"Oh I'll discomfit you, Taden Hothnight. I'll fluster, foil, irk, thwart, and vex. Select your synonym, knave, and rest assured it shall be done unto you."
— Chamdar Taliesin

Chamdar Talisin is a really old Male Ancient Hylian created by Cream04849. A long time returning character in the ZRPG series he is a playable character in both Interloper War and Epoch of Disharmony.

Physical Appearance


Elder Chamdar circa 2108 AD

Chamdar, due in part to his incredible height as well as his innate radiance, brings with him a strong sense of presence. His eyes are a penetrating silver-blue, and seem to see things in the world all around that ordinary folk cannot perceive. His hair and beard are stark white, neither falling past the base of his neck. Though he is much taller than the average Hylian man, he is thin almost to the point of appearing gaunt. His appearance, though, belies an unnatural vigor.

When not concealed in the guise of Moran, Chamdar wears a pristine single-breasted white cassock with silver buttons and silver thread scrollwork down the sleeves and across the shoulders. Atop his brow he wears a silver circlet with a sapphire, a ruby, and an emerald set in the front.


On his person, Chamdar carries few items. Among those are his holm oak staff, inscribed top to bottom with the runic language of the Sacred Realm. When Chamdar draws upon the Divine Light of the Goddesses, those runes shine dazzling white. Belted at his waist he also carries a blessed Starmetal dagger and the mystical but mysterious katana, Aurgelmir. In the pocket of his cassock he keeps at all times his silver, Starmetal pocket watch close at hand, though its functions are known to none but he.

Strengths & Abilities

Chamdar was imbued by the Divine Triune and the Living Goddess, Hylia, with the power of divine light, that he might combat the forces of the Ma. Beyond that Chamdar also has extensive knowledge of the more arcane mystical arts, such as elemental magic, abjuration, conjuration, enchanting, all gained through ages of study. Though he does not possess the vitality of his youth, he can channel divine light inwardly to imbue himself with greater strength, speed, and adroitness rather than project it outward, and thus can still hold his own in melee combat. His power is particularly effective against dark, demonic, and shadow-aspected foes, as well as anyone else with a natural or unnatural weakness to light and holy magic.


Though he can still do battle with his hands and his weapons, Chamdar must now rely on using the power of the Goddesses to strengthen his body in order to do so. Thus, when engaged in this kind of fight, he is less capable of projecting Divine Light outwardly. The reverse is also true; when he is casting his magic he is weakened physically, and thus susceptible in melee combat. If he is unable to dictate the terms of a confrontation, he can find himself in trouble.

Character Biography

Template:ChaptersChamdar came of age in a dark era in Hyrule’s earliest history, when the vicious hordes of the Ma threatened to rise up and crush the denizens of the surface world, led by the evil Demon King, Demise. As the war threatened to destroy the chosen people of the Divine Triune, the Goddesses came to Chamdar’s young love Celeste and chose her as their First Scion, the guardian of the surface world. Celeste became Hylia, the Living Goddess. Chamdar fought at Hylia’s side as they strove to turn back the tide of the Ma, becoming her strong right hand. Such was his value to Hylia, and so close had they grown, that Hylia beseeched the Goddesses to elevate him as they had her, and to make Chamdar their Second Scion. The Goddesses refused. But as war raged, and new threats arose against Hylia from within the Ma ranks, Chamdar left them with little choice. At a time when great allies were falling around them, he sought out the Goddesses on his own initiative. They needed him, he argued, to protect Hylia so that she might carry out her duty unimpeded. Reluctantly, the Goddesses agreed. Chamdar became the Second Scion, but his elevation came at a price far higher than any Scion before or since would ever have to pay.

Chamdar, true to his word, removed the threat posed to Hylia by the Ma Lord, Abatheras, the Primordial Flame, and in the final confrontation, when it appeared that Hylia was at the mercy of the Demon King, Chamdar came to her rescue once more, using the sealing spike to bind Demise. But in so doing, Chamdar was drawn into a temporal anomaly and thrust more than a thousand years into the future. Upon waking in the Epoch era, he learned a great many terrible things, but the worst news was of Celeste. In protecting her, keeping her safe from the dark forces seeking to destroy her, he was robbed of what time he might have had with her. By the time he awoke in the wake of the Battle of Disharmony, the living goddess was long dead.

Chamdar did not take part in the events of the Epoch era. Too distraught and angry was he to choose sides in such seemingly frivolous conflict. He was shaken, by his grief and by a growing sense of foreboding that followed his brief encounter with the Terminian ally of the northern Yeti, Taden Horwendil. For a time he faded from the world, lost in brooding vagrancy as he contemplated his place in a world he was unfamiliar with, filled with threats he couldn't yet fully understand, until King Dromand's one message, his final message, reached him via courier. The king had seen the future one last time, even as he'd seen the past, and he instructed Chamdar that the time would come soon when his victory over Abatheras would give rise to a darker evil, more insidious. Thus, Chamdar began making arrangements, laying the groundwork for an endgame that would not transpire for many centuries.

Even as he brought his plans, his carefully devised schemes to life, Chamdar found himself bidden to attend to other, more present concerns. Chaos, after all, has many agents. In time, the threat posed by Taden Hothnight superseded considerations of the future, and even as he pressed his plans regarding the remnant spirit of Abatheras into motion, he was already gripped by an obsession that pushed all else into the background, to such a degree that he would willfully defy or even countermand the orders of the Goddesses in pursuit of it.

Now: Chamdar briefly traveled north into the Snowpeak range, into the lands of the Yeti tribe, seeking the soulless body of Taden, an empty receptacle that could house and reunite all four pieces of his shattered soul. However, upon arrival, he learned that the body was no longer empty, for the boy had come into possession of two of the Hated Relics. Watching as the boy was awakened once more to his true self, Chamdar was struck with the knowledge that his actions had again unleashed unintended consequences upon Hyrule. In the past six months, he has not sought out or challenged Taden, but has watched from the shadows, moving about unseen, observing, plotting, and preparing to make his next move.