Kamen Viento is a 25 year old Male Hylian playable character in Epoch of Disharmony.


Kamen is a powerful and skilled wind mage. He also has the ability to shroud himself in shadows or complete darkness. He's a practiced word smith with a fair amount of political experiences and ties in with both the Hylian's and Zora.


Kamen is a mage and by no means physically imposing forcing him to shy away melee engagements. In addition his desire to keep the extent of his abilities unknown lends him to usually avoid conflict all together while letting other fight for him.



Non-Combat Companion

Kamen will be traveling with Richter, a strong armed associate antiquated with the Gorons.


Kamen is about 5'11" and fairly skinny. He dress mostly plain looking but fairly high quality cloths that tend to be rather lose fitting. He is typically well grooms with his hair neatly combed back to keep it from obscuring his usually smile.


Kamen is always polite and kind. With a constant fox eyed smile he'll gladly offer his help to those he's pledged to. Except that's all a lie. Something much more sinister lies beneath Kamen's mask. Thus who have gotten close enough to him can tell something’s off, but with his true agendas and the extent of his powers unknown they aren't sure if mistrust him, welcome his aid, or run very fast.


Kamen is a member of a religious army or demon hunters known as the Guardian Order. The Order normally lives on an island a week’s sail North-East of Hyrule though a number of their members live in the nation for various reasons. Kamen has spend the past 13 years their acting as his Order's ambassador to the fresh water Zora; however due to recent political strife he's found himself forced to live with Hylians.

Recently Kamen accompanied the Order's second in command, Soldat du Ciel, on a mission to negotiate with Hylians, Zora, and Gorons. Unfortunately while traveling to Zora Domain after speaking with the King of Hyrule the war broke out, and Soldat was force to tend to other matters. He instead left Kamen to continue the negotiations on his own.