Name: Mark (his real name is unknown)

Race: Hylian (his real race is unkown, or if he actually is of a race)

Sex: Male (he’s pretty sure he’s a male)

Age: 18 (the body he has is 18, anyways)

Strengths: Excellent at swordplay; he even taught someone swordplay before. He is generally nimble on his feet, liking to play around with his opponents. He is hard to anger, as he is good at keeping his emotions in check.

Weaknesses: He is not yet used to his body, which is heavier and broader than the last one. For whatever reason, he still has a high want to protect Xiaber and will do what is necessary to keep him safe. His body is of a normal Hylian, so it doesn’t take much to hurt him.

Equipment: Only the clothes on his back and the sword that was in his hand when he woke up. Appearance: [​IMG] Dark-brown hair and green eyes. He has an a-bit-above average muscular body and is 5’10. He’s wearing a plain, tan shirt and dark-brown pants and shoes.

Personality: He keeps his thoughts to himself, but seems to find humor in almost everything. Whether or not he enjoys the cruel things he smiles at is unknown. Even he will question his happy emotion sometimes. He generally never backs down from a fight and will do anything to ensure his victory. One of the few moments of anger he has had was from losing a fight. He at first never questioned his existence, but with the strange turn of events, he has problems trying not to.

Non-Combat Companion(s): N/A

Background:His only memory is of being a part of Xiaber; some kind of split personality of him. While Xiaber can be greatly emotional, he is calm and collective. While Xiaber is somewhat weak and timid, he is strong and confident. He completed Xiaber and knew himself as Xiaber, just like how everyone else knew him as if he slipped into control. Only one person knew him as a someone else: Xiaber’s friend. It was out of boredom that he started to help Xiab’s friend’s swordplay, where he found out that he could easily fight with a sword even though he had never touched one before. These sword fights made him realize he enjoyed the power he felt of winning. He ended up making a dream of being the most powerful, which easily coincided with Xiaber’s dream of being a hero in his mind. When he found himself waking up in a new body, he was completely shocked. He wasn’t Xiaber anymore. After reading the name of the original person wrongly, he decided to go by the name of Mark. He continues to try to become the strongest while also searching for his lost self and questionable origins.


Name: Kale Race: Hylian Sex: Male Age: 17 Strengths: He is good at close combat, stealthy, nimble, and quick. Weaknesses: He is weak to heavy hitting enemies, and large weapons that can overpower him like long swords. Equipment: Throwing daggers, knives that he keeps in sleeves, and a broken off lance. Cloaks for any environment. Appearance: Medium to long dark hair, slightly disheveled, constantly wears a cloak with a hood, slender but sturdy build of medium height. He looks like he lives in the wilderness (because he generally does). Personality: Very secretive and reclusive, rarely speaks, and brooding personality Companions: N/A Background: A wanderer, originally from Snowpeak, who keeps to himself. He makes his living selling wolfos pelts and other items from the north. He is also known to do just about any deed for the right price, and has built a reputation as an assassin in certain circles within Hyrule.


Name: Toshi Mirari Race: Hylian Sex: Male Age: 22

Strengths: Toshi is quite athletic, thanks in no small part to years of cow-tipping and goat wrestling. He's also an oddly quick study when it comes to any new physical skill.

Weaknesses: Having never ventured out into the outside world, he is very much a greenhorn at everything not included in the life of a farm boy. Shows no signs of magical ability or above normal magical resistance. Little combat experience beyond fending off wild animals and monsters that stray into the village.

Equipment: The clothes on his back, a small bindle of food, a wooden flute, a slingshot, and a blank wooden mask painted black which he keeps tucked in his waistband.

Appearance: Handsome but nondescript, the kind of person that blends into a crowd unnoticed. Dark haired, mildly tan, wears a simple brown tunic. In a word: forgettable.

Personality: Toshi seems generally quiet and agreeable. He gets along well with others, provided they're willing to get along with him. He's been known to go off by himself for long stretches to just sit in the woods. No one knows why. Perhaps he takes comfort in the solitude. He has a reputation in his village for being wise beyond his years. The elders view him as an old soul. He has a tendency to be indecisive.

