Forest Line Assault is the tenth chapter of IW Season One.

Plan of Action Edit

[b]Jaden Bryseis/Day 3/Deep Ordon/Morning[/b]

Another restless night. Being trapped behind enemy lines had its own set of hazards, but two-day insomnia spawned by worry for his family fueled far worse problems. Instead of incapacitating a Twili patrol and getting information, Jaden outright killed three of them and dumped their bodies in a shallow cave. 

He had to get out of the forest. Something was feeling VERY wrong. But he'd have to cut through more patrols; this place was thick with the Interlopers. For the month or so he'd gotten a good mapping of the area and where all the camps were. Leaders were identified when spotted; valuable eavesdropping was gained, but there was no one to turn this old information in to. Eh, some of the maps would be good for something at least.

[i][color=chocolate]Sis has to be out of the box now. They turn her loose, it's either going to go really well or downright awful. She's not ready. She's just not prepared![/color][/i]

One of the paths he'd used four days earlier was still clear of patrols. Too quiet for his liking, but deep forest provided plenty of cover opportunities. It also gave an opportunity for an incredibly easy kill. One of the Interlopers was trying to clean off his fishing gear and really wasn't too aware of his surroundings. Jaden made sure to drive his bastard sword through one side and out the other, puncturing both lungs and hitting the heart in one go so as to prevent screaming...

Not many good places to dump a body, so after he searched for anything of military or monetary value, the corpse was disposed of in some very tall grass.

[i][color=chocolate]The irony is priceless![/color][/i]

There was a warning in the Lieutenant's marching orders about guerillas picking off anyone who would wander too far from the encampments. This one also was meant to run a supply convoy to the Front. In this list was a manifest and exactly where the support materials were headed. Jaden vowed to make sure this package did not make it. He still had some of Kae's alchemical arson solution stored'd work well.

It took about twenty minutes of walking and sneaking to reach the outskirts of Supply Camp Gamma. Incredibly underguarded and underfunded, but not enough to underestimate what all could be there. Four men sitting around a campfire, and three lookouts on specific points. They signaled to one another every now and then. He had to find a way to take out the lookouts before eliminating the middle. While he originally wanted to get out of the forest and return to hidden Kakariko, sabotage was one of Jaden's favorite tactics.

For now, he watched and waited to find the perfect way to disrupt this shipment.

Day 3/Ordon Woods/Kokage

Much to Kokage's surprise it seemed the Hylian army had headed the Deku Tree's warning. The interlopers, on the other hand, seemed to ignore the threat. This wasn't something he could simply let go, he would need to attack there base camp so they'd see the error of there ways. 

"Before you act, deku," the Deku Tree's puppet appeared before him once again, "You may want to consider the disadvantage you're at, deku. There base camp in in Ordon village, deku, a clearing far from my meadow, your forest powers will not be as strong, deku. You should at least wait until nightfall, deku."

"Last night was the new moon, my moon powers will still be weak tonight. Besides, they must now this is the wrath of the forest punishing them for there sins."

"Then at least wait for Senshi, deku. This may be to much for you on your own, deku."

"This can not wait." he said vanishing into the woods in order to avoid his brothers "wisdom" for a time.

"Father, why did you not grant him our patience, deku?" the puppet ran off after him hoping to catch up next time he appeared in a physical form.

Kokage stumbled upon a single Hylian solder on his way to the Ordon base. He initially planned to just out right kill him but he stopped himself after realizing the man didn't appear to be doing anything. After all before the war his brother had decided to allow the Hylians to roam and even live in parts of the forest. "Leave my forest now." he said with a hit of anger as he approach from behind the man after reappearing as himself. "I have decided to cease assaulting you Hylian's for now since you headed the warning of the Young Deku Tree. Do NOT make me regret that decision."

Kokage noticed the supply camp the man had seemingly been scouting. "Well I suppose this should be a good start." he said before vanishing once again. Soon after he vanished numerous deku baba sprouted up in the camp and threw the camp into chaos. A pack of wolves and moblins appear from the woods and began assaulting the interlopers with savage fury. The ground suddenly began; the interlopers, already struggling to hold of he horde of beast, braced themselves for what was to come. A large ent suddenly burst out of the woods charging at the supply camp in an characteristically blind rage. The large tree monster began smashing the tents and buildings and thrashing around any solder how dared stand in its path.

Jaden Bryseis/Day 3/Deep Ordon/Morning

When he heard the Forest Being's warning, relief swept over Jaden for a multitude of reasons. One, less work for him to do. Two, he wouldn't have to use his supplies, and three, he could get out of the forest with minimal effort.

"You don't have to tell me twice. I've been trapped here for months and was trying to escape without being captured. Was here before those punks showed up. So yeah, do your thing, and I'll get out of here. And yeah...thanks for not killing me. You have this Sheikah's gratitude."

Turn and burn. Normally Jaden would watch the carnage and laugh his arse off at their misfortune. He loved taking pleasure in other people's pain, especially if he was dishing it out. This was exactly what he'd been praying for: an easy ticket out of Ordon. But if they couldn't fight in the woods anymore...whatever line the Hylians set up was going to be useless. He had to warn the Chieftain, and then hope to the Three that they didn't deploy Kae. There was no time to look for parents. They could look after themselves, even though they were looking for him. If they got the message to leave, they most likely went back to That Other Kakariko anyway.

And all those maps were now irrelevant now that combat in the forest was forbidden. But the recon and eavesdropping notes were it was not a total loss.

Evading detection was easy enough. He tapped into his inner energies to gain insane speed, taking off through the underbrush and weaving in and out of trees. It wouldn't take long to reach the open Field at the rate he was going...and with each breath he thanked Farore for the courage to stick it out in there.

If I have to guzzle Chu Jelly or eat Deku nuts again, it will be too soon. Gotta haul it back home!

Jaden Bryseis/Day 3/The Ordon Line/Mid-day

Even with this brief cease-fire of sorts, Jaden was nervous. The Deku Tree could cost Hyrule this war, or so he thought. It gave the Twili a breather and a chance to advance. He did what he could to stay out of their sight while he made his exit...

The sight of the Hylian encampment was so welcomed by him that he almost broke stealth to run across the open field. He was so sick of the months in deep cover that a bath and a strong bottle of wine would do him good. Instead, he found a way to break the treeline and hug a border wall thanks to more of the generous thick underbrush. There would be fighting soon, so if he had a chance to drop a copy of the recon notes off, he'd have to take it soon.

Jaden was able to successfully circle around the back of the line and make it look as though he was heading there from the opposite direction from where he came. The guards saw his emblem, and while they held their noses, they did let him through. 

He headed right for the Commander's tent, and no one dared get in his way save one of the sentries outside it.

"We've got more problems than you know, Sheikah. Here to help? Or are you dropping off information and leaving?"

"Depends on what's wrong. I've been stuck in those woods for three months. Lots of useful tidbits I have, and I've a copy for your CO. Now if you'll excuse me..."

The soldier continued to pester him.

"If you're so out of the loop, that info may be stale, kind of like your stench."

"I'd like to see a grunt like you survive as long as I did undetected in there. Move, before you wish you had."

He didn't, so Jaden shoved him out of the way and opened the flaps of the tent, walking right into a war council.

"I need to talk to the CO. After being trapped in the woods for as long as I've been, there are some things you should know."

Strategists looked up angrily. These plans were perfect in their minds; the chokepoint was gone but containment was still possible. A brief argument broke out about manners before the higher brass instructed Jaden to hand over the information and then leave.

"You're going to want my help. And if I'm going to offer it, I want to know the battle plan."

"And you're going to want a straight razor as well as a basin of warm water, Sheikah. Go get those, and we'll be glad to fill you in on the overall situation. For starters, our General is MIA. Second, we cannot allow the Twili to break into Hyrule Field proper. See you in a bit, Sheikah."

"Jaden Bryseis is my name. Thanks for the fill-in. Won't take me long."

Jaden got the relaxing things he needed, cleaning the grime from himself and his equipment. More importantly, the beard he'd been sporting no longer itched his face so badly. He may have cut himself shaving a few times, but it didn't bother him. It was just nice to relax for even ten minutes. He even got a decent meal. Other than the stubborn tent sentry he'd knocked on his duff, most of the folks appreciated having him there. Some looked more inspired, even.

After fixing himself up, he sat down at the table and joined in on the strategic discussions. Hoping there was insight he could offer, he gave the tacticians every ounce of effort possible.☁Jaden Bryseis/Day 3/Ordon Forward Camp/Mid-day

When it came to military strategy, Jaden had few equals among his peers. Old codgers didn't want to budge for all his bright ideas though. And soon, they'd wish they had done so. 

"You neglect the flank and leave a soft underbelly? War is a 360 degree affair! Have you learned nothing at university?"

"We will be pushing them to the tree line, Jaden. They won't have a chance to break through."

"Do you know if they have siege weaponry? Casters? Or do you assume it is going to be a basic ground skirmish?"

"You are over-analyzing the situation. We've seen no-"

Loud crashes and explosions rocked the forward camp. Apparently, the attack had begun ahead of the anticipated time, and it came from near where Jaden thought the line should be shored up. Of course, he didn't see this yet because he didn't run outside right away. Readying his bastard sword and fastening the shield to his left arm, he looked at the strategists and frowned.

"We don't have any mages here. Seriously...their strength is in their magic! Damn!"

Black, shadowy balls of death rained from the sky taking out units before they could organize. Everything was in haphazard chaos...and Jaden was angry. When he got outside, he headed for the largest concentration of Twili and shouted battle orders. He had no intention of running away from Interloper scum. Other commanding officers formed their ranks as quickly as possible, but the camp had already been infiltrated. Most of the soldiers learned to fight on a line and were not properly trained in how to deal with breaches of this magnitude.

"Goddesses, fill me with your indignance!"

Jaden shouted a prayer to the Three as he had many times before, and they listened. His blade illuminated with a light red hue, and his physique became even more ripped than it had been.

In the thickest of battle, not a shred of fear was to be found in the young Sheikah. He was carving through front-liners like they were dinner hams. There weren't many allies on his flank, so he resorted to whirling slashes to keep vulnerable positions clear in an attempt to get to one of the trebuchets. 

"Take out their artillery or it is over for us! Archers, soften it up!"

When he briefly looked back to see the state of the rest of the camp, it looked to be not going well, but not out of reach. 

Sweep the leg, finish with a downthrust. Disorient with shield to the face, decapitate. Dodge, parry, block, weave, backswing to disembowel. These are just grunts...gotta save some for the big stuff. Our forces aren't much better. They just need to hold out until I get these launchers down...

Jaden sidestepped a shadow bolt fired from afar. The mages were advancing...his sword was almost completely blood-caked...and he was loving every minute of the carnage. The hits were easily shrugged off and weren't too bad. They weren't adding up just yet. Shadow bolts wouldn't even do much thanks to his innate resistances, but those would add up faster than being hacked at. More soldiers came to Jaden's aid after the archers battered the left siege device. He wasn't totally sure of its architecture, but he did want to make it go boom. Problem was that he'd be surrounded if he went too far out, so he called for more cover fire to keep things away from it. Unfortunately, the arrow barrages consisted of less ammunition due to the thinning of the ranks in the back. He was already halfway to being encircled, and no reinforcements were in sight as he continued his deadly dance of sword-slashes.☁

Isaac Telmar - Southern Hyrule Field - Third Afternoon

Through the air he'd covered a large portion of the distance in a much shorter time than would have been the case on foot. After the conflict however the Brand's unholy glow died and the power of the Beast was all but lost to him once more. He yearned for it once it was gone.

