Corgoro is a 50 year old Goron male, created by legendofmidna as a playable character in Epoch of Disharmony.


Has the ability and knowledge to gain abilities from the rocks he eats. For example, from eating flint and coal he can shoot fire from his pores and mouth; by adding water he can do the same with steam. He also has general goron strengths such as a tough rock-like skin, resistance to heat, and immense strength; he is a skilled and highly ranked warrior in the goron tribe.


His abilities are limited by what he has to eat, and he also takes time to “heat up” so he must decide whether to use what he has to be prepared or risk being caught of guard to preserve his resources. He is also IMMENSELY proud (think of the gorons in TP). Aside from his talents, he is just a regular goron, albeit a skilled warrior goron. No magic, no weapons aside from his fists, and no armor. He is also slow (unless rolling) and bulky.


A big sack of coal, a bunch of large water flasks, and a few pouches of assorted minerals such as steel and flint.


Blue eyes, looks very similar to Dangoro (the miniboss of goron mines in twilight princess, who is a distant descendant). Because Goron's age slower than Humans he appears to look about 30 years old.


Extraordinarily prideful. He is suspicious, untrusting, and often hostile toward anyone who is not a Goron brother. However, to his Goron brothers he is warm and hospitable. Among his people, he is a big, friendly, humorful lug, who loves to tell tales, pull pranks on younger gorons, wrestle, and roll around with his buddies. He’s a fun guy when he’s home, but when he’s travelling outside the mountain he is very serious and all business.


Corgoro is a member of a fairly “prestigious” and well-liked goron family, with a legacy of great goron warriors and guardians as well as loyal brothers. His family is known for being true “goron’s gorons”. He grew up with both staunch discipline with his family training him as a guardian goron, and also a great sense of goron fun from lots of wrestling and racing. Corgoro’s abilities stem from a rare trait that exists in his family line and occasionally emerges in certain members, and he has studied to be able to take best advantage of his fortunate genes.