"Oh yes, I know who you are, Kourtz, and who you work for. In fact, you'll find there's very little in this land that escapes my notice."
— Haldar

Haldar the Pariah was a male Hylian who lived in Kakariko Village during the Epoch Era. Haldar was generally seen as an unsuspecting alcoholic, but in reality was a criminal mastermind operating out of the Kakariko Inn Tavern. He served as an informant to the Hyrulean underworld and was a close friend of Majin Kotage. On Epoch Day 2 he warned Majin to leave Hyrule as agents would soon be after him for the Theft of the Hylian Trust. On Night 3 he was visited by Polaris Eridanus who wanted to know how best to climb nearby Death Mountain.

At the same moment however King Dromand's Secret Agents wanted to question Haldar, only to find the Zora inadvertently blocking their target. Taden Horwendil attacked Polaris to create a distraction so the other agents could talk to the Pariah. The Hyrulean Agents were eventually victorious in the skirmish, and Kourtz convinced Haldar to talk after paying him in a large sum of treasures. Haldar explained that Majin was hired to steal the trust key, but he didn't know who the employer who hired him to do it was.

After promising to keep quiet about the agents involvement with him, Haldar went back to his drink.