Mountain Business

[b]Daurubia/Morning 7/Hallways of Death Mountain[/b]

Daurubia meandered slowly through the hallways which wove under the great mountain. The maze was easily solved by any goron, those who had lived here for their whole lives, but to an outsider this would be a venerable labyrinth. This was yet another of the defense strategies which made Death Mountain a nearly impenetrable fortress, the only true siege-proof structure in Hyrule, save for perhaps Zora's Domain and their waterfall. 

He knew that perhaps his father had been right. If they simply stayed here, then no goron would die from this war; no Twili army could ever win an attack on Death Mountain. It stung him knowing that he would be leading his people into a war against overwhelming odds. But still, he knew deep down that this was the right course of action; and that to ignore their Hyrulian brethren would be against the goron way.

They must fight. They were gorons, and they would win.

Suddenly, a little goron lad, a messenger of sorts, came sprinting down the hallway. "Patriarch! Patriarch Daurubia! Please, you must come! The elders demand your presence in the council hall!"

Daurubia was taken aback. [color=red][hl=black]"Slow down boy, what is it? What could possibly be so urgent?"[/hl][/color]

The boy merely shook his head and began dragging the patriarch through the hallways. "I'm not sure," he called while running, "some sort of attack--Eldin bridge--the Hylians--a monkey..."

It was completely nonsensical, but he figured something that got someone this riled up had to be worth something.

When they came into the council hall, the four elders were standing there listening to two other gorons whose tattoos identified them as guards. His father stood there bearing a smug grin on his face, and looked at Daurubia with a victorious look. Gor Dal, on the other hand, looked stricken, like someone had punched his ancient body and knocked the wind out of him.

They separated to let the two guards pass through. "Daurubia," Gor Dal said slowly, "I think you should listen to what these men have to say."

"Patriarch," one of them began with a bow, "I have some bad news to share with you. We were on sentry duty at the Bridge of Eldin, one of our people's proudest achievements. A caravan was coming our way, seemed to be Hylian, nothing we haven't seen before, likely just going onto Kakariko."

"But then they started attacking, or rather, some sort of monkey creature did. He...he attacked one of us, my friend, sent lightning on him...he killed him, my patriarch. And so we started firing arrows at him, it was a last resort, we didn't want to get close enough to have him do the same lightning attack to us. But, it was then that he called out to us, 'the king of Hyrule sends his regards.' His exact words, my patriarch. He said we were banished to our tunnels from henceforth...I, I don't understand why the Hylians would do this."

Daurubia stood there shocked, unable to process this. It was not possible, unthinkable, he had been with the Hylians merely yesterday, planning their attack. 

[color=red][hl=black]"I...I don't know what to say."[/hl][/color]

"I do," his father but in. He looked at Gor Dal, "Call a council, same as yesterday, we're getting my son's decision overturned."

Goodbye Desert

Giga/GFF/Late Night 6

Giga watched silently as he saw the early strands of mistrust taking their tole on his allies. Polaris and Lynn fighting, Senshi being questioned at every turn, the decision over whether to kill these Twili. It was tiring thoughts, and would have made him physically tired as well if the Great Fairy had not just recently wiped away his exhaustion. 

He listened on as Mirra finished and Horus flew up on his shoulder. He looked over at him, smiling, the first person he had encountered just two mornings ago, the catalyst for everything that was happening now.

It seemed like centuries had passed since that meeting.

Mirra now spoke directly to him, "Giga, are you not bound for Eldin? If you will agree to accompany me, I can use my Sun power to keep Taden at bay, and together we can take Lynn into Kakariko, where she can be protected until the Daybreak Sword is ready."

He was still being taken aback at being referred to so directly. Mostly he had been stared upon and ignored back home, always a slight outcast even among his own people. It was not usually mean-spirited, people were simply wary of those who were different.

"I...yes, yes that sounds fine."

When she was done, Horus spoke to him, eying his calf the whole time.

"That looks like a rather glaring weakspot, friend. The least I could do is disguise it. I have some of the same paint I wear that will match the color of your flesh. Even the paint that covers my body remains fresh and new looking, despite the elements it has endured..."

Giga thought about this for a few seconds. He looked at Horus, by every indication a Twili with his makeup on, then looked at his own, tattooed body. His calf was a blemish, a disgusting little reminder of his inexperience. But at the same time, it reminded him of how wrong his intentions were for entering this war. Revenge against the summoner, the one who destroyed his forge and killed 29 of his kin, was no longer his purpose. He needed to keep this in mind.

He reached down and touched the exposed skin; it stung a little at the lightest brush, a definite weakness in any battle. But still, something seemed wrong about hiding it.

"Thank you for the offer, friend. But for now, I think this little injury will help keep me in check. And besides," he added with a smile, what kind of Goron tattoos his underskin. I'd be the laughing stock of the entire tribe."

His small laugh faded into the cave before his face became stoic once more. With a slight affirmation of Horus' understanding, he turned to follow Polaris and began the trek out of the cave.

Senshi/GFF/Night 6

Polaris' words put a strange smile on Senshi's face. One when hit was nice to here someone had faith in him, even where he lacked it in himself. On the other hand he's always done everything possible to make people not trust him. Only Kokage had ever put that kind of trust in him and it was strange to hear it from somebody else. All he could say in response was, "thanks."

"Look, what ever you want me to do with these to decide fast. If you want me to kill them I can pierce the back of their neck to make it quick if it will settle you're concerns. If you want to keep them prisoner remember while have to drag them with us, and even if I warp us to Lake Hylia or Kakariko, it'll be a hike." With out waiting for a response, or maybe to give time for Darrel to think of one he walked towards Kae using his Scythe as a crutch.

He move close to the Sheikah speaking in speaking just above a whisper. "If you know a better way in then I won't interfere. Though I'd hope you'd consider what I've said as a back up plan. Either way, know that I'll do anything to help you, even if it means fight Raura, or the Goddesses for that matter. Your situation, with both your power and with Taden, their very similar to what happened to my little sister. I failed to protect her, I wont make the same mistake again. On the same coin, Lynn is in a situation not unlike my own, so trust me when I say I will save her too, but please, I beg you, stay away from her. I've come to know you both well enough to realize you're the reason she desired that power. That said Taden knows it too, and if he can get Lynn to hurt you, it would may destroy her and we'd never pull her back from Taden's clutches. I know you've never trusted me from the day we met, and you've sure as hell never done a damn thing I've told you, but please do this and I will return Lynn to you, even if it cost me my life and soul."

He moved away from the Shiekah and turned back towards the others, "Mirra, I see you've met my mother, I'm sorry about that. Regardless I don't know what led you to believe as much but she does not possess any Light Based magic. She's a powerful psychic and highly skilled with healing and defensive spells, but those are clerical based, not light. Though my father or sister does have a Light Sword of power equal to mine or Darrel's weapons, it would be best if we don't let either of those two know about Taden unless absolutely necessary. Still, that's not to say she couldn't help us bind Lynn, and I need to fill her in on my back up plan for dealing with Taden so there is merit to that."

Almost as if responding to Mirra reminded him of the reason he came here, Senshi turn his attentions to the possessed Shiekah. "Lynn, for sake of simplicity I'm going to assume its you listening, but if not well, Taden can take this as a threat then. There are two ways I know in which I can help you. One is were I convince Taden to leave you willingly, and if he's listening, he can be assured he will have much to gain from doing so. The other is a very difficult ceremony that will bury Taden deep in you mind where he'll be unable to influence you are take control except under to very specific circumstance. As an added bonus you will be able to access some of his powers as if they were you're own when necessary. Understand though, for that to work you must let go of what it is that lets Taden control you, and the from what I can tell, its your hate, and your desire for power. If you can do that, of if you do not fight my efforts to get Taden to leave you, I will teach you the sword style created by the original owner of the sword you took from the castle vault. Also, I can't guaranty, but there's a chance I can find you a weapon similar in power to mine or Darrel's that will give you access to water based abilities without relying on that bastard that's been screwing with your head."

"Now, what are we doing with these two?"

Darrel Mytura - Great Fairy Fountain (Desert) - Sixth Night

The opinion of the group was clear. Darrel had tried to reign in his anger and approach the situation with careful thought. He would have put it to a vote, but it no longer seemed to matter. And Mirra was right, the Twili would not likely change their opinion of him and the rest of the alliance no matter what they did. In the end it was too much of a danger to their cause to allow. The greater good won out.

"I will do it." He said softly to Senshi and the rest. He had forced himself to think of the Interlopers as inhuman monsters bent on slaughter and conquest, and perhaps those at the top were. He wasn't sure he had the luxury of sympathy, and yet he thought perhaps he felt the ghost of it now. "If they are to die I'll do the deed myself. The rest of you here have spilled enough blood already on my account."

He stepped forward toward the pair of prisoners, looking them in the eye as he drew Morning's Edge, bathing he and they in the golden orange glare.

"This is truly unfortunate, and I do not relish what I must do. Still, your people are the aggressors in this, and the aggressor always makes the rules. If we were to let you go you would bring word back to your army, and perhaps Lord Grem would press his invasion before we are ready. If we kept you prisoner, you would hinder and endanger us. I would spare you if I could see another way." He took a deep breath and raised the gleaming blade up, touching it to his forehead before bringing it back down. "But I can't."

With all of the force and speed of a compressed spring suddenly uncoiling, Darrel whirled and brought his radiant blade around in a sweeping arc, driving it with all of the power that he could muster. Time slowed as the blade whistled through the dead subterranean air. He watched from a place of emotional emptiness in his mind as the edge of his sword met the flesh of one neck, cleaving through the flesh and bone and sinew as though it was hardly there at all, never slowing as it severed one head completely, exiting the other side and entering that of the other. Almost in perfect unison the heads struck the rock with dull thumps and the bodies slumped, sagged, and toppled.

Darrel's sword completed its arc and he brought it down before him. The energy that surged in it had left no streak of blood on its surface, no sign that he had just carried out an execution. He thought there should have been something. Slowly, he slid his blade back into the scabbard and turned to face his allies.

"I will be making for the south and the items that we have yet to acquire. There are likely still Twili in those lands, and I suspect that at least some of their supply trains run through that region as well so my mission has a dual purpose. Acquire what we need for the Daybreak Sword, and hurt the main Twili force if possible." He looked from one to the other, not caring in that moment what had transpired between the others. He glanced back at the bodies for a moment, then back. "Whoever wishes to come is welcome, but I can remain in this place no longer. It suddenly reeks of fell deeds."

He turned and strode toward the exit without looking back.

When this war is over, he thought in the privacy of his own mind, I'm done.

Senshi/GFF/Night 6

"Wait!" Senshi called out to Darrel before he could leave the cavern. "I would have taken care of that, and after everything that was said it should have been me. There's no point in any of you guys doing things that will make it hard for you to sleep at night. I've already crossed enough lines that I can do them for you without pause. That aside, there's no point in you walking off into the desert. It cold out there now, swarming with Twili, and in case you forgot I can teleport us to any of the Sage Temples. Lake Hylia and Kakariko are the only safe ones to go to at the moment, but its a much shorter walk to anywhere from those spots then from here.

Darrel Mytura - Great Fairy Fountain (Desert) - Sixth Night

Darrel turned when he heard Senshi call out to him. He could have let the necromancer kill those men and perhaps he should have, but done was done. As for Senshi's other proposal...

Darrel nodded after a moment's thought. "That may not be a bad idea. As you say the desert is not a friendly place for us right now and after what we have endured this past day I would rather not risk another pitched battle with the main force if it can be avoided. I will not speak for the rest, but if they too agree, are you capable of transporting so many?"

Senshi/GFF/Night 6

Darrel's question caught Senshi off guard. He never considered there could be a limit to this thing. "Well, I've brought people with me before, granted not this many. Considering what we're talking about though I don't think there will be a problem. Just, well we should probably huddle in really tight."

Mirra Lemeris / Desert Province / Late Night 6

Mirra smiled up at Horus as he offered to help from Giga's shoulder.

"Horus, if you would oblige us, we could use all the help we can get to protect Lynn. Giga brings strength, and my Light can resist the Hated, but your senses and speed would help immensely."

She turned to speak to Senshi, who discussed the Twili with Darrel and offered to teleport them all with his Ocarina.

"Forgive me, Senshi. When I met Laynnei in Hyrule Castle, she was ministering to refugees, and I took her for a Light mage. Her powers of Mind will be only more helpful against Taden in his current form. If your talisman is powerful enough, I pray you transport us all to Lake Hylia, then take Giga and I to Eldin with Lynn, and Horus if he will join us, while the others go on to Faron."

Senshi/GFF/Night 6

Senshi looked on as Darrel and Polaris both travel down a tunnel, seemingly not willing to put much faith in his ability to transport the whole group. "Ok, if you guys have some other safe way out of the desert then you should probably take that. Either way I'm in no shape to walk so I'll still by traveling the fast way. Anyone willing to take the risk can still come with me, but I'll be heading strait to the Kakariko Grave yard instead.

Senshi carefully retrieved a small cloth wrapped object from a pouch on his belt. He slowly unwrapped it reviling to the remaining Light Warriors the means in which he'd be able to spirit them out of the cave, The Ocarina of Time. He placed the sacred treasure against his lips and played the Nocturne of Shadow, warping him and those that had huddle close away in a in a swirl of purple lights.

IC: Mirra Lemeris / Desert Province (Great Fairy's Fountain) / Early Morning 7[/b]

"I am leaving this Goddess damned desert if it's the last thing I do."

Mirra grumbled to herself as she radiated a beam of pure sunlight down on Lynn.

"Senshi, we have to separate Lynn from the rest of the Alliance. If you can take only one other person, let it be her. Even if you lose her, no matter how strong she may become at large, she will never be as much a threat to us as she is inside the Alliance."

Mirra moved directly over Lynn, and began beaming down a cone of light that surrounded her on all sides. The aura of Lynn, Horus, Giga, and Mirra's Dawn Bands echoed with light in a harmonious key.

"When we heard that Garo's Blessing had been stolen, Rukh knew that the prophecies were being disturbed. The magician's tribe had arisen, but the Light Spirits could protect the Sacred Realm from their advances without getting the Thunderbird involved. Then, that demon used this poor, innocent, helpless girl to deceive the Light Spirit of the Desert and take his Blessing. Without that, only the Blessings of Eldin, Faron, Lanayru, and Ordon remained to defend against the Twili. Now, I carry on the mission to which my Warbird was assigned: to protect the Triforce of Courage and the Sacred Realm, its house."

Mirra cast two more beams out to either side, glancing off of Giga and Horus standing nearby. As Senshi played his flute, a purple aura seemed to gather around his feet and begin to rise up, swirling with the rhythm of his vespers hymn.

"Giga, Horus, please, while I contain her in this Light, you must carry her into Senshi's portal. Place your hands on her, and move with me."

Mirra began to slowly hover towards Senshi as he continued his song. Already, he seemed to be evaporating into the air as the purple aura intensified, as if glowing from the very shadows of his face and body. As she neared Senshi, she whispered something to him over the lilting tones of his song, loud enough so that only he could hear.

"Rukh knew you at the Battle where the demon lost the body of Polaris. He said that you would know his name. The demon who haunts Lynn..."

Mirra lowered her voice to a bare murmur.

"His name is Tempest."

Sheikah/GFF/Early Morning 7

There were so many things taking place here that were beyond him. Normally he wouldn't be able to tell, but he understood his role in this mission. He wouldn't be able to help his sister and Hyrule at the same time. She was in good hands with Mirra and Elly. He would regret if they failed as this was the time he'd have the opportunity to offer his assistance.

What had befallen Lynn chipped away at his heart to an extent. Their families were connected through friendship and tribe. Kae's peculiar heart was thrown in there somewhere too. He didn't know what to make of it. But strangely enough, Jaden agreed with the traitor. History didn't lie. How many times would the Scion have to poke herself in the eye with a stick before she actually acknowledged the pain it caused?

Polaris had gone before he could say his goodbyes. He'd have to track him somehow...

To Elly, he walked up and embraced.

"We'll all be together again soon. I just wish this wasn't so complicated, you know?"

She smirked at him and leaned up, standing on the tips of her feet.

"You said it before. If war was so simple, it'd be over in one short battle. Not a scratch, Jaden."

He leaned in closer, softening his tone.

"Take care of Kae. I won't ask you to promise no scratches with how she fights."

They shared a few more moments together before Jaden kissed her and returned to the land of reality. Going over to Kae, he hugged her tight, twitching a bit after making contact with her left arm.

"Sis, take care of yourself. I'm proud of you. You're an asset to us, and if anyone can break into the Sacred Realm, it's you."

Kae was shocked. There were many times when they were younger when her brother shared her father's opinion of her path; that it did not serve their future well, that she was not a major contributor to their people. Hearing that she mattered meant a lot, even though he had never said it until now in this conflict or since she'd been imbued.

She was too shocked to say anything, and let him continue talking.

He leaned in closer to whisper in her ear.

"And you've grown into quite a beautiful young woman. Be careful who you offer your heart to. Many will seek it, and you're in the rare position of making a choice. Don't rush into the arms of those who feel nothing for you. Love can lower your defenses, and I want to see you grow into a legend, because that's what you'll be if you live. You will eclipse me, Kae. Trust Elly and Mirra. They won't lead you wrong in your quest."

A tear started to find its way down the Scion's cheek as she listened to this. He always had a way of knowing. And he never admitted anything that was a lie to family. 

"Brother...I understand. I know where your heart rests; where fate sets your footprints. I want to help my friends, but I have to help myself first. Unlike me, I know. It just pains me to see what's happening to those I care about, and the inability to help just makes it worse. So when I come back, I don't have to hold back as much. I'll do my best to take care of your intended. Jaden, I love you."

