10th chapter of IW Season 2.

The Remains of BattleEdit

Dusk/Night 5/Castle Town Ruins

An army of stalfos, stalchildren, redead, gibos, and dead hands emerged from the portal and marched on the demon to bind him and rend his earthwork flesh. Swarms upon swarms of Poes, ghosts, Ghini, wraiths, phantoms, shadows, bubbles, apparitions, and more poured from the vortex and charged at the demon to consume his soul.

"Hasten my demise, demon? I command death, I am death. What could you possibly do to me?"

The undead army, as one, let out a bellowing cry and charged him. 

"I don't know," Dusk admitted, then cracked a smile. "Why don't we find out?"

Dusk began to retreat, still facing the army, flicking wisps of shadows off each his individual fingers as he backed, slowing the advancing army ever so slightly as the front line was picked off. Then he turned tail and ran.

He ran down a side street to escape from them, but found that it lead to a dead end. They caught up with him quickly and began to close in on him, pinning him into the alley.

Luckily this back alley was narrow, so he threw himself against one wall and jumped nimbly between them until he was at the top. He pulled himself over the edge even as the stalfos and redeads began to climb over eachother to reach a nearby ladder.

Now fleeing on rooftop, he was running at full-tilt. The land enemies had no chance of reaching him if he stuck to the roofs, but already a few stray Poes and a Bubble were gaining. The Bubble gnashed its teeth at him. He grabbed the top of the Bubble in his hand and slammed it into the stone roof at his feet and kept running, not even stopping to examine the crushed skull. 

He reached the end of one building and prepared to leap to the next, but a Poe came up from below and blocked his path. It slashed at the wound Ayala had made with its scythe, but Dusk leaped to the side, only for another Poe to rush him from there. Its scythe cut at his flesh, then he turned and found that all the undead creatures of the air had caught up to him. He was surrounded on all sides by a giant dome of the swarming dead and undead.

Every time he tried to move he was pushed back by a wave of attacking teeth, claws, hands, scythes, so he stopped for a moment and ran to the center of the roof, where he had the most space to regroup. He would have to brute force his way out.

He focused his rage all into one hand, and the clay began to reshape itself, his hand elongating, his fingers growing long and sharp, until it was a disgusting clawed caricature. He waited to see a weak spot, an opening where the ranks were thinner and he could see the city beyond and another platform to jump to. 

Seeing his opportunity, he rushed the nearest weak point then, his hand extended, and then prepared as the onslaught came onto him all at once. 

He leaped into the air with his clawed hand extended and swiped, a wave of darkness ripping through all those that descended upon him. The air around him sizzled and lightning struck his hand, burning up his attackers and furthering his onslaught. In an instant he was had punched a hole through the dome of enemies and was hurling toward the nearest rooftop.

Unfortunately his jump had lost all its momentum from the cascade of bodies in his path, and he fell back to the city below.

He landed with a sickening thud.

If his situation was bad before, it was even worse now. He was beneath not only a wave of flying enemies, but from either side of the street, the undead things, the stalfos, the gibdos, the redeads, the dead hands closed in on him. In an instant they were upon him, ripping his earthen body apart. He fought for a moment while he could, a few dead hands wrapping their limbs around him, him shredding them and getting free of their grip, only for more to close in. He clawed at them in vain, poisoning those around him with his shadow, but that only lead to freshly rekilled corpses piling up on top of him, the still active forces burrowing their way beneath the bodies of their comrades to reach him.

He closed his eyes and forced the fear out of his face, becoming unsuitably calm as they pulled his body apart and began to devour him as if he were something especially delicious.

The pieces of his body were slowly spread through the inner circle of the army. Loose dirt began to snake its way out further, further into the uncountable swarm.

Suddenly he smiled. "Yes, feast on me, devour my soul!" he laughed as the last of him, his head, crumbled into dust. Dust filled the spaces between the mound of undead, even inside their own bodies.

It happened all at once. Like an enormous balloon of water ripping and then spilling its contents, a wave seemed to rush through all of them, their bodies bursting as the soil pushed outward from inside their corpses. Even the apparitions were ripped apart by black smoke as the whole spectacle, like some black firework, filled the streets.

The dust cleared, and while the army still stood, their numbers were noticeably thinned, and the streets were littered with them. The loose dirt around the battlefield all moved together toward the epicenter, growing muddy as the hail continued to pour from the sky. Soon Dusk reformed, whole, in the center. His clothing had been destroyed, leaving him bare before the legion.

He gasped before collapsing onto his knees again as his attackers, which had been rendered momentarily timid, found their courage again.

Dusk felt his strength waning. Their intention had been to devour his soul. Luckily his soul was diffused throughout every particle of earth that made up his body, making this a difficult task. But they had partially accomplished their goal. They had drained him. They had rendered him weak. And he wasn't sure if he could fight them for much longer. He held up one arm and watched as the hand he had formed into a claw fractured under the strain of its own weight. He could barely hold himself together anymore. And the hail wasn't helping. 

He could only be thankful that no one had seen fit to bring the rain.

Death and the Little Lady/Castle Town/Night 5

"[Well that was cool and all but it didn't work.]"

"[It worked, he just regenerated. I never expected an artificial body would suit a Ma so well. This will require an alternate strategy. I will need time to prepare, you will need to distract him for me. Use this.]" The Angel tossed his hosts sword to Ayala.

The flaming sword returned to its normal form once it was away from Death Angels nevertheless it still felt awkward in Ayala's hands. "[Way do I need this? I'm have my own weapons and I'm not really good with swords this size. The only reason I can use the Master Sword is because it doesn't way much to people it lets wield it.]"

"[It would seem fire damages his body. He may have less a chance of regenerating if you use that sword.]"

"[Ok then.]" Ayala jumped down for the roof tops landing inches from the soil demon. She glared up at him with a playfully menacing grin "[Please try and die this time, ok. ^_^ ]" Wielding her brothers sword with two hands, she slashed upward at the tainted construct with stone cleaving force. 

Death Angel hoovered above the battle field his scythe in hand. Slow he began drawing any ambient shadow magic into the weapon augmenting its already inexhaustible shadow power. Pieces of the shredded dead, corpses from the battle, dark amber the remained form Dusk's early profane wave of destruction, undead that had found its way unto the battle field, shadow energy from all of these gradually began to gather in the Death Reaper.

Seishi/Courtyard/Dawn 6

"Hahahaha!" despite his best efforts to hold back his laughter after the young shiekah's little speech. "Sorry, sorry. It's not that you're wrong, It's just I think I miss judged the lot of you. Here I though you were all cowards but I guess you're really just kids. I guess this is how people can turn out when they grow up in peace time."

He took a deep breathe to regain his composer. "Look this isn't about grudges for any of us... Ok maybe it is a little but I've never met the light warrior that joined a fight just because he though he might get a crack at some old foe. Hell we'd all rather the Darks never showed up but they always do. Sure we could step aside when it came to fighting the ones the get our emotions flaring and maybe let you kids take a shot at them, but those grudges didn't last so long because the Darks are weak. Fact of the matter is us old hats have a better chance of killing them or at the very least surviving the fight because we've been fighting them so long."

Seishi stopped for a moment realizing he probably wasn't making a whole lot of sense. "Damn it, um... in other words we can't not fight them but of old farts know how to so you kids just try to survive until you can stand on equal footing. Yeah that sounds about right. Oh and as for the teaming up with them crap, no. I don't know what this enemy of my enemy bull**** they teach you kids these days is but allegiances like that can bite you in the ass. Besides when it comes to the darks they're our enemies friends not ours so if any of them come claiming they're switch sides don't trust him. Especially Taden, that *astard is a master at playing both sides and not helping anyone but himself while he's at it."

"What about Davus' split personality twin brother or... well what ever it was." Oberon called out.

"Davie? Well he's a special case but only if Ithan's around. Otherwise it might be Davus putting up an act."

"Davus acting good? I think we're more likely to see Taden where a dress."

"Where, where do you come up with this crap?"

Dusk/Castle Town Ruins/Night 5

Dusk still clutched at the stump from where the claw hand had broken away, unable to support its own weight.

He tried to force his hand to regenerate, but it was difficult. The legion had drained his energies. Slowly, the stump began to grow, taking some slight density away from the rest of his body as small digits began to poke out from it. 

He looked up and saw the faces of the undead closing around him in a circle. He spun and saw that he was surrounded on all sides. He couldn't escape this time. He'd have to fight. And he didn't know how much longer he could keep that up.

Suddenly the undead began to drop of their own accord. Black vapor seemed to be flowing from them, to some source in the distance. He could feel small amounts of Shadow escaping from his pours, weakening him further. He stumbled, then turned to see where it was coming from. Up on the roof stood Death Angel and his little slut girlfriend.

"So you've called off your minions, I see!" Dusk yelled up at him. "Ready to fight me yourself, you coward?"

Death Angel merely floated up into the air, while the girl jumped down off the roof in front of Dusk.

"[Please try and die this time, ok. ^_^ ]"

Dusk looked at the sword in her hands, then back to her. It was the same sword that Death had used on him moments before.


Before he could finish his sentence the flames were upon him. No sense trying his trick from earlier. This flame was too powerful, drawing the light from it would be impossible, not to mention useless even if he could.

The inferno seemed to roar like a foul beast released from its cage as it bled him dry. His insides were burning as the kiln baked him to the core.

Soon the flames died down, and Dusk was revealed, immobile, lifeless. The purple tatoos had faded, leaving only a mundande, if crude, eroding sculpture. It was impossible to say if he was still alive within, but he had been paralyzed to his core.


"[Well that was cool and all but it didn't work.]"

From it's place in the shadows behind them, th blackness listened intently to their conversation.

"[It worked, he just regenerated. I never expected an artificial body would suit a Ma so well. This will require an alternate strategy. I will need time to prepare, you will need to distract him for me. Use this.]" 

Of course, the Angel still didn't get it. This body was no more artificial than the host Death occupied. He'd baked into the clay eons ago, and hadn't even needed Habiki's creators to forge this body, he already dwelled within. All he'd needed was the energy source from the Light Heart to pull himself together. Them sculpting a human form had merely made his job easier.

The flaming sword returned to its normal form once it was away from Death Angel.

The little slut spoke then.

"[Why do I need this? I have my own weapons and I'm not really good with swords this size. The only reason I can use the Master Sword is because it doesn't weigh much to people it lets wield it.]"

"[It would seem fire damages his body. He may have less a chance of regenerating if you use that sword.]"

Curses, thought the lump of clay behind them. They're winning!

"[Ok then.]" The girl jumped down then to assault Dusk. It was too late to stop the flames now.

The fragment, which had been the battle hand Dusk had forged to escape, separated from the rest of its body in the battle with the legion, now forced itself to take shape, becoming a small imp in Dusk's image.

Death raised himself up above the scene and began to drain the ambient shadows. Whatever it was, the fragment had to stop the coming attack before it was unleashed and destroyed Dusk completely.

"Hey, why don't you pick on somebody your own size?" said the imp in a hissing high pitched voice, then leaped as high into the air as it could to hopefully attack the Angel.

???/Hyrule Castle Roof/Pre-Dawn 6

Atop the last stronghold of Hyrule, high above the warzone, away from the brunt of the storm, stood a man.

He was garbed in a dark green tunic and black cape, with spiraling bands of vines and leaves covering his fore-arms, and a long black armored skirt covering his legs. His pale skin was tattooed with all the symbols of the Twili. His face was partially concealed by a wooden helmet. The rest of his light armor also appeared to be wooden.

He looked out from his perch at the chaos that had been Castle Town.

"Look at it," he said, as if to himself, "How easily the mighty Hyrule falls at the hands of the Twili. The Castle Town that has stood immovable for generations, with its supposed divine favor, torn down in a single utterly pathetic.”

His eyes flitted between the various battle-grounds that remained.

“Wouldn’t you agree?” he called over his shoulder. 

Turning now, he walked toward the center of the roof, his heavy boots crunching against the recently fallen snow, light flakes still falling from the sky.

He looked up at the center of his focus. An enormous tree stood atop the castle, many meters tall. It was encased entirely in a thick casing of ice.

The man put his palm flat against the ice, cold against his fingertips, and shuddered.

“Are you still alive in there?” he asked the tree.

There was a great groaning creak from within the ice as the whole of the structure seemed to shiver.

“Gooood, good.” he grinned. “Then you can be of use to me.”

His smile faded, as if he was eager to get down to business.

“Hikaru, awake!” he shouted at the thing.

Again there was a groaning from within, but this time it did not stop. The roof of the Castle began to shudder as the Tree cracked and wailed from within the ice. The tiling of the roof began to fall away, and small cracks were forming along the roof. Small chunks of ice fell away from it.

Then a curious thing happened. The tree began to shrink. It pulled away from the surface of the ice from within, collapsing itself, its branches and limbs all pulling together and folding in on themselves. The leaves that hadn’t been stripped away when the tree had been frozen or scraped against the ice fell away now as it grew smaller, and soon a bed of leaves lay on the floor beneath it.

The tree now had collapsed itself tight enough that stone structures were visible inside it, the tree growing around them. It folded its roots and branches along these structures, and began to take a distinct shape. It looked rather like a man.

In fact, it was a man, or something like one, its back facing the stranger that had awakened it. Soon it had enfolded itself completely over its stone bones, many of the branches receding into its chest and lining its insidein a circle, its rib cage closing around them as if to protect something that had been removed. Its eyes glowed a bright yellow. The creature was something like a redead or zombie, shrunken, skinless, its bark reminiscent of some undead goul.

It was a strange sight, a tree-like man surrounded by a bed of leaves and trapped in a wide cavern of ice.

“Hello in there!” The stranger yelled through the frozen wall, addressing the creature with a hungry grin, eyeing his prize.

Instantly the creature, hearing the voice behind it, snapped to attention, spinning to face him and extending its one arm, its fingers elongating into dangerous spikes and hurdling towards the unknown man from a distance, its arm like some wooden hookshot.

