15th chapter of IW Season One.

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IC: Quell - Twili Base Camp - Morning 4

Quell approached the the Twili base camp on foot, stopping at gate of the small barricades that had been erected to protect it. After the battle the day earlier Quell had taken the time to replace his damaged armor and rest, in that time he had recieved he had recieved a psychic message briefing him on an unexpected turn of events.

A few guards approached, blades drawn, "Identify yourself!" one of them shouted. Quell hated these types of meetings, he rarely mingled with the army regulars and instead performed solo assignments on his own. It wasn't surprising that these lowly grunts didn't realize that he could kill them with a flick of the wrist.

"Know your place worms..." he spoke quietly as he flicked a small flash of ice magic at them, causing icicles to form between them as a barrier. He then entered the main portion of the camp and approached the commanders tent as several anxious soldiers began to gather.

After a brief moment of silence the armies commander Maydni exited the tent and motioned to the guards to stand down. "Why are you here?" she snapped, obviously annoyed to be in his presence.

"I am here simply to deliver new intelligence. I have attacked Hyrule Castle Town and devastated its defenses. Its troops are shaken and demoralized." Quell began to explain, pausing for a moment, he disliked having to give long explanations and decided to instead keep things at their simplest. "However the Hylians have dispatched small irregular forces on a special mission that could place everything we are working towards in jeopardy. It would seem a would-be hero clad in green is trying to forge a sacred blade akin to those of legends to drive us back. They are already on the move with the task and may try to enter the territory you've already seized, you need to remain alert and take any necessary precautions."

Maydni scoffed at the Hylians actions, but it was clear that the soldiers in earshot were much less confident. Many had no doubt learned of the various legends of Hyrule's saviors, men clad in green weilding the sacred swords, who toppled the mighty Ganon and Vaati in past generations. Quell knew that this wasn't the case this time, but it wasn't his concern to stop the soldiers from spreading rumors, even if they were based on overly simplified truths.

"I will handle things my own way thank you, I don't need any lectures from the likes of you about how to craft my strategies." Maydni sneared turning her back to Quell. "If you are quite finished then begone, your very presence offends me."

"Hmph... I have been instructed to provide these tools, I care not how you use them." Quell spoke as he tossed the sword and urn to Maydni's feet. He then turned and began leaving the camp.

Glaring down at the magical relics Maydni was visibly annoyed at the complete lack of an explanation on how to use these toys or even what they could do.

IC: Shato - Twili Base Camp - Morning 4'''

Amidst the bustling of the twili's camp a lowly soldier entered a lone tent. "Shato! ... Shato! ... Get up you lazy oaf!" the soldier bellowed before finally kicking a moving lump under some blankets. 

"Uh... what time is it?" Shato yawned as she sat up and stretched. The soldier flinched for a moment in suprise as the blankets slid off Shato's exposed body. "It is already an hour past the mornings daily briefings! Now get up and report in! You have a mission!" The soldier snapped angrily.

Shato paused for a moment glancing out the tent flap before yawning again. "Is that all? Wake me when its time for lunch..." She mumbled as she rolled over and pulled her blanket back over her head.

The soldier gritted his teeth for a moment. "I said now!" he shouted as he knelt down, grabbing one of her ankles and yanking the blanket aside. Before he realized what was happening, he felt a sharp kick to his groin and he was flung back, pinned to ground with Shato sitting on top of him with a deathgrip on an artery in his neck. "I will go when I am good and ready, don't you ever touch me in bed again like that unless you mean it." Shato whispered softley in a sweet voice, her eyes glared down like daggers though.

"Enough! Shato, release him! You have a briefing in 3 minutes, and you don't have a say in the matter... and for the goddess sake put some clothes on!" a ranking officer shouted from just outside the tent glaring at them.

"Hmph, you got off easy." Shato spoke as she leaned in and kissed the soldiers cheek.

A few minutes later Shato entered the briefing room tent. Maps and paper lay everywhere on the table. "Shato, we have recieved intelligence that the Hylians are up to something. They have dispatched special forces to try and create some new type of weapon. Your orders are to locate them, ascertain the threat of this new weapon, and take whatever means necessary to hinder the efforts of their special forces." the officer commanded.

"Is that it? No information on where they currently are? What the size of their force is? Or even what manner of weapon they are creating?" Shato scoffed, annoyed at the general lack of details for the mission.

"The size of abilities of the special forces team is unknown, all we know about them currently is that they are irregular troops. As for the weapon, what we have learned so far indicates it is to be some type of bladed weapon with magical abilities." The officer spoke, filling in a few of the gaps.

"So am I to destroy any of the materials and tools they are using to make this weapon?" Shato asked.

"No, if possible, confiscate and bring back any vital materials. Depending on the nature of this weapon we may have use for it ourselves. The commander concluded.

"Hmph, you guys never give out little jobs do you..." Shato sighed as she turned and exited the tent, the commander called out for her before she could leave though.

"One more thing, take this with you. Command wants to field test this and find out its full potential." the commander added, tossing the summoning urn to Shato.

As she walked out of the tent she glanced at the strange urn. Finding out its potential was just code for command not knowing what to do with the relic. As she held it the relic suddenly began to glow and change shape, after the glow subsided the urn had changed its shape to a container resembling a canteen. "Hm... well that is certainly different..." Shato mused to herself as clipped the relic to her belt.

Way to early in the morning 4/Twili Base Camp in Ordon Village/Nightingale

"Get up," a guard bark as he entered the prison tent Shadow was being held in but was suddenly taken back by a powerful oder. "God what is that!?"

"Rotting food," Shadow spoke without moving, he just sat in the darkness of the room far corner staring at the ground. "I can't eat it, so it rotted. The bugs it and rodents it brought nourished me though, at least after the plants withered."

"That's great, I get it you're a freak. Well what ever floats your boat. Anyway way get off your ass, on of the brass wants to see you for some reason."

"I suppose they want me as a weapon," he said in a remorseful tone as he struggled to stand up. As he walked from desperately shielding his eyes from the sun. Have been in the darkness for so long even the dull glow of the early dawns light was enough to cause him pain.

The guard escorted him to another tent where an officer sat behind a table which held his chain whips and a plain long sword. "I have good news for you, the powers that be finally realized there's no point in having a perfectly good weapons like yourself just laying around so we're going to put you to good use."

Nightingale just stood there silently with his normal sorrowful almost self loathing expression.

"Well you don't seem like the type to care about the minor details so I'll make this simple, the Hylians hired bunch of tough mercenaries, or something like that. Your job is to find anyone like that and kill them."

"You'll forgive me but that quite vague, how do I find these people?"

"If we could get that kind of intelligence we would have one already and I'd be back home casing after every piece of ass I could get my hands on," the officer seemed to boast but as usually Shadow just stood there, "Right... Anyway they should all be looking for some kind of 'holy' artifact or something like, I wasn't really paying attention. If that doesn't narrow it down enough just walk around killing anyone who seems really strong and isn't on our side."

"And if I bare this burden you'll return my jar?"

"That's not up to me, but we're not exactly giving you a choose so grab your crap and get going." 

Nightingale grabbed his weapons and departed to the north just as the officer had instructed.

"Geez, what kind of guy is willing to sell his soul over a damn jar," the officer wondered as he leaned back into his seat. "What ever, as long as it helps us win."

Move Out! Edit

Lord Grem/Morning 4/Twili Main Encampment (south of Ordon)

Grem palmed the chalice of wine, his right foot propped on a footrest, his left arm dangling over the edge of his throne. He sipped the tart liquid, praying that it would do something to make this damn dancer more enjoyable. It wasn't that she was unattractive; quite the opposite in fact, with the silky strips of translucent material barley clinging to her supple skin. The problem was that she did not put any emotion or thought into her movements. This young Hylian, a simple farmer's daughter only a month prior, was stricken with a horribly uninteresting case of melancholy.

Grem barely raised his left arm, waving dismissively. "Take her away."

Two members of his personal retinue strode to the woman, and latched their hands onto her arms. "Back to the cells, m'Lord," asked one, "or to the barracks?" He leered at the woman's barely concealed curves.

"To the cells. Perhaps my benevolence will convince her to dance better next time?" Grem shrugged. "Or not. If she doesn't, give her to the men."

The girl's eyes widened in fear, and she stared at Grem, all but shouting, "How could you!" Of course, she was not so foolish as to speak. Grem smirked. But his silent ruminations over the fate of the dancer were interrupted by his attendant herald.

"General, the messenger you requested has arrived."

"Ah, good. Send him in."

The young soldier entered the presence of his Lord and General, and kowtowed before the powerful man. Grem had no time for such grovelling, now. Decisions were to be made off the information the boy possessed. Thus he cut straight to the chase.

"Your report. Be succinct."

The messenger swallowed a lumpin his throat. "As commanded, my Lord.

"The siege engines ordered through Faron Woods have been destroyed, to a one, as well as their handlers. No survivors are reported from any of those excursions. However, all the infantry pass unhindered, from single-man probes up to full marching battalions. As long as no damage is down to the nature of the place, no damage is done to our troops. The men, and myself, Lord, have seen strange creatures watching the passage, though, observing us as we pass through."

Grem nodded. It was true, then. The guardian spirit of the woods, the Deku Tree, was preventing his forces from passing through with anything more than infantry. That was not the worst of situations, all told. But he could not take the castle with merely infantry, and while it was entirely feasible to burn down the forest, to a blade of grass, it was a waste of time and resources. He had a better idea.

"Very good job, lad. What's your rank?"

"Just a private, Lord. Enlisted."

"You're a corporal now, then." Grem gestured to his attendant, he fetched him a piece of parchment. "I'm attaching you to the squad in barracks D7B. Report to them, bring your commanding officer the new orders for the squad, and take this message to Maydni."

The boy was stunned with his windfall. "Y-Yes sir!"

Maydni/Mid-Morning 4/Twili Forward Encampment (just outside Faron)

Maydni was a little bit impressed, she had to admit. Her position had been fortified all through the night, though only by infantry; none of the artillery was able to make it through the woods. But the impressive part was the squad that had just arrived with new orders. They had only just left earlier that morning, and had made pace to reach the forward camp already. The orders were something else, too. They were more than pleasing.

Maydni jumped up onto a nearby stack of crates and expelled her voice, magnifying it with her magics.

"Hey you! Yeah, you! With the hair! Or you without the hair, whatever. Just listen!" She smirked at the odd looks people gave her.

"We're moving out! Siege machines can't make it, but we've got more than enough troops here! Infantry and magicians are all we need to take out these pathetic Hylian! Pack up, we're marching as soon as we're ready!"

The troops scrambled to obey her orders and ready themselves for the march, and the coming battle, as soon as they were able. Maydni hopped off her crate and pointed to one of the higher-ranking men just standing around.

"Make sure all the spec-ops people are ready, too." She ordered the man. "They're going to have to act as highly mobile self-contained siege units in the attack."

Lord Grem/Morning 4/Twili Main Encampment (south of Ordon)

Grem oversaw the units. The entirety of the Twili Army was packing up and preparing to move out. The forest was not going to allow them to pass. But at least Maydni and her band had made it through, They could harass the Hylians and distract their army while Grem moved forward with the true invasion. Maydni's probing had gone well indeed.

"Are you certain you know what you are doing? Maydni is still a powerful sorceress."

"That may be, but she is crazy, and her ragtag band of miscreants can't be fully controlled. If they die against the Hylians, they will have served their purpose. If they survive, then we can fold them back into the army and continue. In the end, it's not real loss to our abilities to wage war. A tactical sacrifice."

"So be it, Grem. I hope, for your sake, that you are not a fool."

Grem smirked. Oh, I am not a fool. Soon enough, you will see.

IC: Shato - Twili Base Camp - Late morning 4
The camp was bustling with activity, Maydni's sudden outburst had spurred everyone into action. Shato sighed as she leaned against a crate while watching everyone. 

"Ah man... now I actually have to get to work... If I linger I'll be expected to help and if I leave I'll have to start the mission... I suppose wandering around aimlessly is a better option than going off half cocked on a suicide charge at the Hylians fortress." she muttered to herself with dread.

But that still left the question of where to go. The army was going to most likely move straight north towards the castle, the hills would likely funnel their march straight into the Hylian defensive line. Going east would take her to the lake and to the west was a Hylian town. The town was likely to have some manner of defensive guard, but the lake would probably be deserted. The path of least resistance had its appeal but it would do very little to actually help her mission. The Hylians were making some type of weapon, so they would likely need heavy equipment and skilled smithes for the task, that likely meant the Gorons would be involved.