Non-Combat Companion(s): N/A

Background: Toshi was born and raised in a small farming village on the ridge between Kakariko and Zora River. Surrounded by woods, this village has remained hidden from the outside world for generations. The people here keep to themselves, and as such are never bothered. They know almost nothing of the political climate in Hyrule, and consider themselves self-governing. Toshi is the first to leave his village in a century, and has sworn to tell no one of its whereabouts.


Name Severa Fulmaren (currently goes by Severa Brycaren)

Race Labrynnian by blood, but was born in snowpeak

Sex Female

Age 23

Strengths Dual absorption of sunlight and moonlight for restoring energy. She needs very little sleep to function. She has a natural elemental advantage over ice, and is unaffected by standard amounts of light or light based magic. Her combat style is fast and furious despite wielding a large sword. Can assess situations very quickly.

Weaknesses Shadow magic has a unique advantage over her due to her reliance on sunlight and moonlight for magical augmentation, this is partly a product of living in the snowpeak lab. Her fast combat style burns energy quickly, which she can regenerate, but only out of combat. Despite this, she has a tendency to fight until exhaustion, forcing her to retreat by threat of falling unconscious.

Equipment Special Lunar/Solar Plated Gauntlets, Boots, & Belt (All color changing) Flexible Color Changing Armor Underweave Timestone crusher (stolen from Sirius’ lab) Labrynnian Seed Satchel (Pegasus Seeds, Scent Seeds, & Ember Seeds) Eternal Gasha Sapling (works like Aloe Vera with magical enchantments for healing) Flammenschwert sword. Able to wield with one hand when wearing her gauntlets.

Skills & Knowledge Perfect knowledge of the night sky constellations, sun and moon cycles, and anticipated weather patterns. Ability to learn new languages in half the time a normal humanoid would take.

Appearance She is the spitting image of her mother Vera, who bears a strong resemblance to the below reference image. She keeps her red hair cut shorter (averaging about the length seen below). Her attire changes regularly, but she prefers outfits that pop against the world around her, and always chooses clothing that has a flowing nature, so if the clothing itself doesn't flow, she adorns herself with accessories (such as the image) that will. Much like her idol Beth, she keeps an armor underweave on at all times, but makes no efforts to disguise the fact, so it often works in tandem with her outfits to provide style. She prefers to keep as much skin as covered at all times for safety reasons, so her outfits typically extend to her upper arms and her hands, which themselves are covered by special lunar and solar elementally plated gauntlets. She has boots and a belt made of a similar material. The underweave itself is extremely flexible and can change colors at will to match any clothing she is wearing, as can the gauntlets and boots.


Personality Severa is incredibly rebellious and many of her actions early in life were directly meant to undermine and spite her parents. She doesn't do well with most authority figures, with the exception of the Beth's Cult. She has all the cunning and intelligence of her parents, and is capable of rapidly deducing situations much like her father Sirius. She is able to be charming and manipulative, but if someone knows her weak spots, she can be easy to anger, though nigh impossible to break. She won't hesitate to kill if given a good reason, and sees morality as a tool to be used, not a belief to be held, for this reason she has no clear set of morals beyond those that fit her personal goals.

Non-Combat Companion(s) Ravi, her horse. Raider warband on call.

Background Severa was born in 1177-AD. She spent her life growing up incredibly sheltered by her parents Sirius and Vera Fulmaren. They never expected to be able to have children (being immortal and tampered with magically by Rhunerys Telaris) so they see Severa as a precious miracle that must be carefully guarded. As a result Severa grew up with incredible resentment for her parents. From the years 1196 to 1199 she was constantly breaking out of the house in order to track down and watch the famous Elizabeth Bryce, first following her in her Minstrel years, and eventually attempting to join Beth's Cult. She did this out of admiration for Beth's free roaming spirit and the fact that seemed to not have to answer to parents the way Severa did.

In 1199 Severa attempted to find and join the cult, but was imprisoned by Sirius in his lab. Furious, she went on a rampage, breaking out of the lab and having a confrontation with both of her parents on the edge of a cliff in snowpeak, where she ultimately appeared to fall to her death.