He leaped quickly out of the way as the weapon pierced the ice where he had been, puncturing a hole in the cavern. The creature then pulled back its arm and it retracted into position, seemingly a normal human limb again.

The stranger dusted himself off and stood cautiously, but no further attack came. 

"Feisty little thing, aren't you?"

He looked into the hole the creature had made and saw that it was standing motionless, only bothering to breathe, swaying slightly as a breeze filled the frigid room.

Suddenly a hoarse whisper issued from its mouth.


Death and the Little Lady/Castle Town/Night 5

Death reached for his hosts hookshot converting it to a hellchain wipe with his divine power to smack away the bug of a puppet that had charged at him.

Having finished collecting all the extra power he need Death dropped back to the earth in front of Dusk, slamming his scythe's blade deep into the ground. The streets became flooded with a lake of purple energy as the Death released the power stored in his weapon. The ominous sound of funeral bells rang out from as far as the ocean of shadow. Ayala, having only a feint guess at what was coming, jumped the roof top ready to cut off any escape the Ma may attempt the mount.

"Charon" countless phantasmal arms covered in ghostly bells reached out of the Sea of the Dead as the feint reflection of a gargantuan row boat could be in the reflection of the purple wake. The arms of impossible number and length all reach out for the Ma to ripped out his soul and drag it down to the underworld.

Polaris/ Castle Town Streets/ Dawn 6

The wounded Red Ice General staggered to and fro as he wandered down the empty streets. The toll the fighting had taken on the city was evident everywhere you looked. Buildings were decimated and debris was everywhere. After some time, the throbbing pain that consumed the entirety of his body was nigh overwhelming and he collapsed into a heap of broken boxes. Sitting there propped against the mound of splintered wood, Polaris drew in a deep breath and exhaled, coughing as he did so. Kinslayers attack had taken it's toll and he was far more injured than he'd let on.

Head bobbing, Polaris began to doze, allowing the natural healing properties he possessed to take effect. In his waking dreams, he felt the brisk winds of the upper atmosphere blowing against his face, his eyes watery, he soared high above the clouds. The trees and buildings of Hyrule were specks that dotted the ground below. Beside him flew the majestic Red Ice Dragon, up until this point, Polaris hadn't even noticed that he wasn't riding atop the beast. Confused, Polaris cast a questioning glance towards the creature. 

What Polaris heard confused him, a deep, rumbling "ruk, ruk" sound reverberated across their mental link. This thunderous sound continued for a few seconds before Polaris realized that the dragon was laughing at him. Embarrassed that he didn't realize this sooner, Polaris was glad that he'd been spared when the beast finally spoke. You and I, we are one. Yet we are separate entities. That is how our lines were bonded millenia ago. Once the inheritance ritual is complete, our separation will be even more evident, yet our minds will meld to an even greater extent."

Polaris nodded, and found that they'd landed without his knowledge and stood in front of a massive vault door with an elaborate network of pipes adorning the front. "You may recognize the crest on the front of this door." Stepping forward to further examine, Polaris was taken aback. It was an image he hadn't seen in centuries, one that he feared he'd never be associated with again. Running his hand over his family crest, Polaris remained silent for a few minutes while examining the intricacies of the carving. "It is time for you to claim what is rightfully yours General."

Soon Polaris found that he was aware of his surroundings and the pain still coursing through his body, he was coming to. "As soon as the opportunity presents itself, we'll go there, to the Domain of my ancestors, you're right, it is time.." It was now that Polaris realized something, "I..I almost feel foolish for not asking this sooner, but what is your name? What shall I call you?"

A low rumble came from the dragon before it spoke, "I've been known by many names, the ancients referred to me as Llach-Gelu, in your tongue, that would be Flame-Frost, as for my proper name, it will be revealed in time..but only to the one blessed with the Domia Abr Caran Heleg, in your tongue that is the dominance of red ice. That one is you, but not yet. Once you receive the blessing I swear upon my scales to reveal all."

'Polaris, Jaden, I have had a vision of the Triforce. We must liberate the Sunrise Knight held prisoner by the Interlopers. He is being held in the Haunted Wasteland, in the Far West of the Desert Province. Alone, I can only heal him, but together, we can rescue Darrel, retrieve the Morning's Edge, and escape before they can overpower us. If there are any survivors of the Battle whom you can trust, they must come to our aid. I fear the fate of the Realm may balance on the breaking dawn.'

"Go Polaris. Fetch the Sheikah, then together we shall free the Sunrise Knight! Afterwards, we shall make haste to the vault!"

The change was instantaneous, Polaris was back in his body and scrambling to his feet. Moments later he was at a dead run weaving his way back to the destroyed courtyard. "Jaden! Did you hear that?! She's alive! Mirra is alive! And she requires our assistance, Darrel Mytura has been captured." A crimson edged sapphire glow surrounded Polaris as he spoke. As the energy broke away from him and began to coalesce the Red Ice Dragon took form and alighted on the ground next to it's rider.

Daurubia/Dawn 6/Courtyard

The sun felt good as it poured over his skin. He faced towards the east, breathing in the rays, grasping the warmth. He was tired, he realized, but yet had no desires to sleep. He could feel the soreness of his legs and arms, effects of his fighting that day, but his mind was buzzing with questions. Namely, what was next? As he listened to the argument, he realized that these soldiers who called themselves "Lights" were fighting others called "Darks". Not exactly creative, but applicable, non-the-less.

If one were to gauge which side was winning though, it'd be hard to bet against the darks. All around him, the chaos and destruction was evident. This once great city was in ruins, and it would likely take decades to return it to its former greatness. And yet, he had an undeniable urge to do just that. He wanted to do what he knew was right, and what he knew was right was helping these lights in their fight. It was undoubtedly the most devastated that Hyrule had been since the legendary Ganondorf had taken over, and they needed every helping hand.

"Old grudges never die. We all have Hyrule's best interest in mind. In the end, I just want a Hyrule left to live in. The heroes destined to save it should save their deep-seated reservations for after the enemy has been vanquished. Even if my most hated enemy were to be my ally at this point, I would work with him to save this land. Divided, this effort will fail." 

The scions words filled him with hope, despite the hell that was surrounding him. "Truer words have never been said Lady Scion. Let it be known that anything the gorons can do to help from this point on shall happen. We are not a race who fears the dark. Regardless, I think it's high time we head inside, we all cound use a rest. 

He turned and began walking towards the castle doors, beckoning Giga to join him, noting that the giant doors on the castle could likely allow his entry. He shoved open the doors, strode inside, and took a careful look around.

Phoenix/Hyrule Castle/Morning 6

Phoenix strode through the halls of the Castle. Things had gone... poorly. To say the least. But they had managed to drive back the Twili and the forces of Darkness, which counted for something. It may have been a bad day for Hyrule, but Phoenix was willing to count it a victory. Shame about Senshi being so thick-headed, though... He shook his head, annoyed by the young firebrand.

Phoenix passed a Goron, the new patriarch Daurubia. He nodded to the man, and passed through the doors into the courtyard. Seishi seemed to be causing troubles with the new Lights, unsurprisingly. Phoenix spoke up before it could escalate any further.

"Enough squabbling! Get inside. You've been up all day, and all night, and you're arguing among yourselves out in this snow? Unbelievable!"

They stared at him briefly. He snarled in response. "Move it!"

He turned and marched inside with the gang of them. As he walked he spoke. "The Castle itself is no longer safe. Dissidents run the halls, so be careful."

He didn't take them far, not wanted to be too distant from the exits. In a close-by meeting room, he addressed the Light Warriors.

"We have both won and lost. The Twili are pushed back, and we have driven off both the Hated and the Kinslayer. But Taden's revival is a deathly blow of itself, and we have lost Castle Town. Even the Castle is no longer secure. The King has been evacuated to the Redoubt, along with High Command and other state officials. We've also evacuated what citizens we were able. I am going to join them, but I had to remain to ensure the safe completion of the evacuation. The last group leaves in an hour, along with the last of the Army.

"You are not required to join us, but you may. The travel should be a chance to rest up after all the excitement, the soldiers should be able to handle any problems we encounter on the way. But this isn't over. We need to strike back! And for that, we need the Sword. Once we reconvene in the Redoubt, and you all know its location, you'll have to head back out to collect the final ingredients.

"We still need the Sun Shard, from Isaac, the Goronium, which I hope Daurubia might be able to help us with, the Deku Tree's minerals, and the Blessing from Faron and Ordon. Lanayru's Blessing... well, I don't know what to do about that, but it seems to have been waylaid by Taden..."

He turned to look at Lynn, who had, surprisingly, rejoined them. "What of the fifth Blessing?"

Lynn averted her eyes. "It is... part of me now. But I think I might be able to impart its powers to the sword when you're ready to forge it. Maybe. I can try, at least. And... there's something else, if I may?"

Phoenix assented to the woman, allowing her words. The Light Warriors would have to decide if they trusted her or not. This was their war, it would be their decision.

Lynn addressed the group. "Under the influence of Taden, I regret to inform you that... I freed Ganondorf from Arbiter's Grounds. And he seeks revenge on the Hylian people for his imprisonment and the deaths of his people. He will, under my advisement, want to collect the Sage Medallions, to empower himself with their magic to meet his ends. Possibly he might aim for the Sacred Realm, I can't say. But... well, I'd suggest we collect the Medallions before he can. It will deny him the power he seeks, and can empower us in our struggle."

"Thank you, Lynn..." Phoenix frowned, and observed the reactions of the Lights. "Any questions?"

Western FrontEdit

IC: Rukh / Cave of Ordeals / Night 5

A low howl rolled across the desert sands as Rukh cried out in pain from within the Great Fairy's mesa.

He was blind. Darkness. Then, one eye opened. His right eye, where the mask had split. Blurry field of red. Figures moving through it. Feminine. A needle coming into his only good an eye. Darkness. No pain.

He was in water. Cold water. Someone's hands touching his face. Mirra? The hands presented the Dominion Rod. Rukh bowed under the water to greet it, bubbles of air flushing from his nostrils. His Celestium mask had been removed completely. Fingertips stroked his hairless scalp. He felt the hands press down on his eyelids, their palms warm in the water's coolness. His eyes had not been closed in centuries. Blood ran from them, over the milky hands of the Fairy Queen, in swaying clouds of red under the waters of her fountain.

She stared into the glow of the severed mask hovering before her, the polished Celestium reflecting in her wide eyes. Raising the Dominion Rod, the Queen of Fairies thrust Rukh to the distant shores of her underground lake, and sank deeper into its depths with the Celestium fragment in her grasp. As Rukh washed ashore in a bloody heap, the body of Mirra Lemeris slowly sank down further, the black gore tarring her face, chest, and legs crumbling away in the cold abyss.

Mirra Lemeris / Great Fairy Fountain to Desert Province / Night 5

Mirra opened her eyes to see a young girl with her back turned to her, six enormous wings sprouting from her shoulder blades. There was no light to see their surroundings by, but the girl seemed lit from within. Her wings sparkled magnificently.

Mirra reached out to touch her shoulder, but the girl seemed to move farther away. They were both standing perfectly still, but the farther Mirra reached, the farther away the winged girl became.

She began to run towards the girl, and found herself running away from her with each rapid step.

Frustrated, Mirra stomped to a halt, cupped her hands at her hip, then shoved a spiral of air at the girl from behind. She did not turn when the wind hit her back, but her wings were parted to reveal red blood coating her hands. Mirra saw a long, violet needle hanging from her left fingers, and firmly in her right hand...the Rod of Heaven.

"What have you done with Rukh?" Mirra cried out to the Fairy Queen. The sight of the Dominion Rod had brought her to her senses. At the sound of her voice, the young girl turned around to face Mirra.

The Great Fairy's eyes were rich with tears. 

"...Only...what he asked of me." She dropped her violet needle and the Dominion Rod, and fell to her hands and knees, sobbing into the pool of water she stood upon.

Mirra stooped down to console her, but found herself without hands. She stumbled forward, and in the water rippling from the Great Fairy's tears, Mirra saw her reflection. She was a floating ball of green light. She attempted to touch her face, and two long, gossamer wings spread out from her shining center. She had been transformed into a fairy.

Mirra bathed the Great Fairy's tears in her new emerald light. "Do not cry, my Queen," she whispered, supplicant to the girl. "You have done your part for the Unity of the Realm. Fear not, my child. Now, for your next part in the story."

Rising into the air, the weeping Fairy Queen rose with her. As her anxiety cleared, so too did the dark of their surroundings. As the Great Fairy's tears flowed through the pool they stood upon, its waters glowed with a pale starlight.

Mirra spoke to the young Queen in a low, soothing tone. "You must tell me where the winds are blowing."

Obliging, the Great Fairy spread her many wings, and the glowing pool of light began to rise. A round plate of water sprinkled starlight downward in streams as Mirra and the Great Fairy levitated upward. Soon, they were high above the Desert Province, directly above the Queen's enchanted mesa.

"Feel the winds wandering into the east," the Great Fairy's prophecy began. "A cold front in the fields of Lanayru draws all warmth into its empty heart. Rain will come from the West as the Haunted Wasteland succumbs to the Lanayru Freeze..."

Mirra followed her words carefully. 'Rain in the Haunted Wasteland? That would mean...'

"Three foul winds follow the Haunted Rain, a sorcerer, a general, and a thief. The sorcerer, Taden, has used the curse of a Twili mage to plunge Lanayru into darkest winter. The Lake and the River freeze even now, coating the heartland in veins of frost. The autumn harvest is soon to be lost, and all the wildflowers have faded. But no ordinary freeze is this. With the curse of the Twili, Quell, the dark cryomancers have poisoned Lanayru with Black Ice, whose origin I cannot see. Without knowledge of its source, I know not its purpose, nor the greater part of its danger. The stars have not revealed their true arc yet."

The Great Fairy spread her wings and arms towards the stars high above them in the desert night, crystal clear. Mirra felt a new attachment to the patterns of the firmament, as if the new emerald light that radiated from her were akin to those distant eyes. She found the Phoenix of Hyrule rotating proudly in the center, its beak oriented always towards the Triforce constellation. And looking far to the Northern rim, she could indeed see a new star rising, but barely. It was a faint light, obscured by its own dark tone. And it was a cold light. An icy comet, hurtling across the skies on an arc that seemed to drag along slowly. Mirra tried to calculate when the comet would reach its apex, but was drawn from her reverie when the Fairy resumed her prophecy.