"I guess the mountains it is... but I'll need to do something about my appearance to slip by the guards..." Shato muttered to herself as she headed over to the far side of the camp. There was only one person there that had the skills she required, but he wasn't the type she wanted to owe favors to.

IC: Shato - twili camp - Morning 4
Shato made her way towards a tent with several pieces of lab equipment inside. The man inside was a genius, but also couldn't be trusted.

"Well well, Shato, this has certainly been a long time coming... have to you come to take my life or offer yourself to me?" Cid spoke with a smirk. The two had met each other early during the war and had never got along.

"Don't flatter yourself by thinking it is either of those things. I simply need one of your toys. I've heard you've perfected a means for being able to fool the Hylians into not noticing the difference in our appearances." Shato inquired.

"Ah yes... but don't you already have a method of deception to fool our enemies? Are you saying your skills are have grown so feeble that they aren't up to the job... that you need me?" Cid replied toying with the situation.

"You know full well I can't change my skin tone, and grey isn't exactly something the Hylians are accustomed to. So do you have a way to rectify that?" Shato spoke growing impatient.

"Why yes, of course. I have just the thing. If you'd be willing to allow me some time with your body to... upgrade your abilities, I could have to you changing colors like a chameleon in no time." Cid spoke with a grin, however Shato's eyes had gone cold and he realized he was quickly using up what little patience she had left. "Of course there is also a quick and dirty alternative if you're willing to deal with some limitations." He spoke turning quickly and fumbling with a pair of small test tubes full of a black fluid.

"If one of our people drinks this magical elixer they will have their appearance changed to something more akin to the Hylians... but only for a few hours at a time." Cid spoke holding up the test tubes. Shato quickly snatched them up and glanced down at them.

"What are the side effects?" she inquired. Things like this always had a catch.

"When you use it you'll be the first to know, be sure to let me know how it works out. Oh, by the way it is only intended to last about two or three hours, and the more active you are the faster it will wear off." Cid spoke.

Shato grumbled as she pocketed the viles and left the tent. It was always the same, having to test our his latest crap without knowing what it would do. She then quickly set out of camp and set out on the trail towards Kakariko, hopefully she wouldn't run into any patrols and wouldn't have to use the potions until she got to the Hylian checkpoint. 

IC: Shato - morning 4 - southern field

Shato walked casually down the well worn road between Kakariko and the Ordon province. She was now beyond sight of the Twili base camp.

"Hm... I guess I can goof off a little now... Time to figure out what this toy does." she mumbled to herself as she leaned against a tree and began fumbling with the summoning urn.

Popping open the cap thick dark smoke began to pour out. "Aack! What the..." She cried as the smoke began to pool together and take shape. From the smoke a Deku Baba began to bloom. Strangley instead of snapping at her as the mindless plants tended to do it seemed to be waiting for her to do something.

"Ookay... This is different" Shato spoke as she opened the urn back up and turned it towards the summoned monster, just as quickly as it appeared it reverted back to smoke and returned to the urn. "I wonder what else this thing can make." 

Releasing a larger cloud a far more powerful creature began to form, a Lynel. The large centaur like creature seemed to bow and lean down as if to acknowledge Shato as its master.

"Ooh, I'm going to like this." She spoke as she climbed onto the Lynel's back. "Take to me Kakariko!" she commanded. Without any hesitation the Lynel burst forth at full gallop towards the village of Kakariko. 

Silver Surfer Edit

Kae/Skies above the Castle/Dawn 4

It got further away from the ground. There wasn't much doubt who was in control of Lynn's mind at this point. 

"This is a bad idea. We're off course, and they're going to hunt us like dogs. I don't know what they'll do to me, but I am pretty sure of what they will try to do to you. It's not helping our case much."

Lynn didn't seem like much was getting through to her before when they took off in the first place. If things got too nasty, Kae had every intention of jumping off. A slow fall spell would do the trick as far as avoiding death or major injury. So she had a lifeline of sorts.

"We should go to the desert at least. The General and Felina have Snowpeak covered. No need to overcompensate. If you don't play along, they will kill you. I can only do so much to protect you, even though you probably don't need it from the looks of what happened in the cathedral."

There was no one to consult this time. Kae was on her own out on this limb, and under her lay a war zone of sorts. Either way, she was in a special hell.

And the ancient being in control of her friend probably didn't care about the road ahead.

Lynn Hothnite/Morning 4/Skies Above Castle Hyrule

Lynn continued to drive their transport through the air, climbing higher and higher, and moving further and further from the Castle. She smiled at her traveling companion.

"Oh, Kae. You need not be so perturbed. This body is subordinate to my will. No longer Taden Hothnight the Hated. No longer Lynn Annei the Sheikah. Those two, alone, no longer exist.

"I am Lynn Hothnite. The might and mastery of both, combined to one being and purpose."

As the two continued on their path atop the ice-sphere, landmarks below made apparent the direction of their travel - southward.

"And we are not bound for the desert, my dearest friend. The Ma child and old Chamdar will easily enough dispense of that task. You and I? We are for the forest. This sword must be complete, and now that the man of stone, that Habiki, is defunct, a different sortie needs be made."

Kae/Skies/Dawn 4

It seemed very difficult to believe. What the new Lynn proposed was not an easy task; to subsume the soul of a primordial ice lich and attain some sort of equilibrium. This would require further observation, even with the risk involved.

Going rogue wasn't the best idea. Wisdom in calculated risk was reaching its limits here. People already thought she was crazy. However, they'd still have to deal with the reaper wanting her friend dead. 

"Things just aren't making sense...I'll roll with it for now...but what you propose is downright unheard of. I'm willing to see the full effect of your change at surface value. But they're going to want us dead. Is this sortie some sort of message to my side that our goals are as one? And how exactly did you manage to tame an ancient entity?"

Indeed, as Nora said, the unexplainable was taking place in all aspects of existence. Going into enemy territory didn't seem like the best idea. But there was no point letting her divine gifts go to waste. 

Then again, what about those all-temperature robes? They'd make her stand out horribly in the woods. Then there were the native denizens who didn't take kindly to man on their property...but how do they tolerate the Twili there?

"It's just going to be us and Mytura, but we'll be getting there ahead of him. I don't know the actual history between Taden and Darrel but I am assuming it is just as tense as it was with the Ma line from what it sounded..." 

Lynn Hothnite/Morning 4/South Hyrule Field

The two women, both ins their own ways former Sheikah, continued on their path southward. For a long while, Lynn said nothing as the wind whipped around them; and Kae seemed to be silent in wait for an answer to her previous questioning. Soon enough, the edge of the forest could be seen on the far horizon.

Finally, Lynn responded. "I have not subdued an ancient entity. The two have become one. What was dead lives again. Possession may be effective, but assimilation is much more potent. The might of the body balances the weakness of the soul. The soul's forte is the body's impotence."

The disc airily spiraled downward, falling upon the smaller Twili encampment north of the forest. The sentries did not expect any airborne assault, their presence went unnoticed as Lynn led her transport over and across the area, apparently scouting the force.

"Neither of us will need pay heed to Darrel Mytura. This I assure you. There is much else to concern yourself with, my dear Kae. You have need to learn..."

With that, the ice melted away into the air. Kae plummeted down into the very center of the Twili encampment, a drop of some distance. Lynn wiggled her fingers at the diminishing gaze of her friend, still floating by the volition of her magics. Before the Scion was even ten feet from the ground, the Hated was turned and continuing deeper into the Ordon Forest. 

Kae/Day 4/Twili Camp

What you did was incredibly foolish! If I live through this, you will have much to answer for.

Nowhere to hide, nowhere to run. A sudden free-fall was barely remedied by a slow-falling rote cast in panic. And there was absolutely no point in what the new Lynn just did, at least from what Kae saw. Lunar descent into this pit of hell only made things more sickening, like her doom was coming. She whispered up a prayer for special dispensation, not sure if it would come, because the attention of most of the enemy nearby was focused on her when she landed. It was Sheikah Season in these woods.

Her blade was already in her hand and shards were coming in numbers unforeseen. The only way of surviving was to get a chokepoint and hold out in a blitz until she could get away. If it was a moment for a blaze of glory, then so be it.

There was immense power in many areas of the camp. Life forms, artifacts, and machinations. Most likely they'd be coming for her too.

They were fools to ask her for surrender. She was already mad and felt betrayed by one of the few people she thought she knew. And in the midst of the very people she despised, her indignation boiled over. 

"Infinite wisdom condemns you!"

It became an immediate meat grinder. Kae was in full scene-mode and unleashing violet-white glowing death upon the initial wave of guards trying to capture her. As she advanced, ranged combat no longer was feasible. She'd never used her blade in hand and had to get used to some of the problems that close quarters combat entailed, such as grapples, cheap shots, and razor sharp metal just waiting to rend flesh from bone. 

Being clad in a robe instead of her usual garb didn't help matters much either. Nor did the increasingly surging pain in her left wrist. 

A full alert sounded in the camp shortly after everything unfolded. That birthright style of blade-in-hand did preserve her to an extent, but she took a few hits while making her way to a useful chokepoint: an abandoned supply shed in a corner of the camp. The downside to this position was the cliff wall and narrow path behind her. Putting sentries there was the only thing she could do. She also sent a few of the crystals into the air in case things got far cover her retreat into the swamps...

This is their center of operations. If I stay here for too long, they will slay me, I will draw the attention of their commander who will slay me horribly, or I will be captured and tortured and eventually killed. This all points to death. I can't believe she did this to me!

If you let your fear consume you, you have already lost. Do what you can. If you can, do more. Hold out for now; your request is being reviewed. You have to learn, and we want to help.

The Twili kept sending wave after wave. Mixed units, ranged units, melee units. Kae was puzzled as to how they had so many. Her body was starting to wear down, but there was no magical backlash yet. She had to chug potions at any spare moment due to the heavy damage she was taking. Pain unknown to her before. All it did was enrage her more. Especially because her supply was running out.

 It was only a matter of time before they sent something more substantial than infantry, archers, or shadow mages. Kae hoped that whatever divine bureaucracy up there was debating her request would hurry up and give her an answer.  

Isaac Telmar - Twili Main Encampment - Fourth Day

Cries of action rang out, the Twili soldiers swarmed this way and that as if they were a giant ant colony upset by an intruder. He gave the Twili little more credit than he gave ants, thus had to assume that it was an intruder that was creating the turmoil.

He hadn't moved much lately, despite orders for ones such as himself to act independently in attacks against the Hylian crown. He would, eventually, at least that's how he felt at the moment, but for some reason he'd lagged. Perhaps, he thought as he got to his feet and stroked a hand over the hilt of his dagger, perhaps this was why he'd not moved out.

He forced his way through, pushed soldiers and mages aside. He didn't care if their thought was to overwhelm the enemy, he wanted to see what it was for himself.

The front lines were quite amusing, he found. Twili dead littered the ground, a trail leading off from one direction. And at the center of it all... a girl. A young girl as near as he could guess, though he was proof that age in Hyrule could be circumvented rather effortlessly. Her age didn't matter in any event, only her power, and the mounds of dead suggested that she was more formidable then she appeared.

He unsheathed his dagger.

 "What say we let these hopeless pigs catch their breath a moment, eh?" he called to her, idly twirling the blade with his fingers as he approached. The gleam was in his eye, the desire. "I promise a more bracing contest than they'll provide." 

Kae/Twili Camp/Mid-day 4

Bad to worse. At least that's what Kae thought. She wasn't sure who this man was, but he was a Hylian, and he was obviously welcome in the enemy's camp. And his life force was pretty potent. 

His offer was a better one than the waves of troops to an extent. One against thousands would not hold up forever. But even one against one, this wasn't in Kae's favor. Depending on how it went. There were so many unknowns. 

"Very well."

A cocoon of light enveloped her body as she switched wardrobes. Fighting in a robe would not serve her well, and thus she was back in what she was more used to wearing since her imbuing. It dissipated and she stood readied in a defensive stance. A few shards orbited her form while the others were in their places. There was a new addition to her wardrobe that she didn't notice at first: A long leather glove that went up to her elbow. It was embossed and all black, with a hole where the shard in her wrist was. She looked down at it, flexed her fingers, and eyed up her opponent.

The remaining waves gave him a wide berth. Murmuring amongst them gave her messages among the lines of no bluffing here. The rest of it was thought-noise common with the territory of a stand-off and a challenge.

 If Nora was watching, she would tell Kae to run far, far away. But her mind was occupied with Jaden. Anyone she could consult was unavailable. Kae was on her own. 