Elly watched them interact and became sad herself. She had a good idea of what he was warning her about. Too many of them had told her to stay away from Lynn while she was dealing with her inner turmoils; that the Scion was a catalyst that brought out the worst the Lich had to offer. Kae had to strengthen her resolve and gain full faculty of her abilities again before trying to get through to her. And Elly was also sad that Jaden would not be coming with them, but she understood why. Someone had to stay and help the war effort. Darrel couldn't do it alone. And Jaden's childhood inspiration was offering to mentor him. She read the books too, just to understand why Jaden was Jaden. She read them with Kae when they were growing up. They talked about the writings and how they'd help Elly a lot more than Kae, but now she was grateful that the Scion had joined her in those candlelight sessions years ago.

After Jaden had said his goodbyes to his sister, he walked over to Lynn and offered her a similar farewell greeting, before all the sorcery began.

"Take care of yourself, Lynn. I know you're in there somewhere, and what you can do to save this land. My prayers and strength are with you as you face this."

It took a lot for him to say given the recent skirmish that had just unfolded...

Heading down the tunnel, Jaden turned to Mirra and saluted.

"Don't let anything happen to Kae! I'm going to catch up with Polaris and will see you all soon. Triune watch over you!"

Elly walked over to Kae and nodded. She looked shaken up, but Kae looked not much better.

[color=indigo]"Two days to live..."[/color]

Kae hung her head briefly before Elly forced it level.

[color=teal]"Yes, and we're not giving up. No time to mope about it. It is what it is. We should probably say goodbye to the others before flying out."[/color]

They both retrieved their winged steed and Elly started preparing it for flight while Kae walked over to the others for a moment.

[color=indigo]"This will not be the last time I see all of you. There's a way to beat this affliction and we'll find it. Can't give up on my feelings, but I need to take care of myself first...please stay united...the worst thing we can do is tear each other apart from within..."[/color]

She held her left hand against her chest as she coughed a bit.

[color=indigo]"Lynn, you can beat this. I'll come back for you and we'll find a way together."[/color]

The Scion turned to Elly and pulled a green apple from their supply pack.

[color=teal]"Mirra, when you're ready to ship out, let me know."[/color]

When Kae was within reach, Elly whispered very softly to her.

[color=teal]"Kae, you showed your hand. Whatever you do, do not interfere with any matters other than your own for the next two days. Do not try to save anyone except yourself. I know it's cruel, but if you die, we lose the war. Don't hesitate when the tough choices come."[/color]

Her eyes widened as she reluctantly nodded, trying to pull herself together as she ate.

Giga/GFF/Morning 7

Giga looked down the narrow hallway leading out to the Lake. Lightning struck every few seconds and darkness had engulfed Darrel and the others who had walked that way. But inside the cave, he was still warm and dry, even if the sight of the two Twili murdered in cold blood was still in his mind.

It was necessary, he knew, but still...

As those around him still began to make goodbyes, Mirra began taking over again. She cast a beam of light around Lynn, and instructed him and Horus to shimmy her towards Shinigami. He did so, seeing no reason to ask questions right now. He moved closer to Shinigami, sort of guiding along the light-surrounded Lynn while doing so. It felt weird, he was not touching anything with mass, yet he felt a presence blocking him from getting any closer.

Magic, he had discovered, had little boundaries.

As he got near to the warp being formed from the ocarina, he heard Mirra mutter a name to Shinigami, a name he felt bore some greater significance than the Twili army.

Same Old, Same Old

Davus Fulmen/ Lake Hylia / Night of the Sixth

It had only been a short time ago that Davus Fulmen ended the life of Ithan Chiaria, and claimed his mortal shell. Sickeningly drunk with arrogance and bursting at the seams with power, Davus had become a victim to his own desires. His need for the souls of others was a deeply born one, as he was a creature both parasitic and destructive, created out of greed and desire for control, and sustained through murder and deception.

In his palm was a glowing, sparking seed-shaped dark black slab of glass. Davus forced it firmly into the shore of the Lake, standing mere feet from the waters edge. Taking a step back, his smirked and swung his weapon from high above his head down into the seed. It exploded in a shower of lightning bolts, and in seconds flat, the night skies roared into gusty winds and stinging rain. In some areas the lightning was striking with such rapid and intense force that small fires were starting, fires that were almost immediately put out by the rain. Davus raised his arms, submitting to the madness, and screamed, but not even his own voice could penetrate the storm.

So instead he continued to watch it grow, basking in its glorious destruction, waiting for the first victims to encounter his playground.

Darrel Mytura – Great Fairy Fountain – Pre-Dawn Seven

No longer able to wait, and made more uncertain by Senshi’s seeming unease about transporting such a large number by way of the Ocarina, Darrel turned and made his way down the tunnel. Already his thoughts turned to his destination, and what would await him in the forested lands to the south. The Twili would certainly have a presence there, and it was likely that the darks would not ignore the region in its entirety, that had never been their way.

In time as he walked the darkness in the underground passage began to lighten, flashing and blinking wildly as he neared the mouth of the cave. The sound of violently driving rain echoed and reverberated in the enclosed tunnel until at last he reached the mouth and looked out at the horror beyond.

The lake, its entire length and breadth frozen, was shrouded by a viciously turbulent thunderstorm raging above. Lightning crashed and struck all around, ripping across the icy surface of the lake and hurling shards and chunks of that ice it in every direction. Darrel could only stand in the mouth of the tunnel and stare out in horror at the raging tempest that was all too familiar to him.

”I know the hand behind this…” He muttered, half to himself and half to anyone that may have pursued him through the dark. His eyes searched, but so dark was it still and so heavy was the pouring rain that he could not yet see the one he knew had brought the storm. ”Davus.”

Frozen Lake Hylia / Before Dawn 7/ Davus

Davus was still in the exact same spot after hours of the storms rage. At this point massive chunks of ice were lodged in the surrounding shore with the storm showing no signs of letting up. As Davus stood admiring his work, a particularly bright bolt of lightnng touched down, showering the entire lakeside with light. Davus grinned darkly, for standing some distance away was a man. He saw him for but a moment, but was certain he too had been seen. It was time to flex his new powers.

Polaris/ Desert/ Pre-Dawn 7

Finding that it was easier to dress and heal his wound sitting, Polaris had taken a seat and leaned his back against the wall, it wasn't long before his chin dipped to his chest and he nodded off. The wraiths that usually haunted his waking dreams did not rear their ugly heads and therefore Polaris slumbered peacefully for a time. A particularly loud clap of thunder light up the night sky and roused him. As he rose brushing the sand from his legs, Polaris gazed off in the direction of Lake Hylia, a vicious storm raged in that direction, and it was directly towards it that Polaris set off.

Polaris had never had any difficulty navigating in the dark and with the lighting flashing ever brighter the closer he got to deserts edge made his trek an easy and uneventful one. Crossing over the landbridge that connected the desert to this particular section of Hyrule, Polaris found himself standing at the edge of a cliff looking out over the lake. As the violent storm lit up the pre-dawn sky, Polaris was appalled by what he saw, the wintry plague that had spread across castle town had worked its way to his home freezing the lake solid in the process. Anger boiled deep in the pit of the aged Generals gut as he took in the scene, a man stood at the waters edge reveling in the chaos that spread throughout the land. 

Darrel Mytura – Frozen Lake Hylia – Pre-Dawn Seven

His breath caught in his chest as he looked out through a particularly dazzling flash of lightning. He had seen he who brought the storm, and it had not been the man he had expected. The features, the profile, were all too familiar, but not in the manner that he had expected. The worst part, though, was that he too had been made. The lightning had been so brilliant, so illuminating, that he knew without room for doubt that he had been seen.

And the look of dark amusement and mild surprise on Ithan Chiaria’s face shook him to his core. He had only met the infamous psychic once or twice, and in passing only, but he knew him.

His confusion was heightened however, and his alarm as well, when he saw the staff of glossy dark material stirring the storm. Fulgarite. A tool of Davus Fulmen.

What was going on here?

Cautiously he stepped out into the driving rain, pulling free his blade. Too many ghosts of old enemies had risen up of late, procuring for themselves the bodies of would-be heroes through which to act and sew chaos and enmity throughout their ranks, but this was no Lynn Annei. It was not even General Polaris, who was at least as old as he. This was Ithan Chiaria, and he could not act without knowing. His muscles were tense, coiled in perpetual preparedness as he traversed the wild, howling tempest. Lightning struck all about, but he paid it no mind. He was a man of single-minded purpose, and now his mind was on Chiaria, or Davus, or whoever the stormbringer might be.

”Ithan Chiaria! Or are you still he? I see the weapon of the fulgomancer at your feet!” He had to shout to be heard over the fall of rain and the crash of thunder. He had to be sure. ”It has been long since Hyrule has seen either, at least in any role of significance!”

His grip tightened around the hilt of Morning’s Edge. He would act if he had to, but he had been at odds with old friends turned enemies too often it seemed. As the rain soaked his surcoat and slicked his mail, his eyes never wavered. ”Who are you, stormbringer?”

Davus / Pre-Dawn 7 / Frozen Lake Hylia

Davus calmly watched the lightning flash again and again, catching glimpse after glimpse of the man standing in the cave. He knew his name, but could not recall it. While the mans face evoked memories, they were lost on Davus, who thought only of the pain and destruction being caused by his beautiful storm. The man in the cave began to call to Davus, just barely speaking over the storm. Amused and curious, Davus pursued the voice and calmly walked towards the man who believed Davus to be Ithan Chiaria. Stil he stayed silent gradually picking up the pace as came closer to this new foe.

"Who are you, Stormbringer?" Davus only grinned at the question and rushed towards his enemy, breaking into a full run, staff at his side. Davus raised his sword in one hand and began firing intensely dense, focused bursts of lightning at the feet of his foe. Laughing maniacally, Davus reached his target in moments and thrust his staff at Darrels head, aiming very pointedly at his eyes.

Khur / Desert to Lanayru, en route to Faron / Midnight 6

High clouds towered over the stalwart mesas, black bars jailing the stars on the horizon. The point of a constellation seemed to quicken, and then Khur blinked through the atmosphere under Kazeem's meteoric rein. He was blocked off from knowing where his master was going, but he felt the cool starshine on his wings. He felt the night air zooming over his plates at astronomical speeds. The High Mage Kazeem wore the armor, but the Ooccastronomer's armor was Khur himself.

Over Lake Hylia they swam on currents of electricity, the Thunderbird channeling the static power of the churning grey into momentum for his bladelike wings. Crackling streams of lightning stripped from his nostrils and arced up to link his scorched sockets with a white ribbon, then simultaneous bolts shot from his beak and his razor comb as the storm below exchanged its ether with the heavens'. Underneath that churning grey, Khur felt the magnetism of another ethereal conduit, one seemingly as inanimate as he. But how could that be?

Darrel Mytura – Frozen Lake Hylia – Pre-Dawn Seven

Without so much as a word his adversary, wearing the face of Ithan Chiaria, stabbed his staff of fulgarite at Darrel’s eyes. Swift as a lightning strike he came, and it was all Darrel could do to leap back out of the range of the weapon and slap it aside with the flat of his blade. When the weapons met they issued off a flash of hot orange light and a burst of coruscating sparks, the force of which pushed them each backwards.

”I suppose that answers that question.” He stated, staring across the few paces separating himself and one of the greatest terrors to have ever darkened Hyrule. He wasn’t sure how it had happened, or what had become of the once great psychic, but he could not deny what he knew now to be true. ”It has been a long time, Fulmen. You look well.”

There had been a time, back before Kinslayer’s dark deed, when Davus had been his most hated foe. Now the memory of his most recent loss dulled the razor edge off of that old enmity, but he still felt the dull ache of bloodlust even now, sharpening with each passing moment.

”But you should have stayed away.” The length of Morning’s Edge erupted in glaring orange gold energy, sizzling and flashing as it fed off of him, and he it. Already he had expended more energy than he would have liked doing battle with Shinigami, but he had no choice, he had to draw more.

This time when he hurled himself forward at the ancient votary of the dark, his blade radiated raw energy. He aimed brutal slashes and thrusts as his adversary, aimed to cleave Davus Fulmen apart. Some were deflected, some avoided, until Darrel coiled the muscles in his legs and leaped up, somersaulting over the head of Davus, and came down behind, slamming his blade into the ground at his heels. All of the energy that had built up in the enchanted steel was released on impact, detonating in a violent eruption of spirit energy meant to annihilate everything down to the ashes.

Davus / Frozen Lake Hylia / Pre-Dawn 7

Davus felt exhilarated, throwing the entire force of his body into his strikes, smiling as Mytura attempted to cut him to pieces. For a few moments he felt like laughing, but the situation quickly became much more dire. It became clear to Davus that Mytura desired his destruction, but this was not a man that was at full strength. While he showed no signs of outward weakness, the ferocity with which Darrel fought made the altercstion feel as if it were on a timer.

"But you should have stayed away." Darrel came crashing down but Davus was too old to be defeated by a falling glowing spirit man. He thrust his staff into the air, and felt the fury of the thunderstorm heed his call, bringing an exploding shower of lightning down. Davus allowed himself to be encompassed by the lightning and spirit energy. The raw force of the spirit threatened to rip Davus apart, but he consumed the very essence of his own storm, managing to withstand the mortal strike. Davus had fallen to one knee, and saw that Mytura was standing but twenty feet away, staring straight through Davus.

"You will never have the pleasure, my friend." Davus muttered, cryptically warning Darrel. The storm had grown calmer now, the winds less violent and the rain less torrential. With a final snap of the fingers and crash of thunder, Davus rushed in once more, and Darrel followed suit. As they neared one another, Davus clenched his fist and brought sharply towards Darrels mouth.

Darrel Mytura – Frozen Lake Hylia – Pre-Dawn Seven

A pulse of electricity coursed through him as Davus’ fist struck the left jaw of the Sunrise Knight. Filled practically to overflow with spirit energy as he was, the paralyzing, debilitating shock to the muscles was warded off, but the deep, bone jarring impact that charged through his body nonetheless washed waves of fresh pain through him from the point of impact out to all of his furthest extremities. His mind flashed blank for the briefest of moments, and when thought and awareness came crashing back down upon him an instant later he was left wondering why he’d let the blow land.

Davus had never been a melee fighter, always preferring ranged assault, summoning lightning as well as various and sundry other magical tactics and abilities in order to overwhelm his adversaries from a distance. His furious and physical assault put Darrel off balance, but only momentarily. Physical combat enhanced by the power of his spirit was a strength for him much more so than for Davus.

But then why had he been caught off guard so? His mind was slow in regaining its full faculties, and he had to fight himself as he retreated briefly from Davus in order to think matters through. He had been surprised to a degree that Davus had managed to avoid damage by imbibing the power of his storm, but only because it had been so long since they had faced one another. It hadn’t been that which had drawn his attention away from the attack.

Weakened as the storm was now, a flash of lightning drew his eyes upward and the shock of realization ran through him even as Davus’ shock had. There, high above where once clouds had roiled and rained hell down upon them loomed a great metallic raptor bearing a rider on its back. He could not see it clearly, but he knew now that it had been this sight that had distracted him from his opponent. He turned his eyes back down to Davus.

”It would seem that we are not alone.” He said in a casual, almost conversational tone as he let the chain links unwind from around his right forearm and fist. Morning’s Edge he held aloft before him and linked with the end of the once Twili chains. He knew not what to expect as their battle continued, nor what the alloyed avian would do from on high, but if he was to carry on their duel he was not going to be able to keep anything back. Holding the chains in his fists, he slowly swung the Horizon Lash back and forth before him. ”I wonder whose side they will come down upon. Don’t you?”

Surging spirit shot through the links of the chain, connecting him to his blade as never before, forming a superconducting loop feeding energy back and forth between he and it. Radiating with mystical heat and power, he whirled it up over his head and then whipped it at Davus, the sword blade at the end of the chain sweeping a visible arc of glaring orange gold in its wake.

Polaris/ Lake Hylia/ Pre-Dawn 7

Lightning tore at the fabric of the sky, weaving its way across the area before lancing downwards and slicing its way through the turf sending up plumes of dirt and ice alike. Rain battered the earth and its inhabitants relentlessly, all throughout the chaos Polaris stood unwavering, unaware of the fighting below him, his gaze fixed upon the frozen expanse of Lake Hylia. A wash of emotions spread through him intermingling with each other with anger at the fore. This, moreso than anything else he had seen in the past several days, more than Tadens machinations or Lynn or the destruction of Castle Town, this the desecration of his home really pissed him off.

The fighting of the unknown combatants below was still at the back of his mind as he stared at the frozen lake, but was quickly ushered to the front as the lightning flashed brighter than it yet had. Looking down on the scene, Polaris watched as a cavalcade of bolts combined to strike one of the warriors with all of the might and ferocity of the heavens above, illuminating the area around him and lessening the strength of the storm by such a degree that the torrential downpour of a few moments before was now reduced to an average thunderstorm. In the light provided by the electrified man the face of Darrel Mytura was revealed, as was the face of a man he had seen days ago in the castle vault. It was the face of a man named Ithan Chiaria if Polaris recalled, but it wasn't the same face that he had seen days before. It was he thought, changed, somehow. As he looked on, Polaris grimaced as Ithan leapt forward and struck at Darrel with a thunderous punch, his fist crackling with electricity. This was all the prompting that Polaris needed. This man, was clearly not an ally and his untimely appearance and attack was a hindrance to their progress in this war. He needed to be stopped. Stepping off of the side of the cliff, Polaris began the free fall to the ground below.

