Kokage Tsukiakari is an immortal Forest Elemental created by Link64Gogetta. He is a playable character in Interloper War.


Forest Elemental, appearance is that of an adult male Kokiri


The Forest


Mori Getsuei an Odachi enchanted with Lunar and Forest magic can sap health or magic.


At day, when the sacred grove or when in close proximity to area's similar to it (ei The Deku Tree) Kokage has complete control over the element of forest. The plants and animal all beckon to his command. In addition his forest powers enable him to sap life force from those ensnared by it. At night he controls the power of moon light granting him the ability to sap magic energy.


Unless in sacred parts of the forest where is forest powers always work his abilities switch between day and night. His forest powers are also limited by the amount of plant life around him, as such he's much weaker in Hyrule Field then in the Woods and nearly useless in the desert during the day. His moon powers are directly effected by the phases of the moon, during a new moon he's nearly powerless, during a full moon he's unstoppable.


Created by the first Great Deku Tree shortly before The Imprisoning War, Kokage was incomplete when the tree was killed by a parasite. As a result the rest of his growth was under the power of the light of night (fueled by Sirius Fulmaren). Kokage existed as the forest guardian and will attack anyone who he feels threatens it or its inhabitants.