He'd gone the rest of the way quietly and carefully. He knew that the Hylians heavily patrolled the lands south of Castle Town, and they'd be receiving news shortly about what had transpired in their capital.

Swiftly he cut the throat of a passing scout, dumping his body down behind a large rock formation and continuing on. To the south and west he could hear the sounds of battle and he knew that the invaders, the Twili, had finally gathered the audacity to venture out into Hyrule proper. A cold grin twisted his visage.

Some time later he came upon their forward base camp. Watching from a distance, he gathered what he could of the layout, then sized up the soldiers guarding the outskirts. They appeared simple soldiers and nothing more, but he'd heard of the magicks these warmongers possessed. But for all their arcane arts they still fought blade to blade with Hyrule's finest.

After a time he emerged from behind the brush covered tree trunk he'd used to observe and deliberately approached one of the outermost guards. The sight of an approaching Hylian brought the response he'd expected. The Twili moved quickly, surrounding him and leveling blades at his vitals. They didn't want to take any chances it appeared, even with one lone foe.

"Relax... I just want to talk with your commander."

[b]Jaden Bryseis/Day 3/Ordon Line/Mid-day[/b]

Things were not looking good as the battle raged on. Not only was there more artillery, there were golems, and further yet, more mages. Fighting was thick in the camp. 

It was time to heat things up a bit.

Jaden advanced close enough to launch a flask of Alchemical Arson Fluid at one of the trebuchets. It ignited in a bright white haze and started to dissolve; the ground around it caught fire, and that began to spread east, cutting off one flank so the Twili couldn't use it to advance. 

Hands were forced as the Twili were moved further west and bunched up. While Jaden wasn't a personal siege engine, he did have some improvised explosives. Directing some troops to form a pocket for him, he threw two fire bombs near golem handlers. Those went off and spread fire yet again, and he made sure it wouldn't reach the forest with his placement. If anything, he created confusion and a chokepoint. But he let his guard down; a shadowbolt hit him square in the chest and sent him reeling.

He could feel the crackling on his cuirass; the sizzling burn underneath as well. And he was grateful that the rudimentary Art he knew helped him resist enough of the blast to allow him to keep fighting. A noticeable wince appeared in his countenance as he saw the caster who'd railed him.

[color=chocolate]"You and me, let's go! Let's see if you're man enough to handle me face to face! I challenge you!"[/color]

Jaden leveled his sword in the direction of what appeared to be a senior officer of the Twili forces. He could hear mutters of Lieutenant-Commander Melined among the enemy forces, and they opened the line. His enemy did not speak, but simply approached. Jaden resolved not to be caught off guard by magic again in this battle...and the duel began.

Melined fired another shadow bolt at him with much more potency than the previous was enough to catch Jaden's shield on fire. He threw the shield at his opponent due to it being rendered useless by a disintegration-enhanced beam. 

[color=chocolate][i]He fights like Kae...sort of.[/i][/color]

Hylian troops gave him a little breathing space as both sides took a short break nearby to watch the duel. The shield barely missed left, lightly scorching the caster's robes. Melined laughed at his futility and tried to taunt him. It didn't work too well, as this gave Jaden the opening he needed with his blood-caked blade. With a feint, he slung some of the viscera from the blade right at the caster's face, blinding him temporarily. As he tried to blind-fight with moderate success, Jaden came in strong with a knee-lift to the midsection. He paid for it though, catching part of another bolt in the left side.

Melined was winded, and Jaden's bastard sword was too caked to do any further damage. He quickly sheathed it (as his scabbard was customized to clean the blade as in entered) and drew his dual axes. Two command words activated one as a bright green head and another vibrant blue. If brute force wouldn't get the job done, speed and guile might. Palming a deku nut, Jaden made another pass. 

It was successful enough to give Jaden a free shot at Melined's arm, leaving a deep gash that spurted blood through the caster's robes. He had to dodge a much larger blast now, hitting the dirt. Another tactical roll to gain a better angle while the Twili was stunned. It was then that the mage drew his own blade.

They clashed, going back and forth while Jaden wore him down. Feints allowed for both sides to score a few hits, but Jaden looked unfazed and possessed when he went at the enemy once more. One arm against two gave him another edge. It was time to end this. He was hurt; so was his adversary. 

Fire continued to rage, creating a wall behind Melined that stretched at least 40 yards. Jaden noticed the battle circle move backwards slightly due to this, and then his deepest fury surfaced. 

One feinting swipe with his left axe made his adversary too predictable, swaying right and directly into a spinning backfist that carried enough force to rupture the cranium of Melined. A sickening slump echoed out as the corpse connected with the ground.

Jaden pumped his bloody fist in victory as he ordered the troops to press the attack for a while longer. The Twili in that section of the field were demoralized at the loss of their sectional XO as well as the wall of fire behind them. There was nowhere to run. They fought frantically, trying to push to the west.

[color=chocolate]"Well, if the name fits...wait...I'm wearing it."[/color]

Some pressure was at least taken off of the camp by these tactics, but Jaden was feeling it. 

[i]"There is no shame in repositioning. You can't hold out much longer, Jaden."[/i]

[i][color=chocolate]"Nora, you crazy crone, get out of my head. I have this under control!"[/color][/i]

[i]"Your combat high will recede shortly, and you will be in great pain. Where would you rather be with shadow-burns and gaping wounds in your side and all over your legs? Chieftain approved it. Get out of there now!"[/i]

Nowhere for him to go with the way the field looked. He had to get back to the camp. The line was holding much better now that Melined was felled, and he ordered some archers to fill the gap he'd created. One trebuchet remained, but the other troops had their hands full with golems and mages. This allowed said siege weapon to fire off more shots. Each was followed by a retaliatory barrage of arrows in its general direction, so not as many went off as the Twili had wished. Smoke made things hard to see for them as well.

There wasn't much time. He had to plan a route away from the battle, and everything within him wanted to stay. But if the Chieftain said it was ok, there was no shame in a strategic reset.

Day 2 (Night)/ Twili Camp/ Neon Zelgadiz (dark)

After his audience with Maydni, Neon was a little… confused. He hadn’t talked with Maydni in person before, but she was definitely acting… a little strange. “a letter from the forest itself” What did that mean? But she was still the commander (and still had a nice ass), and Neon needed to please her in order to be promoted. Neon went to his company’s quarters, looking for Wedge.

Neon: Wedge, take the Dominion Crown and train with it a couple of hours. I managed to use it with just a few minutes. My magical abilities are probably the lowest in the army, and you are very talented, I’m sure you’ll be able to control it way better than me.
Wedge: Yes, sir. 

Neon handed the Dominion Crown to Wedge. Cid had combined the crown with a helmet, now it was cleverly concealed and more protected, also he equipped it with some metallic straps to make sure it wouldn’t fall from the user’s head.

Neon: Vicks, find the three best defensive wizards in the company, the six of us will go on a special mission tomorrow morning, we’ll meet in Cid’s lab. And see if you can get me an holographic rod, ask Wedge to charge it for me, to look like a Hylian.
Vicks: Sure. Are we finally advancing further into Hyrule?
Neon: Yes, we’ll perform a surprise attack. I’ll give you the details tomorrow.

Now that Neon was calm, he went back to Cid’s lab. He needed to learn more about that crystal. 

Cid: So… You’re back. What took you so long?
Neon: What did you did to me?
Cid: The crystals that provide the energy for this machine are replicas of the crystal expanding through your sisters body. The machine had already been tested, it works well. I asked you to wear that crystal and use the machine to prove another thing. And every thing went as I planned. Your body assimilated the crystal and gave you the same functions of the machine. Your sister and you have a very special type of blood, that’s what allowed the assimilation. The crystal that fused with your body was slightly different from the one on your sister’s body, this one won’t expand. 
Neon: It won’t kill me then?
Cid:The only problem that I see, is the fact that teleporting consume a considerable amount of energy. Your physical energy shouldn’t be affected, but after teleporting, you wont be able to use any spell or teleport again for a while. The time needed between “jumps” would depend on the distance traveled in the last jump.
Neon: And how do I do it?
Cid: How do you walk? How do you move your hands? How do you see? It’s a part of your body now, probably you only need to think about it, command your body to teleport, think about your destination. Eventually you’ll do it by instinct.

Neon and Cid talked for a while. Cid took a blood sample from Neon. He wanted to find exactly what was so special about his blood, isolate it, reproduce it and use it to create a drug that would give teleporting abilities to the user. But Neon didn’t cared about all of that. He left the lab and walked for a little while on the borders of the camp. Then he decided to try it, despite the fact that he was almost sure it wouldn’t work. He thought about the first place that came to his mind, the most recent new place he had been to, the temple of time. And then…

…. Everything went black for a moment and an uncomfortable sensation of nausea invaded him, his body felt weak, very weak, so weak that for a moment Neon felt he had no body at all. Neon was standing at the entrance of the temple… It worked. 

After recovering from the shock of realizing that he could REALLY teleport from one place to another, Neon wished he hadn’t thought of that place. Now he would have to go back all the way back to the camp again… or not?

Neon tried the same process, this time thinking about the camp. Everything went black for a moment and an uncomfortable sensation of nausea invaded him, his body felt weak, very weak, so weak that for a moment Neon felt he had no body at all, until his face collapsed against the ground. He was in the exact same place. Nothing happened. Just as Cid told him, Neon wouldn’t be able to teleport immediately after a “jump”. Cid wasn’t a reliable source, he would say anything just to have the opportunity to perform an experiment, but he was right this time. A minute later, Neon felt normal again, the backslash from attempting to jump too early had already passed, but trying it again would likely produce the same results. He would have to go back to the camp… again. At least this time he was by himself, he could run at full speed without worrying about leaving anyone behind. 

An hour later, Neon was back in the camp. As soon as he arrived, he went to sleep, he needed to rest before tomorrow’s battle.

At the next morning, Neon woke up, staring at the ceiling, he could probably benefit from 15 minutes more of sleep, but he knew he had to get up. And before even moving a muscle, he was already up and the ceiling suddenly become a wall. He had teleported again, but it was different from the last time, no darkness, no nausea, no weakness and just a few feet were traveled. It was like the first time he teleported, in Cid’s lab. Since no negative effects occurred, Neon decided to try it again, Neon pictured himself reaching for his clothes, which were on a chair barely two feet away. Once again, Neon was next to the chair, without even moving a finger. Neon put his clothes on, took two of his katanas, some provisions, and visualized himself outside his room.

Everything went black for a moment and an uncomfortable sensation of nausea invaded him, his body felt weak, very weak, so weak that for a moment Neon felt he had no body at all. Neon was now standing outside his room, next to the chair that was inside his room just a second ago.

Once again the dark sphere had engulfed and teleported him. Why sometimes he could teleport without the sphere and sometimes it engulfed him? Apparently it depended on the distance. Short, very short, distance travels didn’t appear to need the sphere. But how short exactly? Even if it was just for a moment, the sphere travels left Neon vulnerable. And in a battle, being vulnerable for a second could cost you your live. Neon decided not to think about it for now. He went to have breakfast and to take care of personal hygiene businesses. Then, he met with his men at the lab’s entrance. 