Flexing his knees to lessen the jarring sensation of the impact, Polaris struck the ground with a muffled *THUD* and advanced on the fighting with fists and forearms wreathed in blood red rime. Lightning flashed again, and the vague outline of the tainted Thunderbird flashed into view then disappeared just as quickly, a fuzzy remnant of it seemed to hover above them peering down with sinister intentions. 

”It would seem that we are not alone...I wonder whose side they will come down upon. Don’t you?”

Keeping his distance as The Sunrise Knight wielded his lash, swinging it high above his head and whipping it towards his foe, the hungry blade darting forward like a snake tasting the air. "I wonder the same. And I'm afraid the answer is an unsavory one. Unless my eyes deceive me, that is the mechanized Thunderbird Rukh, once the mount of an ally, but now under the spell of the Twili High Mage Kazeem. He and I have unfinished business to say the least...Oh, and hello again Darrel." While the Red Ice General spoke, the temperature began to plummet to even greater depths as his aura mixed with that of the storm and one by one, drip by drip the hue of the cascading drops of the storm turned crimson and froze so that the rain fell not as water, but as needle sharp projectiles. 

The slashing, swirling tattoos covering Polaris' body glowed white and seemed to dance across his figure as a long, slender blade took form in his right hand. "But I am without my dragon and do not wish to meet them in the air without it, so until they choose to face me on solid ground or my mount returns, I have but one enemy." Stretching his arm forward, Polaris pointed the tip of the chunk of ice at Davus singling him out. "You."

avus/ Lake Hylia/ Pre-Dawn 7

Davus found his laughter once more as Darrel began to attempt to overwhelm him with his spirit weapons. Darrel said a few things to Davus and attempted to strike him, but already feeling overconfident, Davus leapt out of the way of the weapon, shot a piercing missile of lightning at the ground, and propelled himself away from the spirit knight. Now safely farther apart, Davus looked on as a new combatant arrived. Assuredly allies with Darrel, Davus directed his forthcoming monologue at them both.

"I was wondering when the help would show, that's the longest I've gone in a one-on-one in ages. Most of you so called light warriors usually just die in agony, alone, wondering how you failed so miserably, unable to stave off death for even a few moments. Those few that have not fallen to my hand lived lives of fear, cowering in the corners of the world, hoping to never again see such hell." Davus paused to allow his victims a chance to fully grasp his insanity, his willingness to kill. Davus finally turned to the new arrival, having previously ignored his attempts to speak to him.

"I don't know who you are, but you will die alongside your friend." Davus spit on the ground and clapped his hands together as hard as he could, causing a massive sonic boom, which lurched outward. It was unlikely that it would do more than startle his enemies, but ti would most definitely make his goal clear, destruction. As a last gesture, Davus hurled a fistful of gunpowder at the feet of his enemies and struck it with lightning, causing a small explosion which ended with a small fire. As he did this, Davus simultaneously motioned with his staff towards the sky, clearing the storm above and sending it away. He knew that to his enemies it would appear that he was weakening, but in reality it was his only method of preventing grave injury from the raining icicles his foe had created. 

"Come on."

Jaden/Path to Hylia/Pre-Dawn 7

In a celerity-infused sprint down that tunnel, Jaden realized that he lost the scent of Polaris. He did not see light at the end of this tunnel, but he turned around, noticing that there was a second path above when he returned to the Fountain floor.

He spent but a fleeting moment to cast his eyes upon Kae, hoping it would not be the last time he saw her. The same applied to Elly. But he said nothing in that blur of passing through, skipping up, finding footing, and wondering how he'd never noticed a land bridge on any of the intelligence or maps he'd studied in the past.

Then again, no one knew about the catacombs beneath the Gerudo Fortress either.

The sky looked very unsettling, and it didn't look natural either. Jaden activated his Subversion Aura to raise his magical resistance and took off at Postman speed toward Lake Hylia. His hero needed help, or so he thought.

The Relics

The Hated Mask (Monkey Taden) / Eldin Field / Pre-Dawn 6

"Whie, my darling..." A cold voice echoed through Whie Malreaux's mind as he sat detained in the wagons of the Hylians once more.

"Poor boy, you blame yourself, but you can"

In his mind, Whie saw the primal face of the Mask, its empty eyes glowing white with a chilling light. He found his attention drawn to the crates of the supply wagon behind the one that imprisoned him. He was chained with steel links to its wooden frame, manacled limb from limb like an animal.

"You know I can set you free, Whie...just for a little while. You must put me on. Not long. Quick, before the sun rises! I'll let you go as soon as its light touches our face. Wear me, and I will give you the small size and agility you need to escape this caravan alive."

The Hated Cloak (Lynn Hothlite) / Great Fairy Fountain / Night 6

The brutish Goron wore a frown as he patted her body along towards Senshi, the traitorous bastard that all too recently held a knife to her throat. To watch this mountainous behemoth obey a Fairy with all passivity was a disgrace--these were the race on whom all her people's hopes lie?

"You cannot trust a single person here," a cool voice whispered into Lynn Hothlite's ear. "Senshi? Mirra? Both have tried to kill you, and now they're calling the shots."

Lynn's fabric-wrapped fists tightened as she felt the familiar chill easing its way down her hunched spine. She slouched under the lowering shame of Lemeris's glaring light.

"The Alliance is a trap. Do you hear her words? You, a poor, innocent, helpless girl? We both know you have never been innocent..."

As Mirra moved in to whisper to Senshi, Giga leaned in as well. While the three of them focused on Mirra's final word, Lynn's ears were pricked with another's.

"Nor have you been helpless. 'Tis very much lamented, Lynn, that you have no such mirrors as will turn your hidden worthiness into your eye, that you might see your shadow. You know the mirror of which I speak, and you know the colossus who can take us there: Ganondorf, King of Thieves, whom you and I in unison freed."

A freezing power came into the palms of Lynn's hands as her own Light-infused ice magic coalesced in her aura, under the pall of Mirra's intense rays. In her mind's eye, an image of herself arose, but doubled--she saw Lynn Annei overlaying Lynn Hothlite, like two silhouettes on a veil behind a lamp. Their shadows overlapped, making them indistinguishable.

"Let me not be your conscience--rather ask yourself, is Kae safe with Mirra? Shall the Scion go alone into the Sacred Realm with this soft-tongued sorceress, its Guardian? Oh, Madame Lemeris may get more than her feet back in that formless place! You see how she commands even the mightiest of Eldin's fire-eating Gorons, obeying her every word; can you doubt that Prince Ganon was not freed but to aid thee in saving the Scion from her? It was fate that brought you to the door of Ganondorf's prison cell, and just as it was that so-called crime that brought Mirra into this world, so it is your destiny to save the Scion with the Medallions he now seeks, and damn the Sacred Realm!"

The Hated Medallion (Tempest) / Hell / Midnight 6

Lake Hylia was the watery heart of Lanayru Province, and from this heart there radiated a fibrous web of creeks, streams, and rivers, underwater and above, freestone and bedrock alike. But below this beating heart of water circulating about the continent, there was a darker world, a world much colder. It was the underworld where Death Angel had imprisoned Dusk Ma, the Storm Medallion still lodged in his golemic chest where the Ma Knight had hidden it.

Black waters, insoluble but freezing to the touch, rolled through the deep in a bottomless abyss. A long, muscular tail lined with fins sliced through the mirky void. Its scales glinted in the light of its glowing leer. Two slanted eyes beamed into the dark.

"My hour is almost come, when I to sulphurous and tormenting flames must render up myself."

The Hated Knife (Poe Taden) / Lake Hylia / Pre-Dawn 6

Taden emerged on the far side of the cave system, a little mud staining his Lantern but no other change to his ethereal person. He turned around, and sealed this end of the tunnel with a wall of Black Ice as well, giving Isaac one last barrier to deal with after getting past the first wall and the frozen trail. If he were to come to Lake Hylia, he would first perceive it through a screen of Dusk.

Looking out over the Lake, lit by the Moon and the light of thunder, he barely made out two dim figures on the western shore. It seemed a party was arriving from the desert, and some wizard or other had attacked them with a storm. The dark sorcerer raised his staff high, then plunged into melee combat with a golden-aura'd swordsman. They traded blows, until the weather mage summoned his swirling vortex into the force of his fist, and pummeled his adversary with a kinetic lightning strike. What was left of the storm condensed into a torrent of crimson icicles, as a third party arrive from the desert in the West.

When the clouds of the storm were cleared, Taden could see that the sky was much brighter than he had anticipated.

"But, soft! methinks I scent the morning air; brief let me be."

As the three combatants rounded on each other on the western shore, Taden stepped back into the shadow of the eastern cave. The the first rays of morning dipped over the eastern trees. Taden stood among the rocky crags in the northeastern perimeter, with Lanayru's Shrine further to the north shore of the Lake, and the entrance of the cave he had traveled from the Castle on this eastern bank. As the dawn arose, he became nearly invisible, except for the single point of light from the Black Ice magic in his Lamp. He waited there, under cover of dawn, for the right moment in the fight beyond to make his move. For now, he merely observed the lightning mage, and the Sunrise Knight, and his dear old friend, General Polaris.

Lynn Hothlight/GFF/Early Morning 7

Gigagoron pushed Lynn, in her shielded ball of light, toward Senshi. Anger spiked inside her, heat flaring against the coolness that had enveloped her for days now. How dare they, could they not see what she was doing? The fairy commanded, but Mirra had been nothing but a thorn in her side since her appearance at the prison. Her mind caught on that. Mirra had appeared as Ganondorf had been freed by Hothnite. The Prince of Thieves was no doubt tied in this, as well, then, if destiny had the sense of humor she had come to expect. The three of them would meet again, she was sure, and she'd rather it be on her terms.

And if, in doing so, she could turn Ganondorf to some good ends, perhaps it would in some way make up for her releasing him in the first place. But for any of that, she had to break free from the machinations of this thrice-damned fairy. Senshi was a fool, easily manipulated by his closeness to the Hated. She would be better to go with him and break free to return. So it was the power she had been gathering from inside herself remained focus merely inside her.

Then, Senshi completed the Nocturne and streaming shadow swooped in to sweep away both him and Lynn. She found herself suspended in a ball of light amid amorphous darkness. Moments passed into minutes, and she remained. She had never teleported before, but it felt as though something had gone wrong. Perhaps Mirra's barrier had interfered with the Ocarina's magic, or perhaps the music was never meant to move more than one person.

Lynn had had enough, either way. She reached forward with her magically charged hands and ran her palms along the barrier. The Light drew into her, and she sucked up the barrier into her own aura. It had an intoxicating effect. Her thoughts sharpened, the murmuring she hadn't even noticed whispering in the corner of her ear was gone. She felt stronger, better. She felt more.

She made a note of this, determining it would be a good idea to test the effect and absorb more Light Magic, to see if it would repeat. But, more pressing matters were at hand. When the barrier faded, she was finally belched out from her adumbral travel-state, and found herself not in Kakariko at all, but Lake Hylia.

Standing directly behind the faint shade of someone she had never met, but with whom she was most intimately familiar.

"Taden Hothnight, the Hated..."

High Mage Kazeem/Above Lake Hylia/Then

A raging storm swirled over the Lake, and though his stolen mount channeled the storm away from him, he was still made uncomfortable as they passed through the turmoil. They traveled onward, nonetheless, with Kazeem intent on reaching his fellow, Doctor Cid, before the dawn broke. These intentions were shattered when the storm broke through unnatural means. Some form of aeromancer was nearby.

Kazeem bid his mount stop and hover, and scanned the surroundings. An aeromancer would be able to fly, by basic magicular logic, but that was not a guaranteed ability depending on the exact skill-set of his influences. A storm of such caliber would be summoned most likely as a means to intimidate or hinder, which meant there would be some manner of conflict, perhaps recently ended. Or perhaps recently escalated beyond the point of intimidation.

"There!" he commanded the mount. "Down along the shore, fly!"

And upon those words, the mechanical avian dove at the small figures spotted below. "And what luck! The escaped Mytura, who has given us such pains." With a screeching flutter of metallic feathers, Khur landed. Kazeem whipped his left hand around, sending a scythe-like blade of pure dusk energy toward the ensuing melee.

"End him, and his fellows, my metallurgic minion!"

The Rito/Over Lake Hylia/Dawn 7

The Rito flew more on instinct than actual knowledge of where he was going. It was an odd feeling, this connection he now shared with Sha'tive and her hive, as if he were in 1000 places at once. He could feel the one he was searching for, the one that he was to "discipline." To be honest, he was unsure of what this meant, but he figured if it led to him killing this other rito than it wouldn't bother his new mistress.

As the sand of the desert rolled away far below him, the Rito could feel numerous slivers crawling around his body. These were his keys to victory, he knew; well, those and his sword. The black sliver sword he was fastened to his belt. Inside he felt the presence of the girl and could here her thoughts just as clearly as she could here his.

The lake. I can feel him near the lake, he could here her whisper. He turned his flight north but suddenly let up to hover and observe. Over the lake there seemed to be quite a storm. Knowing it would be dangerous to fly in such weather, he descended until he was flying mere feet over the sand. He came to a halt at the edge of the cliff looking out over the lake, but what he saw was indescribable.

First and foremost, there was no lake to speak of. The water was completely frozen, including the waterfall below him. Lightning struck every couple of seconds, illuminating the fight scene below him. The absolute absurdity of the situation struck him. Notably, three men, one of them a Zora, were in the center of the fighting. From this distance it was hard to tell who was who. Running to join them was a man who was surrounded by a green aura and, from his stride, was likely a Shiekah. But the most shocking was the giant bird that flew down into the middle of everything.

The Rito gulped. He was not ready to get involved just yet.

Isaac the Kinslayer – Hyrule Castle Dungeons/Lakeside – Sixth Night/Dawn

A snarling rictus overtook his countenance as Hothnight the Hated, Dusk-ridden phantom that he was, withdrew behind a curtain-wall of thick black ice. Hothnight forced his hand, pushed him and prodded the sensitive areas of his psyche as was his wont. They had known one another for centuries at least, and each was familiar with the temperament of the other.

And Taden was looking for something. He pressed the issue, forced the confrontation of Black Ice and Duskfire, though what he thought to ascertain from it was a subject of some curiosity to the pyromancer.

"This better be worth it, Hothnight." He growled, pulling free his blade in a flash and driving it up to the hilt into the Warped element. Glaring with a conflagration that seemed at once multi-hued and devoid of any color at all, the blade released Duskfire into the barrier.

The ice, however, did not melt at the introduction of flames into its breadth. Instead lines of fire spidered through it like a web, burning brightly and clearly visible within the black ice encasing it, but not melting it either. Instead of one forcing a change in the nature of the other, they seemed to imbibe one another, coexisting in a way that should have been impossible. 

The ordered laws of nature did not hold in the face of the Warp.

Abruptly the fires shifted, forming from random crisscrossing lines into slashing, spidery script, runes and emblems that Isaac did not know and yet thought he could almost understand. Shifting so quickly were they that he could catch only the barest fraction of meaning from them. Still, he knew that which he beheld.

The Word of the Warp. These were the words of anarchy, this the language of chaos and entropy. Were it not for the Warp Eyes that adorned his visage like a black and red skull, he was certain that looking upon the script that wrote itself in fire through the black ice would have driven him utterly and completely mad.

And then the spidery script was gone and Isaac could only wonder whether it had been there at all. Now the flames compacted in the heart of the ice, and steam began to rise from it. The ice, he realized,was melting, if slowly. Hissing wisps of steam curled and wafted from the surface, rising up through the dungeon expanse to the ceiling. As he watched it with interest, he noted how the stones above his head seemed to waver and warp at the touch of the steam and a slow smile curled his exposed lip. The Dusk was not melted, only the element that housed it. As the ice was liquefied, as his fires were extinguished, the power of Dusk that suffused them both remained.

Enveloped in a nebulous fog of Dusk, Isaac stalked through the subterranean aqueduct, following the trail of black ice left behind by Hothnight to lead him by the nose. With each step the path of black ice yielded more Dusk laden mist, until he was trailing behind him a dense cloud of dark chaos. The last barrier of ice fell as the first had, and he stepped out into the rising light of day. Hothnight was barely visible, though Isaac could see him well enough through the Warp Eyes. However, before he could deal with Hothnight, he had to attend to the Sheikah girl who stood between.

A billowing wave of flame flew forth from him, and behind it came a pulse of telekinetic force to strengthen it. With her back to him and her attention fixated on the arctic specter, she was swept toward the lake’s edge before she knew he was there. Once clear, Isaac looked toward Taden, whom he could see clearly.

"Alright, I’d say you’ve had your fun." Isaac drawled, reaching a hand back and sweeping it through the dense fog of Dusk that roiled at his back. Grinning with malice he swept his hand back out before him and the cloud of chaos came with, enshrouding the specter whose lantern was all that most could see. "Now it’s time for you to play my game."

In his hand, taken from the back of his belt when he threw the fog out before him, was the Sun Shard. Glaring with the light of the blazing dawn sun, it issued from its point a ray of sunlight that penetrated the cloud of Dusk to strike Taden at its heart. 

The ordered laws of nature did not hold in the face of the Warp.

The blazing light faded and the swirling Dusk dissipated, and what remained was Taden Hothnight, a remnant of his former self, back when he’d been flesh and blood. For a time at least sunlight had not taken from Hothnight as was its way, but, filtered through the chaotic power of the Warp, had given unto him a brief remembrance of his flesh instead. Their eyes met.

