Kae Bryseis, The Scion of Nayru

Sex: Female

Age: 17

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 122 lb.

Hair: White, mid-back length, extremely wavy a la 80s anime style.

Eyes: Glowing violet-white, no pupils visible.

Skin: deep tan, color of wet sand. Heavily tattooed with Starmetal pigmentation on arms, legs, hands, feet, back, and chest. New patterns have emerged on the outside of her face and neck.

Strengths: Expertise in Lunar Light and Holy Light magicks and rituals, natural psionic abilities, above average swordplay skills with two distinct styles, encyclopedic knowledge of arcane, occult, alchemical, and historical lore. A striking otherworldly appearance. Extremely beautiful and charismatic. Preterecognition. Able to navigate by the stars flawlessly. An ethereal left arm made of raw Celestial matter.

Weaknesses: Does not wear armor beyond leather leggings and halter top. Her magic carries the risk of self-harm with excessive use. Has a weaker constitution than most adventurers given her cloistered upbringing as a fortune teller's apprentice. Relies on her magic quite heavily. Also disrupted by a phenomenon called thought noise. If there are large crowds or other distractions around her, it can affect her ability to function properly due to all of the mental activity in the area. It floods her mind with nonsense and causes physical and spiritual pain as she is hypersensitive to the thoughts of others around her. She can't read their minds but she can sense fate's strings pulling, pinching, and stretching. And she can't shut that part of her mind off. She is also fiercely protective of her allies and will throw herself into a conflict without much warning. Her heart is big and it gets her in trouble often. If the Light Medallion were to be taken from her, she would die within a matter of hours. She only has one physical arm. Her left arm is comprised of raw Celestial matter and has trouble interacting with most physically tangible objects.

Equipment: Kae has the ability to conjure a certain number of items to her from elsewhere. She carries her signature sword, the Starborn Edge, at all times. It is a Celestial longsword infused with magical energies and blessed with birthrights. She has access to tomes of all sorts, an alchemy kit, a satchel of Sheikah tricks, and a medical kit. Returning victorious from her life and death quest to the Sacred Realm, she also is in possession of the Light Medallion. It is grafted into her flesh and keeping her Celestial Blood Corruption from killing her.

Appearance: The first thoughts upon seeing Kae is that she does not appear to be of this plane anymore. She is strikingly beautiful, and has a very enchanting voice. She stands about 5'7" with a light build. Her outfit consists of two different options. She has a dark purple and black set of arcanist robes, and she also has black leather leggings and matching sheikah halter. Nayru has designed other outfits for her to conjure for sleeping, comfort, and formal affairs. When wearing her leathers, the Light Medallion is visible, grafted into her flesh right between her two collarbones. Celestial veins of corruption appear to literally be held back from expanding from where it is mounted. In addition, due to a vicious combat injury, Kae had lost her left arm late in Season 1 in battle against Isaac Telmar. The Golem Habiki Sol gave her one of his arms, which she grafted onto herself. It is now a transfigured and translucent limb able to interact with physical matter. However, it can cause psionic disturbances to those who come into contact with it.

Brief History: A little more than a week after receiving the anointing of the Fifth Scion, Kae went missing from Hyrule for six months. Some think she has died. Others presume she is missing in action. Many of the Light Warriors have been seeking her in one way or another since the end of Season 2. She, Elly, and Mirra entered the Sacred Realm after defeating Dr. Cid and stealing a Moon Pearl. They entered by way of a Moon Gate in the heart of enemy territory. When they arrived, they were met by a Celestial Defender by the name of Aris Mastigos who joined their number. A fallen Celestial had corrupted the Light Temple and severely injured Rauru. This fallen Celestial who called himself Sourbeneton was working toward physically infiltrating the realm with the aim of creating the Dark World and wishing on the Triforce to become a full fledged deity. The adventurers were able to defeat him and foil his plan. He cursed Kae before he was banished. Kae was awarded with the Light Medallion for her bravery, and the others were blessed with various gifts. Aris had fallen in Love with Kae during their journey, and agreed to come back to Hyrule with her. This was against the wishes of the Triune. He procured the Magic Mirror and was able to transport the party back to Hyrule, minus Mirra who had to stay behind for personal reasons. Now the group seeks to reunite with the Light Warriors and continue the war effort.

NPC Allies: Aris Mastigos, her Celestial boyfriend. Felis Minor, Celestial cat aspect.


Name and Aliases: Jeskai Kondoru

Age, Sex, and Species:30 year old Male Zora

Appearance: 6 foot 10 inches, green with purple fin patterns. Various tattoos on body.

Inventory: None.

NPC Companion: None.

Strengths & Abilities: Jeskai is a psychic and a Zora wizard/mage of sorts. He can summon and channel the element of water. He has basic physical combat training, but is more defensive in this regard should his other skills fail him.

Weaknesses: Jeskai's Zora clan does not retain the electric current ability that many other oceanic Zora's share. As a result he is much more prone to damage from electricity. Additionally, his more defensive style of combat puts him at a disadvantage when versus a proficient hand to hand combat artist, assuming his other abilities are not available.

Character Backstory: Jeskai was born in the oceans to the east of Labrynna. His line of Zora has been the subject of tampering by mages, wizards, and scientists. Jeskai is not the first of his kind, but instead is several generations in, so the details of his past are not something he bothers visiting frequently. To him, his abilities are normal for a Zora, even if to most others, they are unusual and frightening.

Jeskai has visited Hyrule before, but not since before the Interloper War began. He has arrived as part of a rescue mission for a fellow psychic Zora believed to be detained by one of the warring factions in Hyrule.

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