Please read fully before responding​ ​ Good evening (or morning, or afternoon) everyone! I’d like to formally invite any and all that attend this board to the 2012 edition of our Legend of Zelda RPG!

For those of you that are new to this sort of thing, this is a collaborative storytelling effort, where each participant gets to create one character (a.k.a. cards) based on a template provided later in this thread. The template is very open, and creativity is encouraged - but remember, this is an event dedicated to a fair, fun environment where the goal is creating, rather than winning.

The character design template is listed below, and if you have any questions please send me a message directly using the board’s “Start a Conversation” feature. When creating your character, you may use any race from any of the Zelda games, as the details of the RPG plot are still being developed.

Name: Try not to use names already spoken for (such as...Link) Race: Please remain within Zelda canon Gender: Age: Alignment: Example alignments - Strengths: (be balanced) Weaknesses: (everyone must have a weakness): Weapons/Items: (If None, then you may skip): Appearance: Feel free to use reference images if you have trouble with this Personality: If I was meeting this person for the first time, what would they be like? Background: Give a brief (maximum of 150 words, about a paragraph or so) history of your character.

The Game Masters for this RPG will be Cream04849, and Billiam35. I (stache19) will be handling the administrative work, but not plot/storytelling decisions. The map will be a modified SS Hyrule and here is the current version we are working with.

If you'd like to have your character hale from a place not shown on the SS map, you can make up a creative way to include it in your "Background" and the GMs will approve it.

That’s it! To sign up, just submit a complete character template to this thread. No one will be rejected, but please stay within the Zelda canon, and nothing obscene. If your character is too powerful, be open to tweaking it some too. Also, feel free to comment/critique each other’s cards as new submissions come one.

Kaimu KotaroEdit

Name: Kaimu Kotaro

Race: Coastal Zora

Gender: Male

Age: 51

Alignment: Ordered Neutral

Strengths: Patience and wisdom of the elderly, agility of the young, and the combined underwater and above water hand to hand combat training of his Zora people. As all of his seafaring Zora brethren, he can generate a weak electrical field, but not for unlimited periods of time.

Weaknesses: Kaimu must get back in the water eventually. He can survive for very long periods on land, but ultimately does need to at least soak for a few minutes. He has no real weapons training to speak of, and is unsurprisingly sensitive to fire.

Weapons/Items: A staff of barnacled wood adorned with zora religious imagery, which for Kaimu’s clan was the four giants of termina. The staff has no known combat purposes directly, but can serve as a blunt object when necessary.

Appearance: Despite his age, Kaimu has the appearance of a much younger Zora, while still showing his age in the small details of his fins and face. The many battle tattoo’s he had accrued helped identify him as well, but beyond those defining features, he looks like any other Zora.

Background: Born and raised in a coastal Zora clan, Kaimu lived there until the age of 51, when a great plague struck his village. He ventured to distant lands, where he was met by a dark wizard revealing he owned a staff that could cure Kaimu’s people. But, when Kaimu returned home with his cure, all but one of his clan had perished. Angered and confused at the fate of his people, Kaimu now roams the land in search of answers, and the dark wizard that betrayed him.

Personality: Kaimu is at his core, a friendly, caring, authority figure. But having lost all of his friends and family, he now stands uneven, unable to fully reconcile with the gnawing hopelessness in his heart. He will gladly greet you with a warm smile, but in time may wear down your heart with his bitter optimism and dark humor. He will defend you in battle, but might just vanish in the night. In the end, he serves his own goals, but can never let a fellow creature die in innocence or dishonor.

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