"The general, Grem, has established a Twili fortress deep in the Haunted Wasteland, far to the West of the Arbiter's Grounds. There you will find the leader of the Knights of Hyrule, Darrel Mytura, imprisoned in their dungeons. Find also the Morning's Edge, the prisoner's blade, for the Interlopers must not have access to its power. Go there with caution, for the Haunted Wasteland plays tricks on one's mind. Many ghosts and spirits haunt its dunes, and lead the careless traveler astray. The Light of Hyrule is weak in the Western Wastes, and those who become lost are said to turn into monsters."

To the West, Mirra looked for the Twinrova constellation, but its autumn house was obscured behind a pallor of black smoke. A dark haze hung over the West like a shadow, and in its heart, Mirra knew she would find Darrel Mytura.

"Finally, the thief. You have already met Ganondorf Dragmyre, the Exile King of the Gerudo. Through his infiltration of the Sheikah, Taden has murdered all but the last of the Gerudo, Telma. Telma and Ganondorf now wander this desert, nursing their rage at the Hylians who imprisoned them and the dark sorcerer who beguiled the Gerudo King. He will stop at nothing to assemble the Sage Medallions now that Taden has planted the idea in his mind. I fear her will attempt to open a portal into the Sacred Realm."

Mirra gasped as the dark night of the Desert evaporated into the bounteous golden sky of the Sacred Realm. Far off in the distance, she saw the Temple of Light shining brilliantly from a mountaintop, the Triforce itself beckoning all around to have their deepest wish fulfilled. But before her eyes could adjust to the radiant gold of that eternal day, the Queen of the Fairies warped them back into the Realm of Hyrule.

Looking up, Mirra saw the Boar constellation tilting in the South, in the progression of circling the Phoenix that had begun the night before. The Blackened Rova, the Circling Boar, and the Comet all surrounded the Phoenix of Hyrule and the Triforce at its beak, coming in from the West, the South, and the North respectively.

Only in the East was the Phoenix unthreatened, in the canyonlands of Eldin. With her fairy's senses, Mirra felt the Spring of Eldin flowing peacefully, unperturbed by the tides of war.

And here, in the clear eastern skies, Mirra saw a new constellation coming together. Distant planets, stars, and asteroids swirled round one another: four planets, five stars, and two twinkling asteroids. They were slowly but surely coming into perfect, vertical alignment, arrayed along the red stars of the Phoenix's eastern wing.

"The only way to banish these assailants from this Realm is to assemble the components of the Daybreak Sword. The Four Ores must be anointed with the Five Blessings of the Light Spirits, and the blade inlaid with the Shards of the Hyrulean Sun and the Stars to complete the Realm-splitting Blade. They will call it Daybreak, and Realm Splitter, and Unifier of the Realm. But it is not known whether the Sword will coalesce before the demons of Hyrule unleash annihilation. Only the Daybreak Alliance, led by the bearer of the Morning's Edge, the Sunrise Knight, can bring this destiny to fruition..."

Mirra looked up at the moon as its light suddenly began to expand blindingly, until it began to clear, and Mirra found herself back in the dampness of the underground fountain. Her hands were raised above her head as if in praise, and between them hovered a smooth, white disc. From the remnants of Rukh's shattered facial mask, the Queen of Fairies had constructed a Fairy Mask. Two red jewels stared up from the mask like eyes, which bore no other markings on its flawless surface.

"Your spine was shattered in the Battle for Hyrule Castle, as was the sovereign city itself. I cannot repair it without severing the bond between you and Rukh, which I am not permitted to do. You must appeal to a higher authority if you wish to walk again. But for now, Rukh has sacrificed the Celestium guarding his own eyes to provide you with freedom of movement. He is blinded forevermore."

Mirra looked down to find herself seated on her knees, cradling Rukh's head in her lap. Two gaping holes stared out where his eyes had been. Tears came to Mirra's eyes, and a tightness to her chest, as she pulled Rukh close to her and nuzzled his face with hers. "Oh, Rukh..." she whispered, kissing the flesh of his forehead.

"Mirra...," Rukh said, recognizing her without sight, "...I would do anything to protect you."

Mirra clasped her arms around his large head and shook violently with sobs. As she wept, a green light emanated from her chest and hands, and bathed Rukh in its luminous embrace. As Mirra's tears flowed over his wounded face, it began to glow as well. The light absorbed Rukh's face, and then expanded into a long beak, and stretched backward into a long crest of bladed feathers down his neck. When the light cleared, Mirra pulled away from her companion.

Where once he had been shielded by an obsidian Celestium mask, now Rukh's mighty avian features were restored in a lunar white. The body of his armor was still a blend of plates in darkest bronze, viridian, and black, but now his face was a glowing crest of white with leather patches over his eyes. He rose to his full height, health and dignity restored.

The Great Fairy handed the Dominion Rod to Mirra on the ground, and Rukh lowered his head in a deep bow to accommodate her. She climbed into the saddle, and patted his neck firmly. The Great Fairy smiled at them, tears gushing down her cheeks, and kindly caught a series of them in a vial to hand to Mirra. "The Sunrise Knight will be deep in agony. Use these to restore his vitality, and augment his natural powers tenfold."

Mirra nodded to the Queen in thanks, then buckled the vial on her waist, under the Fairy Mask tied to her belt. She fastened the Dominion Rod to her back, then picked up the reins and clapped them down on Rukh's wings.

"Onward," she cried suddenly, "to the Twili Fortress!"

He spread his wings and splashed them down into the fountain with a tremendous gust of air, and he and Mirra launched out of the Fairy's sanctuary and into the Desert Night. Mirra steered her companion to the West, where the binary stars of Twinrova should be, but for the darkness blotting the skies. She gathered her memories of the vision given to her by the Queen of the Fairies, and communicated them to Jaden and Polaris, her only allies in this war.

'Polaris, Jaden, I have had a vision of the Triforce. We must liberate the Sunrise Knight held prisoner by the Interlopers. He is being held in the Haunted Wasteland, in the Far West of the Desert Province. Alone, I can only heal him, but together, we can rescue Darrel, retrieve the Morning's Edge, and escape before they can overpower us. If there are any survivors of the Battle whom you can trust, they must come to our aid. I fear the fate of the Realm may balance on the breaking dawn.'

As Mirra entered the mystic haze of the Haunted Wasteland, the light of the area faded except for a band of sunlight cresting over the horizon all around. Above her and below her, darkness reigned supreme.

Darrel Mytura - ??? - Dawn of the Sixth Day

After what could have been weeks of torture, for all he knew, Darrel came awake to the simple realization that he was no longer in the midst of the Twili army camp. The clamor of soldiers moving this way and that, going about the tasks necessary to maintain such a vast, sprawling encampment, were gone. He was still held in bonds, but the surface atop which he now lay was cold stone, rather than rough sand and dirt. There was very little light, save for what wavering light shined through the bars of his cell from the bracketed torches that illuminated the corridor beyond.

He wasn't sure where he was or when he'd been moved, but it was clear that he was in a fortress of some kind now, or what was once a fortress in an age long past. The stone and mortal crumbled and the bars were coated with rust. This place hadn't had a great many denizens for centuries, it seemed. A current of spirit seemed to pulse in the very walls themselves, and had it not been for the manacles of Twili alloys that held him back from his powers he would have been able to drawn upon it. This place was a nexus of spirit energy, a focal point. 

It was so familiar, too. He couldn't place the design, couldn't put his finger on the things that tugged at his memories, but he knew he'd been here before.

"Where am I..." He muttered out loud as he pushed himself to his feet. He was chained to the wall opposite the barred cell door, and knew that he couldn't escape on his own. Even so, for the first time since being captured, just being in this place made him feel stronger than he had in some time. He ran his hands over the uneven stone, as though trying to divine the secrets of this place. He found nothing.

"Looks like he's awake." He heard the all too familiar voices of the torture specialists. He knew what was coming.

"Guess we gave him enough time to recuperate."

Back turned to them, he heard the loud click as the heavy pad lock was removed, and he closed his eyes and hoped that the Lights, that someone, knew of his capture.

IC: Mirra Lemeris / Desert Province (Garo Province?) / Night 5 to Dawn 6

In the high haze of the desert, Mirra and Rukh lost sight of the horizon, and did not see the rising sun. But the expanse of desert sands swirling around them gradually faded into a golden lustre on the east. Keeping the sun to their backs, they made way for the western badlands, where the previous night's darkness still clung to the cold earth.

As they crossed a deep canyon, its depths obscuring into oblivion, they caught sight of what looked to be a dark storm hovering over the far cliffs. Mirra could feel the wounded heart of the Sunrise Knight beating within that veil of darkness, drawing her closer with the force of destiny. But before they entered the darkness, Rukh pulled into a tight circle and hovered on its perimeter.

"I sense many guards ahead, standing watch in a fortress that is built into the sandstone cliffs. Before the fortress, there is an encampment of tents for thousands of Twili forces." With what Rukh had lost in sight, he had gained in foresight. Though the encampment and fortress beyond were hidden from the light, the wind that flowed over them was alive to Rukh's senses.

Mirra stroked the feathers of his neck. "Then this is far enough. I will continue from here alone. You must proceed to the Castle, and seek out the Zora warlord and his Sheikah acolyte, Jaden Bryseis. Infiltrating both the Interloper dungeon and armory will require intense stealth. If you find Bryseis, ask him to recruit his sister, Kae. She is the Scion of Nayru, and the avatar to whom the Sunrise Knight must lead the Realm. All our hopes lay at her feet."

Mirra plucked a feather from Rukh's neck, and dipped it into the bottle of the Great Fairy's Tears.

"Even if General Polaris can raise the alarm at the fortress gate, the Twili are unlikely to call the inner guards from their posts. They will order the encampment to attack, and to face them Polaris will require this." She slipped the enchanted feather into Rukh's saddle, and returned the bottle to her belt. A drop of the mystic tears lingered on her fingertips, and she licked it away absent-mindedly.

"If Polaris draws his own blood with this feather, the Great Fairy's Tears will flow into his veins, and restore his strength from the night's battle. His power will multiply when the Tears have saturated him, but it will not last long. The Shadow Folk will have to extract the Sunrise Knight before their effect wears off."

"Fine. I shall speak with the Zora General, and with any luck his ties to the Shadow Folk will warrant an emergency task force. Wasn't this Sunrise Knight supposed to be their leader?"

"He was captured just before Ganondorf and Hothnight were set free. A lot has happened since then."

"Excuses. Your generation has no respect for prophecy," Rukh sighed.

"Just think of this as an opportunity to educate them."

Mirra brought the Fairy Mask to her face, then hopped out of Rukh's saddle and fell through the air. She turned to look up at Rukh, her hair whipping past her face as she dropped. "I'll see you at the front gates of the Interloper Army!" she cried, then turned into a fairy. Her tiny wings carried her west into the darkness, as Rukh's great metallic sails carried him east into the early dawn.

IC: Rukh / Hyrule Castle / Dawn 6

Rukh flew over the ruins of Hyrule Castle Town just as the morning sun began to fill the sky. Without sight, he was guided by the currents of the air. He landed in the Courtyard just as the contingent of Light Warriors there followed Commander Phoenix into a vacant chamber. Keeping his head bowed and his wings folded, Rukh was roughly the size of a large man. Still, he had to duck and twist to make his through the battle-ravaged halls and eek inside the meeting room, where the air was stiff and damp.

He listened patiently as Phoenix debriefed everyone, but was surprised when he heard the voice of Lynn Annei. So she made it back in one piece? Rukh thought to himself. Her voice seemed to have changed, and Rukh soon learned why. She had consumed the whole of Garo's Blessing, expunging the poison of Hothnight's mind from her soul.

Rukh had rarely encountered such a profound spiritual transformation, but the sneaky and duplicitous spy he had encountered only hours before had become a leader among these heroes.

"Thank you, Lynn...Any questions?"

"Commander Phoenix, I hope you won't mind," Rukh called from the back of the room, "but I take issue with your strategy."

The group of divine warriors assembled in the meeting hall spread aside to let Rukh address the Commander of the Royal Guard. He introduced himself first. "I am the Bird whose Wings are Thunder, created by the People of the Sky, to the glory and honor of the first King of Hyrule to ever hold the Triforce in balance. Throughout the ages I have protected the Triforce from those who would seek to claim it with an impure heart, under the command of a Hylian appointed at birth by the Sky People. I am commanded in this era by Mirra Lemeris, whom some of you have met, Guardian of the Sacred Realm and Special Envoy of the Sky People to the Kingdom of Hyrule. I am called Rukh."

"You are invited to speak freely, Rukh," Commander Phoenix replied. "But briefly, if you please."

Rukh bowed low to the assembly, then lifted his head and raised his tinny voice. "The Interlopers have struck a blow in the center of our defenses. They will be expecting the Royal Court to evacuate, and will no doubt be crawling these unseasonably cold hills in their pursuit. But instead of waiting for their next attack, I propose that we strike back now, with or without the Daybreak Sword. It will draw their attention to the West, while the Court is taken to a secure hideaway, rather than letting them nip at the King's heels."

A murmur of approval rippled through the crowd, a motley crew of battle-ready knights if every there was one. Many of them seemed to have made it through the night relatively unscathed, despite the loss of the City. Perhaps they were eager to go on the attack after watching the destruction of Castle Town.

"As you said, Commander, we are not needed for the Crown's security escort. The Royal Guard, which so nobly survived the utter destruction of their City, is more than capable of keeping the King safe, as we saw last night. Rather than waiting on the last six artifacts of the Daybreak Sword, it is my belief that we must retaliate now, and with as much force as possible. Many of us are still strong, with little to no injuries sustained from the night's battle," Rukh said. His words stalled as the memory of Mirra's defeat the night before raised in his mind. He felt a sharp pang around the edges of his new, white mask.