"Well? What are you waiting for?" He pointed out across the lake, first at the Sheikah wench that had been swept aside at his appearance, and then to those who warred some distance away from they two. "Go get ‘em."

Darrel Mytura – Frozen Lake Hylia – Dawn Seven

Struck by a sonic boom, immolated by an explosion, Darrel was blown backward almost to the mouth of the cave whence he’d come. Beaten and burned, he could but lay on his back for a time as he felt the coming of day.

Darrel Mytura, the Sunrise Knight, had been so named for good reason. A reason that it was high time he reminded others of.

The initial rays of day shone down across the land as the sun began to climb up from below the distant horizon, illuminating everything. The feel of the morning sun caressing him, warming his flesh and upraising his spirit, brought new strength into his heart and from thence into his limbs. The Sunrise Knight was on his feet once more at the rising dawn, and Morning’s Edge was in his fist. He and his blade alike radiated the light and heat of daybreak as he and Polaris stood shoulder to shoulder against the fulgomancer.

"Spare us your monologue, Fulmen. We’ve heard them all.” He declared. His visage may have been graven in stone for all of the warmth and expression it held. The sun rose, lifting his spirit with it, and he felt imbued with new strength. Some distance off he could see commotion of a sort, but he could do naught but focus on the matter immediately at hand until the matters unfolding across the lake swept in to involve them all. "We’re well past that now, I think.”

Darrel raised his sword, once more with the hilt in his fist. He did not detach it from the chains this time, though, as it would behoove him to be able to rapidly switch between combat styles when faced with such powerful enemies.

He hurled himself forward as before, though his motions were all stronger than they’d been, more swift and more accurate. Blade met staff, but for once it seemed that Davus held the upper hand in the melee.

Until the spirit imbued chains that connected his wrist to the hilt of his sword looped around Davus’ waist. With a small grin and all of the strength given unto him by his spirit magic, he pulled the fulgomancer as though by a lasso around and back toward Polaris’ waiting blade of ice.

Polaris/ Frozen Lake Hylia/ Dawn 7

The screeching of metal feathers sliding one over another gave prelude to Khur’s approach and would've drowned out any response in the verbal sparring match with the lightning mage, so Polaris held his tongue and turned to face the bastardized thunderbird and Kazeem. In doing so, he unwittingly greeted the dusk explosion head on and was sent tumbling end over end as heathenistic magicks slammed into him with the same disorienting force as the day before. 

Grunting, Polaris regained his full height and brushed himself off and took in the moment, tiny crystaline shards of red ice lay strewn across the snow covered ground and danced in the light of the rising sun giving the whole area an eery crimson glow as if the frozen ground were in flames. As Polaris came abreast of the Sunrise Knight, Darrel was beginning to prove true to his namesake, the entire being of the man thrummed with energy that grew in strength as the sun cut through the dawn rising higher into the sky until he was pulsating with the pure light of the new day. 

Faster than he had yet seen the man move, Darrel rushed forward to attack, and as the combatants met it was with this renewed vigor that Mytura took the upper hand and sent a restrained Fulmen looping towards the General. The red ice that had cloaked his right arm streamed down to his hand as if washed away by some powerful cleansing agent, as it did so, Polaris clenched his fist and the liquid element solidified into the form of a long hand and a half blade. Raising the frigid weapon high above his head, Polaris focused on a spot just left of mid chest and lunged forward to meet the target intent on ending the battle quickly and brutally.

Jaden/On Frozen Pond/Dawn 7

Another beautiful sunrise obstructed by the filth of heresy. Something big was happening on Lake Hylia, and things were getting colder as he darted across the land bridge at Postman speed. He did not tire one bit, as he was feeling a new vigor. 

Headlong into battle. Jaden lived for moments like this. He knew he could help his hero fight a glorious battle, though he knew not what it would be. 

As things grew clearer, his blood started to boil. Objects of his ire flooded everything he saw. And at brief moments, all he could see was red. Rage. A call to revenge flowed through him in ways no one could describe. An unfamiliar but powerful fellow engaged by the General. The Primordial of Flame that mangled his sister in personal combat. The possessed Thunderbird. That heretical mystic who toyed with pure chaos like a plaything. Where would the Starcaller's wrath be directed?

Leaping from the land bridge onto solid ice, he was able to keep his speed even though he lost some control. Drawing his blade and shield of Starmetal, the future Chieftain's voice carried quite furiously as his allies were in solid view.

"Brethren of the Daybreak, prepare for Glory!"

A rage-filled grin came upon Jaden's face as he scanned the horizon looking for a foe to engage. This wasn't an easy decision. Many had wronged his fiancee and his sister. None of them had faced him before. He was somewhat unknown, though Kinslayer did speak with him briefly the day before. 

And somehow, Lynn had made her way here. Jaden resolved to keep a corner of his eye on her. He knew not what she was capable of, and if she openly attacked any allies here, he would be sure to preserve the integrity of the Daybreak, as without them, Hyrule would be lost.

Letting loose another invigorating battle shout, he charged to intercept Rukh and Kazeem. The odds were bad, but he didn't care. Kazeem was going to pay for all the pain inflicted upon Clan Bryseis. Perhaps if the mage fell, the Thunderbird would come to his senses and aid Hyrule once more...after repenting...

Safe to say, this was the most indignant Jaden had been in quite a long time. And it was as euphoric as the best liquor he could drink.

[b]Kae and Elly/GFF/Dawn 7[/b]

The sun was coming up, and the Scion was chomping at the bit to get moving. There was no time for planning. It was a suicide mission. What was the worst that could happen? The price of failure wasn't going to change, and Kae figured she would rather die fighting than sitting around thinking about how to get from the start to the finish line. 

When Lynn had vanished, Kae only noticed after she felt magical energies travel in anomalous fashion. Where she went couldn't be helped; it wasn't worth scrying on. While she felt for Lynn and wept for her inwardly, her friend would have to face her demons on her own until Kae could fix her own problems. 

[color=indigo]"Can't be helped. Hopefully whatever mischief is caused can be managed..."[/color]

Elly covered her face with her palm. It was almost like a new Kae showed up with the new day. But she was learning to be pragmatic and cold. Her cuteness was starting to break, and a very assertive young woman was starting to emerge. Elly only hoped this was temporary and that she could find a middle ground in all of this. However, Kae had always been a very black and white kind of girl. There was no middle ground in the past. Either something was or it wasn't when it came to the mundane and the emotional. Only in mystic abstractions could a middle be reached in her mind.

[color=indigo]"Mirra, we should depart in short order. We head to Ordon; our salvation lies there..."[/color]

Holding up her celestial arm, a constellation in the middle of her forearm shone brightly.

[color=indigo]"The Stars don't lie to me. The Forester is Ordon's patron Arcana; it calls to me. Right into danger. I will pry the Moon Pearl from anyone who tries to keep it from us!"[/color]

At this point, Elly was starting to worry. Kae was breathing heavily, looking anxious yet fuming, and her hand was held over her chest. She'd normally only do that when in a point of peril. It was almost like a signal to her friends that something was very wrong.

[color=teal]"Kae...hang in there. I want to slaughter Twili just as much as the next person, but we have to do it smart. Blood baths take valuable time, which none of us have right now. And we have to fly smart too. Who knows what kind of garbage could be in the air, right?"[/color]

She didn't settle down much, but she looked over at Elly and nodded before gazing up at the sky again. It almost appeared as though she was praying, which indeed she was.

Elly walked over to the miniaturized Mirra and held out her palm.

[color=teal]"We can figure things out on the way, but once you're ready, we should probably go. The longer we're here, the more our friend is going to freak out. When you know the reaper's coming, you fear him even more."[/color]

C:Mirra Lemeris / Desert Province, Great Fairy's Fountain / Dawn 7[/b]

"When you know the reaper's coming, you fear him even more."

"Or you fear him not at all."

Mirra rose from the center of the pool where the others* had vanished. She hovered over Elly's palm, then slipped into her sleeve.

"If the Scion is to return from the Sacred Realm alive, she will need Allies around her to ferry her back. I fear that Kae cannot see past acquiring the Light Medallion, and will sacrifice life and limb to achieve it."

Kae and Elly's Dawn Bands glowed from across the chamber. Mirra's ball of light shimmered through the fabric of Elly's clothes before sliding out of her collar to rest at her shoulder.

"She needs the people who love her to think of the journey home. I will stay by your side, Elly, as your friend and companion. Together, we shall usher the Scion of Nayru into the next world."

IC: The Hated Knife & The Hated Cloak / Lake Hylia, Eastern Shore / Dawn 7

Taden looked down at his hands, wrapped in insulated strips of tanned moosehide. His fingers were grey, the nails chipped and thin. He turned one hand over to look at the dead flesh stretched across the bones of his palm, then heard Isaac speak up behind him.

"Well? What are you waiting for? Go get 'em."

He breathed in the cool, moist air and breathed out clouds of frost that emanated from him. Then, he began breathing faster, muffled by the plate of the Warp Mouth into a harsh growl. He opened his eyes wide and started to turn towards Isaac, but his legs buckled and he fell to his knees.

Taden clutched at his stomach, then seized his throat with one hand. His eyes contorted in a painful rage. Out of the opening in the Warp Mask that formed a thin mouth, black blood began to ooze. He dropped to all fours and began coughing and heaving hysterically, until a black mass protruded from his throat and started dripping bile onto the frozen ground.

With one last crack of his lungs, Taden's Ghost hacked up the black mass, revealing the Maskmaker's Knife. It lay in the snow, turning the white bed of frost around it into an obsidian black. A cracked shard of the Warp Mouth lay next to it, leaving behind a jagged gap in Taden's mask that gave it the appearance of a crooked half-smile, or a demonic smirk. He had sliced the side of his mouth open, and half of his lifeless face dripped with black ichor.

His sunken eyes looked up from the ground through tattered locks at Lynn Hothlight, her thin body prostrate on the dunes of ice that were once a great Lake. He clutched the Knife in one hand and rose, holding it out to one side at a low angle. With his mouth sliced open, Taden's Ghost could not speak, but Lynn Hothlight still heard him whispering in her ear.

"You are ridden with internal conflict, Lynn," it said, as his Ghost approached her in the flesh. "It is written on your face."

The Sheikah struggled to pull herself up from the paralyzing shock of the Duskfire attack. She clawed at the dirt, looking up to meet her attacker's gaze, but her neck was numb. She couldn't lift her head.

"To murder in cold takes a mind clear of all doubt," it said, sending chills down either side of her neck. "Here...let me show you..."

The aura of Light that the Sheikah had pulsated with before Isaac's blast was now suppressed, allowing Taden to draw closer, within arm's reach. He stomped his boot onto her neck, then dropped his other knee into the small of her back to pin her down in the scraping frost.

He raised the Knife above his head, then shifted his foot from her neck to the ground by her face. Taden pulled the hair on the side of her head back to reveal her pale cheek and long, Hylian ear. He ran his hand across her cheek, then clenched her neck, shoving the side of her face into the dirt and pulling back his knee to leave her lower back exposed.

Taden clenched his dead fingers around the hilt of the Hated Knife, then stabbed it down towards Lynn Hothlight's spinal column.

Davus / Frozen Lake Hylia/ Dawn 7

As his life dictated, chaos took control, and Davus found himself on the receiving end of the assault. While Davus had expelled some energy to save himself, Darrel seemed to be doing the opposite, absorbing the light of the rising sun. Where moments before Darrel seemed to be wary of Davus, that fear had vanished.

"Spare us your monologue, Fulmen. We've heard them all." Darrel enraged Davus with his words, seemingly doing his best to bring the full fury of the lightning mage out. "We're well past that now, I think." Davus attempted to speak in response, but Darrel was true to his words, and began to rush forward. Without a chance to stop it, he was being wrapped up in chains and hurled towards Darrel's Zora ally. Grimacing, Davus had one option left. Taking in a deep breath, he gagged slightly and began to shout incoherently. In the fractions of a second he was in the air, his body convulsed became covered in a thick gray liquid. Sparking and crackling, Davus laughed maniacally, his body now covered in a dense magnetic armor. He made no attempt to stop himself from hitting the sword, simply adding more and more of the hardened magnetized liquid. He collided with the sword, and was pushed apart from it, landing several steps back, on his feet thanks to the added weight of the armor.

"I know you expect me to flee now, but there will be no running until I see the fear in your mind take over." Davus transformed his staff into a shape mocking that of the Zora. 

"And who might you be?" Davus finally acknowledged Darrel's ally, and smirked. "Nevermind, I don't care, I've killed dozens of your kind, what's one more?

Isaac the Kinslayer – Frozen Lake Hylia – Dawn Seven

Isaac stood back and grinned as was his way, watching with idle amusement as Taden Hothnight, given new form by the terrific power of Dusk, turned his blade on the figure of the Sheikah that Isaac had swept from his path. The corporeal phantom seemed to take great pleasure in the physical sensation of violence, and Isaac deigned to leave him to it. The mere presence of Taden Hothnight swathed in flesh, regardless of his limitations, would inspire fear bordering on outright panic.

Such was, of course, in accordance with his own plans. His eyes scanned once more the banks and the solidly frozen surface of the lake until he found far distant the forces converging upon one another. Locating the one he desired, and feeling the palpable bloodlust radiating from him in turn, he crouched and hurled himself into the skies, sweeping an air-rending integument of Duskfire out behind.

Up he roared, laughing with sheer pleasure in anticipation of the violence to come. Something he and Taden Hothnight had in common. The metallic avian had landed and was casting about scythe blades of pure Dusk, leaving the skies to he alone. The storm had abated, leaving only patchy wisps of cloud scattered about the brightening blue of the morning sky. The sun, gradually lifting its bulk higher above the horizon, shined its rays to warm Isaac Kinslayer’s masked visage.

The Sun Shard in his right hand flared with the unobstructed sunlight that now flared in its multifaceted surface. He held it aloft, letting it catch the dawn sun’s rays, replenishing that which had been expended until it gleamed like a diminutive but brilliant star in its own right.

Then he folded and turned into a steep dive, folding his arms back against his sides as he plunged straight down at breakneck speed, the ground looming up swiftly to meet him. The flaming tail broke apart behind, spreading itself through the air and plunging down toward the icy surface of the lake toward which he raced in a rain of Duskfire. But he did not land, instead pulling out of the racing descent at the last moment and roaring across the icy surface, the heat of him tearing deep gashes in the frozen surface along his path.

Mere paces before the great mechanical raptor and its mage master Isaac threw his free hand forward and snared the collar of the charging Sheikah warrior, carrying him along away from the both, dragging him across the melting ice until he reached the surface of the lake opposite from where he and Hothnight had entered. Releasing his grip, he pulled up and lifted some ten paces above the diverted warrior before throwing his limbs out to halt his rapid pace. Gradually and with a malicious grin showing on the side of his mouth that the Warp Eyes did not conceal Isaac settled back onto solid ground, Sun Shard gripped tight in his right fist as his left went back to his belt once more to draw free his blade. 

"What fortune is this?" He asked, his eyes flashing dangerously within the deep sockets of his skull shaped mask. "I was prevented from killing the new Scion days ago, but I think now that I shall have another chance."

Somewhat casually Isaac drew a deep breath and opened his mouth wide, a billowing cloud of smoke issuing from him, enshrouding the pair. Jaden could not see nor breathe for long within, though Isaac had no such fears. Through the Eyes of the Warp he could see that which others could not, and he could see that within the cloud of Dusk warped smoke that did not share its allegiance.

His voice seemed a whisper from the roiling cloud of smoke itself, a directionless hiss sounding in Jaden's ears. "Once she hears of her dear brother’s unfortunate death, I dare say she will come to me. I will butcher all of your bloodline, just as I did my own."

Behind the back of the Sheikah warrior the Kinslayer’s blade flashed a dark, sooty red as it swept in for the killing stroke.

Jaden/Lake Hylia/Dawn 7

The Starcaller demanded satisfaction from his enemies. What he saw as the biggest threat happened to be the duo that had no dance partner. He wanted to cut in so badly, too. But in mid-charge, he was lifted by his collar into a rather fiery situation. Or, so he thought before a Primordial decided to try to use him in an attempt to bait his sister.

Hearing the Kinslayer's taunts and tale did not enrage him any more than he already was, but it did give another focus.

Jaden's Subversion Aura was crackling against cloying, smothering energies of the Warp. He couldn't breathe; he could not speak in his own defense. And he was insulted that Kinslayer thought him such easy prey. As he struggled to move in his profane bonds, a new wave of indignance swept through him, amplifying his resistance briefly.

Lashing out with his shield, he swept where he thought one would best attack to simply end a battle. This potential of a brawl was too good to pass up with a backstab...

Twisting and pivoting himself to add more force to his shield slam, Jaden followed with a sweeping upward slash of his Starcaller blade. It was also enshrouded in a bright green light, signifying his reliance on Courage to see him through.

Air filled his lungs once more and renewed his purpose. As he countered, Jaden spoke in his defense.

"I don't live in her shadow, and you'll soon see why!"

Polaris/ Frozen Lake Hylia/ Dawn 7

As Davus and Polaris hurtled through the morning air at each other, Fulmen began screaming and wailing incoherently not unlike some of the more fanatical lunatics the general had encountered over the centuries. As they met in mid air, Polaris' frigid blade met the hard liquid metal with a clank and the two foes bounced off of each other, Polaris slid to a knee before righting himself. The armored fulgomancer crashed straight down to the ground with a muffled thud as his boots struck the frosted turf.

"I know you expect me to flee now, but there will be no running until I see the fear in your mind take over.... And who might you be?... Nevermind, I don't care, I've killed dozens of your kind, what's one more?"