[b][color=darkblue]Lynn Hothnite[/color]/Mid-Day 4/Somewhere over Ordon Forest[/b]

There were patches of baldness in the forest below, but still it remained thick with vegetation and foliage. Despite the best efforts of both armies, nature continue to march along. In some cases, with the aid of the Deku Tree's little imp, quite literally. It had been a while since Lynn Hothnite had seen the woods, in either of her previous forms. It was both a breath of fresh air and a reminder of past foulness.

"[color=darkblue]Now, then, tis time to begin.[/color]"

She raised her arms over her head, and formed above her a heavy block of ice no bigger than a small shed. Swinging her arms forward, she willed the block to fling down in front of her, plummeting to the forest canopy below. It careened through the limbs, shattering them, until connecting with the trunk of a tree and blowing itself and the tree into splinters.

"[color=darkblue]Hark to me, Tsukiakari![/color]" she shouted down at the very trees. "[color=darkblue]I ken thou are quite cognizant of my latency! I am aloft the woods thou espouse! Show thyself! I impetrate that we hold counsel![/color]"

 While Lynn found her passion for such flowery prose dulled by the mesh of souls, times such as this called, nearly begged, for theatrics. Long had it been since the forests of Hyrule had last contacted the Hated, but surely not long enough to forget such chilling touch. While a chance to play word games with the imp would be quite wonderful, and really she would prefer to talk to little beast or perhaps his Deku Tree master, she knew what to expect from Kokage, and readied herself for a fight. 

Kokage/Mid-Day 4/The Woods

Thrones, vines, and spiked branches all darted out from the forest canopy all focused on a single target. Several of the wooden pikes and vines spiraled together in the center of the barrage forming a giant spike the size of a small tree.

 Just feet before the large trunk was would have pierce the woman's chest Kokage launched out from with with in it. With murderous intent filling is eyes he let lose a strike with his massive sword, unleashing all the fury he'd been trying to suppress on the women who was foolish enough to attack his domain. 

Isaac Telmar - Twili Forward Encampment - Fourth Day

This girl had power, he didn't have to be a mage to see that. Shards gravitated around her, gleaming with the kind of light he'd come to associate with the old man. There was even a look about her, a look that he'd only seen once, maybe twice. It was that look of one touched by the divine.

"You're going to make this worth my while, I hope." he said, that malignant smirk darkening his features. His eyes drank it all in, the scene, the adversary, everything. It was a moment that men such as he hungered for. Dead bodies littered the ground, hordes of soldiers formed a semi-circle behind him. The brand burned on his chest.

 Blade flipping, he gripped it reverse style and rushed at her. Just paces away, however, he skidded to a halt and hurled his free hand forward, jets of thick, oily flame rushing to engulf her. She had magic, he wanted to test it. With tight knots of telekinetic force he tried to strike at her through the fires he'd unleashed. 

Kae/Twili Camp/Mid-day 4

What was he capable of? There was no time to scry. She'd accepted the challenge and the environment was set. Very little cover, corpses everywhere, and a slight overcast sky. At least the stuff she'd placed in the sky would have a place to hide.

There was psychic interference from the thought noise generated from soldiers and other onlookers. While a quick message was slipping through, she could only get a few words. They sounded like Darrel's. But why him and why now?


A clever feint. Even with a defensive stance Kae couldn't see this coming; a swirl of napalm-like flame. The corpses were too far away to use as a shield. This was going to hurt, hit or miss. 

She did a side-knee roll to the right as quickly as she could, hoping to get out of the way. The heat was unbearable, and this was only the first volley. While tucked into the roll, her shards fired a brief volley of beams as Kae got to one knee. She'd gotten scorched on her left arm mid-tumble. 

When her focus had reoriented, the brand was visible, and things got a lot clearer. This was bad. Very bad.

Thread of contingent prophecy in peril. Don't make a martyr of me this soon!


I don't know which one we've got ID yet. Should probably keep my distance. Heaven's Punishment is gathering power.

 No signs of favoring injury were shown just yet. She could feel the surges come and go, but the glow in her eyes did not betray that pain. Her anima began to give off an eerie wisp as she awaited the next steps in this deadly dance.  

Isaac Telmar - Twili Encampment - Fourth Day

The girl tumbled sideways, avoiding the rush of hot flames he'd thrown. He was legitimately surprised, however, when several of the orbiting crystals began firing bursts of light. His blade deflected one into the throat of a Twili soldier, another arced straight over his head, while the last grazed his right shoulder. He let out a single, painful hiss before resuming his aggressive position.

"Cute tricks, little lady, where'd you learn 'em?" the words came out almost nonchalantly as he stalked her, prowling in a circle, eying her carefully. She had power, that much was clear, but how much? Was she just some Sheikah peon with some spell-casting abilities? Or was she one of the big wigs? Where did she stand in the company of the old man, or Mytura? That's what he wanted to know, needed to know.

 Without so much a change of outward expression he launched a telekinetic knot into her midsection, a gleeful cry escaping his lips as he followed after, blade singing through the air, looking to bury itself in her flesh. 

Kae/Twili Forward Camp/Mid-day 4

"Scion of Nayru."

Kae never really understood why people talked during combat. In her melee training, which she failed horribly, talking was one way enemies could lower the guard of their opponents. 

Her anima converted from wisp and coalesced around her hands and feet, pulsing in radiance.

She was surprised that some of that volley actually hit. Those things usually had their own mild sentience and their aim wasn't too good. It was more warning shots than aimed, and she channeled through them when they fired with any modicum of accuracy. And they had some sort of effect, even if it only agitated him.

When her attacker lunged, she wasn't sure exactly what to expect. Then she felt a sickening crunch hit her abdomen out of nowhere. Winded and reeling backwards, Kae attempted to parry the incoming attack and riposte.   

Telekinet...universal primordial fire instantiation...Nayru save me... 

Isaac Telmar - Twili Encampment - Fourth Day

Three words, that was all it took. Three words and he stopped dead in his tracks, took several deliberate steps backward, and spent the next several seconds drinking in every aspect of her. Every detail. How could he have not seen it before? There was something about her, an air of inherent power and authority, that seemed to emanate from her, just like the old man.

His lips curled back, baring his teeth in what could barely be referred to as a grin.

He knew he'd managed to catch her in the stomach, she had to be winded from that. So he took his time, let her catch her breath.

"Well then Scion... You can call me Kinslayer." the brand on his torso seared as though doused with fresh flame, waves of pain racked his entire body, all the way to his extremities. Walking backwards further, his fingers desperately tore at the buttons of his shirt. All of the sudden he was on his knees, he couldn't remember dropping.

Shirt open, the serpentine dragon that wound its way around his upper body burned deep red, visible to all.

When he looked back up, into the eyes of the Scion, it was with renewed hunger. He remembered the first time he'd met the old man, Chamdar Taliesin. Hunger such as that which gripped him now had taken him then as well, but over the decades, the centuries, that hunger had gone cold. He still intended to have that man's head, but he no longer needed it, if anything, he had grown comfortable with the man's existence.

But the memory of that first fateful clash, when he'd just learned of the man's calling... It was as sweet and as powerful as any he possessed. Now it felt as though he had a chance to relive it, and he didn't intend to let it slip away this time.

Fresh, hot flame coursed through him, scouring away everything but the then and there. This was all that mattered, all that he cared about. It was he and the Scion, and nothing else existed.

The dagger was changed, the hilt had expanded as it did, becoming his infernal Glaive. He used it to push himself back to his feet, his coat whipping out behind him in a sudden gust. His eyes gleamed like fire as he looked upon his foe.

"What a fortuitous turn of events that you should descend upon us here..." Heat radiated from him, he rushed forward, kicking off of a rock and launching himself into the air. From his aerial vantage point he cast down a single orb of sickly green flame. The ball struck the ground between where she stood and where he just had, erupting in a great pillar as waves of dehydrating heat rolled off in every direction.

 Then he dropped, slamming himself into and down through the pillar of flame, crushing it into the ground and sending it outward in a massive, fiery shock wave. Twili soldiers were incinerated by it, but the flames obscured his vision, and he could not see how the Scion fared. 

Kae/Twili Forward Camp/Mid-day 4

Permission granted.

She must have struck a nerve.

Upon hearing the name and witnessing his profane transformation, it wasn't just Kae that was concerned. They were always watching. And the red flags continued to go up. This was the part that started to have Kae's mind ringing out in retreat orders. But something in her stirred to stay, to see if she could fare better than those in the past had against him. There were still things she could do, even with him at this phase.

And with the Triune's granting of her request, she might have a chance. A small one.

It was then that her opponent enraged, careening off towards the sky and unleashing a vicious nova of flame. Too high to jump over, too wide to strafe. It was time to trust in her imbuing completely. 

Her timing was almost perfect. She felt the pain of convection heat but not much else as Nayru's Love shielded her for just enough time. It also enraged her to a point. As the flames cleared, glyphs and sigils manifested amidst her anima and reddened flesh, gathering around her shoulders, wrists, and ankles. Earth turned to glass under her feet. Kae aimed a blast of cosmic power more potent than she'd ever channeled before right at his vile brand and let it fly. 

Kinslayer - Twili Encampment - Fourth Day

Goddess spells, he'd forgotten how much he hated them. No more so, however, than the great dazzling beam that issued forth from her outstretched hands and took him full in the bare chest, the apex of the blast striking directly against the image of the dragon's maw, inscribed in his flesh with living flame.

The force of the blast sent him careening backward, tumbling through the air uncontrollably. Skulls were crushed and bones shattered as he was hurled into and through the milling lines of onlooking soldiers. More dead to add to the already mounting body count.

He skidded across bare dirt, rocks digging and tearing his flesh until he came to a hard stop, slamming against a thick slab of stone jutting out of the ground. His head spun, his vision swam, but the burning was not so bad as it should have been. His fingers tested the flesh of his chest to find it unbroken. The brand, however, seared even his own heat resistant touch. When everything came back into focus he found that the sinister serpentine form that coiled itself around him burned still, now a deep black. Waves of heat distortion radiated off of it.

Next thing he knew he was back on his feet. Somehow, he'd never let go of his Glaive.

"That was quite a ride, little lady." he called, walking purposefully back toward her in the middle of the deep trench he'd rent in the ground. He hadn't even realized it. The physical impacts had been dulled by the power of his ring. The magical however... That he could not fully explain. His ears still rang, however, and he could feel blood trickle from one, and the corner of his mouth. He'd faced such from Chamdar before, and come out in similar shape. Still, as he approached her again he coughed and spit out the boiling blood that came with it.

The test was over, that blow was enough to make him sure. This girl was the equal of Chamdar or Mytura, if a bit unrefined. A challenge, it would seem.

Palm upturned, heat began to pour from his flesh, coalescing into a pair of small orbs. The flames compacted, becoming incredibly dense as they grew. The more he poured into them, the darker they became until they were orbs of flame as black as the image that burned upon his flesh. Once satisfied he cast them into an orbit around himself in a sinister mockery of the Scion's crystal shards. They gravitated around him for now, waiting for his need.

From his free hand, the hand that had formed the fireballs, came what seemed a bar of liquid fire, so bright as to leave an afterimage in the vision of any who beheld it, cleaving the air before it as it aimed to cut the Scion in half. 

IC: Quell - Twili Base Camp - afternoon 4

Quell hadn't made it very far from the base camp before the turmoil of battle caught his attention. Glancing back, Quell wondered if he should help or ignore the situation.

Finally his curiousity got the better of him and he returned to the camp. If it proved to be a mundane counter strike by the Hylians he would simply ignore it and claim he wasn't in the area, if it was something more interesting then he might have reason to become involved.

As he reached the camp he quickly found the situation to be amusing. A young woman was fighting off the entire camp single handedly Maydni was nowhere to be found and it seemed nobody was really in command of the situation. 

Quell watched in amusement as the girl tried to fight her way out of the camp, finally being confronted by Kinslayer. Helping Kinslayer would be a foolish idea, their powers ran counter to one another. Kinslayers fire would be weakened by Quells ice and vice versa.

The had a brief exchange of blows before the girl finally revealed her identity as Scion of Nayru. Kinslayer was clearly pleased with his opponent and was going to cut loose at full strength. 

Despite Kinslayer's impressive fire blast the girl had shielded herself and was readying her own counter attack.

The scope of the situation and the odds at which the girl fought were beyond hilarity, Quell couldn't maintain himself anymore.

The girl was still focusing on Kinslayer but her eyes conveyed that she was scared. Despite all the hype over the gods powers, they still couldn't do anything to change a persons nature, and this scion was clearly still just a scared little girl.