Vicks had the holographic rod. Holographic rods were rods designed to store a light spell that distorted the light around it’s user to change his appearance. The device was not so difficult to construct, but they were rarely used because they needed to be charged by a light elemental user. And those weren’t very common among the Twili. Luckily for Neon, Wedge was one of them. And speaking of Wedge, he showed to Neon the results of his last night training. He could control the 36 metallic soldiers, and it was almost like if every one of them was acting on his own, Wedge was a very talented wizard. Neon told to the other 5 Twili his plans, and all of them went inside the lab. On the other side of the forest, the battle was starting, it was time to move.

Cid: Are you ready?
Neon: Yes. 

The machine was already active, the six Twili jumped into the dark sphere.

Day 3/Battle at the Forest Line/Kokage

"What's going on! Why is the artillery support lightening up, the Hylian's are going to push us back." A Twili officer screamed as he fell back to the rear line.

"I'm exactly how to explain this sir, but," the chief artillery sergeant said pointing to the nearest ballista. "It's like the wood we made it out of is gaming back to life." The officer looked on in shock as several of their siege weapons began to grow branches and sprout leaves. The metal parts broke away as the the wood twisted, grew, and even took root. It looked as if the lumber was once again trying to become a tree.

"How is this even possible!"

"This is the punishment for your sins." Kokage said with a menacing glaze as he emerged from the woods for the first time in centuries. After destroying the supply base he saw the main Twili force plowing though the forest with there monstrous weapons."You were ordered to leave the forest but instead of retreating you have pushed clear through it causing massive damage with these giant weapons of war you have forged from its trees. It is only fitting that they once again become trees to make up for the recent damage you've caused. Nevertheless this alone will not be enough to cleans your sins."

"Kill him!" The officer yelled to his troops who had already surrounded the elemental.

"Foolish" Kokage spoke barley above a whisper as the lightly armored platoon rushed forward. While it was true he didn't have the same strength in the field as he did in the forest these soldiers were still no match for him. He swung his massive blade firing a shock wave of green energy into the earth. A wave of growing grass rushed forward at the platoon. The soldiers rushed through without thinking only to be impaled but the wall of grass which had hardened into spikes under Kokage's power.

A mage fired a bolt of his strength magic blinding siding Kokage and knocking him to the ground. The mage's golem slave moved in for the kill but stopped in mid movement. Roots and vines began to sprout from the golem causing it to crumbled to pieces."You would attack me with a mound of soil?" Kokage almost laughed as the plant that grew from the puppet mutated into a large red deku baba. Kokage cut from from its stem so it could have its way with the mage.

"Y-You're the forest wrath the men have been talking about!" The officer said in a panic has he stumbled to draw his sword. "Well, then this should be interesting." he smirked as he regained his composure and charged at Kokage swinging down with his sword. The Elemental easily blocked that blow with his own blade, "Not bad, but try THIS!" the officer's blade began to glow with a black aura, he force down on his sword firing a wave of dark energy into Kokage.

The officer jumped back to avoid a possible counter attack, "Oh still alive? Oh well I'll just have to try again!" His blade began to glow again has he readied himself for another attack. "ARRHHGG!" He cried out as a root from the ballista shot through his leg. 

"You should have held onto the fear you had of me and ran. I had no desire to chase you." he said calmly as he slowly approached wounded man. He unleashed a mighty slash leaving a trail of green energy and cleaving the man clean in two. The green trail engulfed the mans body before returning to the blade and healing Kokage's wounds. "Your sins are now forgiven," he said as he turned back towards the forest, "but ultimately it is your commander who must pay for these crimes."

He stopped just before entering the forest to turn and look back at the ensuing chaos. Now that he was outside of the forest he was no longer being influenced by the sage magic explosion and was thinking more clearly. Memories of the past flooding his mind. Memories of the Imprisoning War where the Light Warriors help defend his forest for years. It was true the there battles with the Three Legendary Mages of the Dark Warriors did damage his forest, it was also true they were the only reason he was able to keep Ganondorf's influence out of the Kokiri village. After all once they left he found himself unable to keep his forest safe until the Young Deku Tree sprouted. The young psychic, the water mage, the chosen wizard, the Calatian assassin, the second male gerudo, the shape shifting dragon, the paladin, the Hylian general, and of course the true leader of the Kokiri. All of those individuals who he owed a great dept, all of them who caused him to gain a sense of humanity that he'd only recently forgotten because one foolish Hylian unleashed a power the poisoned his mind.

"I suppose I'm the one guilty of misdeeds. Besides the this army would be in the way of that clay man the Young Deku Tree wants to meet." he said regaining hit of emotion. He slabbed his blade into the ground then closed his eyes, being outside of the forest meant he would require extra concentration to call upon his forces. "Slay only the invaders, the Hylian are innocent!" he ordered the two dozen giant peahats that beckoned his call, before moving on to take care of the remaining siege weapons. "How easily I forget. I to have a dept to repay."

Day 2 (Night)/ Ordon Line/ Neon Zelgadiz (dark)

The portal opened and the six Twili fell from it. As expected, now they were behind the enemy’s lines, right next to the artillery and the archers. 

As soon as they landed, Neon unsheathed his swords and threw himself into the archers lines. 

Wedge released the spheres and then cast an ice spell, it created a relatively small ice dome around the five wizards. Despite being thick and incredibly solid, the dome was completely transparent. 

The three additional wizards positioned themselves in such way that each one of them was covering 120º of the dome and then they seated in a full lotus position, facing outside the dome. They began to sing an incantation, they were fortifying the ice dome, nothing would break it . 

Wedge started to command the metallic soldiers, his part of the mission consisted on eliminating all the Hylian artillery and prevent the enemy from retrieving. 

Vicks had the most frustrating roll, he had to wait. He was there just in case. If somehow, the enemy managed to break the dome, he would have to protect Wedge and the Dominion Crown. Vicks was the only offensive wizard in the group. Most likely, he wouldn’t have to use it, but he started to charge his most powerful lighting spell. If something managed to break the dome, it would regret it.

Most of Neon’s scars were caused by arrows. Archers usually meant big problems for Neon, but in such a close distance, they were completely defenseless against Neon. Arms and heads flew through the air as Neon slashed his way thru the enemies. Most of them were too slow to realize what was killing them. The surprise factor combined with Neon’s speed was an effective combination, a couple of dozens of Hylian soldiers died before they realized that they were under attack from their backs. 

Wedge used the metallic soldiers to attack the first piece of artillery in sight, a trebuchet. The golden soldiers advanced thru the enemies as if they weren’t there, the Hylians attacked them, but none of them could even scratch them. The golden warriors began to attack the trebuchet, soon, it was destroyed.

Once the Hylians realized the presence on the Twili wizards at their backs, they attempted to destroy the ice dome, but any damage they inflicted on it was immediately restored by the spell of the three wizards. 

Vicks decreased the intensity of his lighting spell, and then released it into the dome. The spell caused a minor damage on the inside of the dome, but it was immediately restored, and the electricity flowed thru the dome, shocking all the soldiers that were using their weapons against it.

Everything was going according to the plan, at least for now.

[b]Isaac Telmar - Twili Forward Base Camp - Third Afternoon[/b]
Encircled by a group of Interlopers bristling like porcupines with weapons pointed at him, Isaac was brought back toward where the battle was unfolding. The Twili eyes him cautiously, clearly prepared should he try and turn on them, but he didn't. Instead he walked calmly in their midst as they led him where he wanted to go.

There in the middle line of the attacking force stood a Twili woman clad in purple armor that bristled even more than his captors did. It was clear to him as he approached that this woman was in command and everybody around was painfully aware of it. He wondered how easy she was going to be to deal with.

[color=darkred]"Hate to interrupt."[/color] he said in her direction, a sardonic grin on his face as he pulled from his shirt sleeve a folded parchment, which he shook open. It was a message of invitation that he held aloft for her to see. [color=darkred]"I think we should talk."[/color]

Maydni/Morning 3/Twili Lines (North of Forest)

Maydni snapped her head sideways upon hearing the unfamiliar voice of the visitor. How dare he interrupt her while she was playing and having fun!

"Hate? To interrupt?" She took one step toward him and then finally recognized the parchment he was showing her.

"Oh! Oh! Yay! You came for the message? Goodie!"

She turned her heavily armored back to him, instantly counting him ally and relying on the magics swirling about her aura and her plate mail to protect should the man prove foolish, and pointed over to a rising pillar of smoke and flame.

"Go see what's happening with the western flank, eh? Hmm? There's fire and stuff, and that's probably not good for the artillery. Probably? Yes, not good. Just... kill all the Hylians and their allies over that-a-way. We don't need them."

She peeked back over her shoulder at the new-comer and shot him a coy smile. "And I guess you'll get paid. That's if you survive!" She giggled.

[b]Isaac Telmar - Twili Forward Base Camp - Third Noon[/b]

[color=darkred]"Don't mind if I do..."[/color] Isaac said, giving the armored woman, Maydni, one last smirk. Malevolence sparkled in his eyes as he looked west, pillars of smoke and whorls of fire rose into the air.

He took off at a run, shoving his way through lines of Twili invaders. It was some distance away but as he approached he could feel the heat of the fires that raged. The brand on his chest burned in answer.

Seige engines burned, as did the ground in places. Isaac quickly grasped the shoulder of an interloper soldier and used it to propel himself into the combat zone. Dead and dying where everywhere as soldiers on each side hacked at one another. It reminded him of old times. Things seemed to be progressing slowly, the Hylians offered more stiff resistance than he'd thought them capable of, a piece of information that he carefully filed away.

And then he got started.

Throwing his hands out to either side he beckoned the infernos away from two of the seige engines. The flames caught him up and swirled all about him as he commanded them, the uncontrollable drive to destroy now directed at the Hylians that had started the conflagrations. Up into the air this pillar of flame rose until at last it spread and crashed down upon the defenders in a furious wave, Isaac Telmar at its epicenter.

Day 3 (Mid-day)/ Ordon Line/ Neon Zelgadiz (dark)

The archers were dead and the artillery destroyed, the golden warriors blocked the Hylian that attempted to escape the battle. The Twili had almost complete control over that section of the battle. It was time to move. 

Neon advanced to a different section of the battle, in this new section, the Twili didn't seem to be doing as well as in the last one. Their artillery was burning and the troops seemed unorganized, this would be a good place to start fighting again. 

Again, Neon started to eliminate the archers, without archers or artillery, the Hylian would be defenseless against the Twili's spells. Defeating archers was boring, but that was Neon's role in this particular battle, frustrating but necessary for the victory. Shortly after Neon's arrival, the Hylian troops began to fold back, apparently, it had been a waste of Neon's time. 

Suddenly, a peculiar warrior caught Neon’s attention. Was that… a Sheikah? 

How convenient. Maybe it hadn't been a waste of time after all. Neon needed to capture a Sheikah, he had planned to go and look for one after the battle, but apparently that wouldn't be necessary anymore. 

The fun was about to start, unlike most of the Hylian, the Sheikah had proven to be formidable adversaries before. This wouldn't be easy. 

Dark Slash was Neon's only spell, and it was weak (usually, Neon used it to cut throats from a distance). But this time, the spell's weakness made it ideal to slow down the target without making much damage, that, assuming it would actually hit the enemy (Neon knew that Sheikahs were as fast and nimble as himself). Neon aimed at the Sheikah's legs and released his spell. 