As far back as Polaris could remember, and it was a substantial number of years, centuries upon centuries really, every egomaniacal foe or heroic ally he had encountered had had the same approach to word play. Sure, there were slight variations between them, but essentially they were all of the same ilk even he fell victim to the cliched norm when it came to the outrageous dance of the verbal sparring match. And for whatever reason, this all was presently amusing the hell out of him so that he began to chuckle before responding. "Flee? Why on earth would I expect you to flee? I think that I'd be rather disappointed if you did that, I mean seriously, where's the fun in just...running away? Oh no, I'd much prefer you die."

The hand-and-a-half blade he held in his right hand quivered and started shinking from the tip of the blade down towards Polaris' fist which was still clenched around the hilt, while this happened, another shoot of red ice erupted from the palm of his left and began extending outwards. When they were of a similar length both chunks of the malleable crimson element bent forward at the exact same moment and Polaris was left holding a pair of makhaira, one curved long knife in each hand. "I'll give you my name, it's only fair for you to know who it is that aims to end your pathetic life. I am the Red Ice General, the crimson foe to all those that would stand against the crown, to those past and present, I am known simply as Polaris, to you I will be executioner." 

"General, Darrel had approached the two verbal combatants and from a distance grabbed Polaris' attention with a shout, as he did so he gestured towards Kazeem and his stolen mount. fulfill your promise to Lady Lemeris, leave Fulmen to me." Polaris stopped, looked at Darrel and nodded. There were few men who, whether on the field of battle or in general conversation that Polaris would've willingly obliged in that scenario. Darrel was atop that list, there was a great amount of mutual respect between the two and had been since day one. For whatever reason, the two of them just seemed to click.

Leaving Mytura and Fulmen to their own devices, Polaris let the dual makhaira clatter to the ground where, under his coaxing they broke apart and mixed with the crystalline shards that already littered the area, with both arms limp at his side, he slowly raised them upwards until they were outstretched, as he did this, the shards of blood red rime rose as well, Polaris called out to Kazeem, "High Mage!! What a generous lady fate is that she has sent you to me so soon! You've many sins to atone can begin now!!" Slashing both hands quickly towards the ground, Polaris sent the vast amount of needle size projectiles slicing through the air towards Kazeem.

Darrel Mytura – Frozen Lake Hylia – Dawn Seven

"Alone at last." Darrel said with a distinct note of satisfaction in his voice as he and Davus prepared to resume hostilities. "You’ll kill no one here today, Fulmen."

Age old foes were they two, having done battle in the thick of numerous past wars. They were masters of their energies, in some ways alike in their abilities and yet possessed of wholly different temperaments. Davus Fulmen had been the worst of Darrel’s nemeses long before Kinslayer’s unforgivable sin.

Now they did battle once more.

"I don’t expect you to flee, I know you better than that."

Radiating a crackling field of spirit energy around him, Darrel hurled himself once more into the face of his foe. Imbued with the strength of his alignment he hammered aside the fulgarite staff with his sword and thrust one chain wrapped fist into the chest of the fulgomancer, putting all of his magically enhanced strength behind the blow.

[b] Isaac the Kinslayer – Frozen Lake Hylia – Dawn Seven[/b]

The swirling cloud of Dusk laden smoke began to dissipate, drifting apart and clearing the battlefield. As visibility began to return, blood could be seen staining the grass at the Kinslayer’s feet. Droplets of simmering crimson ran from the vertical wound rent up the middle of his heaving chest.

Eyes met across the intervening paces, and the inimical grin of Isaac Telmar was unchanged, the gleam of malice shining in his eyes was unmistakable.

The gash in his chest should have been far deeper, perhaps even mortal, but for the small ornament adorning Isaac’s right middle finger, which he held aloft before the face of Jaden Bryseis. Hardly a thing worth taking note of was it, a delicately wrought band of silver set with a single blue gemstone.

[color=darkred]"The Blue Ring."[/color] Isaac shared in a tone of amusement. [color=darkred]"You’re going to need more than a sword for this, I think."[/color]

Already the smoldering slash down the center of his chest was beginning to knit together, the searing heat of the Kinslayer cauterizing the wound before his adversary’s eyes. With a harsh, malevolent laugh he threw himself toward the Sheikah warrior, his blade whirling deftly in his left fist, clashing with Jaden’s sword again and again. Moving with sinuous grace, the Kinslayer ducked one slash and pivoted out of the way of another. The face of the shield struck him in the shoulder, but the physical damage was reduced by the power of the Blue Ring.

The Sun Shard, which Isaac had been holding in his right fist out behind his back, swept forward and erupted in a blinding flash of sunlight as Jaden moved in for another assault. With Jaden momentarily caught with the sun in his eyes, Isaac threw out a hand and loosed billowing jets of fire to immolate his foe.

Jaden/Bad Mr. Frosty/Early Dawn 7

"The Blue Ring. You’re going to need more than a sword for this, I think."

Jaden knew this was going to be the toughest challenge he'd faced yet in this war. And Kinslayer's casual reaction followed with an even more insulting revelation cemented it. 

He wasn't even focused on offering a retort. Something else was coming. Primordials didn't mess around, as from what he knew of them, everyone else came from inferior stock. 

Before he could react to the Sun Shard's exposure, he felt it sap his strength just enough to delay his reaction time. This wasn't just a blinding attack to him thanks to his attunement to the moon's energies. And with the sun coming up, he was similar enough to his sister that it was more damaging than anticipated. 

He could hear the jets of flame coming, but time wasn't on his side. As he stood sideways to make himself a smaller target and hit the ground spinning, searing heat ignited his left leg and part of his left side. Still, he said nothing. Subversion helped to mitigate some of it, but Jaden Bryseis was burning up quick. 

Blind fighting is never anyone's strong suit. Even with good ears, there was absolute mayhem swirling around this duel. Jaden rolled about on the ice trying to force it to melt and put him out. His armor held in some of the heat, making things even more uncomfortable. Driving his shield into the ice to keep from moving around too much, he let out sweeping strikes blindly with his sword as he tried to make progress on the flames. Defensive measures all around.

The Starcaller also prayed that his vision would return soon. If he was able to get back to his feet again, his goal was to prove Kinslayer wrong about that sword. It wasn't just any sword. It shared the name that the Mesmer granted him. But what else did that Major Arcana declare?

Kae and Elly/GFF/

"She needs the people who love her to think of the journey home. I will stay by your side, Elly, as your friend and companion. Together, we shall usher the Scion of Nayru into the next world."

Elly twitched a little bit as Faerie Mirra made her way to her shoulder. It would be good to have someone to keep her from buying into Kae's recklessness completely.

For being Nayru's Scion, Elly felt that Kae was being tested in ways that no mortal should. But aside from her affliction, was her friend even mortal anymore? 

The Scion's vision was locked into a tunnel. She kept pacing as she devoured her apple in an unladylike manner, glancing over at Elly, inferring her impatience. 

"We'll be leaving shortly, Kae. If you let this drive you too much, you won't succeed. Rely on Mirra and I to help you, and we'll do our best to make sure you get back alive. Are you upset that others didn't rally to our cause?"

Kae reluctantly nodded and buried her apple core in the sand.

"I understand this war's bigger than me. You two are a blessing regardless and I am glad you are helping. Perhaps we will meet others along the way who can help. But I can't do it alone."

Elly walked over to her and gave her a hug. She could smell the otherworldly taint that was overtaking Kae. It was more of an unsettling magical feeling rather than an unpleasant odor. Maybe it was Mirra's presence that enhanced the second sense that Kae spoke so much of? 

"We're out of here as soon as Mirra gives the signal. Go ahead and mount up. I'll fly it to Ordon and set down in the woods a little ways out to avoid a full alert."

The Scion went very quickly over and slid onto their steed's back, shuddering and whispering prayers. 

"I'm already getting restless. More will be made known to us as we get closer. I just know that what we seek lies there, and that when we figure it out, we hopefully won't be in too deep to get to our next destination."

Davus "I don’t expect you to flee, I know you better than that."

It was in Davus's nature to make a sarcastic remark before acting against his enemies. Yet, in the moments of Darrel's statement he felt a strange emotion that stopped him in his tracks. For Davus though, the moment he dropped his focus, Darrel came hurtling in, now glowing with the energy of his element. With one calculated strike, Darrel knocked Davus's staff aside and punched him in the chest, pouring all of his spiritual magic into the strike. Davus did not go flying into the air, or get horribly maimed by the strike. Instead, his own natural magical energies weakened and broke under the intensity of the spirit strike, and Davus felt the full impact of the chain-mail fist. He immediately felt one rip break, and hacked up blood onto his chest as he collapsed to the ground, barely maintaining his grip upon the Fulgarite staff.

"No! No!" Davus grabbed his head and began screaming. "I do not fear you!" In his panic, Davus began to claw at his face, and soon his hands were covered in blood. In one final gargling scream Davus went still. Darrel looked on in shock, clearly unable to believe that Davus would fall in only one blow. And as fate would surely have it, he would not. The Fulgarite staff exploded into a shower of dark energy, focusing it onto the body of Fulmen. The dark energy began to crawl into his wounds, and gradually it encompassed him completely, taking on a dangerous purple hue. In the midst of it all, if one listened closely they might even hear Davus continue to mumble to himself.

"I don't fear you..."

"You only fear being powerless, and you are!" Davus had now stood up and his wounds were still visible, but scarred over and no longer posing a threat to his survival. He stepped out of the rapidly fading cloud of darkness, and faced Darrel. "Hello Darrel, my name is Ithan Chiaria. I'm sure you have a lot to say to me, but to be honest, I have nothing but contempt for you. You are a blight to be removed from this world." And with that Ithan Chiaria was reborn, lashing out at Darrel. Ithan moved forward at a blazing fast speed, landing a fast punch to Darrel's face. Not to be defeated as easily as Davus, Darrel struck back, knocking Ithan off balance and landing a blow to the stomach. Ithan gained his balance, tightened his focus, and rushed in summoning the remaining telekinetic ability he had to increase his jumping height. Aided by his enhanced athletics skills, Ithan backflipped over Darrel, spinning the fulgarite staff wildly and sending out half a dozen lightning bolts towards Darrel.

Isaac the Kinslayer – Frozen Lake Hylia – Dawn Seven

Isaac sneered with contempt, backing away as the Sheikah warrior flailed about on the ice, rolling across the cold surface to put himself out. His blade radiated a new magic as he waved it desperately. It was a power that Isaac hadn’t previously perceived. Through the Dusk Eyes he could get some sense of its element, of the nature of it, but he was still uncertain of it.

That made him curious.

"I’ll be over here whenever you’re ready." he said loudly enough that Jaden would be able to hear him over his frantic rolling and slashing. Isaac didn’t want to kill him yet, not when he was on the ground. If there was one principle that he held to, it was that he preferred his enemies to die on their feet. He wanted them, as life faded, to realize that he was the better man.

Tucking the Sun Shard away in his belt, he ticked away the moments it took for his adversary to rise by looking from one conflict to the next. Something seemed to be happening, a critical moment or event in the battle between Mytura and Fulmen. A part of him wanted to go investigate, but the stronger part of his nature kept him still.

Once Bryseis was on his feet, he turned to face him once more with an inimical grin.

"Are we ready to get serious now?"

[b]Darrel Mytura – Frozen Lake Hylia – Dawn Seven[/b]

Lightning bolts rained down over Darrel as his adversary launched himself into a high leap. With minimal time to react, Darrel took one lightning bolt to the hip as the others tore up the ground all around him, showering him with dust and stony shrapnel. Girded as he was in chain mail, the pieces of sharp rock did not wound him but superficially, and even as he was enveloped in a haze of dust he pivoted around to face up once more to his foe.

[i]Ithan Chiaria[/i].

Darrel did not understand the dynamic of Chiaria and Fulmen’s relationship, but such knowledge was presently secondary to his need. And his desire.

Over centuries of war, Darrel had built for himself a reputation as a warrior for the light. He’d done battle time and again with the very worst of the dark votaries, standing toe to toe with some of the most powerful and most lethal monsters that Hyrule had ever seen. But before him had come others, great light warriors against whom he’d measured himself. Now he faced Ithan Chiaria, or some peculiar part of him, and suddenly it was not only a chance but a necessity that he do war with one of the most famous lights that had ever lived.

He stepped slowly out of the settling cloud, Morning’s Edge gleaming with the reflected radiance of his spirit.

[color=orangered]"I’m not sure what exactly is happening in that body,"[/color] Darrel stated in a loud, clear voice that resonated with a barely restrained call to violence, [color=orangered]"But it seems to me that we have a unique opportunity here.

"Let’s not waste it!"[/color]

And Darrel was moving again, a blur or red and orange as he and Ithan Chiaria were joined in combat once more. Where before he had held the edge in martial might, now his foe called upon psychic power to increase his physical attributes, matching the Sunrise Knight stroke for stroke. So furious was their struggle, so forceful were their blows and so terrible their bolts of lightning and the beams of crackling spirit energy that the ground around them seemed to tremble beneath their feet, the air enveloping them alive.

A momentary break in the barrage of blows gave Darrel the smallest of windows. Much as Ithan had before, Darrel leaped into the air, not somersaulting over his foe but rather flipping backward, throwing his hands out before him as he descended and unleashing a leg thick bar of blazing spirit energy into the ground at Ithan’s feet which erupted into a violently concussive explosion even as Darrel landed on one knee, using his arms and his sword as a barrier against the shockwave that radiated outward from the blast.

Giga/GFF/Dawn 7

The goronite pulsated lightly in his hand, radiating with a blue glow every few seconds. It warmed the giant's hands, giving him a security that he had not felt in a very long time. It was soothing, but hot. It was too hot.

Giga suddenly felt cold, stifled here in this cave. He was surrounded by friends, he knew, but still, he felt that same old familiar feeling of being out of place. The cave was large, unadorned, and strangely chilling. The life seemed to be sucked out of him as his lips felt chapped, his eyes began watering yet there was no wind, the fountain in the middle of the room repulsed him, the empty rock walls surrounding him, which before had given him a welcome feeling of home, now disgusted him. He felt sick, and shivered violently as his breathing became labored. Something was wrong...

He glared at his companions suspiciously. Without knowing why, he suddenly grew suspicious of their motives. Kae with here devine connection, Mirra always telling others what to do. Obviously, they had played some role in his sudden turn in feelings. It was some ploy to get him get him do something. Something bad. Something he didn't want to do himself, but he just couldn't figure out what it was. Like with those Twili, he had just pushed them up to Darrel for execution. He hadn't even thought twice about it. That wasn't something he would normally do. They had made him do it; he knew it was them, it had to be.

"I'm already getting restless. More will be made known to us as we get closer. I just know that what we seek lies there, and that when we figure it out, we hopefully won't be in too deep to get to our next destination."

Giga was taken aback. That was right, they were going to Ordon in the south. He couldn't go there too, he had another job. But his mind was scrambled, he couldn't think of what it was he had to do. No one was paying him any attention, they were just off in their own world while he was doing all the important stuff. After all, this was his adventure, not Kae's or Elly's or Mirra's. If they didn't want to go on his adventure then that was their problem. 

Besides, he suddenly remembered that these people were out to get him. Why would he want them to come with him anyways? They were the enemy! Enemies can't be trusted. And these three...they were as evil as they come. Pure evil. And wasn't it the job of the good to destroy evil? Giga now fully understood what he was supposed to do. He roared violently, causing the others to turn towards him in shock. Now he had their attention, now it was time to show them whose adventure this really was. He ran to the wall and punched into it, causing several large chunks to fall to the ground. His hand was sore as he picked one up and began to wind back to throw it at his enemies. 

But he knew this wasn't right. They weren't the enemies, were they? Hadn't they helped him? Hadn't they been nice to him? He was taken aback by the sudden taste of blood, but who it belonged to he could not say. He wanted to stop his motion, to put the rock down and scrub his tongue until that awful taste got out of him mouth. But the rock was already flying towards Elly.

Giga never saw it hit. The instant the small boulder left his hand he curled up and rolled feverishly up the way they had come down. Up to the desert, and as far away from here as he could.

Mirra Lemeris / Fountain / Dawn 7

"Giga, no!" Mirra cried, zipping from Elly's shoulder to the space before her face. The chunk of rock hurled at the Scion's nursemaid pummeled the little fairy, but she thrust her shoulder into the stone and her momentum alone stopped it just at Elly's nose.

But rather than fall, the rock gave way to cracks that gradually lined it front to back, then burst in a flash of light that sent pebbles raining down on Giga's cowering hide. The light rang in a high tone, then dissipated and left the cavern silent and dark. Only the intermittent dripping of water into the Fairy's pool permeated the impregnable soundlessness.

"We are one, Gigagoron," Mirra whispered to the Goron, and a rope of light suddenly lashed from Mirra to encompass him, her, Maid Elly, and the Scion Kae. "This is our adventure, our Alliance. We must rely on one another fulfill our mission for the greater good of forging the Daybreak Sword. Right now, nothing could be more important than getting the Goronite back to your people, but so too must the Scion be kept alive to revive the Faith of the Hylian People. Let not the terrors of this Haunted Wasteland sway you from your path, Swordsmith."

Mirra hovered over the curtailed giant, who gave no reaction to her stern words. As the silence of the cavern resumed, a thin pillar of light drifted down from its zenith, the first ray of dawn on this seventh day of the war. She turned to Kae and Elly. The Scion's time grew short. 

"Giga's faith in the Breaking Day grows weak, Scion. It is your destiny to awaken the sleeping giant of Hylian faith, but now, on this seventh day, it is your privilege to minister to that giant whose hands Din shall anoint with the fires of Daybreak itself."

