Character's name:Daurubia

Character's race and gender:Male Goron

Character's side: Light

Weight, height, length, age, etc.:Roughly a ton. 10 feet. Age 25-ish

Weapons/Inventory:Like all gorons, fists, ball rolly thing. And his armor is his skin

Strengths:Stronger and heavier than pretty much every soldier in the battle except for a select few. Rock-hard skin that's resistant to fire. Fights with a passion for his people. Normal goron stuff.

Weaknesses:Sinks in water and is generally scared of it. Is blinded by trying to protect his image with the elders and by trying to validate his selection as being the next patriarch.

Background:The son of an elder, Gor-Miam, Daurubia was chosen from a young age to be the next patriarch. Although this spot was originally supposed to go to Giga, once it was realized that he was one of the esteemed Giant Gorons, and thus incapable by law to be the next patriarch, the spot went to the next candidate.

At age 10, he was blessed by Din to grow up to be roughly three or four feet taller and much stronger than most gorons.

His relationship with Giga was never pleasant. Giga loathed Daurubia for stealing his throne while Daurubia thought Giga was a jealous, half-witted brute. These are two gorons who have almost never seen eye-to-eye, both in a literal and metaphorical sense.