Jaden Bryseis is a male Sheikah playable character created by tristandark. In Epoch of Disharmony he is a 41 year old time traveler. He is a future version of the Jaden seen exclusively in Epoch Season 2 and Perdition's Call.  


For mostly his own personal reasons, Jaden has found himself in days long gone. He has done this by choice, and has kept a low profile since arriving in the past. He has not reported to the Sheikah of this time period. While he does not bear the insignia of his people, his otherworldly appearance reflects that of the Mystics of old. Most find him uncomfortable to be around, but some believe he may be the answer to Black Betty's reign of terror. As a temporally displaced individual, he finds himself in constant fear of causing a time paradox. He is a hardened veteran of many battles who prefers to keep to his jaded self, but he has taken an interest in the wanted posters of Elizabeth Bryce.

Some say he has a death wish in pursuing her. But few truly know what he wants. When asked about him, most commoners know he is a wandering warrior in search of the ultimate challenge. And that he is quite eccentric, taking a liking to a large tomcat. Having found his way to the aftermath of the Battle of Disharmony in tracking Bryce, he instead stumbled upon a blind young girl her age. And even though his morality is seriously compromised, the likeness to someone he knew in the future caught him off guard. Thus he took Ella Huntley under his wing.


Rated beyond lethal with anything that carries an edge or is capable of causing harm to others, seasoned combat veteran with legendary tactical skills, superior endurance, strength, and agility, advanced knowledge of Lunar Artes and Techniques, extreme resistance to unholy sources of magick.


Borderline lethal weakness to Light and Forest magic, Extreme arrogance, compulsive alcohol consumption/abuse, foolhardy contempt for nearly any opponent, prone to fits of extreme anger and hysterics, moral ambiguity to the point of heartless pragmatism, loyal to family to a fault.


Thick grey cloak, Leather-bound darksteel armor, kite shield, zweihander, war axe, and morningstar also comprised of darksteel. Satchel of Sheikah gear, many leatherbound books of history and battle tactics, a mysterious viridian crystal, and ample supply of alcohol.

Non-Combat Companion

A rather large, yellow-eyed cat named Tuffy. He has a mix of black and white markings, and they almost appear to form a mask and mantle. Tuffy is sentient and related to Felis Minor, celestial familiar of Kae Bryseis, Jaden's younger sister and Nayru's Scion.Appearance

Tanned, scarred, and heavily tattooed. Despite his real age he appears to be in early 30s. He stands tall at 6'4" with a wiry build backing his 240 lb. frame. While not bearing the Weeping Eye on any of his equipment, he has a shimmering sleeve of metallic violet ink on his left arm that indicates he is involved in mysticism of some kind. He bears many battle scars, and has a disturbingly otherworldly appearance. Long white hair is tied back into a ponytail, and a neatly trimmed beard frames his face. His eyes have no pupils and glow a deep violet.


Jaden is a hardened Sheikah chieftain from the distant future. A jaded architect and driven visionary. As a result of his techniques evolving, he has taken a vow of death before dishonor and will never yield or flee from a battle. He will either fight until he is defeated or his opponent flees instead.Day 2-3 Summary Jaden arrives in the Epoch Era. He spends the next two days following his nieces trail, which leads him to Lon Lon Ranch.

Timeline of major Events

Day 4-5 Summary

In the aftermath of the Battle of Disharmony Ella Huntley is discovered by Jaden. Impressed with her survival he takes Ella under his wing. The two of them and Tuffy then set off the find where Elizabeth went to.

Day 6 Summary

Jaden and Ella meet Annie in the Lost Woods. Together, the three work their way through an ancient hidden temple in search of Elizabeth. Inside the three defeat the necromancer Vykos Osteon and the rest of his undead cult members. Outside they encounter Severa Fulmaren, who is also searching for Beth. Though initially tense, circumstances force the group to work together in the search for Bryce.

Day 7 Summary

On their way out of the woods Severa, Jaden, Ella, and Annie are all attacked by Davus Fulmen. The four escape to Zora's Domain where they find Beth and Polaris with the others. Davus intends to destroy the Domain with his stolen bioweapon in order to wipe out the Eridanus line. A large battle breaks out as everyone attempts to stop him.

During the brawl Beth is severally injured, and Ella kills her in order to protect her father. Enraged that she would kill his niece, and seeing all of his plans collapse in front of him, Jaden attacks Ella. However before Davus can win the battle Severa reverses time with her timestone crusher. Beth is brought back to life and Jaden looses all memory of her death. Polaris kills Davus and Jaden promises not to hurt Beth.

Later the group learns that King Tiburon had been poisoned by Rathon. They then take off to find the water dragon, and heal the king with one of her magic scales.