A sonorous hymn of light radiated from the four Allies, as Mirra resumed her perch at Elly's shoulder. She whispered into her companion's ear, loud enough for Kae to hear standing nearby, but too low for Giga to hear in his curled up form. "Should he stumble on his path, all our efforts are in vain."

Lynn Hothlight/Dawn 7/Frozen Lake

The Maskmaker's Knife stabbed down to her spine, but was stopped short. The lake's ice had responded to Lynn's desperate mental grasp, forming a protective layer only just thick enough to absorb the strike of the knife. Her body was numb from whatever it was with which Isaac had hit, but her mind was still active, protected by the very thing that plagued it.

But that was soon to change. Adrenaline spiked, pumped into her with the thrill of a near-death experience. Her limbs regained movement, and she threw the man-child from her back.

"Hothnight! Why always must we condescend to fight? Instead, I say, let's embrace discourse's light. Both we work to achieve the same ending, yet here you are my back with knife tending."

A small smirk graced her face. "Though, this is bad timing for such hard-forced rhyming. I do, truly, grow weary of these constant fights, moving hour from hour to battle after battle. Instead, perchance, gift me with a rarity in these times of strife: Listen."

She sauntered over to the young form of the Hated. "We are shattered, spread among Hyrule. I know you feel it, as I feel it. And through our reach is greater, or power is less for it. The Artifacts of Hatred need be collected together."

She patted Taden on the head. "And, there is a factor which you have not, it seems, considered. In this body, I am unhindered by the light of the sun. In this body, I control the one thing that can destroy the legacy of the Hated." Her palm began to glow with mystic light, even as it was seated atop his skull. "But that is the body, and time is needed to master this, and imbibe the magic. Kill me now, and we will continue to hide from the day. But if I obtain this immunity, the carnage need never pause, until all the world returns to primordial form."

aden/Frozen Lake/Early Morning 7

As he swiped with his blade, he felt nothing connect. Jaden wondered why his opponent would hold back as such, but from what he learned from his Sister about Primordials, they never make sense. 

Rising to his feet without a word, the Starcaller pulled his shield from the ice, nodding and tilting his head a little to crack his neck. There was a slight bit of pain from being on fire, but he was able to put himself out enough to shrug it off for now.

It was a conundrum for Jaden regarding what to do, but either way, his goal was to make Kinslayer regret letting him get back up. And he started to feel some of that pain energy flow through him in some sort of masochistic harmony; flecks of violet-white light started to appear in his sword's Courage enchantment and around his wrists.

Standing still would only get him killed. Offensive it was. Jaden rushed forward, swiping three times. Feinting over-right, feinting a thrust, and then following through with an attempted cross-body slash. Sure, he might need more than a sword to stand a chance, but he had to use what he had.

[b]Kae and Elly/GFF/Early Morning 7[/b]

[color=seagreen][i]"Should he stumble on his path, all our efforts are in vain."[/i][/color]

What had gotten into their massively large friend? It seemed that these seeds of discord had been planted a lot deeper, and they were starting to take root. Mirra advised Kae to try to get through to Gigagoron, and though her mind was in so many different other places, she dismounted and tried to get closer.

Elly was shuddering a bit, still in shock at wondering how she didn't react to the boulder fast enough, how Mirra blocked it in her faerie form, and why such a thing even happened in the first place. She hoped Kae would not go ballistic on Gigagoron.

The Scion could feel her heart pounding in her chest. Her blood was getting more viscous and painful to circulate, and shades of violet began to trail in the corners of her vision. She coughed a bit before she began to speak.

[color=indigo]"I cannot even begin to imagine what you're going through, Ser Gigagoron. We cannot let our frustrations blind us toward our goals. And fixing it alone is harder still. I tried to fix things alone. It cost me an arm and shortened my lifespan to two days unless my friends help me. Just know that there is a purpose behind all we're doing, and if we let that all come to the surface, we're assisting the Twili in their work. If you need anything, I will be here to help you. As will any of us."[/color]

Coughing a bit more and holding her left side a little, she continued and concluded.

[color=indigo]"Your goal of forging the Daybreak Sword will be the most important one. Without your help, Hyrule is lost. We are one body with many parts in this alliance. The hand shouldn't say to the foot that it is not needed; the eye should not do what the mouth does either. In concert we rise to victory, in discord we set like the sun into eternal darkness."[/color]

Elly stood in the wings, feeling just as nervous as Kae, if not more so. Strange things were happening, and this moment's resolution came down to how they reacted to it.

[color=teal]"Mirra, why are we all like this? From what I've seen of our adversaries, they aren't nearly this discordant."[/color]

Pitch black Rito Sliver/GFF/Morning 7

A skinny, bird-like form rose from the shadows of the room, an inky black hide, with only his pure white eyes gleaming as the easiest feature to see. He lurched forward, spreading his filthy wings, which dripped with what appeared to be blood. His horrible spread from ear to ear, baring his teeth, which were all carnivorous in nature. He appeared to wear the same sort of clothing Horus wore; a leather chestplate and tattered pants, which were tucked into armored boots. His iron braces appeared to be in a terrible state of disrepair, and hung loosely on his skinny arms, with only his fists keeping them from slipping off entirely. He approached the heroes that remained within the cavern slowly, in hopes of not causing alarm.

"It seems your friends have abandoned you in a time most dire...Even as you speak, the mighty Scion's health deteriorates...Please do not wield your weapons, I mean no harm...But I must say this...'

He looked around and up where the goron had rolled.

'...With how Lady Luck has treated you thus far in your "alliance", it seems you could use all the help you can get, especially from the likes of us. We are many, and we are here to serve you, for whatever purpose you wish for. By our beloved Mother's wishes, we shall follow and spectate your travels, and are more than happy to aid you if the time ever comes...Please do not judge us for our sinister appearance, for we fight for all sides that need it most. Though, you must make haste, Scion. It is the morning, and you have a long day ahead of you before your final hours..."

Gigagoron/Morning 7/GFF

His calf-wound pulsed with pain, but in his rolled up state, he hardly felt it. The instant he had thrown that boulder, he had realized his mistake. Scared, confused, he had simply rolled up into the darkness. In here, he was safe. In here, he was sane.

He couldn't describe what he had felt in those moments when he had lost control. Hysteria. Nausea. Fear. Why had he done that? What could possibly have caused him to snap like that?

Wait, what was that.

Was someone talking to him? He was still confused, and had completely forgotten about his friends outside of his ball, a million miles away. He snapped to at the mention of his name. It was Kae. Why do I care what she has to say? She was trying to help him. Kae would never help me.

But he knew that wasn't true. He forced back whatever was happening to him and listened to Kae. The sword: suddenly Giga remembered why he was even here. He had a job to do, a job that would help everyone. 

He eased out of his ball and out of his misery. His calf stopped stinging; the goronite in his hand cooled down. He looked Kae, shoving the glint of hatred out of his mind. The only sounds were Elly's whispers and the distant drip of water somewhere in the dark cave. His heart felt constricted as he prepared to speak. How could he possibly follow something like that up?

"I...I don't know what came over me. It was like...I just lost control. I'm sorry friends. I know you're here to help me.

He avoided eye contact when he spoke, and nervously put his hands on his neck. He hated speaking to groups, but after what just happened he felt like someone had crushed his throat.

"I'm sorry," he concluded.

But before Kae could make a response a newcomer barged into the cavern. Giga looked at him, but more than that he could almost feel him. This being was cold. He might have passed for Horus even, but this creature had a darkness surrounding him that distinguished him from any being Giga had ever known.

Giga didn't trust him.

"...With how Lady Luck has treated you thus far in your "alliance", it seems you could use all the help you can get, especially from the likes of us. We are many, and we are here to serve you, for whatever purpose you wish for. By our beloved Mother's wishes, we shall follow and spectate your travels, and are more than happy to aid you if the time ever comes...Please do not judge us for our sinister appearance, for we fight for all sides that need it most. Though, you must make haste, Scion. It is the morning, and you have a long day ahead of you before your final hours..."

Giga stood up now, showing off his immense size. He loomed over the little bird man, and glared uneasily at him. Turning to the group, he said, "Friends, let me assure you of my loyalty to our cause. I pray that what happened before will never happen again. If you can look past that, if you have any trust in me at the moment, then I plead you to send this creature away. He does not belong here."

Giga grimaced in pain as his calf started to pulse again; a light black hue had begun to pervade the exposed underskin.

Rito Sliver/GFF/Morning 7

The Rito frowned at Giga, but listened politely. Once the mighty goron finished voicing his opinion, he gestured at the rest.

"I understand your concern, but let us hear what the Scion has to say in the matter before any decisions are made."

He looked back at Kae once more before picking up a rock. He approached the nearest wall and leaned against it, unsheathing his knife. The knife had a pattern of constellations engraved in the blade, and gleamed brightly, despite a lack of light in the vicinity. The Rito began sharpening his knife as he waited for Kae to consider his offer.

Kae/GFF/Dawn 7

Time was short, and while this appeal for help was very tempting, Kae didn't want to spend too long mulling this over.

She knew what Giga was capable of. She had no idea what this amorphous Rito could do, and the sound of being indebted to whoever ruled over them did not ring that well in the Scion's ears. 

Looking over at Gigagoron and then leveling her gaze at their Rito visitor, the decision was made.

"I can understand your willingness, and while I do appreciate your offer, Gigagoron is right. There is a long day ahead of us, and I cannot accept your offer. I'm already indebted to the Three; there's not enough of me to go around..."

Kae saw that the Rito was up to something, but not too sure what it was. Elly moved to her side.

"We should go. The more time you spend dwelling on this, the less we have to save you."

More fighting here would only slow her down and give them less time indeed. 


He sighs upon hearing her answer.

"That's unfortunate to hear..."

He rises to his feet and approaches Kae slowly. He unsheathes his knife and holds it at the ready, and stops dead a few feet before Kae. He flips it in his hand and drops it in the holy water of the Fairy, which dissolves instantly.

"I'm under direct orders to have my journey to help you end in death...But I cannot self-terminate."

He pointed at his forehead.

"I can only die the way I did in my first life, which was a blade in my noggin."

He looked around as his face turned to sadness.

"It's the only way I can finally be released from Sha'Tive...Please..."

Polaris/ Frozen Lake Hylia/ Dawn 7

As Kazeem swooped away on the desecrated thunderbird, Polaris knew that his initial attack wouldn't hinder their progress. It was meant to be an attention grabber, a mere formality in the dance that was to come, but no sooner than the frigid projectiles were unfurled, things went terribly wrong. 

An eerily familiar itching sensation in the depths of Polaris' mind elicited a cringe from the general, who watched as the hail of crimson needles, swirling in a blinding tornado changed directions against his will and closed around him. The cackling of the same witch from before alerted Polaris to the fact that his consciousness was no longer in his body. 

Opening his eyes, Polaris was startled to see that he and the witch were both sitting cross legged in front of a towering fire on the beach of Lake Hylia. Gerudo women bustled about, some on regular patrols, others were busying themselves tossing the bodies of fallen Zora warriors into the raging inferno whose fingers reached high into the night skies tickling the heavens. 

"Th-this happened centuries ago...why have you brought me here witch?! There is a battle to be fought and you tear me away for pointless reminiscence? Explain yourself."

The ageless witch sighed as she swept her hands across the scene, the sigh quickly deteriorated into a hacking, gagging cough. After several moments, the witch mastered herself and spoke. "I regret that it must be so, but the process has begun. I bring you here, to the aftermath of your greatest defeat to remind you that retreat at times, is the smartest course of action. Sacrifice is one of the most noble traits of a true leader. The general who puts his troops before him, more often than not will win the day, or at the very least, live to sway the tides of war on another day."

Anger flashed in Polaris' eyes, "You bring me here for a lesson in principal and morals? I am no longer a leader of men! We are all equals in this Alliance!"

As the last of the wheelbarrows of the dead were dumped into the flames the witch cackled and stretched out her hands towards the flames warming them. "A fire like this warms an old ladies bones...oh yes, yes, my apologies, where were we? Oh and your allies are equals. And that, is the key, these warriors are your peers, not your subordinates. Thus you have no need to protect them, let them protect themselves. If you wish to win this war, difficult decisions need be made...I'm just nudging you in the right direction. Besides, I am fading quickly. You have little time if you wish to reach me before I pass."

The scene faded and Polaris crashed to the ground. Instinctively he crossed his forearms and threw them up in front of his face to ward off an incoming blow, but no such attack came. The cyclone which the old lady had drawn him into had flung his body away from the fighting, to the outskirts of the lake clearing. Her words weighed heavily on him as he scanned the scene, there were small skirmishes here and there across the clearing. With a deep sigh, Polaris turned his back on the fighting and trudged away in the direction of his ancestral domain. 

Isaac the Kinslayer – Frozen Lake Hylia – Early Morning Seven

“Now that’s more like it!” Isaac laughed, dodging and parrying the furious moves of his Sheikah foe. His dagger darted and twirled this way and that, but he bit on a fake and he paid for it. The gleaming blade came down in a sweeping diagonal slash, slamming into his chest. The Blue Ring mercifully reduced the physical damage, but the magic…

It was as though he’d been struck by lightning; the peculiarly unconventional light impacted him as the blade slid across his ribs and hurled him backward through the cool morning air. He somersaulted out of control and landed hard on his back. Groaning somewhat from the unexpected blow, Isaac quickly rolled backward over his shoulder, coming to his feet as the Sheikah closed in to try and finish him.

A great gout of flame erupted from the earth beneath Jaden’s feet, swirling around him in a fiery cyclone, holding him off. That gleaming blade slashed through the flames and the whirlwind waved and dissipated. Isaac took several steps back to insure reasonable distance between them.

“Very impressive,” he commented, rolling the hilt of his great dagger through his fingers, “you’re not your sister by any means, but you’re certainly amusing in your own way.

“But alas, you're still in over your head.”

He brought the dagger up before his face, holding it horizontally between them as he grinned, holding the Sheikah’s eyes. Jaden didn’t move in this time, perhaps out of caution, uncertainty as to what Isaac was about to do.

The soot-black hilt was smoldering, wisps of smoke curling off. Isaac saw the transformation through new eyes, Warp Eyes, and observed as the seemingly solid handle lost its sharp definition, becoming more smoke and ash then wood, until from the pommel erupted a tongue of harsh violet flame, shooting out and swirling, compacting into a long spear-shaft of black.

He twirled the Duskfire Glaive in front of him, grinning hungrily. Skilled as Isaac was, the Sheikah was a stronger melee fighter than he. What he lacked was range.

Isaac didn’t have that problem.

From his left hand he loosed three dense balls of dark fire, which took up individual orbits around the swordsman. Suddenly enclosed, Jaden found himself in a difficult position as Isaac twirled his Glaive up above his head, pivoted on one heel, let the haft slide through his fingers until he gripped the very end, and brought it around in a long, sweeping arc, aiming to cut the Sheikah down from a distance beyond the reach of his sword.

[b]Kae and Elly/GFF/Dawn 7[/b]

While the amorphous dark-hued Rito's tale did strike her in a soft spot, Kae knew she had made the right choice. But something seemed off to Elly about the whole thing. Sure, trafficking with powers unknown wasn't something unfamiliar to her friend, but she also felt that Kae was not to be the one to do the dispatching.

Kae stepped forward to receive the weapon, but Elly stopped her.

[color=teal]"Your hands are going to be soiled with enough blood today. You don't need this staining your conscience; allow me."[/color]

The Scion covered her face with her palm. Her mind was in Ordon Province, thinking of all the carnage waiting to be unleashed. 

[color=indigo]"We choose freedom for you, wherever that may be. Find peace in Nayru's Embrace."[/color]

But who was Sha'tive? There was no time to dig deeper. 

Elly motioned for the knife and pointed at her forehead, knowing well enough there were risks here.

[color=teal]"I'll make it quick. Right in the noggin'?"[/color]

Something was all too strange about this. Kae wanted to rip the knife from its hands and be done with it. Her rage and impatience were boiling over, but she had to keep those things in check. The time for unbridled blood rage would come. It was not like her at all, but at this point, as long as she was alive on her seventeenth birthday, nearly anything could be justified short of giving up her faith. Even if it meant she was hypocrisy incarnate instead of Nayru's ministerial hand. How far was she willing to go? 

The annals of history are written by the victors. The greatest techniques passed on by the survivors. Winning would cover up these name-blackening transgressions. All of them. And this war was getting incredibly ugly.

Even with all of this going on in her mind, Elly was right. This situation was far more intimate than open combat. It was euthanasia in lukewarm blood and best handled by someone trained in dealing such blows. 

Summary: Elly stands in the gap for Kae, thinking that euthanasia is something she can live with the guilt of. Kae reluctantly agrees and steps back.


[b]Jaden/On Frozen Pond/Dawn 7[/b]

He could hold his own with a Primordial to an extent. If only Nora had stayed alive and they had more time to train together, but alas, whatever training they had completed would have to suffice.

Feeling his blade connect again filled Jaden with a momentary glimmer of triumph. It would require much more than two solid blows to fell his opponent. The Blue Ring saved Kinslayer twice now, but an opportunity arose to ensure that there wouldn't be a third time.

He had the edge in close combat. However, Primordial Fire prevented Jaden's finishing strikes and held him at bay while Kinslayer regrouped. 

That hold was broken with a few flourishes of Starcaller. But this new strategy was working, and Jaden did not have a counter for it. 

[color=chocolate]"No such thing as that. Kae will eclipse us all soon enough!"[/color]

Reaching into his satchel quickly with his shield hand, he palmed a bit of Magic Powder. When the fireballs began to orbit, his mind began to race a little. There was no way he was getting out of this unscathed.