Neon: Dark Slash 

Before even knowing if his spell hit it's target, Neon ran at full speed towards the Sheikah, the real battle was beginning. At the background, a flaming inferno is unleashed. 

[b]Jaden Bryseis/Day 3/South Hyrule Line/Noon[/b]

He chugged a red potion from his belt on the way back to camp, but the enemy had other plans. There was a clearing that Jaden tried to sprint through and he got caught in the ankles with some sort of magic while attempting this. It tripped him up and he rolled on the ground until coming to a skidding stop. No pain other than the usual abrasions...and he kipped up to his feet. They must have reported what he'd done to their XO and brought another before him. This one was more suited for his tastes...

[i]"Get out of there! You have no idea what fate lies before you in an internment camp. Do you even know what the Twili do to prisoners?"[/i]

[color=chocolate][i]"I am in no position to run. The camp's been overrun and the winds have changed. Wall of Fire has backfired and is now hitting our forces. I'm fighting, Nora. And if they get me, they won't get anything out of me."[/i][/color]

Jaden drew his blade and charged the new assailant. The sword was hot with enchantment as soon as he'd drawn it; he'd not turned it off from earlier. Clean as the day it was forged, never losing sharpness. But he noticed his speed was somewhat diminished due to that crackling feeling in his ankles from the magic...he'd have to work around that. 

ay 3 (Mid-day)/ South Hyrule Line/ Neon Zelgadiz (dark)

The Dark Slash actually hit it’s target. Neon’s biggest qualities were his speed and agility, now that the Sheikah’s speed had been decreased, Neon was almost taking his victory for granted. But then, the Sheikah drew his blade, it seemed to be a magical or enchanted weapon. Neon’s swords were high quality weapons, but they didn’t have any magical enhancement. Underestimating the opponent would only lead to defeat. Neon realized that he couldn’t afford to think about victory so soon.

Both soldiers charged at each other. Despite the fact that the Sheikah’s legs had been hit, his speed was still far superior to the speed of most Hylian soldiers. This wouldn’t be easy at all.

Neon sidestepped the first attack coming from the Sheikah’s sword, and then, Neon retaliated by swinging the sword on his left hand towards his enemy’s legs.

Jaden Bryseis/Day 3/Southern Hyrule Line/Noon

Going for my legs. Twice now. Must have a fetish...or he likes to wound before the kill.

Jaden parried Neon's swipe and leapt back. Twice wasn't a good enough pattern for him to make predictions on, but it was worth keeping in consideration.

Now was a bad time to try to use the bag of tricks. Drawing on what was left of the first prayer, he proceeded to attack again. With body blows, he could keep his blade low to block more leg attacks. And that was his next move; a rather fierce cleave directed at his attacker's right side.

Day 3 (Noon)/ Southern Hyrule Line/ Neon Zelgadiz (dark)

The Sheikah avoided Neon's sword by leaping back, and then, he swung his sword towards Neon's right side. 

For a moment, Neon thought about crossing both of his swords to block the attack, but he realized that wouldn't be such a good idea, the enchanted bastard sword was heavier and more powerful than his swords. Neon could block the attack but his swords would take some damage. If the battle prolonged, Neon could end up with a couple of broken swords. 

Instead of blocking, Neon barely dodged the attack by quickly diving into the ground and falling onto his right hand and knee, the blade passed less than 2 inches above Neon's head. Once in the floor, Neon swept his left foot around in an arc, just brushing against the ground, hoping to hit the back of his enemy's ankle with his swiping kick. 

Jaden/Day 3/South Hyrule Line/Noon

There was a pattern it seemed. It would probably break soon. 

He wasn't quite expecting a sweep, but Jaden rolled with it, using the force of the blow to balance on his left hand while making a sweeping slash with the right before landing on his feet. Residual crackling magic from whatever his opponent had done made that one a little more painful to stick than some of the others he'd done. A strong wince gave that much away at least.

Jaden wasn't wearing out just yet, but he was at a severe disadvantage compared to his adversary. He'd fought a day's worth of battle and much more than his share of it as well...and now he had to push for the extra grit needed to try to get back home. 

Three months behind enemy lines haunted him. He could have just gone home. But he chose to fight once more...he hoped it would not be his final battle.

Day 3 (Noon)/ Southern Hyrule Line/ Neon Zelgadiz (dark)

The Sheikah rolled attempting to reposition himself, but for a brief instant, his face showed signs of pain. This seemed to be a good time to attack. 

Quickly, Neon jumped to get back on his feet and then tried to use his left sword to thrust the Sheikah’s right shoulder . He had to be careful, he needed him alive, so damaging any vital organ would be a mistake. 

If Neon managed to land this strike, his enemy’s life wouldn’t be at risk but his right arm would be disabled. However, a failed forward thrust would leave Neon relatively open to a counterattack. 

[b]Jaden/Southern Hyrule Line/Day 3/Noon[/b]

That bad landing cost Jaden more than he'd know. He wasn't able to react to Neon's next attack soon enough and got tagged in the shoulder. His armor took enough of the blow to not disable the arm, but he was bleeding profusely as a result. It wasn't enough of a glance to ignore. And it stung. Jaden's face did not show any pain register.

But he still used the arm anyway. That carelessness did not fluster him though...and this guy was too fast to hit with power attacks.

Jaden attempted a feint to the right shoulder and followed up with a quick thrust aimed at his adversary's left pectoral.

Day 3 (Noon)/ Southern Hyrule Line/ Neon Zelgadiz (dark)

The tip of Neon's sword soaked in the Sheikah's blood, but his armor softened the blow more than what Neon expected. Then, the Sheikah counterattacked by attempting to stab Neon's right shoulder. Neon simply twisted his body to get his shoulder out of the blade's path while trying to retaliate with his left sword, however, the Sheikah's true target was the left side of Neon's chest. By the time Neon realized this, he wasn't in the right position to dodge the attack, he would have to block it. Using his left sword, Neon hit the Sheikah's blade to change its trajectory. The enchanted blade barely managed to cause a small laceration in Neon's left shoulder, the real damage was taken by Neon's sword, another hit from the enchanted sword would break it. In a way, the swords were extensions on Neon's body, and the damage on his sword hurt him more than the damage on his shoulder. 

It had been a while since somebody managed to draw Neon's blood in a one on one sword battle. Despite always being in control of his emotions, Neon couldn't deny that a small part of him was enjoying the thrill of fighting against a skilled opponent. 

On the other hand, the situation was delicate. Neon expected to decrease his enemy's skills with that last attack, but in fact, the Sheikah's speed increased. Neon knew that hiding your true skills during the beginning of a battle was an effective tactic, but it wasn't his style, he always fought with every thing he had from the start, no tricks under the sleeve, that's the way he liked. However, this Sheikah didn't seem to share the same philosophy, now he was showing his true skills. 

Neon took a small jump back, and then threw a Dark Slash aimed at the Sheikah's eyes. 
Neon: Dark Slash.

[b]Isaac Telmar - Southern Hyrule Line - Third Noon[/b]

As Isaac Telmar descended, all Hylians who stood before his onslaught were immolated, engulfed int he wild flames that raged all about him. It took only moments for those ranks and files of soldiers who stood proud and naive to turn and flee this sudden assault, for no magic did they possess that could combat such a sudden infernal foe. In turn he moved on, still trailing with him the swirling flames that had been intended for the Twili. 

No matter their bravery, the Hylians could nost stop him. Arrows turned to ash and blades glowed red as Hylian steel lost its integrity.

No matter their cowardice, the Hylians could no escape him. In their panic they fumbled about, attempting to flee. In the chaos, this surging mass came together as never before, joined in their horror as they provided him with naught but a larger target.

In his periphery he watched an Interloper engage a Sheikah in single combat. he knew little of the Twili, but much of Hyrule and its peoples. The Sheikah was likely to prove too much for the Twili unless the unknown combatant was more than he appeared. It didn't really matter all that much to him.

The Hylians had yet to answer his offensive and as he barreled, a dreadful, fiery tempest, through line after pathetic line, deeper and deeper into their ranks, his eyes feel upon the officers' tents in the distance.

[color=darkred]"There you are..."[/color] The [i]unstoppable force[/i] that was Isaac Telmar hurtled on, thoughts of murder on his mind.

Jaden/Day 3/Southern Hyrule Line/Noon

Finally something got through! Celebrations could wait until battle's end. A wave of energy was headed straight for Jaden's face.

There wasn't enough time to completely dodge the dark red slash. Jaden reverse-gripped his sword and swiped it in an arc overhead as he tried to slinky his back down.

The result was a seeping wound that ran from his upper cheekbones ear to ear. It would most likely end up being a battle scar. No crackling resonance this time, either.

Bending back gave him time to palm a fistful of needles, and he threw them at his attacker before charging once again, unleashing a staggering slash meant more to knock someone off balance than to kill them. It was almost as though he was expecting it to be blocked or dodged, but if it hit, it'd do some serious damage. He did hear the crack of metal from the last feint combination, and this encouraged him somewhat. But he also knew that his opponent most likely would not block with the same blade twice.

Day 3/Battle of the South Line/Kokage
All of the Twili siege weapons were destroyed and his Peahat were tearing though the invaders rear line. A fire user from the past appeared and started helping attacking the Hylians but Kokage payed little notice. Trying to fight a fire mage at day would be futile for him, besides he already felt he had done enough to aid the Hylians. He turned back towards the forest no longer caring to continue the fight.

"Where are you going, deku?" the shrub puppet appeared before him at the edge of the forest.

"I'm leaving. I've already done more then enough for them. I see no reason to farther waist my time."

"I'm sorry but I want you to stay and fight, deku. You're thinking clearly out here after all, deku. Besides there's that fire user to deal with and I'd much rather see the Hylians win this battle, deku."

"Fighting a fire mage with my forest magic would be foolish. Besides he looked familiar, he's probably that incompetent one that cant to anything without Davus' help."

"I'm fairly certain that is Issac Temlar, someone we both know is an actual threat, deku."

"More the reason for me not to involve myself before night fall." the puppet didn't budge and Kokage knew he couldn't defy his brother on this issue now that he was of sound mind again. "How much power is stored in that puppet?"

"Enough, deku."

"Very well" he grabbed the puppet and drained away all the forest magic the Deku Tree had stored in it before dropping its withed husk to the ground. He slammed his blade into the ground sending a shock wave of energy back into the forest. With in moments countless numbers of wolves, mobiles, mad deku, and guay charged out the forest entered into the battle. "Ensure the Hylians win this battle, it is the wish of the Young Deku Tree!"

Much to the elemental's surprise a rather large Moblin wielding a massive club emerged from the forest and stood behind him. "You want us help the Hylian!?" the brute roared with displeasure over Kokage's command. Unlike the other forest creatures the Moblins had intelligence and were harder to control. This one in particular was exceptionally difficult. Kokage hadn't expected it to beckon to his call, and knew he couldn't waist any power forcing his actions.

"Do what you wish, but remember it is to your benefit that the Hylian's win this battle."

"No promises." It said then charged into battle, Kokage followed suit.

Day 3 (Noon)/ Southern Hyrule Line/ Neon Zelgadiz (dark)

The Sheikah managed to deflect most of the impact. The Dark Slash didn't have the result expected by Neon, the Sheikah still had both of his eyes. 

