Ithan Chiaria is an NPC in Epoch of Disharmony, and a player character during Interloper War's first, second, and third seasons. He is the psychic twin brother of Liandra Chiaria. Both hail from a village in Labrynna.


25-30 year old Male, has a very "blendy" face when in a crowd, but somehow sticks out quite well if in a smaller group. He stands 5 foot 7, 160 pounds, green eyes, brown hair kept short, and a relatively average but mostly fit frame.


Calmness of mind, foresight (not literal, just good planning). Has a highly developed telekinetic and telepathic abilities.


Thinks he knows what is best for everyone. Overestimates his own abilities in many fights. Relies heavily on his sister Lia to save him when he gets into too much trouble.

Timeline of Events

Ithan and his twin sister Lia were born in AD-1587, thirteen years before the events of the Imprisoning War. At the end of the Imprisoning War in AD-1607, both Ithan and Lia were captured by Rhunerys Telaris, and put into captivity in the Fulmaren Laboratory. They were put into a sleep-stasis state alongside the infant version of Sirius Fulmaren. At this point in time there would have been an infant Sirius, and an adult Sirius, due to time travel, but the adult Sirius was absent for these events. His whereabouts at this time are not currently known.

In AD-1610, Sirius Fulmaren is awakened from stasis and begins aging like a normal human.

In AD-1610, Ithan and Lia are woken up and begin aging from the bodies Rhunerys put them in, putting them at seven years old alongside Sirius. Ithan and Lia were freed from the Laboratory by another version of Sirius, this time one who briefly time traveled from the Epoch Era.

Upon the Twili Invasion of Hyrule in 2107 Ithan joined the war effort along with the rest of the Light Warriors. During this time he and Lia briefly time-traveled back to the Epoch Era to investigate what became of Polaris after he disappeared. Upon traveling back to the Interloper War on Day 1 of 2108 Ithan was discovered by a Ratnis possessed Morton Waypost. After a short losing battle Ithan was killed amidst the wreckage of the Fulmaren Laboratory. His body is shortly after buried by the Lonesome Treant in a small grave at the Faron Woods.