Rukh turned his eyeless face towards Lynn. She still retained the cold aura of the Demoness, but with a new luminance, like sunlight through ice.

"Now, rather than escorting the King, we could put our considerable talents to use ferreting out the Sage Medallions far and wide, as Agent Annei suggests. But as you say, Lynn, it was you who freed Ganondorf from the imprisonment you were sworn to uphold. And it is under your advisement that he now seeks the Medallions. If anyone should bear the responsibility of finding them before he does, it's you. And if you should fail to stop him from what you have set him to do, it is you who will account for the consequences. And you alone."

Rukh turned away from her and spoke to the group again.

"My master, Mirra Lemeris, has penetrated the Twili defenses and discovered the prison cell of Darrel Mytura. We have it on the authority of the Great Queen of Fairies that he is the Sunrise Knight, destined to lead the Warriors of Light to victory against the Interlopers. I have come here to rally a mission deep into enemy territory, to break Darrel out of prison. While all of us who are able to fight draw their fire with a surprise attack at the gates, the rest of us will sneak into their dungeons and save Mytura."

Rukh scanned the eyes of the gathered warriors closely

"We must mount a direct assault on the Twili Fortress in Garo. They have taken much from us. But we will take more. We will rescue the Sunrise Knight, and plunge their forces into chaos."

Rukh felt the steady breathing of each chest in the meeting hall. A pair of torches flickered along the walls, casting a faint warmth on their skin that felt to Rukh like a luminous glow. He spotted the only Zora, and assumed that this must be Polaris. Reaching into one of his pouches with his beak, he fished out the enchanted feather Mirra had given him. He turned to face the Zora she had predicted he would meet.

"General Polaris, you and I have not been formally introduced, but Mirra asked me to deliver this to you."

He presented the large, metallic feather, darkened by the Fairy's lachrymose elixir.

"This is a feather from my plumage, and it is coated with the Great Fairy's Tears. Mix them with your own blood, and on Mirra's honor I promise you, your strength will be restored and magnified to new heights. Your power will grow as the sun rises, and return to normal once it sets. With this gift, Mirra beckons you to her aid once more, to draw the Twili's attack while she delivers Mytura to safety."

Rukh bowed low at Polaris's feet. At this proximity, he felt a familiar eminence within Polaris's aura. As a mythical beast himself, it wasn't hard for Rukh to recognize that Polaris had a spiritual guide of his own. 'The People of the Sky pay homage and due respect to the esteemed Llach-Gelu, serpent of the arctic sun. With your bond to General Polaris, the Great Fairy's Tears will bring your strength to its apex with the sun as well.'

Rukh raised up from the stone floor and craned his neck to one side. He directed his thoughts towards Polaris. 'Now, General, please help me find Jaden and Kae Bryseis. Mirra instructed me to find them and request a Sheikah search party for Darrel and his sword, but, well, I am blind, you see, and there are so many warm bodies here...'

IC: Mirra Lemeris / Twili Fortress / Day 6

Mirra zipped into the dense haze of the Twili Fortress from the south, high above the guard towers. Staying at a safe altitude, she drifted over the many rows of canvas tents making up the base, and soon arrived at the fortress itself, a wood and metal structure hewn into the cliffside. On the eastern side of the cliffs was a bottomless canyon, cutting the Twili forces off from the rest of the world with a long chasm of oblivion. Their advance troops were sent into the central desert and lands beyond by a series of bridges and enchanted portals, but any attack on their main defenses would have to figure out a way over the gap.

The Twili had extended their bridges for the moment, to allow the returning Twili forces through. At the current rate, the bridges would remain active all morning. The bulk of the contingent that had attacked the Castle had been killed in battle, but with only two narrow bridges, getting the troops back to base took time. Tactically, the desert was a good place to hide large troop movements, if your men had the fortitude to travel slowly in that dark haze.

Popping from building building, Mirra eventually made her way into the deepest recesses of the Twili fortress. The guards seemed to be on a rotation that took them across all the outer defense posts, then through two stations within the cliffs. First, a cave entrance near the open courtyard of the fortress was blocked by a metal gate with a constant guard, and Mirra guessed this to be the armory where the Morning's Edge was hidden. Behind that gate lurked all manner of monsters and Twili bewitchments, along with whatever traps had been set by the people who built this archaic base.

A maze of buildings expanded like a beehive around this gated cavern, and following Twili guards through its labyrinthine tunnels eventually led Mirra to their second inner post, the dungeons. As she followed two guards down a narrow stairwell, she heard the screams of torture and the mad wailing of isolation. Mirra shuddered to think of the Hylians who had been abducted in Lanayru, Faron, and Ordon as the Twili advanced over the Realm. It was for them, above all, that she would free Darrel today.

Mirra waited behind a cobweb as the two guards took their posts. They stood on either entrance to the long hall of prison cells that made up the Twili dungeons, then began to circulate. They would march up and down this hall for the next three hours, passing each other in the center every time.

Mirra flew from her cobweb in the corner to an iron lamp that hung low in the center of the dungeon hall. She dampened her own light to not tamper with the lantern's flame. Rubbing her tiny hands together, Mirra gathered a lump of fairy dust in her palms. Then, when the guards stood side by side underneath her, she sprinkled the powder onto their heads, and they fell promptly fell asleep.

But when Mirra floated down from the lantern, a strange feeling came over her. The cloud of fairy dust still lingered in the air, and Mirra suddenly began to feel a strange, tingling warmth under her tongue. A dizziness came into her head, and she slowly realized what had come to pass. The Great Fairy's Tears were taking effect.

Just as the Twili guards collapsed over each other in a heave of sighs, the prison bars lining the hall seemed to glow in a stream of rainbow colors all around her. The iron lamp above her swung to and fro, and it cast the shadows of the rainbow prison bars in a spiraling circle that surrounded her tiny form.

Mirra was suddenly overcome with an all-consuming desire to heal. The strength of her healing abilities seemed to grow within her like a breath of fresh air, like an invigorating surge of enthusiasm and good will. She felt like she could raise the dead. Her fingertips radiated with an emerald energy, and she longed to lay her hands on the weak and infirm with loving kindness. She wanted to heal the sick, give sight to the blind, restore the vigor of youth.

And then all at once her ears seem to fill up with the cries of the tortured and oppressed all around her, after fading from her mind from a moment as she was absorbed in her thoughts. Mirra forgot herself in the moment, wanting nothing but to apply her healing touch to as many people as possible. Slipping through the first iridescent prison bars she came to, Mirra slipped off her Fairy Mask, and fell to her knees before the supine body of Darrel Mytura, chained to a wall.

"Be still, my love," she called to him gently, her eyes barely open and the corners of her mouth soft. Mirra passed her hands over the chains at his hands and feet. There was nothing she could do about them, but she healed the scars that had formed beneath them. She cupped her hands around his feet and pressed her forehead to them, then reached up and clasped Darrel's hands between hers and pulled them to her breast. She breathed in deep, feeling his firm hand over her heart, then exhaled her warm breath over the cracks in his palms and wrists.

"I am here for you now, dear," Mirra whispered to him, as if in secret. Holding one of his hands to her heart, Mirra brought his other arm with hers back to his chest. She rested her own hand over his heart, then bowed her head and began to say a prayer. She felt as though were coming from her hand and entering his heart, and that light flew from her heart into his hand, and that the walls themselves seemed to echo with an emerald light that offered healing to all who bathed themselves in it.

"Shhh...," the Guardian of the Sacred Realm sighed to the Sunrise Knight, " at peace."

Mirra pulled the vial of the Great Fairy's Tears from her belt. Only one drop had touched her lips, but in her shrunken Fairy form its effect had been concentrated. Now what had not been given to Polaris on Rukh's feather, she would give to the man for whom the Great Fairy had wept. Kneeling at his side, Mirra pulled Darrel close to her and tilted his weary head back, then poured the full draught of Tears onto his tongue.

Darrel Mytura - Twili Fortress - Morning of the Sixth Day

The healing arts struck him like a sledge, a shock of benevolent energies to a system that had become accustomed only to the violent torment of those who hate. Still fettered by his dark magic bonds, his back arched and his heavy, corded muscles stood out in stark relief as the powers worked their way through him. His chest heaved, a hand placed with his over his racing heart. His breath came in ragged gasps, it was as though he'd been doused with icy water. His vision still swam, but through the shock he thought he could see the figure of an angel of mercy leaning over him.

He could feel open wounds in his flesh knitting together, and the scars of the present and of times past began to fade. All of the sudden he felt a surge of immense power rising up in him from his very core, urged forth by the magical ministerings of the woman at his side and concordantly brought to new heights by the aura of spirit that existed in this place. He felt as though he could have challenged the whole of the Twili horde, as though he could have torn down the fortress with his bare hands.

As the jarring jolt of healing energies faded, his muscles relaxed and he laid flat on his back, his chest still heaving. His vision was sharpening, but his mind felt overwhelmed. It was as though the pall of incoherence that had settled upon him during his tortures was not so swiftly vanquished as his physical pain. He needed to regain his senses. As he lay on his back, his mind was everywhere. He'd heard her whispers as she had come to heal him, but he had not at first been able to acknowledge them.

"Be still, my love," She had said, her voice melodious and beautiful. "I am here for you now, dear... be at peace."

"Helen...?" He found himself uttering, his voice barely rising above a whisper. Everything was beginning to come into focus, but the process was slow. Even so, he smiled. "You can't be here... You left me alone long ago.

"I miss you so much."

His hand, the one that was held to the breast of his healer, trailed its way up the soft flesh of her throat and gently took her chin. Though he could see naught but a silhouette, he let his memory sharpen the image. For longer than he could recall, he'd been desolate. His purpose remained, but since she'd been taken from him it had tasted only of ash. Now, from where he lay, his jaw muscles flexed, his expression became resolute.

"I will kill him for you, my love. Even if it takes me until the very end of time, I will kill him."

Lynn Hothlight/Morning 6/Hyrule Castle Meeting

Lyn snorted at the avian. "I have more important things to do than chase the Medallions. Someone has to stop Taden, and none of those who know would deny I am best suited for the task." To accentuate her point, her fingertips began to glow from within. "And even if I were to hunt them by myself, there's a high degree of probability Ganondorf will beat me to them, and then you're facing off against the King of Evil and the Interlopers. I'm not saying it's an easy choice of what to do, I'm just presenting the facts."

She narrower her gaze. "And don't think I've forgotten our meeting at the Lake, birdie."

Then, she gestured to the gathered Warriors. "The choice is theirs, not ours. I will do as I must, and they will do as they must. And in the end, we will all answer for our choices."

[b]Harken Zeiss/Morning 6/HCT Streets[/b]

The man Eddard offered a ridiculous deal. "Oh, please. I was not born yesterday, I happen to know when a deal sounds too good to be true, it's because it [i]is[/i]." He was going to continue berating the man, but something interrupted him. Many somethings.

A horde of undead, Stalfos, Stalhounds, and other horrid apparitions, stalked out from the snowy mists. Harken groaned. "I thought this battle was [i]over[/i]! Dammit... Fine, we're allies for now, Mr Langston. At least until we deal with these ghouls. We'll discuss further alliance later, when it's safe."

He charged forward, muttering Words of Destruction under his breath. The words coalesced as they spilled over his lips, and wreathed themselves around his fingers. He saw Tobias running beside him. With a swipe, Harken sliced his hand and severed the head of a Stalfos. Beside him, Tobias' Bomb Gauntlets obliterated a ReDead, spreading moldered gibs of flesh across the street.

The battle was joined once more. It was short order before Harken's troops returned, drawn to the sounds of battle, and the conflict was joined in full. Man and monster fell to claw and sword and fang. Blood was spilled in Castle Town for the second morning in a row.

IC: Felina - Hyrule Castle - morning 6

With Phoenix sudden call to gather many of the light warriors gathered in a meeting room in the castle and began to compare notes and get a feel for the current situation.

After resting and catching up with Phoenix on some of the more important details of what was going on Felina couldn't help but let out a sigh.

"Well at least he had the sense to leave the ore from the Spirit Temple... The incident at Death Mountain is troublesome though. I don't know if the Twili have gotten wind of our plans, but I can only hope they don't realize the importance of the ore they took." She spoke quietly to Phoenix as she tried to assess the situation.

"With everything that has been going on we don't have the manpower to completely devote everyone to a single task right now. The twili being on Hyrule's doorstep is going to need to be addressed quickly, but we also can't ignore the need to continue gathering the material for the sword. The twili should still be in dissarray from their retreat, now might be the last opportunity to try and slip through their lines to get the ore and blessing located in the forests in the south. Considering the need to slip in and out unnoticed a small team would be best... It would probably be best if it was just me and at least one other person." she spoke a little louder so the others nearby could hear the scheming.

As she pondered the situation she knew that she would probably be the best one to handle dealing with the Light Spirit, but going into the forest would likely involve an encounter with Kokage at some point. Any encounter with Kokage would probably be ackward and end poorly for most of the light warriors, as all the battles in the past between light and dark had ended poorly for the forest. 

Glancing at Seishi she called out, "Seishi, I'm going to have to borrow your other kid for a field trip to the Lost Woods. Kokage doesn't know me and I might need her to ease any trust issues he might have."

The Sheikah Trio/Castle Gates/Dawn 6

Jaden saw the red dragon descend and his mouth was gaping. Kae looked about the same, and Elly was too overwhelmed by what had been happening to look beyond surprise as her companions were.

"Mirra lives? I will assist for sure! But we can't just leave Kae here. She's got to get home to take care of two pressing matters. Saving her life, and healing herself up for whatever may come. Think we can drop her and Elly off?

Kae was split in two directions mentally. She smiled at Daurubia, thanking him for his pledge.

"I will be in shortly, Daurubia. There is something I must do that I believe you could assist me with. And thank you; I am very glad we'll be working together. I do wonder what Lord Phoenix has to tell us."

"I'm not going anywhere alone! One of you is going to have to choose. Either way, I'm not staying here if this has been totally compromised."

