The Crimson Sanctuary is a location in Epoch of Disharmony. Located in the Gerudo Desert, Elizabeth's Sanctuary is nearly impossible to find without being a member of the Eclipse. Or without being taken there by a cultist. It is safe to say that going there willingly without being inducted is an unwise decision.

It is the headquarters of the Order of the Crimson Eclipse, a cult devoted to pagan libertarianism and the worship of Sourbeneton, the Oni of Light. Little is known about their deity except that he encourages his faithful to exist outside of consensual morality. Societal norms put confines on true potential, and initiates quickly learn that the only way to become true followers of the Dark Father is to commit an act of flagrant sin and gain understanding from it. This could be murder, theft, destruction of property, or just about anything else that is frowned upon by the law.

The Sanctuary is a large cavern that used to be a staging area for Lynel forces. It has a common area, four floors, and infrastructure to support hundreds of cultists. There are secret entrances in and out that the higher ranking members know about as well. The main focal point of the area is the sanctuary itself. Dark Father's Rock and the Altar stand in the center on a raised dais. While there is no proper seating, most of the faithful will stand along the domicile walkways and the sanctuary grounds.

Outside the sanctuary proper, Lynel sentries patrol with militant measures. All unbelievers are slain or incarcerated, and the incarcerated are often used as training dummies or sacrifices to Sourbeneton. Those who recant their old faith and profess loyalty to the Dark Father are spared.

Most who reside at the Crimson Sanctuary are either outcast from their society, unwanted, or making a pilgrimage. It is strongly encouraged for all believers to make at least one trip in their lifetime if their role in society prevents them from fully embracing their dark sides.

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