The most effective method will be page by page checking off of posts. I'll mark down my progress on this page.

Chronological Summary Edit

Covers Six Months Later Part I and Six Months Later Part II

Post Number then Storyline Title

Part IEdit

1 Tales From the Fallen (Intro)

13, 36 Guardians of the Plotline 33 1/2 (Senshi Ma 3 Months Catchup post)

23 A Little Perspective (Baron Simeon Intro)

24, 29, 44 Not A Happy Drunk (Rhendil Intro)

4,6, Old Evil (Morton Intro)

7 Gleeful (Lonesome Treant Intro)

4 Alternate Those Crazy Zoras (Jeskai Intro)

3 The Funnel's Edge (Darrel intro)

5, 10, 11,12 Spoon Fed (Jaden Intro, Merges with Darrel Story and leads into lab story)

'13 Alternate Ma Hunters Neo' (Ayala Intro)

'15, 16 Making It Work' (Henreth Intro, merges with Darrel and Jaden)

'18, 19, 21, 25, 28, 32, 33, 35, 37, 38, 39, 42, 45, 46 Foresight' (Morton Lab Sequence with Darrel, Jaden, Kokage, Ayala, Henreth)

17 Crumbling Stability (Horus Intro)

Part IIEdit

2, 9 Fantastically Phantasmic (Phasma Intro, dropped storyline)

8 My Brand! (Isaac Intro)

14, 26 It All Leads To This (harken Zeiss and Penumbra intros. Merges with Darrel story)

22 History Channel Presents: Relic Hunters (Lynn Intro)

30 Where Horwendil and Hothnight Are One (Taden Intro)

31, 40, 41, 50 Watch This (Chamdar Intro, merges with Lynn and Taden)

20 Naxx 40 (Vykos intro)

34, 43, 47, 48, 49 The Artist Currently Known as Prince (Prince Intro, merges with Isaac)

27 Sacred Duties (Kae Intro)

Post Records with Descriptions Edit

Post #1 Accounted For. Was previously missing. Intro post.

Post #2 added. Post 2 follows Phasma (dropped storyline)

Post #3 added. follows Major Aydiim and Darrel.

Post #4 Morton and Jeskai

Post #5 Jaden is introduced. Chronologically follows post #3

Post #6 Morton (see post #4 details)

Post #7 Gli (see post #4 details)

Post #8 Isaac Intro

Post #9 Phasma story continues

Post #10 Darrel/Jaden story continues.

Post #11 Darrel/Jaden story merges with Morton story.

Post #12 Lonesome Treant buries Ithan.

Post #13 Senshi Guardians 3 Months Ago, Ayala Intro

Post #14 Harken Zeiss and Penumbra Intro

Post #15 Henreth Intro

Post #16 Jaden responds to Henreth

Post #17 Horus Intro

Post #18 Morton/Jeskai lab sequence

Post #19 Henreth

Post #20 Vykos intro

Post #21 Jaden assists Darrel

Post #22 Lynn intro

Post #23 Baron Simeon Intro

Post #24 Rhendil Intro

Post #25 Darrel continues through the lab

Post #26 Isaac story merges with Penumbra

Post #27 Kae Intro

Post #28 Ayala continues lab story

Post #29 Rhendil story continues

Post #30 Taden Intro

Post #31 Chamdar Intro

Post #32 Morton lab story continues

Post #33 Darrel lab story continues

Post #34 Hi Prince

Post #35 Henreth Lab Story Continues

Post #36 More Senshi

Post #37 Jeskai

Post #38 Ayala lab continues

Post #39 Lonesome

Post #40 Lynn

Post #41 Chamdar Hidden Forest Village

Post #42 Jaden says hi to Jeskai

Post #43 Isaac is a dick to Prince

Post #44 Rhendil continues

Post #45 Jeskai talks to Ayala

Post #46 Morton escapes

Post #47 Prince's serious face failed!

Post #48 Isaac doesn't care

Post #49 Prince accepts the offer

Post #50 Taden finishes off the page

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