Neon was about to perform another attack when the Sheikah threw several needles at Neon. Neon swung his right sword to intercept the needles, but it missed one of them. The needle buried into Neon's flesh, right below his right ribs. Neon's face didn't show it, but it stung, it stung badly. Neon hoped the needle wasn't poisoned. 

The sudden pain caused Neon to instinctively get his right arm close to the wound, so he had to use his left hand to defend from a possible attack. And just as Neon placed his left sword in a defensive position, it was struck by the Sheikah's sword. 

The force of the slash, the weight of the bastard sword and the magic flowing through the blade were to much for Neon's cracked sword. It was destroyed. A small metal fragment flew thru the air and then it incrusted in Neon's left cheek. 

The situation was getting unfavorable for Neon. The victory seemed to be drifting away, but it wasn't entirely out of Neon's reach. He couldn't lose, not with his sister waiting for him. His injuries weren't that bad and he still had a sword, he only needed to be more aggressive, or wait for the Sheikah to make a wrong move. 

Neon leapt back to increase the distance between him and his opponent, at the same time, he threw his broken sword at the Sheikah. As soon as he landed, Neon used his now free hand to quickly pull out the needle and then he hold his remaining sword with both hands.

[b]Isaac Telmar - Southern Hyrule Line - Third Afternoon[/b]

As commotion arose at his back, Isaac pressed forward. Fires blazed all through the ranks of the Hylians as they fell before him, unable to resist him. The effort was minimal, the ammunition had been provided for him, he had simply decided to use it. Creation was one thing, but simple manipulation of an already existing resource was altogether different and exponentially less exhausting.

The tents loomed before him and he surged forward, tumbling in a mass of oily flame. Jets split off at his mental command, arcing out to set ablaze several of the command centers, the nucleus of the guarding forces. All the while he wondered if this was all the Hylians were capable of mustering in defense of their nation and their lives.

[b]Jaden/Southern Hyrule Line/Day 3/Noon[/b]

It makes people move, but the drawbacks sometimes outweigh the advantages of the Unbalancing Strike. He didn't have enough time to react to the broken blade being thrown at him at all.

Jaden couldn't help but ignore the deep gash put in his side as the hilt flew by end over end. Something had to give here, and he was hoping the blood loss wouldn't be what did end it. Lightheaded feelings started plaguing his field of vision and reaction times. But he also had nowhere to run. Walls of fire covered any good escape routes, and most likely his opponents were all trained in deku nut flash resistance.

The time to make a high risk decision was at hand. He silently prayed for one more burst of energy so that the damage received wouldn't shut his body down.

A sickening, resounding shout echoed as Jaden mustered up anything he had left and let loose a flurry of blows in one final attempt to end the battle. At this point, he didn't care about getting away, he cared about winning.

[i]Jaden, you are a fool. I hope you die as an honorable fool, because your injuries will do you in if you cannot escape. Think of your, damn you![/i]

[b]Isaac Telmar - Southern Hyrule Line - Third Afternoon/Evening[/b]

None had yet risen up who could challenge him, and so the destruction he sowed went unchecked. Chaos reigned as the flames rose higher and higher, and columns of smoke loomed everywhere. Silently he decimated officers and soldiers as they tried desperately to stop or escape his ire.

Finally he determined that no warriors of old or new would be rising up to meet his challenge. A bit disappointed, he threw his hands forward and cast off the massive maelstrom of fire that had enveloped him, sending it crashing down upon the remaining tents as a tidal wave of death. Casually he settled back down upon solid earth and calmly plucked his dagger from his belt and turned to head back to where he'd come from, back to the lines of the Twili invaders that had been given a clear path to victory through his intervention. The Hylians would fall back soon or they would perish, he'd destroyed their officers and thus their direction. Any commanders that had survived him would see that retreat would soon be their only option.

That was, until he witnessed in the distance a flood of forest beasts assaulting the rear of the Twili horde. His lips curled, a malevolent grin upon his visage. The Deku Tree had given them leave to exit the forest, this was not by his command. That could make it only one other. Perhaps a challenge was to be had this day, the thought enticed him.

He still had Hylian soldiers between himself and the one that he sought, however. Isaac saw no need to rush, but instead indulged himself in physical combat. Soldiers approached him with the intent to cut him down, but he struck with the wild unpredictability of the flame and the serpent. Throats were slashed, guts were spilled, limbs were severed. The glorious violence of it invigorated him.

A moblin roared and rushed him, a massive iron club gripped tightly in his fist. He swung it down and met an invisible wall. Isaac slashed through the thickly muscled wrist, let the weapon drop to the ground, and then took hold of the moblin's throat psychically, slamming the beast's face down into the trampled dirt with a sickening crunch. A flash of fire and it was all over, and Isaac was looking about for the source of the forest's reinforcements.

[color=darkred]"Come out, come out, wherever you are..."[/color]

Day 3/Battle of the Border/Kokage

The forest army had shifted the battled back in Hylian's favor but it was short lived. Kinslayer had taken out there officers, killed the Mobile Chief, and now he was challenging Kokage. Kokage knew this was a fight he couldn't avoid. Kinslayer would pick him out of the crowed if he entered the fray of battle and retreating now meant leaving the Hylians with out the aid of servants. On the other hand if he was caught in an unwinnable battle with Kinslayer he wouldn't be able to even the odds.

"Irritating..." He said disengaging from his current opponents and returning to the siege weapons he previously converted to trees. Once again he stabbed his blade into the ground sending the last wave of energy his brother had lent him into the replanted lubber. The massive weapons rapidly grew and twisted taking forming into a set of somewhat awkwardly shade ents. Kokage entered the one closest to him and used it has his own body. "The rest of you attack those tents. Ensure every officer is killed even if you must be reduced to ash to do so."

The wheels from the his ent body's previous shape appeared on its misshapen legs allowing for some of speed as Kokage charge for the pyrokinetic. Kokage knew perfectly well that using a body of wood against a fire user was futile but he hand no choice. Besides with luck the metal embedded into the trunk and branches would allow this body to meet his needs.

Kokage approached Kinslayer from behind with as much speed as the wheel would allow. He raised the giant ent arm, entangeled with nails and jagged metal joints, above his head and swung upon the Issac with all his strength.

Day 3 (Noon)/ Southern Hyrule Line/ Neon Zelgadiz (dark)

The Sheikah unleashed a barrage of sword slashes into every direction. Neon leapt back, avoiding the tip of his enemy's sword by less than an inch, but the attack didn't stop, again, Neon leapt back, but this time he wasn't able to completely dodge the attack. The sword made a superficial cut through Neon's chest. The wound was insignificant, but it caused Neon to realize that attempting to dodge again would get him killed. He had to block the attack. But… How? The Sheikah's enchanted sword would destroy Neon's remaining sword after a couple of hits, and without his sword, Neon was… defenseless… hopeless… useless. 


Yes !! That could work! That, had saved Neon's life inside the temple of time, maybe it would do it again. Neon charged his Dark Slash, but instead of unleashing it as usual, Neon kept the dark energy around the blade. Neon's magical abilities were weak for a Twili, and to do what he was doing, a certain amount of control over the energy was required (releasing it was much more easier). Neon wouldn't be able to keep the energy in his blade for much time, but it was better than nothing. 

The Sheikah swung his sword again, but this time it was stopped by Neon's sword, and apparently, it didn't suffer any damage. It was working. But that didn't stop the Sheikah, he furiously slashed over and over. Neon blocked attacks coming from every possible direction, left, right, up, down and diagonals. Every time the swords collided, Neon could feel the strength of his enemy decreasing, which was good because Neon wouldn't be able to keep his dark energy flowing thru the blade for much lo… What was that? 

Neon noticed something, a "dark shining". It was many feet behind the Sheikah. Given the fact that his third eye was watching the Sheikah, Neon used his regular eyes to pay attention to that shining. Three Twili mages were charging a combined Shadow Ball. They probably saw a Twili Lieutenant having some problems with a Hylian soldier and decided to help him by killing the Hylian from behind (and that triple spell would certainly kill him). Neon couldn't allow that, he needed the Sheikah alive, letting him die would be a failure. Neon couldn't fail, not when Lilith was depending on him. 

The spell was shot. Neon HAD to block that attack!! 

Before Neon could realize what happened, the Sheikah was standing behind him, they were back to back. And now… the approaching Shadow Ball would hit HIM !! 

The Shadow Ball landed heavily into Neon's chest. The magical impact caused a small explosion, it disintegrated the cloths covering Neon's torso. The impact was strong, but thanks to Neon's natural affinity with the dark element, it wasn't such a serious damage, but it was enough to left Neon unconscious. Before Neon's face landed against the ground, he understood what happened. Given Neon's desire to block the attack and capture his target alive, his body reacted on his own and teleported him to a position where he could block it, between the Sheikah and the Shadow Ball. 

Everything went dark. 

[b]Isaac Telmar - Southern Hyrule Line - Third Afternoon/Evening[/b]

Isaac grinned as the wood and metal abomination rushed him, raising one arm and hurling it at him with all the strength that it could muster. Isaac ducked and rolled out of the way of the first blow, quick and nimble compared to the great lumbering mass that the forest guardian had attached himself to. It was comprised of one of the siege engines, that much he could tell from the scraps of metal and the wheels that adorned it. That meant it wasn't fresh lumber, but dead, dried wood. And that meant that Isaac had the advantage of power, even if not necessarily one of endurance. He'd been fighting all day, first in Castle Town and now here, he was somewhat weary, but not spent just yet.

[color=darkred]"Is that it?"[/color] he asked, throwing his right hand forward and watching bolts of flame lance from his palm and into the wooden suit of armor, creating small explosions on contact. He wanted to save his strength in case he needed to pull out some grand attack, for now he was content to chip away at his foe's defenses.

Splinters, scraps of metal, and live embers rained down over him in the wake of his first volley. He'd wanted a real fight and here it was, now all he had to do was enjoy it while he could.

The enjoyment, however, was somewhat hampered by a massive wooden fist slamming into him. He was hurled back through the air and landed atop a small knot of Hylian soldiers. They were dead before they could realize what had befallen them. Isaac rose, sore all over. That damn thing might have broken a couple ribs, but it was minimal compared to what it could have been, thanks to the magic of the Blue Ring he'd managed to unearth. He looked back up into the face of the monster and grinned a cruel grin, his eyes gleamed with malice.

[color=darkred]"Is that it?"[/color] he asked again, throwing both hands forward and launching more jets of flame from them and into the massive, bulky frame in which hid the cowardly Kokage. [color=darkred]"What a disappointment."[/color]

Jaden/Day 3/Southern Hyrule Line/Noon

So much blurring occurred when the last strings of hope were being grasped at. Moderate success; Jaden had control of it. If he could drop him, he could run and let the flames do the rest of the work.

Scoring a powerful slash amidst the blade flurry, Jaden thought even more so that things looked up. Until his opponent vanished from right in front of him and he cleaved a deathblow at the air. It threw him off balance, and when he tried to catch himself, his back foot touched his adversary's, and then his back. 

That Twili swordsman got hit with something...and when Jaden turned around to see it, there were three mages charging up another rather large shadow ball. He didn't have enough left in him to dodge it or cut the mages down, and he did not know the strength of the forces in the ongoing battle. There was only one way to live. He'd probably get captured. And if they checked to make sure he was really dead, he was gone anyway. It was time to enter a death trance. This wasn't difficult considering he was about to pass out anyway.

Collapsing onto the ground, he held his breath and used the succinct incantation he'd practiced only a few times before. He never actually thought he'd need to use this technique, passed down by the Sheikah for generations.