She later awoke in a snowdrift, and knew that her parents expected her to be dead, since being alive at all was a miracle in and of itself. She chose not to seek them out, and instead departed for Hyrule, where she at last was able to seek out and join Elizabeth Bryce's cult. She joined approximately 6 months prior to the start of the RP (halfway through 1199AD) and immediately changed her last name to Brycaren, as an homage to her idol, Elizabeth Bryce.


Name: Corgoro

Race: Goron

Sex: Male

Age: 50; compared to hylian this is about 30 years old

Strengths: Has the ability and knowledge to gain abilities from the rocks he eats. For example, from eating flint and coal he can shoot fire from his pores and mouth; by adding water he can do the same with steam. He also has general goron strengths such as a tough rock-like skin, resistance to heat, and immense strength; he is a skilled and highly ranked warrior in the goron tribe.

Weaknesses: His abilities are limited by what he has to eat, and he also takes time to “heat up” so he must decide whether to use what he has to be prepared or risk being caught of guard to preserve his resources. He is also IMMENSELY proud (think of the gorons in TP). Aside from his talents, he is just a regular goron, albeit a skilled warrior goron. No magic, no weapons aside from his fists, and no armor. He is also slow (unless rolling) and bulky

Equipment: A big sack of coal, a bunch of large water flasks, and a few pouches of assorted minerals such as steel and flint.

Appearance: blue eyes, looks very similar to Dangoro (the miniboss of goron mines in twilight princess) (they’re related)

Personality: Extraordinarily prideful. He is suspicious, untrusting, and often hostile toward anyone who is not a Goron brother. However, to his Goron brothers he is warm and hospitable. Among his people, he is a big, friendly, humorful lug, who loves to tell tales, pull pranks on younger gorons, wrestle, and roll around with his buddies. He’s a fun guy when he’s home, but when he’s travelling outside the mountain he is very serious and all business.

Background: Corgoro is a member of a fairly “prestigious” and well-liked goron family, with a legacy of great goron warriors and guardians as well as loyal brothers. His family is known for being true “goron’s gorons”. He grew up with both staunch discipline with his family training him as a guardian goron, and also a great sense of goron fun from lots of wrestling and racing. Corgoro’s abilities stem from a rare trait that exists in his family line and occasionally emerges in certain members, and he has studied to be able to take best advantage of his fortunate genes.


Name: Stella Delphinus Race: Zora Sex: Female Age: 35 Strengths: She has a magic staff which can be swung around at high speeds. Staff can be used to generate whirlwinds and water currents. Excellent in close combat. Weaknesses: Stella’s physical strength isn't up to par, so she lacks the stamina to fight for long periods of time, especially against multiple foes. She's also slow on her feet. Preforms poorly against ranged attacks. Equipment: Magic staff, basically a metal rod which can be extended or contracted (think the staff from Star Fox Adventures). Staff can launch blasts of wind at foes (or waves if in the water). Appearance: Looks like a Twilight Princess style Zora. Covered in light blue scales. Has long fins on her arms, but a relatively small fin on the back of her head. Her fins appear somewhat whitish on the tips. She has a big nose. Otherwise she looks something like this reference image.

Personality: Normally she's very polite and formal. Tends to be very loyal, and highly forgiving of others. In recent days however she's become very bitter, especially towards the Zora royal family and those who praise them (see background). Tends to be very serious and doesn't understand humor very well. Can be somewhat reckless in combat. Non-Combat Companion(s): None Background: Stella was born into the prestigious Delphinus family. For generations he Delphinus clan had served at the forefront of the Zora Tribe's military. Born as an only child she was raised with the intent of continuing this proud tradition. Joining the royal guard at an early age she quickly took after her ancestors and rose through the ranks of the armed forces. At age 34 Stella became a general at a time when her nation lived under the constant shadow of war.

Then in a single night all of that changed. A band of thieves hired by the King of Hyrule had somehow sneaked past the defenses Stella had put in place for Zora's Domain. Despite being impossibly outnumbered her forces efforts to apprehend these criminals went disastrously bad, and they escaped with the Zora's Trust Key in hand. Enraged by her failure King Tiburon had her demoted and gave over Stella's command to his son Prince Mako. Embittered by these events she begins the RPG disgraced and embittered. Currently seeking to regain her command and her lost honor.

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