As the girl unleashed her own massive attack on Kinslayer, Quell decided to do his part by dealing with the drones that the girl had created. Encasing some in ice and smashing the others into the ground with the power of his gauntlets, they would no longer be of use.

As Kinslayer recoiled and recovered from the girls attack Quell piped in. "Scion of Nayru eh? You certainly aren't very wise to just blindly attack our forces head on like this after losing so much ground already. Don't fret Kinslayer, I won't interfer with your fight." Quell spoke as he waited for the outcome of the fight. 

 He would respect Kinslayers desire to fight his own battles... for the time being, one way or another though the Sheikah wasn't going to escape this situation. 

Kae/Twili Forward Camp/mid-day 4

The swelling fear was worse than the sweltering heat coming at her wave after wave. And a familiar hostile voice only reinforced that. Over her head and sinking. What could she do now? This was beyond surrender, beyond giving up, beyond death. Such a defeat would raise the morale of the Twili forces to the point that they'd steamroll Hyrule Castle and take over with little difficulty.

If you kill an agent of the Goddesses, it kind of instills that fury in troops that would normally not do as well otherwise.

A bright bar of incendiary death hurtled towards Kae at breakneck speed, and she wasn't sure how to avoid this one. 

They feed off of it. Cast it off, and show no more of it. Instead, show them why they should fear Me.

Easy for Her to say. Nayru and her Councilors were not down here fighting this battle. Why couldn't they fight their own?

Kae hit the dirt, spinning as she fell, trying to get under the horizontal gout. It caught her left arm on fire, wracking her with pain as she rolled around trying to put it out. It wasn't working too well, and she could see bubbling violet viscera come forth from blackened cracks in her flesh. But slightly beneath it, there was a slight glow, very similar to how her arm looked shortly after the unstable rote had consumed it. Was this the secret? 

Not even a pain suppression rote could take the edge off of this. But how could she cast off her fear? Agony was clouding all thought. She could feel power fading from her...from behind her...

Let go and let Nayru.

Nora's message of what she should do in moments of absolute despair rang out in her mind. The problem was, events were already set into motion. What was next to come was out of her hands.

That troublesome shard embedded in her wrist took the flame into itself and detonated in a rather violent manner, consuming the flesh of her entire arm. It didn't stop there, as a shriek of excruciating pain was nullified by a pillar of light from the heavens, clouding her form from sight.

"It is time."

It was a brief moment, and when the pillar faded, a six-winged celestial form emerged. Stars glowed from inside her translucent being. It appeared as though Kae had answered her own question. The very essence channeled by the Three had completely infused her body, and she had taken on the image of a Seraph. It was the end of a thought; that of fear.

Transfigured and looking rather indignant, Kae lunged at the Kinslayer with full force, so as to bring down a vicious blow with her blade.

 She knew far too well what this transformation meant: a backlash of this magnitude had a high chance of killing her. Now was the time to pull out all the stops. 

Kinslayer - Twili Encampment - Fourth Day

"Yesss!" he hissed as his angellic adversary fell upon him with all the might of heaven at her back. He leaped into the air, racing to meet her blow. Glaive met the blade of the divine being and the force of the connection unleashed a wave that drove him into the dirt, his body at the center of a small crater formed by the impact. Still, the blue ring served him, served to lessen the damage of physical blows. He staggered to his feet.

This was like nothing he'd experienced, the glorious agony of that immense power beckoned him to continue. He hungered for the challenge, and this was like unto no other. That hateful grin was on his lips even now.

And then he was brought once more to his knees, pain rippled through his body, so intense that everything was lost to him, every sense he possessed was obscured by this all consuming torture. He could feel nothing else, see nothing else.  

The onlookers edged back away from this deadly arena. As many of their number had been slain by the Hylian's flames as by the Sheikah's light. Now it appeared that the angel had one, had struck a blow that even the pyro couldn't rise from.

But rise he did, slowly. Deliberately. His head was barely visible over the edges of the crater, but as he walked calmly up its slope he came into full view of all those who still remained. A ripple of shock ran through the onlookers.

He was changed now too, a change seemingly in stark contrast to that of the Scion. Where she had ascended to a state of divine being, he had become a twisted parody of man. His skin was sallow, his eyes sunken and dark, yet gleaming with a dark fire like none they had seen. As he turned gradually, his gaze sweeping over the ranks of the Twili, they could see fangs where normal teeth had been, and painful ridges protruding along his spine through the folds of his coat.

The biggest shock, however, sas that the brand now moved. Like a serpent it slithered around his body, wrapping around his arms, an image written in living flame against his pestilent flesh.


It was a new state of being, one that in all his time he'd not achieved. He had always known that in the Brand there was power, untapped and mysterious, but no prior experience could have prepared him for what had taken him. He felt as though pure white flame coursed in his veins. He ran his tongue over the fangs that glittered in his mouth, and imagined how it would feel to bury them in angelic flesh.

[color=darkred][hl=black]"I owe you a debt, Scion. I dipped my feet in a pond and thought it the ocean, until now. You've awakened something in me that I never imagined was there."[/color][/hl]

One hand free, he thrust it in the direction of the onlooking horde. Seizing hold of one Twili mage in his mind's eye, he hurled the fool at his foe. Up into the air he launched himself, Glaive in hand, trailing a tail of dark flames in his wake. He caught the projectile Twili easily, everything was augmented, it was intoxicating.

Grasping the flailing foot soldier he laughed with sickening glee as jets of flame issued from his hand, shooting through the man's midsection. The body came apart as flame and flesh rained up into the face of the Scion of Nayru. He would not be cowed by any mortal, whether they were a naive girl or an angelic warrior. 

Kae/Twili Forward Camp/Mid-day 4

To connect with such magnitude relieved Kae mildly, at least until she saw what came out of the crater. 

This is why you were advised to avoid him. Because this would happen. It was meant to sooner or later...preferably later...mitigate.

She was genuinely repulsed, though her gaze did not betray this either. And she stayed silent for most of the encounter, but this could not be ignored. Her voice had completely changed in this form; as did just about everything else. It wasn't just a resonant echo. It had...authority.

"Mutual. I can give you that. Do not expect me to call it in."

Her perceptions were completely different now. But she didn't let it affect the current situation. Both sides had reached their apex of ability, and now was the time to unleash as much wrath as possible before this form became unsustainable.

Also, the sudden thought crossed Kae's mind concerning their current location. They both seemed to cause a great amount of property damage simply by existing in the same space. If she could drag out an encounter long enough and withdraw alive, Twili marching orders would be forced to alter. Especially if Heaven's Punishment was ready to be discharged.

This was, of course, shoved to the back of her mind when Kae saw Kinslayer's next move. She had no qualms about using corpses as shields. But live ammunition? Completely unthinkable and repugnant. Flaming giblets rained down from the sky before she had time to react, igniting her head and chest.

She buckled, realizing that even when transfigured, pain still existed. It didn't do what it would have done to Hylian flesh...but the damage was done. She would be reliant on second sight for as long as this went. Auras and life signatures. And one as strong as her opponent's would be very hard to miss.

 Kae pointed her blade at the sky and swept it downward, calling forth a bolt of pulsing moonfire. Clouds rolled back and a thundering crash accompanied. Would it buy her enough time? She beat at the flames as it came unrestrained toward its intended target. 

Lynn Hothnite/Mid-Day 4/Above the Forest

It was a simple matter, really. Kokage was so filled with rage and hatred, he was easy to predict. A spear of vegetation ruptured from the forest canopy, driving its way through the air toward Lynn. There was no doubt the little imp was concealed within, no doubt that he would come to personally meet this challenge. But Lynn waited, and the attack drew closer. Her fingers curled into icy talons, yet still she waited. And the attack drew closer.

Then, with the spear no less than five feet from her, Kokage revealed himself. The spear, what was meant to be the distraction, burst into a hail of sharpened razor-leaves. Kokage himself burst from the center, swinging his sword to cleave Lynn in half. Laughably predictable, of course. A simple sidestep, and the imp was past her, his sword serving only to cut the air. Lynn struck with the swiftness of a cat, the ice-formed claws covering her fingers cutting through Kokage's tunic and scratching into his flesh.

It was only after the small hint of pleasure at injuring the old Kokiri had begun that she noticed her folly. The razor-leaves, trailing behind her foe, were just as dangerous as his sword. They zipped through the air, likewise tearing her own clothing and slicing her skin.

The first volley was over. They had only but traded wounds.

"Mark this, Kokage. I proffered the possibility of peaceable parlance. Thou instigated this conflict, and thou are responsible for what befalls. Thus I present thy final volition: let us converse, or suffer the consequences of our conflict."

As she spoke, Lynn froze the slurry of leave and branches that had hung around them following the dissipation of the spear, denying Kokage some small part of his power as the greenery, now encased in ice, fall from the sky into the forest below. 

Kokage/Forest/Mid-Day 4

 "Talk all you like." Kokage said as he feel down to the canopy below. Just as quickly he vanished from site he reemerged perched on top of of a pillar of wood that was growing into the sky at a right that one may thing it was an arrow. The elemental leaped from platform then, in and act that defined the nature of his form, launched vines from withing his body at the one who violated his home hoping to ensnare her she could could not avoid the strike of his sword. 

IC: Quell - mid-day 4 -Twili Camp

The scion and Kinslayer had upped the ante and had transformed into what was clearly their peak forms. 

Despite the odds and the continued ferocity of the battle the Scion remained. It didn't make sense, now was the best chance of performing a break through her entrapment and escape. A transformation such as this, even if fueled by divine blessings, couldn't be sustained for long, dragging things out would only play against her. There was only one answer, she beleives she can inflict crippling damage to the forces that were gathered here before she reaches her limit.

"Heh, arrogant child... Even if you win against Kinslayer you still have myself and possibly another to contend with. Scion of Nayru indeed. I didn't think the god of wisdom would have such a foolish pawn." Quell thought to himself as he watched the fighting from the sidelines.

 Another question lingered though, would Maydni enter the battle herself? 

Lynn Hothnite/Mid-Day 4/ Over the Forest

Vines leapt from Kokage's body, writhing through the air to ensnare Lynn. She twisted to the side, most of the vines cinching around her legs and pinning her left arm to her side. Her right arm, the forearm, was left free due to her turn, and she struggled to pull the limb away from her body. Kokage closed the distance and began a swing.

"Why, little thing, I hardly believe an aerial confrontation to be the proper means by which to express romantic interest."

Her right hand served its purpose, and pulled the Biggoron's Sword from the magical sheath at her side. Once the last of the weapon cleared its holster, and left the range of enchantment, the weapon grew in size instantaneously, slicing through a portion of her bonds and intercepting the slashing attack of Kokage.

"What be this? A new slew of prestidigitation?" she taunted the elderly child as their swords locked. "We both of us change."

 Lynn spun, matching the direction of Kokage's pressure against her sword, and the imp stumbled, if such a feat were possible while hovering in the air. She continued the spun, aiming to bring the flat of the Biggoron's Sword against his back and bat him down to the forest below. 

Kokage/Day 4/Forest

"You demanded the right to speak only to ramble on with nonsensical banter," Kokage said as the women caught his blade with one of her own. The women followed through with he motion, countering and overpowering Kokage momentum and sending him back down to the forest below.

"This could become infuriating," he commented to himself realize his major disadvantage over a flying opponent. 

As if called simply by his will a horde of spear wielding Moblins approached the forest warrior to aid in his battle. "Force her down." With a simple command the beast began launching there massive spears in to the air. Flocks of Guay and Kargaroc's flew out form the canopy adding to the assault against the flying ice witch. Kokage, not willing to leave the fight up to minion allow, added a barrage of razor sharp leaves and pin needles, carefully aimed to avoid his own allies. 

The Flash is Back Edit

Kae/Flashback/Age 11

It was time for another one of those mandated youth training courses. Kae loathed these as though they were torture, because to her they virtually were. 

She wasn't good at melee. She was skilled at range, but when it came to athletics or the obstacle course, she cheated when she could. She used her magic to get the upper hand when it came to making jumps or holding onto stuff.

Of course, given her lineage, they couldn't expel her from the people without causing an uproar. To Razah and Rashida Bryseis, it was a formality and a rite of passage. Even if their daughter couldn't pass all the tests.

Her stamina was poor and her strength below average. Luckily, the instructors were not mystics.

Lynn was there watching; due to the age difference they didn't have the teens mopping the floor with the younger ones. But Kae had asked her to be there for support. Jaden couldn't make it due to his advanced martial arts classes with the Chieftain's Company. But he did wish her well.

Nora couldn't even get her out of this. The Chieftain accused her of training an unbalanced apprentice, and undue shame would not look good for the village's chief spiritual counsel.

