Nahc's Journal is an informal record of the activity of the Light Warriors through the various incidents they appeared throught history. It is one of the few existing records of events people that are otherwise over looked in Hylian History.

The Journal was first started mid way through the Imprisoning War's second year as a result of an off hand comment Laynnei made to Nahc that it might help him cope with everything he was going through as a teenage solder. The Journal's first page consist of an explaination of this fact as well as some minor details of some rather irrelevant battles he had participated in during the past week. The next few pages are a disorganized mix of the events of the past year and events as they happened. The journal then breaks form current events for a rough frist person account of Nahc's life up to that point, include many details about Seishi Ma as a result.

What follows is an increasingly detailed account of the various events of the Imprisioning War either experianced by Nahc Chan himself or through second hand knowledge from the other Light Warrior updating eachother of events that occured as they went off on there own. These second hand entries become noticably less common as the Light Warriors cohesion as a team increased over time; however their tone becomes noticably darker.

Starting with the war's forth year until it's end the journal also contains a log of the events of the Black Ops unit created by Phoenix that Nahc was appart of. These entires in there original form are occasional difficult to read due to the authors emotion state when originally writting them.

With the end of the Imprisioning War there is a noticable one year gap in the entires. The first entire after the war's end comes exactly one year and one day after the wars entry. This entry notes of the most recent assassination attempt on the Ma Family children, and a brief run down of what has become of the nation and the Light Warriors to the best of Nahc's knowledge since the War ended. The entry ends by noting the gap in time since the last entry and a self promise to continue writing more fequantly. Despite the claim entries would only be made yearly on each aniversery of the war's end in the same format as the previous, until the Avarikh War.