Master Jotun was the medicine man of the Snowpeak Yeti Village. He was responsible for the saving and recovery of Taden Horwendil, after the Terminian had become lost in the mountain region. After healing him Jotun took on Taden as his apprentice. In Taden's introductory post of Epoch of Disharmony, he discovered his master dead in the mountain shrine. Chief Ymir discovered Taden attempting to move the body, and falsely accused Taden of murdering Jotun.

Taden was then forced to flee, where he took a path leading him to Hyrule Castle Town. Later Taden returned to Snowpeak, after being called by the restless ghost of Jotun. At the Yeti Village Taden faces the Chief in Jotun’s mansion. He kills Chief Ymir, and sets Jotun’s body off on a burning ice flow, gaining Blue Fire and a Yeti transformation mask as a result.