Season One is complete. Most chapters probably need some review for formatting and perhaps better subchapter titles or addition of new ones if any subsections are long enough to be divided in half.

Season Two Page 16 started. No posts recorded yet.

To-Do: Separate all the Senshi-Spirit Temple stuff into its own chapter.

Season One Novel Edit

I. Primer Edit

The opening events meant to draw the attention of light and dark players. Consists of intro posts for a variety of characters.

II. Technically Not Retconned... Edit

The journeys of the group of RP newcomers that explored the ToT.

III. Thematic Curiosity Edit

The introduction sequence of Lynn and Kae.

IV. Castletown Kick-Off Edit

The first major battle of the RP.

V. Enter, Habiki Edit

The introduction sequence for Habiki.

VI. The First Gathering Edit

Although there is conflict at first, eventually the first group of light warriors gathers and begin getting to know each other.

VII. Forest Interlude Edit

Second major fight, this time on the border of the forest

VIII. Dispersion Edit

The light warriors that gathered at Darrel's hut break into two groups.

IX. Castletown, Round Two! Edit

The third major fight enses

X. Forest Line Assault Edit

Several notable characters skirmish in the forest

XI. Secrets Within the Vault Edit

Lynn discovers an ancient artifact belonging to Taden Hothnight, and chaos ensues.

XII. Restless Night Edit

The events transpiring within Hyrule Castle the night after the battle in the vault.

XIII. Journey through the Mindscape Edit

Jaden's inner journey.

XIV. Snowpeak Edit

Polaris and Felina break off from the group to explore Snowpeak.

XV. Darkness Stirs Edit

The Twili prepare for their main assault

XVI. H For Habiki Edit

Habiki's personal journey continues

XVII. True War Edit

The Twili begin their full assault and history remembers this moment as when the War of the Interloper truly began.

Season Two Novel Edit

I. The Twili Edge Edit

The introduction posts for Season Two.

II. The Swarming of Castletown Edit

The events continued from Season One's ending assault on castle town.

III. Dungeon Runner Edit

Lynn goes on a private journey in the Arbiter's Grounds.

IV. Protectors Edit

The events in Ordon and the Twili camps are explored.

V. The Resilience of the Light Edit

Assault on castletown continues. Several new arrivals to the fight.

VI. Holding Ground Edit

Assault on castletown continues.

VII. Tipping the Scales Edit

Assault on castletown continues.

VIII. Spectres of the Past Edit

Taden Hothnight Returns.

IX. Dark Tidings Edit

Fighting continues in HCT. Rukh departs with Mirra to save her life.

X. Divergence of Heroes Edit

The events surrounding the rescue of Darrel. And the meeting in the castle.

XI. Catching a Breath Edit

Kae's storyline and the Goron War Council storyline.

XII. The Twili Fortress Infiltration Edit

The continued events of those who went to rescue Darrel.

XIII. Battlefield: Castletown Edit

Follows the events in Death Mountain, and the continued events within Castletown

XIV. Participants in Spirit Edit

Forest Battle Storyline. Also follows Spirit Temple posts (spirit temple posts aren't added yet and are currently spread across a few separate chapters).

XV. The Great Fortress Escape Edit

The continued events of the Twili Fortress group as they battle their way through the Desert Province.

XVI. The Dusk Warp Edit

The continued events in Castletown after Penumbra opens the Dusk Warp.

XVII. Ice & Thunder Edit

Davus Fulmen returns and starts a battle at Lake Hylia. Taden is poised to return in mortal form.

XVIII. Sudden Silence Edit

The final page of IW Season 2.

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