His sword faded, and the bleeding stopped. Jaden's heart beat the minimum times per minute to keep life in his body, and his breathing was so slow and shallow it'd take an expert medic or spellcaster able to detect life to determine his vitality.

The mages saw him drop and assumed he'd succumbed to his injuries. After checking on Neon, they formed a triangle around the Sheikah's body, making sure no one meddled with it. They didn't check his vitals either. They just waited for further orders.

Color started to fade from Jaden's face. If he was going out, he wouldn't feel a thing. And he could stay like this for days or weeks.

Day 3 (Noon)/ Southern Hyrule Line/ Neon Zelgadiz (dark)

Neon opened his eyes. He was laying on the ground, facing at the sky, but most of it was clouded by black smoke. One of the three mages was seated next to Neon. 
Neon: Where's the Sheikah? 
Mage: Don't worry, sir, he's dead. 

The mage pointed toward Jaden's "corpse". Neon looked into that direction, several feet away from him the Sheikah was laying on the ground. Neon had failed. Well… not entirely. Neon's original plans didn't include capturing a Sheikah there in the forest. The Sheikah's death wasn't an obstacle to achieve his goal, it was just a missed opportunity to accelerate things. Neon would have to return to his original plan, it wasn't such a big deal. 
Neon: How long was I unconscious? 
Mage: Almost ten minutes, sir. 
Mage: Sir... we saw you fighting against the Hylian and we thought that you may need some assistance, so… 
Neon: Don't worry about this incident, it was mostly my fault. 
Neon noticed that his wound caused by the needle had some bandages on it. Clearly, These mages weren't medical experts but at least the hemorrhage had stopped. Pain flowed thru Neon's entire body, but it was nothing he couldn't handle. Neon stood up and went to inspect the Sheikah's corpse. It was unlikely, but maybe it would have something interesting, maps, messages, or some other type of information. 

As soon as the Sheikah entered into the field of view of Neon's third eye, he realized that the Sheikah was alive. Neon's regular sight and his third eye hadn't been so contradicted before. Carefully, Neon used his belt to tie the Sheikah's hands and then he inspected the body, he couldn't sense pulse, breathing, movement or any other sign of life, and yet, it was perfectly clear to his third eye that the Sheikah was alive. Maybe it was in some sort of coma, maybe it was a Sheikah infiltration technique or maybe the Sheikah was dying. Neon's lack of medical knowledge prevented him from understanding the situation, but one thing was sure: right now, the Sheikah was alive. 

In that moment, Vicks, Wedge and the other three wizards arrived. After seeing Neon's appearance, Vicks and Wedge hurried to him. 

Vicks: What the hell happened to you? 
Neon: I'm fine. Wedge, heal this guy and then me. 
Wedge: I'm sorry sir. After using the metal warriors for such a long period of time, my magical energy is completely drained. 
Vicks: All the Hylians in the area back there are dead, there is only one section where the battle is still going on, and apparently, a fire mage is taking care of it. I guess he's a new mercenary. We've practically won, and there are relatively few casualties on our side. 
Neon: Good. I need to keep this Sheikah alive. I'll try to teleport him back to the camp with me, you go back as well. 
Vicks: Ok. 
Wedge: Yes, sir. 

This was the first time Neon would attempt to teleport another person with him. That's why he decided to try it only with the Sheikah first. Neon visualized the entrance to the infirmary and then the black sphere engulfed them... Everything went black for a moment and an uncomfortable sensation of nausea invaded him, his body felt weak, very weak, so weak that for a moment Neon felt he had no body at all. Surely, if the Sheikah had been conscious, he would have experienced the same. Now, both of them were in front of the infirmary in the Twili camp. Neon took the Sheikah inside and placed him on a bed, then he spoke with a nearby couple of doctors. 

Neon: This man has valuable information, we need him alive and conscious, take care of him. But he's also VERY dangerous, take off all of his clothes to make sure he is not hiding anything, perform a cavity search, make sure he is well secured into the bed and keep 3 guards with him the whole time. Keep me informed of his status. 

Neon left the room. His wounds weren't too serious, a blue potion and some rest would be more than enough. 
Doctor: Wow, this guy must be really dangerous if Lieutenant Neon told us to be so careful with him. 
Chief Doctor: Bah! That's nonsense, we have no time or personal to waste on a simple Hylian. Just follow the standard procedures. 

The guard revised the Sheikah and took all the weapons he found, then he handcuffed him to the bed and ordered another guard to watch him. Then the doctor begun to treat his wounds. 

Day 3/The Battle/Kokage
Temlar had set the tree a blaze and the flames were spreading quickly over the wood that hadn't returned to life. Still, it was of little consern. Kokage knew this body would be destroyed, it was merely to buy some time. The tree beast made one final dash at the pryokinetic though this time as the ent once again swung with all its might Kokage jump from the beast and swung down at Kinslayer with his own blade.

Jaden/Day 3/Twili Base/Evening

He was surprised to wake up. Jaden was even more shocked that they didn't take his armor and simply handcuffed him to a bed. Whatever procedure these guys had, it was sloppy. And he planned on making them pay for it by getting away.

Before he made a move, he surveyed his surroundings. While they didn't take his armor, they did snake his weapons and fun bag. Whatever intel they may have gained from him wasn't anything they didn't already know. But he was quite stiff from the death trance.

The vantages were obscured fairly well from his position. And why did they fix his wounds? He never questioned free medical care. There were a few ways he could get out of the bed. He could simply break his restraints, but that would make a lot of noise. The more painful method would give him temporary swelling of his hands...but it was a better choice. 

Jaden painfully dislocated his wrists and knuckles, slipping both hands out of the handcuff restraints. Before too much bruising could occur, he cracked his hands back into working condition, but they stung like hell. He grabbed a scalpel from the nearby instrument tray and looked for any kind of container that might have his weapons.

At least that guy was smart and took my weapons. Even the "Evidence Chest" doesn't have them.

It looked like all he could come up with was a canteen, some rations, and a field medic's surgery kit. And as far as weaponry, a long scalpel. He knew how to fight with a knife fairly well, so if it came to that, it would work nicely. 

The door wasn't locked...apparently they thought he was a simple Hylian. From the windows, he tried to stay low. Guard patrols were analyzed...and Jaden realized he was right in the middle of the main Twili base. He'd mapped this place a month ago and not much had changed other than the lack of artillery and military personnel. Under the cover of night he'd attempt to sneak out of this camp. 

And his best bet to avoid combat would be to try to hoof it to the Great Deku Tree and throw himself on the mercy of the Forest for protection. 

How did they know he wasn't dead? Such questions were things he didn't have time for. He kept watching guard patrols and slipped out of the infirmary during a break in the cycle. A few of them stopped to talk...such distractions would prove useful on the way out. 

Jaden had to deal with watch towers, patrols, and other things. Looking out of place didn't help matters much. He had to stick to the shadows and stay far away from the main garrison. Hyrule's General may be held there, but this was not a good time to try to be a hero. He had to get back to the village...and he had to have the backing of the Forest in order to make a clean break. 

There had to be enough distance between him and the infirmary before they realized he was gone. It was evening; everyone was asleep except for the Night Watch. It was just about that time for people to get lazy and careless, and Jaden exploited this to the fullest extent, slipping through a weakness in the perimeter fence. 

Use the cover to advantage, find a water source, and follow it to the Sacred Grove...and hope to the Three I don't get lost in those freaking woods again.

When he made it to the forest proper, commotion started to occur. He walked lightly enough not to leave easily traceable tracks, and since they patched him up, no blood trail was there either. Also to his advantage was the non-aggression pact that the Deku Tree forced upon both sides of this conflict. Even if they did find him, there would be hell to pay if they tried to attack. As a two-edged sword, Jaden couldn't take out sentries if he saw them either. This was a game of evasion and stealth now. Deep in the woods, he searched for the river that could be his salvation.

Isaac Telmar - Southern Hyrule Line - Third Afternoon/Evening

As the massive tree creature lunged once more, swinging another powerful blow, the creature that had commanded it hurled himself forward, swinging at the pyro with his own blade. Isaac could react to only one thing at a time, but as it turned out the events ended up working in his favor. The forest guardian Kokage descended quickly and Isaac's own blade flashed up to stop him from being cleaved in two. The momentum of his true foe's attack however sent them both sprawling in the dirt and out of the path of the ent's sweeping blow.

Quickly Isaac disentangled himself from the forest guardian and rolled backwards, coming back to his feet and quickly loosing several oily jets of flame into the massive tree beast. At the same time he flipped his dagger to a reverse grip style and settled into a slight crouch. He wasn't sure if the ent was finished or if Kokage would manage to utilize it one more time, but he was ready for anything.

"Fancy seeing you outside your precious forest. I was wondering if I might have to make a house call one of these days." Isaac taunted, knowing that for Kokage, the most vile of threats was that against the forest, its inhabitants, and the Deku Tree. The mindless zealot had offered he himself as well as his acquaintances, Taden Hothnight and Davus Fulmen, a great deal of amusement over the centuries.

He clenched his right fist while gripping his dagger in his left, and around his clenched fist he formed a fusion of telekinetic force and flame, giving him a second viable option in close quarters melee combat. He decided to let his threat do its work, however, and sat back to wait for the imminent attack.

Jaden/Day 3/Deep Faron/Evening

He thanked the Three for his self-taught magics and superior resilience. But with as stiff as he was feeling, he couldn't take off at the speed he wanted to. 

No, he'd not brought a torch. He had low-light vision and that was good enough to get by until the sun came up. Wounds weren't enough to do him in, but he had to be careful not to burst his stitches.

They'd be on to him sooner or later, but no one saw exactly what direction he'd run. They'd most likely send aimless search parties out in each direction to do a sweep. But they could only go so far...he had to break that line. And he had to do it silently enough without stepping on too much brush or waking up denizens that weren't bound by the Deku Tree's edict.

Baying of hounds echoed in the far distance. The enemy spared no time. Sure, it may have been a simple Hylian prisoner, but it was another potential bargaining chip. 

He could hear the trickling of a stream, and luckily it led further away from their main garrison. Jaden took off at top speed given his condition, appearing as a blur. He'd get to the Lost Woods even if it killed him by running into a tree or whatnot. 

And then he heard other things rustling as he ran by. Deku Scrubs were alerted...they were spitting nuts. He started weaving in and out of trees and underbrush as the source of water widened. It would take him a little while yet to make the entrance...but on the bright side, those scrubs would hit the search parties too. The wrath of the forest did not discriminate.


"Fancy seeing you outside your precious forest. I was wondering if I might have to make a house call one of these days." Kinslayer threatened while shifting into a defensive stance. Kokage knew all to well Issac would gladly carry it out even if just on a whim; however it couldn't afford to bite off on it right now. He knew Telmar was only trying to provoke him into make a rash attack putting the fire tamer at an advantage, but Kokage wasn't one to fall into such traps as easily as many of the others Kinslayer had fought before. The guardian may have been quick to kill those who entered his forest, even more so now that the sage power hampered his sanity when he was still in the woods; nevertheless he was not one to act soling on emotional impulse.

