"None can stand against the might of Demise!"
— Demise

Demise is an immortal male Ma who is the leader of Demon kind. Claiming the title "Demon King" he has for millennia sought to dominate the world of Humans and take the Triforce for his own. In the year 0012-BH Demise led a campaign known as the Demon War to obtain the Triforce, having his minions destroy everyone and everything in their path to get it. Demise was victorious in battle after battle, killing thousands by his own hand and millions through the use of his demon horde. Amoung his many victims was Zora General Polaris Eridanus, who appered in the past due to as yet unrevealed reasons.

However in the year 0000-BH demise suffered his demise at the Battle of the Sealed Grounds. While he appered to be on the verge of defeating his rival Hylia he was betrayed by fellow Ma Malauth. Demise's forces were wiped out by the army of light and Demise himself was sealed up within the Sealing Spike thanks to the work of Hylia and Chamdar Taliesin.