Marth was a ranch hand whose family worked at Lon Lon Ranch. An easygoing young man he was charitable and welcoming to strangers. He had a deep mistrust in the Hyrulean Guards after his father was arrested and imprisoned. On Epoch Day 4 Marth found Xiaber collapsed on the edge of Hyrule Field. Taking him into his wagon Marth helped heal the young adventurer back to recovery.

In the short time he knew him the two became brief friends and Marth invited Xiaber back to the ranch. On the way back however they noticed Lon Lon under attack in the Battle of Disharmony. Fearful for his family Marth took off to sneak into the ranch with Xiaber in tow. Inside both were captured by the Hylian army, who were ordered to detain anyone in Lon Lon's vicinity. Although Xiaber surrendered without a fight Marth refused to be taken in like his father had.

Marth tried to escape with sword in hand but was struck down by a guard, much to the horror of Xiaber. Although Marth was killed that afternoon, in a way his legacy would live on. One day later Xiaber's alter ego awoke in Marth's body. After finding an old photo of Marth and his family the alter ego misread the name on the back. Dubbing himself Mark he left the ranch to track down what became of Xiaber.