Though he is a skilled blacksmith, he carries no shield or sword. His main weapons are his size and his fists.


Obviously very strong and very heavy. Can roll up into a ball in order to travel faster, as well to make him effectively a giant boulder capable of crushing those in his way. He has rock hard skin, making most normal weapons almost non-effective. He is an extremely skilled blacksmith and is able to make an almost perfect sword in half-a-day. Fire has almost no effect on him.


Can't swim. Generally dislikes water. Hates anything icy or cold. Typically is not very smart, and is too eager to fight at times. Doesn't fully understand his value as the last remaining giant goron. Doesn't handle confined spaces very well.


From an early age, Gigagoron had always been bigger than the other gorons, much bigger. Roughly every 100 years ;) a giant goron is born into the tribe on Death Mountain. Giant gorons are considered elite members of goron society, and as such, are given special education from an early age to hone their blacksmith skills. But this "special education," as well as the fact that Giga couldn't live in Goron city with the rest of the gorons, secluded Giga, making him have rather bad people skills. This is even more surprising considering his father, Daurnuro, is the patriarch.

But due to an ancient tradition forbidding giant gorons from ever becoming patriarchs themselves, one of the elders sons, Daurbia, is set to take control of the tribe. As such, Daurbia and Giga have never really seen eye to eye. Giga thinks Daurbia is a no-good throne stealer and Daurbia thinks Giga is a jealous half-witted blacksmith.o thus things were when the mines collapsed. The whole mountain shook and Giga instantly sprang to action.

He entered the mines through his private entrance and was instantly confronted with fighting some sort of strange desert worm, which he easily disposed of. Then the true culprit appeared to him, it was a Twili, one of the evil magic wielders of the stories. She ran through his legs and mocked Giga, mocked his people. He made it outside in time to see her flying off on some giant bird. Anger swelled up inside of him knowing that the only place he ever felt at home, the mines, were gone.