A magic bracelet, potions, A pan pipe, A staff.


Good at magic, can communicate with animals. Kemli's powers vary a lot but these are the two basic skills kemli uses while he is fighting enemies. All of kemli's magic is based off of these two skills.

Faerie Fire

Kemli's basic magic attack, Basically purplish black flames that will burn whatever kemli wishes them to


On one of my earlier posts Kemli takes a lump of metal and turns it into a sword, and then spins it around using telekinesis. Lifting a sword is fairly easy but if kemli tried to lift a huge boulder is nearly impossible.


Physically weak, can't really even use a sword, bad against light magic.


Was born on a small Island far from Hyrule. He sailed away with pirates. The crew was shipwrecked north of Hyrule, and after they mysteriously disappeared he met an outcast Minish named Plu. Then Kemli tells Plu about the great sea to the north and the great adventures that could await them. Plu and Kemli hijack a ship along with a small band of rouge lizalfos and sail for many years. For 18 years they did various activities including pirating and working for corsairs. When Kemli was around 28 Plu saw a strange island with a captivating shell on top. Kemli and Plu investigate, end up falling into a pit, and realize they're not alone. Being hungry and not particularly attached to the captain, the Lizalfos leave. Kemli starts to really wish he could see where he was and who their mysterious companion was. One night he wakes up with a fire lit next to him, seeing a strange woman. After the fire dies, the entire wall is light up by blue lights.

The lights are living creatures, fairies. He shakes himself out of his shock and wakes Plu. The woman asks why he is in her fountain. Plu cries out and begs her forgiveness, begging "Mother Fairy" not to kill him. She chuckles, introduces herself, and does not harm them. She trains them. This is how Kemli learned the ways of dark magic. After living in this shell for years, his flight has been limited, but is compensated using the aid of magic. Without magic, his flight is limited. Reaching a Hylian dock, Kemli applies to the Priesthood of Hyrule, but is rejected. According to them he is an abomination to their ways, shaming their practices and traditions. Currently he is part of a band of rebells. He is committed to destroying the Hylian Priesthood. Whoof, what a vendetta!