"I've put my life into this shop and I’ll be damned if I lose it because of a weasel like you."
— Charles Engret

Charles Engret is a 30 year old male Hylian created by ShutUpNavi. The owner of the Fine Goods Emporium he is a minor, non playable character in Epoch of Disharmony.


Charles was born to a noble family living in Hyrule Castle Town. Founded by the first wave of Skyloftian colonists the Fine Goods Emporium is one of the oldest buildings in Hyrule. Owned by the Engret family for generations Charles inherented the business following the passing of his father. Since then he had been living a wealthy, but otherwise normal life. He deeply enjoyed the position he was in managing the daily affairs of commerce in his fine shop. However when Kourtz moved in next door, a heated business rivalry would soon begin.

The Mogma Shop would soon draw his hatred and Charles would take every chance he could get to bad mouth the Mogma. Meanwhile Charles would hire an unsuspecting store clirk named Meredith Delaan. Unbeknownst to Charles, the two would inadvertently conspire to change his life forever. Not knowing of its true powers Kourtz sold Meredith a Timeshift Stone, unaware that she was infact the shapeshifting Ma known as Alauth. The next day as he was closing up shop Charles stood dead in his tracks as Alauth lead the notorious outlaw Elizabeth Bryce into his shop.

Fainting at her sight he failed to see the cult leader plot to escape the Massacre she had just caused. Bloody Beth and her followers used Alauth's Timestone to travel through time, and out to the safty of the desert. It is unknown what became of him after this.

Timeline of Major EventsEdit

Day 1 Summary

Charles Engret sees Kourtz opening his shop and takes the opportunity to insult him and his shop. He later lets Meredith off work.

Day 2 Summary

Charles goes to close up the Fine Goods Emporium when Beth bursts into the room. He faints and Elizabeth uses him to activate a timeshift stone before escaping through time.


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