Template:Infobox episode The Legend of Zelda: The Interloper War (often shortened to Interloper War or IW) is a text based roleplaying game in the ZRPG Series. Started by DrEvilGenius in 2009, The Interloper War was GM'd by DrEvilGenius, Link64Gogetta, and tristandark. Hosted on the IGN Zelda Board the RPG is divided into three seasons making it by far the longest-running RP in ZRPG history. The Interloper War serves as a prequel to the canon Zelda game Twilight Princess, explaining how the Twili were sealed away in the Twilight Realm.

Hundreds of years before the rise of Link, Zant and Midna a race of shadowy beings hailing from a faraway Kingdom launch a suprise invasion of Hyrule. Calling themselves the Twili these dark interlopers advance further and further into Hyrule, threatening the land and the sacred treasures they hold. The invasion is lead by Lord Grem, a powerful Twili who plots to use the souls of the dead to take possession of the almighty Triforce. Players are tasked with the job of either defending Hyrule or conquering it with the Twili.

Character Index Edit

State of the World Edit

Places Edit

Castle Town: Overrun by an undead faction and a demon faction. There's a small faction of humanoid survivors living among the undead and demons.

Faron/Ordon: Controlled by Twili

Desert Province: Partially controlled by Twili

Kakariko Village and Hidden Kakariko Village: Held by Hylians.

Armies Edit

Twili Imperial Army: Add Summary Text

Hyrulean Army: Add Summary Text

Development Edit

The Interloper War began as the 12th RP and ran for two seasons. In 2012 it was put on temporary hiatus while the 13th RP, Epoch of Disharmony, commenced. Season Three of Interloper War, is scheduled to commence sometime in early 2015. While chronologically following the previous two seasons, Season 3 is considered the 14th RPG in the series. This is because there is a large amount of time (6 months) between Seasons 2 and 3, rather than a matter of hours or days as is usually the case.

External links Edit

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