"Davus Fulmen, the Feared. That is the name of the man who shall kill you!"
— Davus Fulmen

Davus Fulmen is a human looking character created by Stache19. In Epoch of Disharmony he is involved in several plotlines. Davus is response for murdering Kaimu Kotaro's village, after stealing poison from Sirius Fulmaren. Later in life he also attacked Sirius and Vera when both were very young.

A version of Davus Fulmen was seen in Interloper War as a player character as well. Though in Epoch he initially he was only a standard NPC, his role in The Storm Assault led to his categorization as a GM NPC as well.

Davus is not a demonic Ma, but rather is the direct spawn of the Ma known as Ratnis. He is humanoid, but not technically a member of any specific race of humanoids or named species.


Takes the appearance of: a 25 year old male, 5 foot 9 inches, and 160 pounds.

A once innocent but brave face has felt its soul darkly penetrated by an evil presence. Lost to the screams in his own mind, Davus Fulmen has shortly cut black hair, a strong chin, and a subtle beard. It is not his face that is noticeable as much as the evil eyes and dark smirk upon it. One has to only look into those eyes to see the evil; with no trace that someone innocent ever existed in that body at all. Davus has a less defined face, less stubble, and heavier scarring, but has otherwise similar facial features to Sylar from heroes.

Clothing: The dress style of Davus changes frequently, as he loots the bodies of those he kills, including clothing. However, even though his clothes will change, his style of dress won’t. He will always prefer empowering, dark, heavy looking clothes that are easy to move in. Dark jackets and silent shoes are his digs of choice, for those times when surprise is the best option. This isn’t necessarily an outfit that Davus would wear, but it does convey the emotion I want Davus’s style of dress to emit.


Reformed Psychopath.

Davus is on his second life, having been murdered by Polaris Eridanus before being reborn, only now bound to Polaris. Before this binding, Davus was a being of true evil. Remorseless, chaotic, and vicious. Now he questions everything, and chooses to seek meaning in his actions, regardless of the path he follows.

In general he attempts to find people with evil inclinations like his old self. He makes it his mission to put these people in their place, whatever that may entail.

Equipment & Abilities

The Fulgarite Staff This weapon is carried around by Davus at all times. It is an extension of himself and can be absorbed into his body at will or have its shape changed. It channels all electricity, and can act as a way to sharply focus electrical energy in any room, capturing it and saving it. It holds the memory of all those it kills, and makes their soul a part of Davus.

Elemental Alignment: Davus is aligned with the magical properties of the thunderstorm.


Surprising Confidence


Unexpected Hesitation


Davus does not share his true origins with anyone. To those that he must befriend or work alongside, he tells them the story of the Fulgarite family, and their tragic end at the hands of an unknown foe. He rarely has to offer many details beyond that.