4 foot 9 inches, nothing distinct separating him from an ordinary Anouki aside from his small straggly beard. His most outstanding feature is the backpack he carries, crammed full of anything and everything he could possibly need and almost matching his body size.


As mentioned before, Kito carries a backpack stuffed with useful items that he raided from the Anouki village before heading out on his adventure. The full list would take far too long to type out but it includes a lantern, a net, a grappling hook, a frying pan, a whistle, bottles, a shovel, a bedroll, various food rations, a fishing rod and bait, a telescope and a pictobox. Some items have personal value, others were simply taken in a hurry. 

Strengths & Abilities

Determination, honesty and constant optimism. Kito is also intelligent and intuitive, capable of building various inventions and devices. For example, he build the pictobox he carries, and modified his telescope to increase its range. He’s also naturally resistant to the cold.


He’s slow, clumsy and scared of conflict. Since Anouki are an honest and peaceful race, Kito doesn’t understand the concept of lying and will blindly trust anyone he meets. He also has no combat training or abilities. This makes him incredibly easy to manipulate, through threats or lies.


Kito was born and raised in an Anouki village in the frozen mountains to the north. His people are cut off from the rest of the world and rarely leave their settlements. Despite never having travelled more than a mile from his home, Kito has set out on an adventure after making a drunken bet with his brother that he could explore the world. His journey begins on the mountains slopes, heading south into new lands with stubborn determination to prove himself as the adventurous spirit he wishes to be.