It all began with a mile run around the dirt track near the Inn. Kae was dreading the ridicule from her instructor as he hadn't been very nice the last time she had to do this. And she knew she wasn't going to improve.

With a shrill ring, whistle blew and feet began to move. She knew to pace herself. But it wouldn't be good enough and she was going to get yelled at. 

I've got friends nearby. They've got my back...I think. I hate this...

Kae/Flashback 2/Age 11

It wasn't easy for her to deal with at all. The view changed every minute or so of the 11 it took her to run that mile. She held the track's inner line to minimize the distance as much as possible while also trying to stay out of everyone else's way. Kae huffed along as best she could, but the cramps and sidestitches hampered her at every step.

The pack would lap her and snicker, and then they'd just keep moving. She wasn't popular among the other children. To them, being intelligent without athletic prowess was a waste. They just didn't understand. 

Her shorts kept riding up and her top clung due to profuse sweating. Everyone else had finished at least two minutes ahead of her, and now they were stuck waiting for her to finish. The instructor wasn't much easier on her than the crowd.

"Bryseis! You're holding up the rest of the group! Put a little more into it and hurry up!"

She just looked at him with contempt. How much more could she give than what she was already doing? 

In the final lap, she just wanted to be done with it. Using what final reserves she had left, Kae let out a scream of frustration and took off. 

Of course, burning it all at the end wouldn't make her feel any better once she crossed the finish line. Lynn looked a little concerned from the gallery. Parents and siblings looked on as well. 

Her form was horrible. Her breathing was way off. And when she crossed the finish line, her left ankle rolled out and she fell flat on her face.

"Don't stay down! Get up and run or you'll be cramping for days!"

"That tattooed freak couldn't run away from an octorok. Seriously. Did you see that snail of a pace?"

"How the hell did she come from the same blood as Jaden and Razah?"

"Ask yourself that question again when she aces the next exam."

Lynn was the only one who spoke up for her. And yes, Kae was in classes with folks six years older than her.

Other random criticisms like this came from the crowd. Her front was completely covered in dirt as she got to her feet. Tears welled up in her eyes from the pain as she limped over to a trough of water to try to refresh herself.

"When you're done sucking air, we'll be at the obstacle course. Don't take too long."

If she lost it and began to bawl, it would only get worse. Kae bottled her sorrow too well, letting it all go when no one else was watching. 

Lynn didn't go out there. She followed the gallery over to phase 2 of 5: the dreaded obstacle course. Ropes, wheels, walls, balancing beams, swinging sandbags, sticks to weave in and out of, and much more. This was a test of agility and endurance. And Kae hated swinging from rope to rope. She'd have to cheat on that part and hope to avoid getting caught. Same thing with clearing gaps.

Kae/Flashback 3/Age 11

The water trough was her solace before, and it would soothe her once more. Kae lapped up four mouthfuls of water, rubbed out her foot, and limped over to the obstacle course. She shot a glance over at Lynn as a nonverbal affirmation, and her friend looked concerned. 

That rolled out ankle would serve to be more problematic as the day went on. Once that happens, the chance for it to recur increases. Kae knew this from her anatomy studies. While other Sheikah went over it to get the upper hand in a battle, she made sure to gain both advantages of knowing how the body worked. 

At least for the course speed wasn't as much of an issue as completing it. But she could hear the laughs and ridicules from the other children, and it bothered her. If they only knew the secrets she carried. She swore she'd never harm her fellow Sheikah. But she got increasingly worried that they'd get carried away once the melee section began. 

During the confusion of lining every child up, Kae cast a mild slow-fall rote on herself. It was just enough of a drop in falling speed to allow her to clear gaps. Of course, her eyes glowed a little bit, so this would draw more undue attention. If anyone asked, it was a meditation to kill the pain in her ankle. After all, a Sheikah was trained to ignore weakness or find a way to overcome it. Overcoming normally inferred sucking it up and dealing with it. But her thought processes were unconventional. Her brain was wired much differently, but the maxims stuck regardless.

Kids made it through with few problems. Some fell off the swinging ropes while others tripped on wheel wells. 

First came climbing a rope over a steep wall. Following that came staggered wheel wells, and then a balance beam. From the balance beam came a path with swinging bags from ropes anchored from an overhead gallery. This path had logs driven into the ground at various heights, and the children would have to jump to each one to make it across to the next phase. Then the children would have to swing from rope to rope, sliding down the last one into a large pile of leaves. After that came a sprint to the finish line. 

Kae's turn was up. She wasn't limping anymore, but her ankle still stung. From mainly upper body strength, she managed to make that at an average pace. Wheel wells tripped her up a little bit, but she didn't faceplant. Climbing up on the balance beam was harder for her due to pushing off on her non-dominant foot. Her ankle flared up a little more, and she rolled it out again, almost falling off. Jumping to the logs almost failed, even with that magical boost. She had to catch the end with her hands and pull herself up. Meanwhile, sandbags were coming. One almost clipped her before she could get her footing. Then came looking before leaping. Kae could anticipate when the instructors were going to let one swing by sensing thoughts. 

Her balance wasn't too bad. She made it to the last log with little effort. Swinging ropes seemed to be out of reach. The instructor did call out to her before jumping, however.

"Bryseis, are you using that moon juju or are you actually trying?"

She looked over again with a mildly agonized look on her face and shook her head.

"I rolled out my ankle on the mile run. It was a pain-suppression rote."

"Then why do you look like you're in pain?"

A slight tone of anger trickled into her voice.

"One, you're interrupting me."

She leapt to the first rope and began to build momentum.

"Two, it doesn't cancel out every bit of pain."

Second rope came without a hitch. 

"Three, you will never comprehend my studies."

Three of five, no problems yet. But the fourth rope wasn't swinging much. She reached out with her mind to get it to give just a little. 

Before she knew it, she was on her way down into comfortable leaves. With a time that wasn't dead last. It was a small win. She could hear Lynn clapping as she rolled out of them and took off toward the finish. 

She was doubled over and panting, but happy with herself.

Kae/Flashback 4/Age 11

Nora had joined the gallery at this point. She kept her distance from the rest of them, though. And some were creeped out by her presence as it was. Her hood was up and cloak tightly shut. Platinum-blonde hair cascaded to her waist from said hood. Leaning on her staff, she watched the instructors with an incredibly critical eye.

Kae noticed her as she moved on to station three. This was the exercise drill. Push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, and the rest of those things few children enjoyed. It was also the shortest station. Each technique had a timer on it and each person was teamed with a buddy who would count. After the counter reported their total, they'd do the exercise. Five total. Two minutes to do each. 

And everyone knew the grading scale.

20 was passable. 30 was a C, 40 was a B, and 50 was an A. The super-motivated folks could do 60 for an S rank. Doubled count for jumping jacks.

Kae usually didn't make it past 10 on any of these except jumping jacks. She'd have to pain suppress again to pass. And she knew that this was all about pacing herself, but that knowledge didn't help when her stamina was poor to begin with. A mile run and an obstacle course previous to this didn't help either.

She was paired with another white-haired girl by the name of Elly. Elly was one of the nicer 11-year olds who got some tutoring from Kae in the past, so there was at least some rapport. The other thing bonding them was that neither wanted to do this. So they fed off of each others' desire to get it done and go home. 

Neither of them liked their instructor either. He was unflinching as a Sheikah should be, though some of the children had different ideas. At least he was efficient. Nora didn't trust him though. He was a failed chieftain's heir who didn't want to accept his fate. And he took it out on the kids. Part of it was so that if one of them had the chance he did, they wouldn't fail. It was a tough and twisted love.

Jumping jacks were first. After a rock-paper-scissors to decide who went first, Kae was chosen. Elly watched closely as Nora's eyes were solidly fixed on her apprentice.

She fell a few times. And the instructor kept watching because of his skepticism of the arcane. Was she cheating? It was bad enough that he had to trust kids to count. Working Nora over also made him feel better.

"Larisse! I think your little student is a cheater!"

She raised her staff and aggressively postured.

"I do not mentor cheaters. Keep up that line of thought and you'll find yourself dueling me."

"You lie, Haraf!"

Haraf the Instructor laughed. Especially at Kae's interjection.

"An old woman thinking she can best me. Keep dreaming your twisted visions under a violet moon."

Nora walked away from the gallery and started to trace a circle on dirt ground. There was a strong possibility of a better event for the Youth Fitness Exam gallery to watch.

"Do not finish what you cannot start, Haraf. I suggest you attend to your charges."

She'd humiliated people before in similar fashion. Sadly, memories were short. Few in this gallery knew that Nora had any combat ability at all. 

Lynn shouted advice to Kae from afar, and it did improve her performance enough to pass with 42 jacks. Maybe it was all in the mind.

Kae/Flashback 5/Age 11

Nora had laid the gauntlet down for Haraf. However, losing his composure in front of so many onlookers was something he couldn't afford. He'd challenged her honor and she countered by posturing. There was no shame in backing off. Disrupting his routine was Nora's goal. He didn't want to give her that. And by making Kae suffer more, his sick sense of satisfaction could be sated.

He could care less how the other children did. Kae was scraping the bottom of physical fitness scores as it was. Failing her would render her special training useless; she'd be unavailable for deployment on any assignment. Even though Nora didn't want her out in the field alone, it would be dishonorable to not have clearance. A Sheikah's honor is the ability to act in defense of their people and the Royal Family. 

Such constant underestimation irritated the young girl. Someday, they'd understand. Someday, they'd regret the years of belittlement and mockery. Being different did not mean being useless.

They can take their ignorance and choke on it. I may not be prideful, but I am steadfast in knowing that our spiritual foundation requires extreme care! Who do they come to when they are uncertain about their fate? Nora. Soon enough, they'll come to me. If they keep pestering me, I won't be able to help them.

"Kae, you shouldn't let their bickering get to you like this. Just focus and use this time to catch your breath. Why does he have it in for you, anyway?"

Elly looked very concerned. Her buddy wasn't looking too hot, and the extra attention was unwelcome.

"Haraf and Nora don't get along too well. Can't go into much more, but it looks like I am the pawn in their game."

"It doesn't bother you?"

"This has happened before. Eventually they're going to fight. Chieftain and Nora argue constantly over proper training regimens for me. I'm one of the two Moonchildren, and that requires another approach."

"They're still arguing. The others are just staring at them...what do we do?"

Kae observed and pondered. Haraf was losing his cool and it looked like she was the target.

"I've been killing the pain with magic. Are you feeling alright?"

She took Elly's hand and shut her eyes, murmuring a prayer. She shared her rote.

"What'd you just do? Did you heal me?"

"Not so loud. Not really. The pain will return in an hour. But for now, give it your best. This isn't cheating. It was within my means to aid you, and is therefore fair."

They both chuckled as Haraf turned around with a rather spiteful look on his face.

"Bryseis! Alysi! Big mistake to laugh. Examples. You'll both be them. Push-up time!"

He hovered over them as Elly began her set, and then Kae switched to hers. Since he was so morbidly focused on those two, most of other children took advantage and cheated on their counts. Elly salvaged a B rank, and Kae got just enough for a D, right at the last second. She came up with straight-D for all 4 exercises. Unimpressive, but passable.

Nora looked onward, also observing. She was ready to interfere if necessary, but it looked like Kae was handling herself well enough, considering her situation.

It wasn't going to get any better. Melee and close-quarter sparring was next. It was the final section. 

Grades thus far: Failed the Run, B on Obstacles, D on Exercises. She'd need a C in Combat to retain Eligibility. 

Haraf was very strict about rules in all sections. Cheaters were failed instantly if caught. But he'd be in for a large debate before Kae was done this day. What exactly did "within individual means" define? Was magic cheating? While Haraf couldn't use it and was jealous of those who could, bending cultural code was a worse idea. 

Kae/Flashback 6 (Final)/Age 11

Elly and Kae had decided to work out a deal to turn their bout of sparring into a draw. There were best-of-three sets to three declared points. Since Haraf was watching them as a hawk minding its prey, striking each other at the exact same time would force a tie. 

Of course, melee weapons were used. Bamboo practice swords. A little heavy for Kae, but putting her body into it made it more manageable. There wasn't much point in putting a feather effect on it. 

Haraf wasn't stupid. Kae choreographed the encounters a bit too well. At the end of the final set (after going back and forth and making it look like a very close battle, just as the other two sets were), Kae and Elly both hit each other in the face and dropped.

"I am surprised that Elly lost to Kae at all. There's no way this could be so close. Record your counts now, but I want Bryseis to stay behind. If she wants to pass, she will have to best me."