[color=chocolate][i]He's got me there. Lead me around like a kite. Don't take me toe-to-toe. This is going to hurt...but how much? And what is the best way to assure mutual pain?[/i][/color]

Polearm. Glaive. Forged of heretical energies. He knew how the fire felt and he understood it would hurt badly, but he didn't know what that weapon could do. Jaden raised his shield to block, and the collision knocked him back into one of the three orbs, which exploded, knocking him forward and sending searing agony surging throughout his back. He spun to try to dodge another, but it caught him in the lower right abdomen, erupting in another rhythm as it sent him back the other way. He fought with everything he had to keep that dust in his hand...

Jaden attempted to shrug off the pain as best he could, but his vision was starting to blur and star up from damage. These streaks in his vision were not a color he was used to seeing, but he couldn't dwell on it because he was on fire again. Driving his sword into the ground as a pivot point, he spun himself out from under the last fireball as Isaac was recollecting himself from his swing and attempted a spinning sweep while blowing the contents of his palm upward. 

It was desperation. There was no tactic for it and no shame in it. Maybe it would buy him more time to put himself out again. Either way, if Jaden walked away from this able to fight another day, it'd be a miracle.

Rito/ GFF/ Morning 7

He nodded as he pointed at his forehead, square in the center of his noggin. The Rito leaned forth and almost cracked a smile. He barely flinched as Elly raised her blade to plunge it into him. As she swung it down, the blade hit nothing but air. She looked up to see the Rito slowly sliding backwards. As panic grew in his expression, he clawed at the ground, trying to fighting against the invisible hands the dragged him. He began to sink into the ground, fighting all the way.

"You will not take one of our friends!" A disembodied voice shrieked. It sounded like it was coming from everywhere in the room at once.

The Rito tried to stay above the ground with all his might, as his eyes cemented upon Elly.

"Her web has stretched too far, and she is losing her grip on our free will!"

"Do not listen to him! He has become delirious with fatigue!" The voice replied.

"Please, warriors of light! I implore you! I came here without Sha'Tive's knowledge, in search for an escape from this madness!"

"Be quiet, you meanie! Mother is the best!" A childish voice rang out.

"Scion...if you are still alive within a week from this day, please...please, stop the witch that has corrupted so many around you! All who can fall under her spell, living or dead are in danger while she still breathes!"

He sank further as he clawed at the ground, which proved a futile effort.

" my son...stop my-"

His words were cut off as he was violently pulled into the puddle of blackness, before the presence of the evil dissipated entirely in the cave.

Summary: The Rito is robbed of his freedom by his fellow brethren.

Sha'Tive/ Necropolis/ Morning 7

Sha'Tive cleared her throat as she slowly dropped the act. She knew she was possibly ill-equipped for conflict, and hoped not to cause a scuffle so quickly. She decided it was best to try honesty.

"I am but a humble witch whom has called a fraction of this once proud town my home. I gave note to your magnificent structure that floated in the heavens, and felt it would be a neighborly thing to introduce myself to you. I feel a bitter stalemate would come from the inevitable conflict among us, so I found it best to attempt to offer...a sort of preemptive truce among us, if you will."

Horus/ Sky Library/ Morning 7 

What felt like hour passed as he searched the endless shelves of books. The bookshelves shined a magnificent gold, and were all smooth to the touch. The floors, walls and pillars were made of marble, all clean. The stone stood tall and strong, untouched by violence, in stark contrast to the broken and bloody land below.

"Where is that damned book?" Horus grumbled as he flipped through the pages of yet another book. 

Before dropping the book in frustration, he remembered a moment of his childhood. He and his mischievous friend always gave the librarian, Ezekiel, the hardest time with pranks and messes. This was due to the mere fact that he always insisted on protecting a room that waited behind his desk. The door was tall and made of a the darkest wood made by Rito, with golden text that not even Horus could understand, despite being half Rito himself. Ezekiel always had the key on his person, thus making their childhood shenanigans futile.

Now a man, Horus stood before the very door that he could never surpass. He searched the desk behind him, to find nothing but old parchment and quills. No key was to be found. He sighed deeply as he turned to the door.

"I never needed that key..." He grumbled.

He inhaled and focused as wind began to come from the halls of the library, disturbing loose paper, quills and ink bottles, all of which stood on the dozens of study tables near the desk that Ezekiel once sat. He reared back as the wind whirled around and into his hands, forming a ball of concentrated air. He threw it forth towards the door before him, which shattered upon impact, as if struck by the fist of a Goron. He walked in to find darkness, dust, and more books. He nearly cursed under his breath, before noticing a book upon a pedestal, just barely illuminated by the light coming from the main halls behind Horus. The book's cover was pitch black, with the exception of golden letters, and a picture of what appeared to be an orb of darkness. "Ancient Codex's of the Known World", was what it read, in ancient Rito text. 

Feeling a sense of victory, he grabbed the book and quickly entered the main hall once more, sitting at the desk of the former librarian. He cracked it open, ignoring the ever growing pain in his head. He could almost hear what sounded like the panicked plight of a middle-aged Rito male in the back of his mind, but he had more important matters to attend to than Sha'Tive's lingering presence.

Ithan Chiaria & Davus Fulmen - Frozen Lake Hylia - Morning 7

The earth beneath him was tearing itself apart, while his body writhed in agony from Darrel’s onslaught of spirit energy. While once Ithan would draw upon similar energies of the universe for power, he now thrived off of its dark undercurrents. Ithan focused all of his power into his wounds that he had previously sustained as Davus, gravely realizing he was choking to death on the spirit energy. With a desperate telepathic pulse, he forced up a physical manifestation of his telekinetic energy, putting a few extras inches between himself and the brunt of Darrel’s attack.

As Ithan inched backwards out of the line of fire, he saw Darrel standing several feet back, defending against the shockwave of energy. The air was still thick with dust, and as Ithan looked upon Darrel, he knew that he had little to offer up as a defense. His hatred of life was not enough to make him willing embrace death, and he reluctantly looked around for an escape route.

“You fight like a man that seeks the total destruction of his enemy. I assure you, you cannot and will not ever be able to destroy what I’ve become. I will remember you as the first fool to challenge me and-” Ithan was interrupted by a vicious punch to the jaw, as Darrel had not bothered to wait for the end of his speech to make his move. “So be it!” Ithan loaded the full force of his telekinetic powers and held up the staff of Fulmen. An alternating shockwave of telekinetic energy and lightning bolts fired out, hitting Darrel in the chest, and while seemingly doing no real damage, he was knocked off his feet, giving Ithan time to run.

“You will die by my hand soon enough!” Ithan shouted over his shoulder as he ran, his wounds having now reached critical. His only option was to find an ally that could assist him. For the moment, his dark tendencies would have to be controlled if he was to live.

[b]Kae and Elly/GFF/Dawn 7[/b]

The Scion took a step back as Elly approached to do her deed of murder most foul, observing in a guarded fashion.

As the events unfolded, she realized yet another problem facing the Hylians. Whoever enslaved and controlled these things was unchecked and gathering strength in the shadows of war. Some research would be needed and some priorities would need to be shifted once her healing was complete.

Elly staggered a bit when her blade failed to connect. Her recent exposure to the profane supernatural also made her feel uneasy. Once the amorphous Rito faded into the void, she stared at this new dagger and wondered if it was somehow tainted.

Kae did feel bad for it. But she was glad that Gigagoron expressed his opinion. Her desperation to accept help from any source in this matter was clouding her judgment.

[color=teal]"It's not just the Twili threatening this land. The war declared open season on our land's sensibilities if witches can practice this kind of sorcery so openly."[/color]

[color=indigo]"I practice sorcery openly with little regard of who says I can't. But I'd never do that. Enslaving souls crosses a line even I wouldn't. And my magicks have few boundaries, short of being cursed for overuse. But we should go."[/color]

Another thing to be compartmentalized in the Scion's mind. Elly could dwell on it and they could speak of it on the way to Ordon.

[color=indigo]"Mirra, are you ready?"[/color]

Elly interrupted Kae again and suggested something.

[color=teal]"You should speak to the Gorons after we finish up in the Sacred Realm. The Patriarch and Gigagoron both respect you. And we need everyone. They like to be isolated..."[/color]

The Scion nodded in agreement as she mounted up.

[color=indigo]"Glad we sent that thing packing then. Ser Gigagoron, when I return, can you look into granting me an audience with your general assembly? I have Wisdom to share with them. And thank you...that thing was...unpleasant..."[/color]

IC: Mirra / Great Fairy's Fountain (Still? Rly?) / Morning 7

Mirra's eyes wandered over Elly's body as she clutched the demonic knife in her fist. The black hilt was meant for hands larger than hers, but she kept it still with her long fingers. Seeing her take that sable blade from the blighted shade who strayed from its matriarch, Mirra was reminded of the way the Red Ice General held the Hated Knife in his thin, scaly hand.

"Why are we like this, ma'am? More discordant than our adversaries?" Mirra chimed, rejoining Elly at her ear. "We are in the Haunted Wasteland, where the tide of the Twilight is strongest. Even now, it spreads east throughout Lanayru in ice, fire, and blood, and encroaches on Eldin..."

Mirra approached the edge of the Great Fairy Queen's pool, the surface of which sat laden with Sha'Tive's unholy puss. 

"As legend has it, the Triforce, the basis of our world's providence, has rested faithfully at the point where the goddesses left for the heavens, since time immemorial; but before time began, before spirits and life existed, and thus long before there was a Triforce, there was the chaos that was Hyrule."

Mirra stopped over the abysmal pool, and her sacred light kept the muck at bay in a pulsating ring at the rim of the Great Fairy's Fountain. In the center of the pool, her light reflected on the surface, sending rippling rings of gold out into the dark until Sha'Tive's bile was destroyed.

"Providence, I have come to believe, militates against this chaos, and by seeking to turn it to their own temporal ends, the Twili have upset the very spirit of law once balanced in that delicate dialectic. This sacrilege has offended that spark of the divine within all of us, and subtly set us against ourselves."

When she reached the far stairs, she dimmed her light, and spun round to face the others.

"Alas for chaos, the duty to uphold the law now falls to us three, midwives to the Great Revival!"

Mirra spiraled up the length of the staircase surrounding the Fairy Fountain, and at its peak, called down to her Allies with the pink of dawn in her wings. "Now come on, you slow pokes! Grem will have another search party out after Senshi's men by now!"

Gigagoron/GFF/Morning 7

Giga was tired of talking, of waiting. He had a job to do, and by the Three he was going to do it. Trying to stuff whatever had come over him earlier as far inside of him as possible, he heeded his ally's call and followed Mirra up the stairs and into the desert.

Darrel Mytura – Frozen Lake Hylia – Morning Seven

As Davus Fulmen, or Ithan Chiaria, or whatever bastardized fusion of the pair, fled from the lake, the Sunrise Knight was left suddenly alone, surrounded by violence and visceral hate. Different shores sheltered separate conflicts. On the eastern edge of the arctic lake was a hunched over figure that Darrel couldn’t readily identify from such distance, but it was to the western shore that his eyes were drawn.

Jaden Bryseis stood locked in mortal combat with the infernal monster, Isaac the Kinslayer. With the field of battle reduced by one adversary, he raced across the icy surface of the lake to where the two combatants were joined in mortal and mystical warfare.

He only hoped that he could make it in time.

[b]Isaac the Kinslayer – Frozen Lake Hylia – Morning Seven[/b]

The sparkling sand struck Isaac like a hammer, slamming into him as he brought the Glaive back around for another sweeping slash. A sudden flare in the Brand, a brilliant flash blinding the Eyes of the Warp, and he found himself unable to move. His muscles were locked and rigid, his bones and joints felt as though they’d been petrified.

Blind and paralyzed, no worse a turn could their conflict have taken. What had that been? How had he not guarded against it? He cursed himself in his mind for allowing himself to be made vulnerable in this manner.

Even as feeling and vision began to gradually creep back in, his mind was racing. His only thoughts were of survival. When even the slightest motion returned to his fingers, he let something drop quietly into the snow by his boot.


[b] Darrel Mytura – Frozen Lake Hylia – Morning Seven[/b]

Darrel skidded to a halt as Jaden blew a cloud of what appeared to be some form of magic dust into the face of the Kinslayer. To his great surprise, and probably Isaac’s as well, the pyromancer seemed to be struck hard by the dust, frozen in place. Jaden, still smoldering from what must have been the uniquely horrible gifts of the Kinslayer, heard his coming and turned to look at him

Darrel’s fingers flexed around Morning’s Edge.

[color=orangered]“Careful Jaden.”[/color] He said slowly as he began to circle. He wasn’t sure what kind of magic dust it was that Jaden had employed, there were different varieties based on different elements and ingredients, but he did not trust it. [color=orangered]“Never count on an advantage like this. The primordials have a knack for turning them against you.”[/color]

And yet, Darrel couldn’t help but desire to move against the Kinslayer swiftly and decisively. Too much was there between the pair of them, too much had happened in the long ages of conflict. He considered the weight of Morning’s Edge in his hand and thought of how easy it would be, of how [i]great[/i] it would feel, to take the murderer’s head off with it.

Slowly, cautiously, Darrel moved forward, tracing his way around the Kinslayer. Somewhere on his person was the Sun Shard. If he could seize it now, they would have one less item to procure later. If he could seize it now, it might save countless lives in the future. He came full circle, standing in front of the paralyzed pyro. He knew Jaden wanted to finish him, but that was not his task to undertake

His hackles rose when he caught sight of a miniscule trailer of steam rising up from the snow beneath him. Alarm bells began to chime in the vaults of his mind and he looked quickly to Jaden, his eyes wide.


The ember seed erupted into a violently swirling pillar of hot, oily flames.


[b] Isaac the Kinslayer – Frozen Lake Hylia – Morning Seven[/b]

Out of the great pyre stepped the Kinslayer, untouched by the conflagration that raged at his back. Darrel and Jaden had retreated a distance. The right side of his mouth curled upward as ever it did, showing his malevolently sarcastic smirk through the gap of the Warp Eyes.

[color=darkred]“It’s been fun, gentlemen.”[/color] He drawled, twirling the Glaive. There was turmoil in his mind as he faced them. He wanted to stay and fight. The near death experience only made him hunger for it even more, and yet he knew also that Darrel Mytura had a vendetta against him for which he sought closure. He knew that the failure to kill him would only serve to wound his spirit further, to make him obsess all the more.

It was inevitable that they would come together, and on that day one or both would die. Isaac awaited that day with as much eager anticipation as Mytura did visceral loathing, but it would come when he was satisfied. He wanted Mytura to be a wounded animal, feral and wild.

That time had not yet come, that he still stood was a testament to that.

[color=darkred]“You fail yet again, Sir.”[/color] Isaac said to the Sunrise Knight with a soft laugh. Then to Jaden, [color=darkred]“You’ve been an amusing distraction, Bryseis. I’ll be certain to give your sister your love when I… have my fun with her.”[/color]

Both snarled and moved as though to renew their attack, but Isaac offered no opening. With the length of his Glaive he held them back out of range, then offered a small, mocking bow and with a crouch, launched himself into the morning air in a plume of dark fire.

Kakariko Business

Senshi/Kakariko Grave Yard/Night 6

A swirl of purple energy touch down on the stone marker of the the Temple of Shadow. With sudden flash of light those that had teleported from the desert appeared is the Kakariko Village graveyard. "Ok first thing, I need to get to the Eldin Spring to heal... my... ba-" Senshi words started to slow as vision blurred. He suddenly became light headed and started to sway, but the rocky movement did not mesh well with his injured back causing him to collapses to the ground. He let out a sudden agonizing scream only to be muffled as he coughed up some blood.

"Damn it, is this from the teleport?" He mumbled to himself as he struggled to grip his scythe and prop himself back up. It was no use though has he gradually lost consciousness.

Either either acting on Senshi last will, its own accord, or perhaps complete accident; the Scythe of Shadow which now found its blade slicing into hollowed soiled, began leaking large amounts of shadow magic into the earth. Suddenly a number of Poe started to manifest themselves around Senshi, and despite lacking his conscious will to command them lifted him off the ground and carried him into the village.

Arriving in the village the Poe set the injure scythe wielder down into the healing pool of the Eldin Light Spirit, themselves being destroyed in the process as the light charged holy water touched there ethereal form.

Horus/Kakariko Village/Dawn 6

Before he could even ask about the Planar Codex that had been spoken of before, he was gone, in a flash of color. The sensation he felt only lasted for mere seconds, but it was unlike anything he had experienced. He could only see the colors that surrounded Senshi flying by within complete darkness. He felt like he was being pulled along by invisible hands, which gripped him tightly as they flew through what could only be described as a tunnel. Before he could even register in his brain how to react, the grip he felt loosened gradually, before letting go. As soon as they did, it was as if the tunnel came to a sudden end, and the world around him came back into focus. He was flying downward, as if launched from above. His back hit what felt like brick, creating a great crash before he rolled on the ground in a heap. After lying there for a time, he rose his head. His vision was blurry for a moment as he regained consciousness, before he realized he was in a house. He looked over to his left, where the morning sun covered his face in light. He held up a hand, covering his face as he rose to his feet. He held his back with the other hand, cursing under his breath. 

After collecting himself, he realized he had been thrown clear through the wall of the small house he was in, which had also destroyed a bookcase in the process.

"Din's Tits...thank the Goddesses no one was home..." He grumbled, walking through the hole. He looked around to see people looking at him, with distress and worry. He ignored them and looked at the mailbox of the house he had just left. After some reading, he realized he was in Kakariko Village.

