Normal Form 

Felina is about 5'8", she has shoulder length brown hair, and blue eyes. She wears a green one-piece dress, the top is strapless and the bottom comes to a skirt around her knees, she a simple leather belt with a couple pouches on it. She has relatively basic brown boots and a dual layer of gloves, the inner lining is a thin skin tight black silky material going halfway up her forarm, the outer glove a thicker brown leather set that cuts off above the wrists with a loose fit. She wears a short green cape going just past her shoulder blades, and has a large large wide brimmed hat (round shape about 2-3' diameter, with a domed top with a red ribbon trailing off the back). 

Coyote Spirit Invoked

In this form she her hair becomes a little more course and bristley, her eyes become coyote like (dog like for those who don't know what coyotes look like). Her canine teeth become slighty more pronounced and her nails are longer. She gains a number red tattoos, narrow bands of line arrangements about an inch wide running across the sides of her arms and legs and a pair of marks on her cheeks. Her dress and cape remain the same shape but the green fabric is changed to a greyish brown coyote fur, with the cape being a full coyote shape with the head draped over her shoulder where it wraps around the neck. Her belt becomes a braided fur like design with a long tail hanging off one side. Her boots and gloves change to fur design with exposed feet (it covers her lower leg and ankle but not the heel and front of the foot) and hands. Her hat completely dissappears (absorbed as part of the new cape).

Owl Spirit Invoked

In this mode her clothes turn into a long sleeved button up coat. It is tan colored heavy fabric with darker and lighter flecks of color on it (sorta like the way owl feathers look), with an almost classic western style look to the stitching. It has long beaded tassles coming off the the underside of the sleaves and the bottom edge of the coat. It has a button up front, but is low cut, with the first buttons being just a couple inches above her stomach. The collar is raised in the back covering the back of her neck. The bottom goes down to the normal length of her skirt in the front but slopes further down in the back. She has a western style belt over the coat. Her boots are also western style, she also loses her gloves and has visible markings on the back of her hands. Her hair is pulled up in the back with a pair of gold feather shaped hair clips. She has bird style eyes and her summoning tattoos are blue instead of red, with a slightly different design from coyote mode.


She carries a few standard things in her pouches on her belt (bottles etc), and she carries a small wooden magic wand that looks like a simple stick about the size of a pencil. She currently has the Lightning Rod, which allows her to shoot small electric orbs or spray a stream of electricity a few feet from the rod (the rod requires the use of magic).


[i]Normal form -[/i] Her skill set is geared towards her being a jack of all trades but master of none. In normal form she has skill in low level magics (nothing really geared for offense though) and has limited psychic ability (she can hear other psychics and spirits easily but can't actually read minds). She can see and hear spirits more easily than normal people, even those spirits who can hide their presence normally. She is well studied in magic and history.

[i]Coyote mode -[/i] By invoking a coyote spirit she switches to a more focused hand to hand combat set, her speed, strength, and certain senses are augmented beyond normal human levels, she also gains certain instinctive traits from the coyote spirit. 

[i]Owl mode –[/i] She weight significantly decreases and she gains the ability to fly. She can conjur up small arrow shaped throwing knives with serrated edges.


Normal form 

In normal mode she doesn't have much in terms of offense. 

Coyote mode 

Although her physical prowess increases in coyote mode she has no professional combat training and is going off instinct gained from the coyote spirit. As mentioned in coyote mode she gains the spirits instinctive traits, which is a double edged sword for a human. She also loses the ability to use normal magic while transformed. 

Owl mode

Her ability to fight up close is significantly decreased, which is compounded by the decrease in her weight. Although her vision at long range is improved, her vision up close is becomes quite poor. Her carrying capacity while flying is to low to carry people. As with coyote mode she can’t use magic in this form.


She hails from a far off land and has come to Hyrule mostly for curiousity sake. A mage by training, she has the inborn abilities of a summoner, one who can converse with spirits and harness their power. When she was young she was attacked by wolves and took refuge in the abandoned den of a long passed coyote, the spirit of the coyote formed a pact with Felina allowing the two to become one. Using this newfound power Felina was able to easily escape the wolves and was quickly scouted by the archmages of a magic academy. With summoners few and far between she was quickly enrolled and placed on the path of enlightenment and adventure. Now she has come to Hyrule, hoping to see more of the land she had often heard stories of, with the Twili on the march she finds herself compelled to try and help the people of Hyrule.

Arriving after the attack on Castle Town, Felina joins a meeting of the Light Warriors and proposes the plan to create a new divine weapon, Daybreaks Sword, to banish Taden from his current host body and defeat the invading Twili forces. Joining with the zora Polaris she travels to a quarry located in Snowpeak to retreive rate ore needed to forge the new sword. While overcoming the obstacles of the quarry she gains the Lightning Rod weapon and is successful in retrieving the rare ore Argentum that is needed to make the sword.

I realize I've been playing a little fast and loose with Felina's abilties and completely forgot about the limit on magic use during transformations, but that was just in a dungeon against NPCs so it didn't affect anyone. I'll try to keep it in mind in the future though.

I'll probably do a Weapons Bio post later to outline the abilities of the various custom weapons I've introduced, since some of them have been changing ownership.elina

-Dolphin Spirit Invoked-

Appearance: Felina's summoning tattoos become green. Her clothes become a silver skin tight form fitting swimsuit, with small gaps on her forarms and thighs and on her stomach, the suit extends to a face mask covering the lower half of her face. The swimsuit has fins on the forarms and legs, the feet are webbed like flippers, and there is a large dolphin style dorsal fin on her back. Her hair is pulled back in a ponytail, and her eyes are now silvery black like those of dolphins.

Strengths: Her swimming ability becomes on par with those of Zoras, and she can hold her breath for extended periods of time. She gains a dolphin style sonar ability, that is highly effective in the water (letting her map around winding corners over vast distances). She can cause the fins on her arms and legs to enlarge and harden into strong shields.

Weaknesses: The flippers on her feet reduce her on land running speed and agility. She doesn't gain any new offensive abilities. The sonars effectiveness is limited to less than 10 yards when out of water. She can't use magic in this form.