"A draw yields a rank of C. What you propose is unjust."

Kae was absolutely exhausted. And what the instructor proposed was absurd.

"You think beating on an 11 year old girl will make you feel better, Haraf? You watched the match. It was fair. I'm going to get the Chieftain and have this ruling thrown out. You'll never proctor a Youth Fitness Trial again."

Nora was irate. She spat in contempt and hobbled away, but before she left, she gave Kae some advice.

"Apprentice, do not forget to act within your means."

Kae nodded. She realized that this was discrimination, and that a good amount of pain was headed in her general direction. If it got too rough, she'd blast him with a beam or two. That wouldn't be lethal. 

"Bryseis! To me. You'd best be prepared to lose."

She smirked.

"Impartial as always. You'll regret this."

One feinting blow put her on the ground. Her collarbone was going to be bruised after this. Whatever grudge he had twisted his mind. 

She blocked the next flurry of attacks, but missed a swipe at Haraf's knee, leaving herself wide open for another blow to her midsection. First set to the instructor. 

Readying herself for another set, she remembered what Nora had told her. 

"Two more points and you fail."

"If you were going to flunk me anyway, you should have done it. Go."

Haraf got reckless and left himself open for a quick blow to the chest. He shouldn't have led with an overhand stroke. And then he got angry, catching Kae with a spinning backfist, bloodying her nose. A line had been crossed. Kae was going to cross it anyway, but this opened the door. 

As Haraf positioned for another attack, Kae dropped her sword and cupped her outstretched hands, muttering an incantation. He charged, hoping to interrupt her, but it was too late. All the crowd could see was a bright violet-white flash as a lunar energy beam connected directly in the center of his chest. Haraf flew back about twenty feet, landing on his back, spasmodic and twitching. Deep purple smoke rose from his sizzling wound. He was alive, but very unconscious.

A wave of shock overtook the gallery, as very few of them had ever seen a display of that kind of power before.

Nora was hobbling back with the Chieftain in tow right before they both saw Instructor Haraf sail through the air. Kae was on her knees, weeping, while some of the crowd rushed to her fallen opponent.

"He crossed a line...I really didn't want to do that! Please don't fail me!"

The Chieftain walked over to Kae and put his hand on her shoulder, kneeling down next to her.

"What exactly did you do? He' he even alive?"

She fought through the sobs.

"Honored Chieftain, my Master instructed me to act within my means to overcome adversity. When Haraf hit my face with a backfist, I knew the rules had changed, and I used my most powerful attack. It just happened to be magical in nature...he will live...I am sorry..."

He took her hands away from her face and looked deep into her eyes. She was remorseful, and she knew that her attack had a chance of killing him if she had more time to increase its potency. 

"And what of the Instructor? Is it as young Kae testifies?"

The other assistants relayed how the fight went. She had said he'd regret his actions. Kae rebutted that there was dishonor in a grown man beating on a young girl just to fail her on purpose, and that his bias clouded his judgment. Nora also backed this with her other observations on previous exams. 

"Take him to the infirmary. The girl passes her exam. I'm suspending Haraf. Also, Nora, if you're going to drag me from my duties next time, there had better be a bigger emergency than your apprentice being singled out. I know she's important to you, but you could have handled this."

Nora bowed and bid him farewell.

"If I had interfered, sir, Haraf would be dead. I knew you'd be more just than myself."

The Chieftain responded with a grim look, understanding her all too well. He left the area shortly thereafter, very creeped out. Nora and her moon-child apprentice were things he preferred not to have to deal with. He didn't understand it very well.

Nora and Lynn helped Kae up and took her home to recuperate. If anything, the other children learned valuable lessons. To avoid bullying Kae, that the Instructor was a biased jerk, and that the Chieftain did care about the children, even though he was reluctant to show it. 

And Kae learned that it was ok to use her powers when threatened. She didn't use beams in public again until that little training incident with Lynn on the first day of the war.

Reminisce WistfullyEdit

Seishi/That Island Place/Night 3

Seishi laid out alone at the edge of a cliff at the edge of the ocean. He was staring into the stars thinking about times gone past.

-Two Weeks After Ganondorf Entered the Sacred Realm-

"You want me to what now?" Seishi was a bit shocked by the request that was just put before him.

"Just lead a small platoon of individuals that General Sabre considers special interest. You'll be given a commission as a Major since you 'file' says you were a Captain during the war and you'll report directly to me." Phoenix elaborated while donning with a forced smile.

"So now I was a Captain, hell I wasn't even old enough to hold that rank back then. I'm starting to wonder what else that old man put in my so called record." Seishi said scoffing at plan the Hylian army's second in command had come up for him.

"The Chief Military Adviser put what ever he felt necessary to trick his son, I mean General Sabre, into trusting you. Now form what you've told me of the truth of your past I figured you could use this opportunity to repay him and keep face with your fallen friend from back then.

"Damn it!" Seishi yelled slamming is fist into the table. "What the hell would you know about any of that!? Look I'm grateful the old General or Chief whats it position that the made up for him," he said struggling to regain a calm composure, "and I really feel bad that he got kill we'll we were running though the north mountains looking for Taden, but I've got my reasons for being in Hyrule right now and rejoining the army isn't one of them." 

"Bull****!" Phoenix shouted bluntly. "You've been working with the army since you got back. Explain to me how THAT will help you find your little brother."

"It wont, but the ****ing Owl got in my way again so I went with my second goal which is ringing the neck of that one Gerudo that can stand when he pisses. The Army seems to be a convenient means to an end when it comes to that."

"That's a lie. Ganondorf was our ally when you got here, your actions seemed more towards warning us of his betrayal then assassinating him. Be honest with yourself Seishi, your still acting out of loyalty to Hyrule. Besides Ganondorf Dragmire hasn't been seen since the attack two weeks ago where he was last seen running into the Temple of Time after the Princess escaped.

"Fine if I can't find him I'll just go look for my brother again. Besides with this new point glow stick and undeadish farm tool I inherited from Darrim I'm pretty sure I can kick the birds ass.

"I know where your little brother is, and you can't get to him."

Seishi just stood there in silence for several moments. Phoenix almost began to grow nervous while wondering how he'd react fortunately Seishi finally spoke up before he had to chance to over think it. "What!?

"The Shiekah that guards the princess sent a correspondence, it finally reached us this morning. Some of the information in it sounded in line about what you told me about your brother and one of the individuals would be assigned to your platoon helped confirm it."

"Tell me everything."

"I'd love to, but technically everything in the letter has to be treated like a military secret."


"So this is what Sabre meant by 'special interest'. Seishi commented as he entered the room with the five volunteers Sabre and Phoenix expected him to "lead." "A kid, and old man, a fish, and some a mummy or guy with an injured face or something. Well damn it, that ones normal I guess. Wait why is one person here normal? None of the other four are normal, hell you and me aren't normal. Don't tell me he's some kind of shape shifting dragon or something."

"I'm a Calatian."

"Damn it, a shape shifting dragon would have been useful. I wonder if we can get one."

"For the most part they're all quit powerful, Sabre just couldn't include them in the regular army for, well the reasons you listed. Well except Syzan, we're just pretty sure he's lying to us about his reasons for being here."

"Yeah no, I'm not standing right here or anything."

"Great now that your all introduced, it's time to head out. We've got news of two mages hired by Ganondorf's army attacking caravan's evacuating to Kakariko. We need to stop them."


"I'll be coming with you this time, Sabre still doesn't trust you either."

"Yeah well he's always a bag of laughs isn't he. By the way you know I never actually agreed to "lead" this butch."

"Then don't, just make sure they stay on our side and don't kill each other. Oh and try and stay on task."

"Damn it! That's the same thing as leading!


"Sleeping outside?" Laynnei said as she approached her husband form the woods behind his spot and sat down next to him.

"Nah, just thinking about stuff.

"Like what?" she asked as she laid down next to him and snuggled up close.

"Just a few good memories from a really bad time. I figure a lot of history is gonna repeat itself again real soon so I wanna thing about the happy parts of that while I still can." 

"You do realize if you would ever learn from your mistakes you wouldn't have to worry about things like that."

"Maybe. By the way, are you really gonna let Ayala come with me?" 

"She's an adult now, she can make her own decision."

"You know I never though I'd here you say that... Hey wait a damn minute, I had to get your permission."

"When your an adult you can do what you want to," she said snuggling closer to use Seishi arm as a pillow and allowing herself to drift off into a light rest.

"Heh, that was cold."

The Forest Battle Says Hello Edit

Lynn Hothnite/Day 4/Forest

I swarm of forest creatures launched from the canopy below, harrying Lynn with heir wings, talons, and beaks. She spun in a circle, arms outstretched, head upraised, and eyes closed. Power spread from her hands, and a handful of the beasts were caught up in the freezing cyclone that surrounded her. More still continued to assault her, and they were suddenly now joined by spears and Kokage's razor leaves.

Slowly, the attacks were driving her downward. Perhaps the cover of the foliage would be amenable, but she would lose the advantage of an aerial assault. Some trade-offs were best calculated before acting; in the heat of battle, one rarely has time to properly weigh options. Lynn was driven below the tree line. She came down above a small grouping of Moblins, and with a wave of her hand slayed them all. No great loss to the forces she faced, but somehow mildly satisfying.

She skimmed left, then right. Everything looked the same in the dense underbrush. Plunging with such speeds as she had, a mistake was made. Lynn had not taken time to gather bearings. Kokage was somewhere out there, and now, unless she could deal with his anti-air support, finding and subduing him was her only means of locating the Deku Tree.

Kokage/Day 4/Forest

Kokage had managed to force the intruder down to his field of play, but still something seemed to him. This fight started because this women had assaulted the forest, yet since his arrival she'd only focused on him, even tried to talk. Part of him knew he should step back and reassess the situation, unfortunately the chaotic rush of sage power was still making it hard from him to think strait and any thoughts of reason were quickly suppressed.

A pack of wolfos started to circle the ice ninja waiting for there master's command to attack, but none came. For some reason instead of attacking from the shadows with beast or brush Kokage emerged from the woods, sword in hand, staring the women down. This wasn't his normal way of fighting, but then again this fight didn't seem normal. Without warning Kokage darted at the attacked swinging down on her with his large sword.

Lynn Hothnite/Day 4/Forest

Kokage emerged from the shadows of the forest canopy, calmly stepping toward Lynn. She returned his stare, and cracked a small teasing smile at him. At that, he sprinted forward and lunged, his sword spinning up over his head and then crashing down toward her. She laughed, swinging her own weapon diagonally in front of her, knocking his blade away from her body that it fell with force to her right side. With the force of his swing, meant to be buried in Lynn's skull, the metal instead buried itself deep into the soil beside her.

"Cretin!" she chided at the imp. "If thou would conduct me to the Deku Tree, thy would fulfill thine animus! With these greetings of impetuous inclemency, think thou that I would lend leniency to thee and thine? Or does the saying hold no bearing to thee: Violence begets violence."

With a swift motion, she struck out with her left hand at the imp, clasping her fingers around his neck.

"I will request this but a final time, Kokage Tsukiakari. Take me to the Deku Tree."

Kokage/Day 4/Forest

The women countered Kokage's assault then grabbed him by the neck and demanded to see the Young Deku Tree. "And just why would I do something like that," he said with a smirk that one might expect to see on a serial killer who just spotted his new prey.

Ivy, roots, moss, lichen and various other small forms of planet life began to spread out from where that ice mage had foolishly grabbed Kokage and slowly spread up her arm. It was his life tap technique, now at its most effect since his victim was kind enough to make psychical contact. The more the plants spread the more of her life force would be drained away and feed to the guardian. The more energy feed to him the fast the plants would grow. At this right, he might have her dead with in seconds.

Maydni/Day 4/Twili South Hyrule Field Encampment

Maydni rolled on the cot, trying to get catch a few extra winks while everyone was preparing outside. A nap before an engagement always left her feeling fresh and fit to fight. But there was such a horrible racket going on outside. She couldn't get any sleeping done at all with all the screaming and dying going on. That was just no good!

With a low grumble she rolled from the bed and grabbed on a dressing robe. She stepped outside the tent into the carnage. There were dead bodies here and there and everywhere, and two large creatures, one angelic and one demonic, were fighting hovering above the camp.

"Enough!" she shrilled, expending energy welled up from the quacking headache she had had ever since the incident in the woods. A psychic blastwave of pressure spread, with her as the epicenter, and Twili troops were bowled over, knocked to the ground, some bleeding from their ears. The figures in the sky were rocked, falling down to the earth clutching their heads at the sudden migraine.