"Oh...great." He grumbled, stumbling forward as he leaned on the mailbox, resting his arms and forehead on top of it.

After a brief moment, he threw himself up off of the mailbox, and made his way to the local Spirit's Spring in a huff, which he knew was near, as the Great Fairy Fountain's water he had collected was beginning to react to its presence. As he arrived, he found Senshi, unconscious in the water.

"If you were awake, I would've punched you right here..." He said under his breath before pushing Senshi's body over and helping himself to the water, which he used to clean his face. Upon finishing, he looked out in the distance and lifted off. He could see the Lake from here, which looked rather unusual from where he was. It appeared conflict had started, based on the erratic weather above the lake. He glanced at Senshi before flying off towards the battle.

Horus/The Sky/Morning 7

The Planar Codex...' Horus contemplated that name Kae had spoken of. 'Why does that sound familiar..."

He racked his brain on the matter as he flew through the air. As the only thing in the air, his let his mind wander, as he was free of danger for the time being.

After what felt like a half hour, Horus stopped, flapping his wings in such a manner so he could negate momentum. He looked up into the skies above, and smiled.

"Of course, the library!"

Without even a second thought, Horus flew skyward. Up and up he went, as the wind howled loudly in his ears, and the clouds grew thinner and thinner. He could feel the precipitation in the clouds sprinkle on him as he flew through the darker sections. In only a minute exactly, he burst through them, into the morning sun. Much of the world below was concealed by clouds, but up above was nothing but the warmth of the sun, and infinite blue. He looked around briefly before soon locating his home. Like a shot, he flew towards Sky Temple. Far above the the snowy mountains, floated a library, which substituted as a Mansion. He began his journey there, moving as fast as he could through the skies. He knew time was of the essence. It was crucial he found out what the Codex was. Nothing else mattered until he found the book.

Horus had long forgotten just how quickly he was able to fly. He was always told that despite being Half-Hylian, he was the fastest of his generation. This seemed all the more true to him as he kicked down the doors of the library. The morning sun had barely budged since he came up and he had just flown across a quarter of the country.

Senshi/???/Night 6

Senshi's eye's slowly open only to presented with a world completely foreign to him. Every where he looked is saw nothing but darkness save for some small floating rocks in the distance and the larger one he stood on. His own island possessed an odd pool of water which seemed to feed from a fall coming from nowhere and never filled it. It also had a bright red glow as if a tinted light was being shined through it.

"Well I have to say this place has become quite dreary since I was last able to enter." A familiar voice called out to him. Senshi turned towards the voice to see a blurry figure standing on one of the distant rocks. It took a moment to come it to focus but he already know who it was.

"Mom!? Where, what is this place." He asked but his mind was already racing to find answers of on its own. Perhaps it was a backlash from using the Ocarina, unlikely. His mother said she'd been here before, could this have something to do with the guardians?

Laynnei chuckled slightly being able to hear the wild idea's racing through he son's mind, "You are over thinking thing my child. Though I suppose you have never managed to see something like this so it understandable. What your seeing is your own mind. Any telepath how's strong enough to manifest the a persons mind-scape as something more... let say comprehensible. This is yours."

"Wait, if I'm not strong enough to do this how can I be here, and how can I be here if this my own head? Wait didn't I pass out?" His questions raced a rabidly as he thoughts. Despite being in his own mind focusing was proving to be a bit difficult.

"Yes you did lose consciousness, and once found that out and realize your little mental barrier was down I decided to take a peak. I have to say I am disappointed. Last time I was here it appeared a pristine fountain on a floating island on a starry aurora skied night. Before that when you were little it looked like a bright forest, well a forest as how a 4 year old would draw it. There was this big tree with a face that whistled all the time too. It was rather adorable, of course at it made sense at the time."

Senshi cocked his head to the side unable have just heard something he always felt was impossible, "Did you just use a word like 'adorable?' This has to be a trick of some kind."

"Last I checked a mother is well with in her rights to reminisce about her children. Get snippy about it with me again and I will remind you why you worked so hard to lock me out in the first place." Laynnei's tone turned quickly but Senshi was oddly unphased, but her threats.

"No you wont," he said bluntly. "I figured out a while back. You can't mess with my head any more for the same reason you can't mess with dads."

"Ah, how very astute of you, I am rather proud. It is true I can't poke around to much because I don't know how that thing will react. I also can't dig to deep to find out just what you are planning. In all actuality that is part of way I internalized parts of your unconsciousness so you could see inside your own mind. Once I saw how much the surface change, well as your mother I simply could not sit back and do nothing. The problem is with out seeing whats going on deep down in you mind I can't really judge how your doing by this layer alone, so you'll have to do it to yourself. Think of it as a sort of self evaluation where you can see you're own subconscious."

"What's there to contemplate, its floating rocks and red water."

"Oh not this, this is just the surface and even then it just that lie you call Shinigami. That island your on was where the fountain use to be. It was all you high hopes and now its barren. The water is left over because you haven't lost yourself, you just don't have a good grip any more. It red because so is blood and you have a lot a guilt issues, but its not blood probably because deep down you know your just being to hard on yourself. As for this floating rock being kept away from the main island. Well I am standing on one so I imagine there one for everyone you know. The closer to your island the closer they are to your heart, that or the less your pushing them away. It is nice to see that I am one of the closer ones by the way."

"Ok, yeah I still have a few issues to work out but I know the cause and I've found a way to set myself strait. I don't see what this is necessary." Laynnei just glared back at her son in one of those main over powering ways mothers always manage to, "Right, spirit journey here I come, So how do I..?"

"This place operates by your logic. For most people that means to go deeper you go down, so to see your subconscious jump down. I am sure you will land on something. That or float around, I really have no way to determine how you will manifest things down there. Oh two things, first you have until you wake up so make use of your time. Second at some point near very depths of your mind you should find a little something from your grandfather. Do me a favor and try and study it. It has been ages since I got a good look at it and even when I studied it all the time I never got a full grasp. Perhaps with a second person I will be able to learn enough to fix the inferior version I put in your sister. I have always worried it may be the reason her telepathy is so much weaker then yours."

"I have no idea what you're talking about," Senshi said as he walked to the edge of his island. "Though that just means your sure I'll figure it out doesn't it. Oh well here goes nothing." He took one step forward, and fell in the the infinite void beneath him.

Senshi/Halloween Town/Late Nate 6

Senshi crashed softly into the world that was his deeper subconscious, a world best described as absurd. The geometry of everything was just wrong. Halls, walls, doors, windows and stairs all twisted in a illogical and some times imposable ways. Everything was in black and white save for the view from the window that lined the endless halls that were more twisted and confusing that the Temple of Forest. 

Senshi walked up to the nearest window and peered through into a memory that had since become a fog to him. He was twelve years old, back in that school house trying to fight off a Dark Warrior that was twice his size and three times stronger. He was beaten, bruised and only half conscious but still on his fight putting all his strength in a a beam of dark power to hold the man back. Not to protect himself, but for the sake of his sister, Ryuna, and his classmates. Still it wasn't enough and dark warrior with his impervious flesh charged through and kicked the child across the room. Feeling the full force of the jolt as if her were still there, Senshi was flung back from the window smashing into opposite wall.

Death Angel, appearing in the form of a black bird, emerged from nowhere and landed on Senshi's shoulder. "You should be careful in choosing which windows you look though. This deep into your own mind your memories will feel real unless you have a significant level of mental strength and focus to prevent. The fact that you needed outside help to get hear is proof enough that you are not at point be mindful of your actions."

"A carrion? A bit predicable isn't it?" Senshi joked as he regained his wind. 

"Everything appears here as you will it to, whether is be consciously or not. This includes myself when I am not in control."

"Fair enough. Ok Death, since you seem to be more familiar with this kind of thing them me answer me this. Why is everything black and white except what's through the windows?"

"The windows are your memories, all of your memories. Every waking moment of your life as it really happened regardless of how you have tried to forget or rewrite them. The windows are truth. As for everything else, it is not black and white. Look more closely at the light and shadows."

"What, they don't match the light I guess but how it that odd. I mean there's no real light sources in here anyway other then some of those window but this place doesn't have to follow physical logic so it's not that unusual." Senshi sighed in annoyance when Death fail to offer a response other then a look a teach might given when the they're forcing the student to work out a hard problem on their own. "As if I have time for this, 'solve it yourself personal journey crap.'" He said leaning his hand against the wall, when he noticed something in the corner of his eyes. His arm was casting a shadow on the the shadows. "What the hell?" He felt along the wall noticing a slight seem. "What the hell!"

Drawing his sword, Senshi slashed down on the wall as hard as he imagined he could. The structured remained unscathed save for a long scratch that reveled a layer of wood in its proper brown. "It's paint. This whole damn place is painted black and white."

"Walled in world of black and white to hide away for the complicated truths of reality."

"I don't recalled asking for your psychological opinion."

"Oh, here I though you didn't have time for any 'solve it yourself personal journey crap.'" Death replied rather snidely.

"I don't need you to tell me I'm messed up, I know that already. If you recall I'm trying to fix that."

"No, you are merely trying to move from from what you think is the black to what you think is the white. Not to mention your self destructive tendencies have only increased. Their were better ways of handling that situation that did not involve the Sunrise Knight fracturing your spine."

"I over estimated the Twili Tracker, and don't give me that spectrum of morality crap, grey area's are just excuses use by manipulative people to justify there means to their pawn. Any notion of of ends justifying the means is just a result of someone selfishly pushing the burden of suffering and sacrifice on someone else."

"You limit your view to greatly. Grey is not that only alternative to back and white. Just look out those windows, do you not see orange and blue?"

Senshi remained silent for a moment. Initially enraged but not able to come up with a decent counter argument beyond what has already been said. He calmed himself a search for the correct words. "Tell my Death, why is it that you care. Is it because I could become another Fallen Angel, is it because you lack another functioning host. Is it simply so you can function in the duty that defines you without my baggage stopping you?"

"The Angel's are defined by out duty yes. We exist for that duty and we remain detached form all thing but that. Our relation to our host is merely a means to manifest ourselves. Should the host fall we move to another. Should that host be unusable we will wait for another to be born. We do not know what would happen if the bloodline were to vanish from the world nor are we meant to care. It is why we are distant and logical. It it why we do not speak with our host or converse with other mortals when we are in control. We are duty, nothing else matters."

"But you do speak to me, so every thing you said is a lie."

"It was not a lie, it was how it is meant to be."

"According to who, the Three?"

"Presumably, but they I am sure they are aware of my deviations, yet to nothing to change it. We are there servants not mortals so if it were their will why would not force it upon me."

Senshi though about what Deaths words meant, but the obvious conclusion just seemed to bizarre to him. Regardless he heard what he had hoped, and knew what he had to do know. "Ok, lets head up those stairs.

As he claimed the steps, exit through the room of his faux two-tone illusion, hall beneath him quickly vanished into a void. The stair now stretched endlessly up and down with no end in sight no progress made as he climbed. Instead it seemed more like the steps were moving down as he moved up, pulling what was at the top down to him. The only thing breaking the monotony of of the assent was a faint green glow at the very bottom of the void. A glow which seemed to drift farther down towards with each step up he took.

In the time of a blink stretched out for an eon and despite the illusion of the journey holding a sisyphean nature, Senshi arrived at the top of the stairs. Before him was normal door blocked only by a single tattered and torn sheet of cloth pulled tight by the nails that held it in place. Senshi looked though the rips in the fabric to get a glimpse on what it sealed in. "I think its about time we all came to an understanding."

The figure, remaining seated on what looked like a prison bed, simply turned its head towards the door and grinned. "Well, this is a surprise."

IC: Wyvern Felina - Kakariko Village - Morning 7

As she neared the village of Kakariko Wyvern quickly began to descend along its outskirts. With the war at a fevered pitch their security would be relatively high, so slipping into the village unnoticed would be a little trickier than usual.

"Might as well drop straight in on the spirits fountain, there shouldn't be any guards or villagers near it." she mused to herself as she dropped down the canyon walls.

"Hmm... Oh well this is amusing." she whispered to herself as she noticed a familiar figure laying in the shallow water.

Landing next to him she checked to see if he was dead, but sadly the heroes kin was still breathing, but seemed to be in a deep sleep. Picking him up she began walking into the main part of the village. As expected she got several glances as people tried to make sense of the sight of a masked young woman carrying a larger man effortlessly through the streets.

Entering the villages inn she quickly dug some rupees out of Senshi's pockets. Then put on a cheery smile she approached the inn keeper. "Hi there. My boyfriend here is going to need a room to sleep off this hangover." she spoke tossing out the rupees.

After the inn keeper pointed out an open room she quickly dumped Senshi onto the bed. Whispering quietly to him "I don't know what is going on with this trance you're in, but I might as well profit from it." she taunted as she began to rummage through his belongings. "Ah! Now this is a keeper." she spoke as she pulled out a familiar blue ocarina. "This should definetly make things easier with the spirits... I'll just borrow this for awhile."

Without any further hesitation she left the room. Heading back to the fountain she played an old lullaby on the ocarina and called out to the spirit. Much as before the spirit seemed hesitant but chose to comply with the request for aid, on the condition of its charm being sealed like the Ordon spirit did.

"Hm... thats two down... now what." she mused to herself thinking for a moment. Glancing over she noticed a small road leading to the village cemetary. "Heh, might as well give it a shot."

Making her way to the back of the graveyard she soon found a stairway tucked away leading to a chamber with several torches. Using her fireballs she ignited the torches and proceeded to enter the ancient Shadow Temple.

Senshi/Mindscape/Late Night 6

"A surprise, really? If anything you should have seen this coming. You had to have know I couldn't leave things the way they are forever." Senshi peered though the cuts in the weathered sheet the was the one thing holding the demon in its cage. He was trying to see what the being looked like but could only make out a silhouette sitting in the shaded corner.

"What, and here I though we were getting along so well. I've been behaving and everything," the demon grinned.

"Behaving, every time I fight a mage you start hounding me to let you take over."

"Yeah, but I ask permission don't I. Besides we both know I can handle those guys a lot more easily then you can. You'd see that if you'd just give me a shot."

"I know full well what you can do against magic users. The problem is you won't let me back in control."

"Of course not!" The demon yelled rising form his seat and rushing to his cloth door. "Do, you have any idea what it's like to be stuck in here all the time. I need some fresh air damn it!" 

Senshi was taken a back for a moment, not because of the demons outburst, but because he could now see what he looked like. It was himself, only altered in the same way his father was when the ma took over. "Fresh air? And just what would you do with my body while out getting this air?"

"Oh, no is there something I've put some though into. How about all the thing you don't. Get plastered, pick a fight, grab a girls ass, piss out a window on some poor bastards head, you know, have fun."

"Let's not forget maim, kill, and destroy everything in sight," Death chimed in.

"Get off you're damned high horse you divine tool. I'm not a damned ma and you know it!"

"I believe that is still up for debate."

"Says you but I have a feeling you know exactly what I am so why don't you share, or you just gonna keep up the secretive bull**** because you think being cryptic is cool."

"And what is that?" Senshi jumped in before the two could make the head ache he knew he'd wake up with worse. "What exactly are you?"

"Hell if I know," The demon threw up his arms and walked back to his set. "I know as much about me as you do, hell I don't even have a name. I'm positive that thing does though." He said pointing to Death Angel."

Senshi turned his head to look at the bird pitched on his shoulder, but Death remained perfectly still refusing to even acknowledge the Demon's accusations. "Then I suppose we'll have to work together to figure that out. In fact I'm going to make a deal with you. There's something I have to do tomorrow night, something I'm not strong enough to pull of by myself. Should I need your strength, and if you behave, perhaps I'll consider letting you out more often."

"You can't seriously be considering this. I though you'd finally realized you do not need more power if it comes with those kinds of costs? Besides you know you can not trust him."

Senshi raised his hand to silence the angel, "Enough, I have my priorities and right now this trumps everything else. So, do we have a deal?"

The demon hesitated for a moment before finally answering, "sure why the hell not." He laid down on the bench he was sitting on, "not like I have anything to lose right."

"Good, oh one last thing, Shinigami."


"A name, I don't need that one anymore, you can have it."

"Like I want your sloppy seconds. Besides that was always a stupid name."

"Suit yourself. In the mean time I have one last thing to check on here and I think I've already found it." Senshi, wave before allowing himself to fall backward of the stairs and fall to the source of the green glow bellow.

Horus/ Sky Library/ Morning 7

As he skimmed the pages, his frustration began to rise. 

"Damn it, I'm a bloody Half-Rito! You'd think I could understand all of this..."

As he reached the end, he found that there was nothing to be found within the book. He grabbed it by the middle pages and angrily tossed it across the room.

"F*** me..." He growled.

It was then that he realized that some of the pages had been torn out, and remained in his hand. Upon further examination, he found that two of the pages in his hand were glued together. He picked at it with his fingernails and carefully peeled them apart. As he tossed the page about Alchemy away, he glanced to this new page.

"Din's tits, I'm stupid." He laughed as he read the page.

"This is it...The Codex..." As he finished the paragraph, he looked up at the portrait of the artifact. Moments later, he dropped the page in disbelief. Without a second thought, he plunged his hand into his pocket, and pulled out the Poe's Soul.

"By the Gods...How did this detail fail me?"

He smacked his forehead as he winced at his own lack of knowledge.

"I hope she's still there..." He worried to himself.

Like a shot, he was gone from the mighty library, not even bothering to clean his mess, or even closing the door. Making his way back to the Scion was far more important than a few books lost.