Interloper magic could construct. Living weapons, in a manner of speaking.

Then he saw the chest. A wooden box of ancient design set some distance away under a small cloth tarp. Levers and hammers littered the ground as well as some instruments that Isaac had never seen, ones that he had to assume were magical in nature. His curiosity reached an all time high, he had to know what was in that box and why the Interlopers had sent a mage and his beast all the way out here to secure it.

"Please, everyone stay seated. There's no cause for alarm." he said as he stepped out of the bushes into the small clearing and drew in one fluid motion his dagger. He hadn't fully thought his plan through, sometimes he liked it that way.

One Interloper drew a dual sided axe and rushed forward. This time Isaac didn't resort to petty tricks, his ember seeds were multi-dimensional in usage but he wanted something else. Three quick moves, a block, a strike, and a simultaneous leg sweep and the attacker was dispatched. The other rushed him with a scimitar weapon as the Golem crossed the camp at a lumbering pace. Isaac met the sword with his dagger, exchanging a flurry of blows with his foe before catching him unawares with a jet of flame point blank into his chest. The blaze quickly spread across his torso and he stumbled off and fell, trying to roll this way and that to put them out. Isaac laughed.

And then he was caught by the massive hardened clay fist of the puppet creature. He was hurled off of his feet, tumbling through the air several paces and slamming into the trunk of an oak tree. He didn't have a lot of time, he forced himself to roll over and avoid a crushing downward swing. He hacked at the creature's arm with waves of telekinetic force but it was remarkably durable.

"Ughhh... great." he muttered, getting to his feet and diving into a shoulder roll to avoid another blow. This creature wasn't fast by any means but once it got you on the ropes it was relentless. The mage appeared to have his hands full with controlling his puppet, he couldn't join the fight directly. So much the better.

Isaac quickly dodged another blow and, channeling all of the heat he could to charge his dagger blade, he unleashed several powerful blows of his own. Deep glowing gouges rent the creature's clay surface. Forged from magic or not, it didn't seem to have any natural resistance to extreme heat. With that in mind he quickly dodged what appeared to be a pain driven retaliation. Could this puppet think for itself? Was it not completely mastered by the mage that directed its actions? An interesting notion.

And when he brought his right hand forward this time it was with every ounce of power he could muster. What bored into and through the monolithic creature was a drilling beam of super hot flame carrying a spike of telekinetic power in its wake. The chest of the monster blew apart and it stumbled away helplessly. Isaac dropped to one knee, in the blood rage such conjurings were easy, but in his mundane form it was more taxing.

"My puppet!" the mage cried, raising his hands to cast a dark spell at the pyrokinetic. Isaac gritted his teeth and hoped that his legs were faster than the mage's spell. He hurled himself across the clearing and into the chest of the Interloper, driving his blade up under the rib cage with all of his might. Only when the body exploded in a violent conflagration from the inside out did Isaac remember that his blade had been channeling flame and heat. He quickly pulled it out and let the energy disperse.

"I'll get you a new one." For the life of him he couldn't imagine what people didn't enjoy about well timed jokes and sarcasm. There had been a time when the absence of a snide remark would have been suspicious at best.

His eyes settled on the chest a moment later. So unassuming and yet so alluring. There was nobody stopping him from getting to it now.

Isaac Telmar - South of Kakariko Village - Third Dawn

As he strode out of the tree line into the meadow he continuously flexed the fingers of his right hand, one of which now bore an unassuming ring with a blue gem set into it. Every time the rising sunlight flashed off of it he couldn't help but grin. The chest had been large enough to make such a treasure seem paltry, but it wasn't.

The windmill that stood at the far end of the meadow looked rundown from the outside, perhaps it was, but he knew better than to make assumptions where this one was concerned, he'd felt the man's magic as soon as he'd approached his sanctum.Casually he slid up next to the door and raised his hand to knock. 

His hand never touched the aged wood. The door creaked open as soon as he got close to it. His snorted, he'd already given himself away.

"Don't just stand there." He pushed the door open the rest of the way and stepped inside.

The interior of the windmill was what he expected, untidy but not rundown or filthy in the least. It seemed as though every surface had some sort of chart or parchment spread across it, but there appeared to be not a speck of dust.

"I didn't think the plenipotentiary would speak of this place." And there he was, a tall but lean elderly man swathed in a worn gray redingote, his silvery white hair tucked back and under a flat cap. His closely cropped gray beard and mustache looked as they always had.

