Kae Bryseis is a 17 year old female Sheikah created by tristandark. She is a major character in Interloper War.


Season One & Two Background

A fifth-generation Sheikah, Kae's family has done so much for the people. Her training as a mystic took eight years and was still ongoing before the war broke out. She was deployed with Lynn Annei in pursuit of Isaac Telmar before many life-changing events occurred, all in the course of three days. In the hut of Darrel Mytura her spirit was whisked away to a dreamscape where representatives of the Three informed her that Nayru had chosen her as a Scion, a divine champion. With this imbuing she was given full mastery of her abilities as a Lunar mystic, as well as two other supplementary birthrights from the Goddesses.

With this new found power came a responsibility she wasn't sure she was ready for. But her big heart couldn't turn down an opportunity to save Hyrule from blasphemous interlopers. Big changes did ripple outward, however. People thought differently of her. Some were jealous. Others were happy. It changed the way she looked, sometimes how she spoke, and generally freaked some people out.

In only her second day of service to Nayru, she has faced death numerous times, engaged foes of legend, and been cursed by Din for vulgar displays of power. Though recovering in a hospital bed, she wishes to return to the fray as soon as possible.

Her motivations are to save Hyrule from the heretical interlopers and to possibly save her best friend (though she does not hide that she is crushing on Lynn) from the icy clutches of a primordial ice lich that has taken hold of her soul. And, of course, to not die from the curse Din smote her with.

Two days before, she was just a teenage fortune teller's apprentice. Now, she's in the center of the most dangerous conflict Hyrule has ever experienced.

Season Three Update

A little more than a week after receiving the anointing of the Fifth Scion, Kae went missing from Hyrule for six months. Some think she has died. Others presume she is missing in action. Many of the Light Warriors have been seeking her in one way or another since the end of Season 2. She, Elly, and Mirra entered the Sacred Realm after defeating Dr. Cid and stealing a Moon Pearl. They entered by way of a Moon Gate in the heart of enemy territory. When they arrived, they were met by a Celestial Defender by the name of Aris Mastigos who joined their number. A fallen Celestial had corrupted the Light Temple and severely injured Rauru. This fallen Celestial who called himself Sourbeneton was working toward physically infiltrating the realm with the aim of creating the Dark World and wishing on the Triforce to become a full fledged deity. The adventurers were able to defeat him and foil his plan. He cursed Kae before he was banished. Kae was awarded with the Light Medallion for her bravery, and the others were blessed with various gifts. Aris had fallen in Love with Kae during their journey, and agreed to come back to Hyrule with her. This was against the wishes of the Triune. He procured the Magic Mirror and was able to transport the party back to Hyrule, minus Mirra who had to stay behind for personal reasons. Now the group seeks to reunite with the Light Warriors and continue the war effort.


Expertise in Lunar Light and Holy Light magicks and rituals, natural psionic abilities, above average swordplay skills with two distinct styles, encyclopedic knowledge of arcane, occult, alchemical, and historical lore. A striking otherworldly appearance. Extremely beautiful and charismatic. Preterecognition. Able to navigate by the stars flawlessly. An ethereal left arm made of raw Celestial matter.


Does not wear armor beyond leather leggings and halter top/corset. Her magic carries the risk of self-harm with excessive use. She is also very susceptible to Light magicks, especially Holy and Solar varieties. Has a weaker constitution than most adventurers given her cloistered upbringing as a fortune teller's apprentice. Relies on her magic quite heavily. Also disrupted by a phenomenon called thought noise. If there are large crowds or other distractions around her, it can affect her ability to function properly due to all of the mental activity in the area. It floods her mind with nonsense and causes physical and spiritual pain as she is hypersensitive to the thoughts of others around her. She can't read their minds but she can sense fate's strings pulling, pinching, and stretching. And she can't shut that part of her mind off. She is also fiercely protective of her allies and will throw herself into a conflict without much warning. Her heart is big and it gets her in trouble often. If the Light Medallion were to be taken from her, she would die within a matter of hours. She only has one physical arm. Her left arm is comprised of raw Celestial matter and has trouble interacting with most physically tangible objects.


Age: 17

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 122 lb.

Hair: White, mid-back length, extremely wavy a la 80s anime style.

Eyes: Glowing violet-white, no pupils visible.

Skin: deep tan, color of wet sand. Heavily tattooed with Starmetal pigmentation on arms, legs, hands, feet, back, and chest. New patterns have emerged on the outside of her face and neck.


Kae has the ability to conjure a certain number of items to her from elsewhere. She carries her signature sword, the Starborn Edge, at all times. It is a Celestial longsword infused with magical energies and blessed with birthrights. She has access to tomes of all sorts, an alchemy kit, a satchel of Sheikah tricks, and a medical kit. Returning victorious from her life and death quest to the Sacred Realm, she also is in possession of the Light Medallion. It is grafted into her flesh and keeping her Celestial Blood Corruption from killing her.

NPC Companion

NPC Allies: Aris Mastigos, her Celestial boyfriend. Felis Minor, Celestial cat aspect.