Satisfied at the sudden silence, Maydni turned around, stepped back into her tent, and flopped on the cot.

Kae/Twili Forward Camp/Day 4/Mid-day

Before her moonfire could connect with the demonic being that had just blinded her physical sight, a wave of psychic shock swept over the entire area, flooring everything. At least Kae saw it as a large wave of frustration with an attached migraine. 

It didn't help that stray debris was lightly falling from the sky after she created yet another crater in the camp.

And it also didn't help that Kinslayer wasn't in said crater. He was on the ground though, in agony from whatever hit everyone.

Corrupted Lunar Artes...that was rather potent!

She was a Scion candidate until she sold her soul to Darkness. It rewarded her with eternal insanity. I have warded your mind against her magicks for the time being...your plight is not over yet, hold fast!

Kae could see the aura collapsing in on itself from the camp's other end. It disturbed her when few other things could. It all did. Climbing to her feet, she brushed off dust, viscera, and other debris and then flexed her wings, lightly hovering.

Getting used to this new second sight would take a while. At least with everyone else stunned, she could get her bearings. But she couldn't get near her opponent because his agonizing rage gave off a potential for exploding danger. She foresaw her own incineration if she tried to attack now. 

For what it was worth, Seraph form didn't tax her body as much as she'd anticipated. At least for now. Coming down from this divine high would be horrible. Hopefully by then, she'd be long gone. 

"Weak-minded infidels! The creators of this land stand against you! Your commander doesn't even care about you. Your offensive is purposeless."

Kae began drawing upon celestial energies, preparing herself for when her enemy would strike again. 

Baptized by fire and ice. Proven by the principles of my Sister Goddesses as well as my own. You are quickly making my case to them.

IC: Quell - Twili Camp - Day 4

As the fight between Kinslayer and the Scion continued Maydi finally graced the battlefield. In her usual fashion she caused more damage to friend than foe with her selfish outburst. Many soldiers were down and Kinslayer wouldn't be able to fight properly for a little while. Quell himself had been mostly sheilded by the powers of the Circlet he wore. Now was as good a time as any to step in.

As the Scion mocked the Twili army and ranted about her divine mandate, Quell prepared his attack. With a slight glow on the ground three tall ice pillars quickly shot from the ground a few feet from the sides and front of the Scion, penning her in on all but one side. Swooping in at high speed from the air Quell formed a sharp jagged blade like ice spear and lunged it at the scions back ripping into one of her wings.

"Tell me? Do godly beings feel pain?" Quell mocked as he lifted up with all his might until finally the resistance on the blade was gone. Covered in the otherworldy blood of the Scion, Quell spun back around to see the Scions reaction.

Kae/Twili Forward Camp/Day 4/Mid-day

It all happened too fast for her to respond. Three jagged pillars held her in place, and before she knew it, there were only five wings and a searing surge in the middle of her back.

Yes, divine beings did feel pain. It was just on a different plane of thought. Since Kae's mind wasn't fully attuned to that, physical sensations still went through for the most part. She appeared more aggravated than in pain at this point.

Getting free wouldn't be much of a challenge. She could still fly with five wings. Using that energy she'd gathered during her pontification, Kae unleashed a vicious nova of celestial power, shattering the pillars of ice and turning them into numerous shrapnel-like projectiles. They flew out speedily in all directions, and she hoped to catch her heavily armored enemy in the radius. All those trinkets he had made him rather hard to miss, as they amplified his aura.

"You are destined to feel far worse!"

Blood trickled from her mid-back, effervescing as it hit the ground. Cosmic energies gathered around her wispy anima as she took evasive action. That armor was too thick to assault directly with her sword. If she could get a more advantageous position, maybe she could fire off a few shots to soften it up. 

If it got too bad, Nayru could make the sky fall. 

Lynn Hothnite/Day 4/Forest

Lynn grimaced. Of course, grabbing the imp was a foolish mistake. She had sought to end the fight swiftly with a grapple, and prevent killing her guide. But that was not to be the end of this combat. The green growths reached to her elbow; she squeezed her hand. Fingernails dug into flesh; the lichen made its way to her shoulder. Her knees began to wobble, but she held her grip until she could feel the leeching plants spread up over her throat. Then, it was too much.

She lifted Kokage, flinging him over her shoulder in one quick motion. He careened toward a near-by tree, snapping the vines as he parted from her. She grasped at her arm, pulling the greenery from her flesh. Pieces came off in chunks, but it didn't seem to be enough. She pulled and pulled, but still it grew, replacing what she removed and spreading further over her body. She could feel the ends of the tendrils curling around her lower lip.

"Thou are the victor, Kokage Tsukiakari. But only of this bout. I will return."

She jumped, and propelled herself magically into the air. Again, the moblins and other forest creatures flung projectiles at her, hoping to strike a lucky hit on the escaping figure. But her flight was too quick, and she climbed higher and higher into the atmosphere. Still her strength drained as Kokage's magic affected her, and as she flew higher the air thinned. She became light-headed. But she passed higher and higher. Until finally she breached through to the utmost in cold.

The lichens froze.

Lynn froze.

And Hothnight exulted.

IC: Quell - Twili Camp - day 4

The scion didn't seem to in any critical danger yet and still had plenty of wings left to fly with. Unleashing a radial burst of her magic she shattered the ice pillars and sent their shards shooting outward.

Raising his arm Quell sheilded himself from the barrage of his own ice. The shards smashed into his body, shredding his cloak and impacting into his armor. It was a momentary distraction and the scion was no doubt readying a far more powerful technique. She would likely to try to gain a mobility advantage and strike from behind. Quell might not be able to win a battle of pure speed, but he could limit the scions attack options. 

Crafting ice magic onto the back of his armor Quell quickly generated a series of interlaced ice spikes to form a sheild. Once finished the design was almost reminiscent of a large snowflake. Now even if she did attack from behind the shield would soften and delay the attack enough for him to counter. To help even further Quell began to intensify his own magic aura, causing the temperature of the surrounding air to plummet to artic conditions. The question was now whether her divine form would have its reflexes dulled like a normal human would.

Kae/Twili Forward Camp/Day 4/Mid-day

She could feel the air thicken with cold. Her opponent's aura grew in strength as she analyzed it, not really discovering a solid weak point yet. If it weren't for this special dispensation, she'd be immobilized. While that blast nova bought her some time to move, it wasn't as fast of a pace as she'd wished for. But she did mess up his cloak again, which she found intriguing. 

He was fortifying, she was evading. His defenses were very strong. And she didn't want to break out the moonfire right away, but she didn't know how much time she had left before Nayru would remove her Seraph blessing. Would she kill her own Scion though? Kae didn't want to drag that out long enough to find out.

Taking to the air was a mistake she was willing to deal with. A staggered 20 foot backflip disengaged her further from melee range. While the landing wasn't anything special, it wasn't a faceplant. Knowing that her opponent preferred some rather unorthodox magic styles, she conjured a few star shards to help protect her whilst disengaging. Flanking and focus firing wouldn't work. 

Kae went with an arcane feint for her next attack. Instead of firing a beam from her right hand, she gave a very convincing display that it was most likely coming from there. But it was merely a flare. The real blast came hurtling from the sky. Clouds rolled back once more, giving way to pulsating moonfire.

Even this far away from him, she could feel the cold. She could feel some hampering of her abilities. Amplifying her Seventh Essence Aura would dampen it at the cost of time as a Seraph. She didn't want to make that gamble yet.

IC: Quell - twili camp - day 4

The scion conjured more of her remote weapons to bolster and offensive abilities. Waiting for the attack the scion finally made her move. A flash of light glinted from one of her hands, however nothing more happened.

Distrated for a second by this Quell realized a real attack would be coming from another direction. His back was more heavily protected than anywhere else, which left the sides as well as above or below. Looking up Quell could see the flash of a massive attack as it shot down upon him. There wasn't enough time left to dodge or block it.

Taking the full brunt of the blash Quell was slammed straight to the ground, with a large explosion rocking the area. The shield he had spent so much time crafting had been knocked completely clear upon the initial impact of the attack, being flipped skyward like a coin.

Quell panted as he slowly rose to his feet, creating a jagged mess of ice in front of him. His armor had been badly damaged by the divine magic of the scion, it wouldn't be able to stop another attack like that. Finally at his feet he smashed the ground at his feet smashing the ice into hundreds of jagged shards, then he launched them directly at the scion at high speed.

Kae/Day 4/Twili Forward Crater/Mid-day

More icy shrapnel, but this time headed right at her. She didn't want to get caught looking again, so she sent her shards and sword to deal with as much of it as possible.

Shards fired little beams to break up some of it while her sword spun in a vertical circle to bat it away. A lot still got through, shredding Kae's flesh and crippling her right leg. Jagged frost quickly melted, leaving a gaping wound right above her knee.

It would be folly to risk using moonfire again. Her body was already starting to feel advanced taxation from magic use and Seraph form.

Calling her shards and blade back to her, she outstretched her hand once more. Kae used the remaining stored power within those three celestial conjurations to amplify another divine blast of energy, hoping this would do the trick. Her opponent looked sufficiently softened up, but that armor was thicker than anything she'd ever seen. 

She couldn't take much more. If she emerged victorious, she could escape and get medical attention. If it wasn't too late.

Infiltration Edit

IC: Shato - Noon - Kakariko (the non-sheikah one)
Shato had reached the outskirts of the town. Returning the Lynel to the summoning urn she readied herself for the infiltration. Pulling out one of the potions she glanced at it for a moment with distrust and then drank the foul liquid.

Almost immediatly she was racked with pain. She collapsed to her knees as she choked on the putrid potion. The taste and texture of the fluid was worse than even the most tainted food she had ever tasted. Her instincts urged her to cough all of it back up, but she restrained herself until he finally went down.

After several moments of severe discomfort she began to feel a tingling all over her skin. Her vision was blurry but she could tell her skin was lightening in color. After her disorientation passed she rose back up and regained her composure.

Approaching the gate she hid behind some shrubs and summoned some Tektites. Giving them some basic orders she darted out from the bushes towards the towns gate.

"Aaaah! Monsters are attacking! Somebody help!" she screamed as she scrambled towards the gate with the Tektites chasing close behind. 

The guards quickly lurched from their posts and scrambled to draw their weapons, focused on the monsters rather than Shato. 

"Hurry, open the gate!" One of the gaurds shouted as they ran out to intercept the monsters. Shato quickly dashed through the gate before anyone thought to hard about her origin. The soldiers were to busy fighting off the monsters to care. 

Shato slowed to a casual walk as she entered the main street of town. The village lined the sides of a narrow canyon, and only had 2 paths. One to the north and the other to Death Mountain. 

Shato decided to try and find out any rumors about the group making the Hylians new weapon and headed towards the tavern. Glancing in through the window she spyed a middle aged soldier who seemed to have had one to many. Altering her face discretely she entered the bar and made her way over to a seat next to the man.

The man glanced over to her and a look of surprise washed over his face as he smiled. "Hey there beautiful, why don't you let me buy you a drink." he spoke as he leaned in closer. Although the man was a disgusting slob, Shato played along.

"How kind of you handsome. Tee hee." She replied with an innocent giggle. This poor fool would be putty in her hands within ten minutes tops. Then he would reveal everything he knew about any troop movements in the area.

IC: Shato - Kakariko Town - Afternoon 4
Shato sighed as she looked down at the poor drunken fool that was passed out on teh floor. She had spent quite a bit of time with the buffoon and hadn't learned anything useful.

The only thing she could confirm was that nobody had come this way from the castle yet and no notice had been issued to the Gorons. It seemed she had beat the enemy here.

"I suppose it would be better to sabotauge their efforts before they actually complete their new toy." she thought to herself as she made her way out of town towards the exit to Death Mountain.

Since the territory belonged to the Gorons the Hylians felt they didn't need to really spend as much time guarding that exit, afterall they were at peace and were all one big happy rock brained family.

Moving a little faster down the path Shato began to worry about the time limit of the potion. She had wasted far to much time in the village and would be changing back to normal pretty soon. She wouldn't be able to trick the Gorons into thinking she was Hylian, but then again her skills wouldn't really help her with that tribe anyway. She would just have to avoid the Goron patrols and find an alternate way to their weapon forges.

IC: Shato - Death Mountain - Afternoon 4
Shato crouched behind some large rocks as she watched a couple Gorons pace back and forth, next to a large barrier that had been built up to block the mountain trail. There would be no way to make it unseen to the Goron's workshops using this route. Her face changing ability would be useless on Gorons and even if she used her second potion it would be doubtful that they would let some random Hylian girl pass without raising serious time consuming questions.

