"Davus Fulmen, the Feared. That is the name of the man who shall kill you!"
— Davus Fulmen

Davus Fulmen is a human looking character created by Stache19. In Epoch of Disharmony he is involved in several plotlines. Davus is response for murdering Kaimu Kotaro's village, after stealing poison from Sirius Fulmaren. Later in life he also attacked Sirius and Vera when both were very young.

A version of Davus Fulmen was seen in Interloper War as a player character as well. Though in Epoch he initially he was only a standard NPC, his role in The Storm Assault led to his categorization as a GM NPC as well.

Davus is not a demonic Ma, but rather is the direct spawn of the Ma known as Ratnis. He is humanoid, but not technically a member of any specific race of humanoids or named species.


Takes the appearance of: a 25 year old male, 5 foot 9 inches, and 160 pounds. Bears a resemblance to this fine actor in the role of Sylar.

A once innocent but brave face has felt its soul darkly penetrated by an evil presence. Lost to the screams in his own mind, Davus Fulmen has shortly cut black hair, a strong chin, and a subtle beard. It is not his face that is noticeable as much as the evil eyes and dark smirk upon it. One has to only look into those eyes to see the evil; with no trace that someone innocent ever existed in that body at all. Image below is of Sylar from Heroes; Davus has a less defined face, less stubble, and heavier scarring, but has otherwise similar facial features to Sylar from heroes.

Clothing: The dress style of Davus changes frequently, as he loots the bodies of those he kills, including clothing. However, even though his clothes will change, his style of dress won’t. He will always prefer empowering, dark, heavy looking clothes that are easy to move in. Dark jackets and silent shoes are his digs of choice, for those times when surprise is the best option. This isn’t necessarily an outfit that Davus would wear, but it does convey the emotion I want Davus’s style of dress to emit.


"Psychopath - A mental disorder in which an individual manifests amoral and antisocial behavior, lack of ability to love or establish meaningful personal relationships, extreme egocentricity, failure to learn from experience, etc."
— Wikipedia

Davus is these things in the most direct of ways. He is a true psychopath in that he does not feel or form human attachment, cannot understand or accept love, and considers only himself (he views allies as a means to an end in protecting his own well being). He murders others to increase his own strength, and feels no pain or remorse, no matter what one tries to say to him. If you’ve ever interacted with a truly psychopathic individual, you would understand that they cannot be reasoned with, and cannot be emotionally reached. He is a disconnected hateful being that looks only for power, and cares not who he hurts.

Equipment & Abilities

The Fulgarite Staff This weapon is carried around by Davus at all times. It is an extension of himself and can be absorbed into his body at will or have its shape changed. It channels all electricity, and can act as a way to sharply focus electrical energy in any room, capturing it and saving it. It holds the memory of all those it kills, and makes their soul a part of Davus.

Elemental Alignment: Davus is aligned with the magical properties of the thunderstorm.

Key Moves No psychopathic, electrically charged murderer would be completed without pet names for his deadliest attacks. There will be no shouting out “lightning bolt” each shot, but when it comes to the spells that form his namesake, Davus Fulmen is rarely shy about announcing either his spells, or the deadly fate they give to those unlucky enough to experience them. If you were to put these moves in a fighting game like Marvel Versus Capcom 3, they would come out as Level 3 X-Factor Supers (look it up).

Radiant Magnetism In a show of fireworks, Davus manipulates and aggressively distorts the electromagnetic properties of all objects around him, which means that if he’s in a field with a tin can, not much will happen. But put him in a kitchen filled with butcher knives and the show shall begin. This sort of move can be performed differently and in a more focused manner, but regardless it is the sort of thing done when one either needs to shoot the cannon and run, or finds themselves in possession of an invincibility cloak that also restores energy. In other words, it hurts to do, so it’s a big ‘ole risk to use. Please note, this is not control of the molecules in your bloody, but the knife in your hand.

Unstable Reverberation “Lightning, meet Thunder. Oh, you’ve met?” Davus discovered, quite by accident, that many individuals are rendered helpless by sound. When one can change the very properties of their element, you learn to make the side-effects appear how you desire. When in the right situation, Davus can channel a sonic boom large enough to cause temporary deafness for at least…a period of appropriately determined time. Imagine the brief deafening sound of a jet soaring overhead. Now imagine that sound amplified a dozen times (or more) and placed squarely inside your eardrum.

Stormy Night With a dark deadly grin, Davus raised his staff to the heavens and watched as the elements of the atmosphere came together both unnaturally quickly and with startling intensity. Lightning rained down, sharp rain pierced the earth, and the wind wailed that of a thousand crying souls. Fear paralyzed the landscape, and those not already to safety found their fate sealed. Big. Scary. Thunderstorm.