"I can be persuasive, you might recall." he replied, his sarcastic tone barely concealing undercurrents of contempt.

"Spare me, I know you killed them. That causes problems for me, I'm sure you're aware."

"I was never particularly concerned with the consequences."

"You should be. This latest murder's repercussions will effect you as well." Isaac rolled his eyes. How he wanted to pull the dagger that hung from his belt. His hand twitched. "I'd not try that, were I you. I've spelled this meadow, no violence can be perpetrated within the tree line."

"Clever." he muttered, picking up a sheaf of parchment and thumbing through it. He couldn't make much of it though, it detailed magicks far beyond his own understanding. He hated the man, but he couldn't deny his undeniable brilliance.

"Why are you here?" He put the papers down.

"I spent a long time looking for you. I was thinking about killing you, it was something of a split second decision, I wasn't expecting Voice's thoughts to be so easy to penetrate."

"I have a better idea. You've stepped in dung and you're tracking it everywhere you go. You're being pursued, Telmar. They followed you north to Darrel Mytura's and they'll follow you south. You can stay here and they'll never lay steel to your flesh, in return you can't take advantage of Hyrule's present troubles."

"Since when have I ever run from a fight, Chamdar?"

"True enough. You know not to address me as such however, I don't pretend any right to that name these days."

"Moran then, sue me." Moran nodded. "I think I'll go and see who's decided to take up the torch and pitchfork this time around." With that he headed for the door.

"That's it? I must say I'm surprised." Isaac slowly turned his malignant gaze back on the aged conjurer.

"Don't be. I know how to find you now." he laughed a little bit as he stepped back out through the door and called out behind him. "I can be surprisingly patient, Moran. You might recall that as well."

[b]Isaac Telmar - Kakariko Village - Third Dawn[/b]

The trip back had been much quicker, with no need to wander and explore. He had located who he'd meant to locate, and he'd found something that he'd not intended. He could sense it's magical properties, the Brand burned just a little hotter when it touched his flesh, but while he could conjecture as to the nature of its magic he preferred to test it directly.

Soldiers moved this way and that, eagerly going about their morning duties in the defense of Hyrule. They didn't know how close the Interlopers had been, just south in the wilderness. Their swords were sharp but their wits were, as ever, quite dull.

Luckily however, their swords were all he required.

He caught one soldier under the armpit as he marched by, spinning the man around in front of him. The soldier was surprised by the sudden move. He was even more so, however, when Isaac's fist struck his breastplate, carrying with it a wall of force that hurled him backwards. The soldier struck a post and the overhanging roof it held up collapsed down upon him.

That did the trick.

A pair of nearby soldiers heard or witnessed the tumult and turned to rush their comrades attacker. Isaac grinned and his left hand gripped his dagger as they approached. Swords darted, slashed, and stabbed at him. Some struck naught but air, others were met with his own weapon. Hylian infantry, ever the expendable beasts of burden. They did not work well together, their attacks were erratic despite the two on one. Still, he wasn't there to massacre them, he was there to learn from them.

He slammed the butt of his dagger handle into the chest of the soldier on his right, then struck with a vicious uppercut to the chin. As the soldier reeled from his onslaught he unleashed from point blank a jet of flame that struck with such force it thrust him into a nearby Goron.

The other man took the opportunity he'd been given. His sword swung down in a violent, sweeping blow that would have severed all the muscles in his upper arm. Instead it seemed to be met with a thickening in the air, weakening the blow. It still slashed through his flesh and elicited a wrathful cry but it was, in all, a greatly weakened blow.

The ring [i]was[/i] what he'd suspected.

The soldier looked on in horror as the blade continued the powerful arc and the point planted in the dirt. Their eyes met for a split second, their gazes locked on one another.

[color=darkred]"Thanks."[/color] And the man's throat was slashed a moment later, staining the dry dirt vermillion.

"Seize him!"

[color=darkred]"Not today boys."[/color] he muttered, crouching and hurling himself into the air in an integument of flame. Up he raced, over the tops of buildings, over the hot spring that had set the scene for his and Hyrule's true reintroduction. Up the rocky slopes to the pinnacle, to a point that looked out over the vast fields of Hyrule. He could look south to the forested provinces, he could look north to Castle Town and beyond. The ring had proven the potency of its magical protection.