Name: Elrond Pallanen

Status: Non-Canon/Written out of Epoch

Race: Hylian?

Sex: Male

Age: 25

Strengths: Wind control and superhuman stamina

Weaknesses: Injury negates strengths

Equipment: White longbow crafted from a large horn with mysterious gold engravings, two large decorated and gold knives and a green potion

Appearance: Young man with features and body that is slightly longer and taller than the norm. He has a notably long nose with a hook-like curve to it, and long blond hair tied back by golden twine. White tattoos cover his arms, which have a look and pattern insinuating inspiration from an certain avian oriented culture.

Personality: People who meet him find him wary and paranoid of anything that looks like it even would consider an evil act. His narrow and sharp eyes and long features give others pause, as even though he is a familiar sight, the differences are seen as strange to other people, which is only exacerbated by his jumpiness and willingness for violence. Many decide he is suffering shell-shock, but none know why or how.

Non-Combat Companion(s): None?

Background: His body fell from the skies, landing on Hylian ground with earth shattering speed. He rose to his feet, clutching his leg as though it were broken. The man collected his weapons, feverishly putting what little equipment he had away before turning the streets. Supporting himself against the wall, he stumbled through the alleyway and into the light of morning. His eyes darted around in a paranoid fashion before finding the City's Dungeon far to his right down the streets. His nose catches something foul to be had in the area, crouching to rest his leg and checking his arrows. He only had seven...