BH = Before Hylia

AD = After Demise

The Pre-Hylia Era

Demon War (BH-0010)

A race of demons known as the Ma invade the ancient Land of Hylia. Lead by Demise they seek to take the Triforce for their own. The Goddess Hylia creates Skyloft and has the Hylians protect the Triforce there. With the Triforce safe Hylia leads the remaining tribes on the surface into battle. Among the Ma is a demon known as Ratnis, who would later go on to spawn Davus and Sirius Fulmen. Ratnis wishes to claim the role that Demise sits in.

The Skyward Sword Era (AD-0001 to AD-1199)

Skyward Sword In-Game Events (AD-1000)

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword takes place in this year.

Skyloftian Colonization Begins (AD-1001)

After the defeat of the last known Demon Lord Ghirahim, the cloud barrier separating land from sky is broken. With the rediscovery of the surface world mass colonization begins by the people of Skyloft. With a massive influx of these new settlers tensions gradually escalate with the native tribes of the surface.

Signing of the Hyrulean Accords (AD-1050)

The Kingdom of Hyrule is founded. In order to keep the peace with the native surface tribes, an accord is signed by Zelda the First. The Zora and Goron tribes enter a loose alliance with Hyrule in exchange for sealing up the timeshift stones so no one race can misuse its power. The stones are sealed up in a hidden vault and locked away with the three keys of the Hyrulean Trust. The three keys are hidden away and guarded by the Hylians, the Zora, and the Gorons respectively.

Gerudo Mass Migration (AD-1051)

With the discovery of timeshift stones in the area, the formerly nomadic Gerudo Tribe migrates to the Lanayru Desert. By the time they arrive however they discover the stones have already been completely mined out. Despite this setback the tribe begins construction on their main fortress here. With the passing of time the region is renamed the Gerudo Desert.

Epoch of Disharmony Season One & Two (AD-1200)

Season One

Season Two

Interloper War (AD-2107)

Season One

Season Two

Interloper Season Three (AD-2108)

The Twilight of Hyrule (AD-2308 to AD-2608)

Twilight Princess Game Events (AD-2308)

Wind Waker Game Events (AD-2608)

Tides of Discord (AD-2700)