Davus, strengthened by his murder spree, screamed with intensity, letting loose a sonic boom that would rival that of the thunderous explosions of ancient volcano’s. His assailant collapsed, head spinning and ears bleeding – quite literally. Now spared a rare moment of peace, Davus conjured his staff into the form of a spike, hyper magnetized it and hurled it at the attacker. As the spike approached, it magnetically ripped the blade from the second attacker, standing behind the first, and pulled it forward. The two weapons collided, each tearing a whole through Davus’ enemy. He then turned and in a flick of the wrist, hurled a bagful of gunpowder atop a horse stable. With just one more flick, he summoned his staff again and focused a bolt of lightning onto the gunpowder, generating massive heat and igniting it instantly. The stable exploded and a chunk of flaming wood flew towards Davus. Focusing all of his available telekinetic ability onto the object he moved it above his head and towards the second attacker, knocking him unconscious and setting him aflame. Davus dusted off his jacket, checked himself for damage, and bore a smile that was reflective, psychotic, and child-like. With one final glance at his victims, he cackled maniacally and darted off into the darkness. Consider that to be an example of Davus strengths. It is an ideal controlled situation making use of his best honed abilities. The use of magnetism and igniting fires are concepts that while scientifically unsound work perfectly when mixed with just a tiny bit of dark magic and perhaps some creativity. Of course things won’t always go so well, and these were just mindless NPC’s I killed, not player characters. While Davus has dark magic at his core, he isn’t one to manifest in any sort of magical form, but instead lets it permeate in his brain, creating a dark lusting madness and sustaining his life force, and most importantly – the dark magic is the backbone of his soul’s continued existence. His strength is the way he has become the darkness inside, rather than emit it outwards.


Arrogant as always, and burning with rage, Davus slammed his staff into the ground in a manner that only a two year old in a toy shop could muster. His bark however was fiercer than his bite, and no matter the ferocity of his strikes, the electricity faded away, grounded and dispersed by the magical energies imbued upon the ground.

Davus glared upon his attacker, but could maintain the stare for only mere moments before feeling sickened by the light energy radiating out of his foe. His enemy was radiating earth and light magic from the core of his very soul, driving back his lightning, and pushing back his dark intent. As villains often do, Davus assumed his own cunning to be able to overcome such setbacks, and rushed his foe, turning his staff into a vicious blade, which was promptly knocked to the ground – along with Davus. Finally shaken from his foe, Davus used his remaining energy to bring down a shower of fireworks and escape in the smoky dust cloud. While shamed by defeat, Davus valued his continued existence over a rather unceremonious and frankly, pathetic death.

Let’s be practical here, lightning is the tool that makes Davus who he is, and darkness is what makes up his soul. Magic born of the earth and of the light are both things he would rather not be in the presence of. I’ve attempted to illustrate that in this brief (but painful) little blurb.


- The story told in this background is a lie, but the event itself is not.

“Come to me children, come listen to an old man tell a story and soon the night shall carry on peacefully without this storm, and you will be sleeping once more.” A cloaked man, with a voice that revealed his elderly nature rocked back and forth gently by a fireplace. It was his duty to protect these children from harm, although for him that was nothing more complex than distracting them with a story recounting ancient myths and wives tales. It was customary in this land for the young to stay silent when an elder spoke, and they looked on in fear and wonder as he did, knowing that whatever they were about to hear would be both fantastic and terrifying.

“Long ago there lived three powerful magical men, hidden in the farther corner of the whole world. This is the story of The Three Shamans and the Storm.” The fire grew ever so slightly dimmer, a trick of timing that old man had learned in his storytelling years. “Before we began praying to our gods, three shamans came together and witnessed the first storm ever seen, and they saw first-hand the wrath of the thunder god, and fell to his greatness.

These shamans came together, making a lifelong pact that they would forever seek to bring the great god to the earth they stood up. These shamans saw not just a storm, but fire rose from the earth, the oceans sought to drown the land, and the very heavens shook with rage. And so the Shamans learned the ways of the storm, followed it, learned to understand the words on its winds. And they soon learned that they could reach out and touch the elements, controlling the storms through magic.”

The old man paused, letting the children take just enough time to understand the story. His fire dimmed further and his old gnarled walking stick slid ever so slightly down the wall it leaned upon. For a moment, the sneer on his face appeared to be more sinister than a mean old man, but the darkness soon washed over him once more, hiding his features. “But these Shaman were tricked! It was not the thunder god they controlled, only his storms. But the greatest trick is when these Shamans tried to create the biggest storm the world has ever seen! It was so great and mighty that the world cracked and darkness slipped through. Corrupt and turned evil, the three Shamans killed each other in the final moments of the storm. Their magical souls left their bodies and were eaten by the evil dark spirit that had broken into the world.

And all that was left was a staff, the most beautiful staff ever seen, engraved with the pictures of the shaman and their storm. And nobody found the staff for thousands of years. Until one day, a man and his family David Fulmaren found it. David took the staff and the dark spirit attacked!” The old man lurched forward, startling the children into a scream, but quickly laughed and fell right back into his tale.

“David was now under the control of the dark spirit! He went mad with power and killed his family! The dark spirit now controlled David! To demonstrate his new control over David’s mind, he replaced his name with a new one, Davus Fulmen! He had become the most corrupt and evil creature in the world!” “Oh no! Who’s going to stop Davus Fulmen?” A little boy cried, scared but also clearly excited by the story. His friend was still crying from the scare before, and the little girl in the room was as silent as ever. Thunder roared outside the small home as a bolt of lightning struck the land nearby. Once more the man’s face was lit but for a moment, but none saw it for the children were staring at the floor in terror.

“A man tried!” The old man shouted, slamming his stick in laughter. “But he was murdered and Davus shed his old body and took the new one!”

What does he look like now?” The boy asked, terrified with excitement. The old man stood up, shed his cloak, the room filled with light, and his scraggly old walking stick morphed into a sharp glass blade. It was pure dread and a forever defining moment for the children when the bright room contained within it the mangled corpses of their family, strewn across the floor. The girl, having been silent until that moment, screamed with all her might, as the two boys finally lost their voices and stared on in horror.

“Like this.”


Davus time traveled only one time. During Interloper War's seventh day, he was sent back in time to AD-1002. He lived in until AD1200, when he was killed by Polaris Eridanus on the Seventh Day of Epoch of Disharmony Season One.