When Jaden heard Phoenix, he did alter his opinion a bit.

"Polaris, we'd better go in there and hear what he's got to say. After that though, I'm with you all the way to free Darrel from those Interloper bastards. Maybe we can bring Kae along if we can get her patched up in between. Could find something in that camp that could help her with what she's working on. We'll fill you in after the meeting."

Jaden and Elly helped Kae to her feet. Her celestial arm was supported under Jaden's arm, and Elly put her fleshy arm over her shoulder to walk her along. She was still quite weak, but conscious and able to move, just a little slower than usual.

"Sis, you look as pretty as ever, but it's starting to creep me out a bit. If you manage to snag the Light Medallion, how much of that is going to revert?"

Kae hung her head a little and sighed.

"I wish I knew. Honestly, I like some of the features. Not having pupils anymore though, that bothers me. I can get used to the arm though. It feels lighter, and while the rest of my body is in pain, it doesn't have the modulating dull ache and stabbing sensations. It just has the stabbing, which is better than the previous."

And with that, the three headed in to meet with Phoenix.

The Rito/The Castle/Dawn 6

Regardless of what was happening to his master outside, he still had a mission. He knew enough about the men wandering the castle to know that several of them would be able to detect his life force if they suspected anything, despite whether he was invisible or not. And so, for the last several hours, he had literally been rubbing himself on the walls of the castle, mostly because if he ran into that other Rito again, he didn't want to sniffed out this time. Besides, he had nothing better to do.

He stayed within ears distance of the fight, never putting himself in any danger, but never too far to not know what was going on. The small fights continued for what seemed like ages, each one more pointless than the last, made interesting only by the powers these warriors possessed. Red ice, giant dragons of ice, poes, giant snakes, no matter how wild it seemed, this fight had it. But its end did eventually come. 

As light finally poured forth onto the castle, the fighting slowed down. He waited patiently before everyone started moving inside, before following at a distance. Invisibility on full force, the Rito hid in the rafters of the meeting room, praying fervently that no one would become aware of his presence. He knew all too well what would happen if they did.

Daurubia/Dawn 6/Meeting Room

OoC: This'll seem sort of out of place what with Felina talking with Seishi and Rukh making his proposal. Just imagine this being said at the next applicable place or something, not necessarily right now.

Daurubia realized that Giga would have to sit this one out. The doors were entirely too small for him to fit in, and besides he wasn't entirely sure if he would be welcomed. Being Patriarch, he figured he was expected to come, but Giga was technically a mere citizen.

He had met Phoenix only once before. He was roughly ten, and his father had brought him in to trade and commerce with the Hylians. To be frank, he was surprised that Phoenix remembered him at all, being as young as he was. Even more surprising was the fact that he knew that Daurubia had become Patriarch. News evidently travels fast in the upper-echelon of the castle.

Daurubia waited patiently for a good time to speak. Theories and battle-plans were discussed and debated, slowly moving towards a conclusion. Finally, he saw a good time to intervene. 

"Lord Phoenix, as this young woman has eluded to, I'm afraid there's some bad news. For those who don't know, I am Daurubia, Patriarch of the Gorons of Death Mountain, and protector of the Goronium. Yesterday, our forge, which has stood for generations unharmed, was attacked and utterly destroyed. Even worse, the Goronium was stolen by a Twili whom I imagine many of you have fought today. I have been told it was the summoner who gave us so much trouble is the one who stole it. So one of the elements likely lies now within the heart of the Twili encampment. And to be frank, I would do anything to have a chance to avenge such a heinous crime as this.

As for the forge, it too seems a devastating loss. I can imagine no better place to forge this sword than that sacred ground, but I assure you that if anyone in Hyrule could make that sword, it is the giant goron standing just outside this door. Giants are hailed by our people as master smiths, and this one has been trained his whole life for a task such as this."

Eddard Langston/Dawn 6/Streets

He accepted the fact that no one could ever trust him on first impressions, especially considering a mask covered half his face. Trust would be earned he knew, and it seemed he had been presented with the perfect chance. As if a gift from the gods, an army of skeletons attacked at that moment. And it just so happens that Stalfos are made of bones.

Now Eddard had never owned a dog before, but even he had enough common sense to know that dogs loved to eat bones. And so they both joined the fight. Eddard would hang back, occasionally take one by surprise. But Volvagia attacked fearlessly, often taking down a whole skeleton in one jump. Trust would be earned after this, he knew it must.

Seishi/Castle/Morning 6
Seishi just stood back letting everyone else talk. Each one relieving another secret that had been kept from him. Taden possessing people, Ganondorf being free, chasing after sages. Not only were these kids over there heads but most of the reason why were personal to him.

It wasn't until Feline spoke up the Seishi finally decided to join the conversation. "Ayala's a grown women, you don't need my permission. I'm sure she'll jump at the chance to join you though. Oberon here can help you find her." 

"Back on point, if this kid was possessed by Taden why in gods name do you all think we can trust her, and what's all this crap about Ganondorf?"

"Don't worry it's not the really one." Laynnei said having such into the room once she found out where the conversation was going.

"Oh good your here to, that means once all these kids leave you, Phoenix and me are going to have a fun little talk about secrets."

"The Ganondorf thing is new Seishi, and you can't blame me for not telling you about Taden."

"Damn it, it's not about me and you know it! And he was in the mortal body too, which is a thousand times worse. You all damn well know what happened last time that little bastard had warm blood." He stopped himself realizing the conversation was getting to personal for the present audience, which is why he already said they'd talk about later. "Look just keep this one away from Taden," he said pointing at Lynn. "The way he works he'll find away to take back over. And no kid, you're the best suit for fighting Taden. He's already been inside your head. I don't care what kind of blessing you have in you, he'd have you beat, and if he didn't he'd just run. Damn it, at least now I know why Senshi join the other side."

"Anyway, that bull**** aside, I'll go where ever I'm needed for what ever plan you lot decide on. Though I kind of like that bird guys plan, but that's probably because I feel like breaking something and I don't get this whole sword plan you kids cooked up. Between the Light Sword and the Master Sword I'd think this would be a done deal. Regardless, I think it's time I stopped *****ing at you all and make an offer. With the castle trashed they'll need a safe haven. The Chan's mansion is big enough, if you want Phoenix these kids can use it." Seishi looked back at his wife to catch the death glare he expected from here, but with everything he'd just learned she didn't have a leg to stand on in this argument. Well at least he hoped as much.

Dusk/Castle Town Ruins/Late Night 5

Dusk suddenly felt himself sinking, as if he were melting away. A sea of purple began to rise around him as countless hands, the messengers of death, pulled him down into the depths. He looked above the surface of the water and saw himself, and realized that he was no longer in his body. The surface of the water was the world above. The sea was the path to the underworld.

Far beneath the surface was a ship, no sails, just enormous oars, row after row, being driven on by enslaved spirits. But the thing that was most striking about the ship...was that it was upside down beneath the water. And yet it moved as if it weren't even sunk.

Dusk twisted violently against their grasp and looked up toward the surface, toward the world of the living that was rapidly becoming so distant. He saw the ripples on the surface, that they matched the ship beneath, and he understood. This ship was its own reflection. Like everything else here it was a phantom of itself.

More and more spirit hands grabbed at him, until he was complely unseen beneath their grasp. They dragged him beneath the underworld ferry, then held him against the deck of the overturned ship. To him, it was the ceiling, it was what was above. He could feel, even with his bouyancy, that it was their grasp that held him tight to the ship, otherwise he would sink into the abyss of the waters below, into the emptiness, his spirit never to be found.

But now, what was up and what was down began to become harder to discern. Being held against the ship by a thousand hands meant he could no longer see the world above, and soon the ship began to descend...or was it ascend? The sea was all around him now, and there WAS no up or down, only the waters. And if the hands let him go, he would fall away from the ship, no matter which way the ship turned. It could be turning now, and he could no longer know. He had been completely robbed of context in this empty world.

But then, a door opened within the water itself, and light poured from it, a strange, sickly, ominous blue light. The screams of the damned flooded his ears.

The ship passed through the gates slowly, creaking and groaning as cries of pain echoed everywhere. He had passed the threshold into the world of spirits. The deceased surrounded the ship in untold numbers, pleading, begging, screaming, and threatening all at once.

But he was beginning to feel odd. He struggled to move his hands and felt his sharp claws rake against the wood of the deck. He gnashed his teeth angrily, and his tentacles felt between the spaces of the spirit hands that bound him...tentacles?

He smiled, and spoke now, even as the doors began to close, the light fading. His voice was undistorted by the waters. In fact, he began to feel the sensation that there WAS no water. The channel to the living world was closing, and the spirit world was becoming his reality.

"I had almost forgotten. After eons in slumber in the physical realm, it's to be expected."

The grip of his captors felt flimsy now. He felt the uneasiness of the spirits. 

"When I escaped the world of Ma for Hyrule, I left my true form behind. That is the sacrifice any powerful Ma must make to enter the world of men."

He flung them off himself and stood on deck, no longer feeling that he was upside-down, gravity having apparently righted itself. He admired his sharp claws, the scales that traveled along his arms, the fur on his chest, the tentacles that emerged from his back and twisted around his torso.

It was the spirit world he was himself. In Hyrule he'd been a shadow, a shadow in a clay confinement. But now in a non-living world, where spirit was form, he felt the unbridled strength of a Higher Ma return to him. He was once again a Son of Ma'Aku.

The door to the living world was almost shut behind him, its sliver of light fading. It would be closed entirely in about 30 seconds. More than enough time.

"You fools. Don't you get it? I'm not locked in here with you. You're locked in here with me!"

Mirra Lemeris / Twili Fortress / Day 6

"I will kill him for you, my love. Even if it takes me until the very end of time, I will kill him."

As Mirra's healing magic coursed through Darrel's body, she took the measure of his soul. Vengeance permeated every fiber of his being, a resolute bloodlust raised from the grief of his lover's death. All the passion with which he had once loved Helen now burned for the murder of Isaac Kinslayer. She felt Darrel's soul drawn taut with violence, and the soul of Isaac Kinslayer balanced closely against his own. Before the Sunrise Knight could fulfill his destiny, his duty to the Realm, he would have to face Kinslayer.

Mirra met Mytura's eyes and spoke into his mind.

'Shh...,' she whispered to him, 'We must not be overheard.'

Darrel's eyes rolled in his head, the disorientation still wracking his brain. He seemed to be having trouble coming to under the potency of the Great Fairy's Tears. Mirra entered his mind from every direction, carefully drawing him to his own center.

'You are Darrel Mytura, the Sunrise Knight and the bearer of the Morning's Edge.' Mirra knew she would have to ground him in the most familiar context, even if it meant returning him to the anger that ruled his conscious mind. 'I am Mirra Lemeris, a healer sent to you by the goddesses. You have been captured by the Twili army, and I am here to break you out.'

Mirra ran a hand over Darrel's head. With each touch, more of her healing light poured into his skin, seeping into his muscles and bone. He was sweating profusely, the echo of pain rippling against the surge of the Great Fairy's vigor. She pulled his forehead to her shoulder, and put her hand over his back. 'Breathe, Darrel, let the potion do its work. Soon, your wounds will be healed, and as the sun rises into the heavens, you will become impervious to pain. Your strength will be restored and amplified with the arc of the sun, until twilight returns you to your mortal health.'

Darrel let out a profound sigh as the delirium began to fade. Mirra relaxed him against the wall of the cell and wiped the sweat from his brow. 'How do you feel? Do you remember how you got here? When you are ready, I want you to test your strength against these chains. See if you can break them. If you believe in your ability to do it, you will not feel the strain. Your spirit will surpass the limits of your body. But remember, breathe...'

Rukh / Hyrule Castle / Day 6

The nobler part of Rukh longed to cry out in accusation against Lynn's transgressions, her high crimes against the Crown and her wanton slaughter of innocent life. But another part of Rukh thought it better to reserve that arrow for another day. Instead, he channeled his thoughts into her mind.

'I have not forgotten our meeting at the Lake either, Lynn. But have you yet to remember the Arbiter's Grounds? You killed the Gerudo people to a man, and then deceived that man into seeking revenge on the Royal Crown. That's why he started seeking the Medallions in the first place, although you failed to mention that to Phoenix, didn't you? But there's something more that you don't know, Demoness,'Rukh growled in his mind.

'I have met Ganondorf.'

Rukh bowed low as Polaris introduced him to Jaden and Kae Bryseis. While speaking with them, he continued his mental conversation with Lynn.

'After you fled the desert with Garo's Blessing, Mirra and I discovered a survivor in the catacombs who led us to the Desert Prince. The survivor, Telma, revealed to Ganondorf that it was you who killed her sisters, not the Royal Guard appointed to Garo. Now, he still seeks the Sage Medallions, but in order to destroy you. Your sins against the Light Spirit of the Arbiter's Ground will not be so easily cleansed, Demoness.'

Rukh ruffled his feathers and gave a squawk. He was ready to be done with this meeting.

'You may have the others fooled, but you and I both know that the only person with anything to fear from Ganondorf is you, and you alone.'

Lynn Hothlight/Morning 6/Meeting

Lynn stood in silence until the voice of Ruhk appeared to have finished speaking in her head. She refused to give an inch in her expression to the beast. When he was finished, she spoke her response aloud, to let the group know he had been communicating with her in silent privacy.

"I will pay for my sins after I have atoned, bird. Don't worry about that. I'm planning on it."

IC: Rukh / Hyrule Castle / Day 6

"I will pay for my sins after I have atoned, bird. Don't worry about that. I'm planning on it."

Rukh lifted his head from Jaden and Polaris at Lynn's verbal interruption.

"Just see to it that we don't all end up paying for them too, Demoness," Rukh responded, hissing the final syllable into every ear.

"Laynnei is right." He returned to the matter at hand. "Ganondorf does not a pose significant threat to the Crown at this time. Wouldn't you agree, Lynn? Our enemy is still the Twili, and we will not be able to break them without the Daybreak Sword. One group must go south, to acquire the Blessings of Faron and Ordon, as well as the Deku Mineral, before the Twili occupation can claim them.

