6 foot 10 inches, green with purple fin patterns. Various tattoos on body.

Companion NPC

Efran Kondoru is the clan-brother of Jeskai, one of thirty Zora hatched by the late Sirius Fulmaren. All thirty Zora share DNA/spirit from Ithan and Lia Chiaria, extracted by Sirius years earlier.

Efran went missing from the Kondoru clan six months after the Interloper War began. He was always the least mentally stable, having been the last to hatch and some thinking that his share of psychic powers were greater, leading to the instability. Efran is the reason for Jeskai's visit to Hyrule, as he fears Efran may lose control of his powers.



Strengths & Abilities

Jeskai is a psychic and a Zora wizard/mage of sorts. He can summon and channel the element of water. He has basic physical combat training, but is more defensive in this regard should his other skills fail him.


Jeskai's Zora clan does not retain the electric current ability that many other oceanic Zora's share. As a result he is much more prone to damage from electricity. Additionally, his more defensive style of combat puts him at a disadvantage when versus a proficient hand to hand combat artist, assuming his other abilities are not available.


Jeskai is a Psychic Zora, who is the product of meddling by Sirius Fulmaren, who mixed tiny fragments of the souls of Ithan and Lia chiaria into Zora eggs. This was one of many experiments that Sirius performed on Zora clans in his long lifetime.

While Kaimu was Sirius first and most messy experiment, Jeskai was the culmination of years of work. Jeskai’s entire clan is first generation, created in 2078 as one of Sirius’ final acts in the last decades of his life.

Unlike Kaimu, who harbored anger and distrust towards Sirius thanks to a variety of both intentional and accidental incidents, Jeskai and his clan have absolutely no ill will toward him, and actually have a positive disposition towards him. Jeskai left his Zora clan behind six months after the Interloper War broke out, when one of their kind went missing, and is believed to be held captive by one of the warring factions in Hyrule. His missing companion is named Efran Kondoru, and is the only one of the group to possess full telekinesis.