"The invaders believed they found a loophole to the Young Deku Tree's decree. I did not see it as such and decided to punish them by destroying there monstrosity weapons that were made from my woods and then trampled though the forest with the same care and concern that you would likely show. It was then on a whim I decided to help the Hylians as a reward for there strike and immediate adherence. Though it does seem your timely arrive secured a victory for the Twili regardless for my efforts,"he said having noticed the Hylian's all out defeat. "All the same the forest creatures did manage to reduce there numbers below that of what they need to attack the castle. I also managed to kill most of their officers so it would seem you alone are there only real asset," he said almost smiling.

The elemental lowered his blade and reabsorbed it into his very being no longer seeing a reason to fight the pyrokinetic. After all Kokage was at a disadvantage and Kinslayer was enjoying this far to much. "Well I suppose I just made the mistake of assuming you really are working with that and you are not just here out for your own amusement. Well nevertheless if you are there ally now let them now this. I will allow there troops to pass through my forest unharassed so long as they show no sign of hostiles; however any siege weapons will be destroyed in the same fashion they were today. Of course it goes with out saying that this applies to the Hylians as well. And now, we're finished," he said turning away from Issac. Just as he did the grass around Kinslayer up as if to assault him in the form of a thousand spikes. Tsukiakari assumed the attack would have little effect and he honestly didn't care if it worked at all. He merely used it as a distraction to escape back into his domain without Kinslayer stopping him.

b]Isaac Telmar - Southern Hyrule Line - Third Afternoon/Evening[/b]

Isaac wanted to pursue, to chase the forest guardian back into the wood. He was spoiling for the fight, the challenge, that the Hylians had been unable to provide him, itching for the kill that would make him feel alive like nothing else could. He didn't even need Kinslayer for this.

But instead he watched as his foe had vanished, back into the forest, as blades of grass had turned to blades beneath his feet. A quick pain lanced through him as they plunged up through the bottoms of his boots. The flame that had collected about his right fist was thrust into the ground and the grass was incinerated.

All around him lay the dead and the dying, moans of agony carried on the gentle breeze even as smoke rose up in great pillars all across the southernmost edge of the field. The Twili too had lost soldiers, officers, siege weapons and supplies. It would take them some time to muster their forces, and then they would push on. Perhaps there was a column of reinforcements on its way from wherever the Interlopers had come from. Perhaps this was what they had at their disposal and they had been stripped of their advantage. Somehow he doubted the latter. These dark magicians had plans and tricks, tactics and deceptions. No, the outcome of this battle was in their favor no matter how much they appeared to have lost.

Jaden/Deep Faron/Day 3/Evening

That entrance had to be close...but this was a huge risk, trying to get an audience with the supreme being of the forest. Considering how angry its denizens were, he would not be surprised if they didn't kill him outright for asking for asylum or safe passage out and away from the Twili. 

Once he hit the Lost Woods, the pursuit would end. He'd scouted the entrance a month before. Well, there were multiple entrances. He'd even gotten disoriented in there for a week. It couldn't be mapped even if he had tried. All he could do was memorize directions. He saw the Sacred Grove but did not interfere with it. But now Jaden was resolute in his attempt to reach it. 

Kae wasn't trying to contact him. But then again, she never asked for permission to speak with him telepathically. And he didn't know that little trick of hers or Nora's. Considering the depth of Faron, there was a good chance said trick might not have that distance.

He couldn't hear the hounds anymore. He couldn't hear much of anything else either with how fast he was running other than a lot of wind whipping at his ears.

And there it was, after a good twenty minutes of this chase. Lesser men would have collapsed. Jaden's body was highly stressed; he was overdoing it a bit too much after almost dying of blood loss. The Bryseis clan was plagued with this problem throughout its history. Capable of much, but not knowing when to throttle it back even one notch. It got them in trouble and Chieftains would often tailor assignments around this. 

Jaden dove into the entrance and found a small clearing to pace around in as he tried to cool down. His stitches were seeping, and he'd worked himself so hard that he upchucked digestive fluids and then some. After the shock mostly dissipated, the surgery kit was taken out and he put it to work, cleaning the stitches.

The contents of a canteen might not ever have been chugged as fast as Jaden consumed it. There was clean water in the clearing and he refilled it for the journey ahead. 

You can't run from us forever. We'll find you, Hylian scum...

If you throw the first punch, it'll be the forest that ends you. I dare you to try. Besides, this place can't be mapped. So good luck.

If only he'd actually given a damn.

Evening 3/Lost Wood/Kokage

"Are you still here," Kokage's voice spoke out to the same solder he encountered earlier. He was hiding in the moon light rendering completely invisible and intangible to most. "Well I suppose its for the best. Your forces at the border were wiped out, had you been there you'd be dead now as well," he said as he reviled himself to the soldier. 

"All of that aside, I can't let you go any farther into the lost woods. You see if a Hylian were to get lost in there I'd have another Stalfos on my hands and I really rather not have to deal with one of those at night. Now if you'd like I can lead you out of this forest once and for all."

Jaden/Lost Woods/Day 3/Evening

He was surprised to find anything in these woods that spoke his language, but less than pleased to see the fellow who had threatened to kill him earlier. Again, he was reasonable, so Jaden didn't feel too endangered.

"Routed? Damn! The story's a bit different for me, I'm afraid. Escaped prisoner of war. I ran in here because I knew they wouldn't follow me. I was trying to get to the Deku Tree to seek asylum until I'd mended up, but safe passage out of here would be great."

Maybe things would go better this time. But where would Jaden go after this? Back to the village was the first idea. He had to find out what happened to his family, and see if Kae could do anything with what he saw while in the camp. 

"So the only wish of the forest is to keep the war out? What will be done about the Twili staged here? They're just going to bunker up; it'll stalemate. It's just so confusing."

Jaden had a bad feeling that the Chieftain would scold him for being captured. The other school of thought would be grateful for him coming back alive. Conundrums arose in his mind faster than he could think. 

"You wouldn't have happened to see any other Hylian-types in the forest lately with red eyes? Ever since I've been stuck here, I had a feeling that my people might have sent others to look for me. But I haven't seen any of them."

What did become of his parents? When one of the Sheikah gets lost, they usually send out those who know the operative best if a location or extraction is possible. First in line were his quite-experienced parents. Next in line would be...his sister. He had no idea what had become of her over the last few days. And the look of disbelief would speak volumes if he ever discovered the truth.

He didn't know much about the scrying and telepathy Nora and Kae used. It was only able to be responded to because they stuck around in his mind to hear what he had to think...and he had no clue how to call out to them. Twili had apparently learnt how to do this as well; this troubled him plenty. 

Jaden resolved when he got back to the village that he'd attempt to learn how to do this. He had a basic fundamental ability that he'd spent years working with.

Then there was the angry forest entity that had a rather large problem with him being where he was. Being a deep-cover scout, Jaden treated the land with utmost respect as it was. He wasn't like the Twili, who just overran the forest with their machinations. But the forest didn't quite care who was there, it wanted its tranquility back. 

This, in a way was the same reasoning Jaden's people had for keeping their home hidden. But their home was not as obvious as a forest. It was in the last place anyone would look...the Deku Scrubs and other denizens didn't have that liberty. 

Night 3/Forest/Kokage

"That would depend on just who you ask," Kokage responded as he began to lead the soldier out of the forest. "Personally I would like nothing more then to keep you all out of this forest, after all conflicts like these do have a habit of causing this place to burn down. On the other hand I believe the Young Deku Tree may side with the Hylians. He simply is unable to act on that desire at the moment. As for your war becoming a stalemate, well I couldn't care less. The Twili have taken Ordon Village as there base which was a part of the Forest the young Deku Tree gave up to the Hylians. As far as I'm considered your kind and there's are no different so who lives there doesn't matter so long as they don't try to expand. Though if you MUST continue this fight I will not attack anyone traveling though the forest so long as they don't fight here. I will destroy any large siege weapons though."

"You wouldn't have happened to see any other Hylian-types in the forest lately with red eyes? Ever since I've been stuck here, I had a feeling that my people might have sent others to look for me. But I haven't seen any of them." The soldier inquired, probably hoping some of his comrades in arms had escape the slaughter by running into the forest. Though he didn't know what eye color had to do with it.

"You are the first Hylian I have encountered in the forest since your people wisely accepted the the Young Deku Tree's terms. Though I will admit that finding you people is harder at night when you're not causing trouble. Of course when that's the case, I usually don't find the need to search you out." he responded with a slight hit of a smile.

[b]Isaac Telmar - Twili Encampment - Third Evening[/b]

Things were in disarray as he strode back in, the folds of his coat flying out behind him in the warm, whipping winds. A satisfied smirk decorated his visage and a dim orange light could be seen through the buttons of his undershirt as the Brand that snaked its way around his torso seared in the aftermath of the slaughter.

He stopped in front of the Twili witch, Maydni, and dropped the collection of charred, severed Hylian heads that he'd been carrying by the hair at her feet.

[color=darkred]"You can move your forces ahead any time. The Hylians won't be an issue for a while."[/color]

Yes, he'd won the invaders a battle, but the war... that was an altogether different story. They'd be moving into Hyrule proper now, bringing the conflict right to the doorsteps of everyone that had hoped it could be repelled. Hylians would tremble, but the old ones like himself would be forced to act. He could see it now, huddled around some table somewhere, concocting plans from atop their pedestal. How many times had he seen it done?

At least as many times as he'd seen it undone.

[color=darkred]"Well, that was bracing."[/color] he said with an exaggerated yawn. [color=darkred]"What's next?"[/color]

[b]Jaden/Day 3/Faron/Evening[/b]

Awkward. He felt it up and down his frame. Jaden really didn't know what to say to this fellow. The guy lived in the forest, he didn't know what a Sheikah really was. Nothing in common. Well, maybe a sense of honor. Maybe more. He wasn't sure where to probe.

[i]I can reach you now, that is good. You will need to trust me, Jaden. I have gotten clearance to give you many good things, provided you take that pact you keep refusing.[/i]

[color=chocolate][i]The Last Temptation of Jaden Bryseis? Come on, Nora, just spit it out.[/i][/color]

[i]The Chieftain is considering naming you the heir. He has no son of his own, and he cares deeply for your family. I can give you 3 months' worth of the same training I gave him in 24 hours, should you choose to accept it. And there's also new weapons crafted of Starmetal...all for you...Hyrule needs you. Kae needs you.[/i]

Jaden went white as a ghost momentarily. Him as the heir to the people? He'd never even thought it was possible. 

[color=chocolate][i]You're playing to my life's goals. But Hyrule will fall without good people like me. We'll talk when I return. Like you sleep much as it is, you old crone.[/i][/color]

There was still a ways to go before he was free of the forest. And he hoped this fellow would lead him away from the Twili forward encampment. If he was getting Starmetal'd out like Kae, that was a good enough motivation, especially considering what he'd been through in the past few days.

Here I Go Again On My Own Edit

Day 3 (Afternoon)/ Twili camp/ Neon Zelgadiz (dark)

After leaving the Sheikah in the infirmary, Neon returned to his room, drank a blue potion and rested for an hour. After that, his physical condition was optimal again. He had nothing else to do in particular, The battle he left was almost won and he had already accomplished both of his missions. The Sheikah was almost dead, so Neon would have to wait until tomorrow for the Sheikah to be in the right condition to be interrogated by Cid. For now, he had some free time. 

What happened during his fight with the Sheikah, it couldn't happen again. Neon had to find a way to prevent it. His teleportation skill activated automatically, with pathetic results. He was knocked out in a combat because of his lack of control over his new skill. He needed to control it in the same way he controlled his body and his swords. 

