"We're Zelda fans--if we can't explain away a plothole, no one can."
— Oni_Link87

The ​IGN Legend of Zelda Board (often shortened to simply the "Zelda Board") is a internet message board dedicated to The Legend of Zelda series. Hosted by the gaming website IGN it is one of the top boards on site having more than 1,200,000 messages on over 105 pages as of Oct. 2011. The IGN Zelda Board has been the website where the ZRPG Series has taken place for over the past 14 years.


The Zelda Board goes back to the beginning of IGN board history having started in Aug of 2000.

As with other Zelda related sites when The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker was announced it generated a large amount of debates and controversy on the Zelda Board due to its Cell-Shaded graphics. The game would remain a controversial topic for a long while after the game was released among board users, with some TWW related topics bordering on flame wars. However this controversy has largely died down in recent years.

In 2004 a new more realistic Zelda game was shown at that years E3. Nicknamed "Zelda Reborn" at the time by fans on the board, the game would eventually become tivity and many of the boards most well-known users joined at this time. The game was largely hyped and was constantly talked about.

Prior to the games second showing at E3 2005, a large number of rumors about the game began to flood the Zelda Board. A large number of debates about the authenticity of the rumors happen on the board during this time. Among the most talked about was the rumor that Link would become a Wolf in the game. While some of these rumors turned out to be fake a large number of them, including the Wolf rumor, were later confirmed to be part of the game.

In the years after the release of Skyward Sword board activity had gone down somewhat, and some of the older users have long since left the board. Still the boards remained one of the largest on IGN. The announcement on a new Zelda game on Wii U as well as the release of Hyrule Warriors has caused the board to receive more activity in recent times.

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