Chief Ymir was the Chieftan of the Yeti Tribe. He was a xenophobic leader who broke from the traditions and customs of his ancestors. On Epoch Day Zero Chief Ymir killed Master Jotun in secret. Later he returned to Jotun's Mansion when Taden Horwendil was attempting to move the body, and falsely pinned the murder on him. Taden was then exiled from the Yeti Tribe and forced to flee south.

Later Taden returned to Snowpeak, after being called by the restless ghost of Jotun. At the Yeti Village Taden again faced the Chief in Jotun’s Mansion. After a loosing battle Ymir attempted to kill Taden with his battle ax. However the attack backfired because of the Yeti prophecy that “No shaman can be claimed by the same fate that took his Master”. Ymir was blasted back through the ax's magic and was then killed by Taden.