I.) Six Months Later Part I Edit

  • The first half the character introduction/reintroduction.

II.) Six Months Later Part II Edit

  • The second half of character introduction/reintroduction.

III.) Gathering Forces Edit

  • Picking Up the Pieces
    • Darrel and Jaden assess their strength, welcome some new members to their forces, and prepare to assault the Twili in the desert.
  • Out on the Fringes
    • Rhendil Hearst story in the desert.
  • Echoes of Epoch
    • Zephyra Ryssdal Desert Story, and Stella story.
  • Ordon Assault
    • This item may be moved to a new volume. It follows Ayala's role in evacuating Ordon after she parts ways with Darrel and company.

IV.) In Ruins Wake Part I Edit

  • It's Always Castle Town
    • Morton heads towards castle town while a gathering of others head towards a confrontation within its remnants.
  • Red Death
    • Polaris Returns from the Epoch Era
  • Princes of Trouble
    • Prince, unsurprisingly, is out to cause mischief.

V.) Forgotten Edit

VI.) A Battle of Ice and Fire Part I Edit

VII.) In Ruins Wake Part IIEdit

  • Unnatural Gathering
    • Davus joins the party.
  • Their Demons
    • Sirius gains control of his body, casting out the Morton persona. The group prepares to part ways. Prince unleashes his Zombie horde.
  • Reversal of Fortunes
    • Sirius goes under Davus' control. The HCT group splits up, with one faction headed towards the Lake Battle.
  • Still At Castle Town
    • Tobias Be Chillin'

VIII.) Dry Run Edit

  • Sneak Attack
    • Darrel and Jadens forces assault the Twili Desert Encampment in a surprise attack.
  • Betrayal
    • Jeskai is a dick.
  • Out of Time
    • Ella escapes prison. The desert staging area fight continues.
  • Never Truly Free
    • Jeskai is captured. Darrels group will soon be free of the desert battle. Horus is trapped in his own mind. Nothing is free.

IX.) A Battle of Ice and Fire Part II Edit

X.) Lab Experiments Edit

  • Self Doubt
    • Davus heads towards the southern forest while questioning his existence.
  • It's Back
    • The Lab Returns
  • Lab Adventures Begins
    • Taden, Lynn, Chamdar, and Sirius all go on a fun jaunt through his self repairing lab.

XI.) A Battle of Ice and Fire Part IIIEdit

  • Collision Course
    • The Desert and Lake groups edge closer to collision with one another.
  • Two Become One
    • The Desert and Lake groups collide at last into one chaotic frenzy.

XII.) Grem's Approach Edit

XIII.) Mad Science Edit

XIV.) Breaking Point Part IEdit

  • The Last Refuge
    • The battered forces of light retreat to find a safe place to rest and recover from the battle.
  • Licking Their Wounds
    • The forces of light congregate in Hidden Kakariko to tend their wounds.

XV.) Another World Edit

  • Help From Afar
    • Severa embarks on her second journey through the multiverse, this time with a focused goal of stopping her mother Vera.
  • Course Correction
    • Severa is forced to abandon a world that is doomed to defeat at Vera's hand. She ends up in a crossroads of realities, and speaks with a future version of Lia Chiaria.
  • One Last Trick
    • Sirius does the right thing, and releases Bernard to the afterlife, but Bernard takes revenge immediately, releasing the prison locks on Ratnis' pocket dimension cell.

XVI.) Breaking Point Part IIEdit

  • The Gathering
    • Though still recovering, the major voices of the light resistance call together for a meeting.
  • Order of the Sword
    • The light resistance discuss plans to forge the Sword of Sunrise.

XVII.) To Be Whole Again Edit

XVIII.) Stalling For Time Edit

  • Purging the Darkness
    • Polaris gets baptized.
  • Embracing Madness
    • Kae delves into madness.
  • Drown Your Sorrows
    • Drinks are had at the nearby pub while waiting to depart. Eventually Lia drunkenly opens a portal to the desert and wanders off, forcing the rest of the desert team to follow.

XIX.) Tides of DestructionEdit

  • I'm Not Dead Yet
    • Tobias is still around. He found Quell's old Reaper Tuner.
  • Zombie Assault
    • Kae continues her descent to madness while Chamdar, Ayala and others defend HK from a Zombie Attack.

XX.) Hints of Sunrise Edit

XXI.) Chapter 21 PlaceholderEdit

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