Glancing around Shato finally noticed a steamvent in the side of the trail. Recalling the intel reports on Hyrule she recalled that Death Mountain was honeycombed with caves and tunnels created by the massive volcanic activity of the mountain. 

"Guess if I can't go up the mountain I'll have to go through it." she thought to herself as she darted into the tunnel. Making her way through the tunnel she could feel the temperature rising drastically. Emerging from the otherside she found herself deep within the mountain. Bubbling pools of molten rock spread for hundreds of yards. Looking around Shato finally noticed a small metal walkway bolted to part of the cliffside nearby. She had to smile at how convenient the Gorons mining efforts were, this path would undoubtedly lead to the top of the mountain.

Kemli|Sky above hyrule|Midday 3

Kemli was tired. The wounds of his fight with the shadow bokoblin were not going to heal fast, and he had not slept for the past two days.

He started to slowly drift off...

Darunia: Kemli, Guardian of the sages... Arise...

Seek me in the mountain of fire...

Claim my pendant and the shard of the fallen...

But beware, my pendant is held by my elders, and it will not be easy to pry it from their hands...

Kemli awoke with a start, falling swiftly to the ground. Below him though, was an old spring in Kakariko village. He started to try to gain control, but he could not, and he tumbled through the air, and slammed into the water. Everything was black...

IC: Shato - Cave of Hot Stuff - Day 4

Shato had been working her way slowly through the lava caverns for nearly an hour. The monsters and beasts of this fiery underworld were quite formidable, but were slowly ground to nothing against the growing powers of the summoning urn.

Watching from the distance Shato smirked as a large Darknut she had summoned crushed a fiery lava slug. "Heh, didn't even break a sweat." she mocked as she returned the Darknut to the urn. Moving towards the end of the path she was now met by door blocked by flames shooting from vents in the floor. On a nearby wall stood a large jumbled up picture, with a single piece missing in the corner.

Glancing at it for a moment Shato quickly realized she would need to solve the puzzle to advance further. Sliding the pieces around for a few moments only proved futile however, it seemed no matter how she moved the pieces things only got worse.

"Ahhh... Aren't the Gorons suppossed to be into brute force?" she whined as she realized the urn would be useless to her in this case.

Kemli|Death Mountain|Dawn 4

The steam rose lazily from the hot water, the wind blew down through the springs and stirred the small scrubs nearby. The sun slowly and cautiously peeked out over the horizon and on lonely beam of sunlight hit an odd lump floating in the water. At first it was unrecognizable but slowly it became more distinct as the sun rose. A beak and feathers became more distinct and a slow moan made it's way out of the creature. It's eyes flickered open, and the rito awakened.

Kemli rubbed the sleep from his eyes and swam to the shore. Plu was already waiting for him there.

Plu: You wouldn't believe how hard it is to swim to shore when you are someone my size. It can be really annoying.

Kemli:Oh well... I had another vision.

Plu:Did you?

Kemli: I feel like we are very near to our goal...

Kemli dried himself off and walked up a boardwalk on the side of the mountain. A huge goron walked up in front of Kemli and and challenged him.

Goron: You! Birdman! You can't come in here! Unless you want me to pummel you!

Kemli frowned and turned around. He looked around, and notice a vent in the side of the mountain. He flapped his wings and took off. Thankfully the wire guarding the vent was already broken, so he crawled into it with Plu. He climbed out of the vent into a hot, smoke filled room. A lava slug lay dead on metal platform, and when the rest of the room was inspected It appeared that someone had already traversed the room. As he traveled farther into the mines he noticed that all the rooms were similarly empty. He heard some swearing from another room, so he carefully peeked inside. A twili female was inside trying desperately to figure out a puzzle. Kemli entered the room cautiously, not sure how she would react...

IC: Shato - Death Mountain - day 4
Shato continued to fumble with the puzzle, she was stuck on one particular looping set of peices that just didn't seem to be in the right order. "Bah, enough of this." she grumbled as she picked up a rock and smashed one of the tiles a couple times. Finally after a third hit it finally popped out of its sliding groove. With the piece gone she moved the other pieces into position and then pushed the missing piece back in. Pausing a moment nothing seemed to be happening, but finally the door began to slide open.

"Victory!" Shato shouted with a laugh. Her amusement was short lived as she noticed somebody else in the room out of the corner of her eye. It was a strange bird man, it was hard to tell why he was here or what his loyalties are.

Putting on her most innocent look Shato turned to the birdman. "Oh my! You're not here to rob are you?!" she called out trying to act like a harmless damsel.

Kemli|Goron mines|Day 4

"Oh your not here to rob are you?" The twili said, turning towards Kemli. Kemli knew that usually humans never entered goron dwellings, and a twili in a Goron mine was very odd. Kemli turned to her and replied.

Kemli: Yes, I actually am here to rob. The Gorons took something that was mine, and I plan on getting it back. Is that so wrong? Now what the hell is a twili like you doing in a Goron mine?

IC: Shato - inside Death Mountain - Day 4

"Oh my, aren't you a nasty little thing." Shato replied as she put a finger to her lips and batted her eyes. 

It was clear this little bird wasn't a real threat. Only a fool would reveal their hand so readily to somebody they knew nothing about. For all this kid knew she could be a double agent working for the Gorons. Working with the kid was out of the question, his aggressive nature would certainly lead to unneccessary confrontation with any Gorons they might spot. For now she would simply try to escape and if he became troublesome she would deal with him.

"Why if I wasn't so busy taking in the sights I would seriously consider screaming for help. Well it was nice meeting you, tah tah!" Shato spoke as darted out the opened door waving to the bewildered birdboy behind her.

IC: Shato - Death Mountain - day 4

Shato dashed quickly through the corridors of Death Mountain, hoping to reach the top before anyone else spotted her.

Entering a large otherwise empty room the door quickly slammed shut, and no visible exits could be seen. A single large lava pit stood in the center of the room. As she scanned the room for threats, low rumbling began and continued to grow stronger. Finally the lava pool began to bubble and a massive creature erupted from its center and onto the land.

The towering creature stood on four legs and had a massive hide armored with stone and crystals, its head had to large horns coming out from above each eye and a smaller horn where its nose should be. Letting out a large roar, it was clear this giant monster was a dodongo... but far to large to be a King Dodongo, this could only be an Emperor Dodongo, a creature long thought to be extinct.

C: Shato - Death Mountain - Day 4

Shato dashed out of the way, throwing a few poison tipped knives at the giant Dodongo as its charged past her. The knives harmlessly bounced off the beasts thick hide as it turned and began breathing fire.

Summoning a couple normal dodongos Shato ducked behind them to shield herself. After a moment or two of waiting through the intense flames the Emperor Dodongo finally stopped. However it once more resumed its charge, stampeding over the normal dodongos as Shato dived out of the way.

This wasn't going to work, normal combat would only get her killed, she needed a way to inflict damage to the beasts innards. Getting an idea she once more summoned beasts to aid her, this time several floating creatures that would explode if jostled. 

"Now I just have to lure the dodongo into swallowing them and they will explode in its stomach." Shato thought to herself with a smirk as the small creatures floated towards the dodongos mouth. However the Emperor Dodongo merely backed away and shot a short burst of flames from its mouth destroying the exploding creatures.

"Crap... back to Plan B" Shato muttered as she summoned a pair of Darknuts to engage the beast.

IC: Shato - Death Mountain - day 4

Hiding behind a large rock Shato quickly gathered up several of her concealed poisoned darts and bound them together with a thin wire. Behind her the summoned Darknuts waged battle against the Dodongo, but were unable to deliver any significant damage.

Unfortunatly she already knew this amount of poison wouldn't be enough to down a creature this massive. Pulling out the vile of potion Cid had given her she toyed with a desperate idea. The potion was very potent and made her very ill the first time she tried it, hopefully it would do the same to the dodongo. Unfortunatly it was also an untested idea and she would only get one shot at this, worse case scenario would be the dodongo actually getting stronger.

Summoning a baby dodongo she crammed the bundled package of death into its mouth and commanded one of her darknuts to throw it into the Dodongos mouth. Without hesitation the Darknut ran straight up to the dodongo who unleashed its fire breath again. As planned the baby dodongo's hide protected it as it landed inside the Emperor Dodongo's mouth. Now Shato needed time for it to take effect. Summoning an assortment of creatures she commanded them to occupy the monster while she hid again.

IC: Shato - Death Mountain - Day 4

Shato peaked out from behind a large boulder as the Emperor Dodongo thrashed around with her summoned monsters taking shots at it. The poison was doing its job, the creature was no longer moving around like before and it hadn't breathed any fire for quite awhile. It was time to put it out of its misery.

Summoning a pair of Darknuts she had them dash up the creatures side. Leaping up in unison they thrust down onto the creatures eyes blinding it. As it roared out in pain she let loose a group of Leevers into the creatures mouth. The plant like monsters quickly followed their instict and began burrowing into the exposed flesh of the beasts mouth.

With a final cry the creature thrashed violently before exploding into a thick dark cloud of smoke. 

Opening the summoning urn Shato quickly absorbed the creatures dark energy, giving the urn a tremendous boost in its power. "Heh, now I should be able to summon the big boys instead of random fodder. I think I'll feed Cid to a Lanmola when I get back." She laughed with a smirk. As the smoke dissappeared she noticed a large scale-like plate from the creatures back was still there. It had the texture of stone, but had a lusterous metallic quality to it and she had never seen anything resembling it before. It was much lighter to the touch than she had expected and considering it was the Dodongo's primary form of protection it was incredibly strong.

"This should pick up a good price on the market." Shato mused as she picked up the ore fragment and began looking for an exit. The way she came was open again, but the large stone chamber door on the oppossite side of the room was still blocked. "Crap, I've been going about this backwards... I came in from the dungeons exit instead of its entrance." she mumbled realizing, the door would only open from the other side with some manner of key the Gorons no doubt had in their possession.

"I'll just have to make my own door then." she spoke as she released a thick cloud of smoke from the summoning urn. Slowly a giant 4 legged creature with a thick metal mask and a large powerful spiked tail began to form. Letting out a deafening roar the mighty Helmasaur King swung around and smashed the blocked door with its clubbed tail utterly destroying it. A massive grin began to form across Shatos face, from ear to ear, as a dark scowl to shape in her eyes, she loved the possibilities this weapon gave her.

IC: Shato - Death Mountain - Day 4

Working her way through the corridors Shato quickly made her way to the top of the mountain where the Gorons lived and worked. Coming in from the inside of the mountain meant there were few security measures to worry about and she would have easy access to all of the Goron's metal working tools and equipment.

"Jackpot." Shato whispered to herself as she reached a large room with metal working equipment. Large cranes, scoops and buckets occuppied the room. At one end were the forges used to create refined metals and on the other was the large floodgate leading to the lava flows that the Gorons drew the minerals from.

The Gorons were well known for the large amounts of strong iron they produced. Using the resources of the mountain itself they had a nearly endless supply of the materials they needed and could create the metal on site. However this would be their undoing. The same volcanic conditions that provide them with their building materials could also destroy the tools and materials just as easily.

Summoning the monsterous dragon Volvagia, Shato ordered the beast to smash the gate and to start tunneling across the surface of the ground near the lava flow. After a few passes the ground became soft and unstable and easily collapsed into a trench as Volvagia ripped it apart. Almost immediatly large amounts of lava began to flood the room burying the equipment. Even if it couldn't outright destroy all of the equipment it would encase it into fresh stone.

Returning Volvagia to the Beast's Urn Shato quickly dashed through the tunnels towards the surface.

"Brother look! We have an intruder!" a Goron guard spoke in surpise as Shato quickly dashed out of the mines and into heart of the Gorons village.

"Sorry boys, but I don't have time to play." Shato shouted as she summoned a large Lanmola and hopped onto its back. Plowing through the streets Shato forced her way towards the exit leading to the outside of the mountain. Before she could reach it though a larger Goron emerged from his dwelling and wrestled the Lanmola to a stop.

With the Goron distracted Shato quickly jumped down and dashed between the large Gorons legs as he flung the Lanmola against a wall defeating it. 

"Way to go! Nobody can beat you guys when it comes to contests of strenght! You guys rock!" Shato yelled mockingly as she cheered at the Gorons brief victory while returning the monsters smoke to the urn. Slipping out the exit she summoned the Helmorac King and took flight as her Goron pursuers watched from the ground.

Flying around the peak of the mountain a few times Shato sprawled out on the giant colorful birds back as it began flying off towards the southern fields. She would have to report her findings and see if any changes had been made to her mission.

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