The Mogma Shop is a store in Hyrule Castle Town owned and operated by Kourtz. The store specializes in selling rare and valuable treasures not commonly found in Hyrule proper. Located on North Castle Town Road the Mogma Shop is sandwiched in a former alleyway between the Fine Goods Emporium and a bakery. Constructed by Kourtz personally the shop is a shack like structure made from scraps salvaged around town.

The Mogma Shop has a single open window facing the street. A wooden door with a bell dangling from the ceiling marks the entrance to the narrow interior of the store. Inside is a single counter with treasures placed on top. Below a metal grate in the back of the shop is a basement filled with supplies and a small mat to sleep on. An underground tunnel leads from the basement to Hyrule Field outside.

The store was founded in the year 1193-AD. Taking on his tribes traditional role as a treasure hunter Kourtz would leave shop each month to discover valuable relics and items abroad. After meeting his quota the Mogma would then return to sell his findings. This business would soon draw a heated rivalry with the owner of the Fine Goods Emporium next door. However the Fine Goods shop clerk Meredith Delaan took a liking to Kourtz, and a long lasting friendship began between them.

The Mogma Shop is first seen on Day 1. That day Kourtz returns to shop to sell treasures, unbeknownst to him is a Timeshift Stone among them. Kourtz is visited by "Meredith" and he gives her the purple crystal as a gift. Later on at night the Mogma Shop is raided by the Castle Guards who caught wind of the Timeshift Stone's sale. Kourtz is arrested and taken to the dungeons of Hyrule Castle.