"I have an army, but what I need is a force that is capable of operating under… looser conditions. I need people who can do what has to be done to find the key, or the one who took it, or both. I need ones who won’t be averse to operating outside of the law. My soldiers can’t do this, but unofficial special operatives could."
— King Dromand

Template:Infobox Group King Dromand's Secret Agents were a group of covert operatives who were selected by Impa to serve King Dromand. These agents mainly consisted of criminals, convicted criminals, and outcasts who had been blackmailed into Hyrule's service under threat of imprisonment. The group was formed so that the Hyrulean crown could carry out it's operations outside the jurisdiction of the law. The secret agents were first put together and given their mission at Hyrule Castle on Epoch Day 2. After explaining about the Theft of the Hylian Trust and the danger it posed to the Timeshift Stone Vault, Dromand gave them the task of finding the one who stole the trust amidst the criminal underworld.

Scourering the country the agents were able to find the trusts thief, Majin Kotage, but were unable to apprehend him in the Brawl at Kakariko Village. Learning of the shadow thiefs connection to the Zora Tribe Dromand's Secret Agents came to the false conclusion that King Tiburon had ordered the trusts theft. To protect the remaining trust keys Impa ordered her operatives to steal the Zora and Goron Trust for Hyrulean protection. Their actions the coming night would spark the Battle of Disharmony and subsequent Epoch War.

Two days later the agents were cleared of their crimes by Dromand thanks to their previous service. However he also offered them a chance to service him further on their own free will by becomeing honorary Sheikah. Most in the group agreed to stay on as his agents. After being marked with her powers Impa ordered her remaining men to seek out the Timeshift Stone Vault's true location from the Three Immortal Dragons.


"You say you give us a choice, but do not delude yourself. You leave us no choice. A thief must see the world differently from the King. Each of us are hunters of treasure and men--a burrower, a burglar, a monster, and I--and for our crimes the King may imprison us. Brought into his tower, we cannot but leave as fugitives."
— Taden Horwendil

Members of King Dromand's Secret Agents were in a constant state of flux as new agents joined while other left, were captureed, or killed.

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