"The rest of us should proceed to the west, in a raid on the seat of Twili power in the Realm, for the Sunrise Knight and the Goronium in their keep. I know there's not a swordsman in this room who doesn't want another shot at Quell. If we hit them where they live, they'll have nowhere to run. Like Felina said, their readiness is hampered while they recover from the retreat. I tell you, my comrades in arms, the Guardian Mirra has had a vision of the Sacred Realm, and our victory is assured! We cannot let this opportunity go to waste. The Sunrise Knight must be freed, and we must strike at the heart of the Interlopers to free him!"

Darrel Mytura - Twili Fortress - Morning of the Sixth Day

"You are Darrel Mytura, the Sunrise Knight and the bearer of the Morning's Edge." Her words rang in the vaults of his mind, spoken directly to his thoughts, shut as she used to do. Everything was beginning to come into focus, the haze of delirium was fading as the power of the healing magic swept through his flesh. "I am Mirra Lemeris, a healer sent to you by the goddesses. You have been captured by the Twili army, and I am here to break you out."

"No..." He muttered, and everything seemed to crash in upon him in that moment. His vision finally cleared, and he found himself looking into the face of a stranger. Helen was gone, taken from him by the Kinslayer. It had been the fragile state of his mind that had tricked him into believing she'd come. Now though, he saw how his mind had lied to him, and he felt the loss all over again.

He heard nothing of what she said next. He was on his feet soon thereafter, suppressing the urge to cry out in despair and rage as he was brought back to conscious reality. His muscles flexed and veins stood out on his bare skin as he advanced from the wall, drawing the magic suffused fetters tight. He railed against his captivity, his mind full of a thirst for vengeance and justice alike as he desperately fought to break free from his bonds. His magic surged just beneath the surface, a roiling ocean kept at bay by shadow arts of the Interloper sorcerers. If he could only break free of them, he would lay waste to their encampment and visit the tortures that he had suffered back upon their bodies.

The chains did not yield, could not yield, but the crumbling stone into which their ends were fixed began to yawn and crack with the stress of holding him. He threw every ounce of strength his mortal body possessed against the chains, leaning forward to add as much strain as he could. 

And then he was free. He pitched forward, having put all of his weight into pulling the chains free. He dropped to his knees and breathed heavily as rivulets of sweat from the strain ran down his face. As his desperate anger abated, his eyes sought those of his healer.

"Mirra Lemeris, I owe you a debt." He spoke softly as he pushed himself up from the cold stone. The bonds still held him, and kept his magic at bay. Even so, he was free to move about, and his magic wasn't all that made him the Sunrise Knight. "You have taken a great risk to come to me here, to extricate me from my captivity. If you can forgive me my moment of weakness I hope to justify that risk.

"I wonder, though, how the General will feel about letting go of me. We could find out before we're free. If so, I will need these chains off, and I'll need my blade."

Daurubia/Dawn 6/Meeting Room

Gorons had always had a mistrust for winged creatures. Their urge to seperate themselves from the grounds from whence they were born seemed disgusting and against nature. Yet, he had to admit, that this one could not be more spot-on in his strategy. 

"Aye, the bird speaks the truth. Yes, we are weakened as of right now, but so are they. We have showed that we can hold them off today, now we need only to get what is ours. My vote is for Rukh's plan.

And Lord Phoenix, if battle does indeed rise again, I can assure you that the Gorons will not sit idly by this time. We too are heavily invested in this war, and any help that we can offer shall be met. All of Hyrule is at war, even those in the mountains."

He could only hope that the elders would agree with him. He knew the laws, yes he was patriarch, but a unanimous vote against him would veto his decisions. And after the display he had put on last night, he doubted that they would be enthusiastic to trust his complete turn around on his choice.

Polaris/ Hyrule Castle/ Day 6

Polaris touched the bowing beast upon the shoulder, bading him to rise, "I will accept Mirra's gift with the honor such an offering requisites." Afterwards, Polaris made the requested introduction and continued listening to all that was going on, the back and forth, to and fro of the Lights, finally when all had said their parts, and were staring at each other in silence as if waiting for something to happen, Polaris stepped forward, "Alright, we're not accomplishing a damned thing sitting here bickering amongst ourselves and talking about what we can, or should do. If Felina and Seishi are willing to go south, you two go south. Any who wishes to accompany them, go." Polaris nodded an approving smile to Felina, it'd been her that stepped forward the last time when none would join him, and it'd been the courageous summoner with a secret, that had done so again. He respected her a great deal for that.

"I and my dragon will accompany the war bird Rukh to the west. Darrel Mytura, I've come to know him as a friend and ally, that alone is enough for me, but for those that require more of a reason, and if what Mirra says is true this man is the key to victory. I'll be damned if he's spending another day in captivity. Any willing to come, may ride with me, or if he's willing, Rukh. There is room enough."

Polaris wheeled and exited the room, securing the tear dipped feather around his neck. As he did so, he contacted the Red Ice Dragon, whom they'd left in the streets, summoning the beast. Polaris wasn't surprised in the least, when he heard the screeching roar tear through the sky above. The beast leapt off of the topmost turret, pulling it's wings in close, the dragon spiraled towards the ground below. Polaris need not look upwards to see the beast coming, for he saw himself and everyone else below as much as he did the city before him. At the last imaginable second, the dragon pulled upwards, spreading it's massive wings and buffeted the ground below with the immense down draft from the flapping of it's wings. Landing next to Polaris the beast commenced to licking the gore from it's claws. When Polaris, who had been shut off from the dragons mind until exiting the castle cast it an inquisitive glance, the beast shrugged, "There were a few stragglers left over from the Twili's invading force..and I needed a meal. Two birds, with one stone."

Noticing Rukh, the gargantuan dragon bowed low, bringing it's head level with the mythical Thunder Bird. "It is an honor for I and my Rider to accept such a gracious gift bestowed upon us, by one so noble as yourself and Ms. Lemeris. It shall not go to waste." 

Polaris swung himself up onto the dragons back, securing himself between the spikes on the beasts neck, Polaris again called out to the warriors, "If you're accompanying us, now is the time to move!"Polaris and his dragon, as did Rukh, allowed them ample time to mount them and get secured. Once all were in place, they lifted off and set out towards Hidden Kakariko and then the desert with Rukh in the lead. The groups stay in the aged village was a brief one, with most of the warriors staying close to the dragon and Rukh while the Sheikah did their business, shortly after their arrival, the fellowship set out again, with the desert fortress in their cross hairs. 

It was difficult navigating through the haze over lying the desert, but the sightless Rukh was guided by something other than his eyes and in a short time, they'd set down just outside of the tent line behind a dune large enough to conceal them all. "Okay, you all know your roles in this, be safe and be quick! We strike a blow at the head of the snake today! Be wary of Grem, if the General shows his face, do not try to be a hero, any altercation with him, will surely end in your own demise. As I said, today we strike a blow, that is all, we do not look to sever the head, just to wound the body. The main goal is to reclaim the Sunrise Knight and his fabled blade!" 

Polaris motioned towards Rukh, "If you're ready, let us be off!"

The shadows of the two massive beasts loomed large over the windswept desert below, nothing more than clouds. Or so the watchman thought as he patrolled the perimeter of his gate flanking tower, another tower identical to his own stood on the other side of the gate. Polaris loosened rope of the vial containing Rukhs feather. As he broke the seal on the container, Polaris could feel the energies emanating from this singular piece of plumage, the minuscule amount of blessed tears was brimming with power. Polaris gently removed the metallic feather, and sliced open the skin of his palm with its jagged edge. As the tears melded with his blood, Polaris was invigorated, he felt stronger than he had in quite some time. 

His tattoos flashed white and he raised his right hand, palm shimmering crimson, facing the nearest watch tower. It was mere seconds before Rukh gave him the telepathic signal saying he was in place. A thick roiling beam of cold exploded out at the tower, freezing it and its inhabitants from top to bottom solid in a crystalline encapsulation of Red Ice.

As the first tower began to crackle and crumble, Rukh dove out of the heavens and wrapped his metallic claws around the mid section of the tower. The screeching of metal could be heard above all else as he wrenched the tower in two and tossed it high above the tents. The Red Ice Dragon, shrieked into the mid morning sky before blasting the enormous projectile with his own beam of Red Ice.

The first tower fell. And to add insult to injury, the now unprotected front gate exploded into several thousand pieces after being struck by a crackling thunderbolt courtesy of Rukh. With all of the destruction wrought in a short period of time, Polaris was sure this would provide the distraction needed for those tasked with infiltrating the base and retrieving Mornings Edge. His job was easy, sit here and wait until the Twili came to the carnage like moths to a flame, and kill them. Kill every damn one of them he could.

Lynn Hothlight/Morning 6 (Before Polaris leaves)/Castle

Ruhk bowed to the Zora General. Polaris. He had been tainted by the touch of Taden. Lynnn could feel the Hated clinging to his soul. The stench of Hothnight wafted from his aura. When the Zora left, Lynn followed close behind. He mounted his red ice mount, and Lynn took a seat behind him.

As they flew, his focus was on controlling the dragon and formulating his plan for assault of the Twili fortress. Lynn pursed her lips, catching them between her teeth. Her hand fell to her side, fingers wrapping around the hilt of her dagger. Slowly, silently, she drew the weapon, turned it to Polaris' back. The blade wavered centimeters about the Zora's kidney, ready to plunge in to his recently unfrozen flesh and end the threat he presented to the world.

"Okay, you all know your roles in this, be safe and be quick! We strike a blow at the head of the snake today! Be wary of Grem, if the General shows his face, do not try to be a hero, any altercation with him, will surely end in your own demise. As I said, today we strike a blow, that is all, we do not look to sever the head, just to wound the body. The main goal is to reclaim the Sunrise Knight and his fabled blade!" Briefly he turned to look over his shoulder, addressing only Lynn. "I'm glad you decided to join us, Lynn. This will be an ordeal, we'll need all the help we can get. And it is a relief to see you are back on our side again."

Then he motioned to Ruhk. "If you're ready, let us be off!"

They fell toward the ground. Lynn offered a muttered response to the Zora. "I am on the world's side. Not yours." But the battle was joined as Polaris and Ruhk combined their attacks to take down a guard tower. Lynn leapt from the dragon's back and ran up to the vast shuttered gate. For a moment, she looked into the sky at Polaris and Ruhk. "Your time will come, General. The Taint cannot be allowed to persist or spread."

A deep screeching groan rumbled through the air. The giant gateway began to open.

Kae, Jaden, Elly/The War Room/Dawn 6

Back into the maw of the beast. At least that's where the Bryseis siblings were determined to go. Elly wasn't sure what to do, but they were able to come up with a plan.

"As bad of shape as I am in, I must quickly stop by Nora's home and acquire a few items. I will then join you in the desert. Finding you should not be a problem, if my observations serve me properly. However, know this: I will not be able to use the trademark of our people. My permanent sheen will only attract attention. Considering what has happened to me as of late, I cannot be where fighting is the thickest. But I will do everything I can to ensure Darrel's rescue.

Kae paced about, mulling very important decisions over.

"My affliction has been accelerated. If I do not obtain the Light Medallion in three days, I will cease to exist on this plane of existence. Once Darrel has been rescued, I will need to find a way to locate it. I will need to study. Or find someone well-versed in this and discuss with them...times are dire for me."

Jaden nodded in agreement with Kae.

"I already agreed to help Polaris. And I can't just leave Kae to her fate either. There is no guarantee that rescuing the Sunrise Knight will be a quick affair at all. But I know how the Twili operate. I was trapped behind enemy lines for three months before this war began. And their patrols are so predictable that I could slip in there unnoticed and really give them a setback or two."

Elly put her hand on Jaden's and sighed.

"This is beyond my scope of ability. Besides, the Chieftain has to know what happened. I will return with Kae and give my report. After that, I'll await my next assignment. Provided it hasn't been given already, my account will aid in our next course of action. Most likely I'll be assigned to the Redoubt, which I have no issue with. If that has been compromised, we may have one more option to work with, though I am reluctant to propose it.

Jaden covered his face with his palm.

"Elly, you know no outsider has ever set foot there. I don't like it either. Make sure the Redoubt does not falter, and we won't have to worry about it. We will be together again soon, dear. Look after my sister, and make sure she gets back safely, quickly, and efficiently."

She hugged Kae and Jaden, looking a bit sad. 

"Come on, Kae. Let's get you home and fixed up. You get your stuff and head out there to do your thing. Just keep me posted, eh?"

Kae walked over to Daurubia quickly before heading out with Elly.

"Sir Daurubia, once I have done my research I will be contacting you for assistance in my quest for the Light Medallion. Ganondorf must not have it, and it is the only thing that will save me from my affliction. While I'd hoped to wait until after the war to do this, fate has forced my hand."

Flicking her left wrist, a small fragment of celestial matter solidified out of the miasma wafting from her arm. She gave this pebble to Daurubia.

"It's not a star shard, but it's enough of my essence to send you a brief message letting you know I am on my way. We will meet again soon, and thank you for protecting me this day."

With a curtsy, the Scion ran off with Elly.

Jaden also bowed deeply and bid his farewell.

"Let's get this done and get back here as quick as we can. I know what I need to do. And if their desert camp is laid out like their garrison, I've got a good idea on where they're hiding the shinies."

Taking flight on the divinely provided beasts, Jaden took one while Kae and Elly took another.

"Brother, do be careful!"

"What she said, and then some. I haven't forgotten about the arrangement our families have made, and I want to keep it!"

Jaden blushed before taking off.

"Elly, I never thought you had that at the front of your mind. A fine wife you'll be someday, and don't think this will be the last time you'll see me. Either of you. I love you both!"

And with that, the Sheikah split, with The Scion and Elly headed toward their home and Jaden full speed toward carnage in the Gerudo Desert.

Rukh / Twili Fortress (Desert Province) / Day 6

"Gentlemen, our objective is chaos."