Neon went out of the camp, he liked to train in private. He already knew how to activate his ability, now he needed to integrate it into his fighting style. Neon spent several hours "jumping" and swinging his sword around. Once the sunlight extinguished and the moon was visible, he decided to go back. 

During his training, Neon learned several things about his teleportation skill. He had two different types of "jumps". Those that needed the black sphere and those who didn't. The black sphere appeared when the distance of the jump exceeded 33 feet (the same reach of his Third Eye), the time required to jump again depended on the traveled distance, after each jump, weakness and dizziness prevented him from moving for a few seconds. When the sphere didn't appear there wasn't any dizziness and the time needed before another jump was zero, however, this was only during the first 7 consecutive jumps, after that, he could jump only every two minutes. Also, Neon learned how to jump accurately and quickly, in theory, he should be able to fully use his new skill during a fight. 

When Neon arrived to his room, Vicks was outside, waiting for him 
Vicks: Good evening Captain Neon. 
Neon: … Captain? 
Vicks: Apparently, in this morning's battle, Dalton was Killed by a tree, or something like that. And naturally, you were declared as the new captain of the Fourth Company. Here, take this. 
Neon took the scroll that Vicks gave him and opened it. It was an official notification. Now, he was a captain. So far, everything was going according to the plan, but this wasn't enough. If he wanted to assure Lilith's treatment for life, he would have to at least become a Lieutenant Colonel. This was a good start, but a long path awaited him. 

Vicks also told him that Wedge delivered the Dominion Crown to Cid. After this, Neon went to sleep, the next morning he would take the Sheikah to Cid for interrogation. The idea of torturing a defenseless warrior (specially one as capable as this) was sickening, but he had no choice. The Sheikahs were obedient dogs, trying to persuade them to join the Twili would most likely be a waste of time, but it was worth the try. 

The next morning, Neon woke up and went to the infirmary, it was time to interrogate the Sheikah. But apparently, he had escaped during the night. The guys in charge of the security in the infirmary would have to pay for their carelessness, but that could wait, besides, right now the Twili didn't have enough medical personnel to afford putting them in jail. Some men had been sent to search for the Sheikah, but most likely, that had been a waste of time and men. It would be very difficult for them to locate the Sheikah (the Sheikahs were famous by their stealth). And even if they found him, recapturing him wouldn't be easy, Neon knew this by personal experience. 

Anyway, it wasn't time to worry about all that. Neon had to capture a Sheikah, again. He would have to go back to his original plan. Neon went back to his room, took six blue potions, two new swords, some provisions and the holographic rod. Then, he checked a map and went to Cid's laboratory. Cid was analyzing the golden warriors. His current project was to duplicate them, to create an army of them. Cid didn't pay any attention to Neon, it was better that way. Neon didn't want to be around that guy more than the strictly necessary. And this wasn't strictly necessary, one of Cid's assistants would be enough. Neon gave some coordinates to the assistant, he operated the teleporting machine, an then, Neon entered the sphere. 

Somewhere, a portal in the sky was opened and Neon fell from it. As soon as he landed, he grabbed the holographic rod. The colors of his skin, eyes and hair changed. Now he looked like a regular Hylian. 

Now, Neon was standing near the south entrance of Castle Town. 

Day 4 (Morning)/ South Hyrule Field Near Castle Town/ Neon Zelgadiz (dark)

Neon looked around to make sure nobody saw him. After confirming that nobody was around, Neon walked towards Castle Town's entrance. He hadn't been there for a while, but he remembered it as a large and lively town. After walking for 15 minutes, he arrived at the entrance and walked inside the town. 

What had happened there? It was… horrible. Large sections of the town were almost in ruins, many buildings had been burned, large chunks of ice were everywhere, water mixed with blood ran thru the streets. Luckily, Castle Town had an efficient sewer system running below the streets, without it, the Hylians would have to deal with a small flood caused by the melting of the large chunks of ice. Apparently an army of fire and ice wizards had attacked the town, or something like that. But something like that didn't seem to be the face of the war, it was… senseless destruction. 

Soldiers and volunteers were working hard, trying to find survivors among the ruins, treating the injured people, removing the rubble from the streets and installing shelters. The Hylian soldiers were very busy… and vulnerable, Neon arrived at a good time. 

Neon ran and jumped among the ruins, getting closer to the Castle, but something caught his attention, something he saw with his third eye. A woman was trapped below the rests of a fallen wall several feet away from him, her life force was dwindling. Neon stopped, for a moment, he was unsure about what to do, to the north the castle was waiting for him. Neon felt a little ashamed of himself for doubting, an innocent civilian needed help to survive, he could provide it, there was no reason to doubt. Neon ran to the location of the woman and started to remove stones and wood at the same time he called for medical help. Removing the rubbish was difficult because he needed to hold the rod in his hand to maintain the spell that made him look like a regular Hylian. Three nearby soldiers arrived soon, one of them seemed to be medic. Once the woman was free, the medic quickly examined her, his face didn't reflect much hope. They had to take her to the hospital, but without some medicine she wouldn't survive the trip, and with such a huge amount of victims, they ran out of potions. Neon quickly gave one of his blue potions to the doctor and he quickly made the woman drink it and then took her to the hospital. 

Neon wondered how many survivors were trapped below the rubbish that once were buildings. Well… there was only one way to find out. Neon took a deep sigh, and using his third eye, started to search for survivors. Definitely, this wasn't part of his plans… but it felt right.

Day 4 (Mid Day)/ Castle Town/ Neon Zelgadiz (dark)

A few hours and 5 blue potions later, Neon had searched thru the whole town. He found 12 survivors. He gave a blue potion to each one of the first five he found, and 2 others didn't have serious injuries, at least 7 of them would be fine. One of the victims died while he was trying to rescue him and the other 5 were in critical condition, maybe they'll die, maybe they'll live, but they would have better chances inside a hospital than under the rests of crumbled buildings. Apparently he had finished his work there, his third eye had found all the survivors, it was time to continue with his original mission. 

While he was rescuing survivors, Neon took the opportunity to talk with the soldiers and obtain some information about the current state of the town. He had the same conversation with several different people. He was able to obtain a pretty good idea of what had happened there. Apparently, all that devastation had been caused by only a few individuals. Also, Neon confirmed the presence of at least two Sheikahs in the town (surely, there were more of them). 

Before entering the Castle Town, Neon had six blue potions, now he had none. Hopefully, he wouldn't need them. He resumed his march toward the castle, but not without looking back at the devastation and wondering about the destiny of those he had saved. What would happen to them after the Twili won the war? How would the high command treat them? And in the first place, what was the real reason for this war? To worry about that was a waste of time and Neon knew it. This war would be fought with or without him. But he was there, and he had the chance to finish this war sooner, decreasing the number of deaths on both sides, and of course, climb a couple of steps in the military ladder. After all, Lilith was counting on him. It was time to move. 

Neon arrived at the Castle's main gate. Only two guards were protecting it, one of them had bandage on his nose, obviously, the recent attack on the town had drained most of their personnel, the castle was vulnerable. This shouldn't be too difficult. 

When Neon was close enough, the guards inquired him about the motive of his presence. Neon hanged the holographic rod on his belt (as soon as he did it, his appearance returned to normal) and answered with two words. 

Neon: … Dark Slash. 

Neon released his spell as he unsheathed his left sword, it cut the throat of one of the guards. Before the other guard could react, Neon swung his sword and beheaded him. Then, Neon dashed into the castle.

Day 4 (Mid Day)/ Hyrule Castle/ Neon Zelgadiz (dark)

Day 4 (Mid Day)/ Hyrule Castle (Garden)/ Neon Zelgadiz (dark)

After killing the guards and crossing the main gate, Neon found himself at the castle garden. It was huge and magnificent, it probably had a length of almost 2 miles. Exotic flowers and beautiful fountains (commonly depicting the Triforce and the Goddesses) adorned the landscape. Under other circumstances, taking a stroll on that garden would been a gratifying experience. On the other hand, it was a little disturbing, on the other side of the main gate, the town was almost in ruins. But it had always been like that. The royalty lived in a different (and almost opposite) world than the ordinary people. 

Neon rushed towards the castle, soon, he found some resistance. A small group of 8 soldiers on a defensive formation stood between Neon and the castle, all of them were pointing their spears to him, ready to attack as soon as he approached them. Neon's mission consisted on entering the castle, finding his targets and get out as soon as possible, he had no time to waste in pointless fights. While running, Neon cast his Dark Slash, cutting the throat of one of the soldiers and then, using the hole in the formation, dashed between the rest of the soldiers. This same scene repeated itself a couple of times. Also, every now and then, a few archers tried to shoot him, but most of the time the arrows weren't even close to him, he was to fast for most of them. However, a few times he had to use his sword to intercept the arrows that would actually hit him. 

Near the castle, he found a new obstacle, several knights wearing heavy armors and shields stood in front of him. His Dark Slash would be useless against them. But it was nothing to worry about, they would certainly be too slow. Neon parried and dodged their swords, and eventually left them behind. When he was almost at the door that would grant him entrance to the interior of the castle, a last obstacle appeared. A large amount of archers, placed atop the castle, shot at him at the same time. A couple of days ago, something like that would have certainly killed him, but now, it was just another trivial obstacle. Neon disappeared from the trajectory of the arrows, and appeared several feet closer to the castle doors. The heavy iron doors had been closed a few seconds ago, but it didn't matter. Neon teleported himself a few feet forward, now, he was inside the actual castle. 

Day 4 (Mid Day)/ Hyrule Castle (Inside)/ Neon Zelgadiz (dark)

This Is Retconned Edit

Day 3/Somewhere/Davus

Davus sat in the middle of a deep forest, pondering his hasty retreat at castle town. It would not have been necessary were he not currently under the control of another, a vicious, merciless man who contained within him the very evil that Davus used to strike fear into the hearts of others. It was a man whom Davus would never have expected to give him so much trouble, a man who hadn’t it in him to control and manipulate others so cruelly.

“I can’t have you thinking these things about me, Davus. It makes me think you’re planning on trying to rebel against me.”

“I didn’t realize you still had such a great sense of humor.” Davus replied, gritting his teeth as he did so. He felt his body pushed to the ground by an invisible weight, and suddenly he was pleading on his knees like a common beggar.

“Enough of this nonsense. Your show at the castle town was strong, but hardly the Davus that I used to know.”

“I am hardly the Davus you knew. I am little more than a shadow of that Davus’ memories. It’s thanks to that Davus that either of us even exists.”

“Ah yes, that we can agree upon. And with that, I must regret to inform you that it’s time that this Davus went the way of that Davus.” Davus’ eyes widened in horror, for this man truly meant to eradicate him, to completely obliterate him and truly take over his mind and soul.

“You may destroy me now, but I promise you I will return. My real body is somewhere still, and this rotting corpse is not the last of me that you will see!” And while his words may have been sincere, his actions were unable to match their grandeur, and Davus felt himself start to fade, to lose cohesiveness. 

“Do you hear me? I’ll have my revenge!” Davus clenched his rapidly fading fists. “I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE!” And with those words, he was gone. His body nowhere to be seen, and the only one left in the room was a man once young and all-things-good. And now that man planned to make his return with the most pleasant of faces, but with an attitude that could only be Davus Fulmen, for after all, they were now one and the same.

"And now to get reacquainted with the world."

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