Merton Felick was the chief constable of Hyrule Castle Town. Leader of the Castle Guard Regiment he held a high position in Hyrulean society and was second only to Impa as King Dromand's right hand man. He was responsible for creating wanted posters for criminals as well as detaining high numbers of visitors from the neighboring tribes during the Hyrulean Trust Crisis. Felick’s activities caught the attention of Gerudo General Namira, who plotted to kill him and place the blame on the other tribes opposing Hyrule.

To hide her hand General Namira brought the notorious cult leader Elizabeth Bryce into her desert fortress for a meeting. In exchange for offering her cult protection from the Hylian authorities Elizabeth was hired to assassinate Constable Felick. On Epoch Day 2 Beth snuck into Castle Town and caused a massacre in order to draw out Felick into single combat. The plan worked as the constable came out of the castle and attempted to stop the cult leader. Merton Felick was defeated in the battle and meet his demise at the hands of Bloody Beth.