Rukh spread his wings out and leaned low as his tail feathers shot up behind him. He let out a low and grinding roar from the depths of his machinery, and the air began to crackle with electricity. Stormclouds gathered overhead, threatening rain over the early sun.

"To war!"

Rukh charged ahead in a bolt of lightning that crashed into the entry arch as he swooped up above it. He careened back to the ground, and a barrage of thunderbolts shot to the ground in his wake while his wings brought the shadow of wind and rain over the campgrounds.

Circling above the makeshift tents, Rukh rained terror down on the Twili infantry like a vulture from the abyss. At the far end of the camp, hewn into the cliffside, lay the monumental fortress where he would find Mirra.

Mirra Lemeris / Twili Fortress / Day 6

A rush of excitement warmed Mirra's body as Darrel hurled himself from the wall. His cursed chains ripped from their mortar, but clung to his wrists still. As the surge of power coursed through his veins, the feeling was mirrored in Mirra's own healing light. She could feel Darrel's potent energy lurking under the surface, and she wanted to free it.

"Your debt is not to me, your excellency, Sir Darrel Mytura," Mirra corrected him. She heard a clap of thunder outside, so great that dust was shaken from the ceiling. The cloud of debris from Darrel's liberation was suddenly swept up on an unexpected breeze. "For you see, while I am able to restore your strength, I am powerless to break your chains, or the bars that seal you here."

Mirra pulled away from Darrel, and brought the white disc of the Fairy Mask to her face. She transformed before his eyes into a small, emerald fairy, her healing light shining over his face. His breathing slowed, and his sweating abated as the peace of the Fairies sank into his skin.

"You and I both shall be indebted to the divine warriors who have come to free us. They are the true Alliance of the Breaking Day, and our Alliance shall be born on the day of your liberation. You are their leader, and you shall guide them by the light of the Morning's Edge. You shall guide them to the Golden Land, by the power of the Scion of Nayru! Come, Darrel, your destiny awaits!"

Mirra glided easily between the bars of Darrel's cell, and floated outside of them waiting for him.

Rukh / Twili Fortress / Day 6

Rukh ripped a canvas tent from the ground, and slashed at the pair of bleary-eyed Twili he found there. He heard the bellowing cries of horns sounding from every corner of the encampment. Guards flooded into the central pathways like ants, manning the walls and barricading the fortress. They were arranging into a siege pattern, keeping a perimeter around the entrance to the fort at the back of the encampment. Every guard in the field would have their back turned to the fortress, doing their damnedest to defend against external threats.

As Rukh rounded back to the high gates that he and Polaris had shattered, a message came to his mind from Mirra.

'I have resuscitated the Sunrise Knight. His strength is restored, but he will not be at his best until we find the Morning's Edge and break the Twili chains that are bonded to him. Were you able to convince anyone at the Castle?'

'You could say that.' Rukh landed in the sands at the edge of the encampment, where Polaris and Llach-Gelu were demolishing the guard tower.

"We need to split up. Jaden, you and anyone else with stealth enough to accompany you are going to have to find Morning's Edge in the Twili armory. My guess is that's where you'll find the Goronium too, unless Grem is keeping it for himself. You'll find the entrance to the armory at the back of the main square of the fortress, the mouth of a large cave locked behind a heavy iron gate. Beware of traps and monsters in that cave, but make haste! Mirra and Darrel may not be able to stay hidden in the dungeons much longer."

A flash of green traveled from Rukh's eyes to Jaden's as Mirra's knowledge was channeled to the Sheikah via the warbird. 'Jaden, I will show you the fortress, as I have seen it from within. Darrel and I are here, in the dungeons,' Mirra visualized the hallway of prison cells they were in now. 'And the arsenal and the treasury are inside this cave,' she recalled the sight of the fenced cavern she had passed.'You shall not lose your way in the darkness ahead, for I will be praying for you at the darkness' end.'

Rukh turned from Jaden to face the fighters who had accompanied him from the Castle. "I am grateful to you all for volunteering this morn, but let us speak now of tactics. The inside team is going to need cover. We need to diminish the enemy's visibility and communication as much as possible. That means noise, and lots of it. Bring on the thunder, and kick up as much dust as you can while you're at it. Spread out, attack them from as many angles as possible, but work your way inward toward the Fortress. We want to concentrate their mobilization on the perimeter of its main gate."

With that, Rukh leapt into the air, and flew in a wide circle away from the camp, dragging a vortex of sand into the air as he went. When he rounded back on the Twili defenses, a billowing sandstorm blasted through the tents, and a shadowy pallor fell over the fighting as the cloud of sand blocked out the sun, and hid the assailants from one another. Another volley of horns echoed through the abyss as the sandstorm crashed against the cliffs beyond, and Rukh began his assault on the ground, moving into their main line. With such a small group of fighters against the full Twili army, they would need to appear bigger than they actually were. Rukh bared his talons and plunged headlong into the swirling shadows of war.

Death and the Little Lady/Castle Town/Dawn 6

"[That went better then I expected all things considered]" Death said as he watch the Ma being dragged down into hell. He was under the impression that the demon would have greater control over the of the Sage Coin it possessed and had used rather extreme and unsafe techniques as a result. Now all that seemed pointless.

Ayala stretched her tired muscles in and unleashed a victorious yawn, "[Well crisis averted, and this huge battles over so I'm going to go eat and sleep for about a year. Are you going to turn back into Senshi now?]"

"[The hosts body is to heavily injured. I'll bring him somewhere he can recuperate safely. Considering the events of the past two days that clearly isn't here.]"

The young Dragoon let out a heavy hearted sigh, "[Fine, just please try to keep him from doing something he'll regret again. And stop calling us hosts, we're people damn it]" Her ply fell on deaf ears as the Angel took off into the air and headed for the desert. Ayala just shock her head before reforming her Wings of Light and heading off towards the castle. 

Daurubia/Dawn 6/Meeting Rooms

And so it was, the plan was set. By all accounts, it should go fine, after all, these were the finest warriors Hyrule had to offer simply going on a search-and-rescue. But he knew that his business lied elsewhere for now. First, someone had to go back to Death Mountain to tell the elders of what had transpired that day, and why their patriarch suddenly abandoned them with no further explanation. 

Second, and most importantly, he had sworn to help Kae. Men would not win this war, the goddesses would, and any Scion that Hyrule had must be kept safe. When Kae approached him, he did not know what to expect.

"Sir Daurubia, once I have done my research I will be contacting you for assistance in my quest for the Light Medallion. Ganondorf must not have it, and it is the only thing that will save me from my affliction. While I'd hoped to wait until after the war to do this, fate has forced my hand."

Then seemingly from nowhere, a small mass of shining material formed in her hand. 

"It's not a star shard, but it's enough of my essence to send you a brief message letting you know I am on my way. We will meet again soon, and thank you for protecting me this day."

Daurubia thanked her and watched as she left before examining the material in his hand. The feeling of it was hard to describe, but he knew he felt power emanating from the stone. He stored it away, prepared to answer any call she would give.

Then he left the meeting rooms along with everyone else and exited outside. He explained the situation to Giga, along with the plan that had been devised. 

"To be honest, someone of your size could really help with a diversion. I'm not sure where this desert lies, but if you stay close enough to the winged creatures above, you should be able to assist quite a bit. And besides Giga, the goronium is in there somewhere, and at least one goron must help retrieve it." 

"You mean you're not going?"

"No, for now I must return to the council. Giga, I owe you an apology for last night. You tried to explain to me why we must fight, but I barred my ears to it. Giga, I was frightened last night, as I imagine you were, but you stood up to it without delay. I am honored to call you a member of our tribe." 

Giga felt a small relief knowing that the threat of exile promised to him earlier would not be acted upon. "Well, to be honest it was anger which drove me last night, which is no better. I think we both made mistakes, but this war is our chance to atone. Do you know the old stories, Daurubia, the ones about Gorons of undying bravery, irrefutable strength, and an iron will. Those stories likely never happened, if you think about it. Life is never as cut-and-dry as those myths were.

I have been told numerous times that giant gorons have a purpose. That purpose is to smith, I know that, I understand that. But to think that I could help these Hylians seems just as important. I believe now that I am meant to forge this sword, that is the reason I am here. But in order to forge the sword we first need these materials that I know I could help with, whether or not I'm supposed to."

Daurubia smiled, "You're a better person than I am Giga. Goodbye, for now."

And with that, Daurubia took off in a roll, turning east as fast as possible and going through a hole in the wall towards Hyrule Field, never knowing that just south of him an army of undead was attacking the city.

Giga/Dawn 6/Courtyard

Giga approached Jaden apprehensively, asking him how he should follow to the desert. He explained that he knew of a path way which lead into the desert, and that he should be able to squeeze onto it. Giga thanked him then followed hurriedly in his roll. When he reached the great bridge, he had to stop to look for the path. To the north, he did indeed see a small path, he followed it before catapulting full force into the sand.

By then the attack had begun, he caught up and began causing chaos along with the others, before they finally had a moment of respite.

"I am grateful to you all for volunteering this morn, but let us speak now of tactics. The inside team is going to need cover. We need to diminish the enemy's visibility and communication as much as possible. That means noise, and lots of it. Bring on the thunder, and kick up as much dust as you can while you're at it. Spread out, attack them from as many angles as possible, but work your way inward toward the Fortress. We want to concentrate their mobilization on the perimeter of its main gate." 

Giga nodded, and with a smile on his face, did exactly what the bird had said. Chaos wasn't a hard thing for a thirty-foot giant.

Darrel Mytura - Twili Fortress - Sixth Morning

Darrel watched as the lovely and mysterious woman, his benefactor in many ways, transformed into a diminutive winged sphere of light before his very eyes. In a state of remarkably clear consciousness, Darrel smiled for the first time that he could recall. Before his capture, Darrel had not believed himself worthy of a leadership role, had thought himself ill suited for it. He had been driven by vengeance and no small amount of self-destructive depression. He still meant to exact his justice upon the body of the Kinslayer, but now he recognized that he had more to offer to this campaign. Chamdar had counseled him against leading them because he could see into Darrel's heart.

Things were different now. The Twili hadn't taken him for information, they hadn't taken him to gain insight into the champions of Hyrule. They'd taken him to break him. To turn him to their purpose. They'd meant to use him to break the morale of the defenders.

Their mistake was not doing so sooner.

"The chains are impervious to my strengths. The manacles are crafted of shadow magicks that negate the power of spirit." He said in answer, regarding the floating ball of light. "The bars, however, are another matter. They are rusted and worn, their hinges also. I may not have access to the powers that lie beneath the surface, but I still have the strength of my back."

With that, Darrel took several steps forward and began wrapping the long lengths of chain attached to either wrist around the bars of his cell. Once satisfied that he had them tied tightly enough, he wrapped the ends that were fastened to the manacles upon his wrists around his forearms several times and then took several steps backward into the cell until the chains lost all slack.

He looked to the fairy once more. "I'd suggest you stand back, but it doesn't seem especially necessary."

And with that he began to pull, gritting his teeth and furrowing his brow as he put all of his mortal strength into the task. It was a novel experience to act without the added physical strength of his magic, let alone the ability to manifest its energy for his needs. Still, it was an altogether satisfying feeling when the iron bars that held him began to creak and groan in protest of the force he exerted upon them. His rigid muscles trembled, but he refused to let up until the dreadful, grinding tear filled his ears and the rusted and worn hinges of the cell door gave in at last and broke. The door was torn clear and pulled directly at him. Darrel could only catch it before it struck him and set it to the side.

Quickly as he could work he unwound the chain links from the bars and wrapped their lengths around his forearms and fists. He had no weapon, no magic, and the sound of his release was sure to have alerted any Twili sentries within earshot. All he could do was improvise, and the chains that held back his true power would be the vehicles of their demise.

"Let's move."

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Jaden/Gerudo Desert/Dawn 6

Going without sleep is not fun. Especially if it's forced due to crisis. Even with Mirra's restorative artes, Jaden could feel most of those not-so-great ill effects. 

Rukh was more than helpful. When things quieted down, he wanted to talk with him more at length about things. Especially what kinds of tactic and combat styles he knew. The Sacred Realm intrigued him, as it did most mortals. But his path had changed so much in the past few days with the conflict and the call to action. 

Not to mention he'd met the Zora whose writings he dedicated to memory and worldview. Even with all he had, he wasn't adverse to learning more. Nora could have opened the door to so much that he'd neglected. Polaris would build on what he was so gifted at doing. 

He also walked away from one of the most gruesome bloodbaths in Hyrule's history. As far as building a resume went, Jaden wasn't doing too bad for himself. 

Thank you for the briefing and the layout! I'll do everything I can to slip in and accomplish this mission. Looks like I'm going in alone though. The only girl I'd trust to come with me is taking my sister home so she can heal up. Kae will be joining us out here, but with her condition, she won't be coming along with me. Here's hoping she gets here to help before it's too late.

To be successful with this would only cement it further: He was the older brother of Nayru's Scion, but he could hold his own. He was the heir to the Sheikah Chieftainship. And when his time came to lead, the legends would speak for themselves. The Bryseis family was not to be trifled with.

Jaden's gilded majestic beast had a radiance all its own in the dawn sky, and he didn't want to be seen coming. But he could see the carnage being brought upon the Interlopers from a good ways away. He landed a couple hundred yards away from the fortress, where most forces were diverted to the hell being raised. 

He slipped in the other end. Calamity didn't lend to anyone checking anything. His mask was up, and his belongings were tightly fastened to his person. This layout wasn't too different from their main garrison in Ordon, either. While they lacked originality in that regard, they sure lacked orthodoxy in how they fought war. All the tactics in the world couldn't prepare anyone for pure chaos and the reawakening of ancient Primordial Ones. And it just had to happen at the seat of Hylian power. 

Leaving no trace was something Jaden was good at. Sand blows over footprints. Matching steps in unison with crazy people after darting behind one tent after the next. Each frenzied Twili got him steps closer to where he needed to be: inside the building. It was surprisingly big. And Grem was most likely in there. It wasn't his job to be the hero, just to get Darrel's sword and make sure it was returned to him. 

