Interactive Timeline

BH = Before Hylia
AD = After Demise

The Pre-Hylia Era

Character Births

  • Alauth (BH-00XX)
  • Chamdar (BH-0027)

Demon War (BH-0010)

A race of demons known as the Ma invade the ancient Land of Hylia. Lead by Demise they seek to take the Triforce for their own. The Goddess Hylia creates Skyloft and has the Hylians protect the Triforce there. With the Triforce safe Hylia leads the remaining tribes on the surface into battle.

The Witnessing of Demise (BH-0000)

Traveling back in time Alauth and Ella Huntley arrive the day before Demise's defeat and witness those events, which triggers Alauth's memories of its Malauth identity. While traveled back in time, they recover an unconscious Chamdar and bring him back to the Epoch Era with them.