Katsumi Chan is a 17 year old Hylian.

Katsumi is descended from the lower nobility of old Hyrule, and grew up hearing stories of ancient wars and Light Warriors.


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Personality and/or Allegiances

Neutral Good


A pair of antique wakizashi. They’re rumored to be able merge into a single larger sword but the enchantment seems to have faded with time. A small book scribed with notes hastily taking form magic texts.


Skilled in summoning magic to the point of being able to call upon most creatures known to the great sea and even some long forgotten. She’s competent with a short sword or two when she needs to be. She can also cast a few other basic spells if she’s checking her notes. Fluent in Ancient Hylian


She while she knows how to summon a lot of powerful beast, though sometimes needing a check her notes, controlling them is another matter. She has difficulty handling anything more powerful moblin, meaning mid bosses are a risk but any Temple Guardians or the Elemental Demi-God’s her ancestor use to summon would be a complete disaster. She’s competent with her swords, not skilled. She only had time to practice enough so she could defend herself in a pinch, not win a fight.


Descended from the lower nobility of old Hyrule and, according to her grandfather, one the Light Warriors she grew up hearing stories. Katsumi has been raised from a young age two be a summoner with her mother and grandfather insisting she was born for it due to her hair.

She and Shin have been together as long as they can remember and shares his dream of going grand adventure like the heroes from her grandfather’s stories. Unfortunately her grandfather won’t let her leave until she finishes her studies. Plus her mother hates Shin and doesn’t want her to leave with him.