His hatred for the Twili was birthing an urgency to kill as many as possible. However, that time would come. Leaving bodies would only get him detected. Non-lethal was the name of this game if he had to fight anyone. 

With the camp on high alert and diverted, Jaden slipped into a few tents for cover, looking for anything of use. Locked chests didn't have time to be picked. He was hoping to find a Twili mage cloak or something, as his sister had the right rudimentary idea after her fight with Kinslayer and Quell.

Two guards were stationed outside the building's front door. Going in that way was never an option. Windows were reachable by climbing, but they were a crapshoot. If someone was inside, they'd see him. And his best way in was the crapshoot. Rukh's layout proved to be helpful yet again.

Jaden climbed the wall with relative ease, leaning his head to the window's side. They were glassless. And the first room had someone in it donning their armor. That wouldn't do. However, to the right of that, there was an empty room with a cracked door. It was workable. He made sure he didn't hit the ground too hard, and took cover behind a bunk. The door creaked again, but no one entered. This was a high traffic area and lots of people were running around. However, it was also low-light. If they couldn't make him as what he was, they couldn't stop him.

He waited for a minute for things to quiet down and slipped into the hall. Infiltration was successful. Now it was time to find the armory and see if he could get in without a key. 

Horus/Right behind Jaden/Dawn 6

Horus knew his current appearance, what with his very heavy and figure-hiding Twili cloak, would alert Jaden of something else at first glance. Horus' current disguise made him look only a little less than twice his size, and covered all but his eyes. He stood back quietly and crouched slightly, as to make himself look smaller, before he spoke just loud enough to alert Jaden of his presence.

"You make it look easy. Of course, I'd assume that was the easiest part, with all that going on outside." His mouth was covered just enough to stop his voice from traveling. His statement had cold mixture of sarcasm and sadness, but his posture suggested a stoic, serious tone.

Tobias Pepperwhistle/ Castle Town/ Morning 6

One after the other, unholy abomination after unholy abomination, they all met their end at his and his compatriots hands. But they continued to come, and the bodies of those under he and Zeiss' command began to pile up around them. What was worse is, they still didn't know who, or more importantly where, the hell the leader of this assault was. Slowly and deliberately he began muttering under his breath, repeating again and again the words of the ancient language both he and Harken studied. Slowly, the wispy forms of magick that swirled around the bodies and undoubtedly controlled the beasties that attacked them became clear to him. 

If he could see it, Harken could. And if Harken could see it, he being more learned in the dark artes, could track it. "'ey! 'ark! Yeh see tha'? Why don'cha fin' me som'thin ta' kill?"

Senshi/Dreaming of a time long past/Hyrule Castle

"So you finally came back." An aged women said to a cloaked figure that had snuck into her chamber. "When you disappear after that mess with Haullam we all thought with was best to leave you be. Of course we didn't think you'd disappear for 1 year and a half."

"Originally I just needed some time alone to clear my head and figure things out. Then Cena decided she wanted to see the world now that she wasn't bound to the forest. Time flew buy form there." Senshi spoke as monotone as possible to hide any emote, but Zelda wasn't so easily fooled.

"Oh so that's what happened to the Oracle of Farore." Zelda tried to hide her smile. "So where is she know?"

"Termina, I guess she feel in love with the place when she was hiding there. At first it was just a visit but then she wanted to stay. I couldn't though. On the plus side while I was there I heard a couple of local legends about this boy that froze to death. Sorting them out I think I figured out where Hothnight came from. That's something right." This wasn't the first time Senshi was forced to leave someone behind as a result of his obligations and now that he had done so with the free will of an adult he began to see it would always be the case. Still he forced a smile.

"So have you seen your family yet, or visited his grave?"

Zelda's comment struck his core. He knew returning meant finally facing what had happen, what he had done, but that didn't make it any easier. "No, I came here first. I felt it was time that I finally returned this," he reached into his belt pouch to pull out the Ocarina of Time and set it down on the table next to the queen.

Senshi turned to leave but was stopped by Zelda just before he stepped out the door. "What's this, do you take me for a fool Senshi?"

"What are you talking about?"

"This is not your uncle's ocarina. Did you really think you could fool me off all people." Senshi stood there speechless in confuses as Zelda walked over and placed the Sacred Treasure of the Royal Family back in his hands before reaching into is pouch and pulling out a second ocarina carefully wrapped in cloth. She carefully unwrapped reviling the brown Fairy Ocarina.

"Wait but that's-"

"The Hero of Time's Ocarina. If I recall it was made by a sage so it must be quite the sacred item, and here you were going to keep it for yourself. I'm sure the Hylian people will treasure it for ages, though such artifacts are almost never shown to the people so even if we were to hide it away, or give it to someone for safe keeping no one would really know its gone. You can hold onto that other one though."

"Look I can't keep this thing. Not after everything that happened."

"You know its funny, the last two people to own that once let the Ganondorf get his hands on the Triforce when they were trying to stop him from doing just that. I don't have to tell you about seven years of hell that followed. After all was said an done though, they managed to save the world. Sometimes we make mistakes, and sometimes even though we're doing the right thing bad things still happen. Besides Link thought you ever song he knew didn't he so I'm sure you'll be able to put it to good uses. And if you still don't think you deserve it then find the hero who does. If you open your eyes you'll find that person is actually pretty close to you."

"Wouldn't you be better suited for find hero's?"

Zelda shock her head, it was clear Senshi still had a long way to go. "Maybe, but this body won't live forever and for where it sits not I think it might be a very long time before that hero wakes up."

"In a perfect world we wouldn't need one." Senshi turned to leave but stopped at the doorway one once again to ask Zelda one final question. "Was it because he took to long to settle down? Or because you had to marry a noble, because you know my father would have gladly reviled his real name if it meant you two could have been together."

"It was simply how things went this time around, an no reason beyond that. I think we'll have many more chances though."

Senshi/Spirit Temple Boss Chamber/post-dawn 3

"Close to me huh, back then I though she was talking about Ayala." Senshi spoke in a semi-conscious state as Death Angel returned his body. "I guess she meant me, guess she gave me to much credit." He collapsed to the ground as his mind rapidly drifted back into a dream.

Kae and Elly/Skies over Hyrule/Dawn 6

Hyrule at dawn looked breathtaking, even if Castle Town was in ruins. Horizons were sights to behold. 

Elly was piloting what was provided to her and Kae. 

"Don't put too much weight on my back. Otherwise this thing will get spooked and throw us off, and then we'll really be in trouble. How are you holding up?"

Kae rested her head on Elly's shoulder whilst hugging her from behind so as to hold on.

"All things considered, I am grateful to be alive. What became of everything though, it saddens me. Nora...Lynn again...the very people who I tried to protect must have lost their faith because the Wall was annihilated. One would think that I'd want to curse Din and die, yes? Well, that won't happen. I won't let it, and I know none of my friends will either. We're going to find out how to get that Medallion and keep myself going until the full moon's light!"

As they flew over the Bridge of Eldin, Elly was impressed.

"I can only imagine the pain you're in, Kae. It's beyond comprehension. All of it. How do I fit into any of this other than supporting you, which you know I'll do until even after death? This is more than just a war. This is also a time of rediscovering ourselves. We have to dig so deep to find out what we've really got to offer to each other and to Hyrule. And even though I failed today, I've got some ideas on how to improve."

Kae pecked Elly on top of her head and nuzzled her, reassuring her.

"You didn't fail. You did everything you could and then some. Beyond the call of duty. Without your help in getting that maniac out of the Cathedral, we might not have even been able to get the Wall up. I'm sure times got tough in there. You probably said something to keep everyone straight. And you tell me all the time that you hate speaking in front of people. But when you do, they listen. There's authority in your voice. Royalty listens to you. A Scion listens. The heir to our people really listens. You stand by us, but never forget that we stand by you."

Not wanting to give away the location of their home, Elly took the beast down on the other side of the Bridge of Eldin.

"Kae, thank you. That's what I needed to know. Yesterday left a sour taste in all our mouths. Once we get rid of the Twili, we'll build it back up, one brick at a time. Can you walk, or should I support you?"

Kae dismounted from the beast, which followed them. 

"I should be alright. But I can't stay here long. They need me in the desert! Run interference for me. You know what happened, you saw it. I have nothing to report beyond what you've seen and what I've told you. One quick stop at Nora's shop and one at home as well."

Elly put her shoulder under Kae's arm and looked up at her.

"You don't look it. Let me help. As you said, we don't have much time, and it pains me to see you limping along like that!"

The Scion didn't say anything in response, but she did smile. As they progressed into the crevasses that few dared to brave, Elly actually picked Kae up and cradled her through part of the rough footing. She was heavier than what Elly would normally carry back, even at 120 or so pounds. 

"Too many baking apples..."

Strangely enough, their gilded steed had hind's feet on these rocks, following them wherever they went. Its service was not quite expired. After all, Kae still needed to go to the desert and Elly to wherever she had been assigned.

Sentries along the rocktop identified Elly. They did not recognize Kae, but the golden winged horse was sign enough that she was carrying something important.

When they got to the gates, two sentries leaped to the ground and asked Elly to tell all.

Hidden Kakariko

"Who do you have with you?"

"Oh, that's right. No one here has seen Kae Bryseis since she was chosen as Nayru's Scion. She has been provided a gilded steed and many other things...and I must report this to the Chieftain. Please let us in."

Kae looked them both straight in the eyes, and her otherworldly appearance didn't catch them off guard as much as it had them double-taking.

"Kae...what happened to you?"

"Haraf told us of what happened at the Castle. He dropped off a small detachment of soldiers in that other Kakariko and came back here. If you are both here, we must have suffered defeat. The Chieftain will need to hear of this at once!"

The Scion looked very troubled, but she wasn't sure if she wanted to break the other news to her friends guarding the gate. 

"Elly will handle that. I must attend to matters at Nora's abode. But your vigilance is appreciated. Nayru guide your discernments."

Her voice carried with a haunting reverberation, not unlike what intermittently had been going on for the past few days. They were allowed entry, and their horse was stabled under curtain. 

Those handling their morning chores noticed the two young girls returning, and it garnered a healthy amount of attention. 

"The Scion returns to us! Nayru be praised!"

Such clamor did get the Chieftain's attention, who came sprinting out of his Lodge. Those outside did not know who better to pay attention to. 

"I hear foreboding news of what happened at Castle Town. While I am very glad to see the both of you safe, your presence only confirms what Instructor Haraf had explained. He saved who he could, observed what came about so that the tale could be told, and reported everything to me a few hours ago. Castle Town is lost. What of your mentor, Kae?"

Elly hung her head while Kae stifled her emotions as best she could.

"She sacrificed herself for me. I was channeling the Wall of Faith, and she stepped in so I could go out and fight, succumbing to the very affliction I now carry. In an act of heroism I assisted in freeing Castle Town of its icy interring. Her death was not in vain, however I strongly believe that the peoples' faith in the Golden Goddesses is broken. The Wall of Faith collapsed, and there is only one logical explanation for that. The Hylians are in despair. And I carry a news far more grim. Unless I find the Light Medallion in three days, I also will die. I grieve Nora's loss, and I pledge to do everything to make sure her death is not in vain!"

The Chieftain approached Kae, hugging her. Others gasped at this show of affection, as he'd never really hugged anyone but his wife in public. 

"I am sorry for your loss, Lady Scion. This is a hard time for all of us, and no one knew her better than you. She wouldn't have sacrificed herself if she didn't think you were ready to take up her mantle. However, you have my word that we will do everything we can to help you. The Sheikah are a family, blood or no blood. Work to your strengths, and I will work to mine. I am sure all present agree to this aim, yes?"

A resounding chorus of supporting shouts responded to his request. And somewhere in that crowd, Rashida Bryseis stood hidden, making her way to Nora's home. Now was not the time to speak to her daughter. Her heart was breaking for Kae in ways no one could fathom. And she knew where Kae would go first. Last the Scion knew, her parents were in Lake Hylia working a recon assignment. Rashida had returned for supplies while Razah stayed with the Zora nobility to report his findings. 

It was an odd fate that she'd be there when Kae came back. And an opportunity she could not pass up.

Their leader called for Elly to follow and ordered the crowd dispersed.

"Shea, to the Lodge. We have much to discuss. As for the rest of you, as you were. We mourn the loss of Nora Larisse, and we will hold a proper service for her under Full Moon's Light, as per tradition when our Loremaster passes on."

Kae made haste to Nora's home with some following her. 

"I will have time to tell you all more once I develop a plan of action. You are the best family I could ever have, and I don't plan on dying any time soon. Please pray for me as well as the other Light Warriors; we need it more than ever!"

When Kae opened the door, it was a very odd feeling. Her mentor was always there to greet her with an embrace. A gift. Sometimes a sour green apple. This was when it really set in. And she was hoping not to let anyone see her like this. The door slammed behind her, she didn't look around, and she dropped to her knees, weeping loudly. Partially because she knew she didn't have the time to cry as much as she wanted, but mainly because Nora wasn't ever going to be there again.

Not looking around was so unlike her. Her mother was sitting behind the crystal ball, and she got up to run over.

Looking through her tear-covered fingers, Kae saw her mom running toward her. She thought she was seeing things until she was greeted with an embrace.

Rashida was quite short. There were teenage Sheikah who were taller than her. While she was middle-aged, she looked more youthful than most. Her hair was similar to Kae's, but had natural purple streaks in it. 

"Kae, I'm so sorry...I'm just glad I was able to see you, even in these dark days."

"Mother...glad you're"

They sat there, grieving amidst the sobs and heaves. 

"Your father is safe in Lake Hylia still. He's delivering our findings to the King. I returned to gather supplies, and I will be departing in a few hours. Three days, though...and you've changed so much on the outside, but you're still my daughter. I love you no matter what."

Kae just sat there, stunned. Things just kept sinking in. And she so easily forgot what Nora told her about "When the time came."

"Sweetie, I can't cast my way out of a crate. But don't forget that I had about a year of training under Nora. Let's go get the Tarot, when you're ready."

The Scion nodded, wiping her tears with her hair. 

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