245 pounds, 6'3, 32 yrs old.


Twin Scimitar, Hell Arrows, the Mirror Shield, and two red potions.


Shapeshifting, great strength (can lift a goron with some effort). Completely invincible against light and dark magic. Can breathe underwater for a short time.


Ice magic. Can't swim.


Through study, Cid has learned of Ganon's past struggles with the many Heroes of Time. With his secret hatred toward world peace as motivation, he wishes to attempt to accomplish what Ganon has failed to do many times before. Even though he has been plotting since childhood, Cid is yet to put his plan to action. He is currently a drifter, and is usually sent on assassination missions as he arrives to each town. Little did he know, the ongoing war that has been going on will soon change how he lives his life.